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Wicked Ones

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A young silver haired girl sat hunched over an ancient book, her teal eyes flooded with unshed tears. Her normally snowy skin was now red and blotchy from continuous crying, with dark circles under her sunken in eyes. She hadn't slept in two weeks, too frightened to close her eyes; and she hadn't had enough food to keep her healthy. Her brothers and mom were worried about her, of course, but her elder sibling was the only one who knew the cause of his sisters grief.

Two weeks prior, the fair haired girl had blindly gone to the Underworld to gather intel. She had foolishly believed her glamour of a red haired beauty would successfully conceal her identity. Everything had been going well, until it wasn't. A Seer had seen right through the facade, and the young girl was the target of many angry demons. Unable to hold her own against so many foes, her dad had sensed her fear and pain, immediately forcing someone to orb him down. He pushed his daughter out of the way of some fireballs, taking hit after hit until he was reduced to nothing more than ashes on the cold ground.

The silver haired girl had withdrawn, locking herself in the Turner family manor's basement, flipping through her ancestors' grimoire with lifeless eyes. The next generation of Halliwells had orbed, or beamed in, their various colored eyes shining with concern for their mourning friend. Her older brother, Zach, had tried to pry her away, but quickly backed down when she lost control of her powers in her rage. She couldn't leave, not until she had her dad back. Nearing the witching hour to her favorite Sabbat - not that she noticed, as time seemed to move in a blur, the ivory skinned girl took pause upon spotting the page. She knew necromancy was frowned upon - hell, her surrogate family would bind her powers if they knew what she was considering. 'Screw it. I've got nothing else to lose.' She thought as she stood up to gather supplies. Unlike her brother (and their father before everything happened), she couldn't conjure items out of thin air.

If she was being honest, she wasn't nearly as powerful as her brother, or her friends. She could not move objects with her mind, or create a force field, nor could she manipulate ice. No, her only real offensive power being Energy balls. Aside from that, she could shimmer, manipulate shadows, read Tarot/Runes, scry, cast spells/make potions, and had enhanced intuition. She was a little envious of her brother - what with him being loaded with powers, however, she was much better at hand-to-hand; her father and Phoebe made sure of that.

Coming back to the present, and out of her musings, the small girl placed the nine eggplants, and goblet of red wine in their instructed spot. She followed the directions; created a circle using salt to cleanse and protect. Lit the wormwood and horehound incense, as well as the purple candles, and mixed cypress, carnation petals, and bay laurel together. She dropped the match in the cauldron her father got her, and mixed the black ash (her father's remains), as well as her blood. She flinched slightly as the razor sliced through her palm, quickly grabbing a towel and putting pressure on the wound.

"Maman Brigitte, hi...I don't even know if you're listening or if you're even here, but I - I don't know what else to do. My dad...he died and I want you to bring him back. He was a good man, a little misguided at times, but he was trying to do right by his children, by me. It was cruel to put him into my life for the first time five years ago, only to take him away from me now, when we were finally becoming a family. It wasn't...isn't fair. Give him back. He deserved more than death, he deserves to be with him family, with me. I need him, damnit. Don't make me go the rest of my life without my father, again."

She sat in front of the altar, watching as the cauldron sparked with life, wondering why nothing seemed to happen. She had expected a gust of wind, maybe even a flash of lightning to strike his ashes and bring him back, and yet nothing. Had her despair somehow messed with her powers? Was she simply not as powerful as those before her, and wasn't able to complete the spell? Before she could further sink back into her hopeless depression, a sudden explosion startled her, and everything began to blur together until her world went black.



All seemed too quiet for the Halliwells as Halloween rolled around. Phoebe, the youngest, stood in the foyer of the Manor with a compact mirror in hand, checking on her bold makeup. Prue, the eldest, was in the kitchen with Darryl, gathering treats for the young kids that would be by soon, and Piper, the middle sister, was descending the stairs with Leo, her whitelighter, and lover.

"Alright people, let's go. I was supposed to be at the club a half an hour ago." Piper called as she stepped off the last of the stairs. She was wearing a pink ballgown costume with a strawberry blonde wig, complete with a toy wand and tiara. Beside her, Leo Wyatt stood in his old World War II uniform.

"And are you a good with or a bad witch?" Prue quipped, walking passed her younger sister with an amused gleam in her green eyes.

"I'm going to be a very good witch from now on." Piper answered, not phased by her sister's teasing as she ruffled her dress.

"And you picked a role model who wears lots and lots of pink?" Prue questioned, eyes squinting at the obnoxious colour.


"Glinda helped innocents, didn't she?" Leo asked, turning from his soulmate to her sister with a slight smirk.

"Yes." Piper answered facing Prue once more.

"You had the answer all along? That's not help. That's mind games." Phoebe scoffed, putting away her mirror. Piper swatted Phoebe lightly with her wand as the younger sister moved away.

"I'm not gonna let you spoil my new attitude." The middle sister was cut off mid-sentence as a gust of wind blew down from the ceiling, a body falling out of seemingly nowhere. The three sisters gathered around the figure, hands poised for an attack as Leo held an arm in front of Piper. Their eyes widened at the sight in front of them.

On the floor lay a pale skinned girl with equally long, pale hair. She was wearing a burgundy crop top, and sweat pants, her arms were covered in tattoos, as well as her collarbone and neck. She couldn't have been more than five foot two, and she appeared as if she hadn't eaten in a while. Suddenly, the girl sat up, her teal eyes wide as she breathed heavily.

"Dad?" She asked, her gaze darting around the room before her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What am I doing in the Manor?

"Who the hell are you?" Prue asked, gaining the girl's attention, arm raised and ready to throw her across the room. Hastily the newcomer rose to her feet, swaying as her hand cradled her head.

