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Another Dad for Matilda

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"Sweet dreams baby girl," Kurt stood from his daughter's bed, kissing her forehead as he sat her unfinished bedtime story on her bedside table. With a soft smile, he gently tucked her in, poking her favourite toy, a well loved rag doll in a tattered yellow and white chequered dress, under the covers beside her. Matilda instinctively turned on her side wrapping her arms around her 'friend'. It had been a busy, trying day but she looked so angelic and innocent now fast asleep and Kurt's heart swelled to over flowing with love for her.

"Daddy?" the six year old, opened one sleepy eye, reaching for his wrist as he moved to switch off her lamp.

"Yes Tilly," Kurt replied patiently, expecting her to ask for a glass of water.

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you too angel," he poked a curl of her long blonde hair back softly behind her ear.

"Why don't I have a mummy?" She asked timidly, unable to stifle a small yawn. "My friend, Katie has a mummy and a daddy and Jess has two mummies but I don't even have one at all. Is it cause I'm too naughty? Because if it is I'll be good Daddy I promise. I'll pick up all my toys in the playroom and eat all my vegetables, even the beans which are the yuckiest."

"Even the beans?" Kurt mocked his child gently, before sitting down again on the edge of her bed to talk.

"If I have to," she scrunched her nose, not looking too impressed by the prospect. "Will it help?"

"No Honey," Kurt shook his head regretfully. He hesitated trying to find the right words to explain his sexual preference to his daughter without scarring her for life. "There are lots of different kinds of families," he began. "Some have a mum and a dad. Some have two mums or two dads. Some have just one or the other like ours. It's not cause you're naughty darling girl. It's just how it is. We love each other right? We are happy together, just you and I, aren't we?"

"Yes," the small child nodded her head. "But I wouldn't mind if you had a wife Daddy, so you're not lonely while I'm at school."

"Daddy's at work at the College while you're at school," Kurt reminded Matilda. He'd graduated from NYADA a few years ago and now held a full time position teaching on campus. He loved it but between that and raising Matilda it left him little time for any kind of social life. Of course he'd expected that when a little over a year ago he'd made the decision to adopt her but that didn't mean he wasn't frustrated that he'd been forced to become way too well acquainted with his right hand recently. "And I have Chuckles here to keep me company," Kurt scratched behind the ear of the tiny pug that was curled up asleep at the foot of Matilda's bed.

"Chuckles is awesome," Matilda agreed. "But wouldn't a wife be better?"

Kurt faked a soft smile. "What if Daddy told you he'd prefer a husband?" He asked cautiously, bracing himself for the look of disappointment on his daughter's face.

She didn't look disappointed though. She smiled thoughtfully. "Would he like kids?" She asked quickly.

"He'd have to," Kurt nodded. "You and I are a package deal Kiddo. I couldn't love someone who doesn't love you."

"And Chuckles," Matilda reminded her father firmly.

"Of course," Kurt nodded.

"And would he come with us to the park and to my dance class? And eat dinner with us?" She asked curiously.

"I'm sure he would," Kurt assured her.

"But..." she hesitated, looking concerned. "Where would he sleep? We don't have any more bedrooms."

"If he's my husband he'd sleep with me in my bed," Kurt explained awkwardly hoping the questions wouldn't get any more personal. His daughter was only six. Neither of them were ready for THAT talk yet.

"So you can cuddle and kiss him?" She giggled, puckering her lips and teasing him with kissy sounds.

"Go to sleep," Kurt laughed, rolling his eyes and ruffling his cheeky daughter's hair. "You ask too many questions."

"I am sleepy," Matilda yawned again, snuggling up to her doll and getting cozy. "I wouldn't mind having two daddies," she added. "You can have a husband if you want to."

"Maybe one day," Kurt kissed her goodnight again thinking as he stood once more how much easier that was said than done. He considered himself a reasonably attractive man. He was fit, in good shape. He dressed well, was well groomed. He was just so busy. Maybe his daughter was right though. Maybe he should try to make a little time to get out and maybe meet someone. There was a whole big city out there of attractive, available men. There had to someone just perfect for him and his daughter, didn't there? Who knew? Matilda was his priority. He hadn't given himself the freedom to consider sharing their lives with a partner.

