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Summer (c)Rush

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“Hey, Shouto! Fuckhead. Icy Hot. Katy Perry. Vanilla Ice,” Katsuki shouted.

Shouto shuffled to the counter and plopped his elbows down, squinting his mismatched eyes at the sunny beach.

“That fuck boy is here.”

Said fuck boy was actually the shared mutual attraction Katsuki and Shouto had for a certain surfer. He walked on the pavement in his wetsuit with the top unzipped and dangling off his narrow hips.

They sighed in love, so in fucking love.

Izuku Midoriya. Local surf boy. Hunk of a man. Moss green eyes. A wild mane of hair for you to fist and run your fingers through. Chiseled abs and glutes. Freckles, which Katsuki believed the gods themselves jacked stars from the universe and place delicately up and down his body. A smile electric and bright enough to power half the country. And a powerful quirk to outpace All Might’s.

He was a babe.

A hundred on the scale of hotness.

Sweet as honey and melted sugar.

Katsuki planned to own him, date him, fuck him, and marry him. It was destiny.

“I want to kiss his face,” Shouto said with a wistful tone.

Katsuki agreed, a dreamy tint to his explosively hard face as he watched Izuku set the board and stretch his arms. The waves were his background and painted diamonds of light around Izuku. Each stretch flexed a hard group of muscles.  “I want him to choke on my cock.”

“…You’re horrible.”

“Oh, so I’m the only one thinking about taking that ass on the Baku Train?” Katsuki glared.

Shouto made a face. “Stop calling your dick the Baku Train.”

“I will when you stop asking to suck it.” He grinned.

“I’m not sucking it anymore.”

Mr. Aizawa loomed behind them, radiating darkly, and thwacked them both across the head with a rolled-up issue of Heroes Weekly. “Thing 1 and Thing 2, I pay you to work. Not stare.”

“Yea, below minimum wage, cheap fuck—ow!”

Mr. Aizawa smacked Katsuki once more for good measure. The blonde nursed the growing bump  with a dog like bark. “We have customers, idiots. Get to it.”

Shouto nodded, rushing to the register.

Katsuki stormed to the back, whipping his apron over his head. “Summer vacation and we fucking work at the Sugar Shack. I have a good quirk, you know!”

“Good for you,” Mr. Aizawa replied, slumped in front of his box sized TV and watched with a private happiness as the commercials ended and Will & Grace started.

Shouto punched in a customer’s total. “Katsuki. Need two sundaes with everything. Fudge topping.”

“Yea, yea.” Katsuki got to work, scooping up vanilla from the giant frozen tubs in the freezer. “Like we could fight bad guys.”

Mr. Aizawa laughed.

Shouto looked at him with sympathy. “I know. You’re my All Might.”

“Gay.” Katsuki pecked Shouto on the cheek and snapped his fingers at the customer. “Here’s your stupid sundae.”

Hanta took his food. “Oh shit, Bakugou? You’re working here? Wow. That’s like working at McDonald's, dude.”

“Shouto.” Katsuki undid the knot of his apron. “Hold this.” He curled his fingers inward and miniature bombs sparked in his palm and he dove over the counter.

“Oh shit!” Hanta raced, unable to use his quirk to flee with both his hands trying to balance his sundaes.

“Get back here, you tape motherfucker. I’ll turn you into Scotch Tape, bitch.”

Shouto sighed and held his hand out, an ice path crawled over the dirt, the sand, the pavement, and froze solidly around Katsuki’s feet. Hanta raced off, laughing, saying something about going on his Twitter account about this.

Mr. Aizawa hovered behind Katsuki with a dark look and slapped him with the magazine again.

“No. Homophobic slurs.”

He rubbed his head. “I suck dicks. I can say all the gay slurs I want. It’s my right!”

Shouto rang up another order. “Katsuki. Ice coffee and a funnel cake.”

“You fucking froze my feet, asshole.”






Katsuki pinned Shouto under him and started to roll. “Can’t believe you. Fucking freezing me. You’re on the bottom tonight, bitch.”

“You don’t know…fuck.” Shouto groaned, arching into Katsuki’s hand as he undid the fly of his jeans. “You don’t know how to behave.”

Katsuki licked his palm and pumped Shouto’s cock, lowering his face and biting his earlobe with a breath of fire. “Yea? Then fucking show me how to be good, Shouto.”

“Probably would shut your dumb mouth with my cock.”

“Oh yea?” Katsuki slowed his hand, tugged at a lewd pace where Shouto could see every time his foreskin slipped over and down the head of his cock. “Wanna fuck my dirty mouth, Shouto?”

“Yes,” he hissed, fisting Katsuki’s hair and smashing their mouths. Shouto broke the wet and uncoordinated meeting of spit and tongue to say. “I know you like it, Katsuki. Secret cock slut.”

“Fuck. Tell me to suck it. Fucking say you want my mouth.”

Shouto felt up Katsuki’s chest and pinched a nipple through his shirt, forcing a whimper out of fiery blonde. He watched all the fire in him go into his amber eyes. “Suck me, cock slut.”

Katsuki leaned back and stripped his shirt. “Fuck yea. Watch me, man. You better fucking watch the whole time or I won’t let you cum.”








Sweat beaded down the back of his neck. “How hot would it be if we fucked so hard that we set the whole place on fire?” Katsuki asked from where he had his feet kicked up on Mr. Aizawa table.

 Their boss stepped over twenty minutes ago to run a few last minute errands during the dead hours of the Sugar Shack. He trusted the guys enough not to burn the place and plunge his business into the great depression.

