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“Wow, Deku, your mom’s an amazing cook!” Ochako says, when the two finally slip away from Inko’s dining room, retiring to Izuku’s room. “I mean, I haven’t been this stuffed in ages, and it was all so good! Wasn’t it kinda high in protein, too?”


“Well, yeah, it’s part of my training,” Deku explains. “I’m glad you liked it so much, but it’s just stuff All Mi- uh, I mean… my personal trainer told me was good for building muscle.”


“I’ll say, I mean, I didn’t see you before , but you’re so strong now! Your muscle is really defined, it’s a good look for you!” Ochako says, smiling at Izuku. It’s a smile that could melt anyone, and the student is suddenly very aware of just how alone the two of them are now. Ever since the day of the entrance exam, Izuku has felt a sort of gravitational pull towards Ochako (ironic, considering her Quirk,) and now it’s led to a studying session at his house.


Izuku’s not had very many chances to spend time alone with a girl, and none of them were as cute as Ochako. It’s hard for him to think straight, let alone follow along with a conversation, but the green-haired boy is doing his best. After all, Ochako asked if he would help her study, so she’s sort of counting on him, right? And Inko’s meal took up quite a bit of their night already.


“I was kinda scrawny before… It took a lot of work, but I’m really shaping up now!” Izuku says, “I want to be a great hero, so I can’t stop training. That’s… also why you wanted to study, right?”


“Yeah, I’ve kinda fallen into a bit of a rut working on my own,” Ochako says, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. “Sometime’s it’s hard, staying focused, y’know? I thought shaking things up by partnering up would be good! I mean, we’ve been a pretty good duo so far!”


“Yeah, I like working with you, Uraraka!” Izuku agrees, happily. “You make an excellent partner! Er, I mean, like… to work with! Though, that’s not to say you wouldn’t make a good partner in other ways too… I just didn’t want to be that forward. Though I wouldn’t know why I would worry about that anyway, I mean, we’re just friends and all, only studying together…”


“Deku, it’s hard for me to keep up when you ramble like that!” Ochako says, poking him on the forehead and snapping him out of his muttering. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s so cute, but I hardly caught a word of that! I do want to say, you’re an excellent partner too. Especially with that lean build of yours!”


“” Izuku says, wondering what led Ochako back to his physique.


“Oh… was that kinda weird? Uh, sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it.” Ochako says, her already rosy cheeks turning a brighter pink. “It’s just… nice to look at, is all. I kinda wish I could see more, honestly.”


“O-Ochako?” Izuku asks, hesitantly. Not only is he trying out her first name, but his study partner is saying some fairly strange things. “What do you mean?”


“Ah?! N-nothing. That just sort of… slipped out,” Ochako says, her blush turning absolutely furious. “I wouldn't… I mean…”


“'Slipped out?’” Izuku asks, only more confused by this answer. If it slipped out, it must be something Ochako usually keeps secret. Does that mean he should undress? If it's just his shirt, it wouldn't really hurt anything, and she seems to really want that. Hesitantly, he loosens his tie, removing it before he begins unbuttoning his shirt, but as soon as the first button is released, Ochako reaches out.


“C-could I do that… for you?” she asks, looking up at him with such enticing eyes. Izuku could never say no to her, not like this, and as he nods, she seems to breathe a sigh of relief. She unbuttons the shirt for him, moving almost painfully slowly, as if savoring each and every second. When she reaches his abdomen, and sees the muscle beneath his shirt so clearly, and so closely, she whimpers. With only a few buttons left, she bites her lip, faltering in her motions.


“Want me to finish, Ochako?” Izuku says, assuming it’s okay for him to continue using her first name. In answer, she nods slowly, and he finishes off the last of the buttons, and pulls the shirt back, off of his arms. The room suddenly feels a bit chilly, as he adjusts to losing his shirt, but it isn’t long before it starts warming up again. Especially as Ochako seems to snap out of her trance, and push him back against the bed.


“You look amazing, Deku…” Ochako says, her eyes darting over his chest. He certainly has a toned physique, his intense training to prepare for One for All’s power making that a necessity. Ochako doesn’t know how he looked before, or why he had to train so much in the first place, but the result is definitely something she can appreciate. He’s no All Might, or even Gunhead, yet, but he’s here , and she’s in a bed with him, and suddenly her mind can only go one place.


Usually, she would tell herself to stop. To hold back, to stop herself from making such rash decisions, but there’s something intoxicating about being alone with Izuku, something about seeing his body, that spurs her on. Before she can stop herself, she’s straddling him, her skirt rests on his legs, his stomach, and her crotch rests on his, nothing but a few layers of cloth between them.