Kurt finally turned off Matilda's lamp, looking over to see she was already asleep before he slipped from the room. He wished he knew how she managed to fall asleep so quickly. It was definitely better than the tossing and turning he did every night for hours on end before eventually giving up around 2am and cracking out the internet porn, jerking himself off and fading off to sleep in a post orgasmic haze. Ugh! He was lonely and ugh! He needed a night out to be a man again, not a teacher or a father but just a single, red blooded, gay man.

With a glass of red wine and bowl of trail mix Kurt settled himself on his sofa. He turned on the tv and eyed all the papers he needed to grade on the coffee table with despair. He massaged his temple then took a sip of his wine as he flicked through channels. He finally decided on watching Schitt's Creek to indulge the tiny crush he might have on David then picked up his phone and shot off a text to Alexa. She was a student at NYADA, not in any of Kurt's classes, who babysat Matilda for him on Wednesday evenings when his classes ran late. He hoped that maybe she might be willing to do Friday night as well this week so he could maybe go out and test New York City's shark infested waters.

He put on his glasses, picked up a pen and glanced over the first paper. It was deplorable, horrible grammar, more typos than he could count in just the first paragraph alone. It was going to be a long night if this was the standard of work his students were producing. He sighed. This paper would struggle to receive a D. He hoped they'd get better. They'd all seemed like such a smart group of kids.

Kurt chuckled at the television as he made some necessary corrections, adding what he believed were helpful notes in the margins. Lost in his task he startled when his phone chimed a little later. It was just Alexa. He smiled as he read the short message reminding him that she charged extra after 7pm but stating that she was free all night and more than happy to watch Matilda.

Butterflies fluttered in his stomach as he confirmed. It had been a while but on Friday night Kurt Hummel would be hitting the town, if he could just work out where to go. Maybe his work colleagues would have some suggestions. He'd check tomorrow. For now though he returned wearily to the papers before him. Grading was the most tedious part of his job. It had to be done though so he just soldiered on, mostly for Matilda, so he could give that beautiful otherwise orphaned girl the happy life she so deserved. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his little princess.

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Kurt woke early the next morning as always. He showered, shaved and dressed for work, before waking Matilda and preparing a quick and healthy breakfast for them both.

He scurried around the kitchen making lunches for them both and feeding Chuckles while she sat at the kitchen counter eating her fruity oatmeal. "Is it okay with you honey, if Daddy goes out on Friday night? I've checked with Alexa and she is looking forward to coming over to play with you and Chuckles."

"Can we get pizza?" Matilda asked hopefully. "And watch Moana?"

"You've seen Moana a lot," Kurt smiled fondly at his daughter.

"It's my favourite," she reminded him. "You know Daddy that I love HeiHei. He's the bestest chicken ever."

Kurt nodded. He had to admit he was quite amused by the ridiculous chicken as well. "I know Tilly. Now why don't you be the bestest little girl ever and finish off your breakfast then get those gorgeous pearly whites of yours brushed, so I can braid your hair? Maybe, just maybe today can be the day we actually get you to school on time."

Matilda flashed her dad a cheeky grin. She gulped down her orange juice as Kurt finished his coffee. They raced off in different directions to finish getting ready. They both brushed their teeth and got their shoes and socks on. Kurt had their bags all packed just as Matilda returned with her hair ribbons and her brush. He patiently braided her long blonde hair then buckled her sandals. "Let me look at you," he booped her nose playfully before straightening her uniform. "You look even more beautiful than usual," he complimented her sincerely. "What about me?"

"You're always handsome Daddy," she hugged Kurt tight. He hugged her back. He loved his beautiful baby girl so much.

"We really need to go Sweetie," he grabbed his keys, phone and wallet stuffing them into his pants pocket before helping Matilda put on her little backpack and throwing the strap of his own leather satchel over this shoulder. He gave Chuckles a quick pat and took Matilda's hand leading her out the front door. He locked up their tiny townhouse quickly behind them and then they headed off on their two block walk to Matilda's very exclusive private school.

"Are you going to find me a new daddy on Friday night?" Matilda singsonged knowingly as she skipped along the pavement. "Is that why you're going out? Shouldn't I come too so I can make sure he's nice?"