 “Not that hot because Mr. Aizawa would charge us for all the damages.” Shouto brought a frosty hand to the Katsuki’s neck.

He tensed at the cold then relaxed into it, tipping his head back to look at Shouto’s mismatched eyes with lazy heat.

“…So if I asked you to fuck me right now?”

“No deal. Later.” He pulled his hand back.

He pouted at upside down Shouto.  “I don’t want cock later. I want it now.”

“Get up.” Shouto said.

Katsuki did, still bummed out they couldn’t squeeze a little nasty fuck at work.

Shouto hooked his finger into the pocket of Katsuki’s jean and yanked him over. Ice and fire skimmed over his mouth as Shouto’s fingers slid under the swell of his ass and cupped. Katsuki was less polite about it and dipped his hand under his jeans; coaxing Shouto’s half hard cock to maximum thickness.

Shouto leaned away to break up the hazy heat but Katsuki raced after, fucking his tongue inside. “You’re going to get me in so much trouble.”

“I am trouble,” Katsuki husked, pumping Shouto dry. A changing fact because the guy was rapidly becoming slicker and hotter in his hand. “I’m pretty sure you like that. Perv.”

Shouto bumped their noses, breathing heavily, his eyes dipped to his mouth. Katsuki ran his tongue over the front of his teeth to make Shouto ravenous and smirked when that telltale mark of pink on his face showed the slow effect of the action.

“C’mon. Let’s fool around. You suck me. I suck you.”

“Cameras,” Shouto argued softly, breath coming out steaming as Katsuki sucked on his neck, played with his wet cock, and tugged roughly on the collar of his shirt.

Something about getting a guy like Shouto to break out of his mold and behave badly set Katsuki right. Maybe it was a depraved part of him that liked the idea of Shouto, the guy who’s cool hazel and blue eyes looked at everyone and everything impassively, act anything but the quiet wallflower.

Katsuki mouthed down to the skin once hidden by the collar of their work tee and swirled his tongue. Shouto wasn’t looking impassive for shit at that. “You think that asshole checks dem?”

“You have to swallow,” Shouto relented, rolling his head back, his white and red bangs spilling from his face, and put pressure on the back of his head.

Katsuki smirked, going down on his knees. Saw that hellfire in Shouto light up under his skin like a switch.

He got his hands on the buckle of his belt. Shouto was already hard enough to bulge out.

Shouto breathed faster, chewing his bottom lip.

A bright voice chirped on the other side of the counter. “Hi!” The person ducked away and Katsuki scrambled to his feet, about to tear into the asshole until he saw the wild tangles of curls and bright green eyes. Izuku peeked behind his hand and set them down. “Oh, sorry, I thought you guys were open.”

“We are!” Katsuki yelled and smacked his hands down.

Izuku startled. “Oh. Really? Could I bother you for an iced coffee then? If it’s not too much.”

If it’s not too much. God he was so sweet like vanilla ice cream or honey, either way those were all things Katsuki liked to have in his mouth. Oh, and Shouto too.

Dude, you could make me choke on your cock and it would not be any trouble.

“Shouto.” Katsuki nudged him out of his catatonic state. “Ring him up.” To Izuku, he said. “I’ll hook you up real good, man. A fucking class iced coffee.”

“Thank you so much.” He beamed, reaching for a few wrinkled bills he stuffed into a plastic baggie. He propped his surfboard on the side of the Sugar Shack.

Katsuki whispered loudly into Shouto’s ear, watching Izuku’s powerful arms as he counted the singles. “Get his fucking number, dude. This is our time.”

“Uh.” Shouto answered, trapped in panic at Izuku’s sudden and beautiful arrival.

Katsuki pointed to the speechless guy. “This is Shouto, he’ll ring you up. I’m Katsuki.”

“I’m Izuku,” he said, sliding the money toward Shouto, who punched in the order but had yet to say any close to a greeting. “You know I pass here all the time but never bothered to try it.”

Shouto stared blankly at Izuku’s radiant smile. Ah, you could get radiation poisoning just from looking at him. “Uh.”

“Well our shit is the best shit out there.” Katsuki shouted from the back where he whipped up a pot of coffee and scoop a cup full of ice into the blender. “You want good shit, come here.”

Izuku crossed his arms on the counter and, for the love of everything holy, winked. “I’m gonna hold you to that, Kacchan. Whoops, sorry. I kinda got carried away.”

Shouto looked over in jealousy.

Katsuki smirked, turning on the blender. “IT’S COOL, MAN.”



Izuku smiled politely, unable to hear but too kind to call Katsuki out for it.

Katsuki shut off the blender and poured the coffee into a plastic cup—shit, he accidentally made a Frappe; well Aizawa wasn’t here so— and topped it with whip cream.

“Yea. I kinda fucked up. It’s a Frappe.”

“Oh that’s okay. Do you want me to pay the difference?”

Shouto and Katsuki answered. “No.”

Shouto grabbed a straw for him. “Here.”

They hovered as Izuku popped the straw in and sucked.

Katsuki wiggled his brows in a now imagine him sucking our dicks like that motion.

Shouto slipped a cold hand under his shirt.

Izuku licked his lips. “Wow, this really is the best. Thank you. So, uh, do you guys have quirks, what are they? Sorry I’m kinda a nerd about that stuff.”

“Oh, mine,” Katsuki snorted coolly, thumbing his nose as a lazy smile crooked his mouth. “Nothing too special but I’m pretty much Michael Bay’s wet dream.”

