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Crazy Adventures of Kei and Kou (Sometimes Kaito)

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“Um Kei? H-H-How does this happened?” said Kou fearfully as he suddenly woke up.


It is revealed that Kei and Nakano are wrapped by glowing webs hanging upside down from the webs.


“I told you to push the fucking button! Now we are in her dungeon! It was a simple order and you screw us up! You fuck us up! You didn’t push the button in time! My hands were busy...killing the Arachnoid-Mantodea knights! What’s so hard about understanding pushing the damned button dumbass?!” shouted Kei.


“I’m sorry! I thought it was a bomb and my hands were all oily from massaging that gross slug guy you left me with! eeeeew!” shouted Kou disgusted out from that memory.


“It wasn't a bomb it was a sound device only they can hear!!! and that general needs to be distracted while I take his codes! You did what you have to do!” shouted Kei.


Steps were heard and Kou flinches.


“Kei? What’s gonna happen to us?” said Kou nervously.


“Judging that we are alive…. either they will eat us...or mate with us then eat us ” said Kei.


“Wh-what?!” shouted Kou in fear and shock.


“You don’t know what female mantises and spiders do to their mates? wubba lubba dub dub...” said Kei rolled eyes.


“Nagai do something!” shouted Kou as he sees the large spider legs coming in the door.


“I’m doing that as we speak” whispered Kei as he is cutting the web under his restraint.


“Hey boys” said a pair of sexy girls with spider lower bodies and mantis claws.


Kou smiled in awe of them.


“I can wait Kei...” said Kou smiling.


Kei rolled eyes “You idiot... Didn’t you remember what I say will happen afterwards ?”


As he suddenly release himself (much to the girls’ shock), revealing to wear a lab coat over his pants and his shirt that said “To be human what are you? Alive”. Kei then prepares to fight he steals a spider-girl’s weapon and threaten them at gunpoint.


“Kei you cockblock! I didn't have sex for 2 weeks!” said Kou.


Kei burps as he mutters "Dumbass"