"I haven't even met anyone yet honey but I promise when I do you'll be the first to meet him," Kurt appreciated his daughter's easy acceptance of his sexuality. It wasn't a subject that they'd broached before because getting her quickly settled, after the loss of both her parents in a house fire, had been so much more important. She come to him timid and traumatised. It had been a few weeks before she'd even spoke to him. Regular therapy had helped, so had going to the dog shelter together and rescuing Chuckles. Things had got easier as the months went by. The first time Matilda had chosen herself to call him daddy instead of Kurt had been a huge turning point for them. It had moved Kurt to tears. They were now as close as any father and daughter could be. Kurt enjoyed spoiling her rotten and they both enjoyed each other's company. It was the perfect arrangement.

"Maybe you could marry Uncle Elliott," Matilda suggested as they waited hand in hand for the lights to change. "He has nice hair and those cool tattoos and he loves me and Chuckles and he loves you."

"Uncle Elliott is just my friend Honey and what do you mean 'cool' tattoos? You are never dating a boy with tattoos. Never," Kurt scowled playfully down at his daughter, surprised that his daughter considered Elliott a suitable partner for him. Kurt loved Elliott. He really did but only as a friend. There was just no attraction there. Elliott was just a little too much bad boy for Kurt with the tattoos and the make up. Since breaking up with Blaine he'd discovered he had a very specific type. He liked them tall, lean and preppy. They had to have a killer smile, warm eyes and a nice ass and they absolutely had to love kids. That last point was in no way negotiable. Protecting Tilly came first. "In fact you're not dating at all until you're 30," Kurt squeezed his daughter's hand softly. "Is that clear?"

"Eddie kissed me on the lips near the slide on Monday," Matilda giggled, blushing a little. "We're getting married today at lunch so it's too late."

"Is that right?" Kurt frowned for real this time as they crossed the street together. "Remind me which one is Eddie again."

"Eddie Smythe," Matilda rolled her eyes. "He's really nice Daddy. He has pretty green eyes and always shares his cookies with me at recess."

"Smythe?" Kurt grumbled under his breath, his high school nemesis's smirky meerkat face flashing in his mind's eyes. Smythe? He hadn't thought about Sebastian Smythe in years. Kurt never hated anyone not even Dave Karofsky who had stolen his first boy kiss but he thought maybe he hated Sebastian Smythe. That asshole had pushed his every button in high school, threatened his relationship, made him feel more insecure than he ever had in his entire life. Kurt wouldn't mind if he never laid eyes on that creep for the rest of his existence.

There had to be hundreds or more likely thousands of Smythe's in America though didn't there? Surely the pushy kid wooing his daughter with cookies and kissing her by the slide wasn't related to that sly prick. Sebastian had to be the last person Kurt could ever picture with a kid. He was more likely to hanging out in some sleazy basement whipping some leather clad sub into submission. Either way Kurt needed to make an appointment to speak with Matilda's teacher, Mrs Royce. His daughter was only six and it was highly inappropriate for boys to be kissing her on the playground. The over protective father in him didn't like it one bit.

With a peck on the cheek and a wave Kurt dropped Matilda on the school steps just as the bell sounded. He waited until she was safely inside the building before dashing the three remaining blocks to NYADA.

He headed straight for the office that he shared with Adam Crawford to prepare for his day and to email Mrs Royce. Adam also taught at NYADA now. After some initial awkwardness they'd slowly become friends again. Adam had been cool once he'd discovered Blaine was living in Canada now, acting and was totally out of the picture. They even hung out sometimes on the weekends at Kurt's, having casual meals and watching movies after Matilda went to bed. Their relationship was strictly plutonic though. Kurt preferred it that way. Adam was cute and all with his soft eyes and British accent but there was just no spark. The sex they'd had back in College when they'd dated had been mediocre at best. Kurt had no desire to repeat it.

"Good Morning," Kurt greeted Adam with a cheerful smile as he dropped his bag on his desk, collapsed into his chair and opened his laptop.

"You're sparkly today," Adam commented looking pleased. "I take it you got all your papers graded last night."

"I was up until 1am," Kurt confirmed, opening his emails and beginning to type before even checking them. They would only be from complaining students anyway, begging for extensions on assignments. He could deal with those later. "But they're all done now. Thank goodness. I was thinking I'd hit the town on Friday night to celebrate. Can you recommend somewhere not too... you know... skanky? It's been a while since I've been out and about."

"What about Tilly?" Adam looked a little surprised. Kurt and that child were practically attached at the hip. He never went anywhere outside work where he couldn't take her.