“You explode things? That’s so cool.”

“Hell yea. I can fucking make a bomb with my sweat.” Katsuki hooked his fingers and bursts of color and explosives danced from his palm. “But if you think that’s cool as shit, you should see the bombs I set off with my cock—“

Shouto elbowed him in the gut. “His is explosions. Mine is half ice and half fire.”

“Wow. I’ve never seen that before. That’s really cool, guys. I just punch things really hard and I can move pretty fast too.”

Katsuki coughed harshly, clutching his gut. “Nah. That’s super tight.”

Izuku flushed. “Thank you. I’m still learning how to control it and everything. I got a long way to go.”

“You thinking about going pro?”

“Yea. You guys?”

“Yup. We’re planning a tag team kinda gig. Maybe we can change that to a threeway.”

Izuku chewed on his lower lip. “I guess we would have to play with each other to find out.”

Did—did Izuku Midoriya just hit on them?

Best day.

Best day.

“Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I don’t want to take up any more of your time.”

“Hell yea. We’re here every day.”

Izuku grabbed his board, walking backward with it and his drink. “Alright. See ya, Shouto and Kacchan!”

They watched his cute butt sprint into the sand.

Shouto finally said a full sentence. “That was the best five minutes of my life.”

“Dude. Fucking. Same.”

They sighed. “Look at that butt.”

“Look at those thighs. Bet they feel real nice around my hips.”

Aizawa loomed behind them, rolling up this week’s Heroes In Touch, and cracked it down both employee’s heads.

“What the fuck!” Katsuki growled and earned another hit on his head.

“Stop fucking around and work,” he grumbled, shuffling to the back to watch TV.

Katsuki massaged his head. “There ain’t shit to do, boss.”

Aizawa sank into his chair. “The place is a mess and last I checked neither of your quirks have the ability to make the mop and broom clean it on their own.”

“Do I look like Mickey Mouse to you asshole?”

“Of course not. You look like an ass.” He snapped the front page open, sweeping his tired eyes over the boys. “Ge to work and keep it down, I’m watching Dr. Phil.”

Shouto ducked his head, trying to smother his laughter but his shivering shoulders negated the effect.

Katsuki grabbed the broom and swept the floor aggressively, eyes burning holes into the side of Aizawa’s head. Maybe if he thought hard enough he could make explosions happen by will alone.

Aizawa flipped the page. “You keep glaring like that and your face will stay like that forever.”

“Your face will stay like that forever,” he mocked, immaturely.

The end of Aizawa’s scarf lifted a pan and chucked it across the room.

Katsuki yelped and dove to the floor, staring where the pan made impact against the plaster.

“Keep talking shit, Bakugou.” He droned, hardly caring to look at the damage.

“You’re a psychopath! What if you killed me, huh, dickhead?”

“Then Shouto might actually work and not stare at you and that kid all day.”








Shouto’s voice frosted over the shell of his ear. “Look at you. You’re a little prick out there but you know how to be sweet for me, right? Kacchan?”

Katsuki hissed, fisting the sheets Shouto tossed together in the bed of his pickup. “S-Shouto.”

“Gonna call you that,” he husked, pumping in his slippery fingers crudely inside his ass.

Katsuki moaned, shifted onto his elbow, and fucked back. “Fuck. Right there. Fu-fuck. Give it to me.”

“Show me you want it,” Shouto said. “Get on your knees. Lemme see.”

“Fuckin’ perv. You want me to spread my ass for you like some slut?”


He shivered, gut clenching tight at Shouto’s red-hot voice and his fast fingers working his ass. “Gotta get your fingers out of me.”

Shouto kissed him. “I like them in there.” He thrust in deep and punched out a wet moan from Katsuki. “Tight and hot. Plus you’re just sucking me in.”

“Just fuck me. Do it. I want it in my ass.”






The sun crept down to the horizon. Lavender, orange, and pink painted the tranquil waves. The morning crowd slowly wobbled off the beach and back to their home. Shouto pulled up behind Katsuki and kissed his ear. It was just them, Aizawa already left for the night, so Katsuki fell into the sweet gesture.

Katsuki turned his face and met Shouto for a wet kiss. “Wanted a bit more of this hotness? Can’t say I blame you.”

“Shut up,” Shouto laughed, pecking him again only with a chaste fondness and none of the vulgarity he used the night before where he had Katsuki drooling into the sheets and squeezing hungrily on his cock. “Though I did have a dream.”

“Yea?” Katsuki hummed. “About?”

“You. We were fucking in the water. Raw.”

Katsuki’s phone moved with the vibration of a text. He looked over.


Aizawa: cameras work! No butt play

Katsuki: go watch will and grace, dickhead


“I fucking told you,” Shouto said as he read the texts over his shoulder.

Katsuki locked the screen. “How the fuck was I supposed to know? He probably checks them because you keep grabbing my ass.”

“That was you,” he corrected as he brushed his thumb over Katsuki’s hard stomach. “Remember, he threw another pan at you?”

“Dude, he’s always throwing shit at me.”

Denki and Eijirou charged the shack. “Whoa, you guys open?” The blonde asked with a shit eating smile.

Shouto and Katsuki glared.

“Kidding,” Denki said.

Eijirou initiated their routine handshake, taking Katsuki’s hand and then Shouto’s. The redhead pocketed his hands.  “So you guys about to lock up, right?”

Shouto checked the time behind him, where a clock sat over the sink. “In ten minutes. We cleaned everything. Just waiting now. Why?”