She can feel quite plainly that he’s just as into this as she is, and the bulge of his erection causes her to moan as she gently pushes herself against it. Izuku whimpers, blushing furiously. Ochako looks down at him, an awkward, shaky smile on his lips, obviously unsure of where to put his hands, or even where to look, and she feels such a strange mix of emotion. Still, she’s come this far… and sees no reason to stop yet.


Instead, she leans forward, placing her hands on Izuku’s chest. She feels the muscle there, how firm his flesh is, and begins slowly working her hands down. She’s aware of how her body rubs against his, how good it feels, but hardly thinks of how it would effect Izuku. His expression slowly shifts, however, as he grows more and more aroused, his breathing getting deeper and deeper.


“O-Ochako…” he says, softly. “That feels… really good, can I… do anything to help?”


“Deku,” she moans, “I think I… I want you!”


As soon as the words leave her mouth, she’s wondering. Is this okay? Should she keep moving forward? Of course she wants to, it feels incredible, and… she’d be lying to herself if she said she hasn’t fantasized about this sort of thing, but… it’s all kind of sudden. But as she glances down, seeing the look of pure bliss on Izuku’s face, she can’t hold back any longer. She lifts up, just enough to work her panties aside, and to unzip Izuku’s pants, pulling his cock free.


“Ochako! I want you too, but I’m also a bit hesitant, I mean, you’re amazing, and I like spending time with you, and all of this feels really good, I definitely want more, but isn’t it all a bit sudden? I just don’t want you making any rash decisions, I’m fine with moving forward, but-” Izuku mutters, his rambling kicking off again, and at first Ochako tries to listen. But once she hears he’s fine with moving forward, she lines herself up, sinking down onto him, causing him to break off mid-sentence.


“It’s… okay, Izuku!” she says, slowly pushing herself onto him. She’s glad that she spent so long touching him, building up to this, because by now she’s so wet that progress is easy. She takes him in, inch after inch, until her ass rests on his legs, and she’s taken him as deeply as possible. There is some pain, but with Ochako in control, it is easy for her to take the time to adjust to him, to the way his cock stretches her. In the meantime, she places her hands on his chest, eager to feel the muscles that got her this excited in the first place while she rides him.


It also allows her to balance, but that is more of an afterthought. Once she begins moving, slowly lifting herself up, it doesn’t take long to fall into a rhythm. Up, then down, her body moving in time with Izuku’s, as he gently matches her movements. All the while, her grip stays steady, though Izuku eventually reaches behind her, his hands grabbing at her hips, guiding and supporting her movement.


“Ochako…” he says, losing himself in the sensation of her body, the way she squeezes him, slowly rising and falling, the gentle sway of her chest, even beneath her shirt. It’s amazing, and unbelievable, but all so very real , like nothing he’s felt before.


“You’re… amazing, Deku. I love touching you like this, you’re so hot…” Ochako murmurs, looking down at him, her hair bouncing in time with her thrusts. “I love how strong you are, and your body just matches that, I… I can’t stand it!”


The more she touches him, the longer she rides him, the harder it gets for her to focus on anything. Any pretense of studying is long gone, all she can think of is his face, and beyond that, his body . The ripple of his muscles, defined as they are, is so alluring, and Ochako knows she can’t hold out much longer. Her heart races, the room feels so hot, she’s actually fucking Izuku, when she should be studying, and it’s all so sudden, but it feels so incredibly right. There’s no way she can stop, even if she wanted to, and before long she’s there , crying out his name.


“Deku!” and somehow that old nickname has taken on yet another strange twist. Now, it is enough to push Izuku past his own limit, causing him to come. Without a chance to warn Ochako, his seed shoots into her, causing her to whimper in surprise, as she comes down from her own high. “D-Deku? Did you…?”


“Oh! I-I’m sorry, Ochako! It was all so sudden, I didn’t have a chance to…” he starts, but she leans down, placing her lips to his. It’s a gentle kiss, and as she pulls back, the sensation lingers. Much of their passion is already spent, leaving little for an impassioned kiss.


“It’s okay, Deku. Really, I mean what are the odds anything will happen? Don’t worry about it, okay? Besides, I’m the one who kinda… well, jumped you,” Ochako says, once she climbs off of him. “So… sorry about that!”


“Sorry? It was great, though. You’re amazing, Ochako… and, uh… I’d hate for this to be a one-time thing. I mean… would you want to go out with me?” Izuku asks, timidly.


“Sure! I’d like that a lot, I think. Though… we probably should study now, right? After we clean up. I mean, your mom will probably check on us... “


“Oh! Right, yeah, of course!” Izuku says, panic settling in. “Yeah we should clean up, like right now!”


“I thought so,” Ochako says. “I like studying with you, Deku.”


Her tone is teasing, and Izuku wonders how many failed study sessions they’ll have in the future. Not that either of them will mind that, considering how great they feel now. Besides, a bit of relaxation before a test is important, isn’t it?