"Alexa," Kurt supplied flatly. "I need a break. I think I'd like to be one screaming 'Yes Daddy' for a change."

Adam shook his head, laughing. "My room mate is dragging me along to a Out Magazine promotional thing on Friday night. We have an extra ticket and there will be tons of pretty gay models. The drinks are free and it will be way classier than some nasty club. You should come."

"Dragging you huh?" Kurt teased. He wasn't buying that for a second. No gay man in the history of forever had to be dragged to an event like that. "What should I wear?" He checked. "It sounds kinda fun. Where is it?"

"It's black tie and being hosted at the Four Seasons. It's a cocktail party kinda thing so you might want to eat first. You know how the food is as those things."

"Basically nonexistent," Kurt grimaced. "Maybe we could go for noodles first then?"

"Sounds great," Adam agreed. "Joey and I will pick you up at 7pm. We can go to that new place on Madison. I'll make a reservation. I know the owner."

"Cool," Kurt smiled, checking his watch as he sent off the email to Tilly's teacher. "Shit! Is that really the time? I need to get to class. Wish me luck. Some of the papers were dreadful."

"I swear the entry standards are way lower now than when we were students here," Adam nodded his understanding. "Some of my kids have horrible attitudes. It's honestly become quite disheartening."

"Keep your chin up," Kurt offered supportively, as he headed for the door with his bag. "It's almost semester break."

"Thank heavens for that," Adam sighed in relief, watching Kurt as he strutted off down the hall. Adam thought Kurt looked a little tired but then he assumed fatherhood would do that to a guy. He admired Kurt for adopting Matilda after she lost her parents. It was such a huge commitment and not one he was ever sure he would be prepared to make especially alone. It must be so taxing to not have anyone to share the responsibility and burden with.

Adam knew that Kurt never saw his daughter as a burden though. He absolutely adored the child and she adored him too. He was was pleased that Kurt had decided to treat himself to night out without her though and intended to ensure it was a great night for him. He knew just the guy to introduce Kurt to. He was sure the two of them would get along splendidly. He was Ohio too. It would a match made in heaven. Adam smiled as he headed off to his own class. Friday night might be fun after all.

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Kurt's week passed in a rapid blur of routine. His days were spent at NYADA educating ungrateful youth and his evenings were spent with his dear daughter and their little doggy. He always looked forward to going home at the end of the day, picking up Tilly from after school care then taking her home to cook them both a nutritious dinner, while she played in their tiny garden with Chuckles.

Kurt was relieved that Matilda was a good eater. She enjoyed a large variety of foods including her vegetables, all except beans. It didn't matter to Kurt. Beans weren't his favourite either. What mattered was his dear little girl and her happiness. He loved her so much and immensely enjoyed hearing about her day over their evening meal. She'd chatter away, barely drawing breath, often going on about her art work. She loved to paint. She talked about her teacher and her friends, Eddie specifically. She seemed quite taken with that young boy. Kurt tried not to dwell on it. They were just kids. He knew it meant nothing at their tender age, it still somehow made the papa bear in him uneasy though.

It perplexed Kurt that the kid interested in his daughter was a Smythe. Smythe really wasn't a common name. Smith, well sure there had to be millions of Smith's in the world but not Smythe's. Could young Eddie be Sebastian's child? Kurt had found himself thinking of Sebastian more than he liked recently and the thought of that narcissistic asshat caring for a kid seemed ludicrous. Some people just didn't seem suited to parenthood and in Kurt's mind the slutty Sebastian Smythe that Kurt had had the displeasure of knowing in high school was definitely one of them.

Kurt's meeting with Tilly's teacher, Mrs Royce, during his extended Thursday's lunch break had gone to his satisfaction. His clearly and calmly expressed concerns were met with respect and the assurance that public displays of affection amongst the younger students were strongly prohibited at their prestigious institution. A meeting with the young boy's parents was being scheduled for early the following week to discuss the issue. Kurt had been invited to attend if he so desired. He'd declined though, not wanting to escalate the situation. His only desire was for that overly affectionate little barbarian to stop manhandling his baby girl. He was assured his issue would be dealt with hastily.

