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Answer to the 10-songs-challenge

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(1) There was a total mess around him, destruction where his eyes
could reach, but he couldn't close his eyes before that. He didn't
know why he was still alive and standing, he hadn't been especially
protected or far away from the epicentre and yet he was standing here.
He didn't know where to go... he just took one direction and staggered
through the debris and over broken trees


(2) Neroon looked around he noticed that the place was a total mess,
he didn't remember when he and Marcus stopped to notice that they had
just left everything standing or lying where it had been placed or
dropped. That was not good! Their honeymoon had more or less taken
over the whole house and he didn't even want to know what else he
would find! And his parents had just called and that they would come
over for a visit today! And there were no servants around to help!


(3) He stood in a crowd, by now frantically looking around. He had
lost Marcus! How should he ever find him again in this mass of
nameless people! And somehow they all seemed to be similarly dressed!
He just had turned around to take a closer look at some vendors offer
and when he had wanted to show something to Marcus, Marcus hadn't been
there. But since then already more than 10 minutes had passed and
Neroon had given up on finding the Ranger again. He felt out of place
without the Human as companion. He didn't fit the slightest into the
crowd, there were almost no aliens. At least his uniform was strangely
enough blending in


(4) Even you one was reborn again, one never repeated the same life
twice and yet the same souls always were drawn together again. But
only in life, they never recognized each other when they were in the
place between lives. And this way he recognized the other warrior for
what he was. But he saw no recognition in the other, he was Human in
body and he didn't really understand why. Although he was Satai and
knew the secret about Valen and the Id'minbari, he could't grasp what
the meaning was of this soul being a Human without knowledge. How
could they be led together but only one of them realizing the truth?


(5) He didn't want to hide anymore, he was sick of getting brush offs
from Susan, he didn't want to be the polite though slightly nerving
individual everybody just tolerated for his knowledge and his skills
but not for his personality. Maybe he should finally brush off the
clown and get out the professional, the wars were over and there was
no need to be overly cheerful to play down the depression all of them
felt most of the time. There was no depression anymore and maybe, just
maybe it was the time to make new friendships and he wwould definitely
start with one very intriguing Minbari Warrior


(6) Of course Lennier was a good friend but sometimes he was just to
aggravating! Since his meeting with Neroon, Lennier hadn't left his
side. Only if one of the med staff was actually throwing him out, but
even then he was just around the corner. Even Delenn wasn't able to
get Lennier to leave his side. And strangely enough Delenn easily
accepted it! She had been Marcus last straw on getting some alone
time. He had always wanted to call Neroon, because this coward of a
Minbari just left him and never returned after this meeting


(7) He had drunken with Susan, Wodka of course that always her choice
of poison when the universe kicked her butt. And this time he had
joined her, their close brush with death had needed that outlet.
Ultimately they both were alive and whole but it had been close, if he
hadn't pulled Susan back at the right time, she would have been dead.
And so they had drunk to celebrate to forget and there had been some
revelations. It had been his Nafakcha.


(8) Marcus, you are really a bit dense in the head! What you keep
telling me about that strange love of yours, she will never return
your advances. You are making a fool out of yourself. Why are you
doing it anyway? You should know that you won't have success." "yeah,
it's the safest way not to get hurt any worse and the pain you get is
something you actually expect"


(9) It was autumn on Minbar and just like on Earth, the trees prepared
for their time of hibernation. Most had already taken on brilliant
colours though slightly shifted from what one expect from earth it was
more in a purple and pink direction, almost bluish some times. That in
itself wasn't really bad it looked quite nice from where he was just
now. But! Neroon had wanted him to go out there. And eve if the trees
looked nice, they were almost hidden in fog or maybe deep hanging
clouds one could only be sure if it was starting to rain or if the
wetness was just starting to condense against your skin.

(10) This song could stand totally on its own and I have no intention
to add something to it.

(11) Marcus felt happy! For the first time in his entire live he had
made a decision just for himself. Not because his father expected that
the Mine had to stay with the family and since his brother had decided
he had better things to do, Marcus hadn't been able to refuse his
father. And when Arisia was lost and his brother was almost lost how
could he refuse his brothers wish? And from there he had been drawn in
a war where he had had to make many decisions but ultimately they were
always dictated by circumstances and often the action were only a
result of orders. But now, since this war was over he had decided to
take his chances and make probably one of the greatest steps in his life.

(12) Somehow to say good bye to somebody who was leaving in a Minbari
War Cruiser and being left behind on a space station was and waving a
handkerchief was just silly. But he couldn't resist and he waved it
anyway. Maybe Neroon kept a expansion on the window he was standing at
and could even see him waving.