“There’s gonna be a bonfire party.”

Katsuki dismissed him with a huff. “Fuck that. I’m tired. We’re going to play RE.”

“You sure,” Eijirou sang, “I heard Midoriya’s coming by.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Katsuki snarled in disbelief, body suddenly alive and free of the residual sludge of a long shift.

“A friend of a friend invited him so yup, he’s going. I think he asked about you two but hey if you would rather sit it out.”

“Fuck you, we’re going.”






Katsuki and Shouto followed the guys on the shore. Tracks marked their passage in the damp sand. The city twinkled far. Technically, the beach closed up at eleven pm and no one was allowed to wander around but there was this refugee of trees and cliffs that was tucked away from cops and the casual beachgoers. Katsuki was kind of annoyed, he went through the effort to change into something hot—black jeans, and a red tank top with a low sweeping collar— and sand dirtied the bottom of his pants.

Shouto twined their fingers, hushing his bitchy complaints with a kiss.  Katsuki walked on his right and got the white side of his profile with his brown eye. The moon traced it, made it glow. He had a weird beauty about him like he didn’t have to try.

The wind off the water nipped their skin. A glow from a fire slowly ate up the dark rocks, a lot familiar faces from Katsuki’s high school were there around the fire. Others tossed back beers from a cooler filled with ice. A collection of cheap chairs surrounded the fire where everyone had access to marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

He spotted Izuku chatting with a few girls and Hanta. Katsuki would be seething at the easy touches one of the girls placed on his arm if he wasn’t a billion percent sure Izuku was gay as fuck.

Izuku peeked over as they made their way and Minoru shouted their names.

“Aw, you brought them? Now I’m never gonna get laid,” he lamented.

Tsuyu drank her beer. “They’re gay.”

“Don’t you know anything chicks love gay guys.” Minoru impaled a marshmallow and set it out the fire. “The girls always stare at Katsuki and he’s a total jerk.”

The flames roared suddenly, startling Minoru back and completely frying his marshmallow to a black crisp.

Shouto kissed his hand while the other was alive with fire.

“Hot,” Katsuki said, hot not from the bonfire or the flames slowly licking to a stop on Shouto’s left but from desire. “If we weren’t fucking, I would fuck you.”

“Shouto, you prick! My precious marshmallow.”

Tsuyu passed him another. “Chill.”

They grabbed two beers and hung out close to the water, trying desperately to act like they didn’t want Izuku’s attention but they took turns to check him out and stretch out in cool poses.

Katsuki stretched his wide arms. “Is he looking?”

“Dunno. I am though. Lift up your shirt.”

“Fuck you.” He snorted.

Izuku stepped behind them, a hand rubbing the back of his neck bashfully. “Hey guys. Mind if I join you?”

They broke apart for Izuku to sit between them. Katsuki could incinerate this entire rock from being near Izuku. Shouto kept having to cool his face whenever Izuku made a joke or winked; Katsuki sweated and tried not to kill everyone. It was hard especially since everything Izuku did made him hot and bothered. His jokes. His voice. His smile. His pretty splatter of freckles under his eyes. His stupid accidental brushes against him and Shouto. How he touched them longer than necessary. How his eyes lingered where skin and muscles showed. 

 A collection of empty beer bottles gathered in a pile. They slowed on the drinking and just talk while the party raved at their backs.

“No way, your favorite hero is All Might too?” Izuku asked, face pink from laughing and the beer.

“Well, no shit. Best mofo around, yea,” Katsuki replied.

Shouto said. “The real question here is who’s the bigger fan.”

Katsuki eyed Shouto.

Shouto eyed Katsuki.

Izuku eyed Katsuki and then Shouto as if they were about to start an epic face-off.

“Well, I have All Might underwear,” Izuku confessed. Looked proud and not at all shy about his fanboy side.

Shouto fired off. “Blanket set. It’s in my closet. It won’t fit on my queen.”

Wow, major mic drop, Icy Hot.

Katsuki counted off his fingers. “Socks. Shirts. Action figure. Poster. Boom.” He opened his arms like come at me, bro.

“But everyone gets those. We’re talking stuff only mega fans get. I have his autograph.”

“I will murder you if you’re lying to me,” Katsuki barked, poking Izuku’s hard stomach.

He laughed, worming away. “No. It’s the truth. Honest.”

“I hate you now. Go die.”

“No,” Izuku whined and threw his weight on his shoulder and hid his face away into his collar. “Don’t hate me, Kacchan.”

“Fine but you gotta do something for me first.” His heart thundered in his ears.

It was a ballsy move but Katsuki had to make some waves or he would end up in bed with Shouto, moaning the shit he wished they could do to Izuku.

Izuku looked up, mouth glossy from him licking it. “What?”

“Gimme a kiss and I might forgive you.”

Izuku paused.

Katsuki panicked and looked over Izuku’s head to Shouto.

“Okay,” he said.


“I said okay. I’ll kiss you.”

And before Katsuki could stutter a cop out or another eloquent what, Izuku pressed his lips to his. Katsuki just fucking crumbled.  Izuku was the one person of this group not gifted with a fire related quick but yet he was breathing it into Katsuki like he jacked their quirks without their consent. He wanted to moan and bring Izuku’s weight on his lap but Izuku pulled back.

“Should I kiss Shouto too?” He asked.

Katsuki nodded as he brain restarted like an outdated computer.

Izuku turned to Shouto. “Can I kiss you too?”


Izuku smiled, patient and warm. “That a yes?”

He nodded.