Kurt woke up on Friday morning with a stomach full of butterflies. After feeding Chuckles he prepared Matilda's breakfast and got her off to school as usual. He couldn't fathom exactly why he was feeling more nervous than a virgin on prom night. It was true he hadn't dated in a long time but he was still young and attractive, still desirable, wasn't he? He took a critical glance at himself in the mirror. He thought maybe he looked a little tired but otherwise okay. He'd spent the night tossing and turning trying to decide what to wear for his night out. Finally getting up around 3am to carefully lay out his tuxedo which he'd had freshly dry cleaned, with his shiny polished shoes, lucky underwear and favourite Superhero socks, bright red with gold lightning bolts. They would definitely standout against his otherwise black and white outfit but Kurt didn't care. They were ones he liked best.

Kurt loved The Flash. He was obsessed with the television show and never missed an episode. Grant Gustin who played Barry Allen had to be the hottest guy Kurt had ever seen and was undoubtedly his top celebrity crush. It killed him that the guy was straight, and now engaged, not that Kurt felt that he'd ever stand a chance with someone that attractive. It didn't stop his mind from wandering to thoughts of the actor as he touched himself late at night, those gorgeous green eyes, that tall lean body naked, his likely long, thick cock rock hard and needing. Oh the things Kurt wanted to do to him... He wished he could find himself a man like that. He wasn't sure one even existed in the real world though.

Kurt waved his little girl off to school with a kiss to her cheek. They were actually early this morning. That never happened. He decided to reward himself with a fancy coffee. He thoughtfully picked one up for Adam too, placing it on his desk with a warm smile and cheerful greeting as he joined him in their office.

"All set for tonight?" Adam groaned gratefully, his eyes rolling back in delight as he sampled his steamy hot beverage. "I so needed this. What a week," he gestured to the cup he was grasping possessively in both hands.

"Did you make the dinner reservation?" Kurt checked, sitting at his desk to browse his emails before class. They were mostly spam with a few random student enquires and just one from his dad or more accurately from Carole thanking him for the beautiful photos he'd sent them last week of their grand daughter. He began to jot back a quick reply to his parents. Everything else could wait for later.

"I did," Adam nodded, leaning against Kurt's desk. "Table for four, 7:30pm."

"Four?" Kurt asked curiously. "Is someone joining us?"

"I'm bringing a friend along. I'll think you'll like him. He's cute, gay, available, breathing," Adam wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "All the things you look for in a man."

"What have I told you about setting me up?" Kurt looked pained.

"Don't do it," Adam rolled his eyes dismissively. "I thought tonight was all about you trying to meet someone l just wanted to help you out a little. Be grateful. I think you'll like this guy. He's cute as a button."

"Why aren't you dating him then?" Kurt asked flatly. He absolutely detested being set up on blind dates. They never turned out well.

"You know why," Adam sighed, eyeing Kurt wistfully. "I'm not ready...yet."

"I'm sorry," Kurt glanced apologetically at his friend. "We just wouldn't have worked. We are too similar and you never wanted..."

"Kids," Adam finished Kurt's sentence. They'd had this discussion so many times since Blaine had walked out on Kurt to pursue a role on a hit tv show filming in Vancouver. Adam never wavered in his determination to never become a father. Kids were not in his plan.

"Kids," Kurt echoed with a despondent nod. "I've always wanted a family, husband, kids, the whole thing. It's kinda a deal breaker. I couldn't imagine my life without Tilly."

"That's because Tilly is a precious little angel," Adam grinned, sighing again in contentment as he sipped his coffee. "An overly demanding, incredibly chatty, money draining delight."

Kurt smiled fondly at his colleague. "She has a boyfriend," he offered dryly. "She's barely out of diapers and boys are kissing her on the playground."

"We should be so lucky," Adam chuckled warmly, beginning to gather his belongings for his first class of the day. "I can barely remember the last boy to kiss me."

"You're exaggerating," Kurt rolled his eyes. "It hasn't been that long. Wasn't it that cute ginger you met at Barnes and Nobel? What was his name? Kevin?"

"Keith," Adam corrected his friend, finishing off his coffee and tossing his empty cup into the trash can beside Kurt's desk. "He WAS cute wasn't he? That was over a month ago though and the bitch never called me back."

"A month?" Kurt grimaced dejectedly. "Seriously what are you complaining about? Try six."

"Oh honey," Adam cringed noticeably. "How's your carpal tunnels?"

"Shut up," Kurt smirked.