"Phoebe, wha-how did I get here? I was at my dad's and I..." Her eyes widened as she raced passed the sisters, moving further into the house. "Did it work? Did Brigitte really bring him back?" She asked, throat going dry at the thought of her spell not working. She didn't want to live without him, not again.

"How do you know my name, sweetie?" Phoebe called, stepping forward. The silver haired girl whipped around to face the confused Charmed One in question.

"'s me. Sera. C'mon, you've known me for as long as I can remember." She forced a laugh as the others shook their heads. "Did Chris put you up to this? Is this his petty revenge for breaking up with him? That vindictive asshole."

"We don't know any Sera's, or any Chris'." Piper told her lightly, still wary of the girl.

"Did the Triad send you?" Prue asked, not giving the girl a chance.

"The Tri- the Triad has been gone for nearly twenty years. Is this some kind of joke?" Sera questioned, the smile fading from her face, a gasp escaping her. "What - what year is it?"

"2000." Leo answered this time, making his way to Sera, who simply shook her head.

"Damnit! I knew necromancy would screw me over, but what do I go and do? I try to bring my dad back to life and instead, it sends me 28 years into the past." She ranted, making her way to the kitchen with intangible mumbles.

"Where's Darryl?" Piper asked suddenly, watching Sera leave.

"He's in the kitchen." Prue trailed off in realization, running after their new visitor. However, instead of finding her posing a threat to their mortal companion, the sisters found Sera sitting on the counter and eating some of Piper's caramel popcorn, as if she lived there.

"Alright, inspector. Put down the phone and nobody gets hurt." Piper called in jest as she entered the kitchen. She had noticed how Sera was, and so didn't believe her to be a threat, not until she did something to change her mind.

"I miss you guys. Who is she?" Darryl asked once he hung up on his wife, eyeing the silver haired girl carefully. He wasn't sure he liked the way she looked.

"Serephyna, but everyone calls me Sera. I'm fro-"

"From our dad's side. She's our cousin. She was in town so we thought we'd invite her." Phoebe finished for her. Darryl knew about magic, but his knowledge was very basic, and they weren't about to explain time travel to him. Not when he was the only normal thing about their lives.

"Nice costume." Sera rolled her eyes at Phoebe, taking more popcorn.

"Yeah, it's from my rookie days." Darryl smiled slightly, his dark eyes ghosting over each of the Halliwells. "Still fits."

"Yeah, mine too." Leo added without thinking. Sera smirked as she watched Darryl's face once he actually saw the uniform.

"Isn't that from the second World War?" He asked, although Leo didn't get the chance to answer as they were interrupted by Prue.

"I'll explain on the way. So in the meantime, we can just stick together, since we're both dateless."

"Darryl's married though, isn't he?" Sera asked, eyeing her childhood hero. In the future, she knew his wife, Sheila, yet in this time...she wasn't sure of anything. How much anyone knew, what they knew, what was going on in her familys' lives. It was a complete mystery to her.

"He is. You're dateless because you're picky." Piper nodded, plating the popcorn.

"No, look, after Andy...I'm not settling, alright. The closest thing to a perfect guy is out there, a real man, and I will find him."

"Mhm. And they're going to love the popcorn and caramel in your teeth too. Alright Darryl, Sera, let's go. Somebody, get something." Piper ordered as the household made their way back into the foyer.

"Um, we can't leave yet. We have to wait for Cole." Phoebe reminded her sisters. Both Darryl and Sera turned to the youngest Halliwell. The former was confused, while the latter had frozen in shock of hearing his name.

"Cole Turner? The ADA? You're dating him?" Sera dropped her tray of caramel corn, flashes of the event passing behind her eyes. So her spell had worked, just not in the way she had wanted.

"Uh...No, I just sort of invited him to go along with us. It wasn't set in stone or anything, but something must've come up. Are you okay Sera?" Phoebe asked as everyone's attention went to her. She shook slightly as she bent to pick up the mess.

"Me? I'm golden, but you know me, Pheebs. Klutz of the century, don't worry I'll clean it up before Piper has a fit." The Halliwell watched the girl before shrugging, deciding not to push it. They had no idea what her temperament was like, and she was a young witch who had just lost a parent. There was no telling what state of mind the girl was in, let alone her powers.

"Oh I want a picture of all of us first, I just need to get my broomstick."

"Cliche!" Phoebe yelled after her sister as the doorbell rang.

"Come on you guys, hurry up." Piper called as the door kept ringing. Finally, Phoebe placed her plates down and opened the door, revealing two pale bodies dressed in black with reddened eyes. Phoebe turned to her eyes with amusement.

"Oh my god that is so weird, they look just like the Grim...Oh!" The two Halliwells made to run, but the Grimlocks had used their power, sucking the life out of them. Luckily, Sera and Prue had run in to see the distressed sisters.

"I am not losing anyone else, damnit!" Sera yelled as she threw an energy ball at the two demons strangling her aunts. The demons went unphased by the girl's power hit them, seeming as though the energy was merely a fly. Prue used her telekinesis to fling them away before turning to the silver haired girl.

"What the hell was that?" She hissed as her other sisters made their way to them.

"Didn't we vanquish them already?"

"I don't know, but that's not what I wanted to warn you about." Leo spoke quickly, staring at where the two demons had been.

"What do you mean?" Prue yelled in exasperation. As if to answer her question, a large portal opened up behind the four girls, swirling around to create a vortex.

"That's what I wanted to warn you about." Piper used her power to freeze the demons in their place before the four witches were pulled into the vortex with shrieks of surprise, and of fear of what's next.