Izuku cupped his jaw and pulled him to his lips and Katsuki did moan slightly then because Izuku parted Shouto mouth with his tongue and ravished it. Without thinking, Katsuki adjusted his cock. Izuku popped back, Shouto panting and moving in for another kiss, and watched Katsuki like he knew this was getting him hard and he liked that fact. He winked at Katsuki and worked his mouth on Shouto and placed his wandering hands on his hips.

“Hey guys you want—oh my god!” Denki shrieked. It did the trick and zapped Izuku and Shouto apart. Izuku buried his face in his hands and refused to return.  “Whoa. I did not need to see that.” Denki backed up.

Shouto sucked on his lips.

Izuku muttered lowly in his sanctuary.

Katsuki interrupted the silence with an obnoxious bark of laughter. He was still hard as fuck but there was no denying how funny shame looked on Shouto and Izuku. Sucking another lungful to laugh even louder, Izuku’s hand on his collar and the strength yanking Katsuki to him stopped that. This time, Katsuki full on moaned into his mouth and let Izuku force it apart and lick his tongue in. Sledgehammers were kinder kissers than this guy.

Izuku set Katsuki back, a little dazed and hornier than he was a second ago.

This little freckled prick just put him and Shouto on their fucking asses like a pro.

God, it was better than sex.

Shouto checked out his recently bruised lips.

Katsuki looked to see if he was thickening in his jeans and yup—hard as hell.

“Jerk. I kiss you and you laugh at me.”

Katsuki tipped his chin. “Nah. You make hard as fuck.”

“Can we—can we fuck?”

“You wanna have me and Shouto in you?”

Izuku’s eyes fluttered at the thought “Yeah.”

Shouto snapped to his feet. “Let’s go.”

Denki catcalled as they left the bonfire together.







“Won’t we get into trouble—“ Izuku tried to ask but Katsuki wasn’t having anything that didn’t involve moans or dirty lips. He pressed Izuku into the makeshift bed inside Shouto’s truck.  “Ah. Shit. Katsuki.”

“Don’t worry, we fuck in the parking lot all the time.”

Shouto closed the window. It was tinted so no one could see inside the bed. An electrical lantern hooked to the roof swayed back and forth as Shouto crawled beside Katsuki and kissed his neck. Katsuki pulled away and kissed Shouto’s greedy mouth.

Izuku moaned beneath him and reached his hand out to touch them. Ran his hand down Shouto’s hard chest while his other groped blindly down to Katsuki’s ass and squeezed. “God. I’ve been thinking about you two for the whole summer.”

Shouto took his turn to kiss Izuku. “Us too. Every day.”

Katsuki slithered down and pushed up Izuku’s shirt up to his nipples and mouthed at the line of muscles.  Shouto pinched one and swallowed Izuku’s breathy moan.

“Shouto,” Izuku whimpered, arching up for it. The one bud was a hard pink tip from the teasing.

“Can I suck on your nipples?” Shouto husked darkly; Katsuki felt that deep, hot rumble all the way between Izuku’s thick thighs where he dipped his tongue around his bellybutton. He bucked his hips involuntarily, hitting the sheets.

“Oh god. Yes. Please.”

Shouto’s breath hitched, a violent shudder wrecked his body. He waited a second before he lowered his head and sucked one into his mouth.

Izuku curled, hand making a complete mess of Shouto’s red and white hair.

Katsuki smirked and got back to marking Izuku pink and purple on his stomach and lowered to the cut of his pelvis where a line of pubic hair scratched his chin. He kissed it, liking how masculine it made Izuku look. He had a bit of a baby face around the cheeks but his body was far from a teenager. If he wanted a shot at the pros then Katsuki had no doubt he could get somewhere.

He worked the button on his jeans and pulled the fly.

Izuku looked over Shouto’s bent head and gasped. “Katsuki.”

“You having fun up there, Shouto?”

Shouto smacked his lips and thumbed the wet nipple. “Oh yea. You?”

“Oh I’m getting there. You want your ass eaten, Izuku?”

Izuku glared weakly. “You guys—suck. I want to touch you too.”

“Here,” Shouto unzipped his jeans and stuffed Izuku’s hand inside and groaned. “Touch that.”

Izuku pulled his face toward him. “Kiss me.”

“That a yea for the ass eating?” Katsuki asked.

Shouto gave him a thumbs up and continued to make out with Izuku, mouth parting with a wet smack and their tongues slurping spit and moans. Izuku’s hand bobbed up and down inside Shouto’s jeans.

Katsuki watched for a bit, riveted. Like shit, how could he not be pinned right now. There was no better sight than these two knockouts fucking each other’s mouth.

Just when he thought Izuku could be any more of a sin, he did something else— nipped, sucked, groaned, jammed a thumb into Shouto’s mouth so he could get the idea of what his tongue might feel on his cock.

Just when he thought Shouto could be any more of sex symbol, he did something else—kissed, humped, moaned, rolled, on his side now as he let Izuku play with his cock, red and white mixing like spilled paint.

Katsuki snapped out of the trance and jerked Izuku’s pants and boxer briefs. He tossed them after he undid the laces of his shoes first. Izuku opened his legs automatically, breaking away from Shouto to moan lewdly.

“Kacchan. C’mon. Dying without your mouth.”

Katsuki settled between his legs and dragged the end of his nails on the outside of his thighs. Izuku jerked, whimpering straight into Shouto’s mouth. Red marks clawed his white skin. Katsuki ran them down once more to give the marks longevity.

He smoothed down the soft inside next, growing heated and dizzy as Izuku opened wider and bucked his hips off the bed. His cock laid heavily on his stomach and glossed a shiny stream of pre-cum.

“Damn. Fucking look sweet down here, ‘Zuku.”

Shouto ripped off his shirt, pausing to see the view down there too. “Pretty.” He traced his thigh.

“Yea. Hot as fuck.”

Izuku grumbled. “Someone needs to kiss me and someone needs to lick me. Pick one.”

Shouto cupped the back of his head and directed it between Izuku’s thick legs. “Get to work, Katsuki.”

Katsuki let that hand guide him on his stomach. He kissed the junction where Izuku’s thigh and crotch met and sucked one of his balls with a hungry groan. He swirled his tongue around the shape and tugged lightly on the skin.

Shouto shoved his jeans to his knees and laid back down and put Izuku’s hand on his cock again.

“My cock too,” Izuku moaned, sweat curled the end of his bangs, and put Shouto’s hand around the wide shaft. “Yes. Shouto. Please.”

Katsuki released the ball and started the treatment on the other. A hand fisted his hair and Katsuki growled like an animal at the pleasant pressure on his roots. It took him a minute to figure out it was Izuku and he was horny and impatient that his tongue wasn’t in his ass.

Katsuki wedged his hands under his ass and lifted it to get full access to his hole. He found it twitching eagerly for it. He spread his ass cheeks and laved the flat of his tongue messily over it. Downright slobbering on it with no care.

It had the right effect because Izuku bellowed up, too filled with pleasure to properly kiss back. Shouto picked up the slack though and mouthed the skin under his chin.

Katsuki felt nuclear under Izuku’s green eyes. He could cum if he let his mind wander about the situation, about the fact his boyfriend and his soon to be boyfriend number two were swapping spit as he ate ass., about the fact that Izuku liked to watch him do it too with that slutty look on his freckled face.

“Like it, baby? Like when I play with your pretty ass?” He rasped.

Izuku’s stomached caved in with a harsh breath. “Yes.”

“Look at you getting treated. Just letting us play with you. You’re nasty.”

Izuku bit on his fist, feeling torn between the hand on his cock and the mouth on his ass.  “Ah, yes. Yes.”

One of his knees hiked around his shoulder, pushing on Katsuki’s tongue. Katsuki gripped him still and fucked his ass at his pace, rocking his head forward and back as his tongue dragged in and out wetly.

“Tell him he’s a good boy, Izuku,” Shouto instructed. “Tell him he’s doing a good job. You like it, right? How he fucks you.”

He shivered, the words like fire and ice on his skin. “You’re so good, Kacchan. Such a good boy.”

The word hit him like train—all bliss, all force, all heat with Izuku’s stupidly breathy words and Shouto’s dark mouth coaching him on how to make him all wild and needy.

Katsuki slammed his tongue deep and breathed out his nose as he traced the inside. Izuku smelled like sweat, the sea, and burnt electrical wires and maybe it wasn’t everyone’s heaven but it was Katsuki’s.

“So sweet,” Shouto brushed the small blonde bangs away from his eyes. “You gonna be sweet for Izuku too, right. Be sweet for me.”

Katsuki nodded, mouth busy with the flood of desperation from those words.  His fingers worked with his tongue, jammed in roughly. Izuku could barely patriciate. Shouto seemed to be the only one with some control and watched hungrily as they both lost their minds.

“God. Got no idea what I want to do to the both of you,” Shouto said, a hand on each of them, touching their wet heated skin.

That shit just worked like gasoline for Katsuki. He sat back and dragged Izuku up by his legs until they’re over his shoulder and Izuku was strung up, blinking up at his opened legs. He got all access to him, ass there to be licked and fucked.

He dipped inside, loving the greedy way Izuku clenched down.

Shouto crowded in and added his tongue too.

They paused and kissed, all spit with the taste of Izuku in their mouth.

Shouto panted. “Gorgeous.”

“Right? Fine as hell.”

Shouto sucked on his bottom lip and pulled it between his teeth and let it snap out. “I meant you too.”

“I’ll look better in him.”

Izuku arched below, a broken man. “I want it. Put it in.”

“I get his ass,” Katsuki declared, swatting Izuku on the thigh

Shouto kissed his rim, licking kittenishly around the pink skin.“Greedy.”

“I did all the work stretching him. Fuck his mouth.”

“We should ask him,” Shouto said. “He’s gonna take us both.”

“True.” The blonde tapped his thigh. “Hey. Where do you want our cocks?”

Shouto rolled his eyes and sat back, pillowing Izuku’s head on his lap.

“Huh?” He blinked, face blissed out to planet Neptune.

Shouto thumbed his puffy lips, commanding Izuku’s mouth easily to open around it. “Who do you want in your mouth? Your ass.”

“Oh god. I—I get to decide?”

“No shit. It’s a threeway, dude.”

“Oh.” He blushed like he remembered the idea of shame suddenly.

 The shy way he touched his mouth made Katsuki want to shove him down and fuck him with his cock until he could no longer scream and have Shouto watch every second of it. He held back and settled for heated bites on those meaty thighs.

“Well since you’re there…you should probably fuck my ass. Shouto can have my mouth.”

Katsuki grinned, skin between his teeth as he eyed on Shouto who looking like he might pass out from the casual way Izuku offered himself.

One of Izuku’s legs unhooked and toed into his chest. “First. You need to take your clothes off, Kacchan. I have to see what you’re giving me.”

Izuku shimmied from his upside spiderman pose and knelt nose to nose and stripped Katsuki free of his shirt.  He moved his lips over his neck once he got the collar over Katsuki’s head. Fed him breaths and moans. Showed him tongue and sin like he had shit to spare.

Izuku laughed when he leaned away to see Katsuki still chasing with his mouth puckered. “Asshole, I’m not done with your mouth.”

“But I want to get to the best part,” he purred, cupping Katsuki’s cock through the jeans. “Thick.”

Katsuki shut his eyes. “Oh shit.”

“Is this all for me, Kacchan?”

“F-fuck yea.”

Shouto hummed fiery kisses down the side of Izuku’s neck. “C’mon, Katsuki. You got a hole to fill.”

Katsuki shifted his knees, hissed through sensitivity as his clothes dragged on his cock. His dick throbbed, bobbing as he kicked off his shoes and jeans.

Izuku opened his arms, Katsuki filled the gap, kissing and rubbing against Izuku while Shouto grind and moaned lowly. “Katsuki. Shouto. Don’t stop.”

Katsuki snarled.

Shouto groaned.

Both hungry.

Both with so much skin and parts to attend to.

Touch here.

Lick there.

Kiss Shouto.

Kiss Izuku.

Tongue, more tongue.

Touch me too.

Izuku opened his legs.

Katsuki seared his handprints on his hips.

Shouto chilled one and heated the other with his hands.

Hands slicked through sweat, spit, and pre-cum. Everywhere he touched had hard planes.

“Condom?” Izuku managed as Shouto and Katsuki took turns fucking his mouth.

“Got it.” Shouto hummed, shutting Izuku up.

“Lube?” He asked as Shouto leaned back for Katsuki to take his place.

Katsuki pried his mouth with his teeth.  It funny how he could kiss Izuku and find Shouto’s taste in there, that fire and frost mingled with that earthy electricity. “Got it.”

“You guys are dicks.”

Katsuki gave Izuku a good feel of how huge of a dick he was. “Hell yea.”

Shouto hid a smirk into Izuku’s shoulder.

“Please. I want in my mouth. Want you in my ass. Wanna be fucked.”

“And I thought you had a nasty mouth, Katsuki.”

“Mmm, you want our cocks then you better get on all fours, Izuku. Gotta show us that ass and mouth.”

“I will, just, please.” He arched like a trapped bull. Trying to escape to do just that but too thirsty for their mouths to put all his strength into it.

Shouto backed off, letting Izuku breath. Katsuki was less accommodating and kissed Izuku until he was flat on his ass.

“Roll over.” He tapped his thigh.

Izuku shifted over and wobbled like a plastic bag in a storm as he got his elbows and knees under him. He turned his head to the side, watching Shouto kiss Katsuki as he rolled on the condom and slicked him with lube.

Katsuki shivered. “Fuck.” He tried to fuck Shouto’s tight grip.

Shouto closed hard on the base. “No coming. You cum in him while I watch.”

“Yeah. You gonna watch me fuck him, right?”


“Fuck, that’s hot. Watch me put it in. Then take his mouth.”

Izuku’s hips humped the air. He bit on his knuckles. Slutty. Dirty. Trying to get their attention back on him. “Katsuki,” he called, voice unfairly sexy. “Please.”

“Got you, ‘Zuku.” Katsuki pressed his hips to his ass, hands spreading him. He grabbed his cock and locked his gaze with Shouto as he pumped in.  “Fuck. That good, Izuku? You feel fuckin’ good.”

“Shouto, Shouto.” Izuku begged.

Shouto hooked his fingers under his chin and tipped his head. “What, not enough? That fat cock not good enough for you?”


Katsuki’s breath siphoned out of him like a whistling kettle. “Shit.”

“You just want it from both ends, huh. Open your mouth.”

There wasn’t a flicker of resistance to that. Just blind obedience. All Izuku on his hands with a visible quiver and his red mouth being stuffed with cock.

Shouto tipped his head back, breathing out his mouth as he tried not to come.  The sight of Izuku ringing his mouth around his dick was too much.

“Good?” He asked once he was back in control.

Izuku moaned, the sound muffled, body shifting from Katsuki’s thrusts. He slurped noisily with his eyes closed.

“Fuck, fuck,” Katsuki moaned. Rolling. Rocking. Pumping. Sweating. Misting up the windows. He chased pleasure. Too rough to care but Izuku made no complaints.

He only pulled off to turn his head and gasp breathily and watched as Katsuki slammed hard and powerful against his ass. “So good. Katsuki. You’re so good. Do it. Do me hard. Yea.”

“Shut up, s-shut up,” he stuttered. “I’ll cum—fuck. Izuku. Getting’ me fuckin’ wild.”

“Katsuki. Ah. God. You’re fucking me so good. I like it.”

Shouto cranked his head back and shoved his dick in. “Izuku. Don’t talk, suck.”

Katsuki buckled, covering Izuku’s back with his body, and pumped his hips crudely. He moved his mouth to kiss along Izuku’s hollowed cheeks. “Suck him. Yea, so hot. Work that fat cock, baby. Turning me on.”

Shouto ran his fingers up Katsuki’s jawline. “You want to share with him? You better ask nicely.”

“Izuku, lemme suck too.” Katsuki nudged.

Izuku popped off, whimpering under his thrusts.

Katsuki flicked his tongue lazily over the head, a fat smirk sitting behind it.

Shouto sucked it a harsh breath and pumped himself from the base to the tip. “Asshole.”

“Whatever. You like when I tease your pretty cock. Look at how wet you are. Fuckin’ nasty perv. Getting hot. You like what you see? Like Izuku getting fucked by me?”

Izuku mouthed along the shaft, ghosting his wet breath over the heated skin.

“Oh god. Seriously. I won’t—fucking last.” Shouto’s word punched out like they were taken by physical force.

Katsuki sucked pre-cum out of the slit. Evil, pure evil, simmered darkly in his eyes.

Shouto had no defense against him and Izuku working his cock like paid pros. He came, sounding surprised by his own climax.

Izuku and Katsuki laughed, still fucking, as Shouto melted into a useless sludge with a throbbing cock.

“I can’t believe you two,” he whined. “You have cum all over your faces by the way. Dumbasses.”

Katsuki took a track of cum off Izuku’s cheek and swallowed. “I’ll clean him.”

“Katsuki, c’mon. Fuck me. Play with me.”

He sucked on his ear. “You little shit. You want all the attention. Gotta get cock, huh?”

Izuku smooshed his face into the sheets, sobbing.

He forced his arms and legs under him so Izuku collapsed, unsupported, and lifted his hips to pound ruthlessly. Izuku whined and opened his legs to expose himself.

Shouto crawled to his side and kissed softly down his neck. “You’re perfect, Katsuki. Look at you. Perfect as hell. Can you make him cum, babe? Can you fill him up with your cum? Lemme see.”

“S—shit.” Katsuki trembled, blinking sweat out of his eyes. “Shouto. Wanna cum. Wanna cum so bad.”

“Help him, babe.” Shouto’s hot tongue traced the tendons in his neck. “Jerk his cock. Get him there. Look at how bad he wants it.”

Katsuki couldn’t see but he heard the cries of pleasure. He coached Izuku to pull his hips up and found his cock soaked and searing hot.

Izuku spat out the sheets and sobbed openly. “Please. Kat—fuck, please. Close. Imm close. Yes. Don’t stop. Fuck me. Fu—“ He broke off, cumming shakily.

Feeling Izuku’s climax, his hot cum, his little earthquake body trembles, Katsuki thrust shallowly. Each spurt of cum weakened him. He worked his hips a few times before he buried deep and filled the condom.







“This sucks,” Izuku mumbled.

Katsuki and Shouto both looked over.

Izuku ducked his head and pulled the cover to his chin. “I wanted to ask you guys out for so long but I thought you were both kinda out of my league. Plus I saw you guys kissing and now that I finally got you guys, the summer’s ending.”

“Shit.” Katsuki realized. This was their last summer here before they went to UA University up in L.A.

“We can Skype,” Shouto suggested. “Dunno if you would want to but.”

“Would you guys seriously do that? Long distance? We’re kinda not anything,” Izuku said.

“Why the fuck do you think we were working at that shitty place? It sure as fuck wasn’t for the cash,” Katsuki said. “We were fuckin’ thinking of shit to do to get your damn number.”

Shouto nodded, brushing the curls off Izuku’s cheeks as he flushed violently and hid like a hermit crab.

“We did everything kinda backward.”

“True but it doesn’t mean we don’t like you any less,” Shouto said. “Sex or not, we still wanted to try something.”

“Okay.” He agreed, teeth bright in the darkness of the pickup bed.

“And me and Shouto will be back for holidays so we can do shit then, you know.”

“You’re so sweet.”

Katsuki huffed. “Shut up.”

“That’s Katsuki talk for I like you. He’s very sensitive about his feels.”

Katsuki grabbed a pillow and clocked Shouto on the head and stole Izuku’s strong body. “You don’t deserve this gift. Mine.”

Shouto grabbed his own pillow sword and fought Katsuki. “Hoe. He’s mine too.”

Katsuki pinned Izuku under his body to shield him from Shouto’s relentless attacks. “Hide, Izuku. I’ll beat this villain and we’ll have awesome sexy times.”

“You the hero, get real.”

“Bitch, I will set everything on fire.”

“Wow, so scared. If only my quirk had anything to do with fire or ice—wait.”


“You first.”

“Oh my god. All my dreams are coming true,” Izuku said in awe as Katsuki’s weight smooshed him.







“Of course, you got us lost,” Shouto raced beside him. “First day.”

“I’m a hero. Not a map reader.”

“You’re a jackass. There! Hero class 101, try to be quiet.”

Katsuki mimed his hand opening and closing behind Shouto’s back, thinking he couldn’t see the childish gesture.

Shouto pinched his nipple before he stepped in the classroom.

Katsuki fumed, rubbing his chest.

The door slammed loudly at their arrival and every head in the classroom turned.

The professor, former pro hero Lady Midnight, adjusted her black-rimmed glasses. “Gentlemen, I hope this tardiness is a one-time thing. Take your seat, please.”

They shuffled into the few available seats.

Katsuki felt his phone vibrate angrily. He waited for Lady Midnight to turn her back on his section of the room and fished it out.


Izuku: UR HERE TOO??!!


Katsuki nudged Shouto and showed him the text. They both turned and checked the seats around them.


Izuku: Sec B. Middle row

Izuku: HI BABY!!!


Finally, they spotted him, a sore thumb with his yellow and red All Might hoody and unruly hair.



Katsuki: I see ur wearin ur All Might hoody. Fuckin nerd.

Izuku: I miss you too, kacchan

Shouto: [heart emoji]

Katsuki: also


Shouto: Guys we’re in class. Behave.

Izuku: SEX

Katsuki: SEX