"We are totally getting you laid tonight," Adam solemnly promised. "I just know you're gonna love the guy I'm introducing you to," Adam hesitated, troubling his bottom lip with his teeth. "Was it me?"

"Was what you?" Kurt narrowed his eyes in confusion, packing up his bag ready to head off to his first lecture of the day.

"Your last kiss?" Adam asked hopefully.

Kurt shook his head. "Elliott," he admitted. "You already knew that."

"Yeah," Adam shrugged heading for the door. "Have a good morning. See you at lunch time."

"Sure," Kurt followed Adam out into the hall and locked their office behind him. They headed off in opposite directions to their respective classes. "Oh Adam?" Kurt spun back around on his toes to get his friends attention in the busy hallway.
"This guy tonight, he really is cute right?"

"Adorable," Adam sniggered, raising his voice a little as he continued up the hallway, away from Kurt. "Just you wait and see Mr Hummel. I bet you two are going to get along like a house on fire."

"I hope so," Kurt mumbled under his breath, inhaling then exhaling deeply in preparation to face off against the lethargically unmotivated group of older teens in his charge. "Class time Kiddo's," he addressed the group cheerily as he entered the classroom. "Please take your seats and let's get started. Today is a great day to learn."

The class all sighed in unison before opening their books. Kurt handed back their graded papers and then they took notes as he spoke, responding dully to his questions. Kurt wondered why he continued to do this job. It was hard work and he was so under appreciated. Their parents were paying good money for them to be there and learn something worthwhile. Would it honestly kill them to at least fake a little interest?

Kurt was grateful when the day was over. It had been a long week and in fact a long tedious month. He was excited, though maybe also a little anxious about hitting the town. He'd spent way too much time throughout the day wondering about this supposedly super cute guy that Adam was setting him up with. Would he like Kurt? Would Kurt like him?

He had no opportunity to ponder any further once he'd picked his angel up from school. She chattered incessantly for the entire walk home. She had been invited to a birthday party at The Sugar Factory for her friend Eddie and just had to find him the perfect gift. "He likes Lego Daddy," she babbled quickly. "Can we go shopping tomorrow? Can we Daddy? Can we please? I can go to the party can't I Daddy? I told Eddie I could go. I can right?"

"Yes of course you can go," Kurt nodded, taking her tiny hand is his as they crossed at the traffic lights, "As long as you be a good girl tonight for Alexa we will go shopping tomorrow. Maybe we can even pick out a pretty new dress and some sandals for you to wear to the party."

"Thank you," Tilly smiled at her dad, releasing his hand and skipping happily up the street beside him to their front door. "Are you going to find me another daddy tonight?" She grinned mischievous up at him as Kurt unlocked the door. She scurried inside, kicking off her shoes and leaving them in the middle of the doorway as she rushed off to see Chuckles, without even waiting for Kurt's reply.

Kurt rolled his eyes, picking up her shoes and putting them away before dropping his bag on the sofa and heading for his bedroom. He rolled his shoulders to release some the tension. "Please change out of your uniform honey," he called to Matilda as he kicked off his shoes and flopped on to his bed. He laid flat on his back on the mattress, massaging his forehead and letting his eyes drop closed for just a moment.

"She's here," Tilly squealed excitedly, dashing through the townhouse with Chuckles in tow as the door bell rang. Kurt could hear the dog yapping happily and dragged himself from his bed.

"Tilly, Please make sure it's Alexa before you answer the door," he reminded her firmly as he padded out across the floor boards in his socks to check for himself.

"Just me, Mr H," Alexa called cheekily through the door. "I've brought the vodka, cigarettes and porn. I'm ready to get this party started," she joked.

"What's porn?" Matilda asked curiously, awkwardly picking up Chuckles so he wouldn't dart outside when Kurt opened the door for Alexa. "Will I like it?"

"No!" Kurt spoke firmly, glaring fiercely at Alexa as he let her inside and closed the door.

"You're not wearing that are you?" She appraised Kurt's work outfit disapprovingly. "Though I guess there are guys out there that go for nerdy teacher types."

"We just got home," Kurt defended himself. "I was about to get ready."

"We are getting pizza for dinner," Matilda told her baby sitter with a smile as she sat Chuckles back on the floor. The little dog spun in a circle chasing its tail making the three of them laugh as they watched. "Then we're going to watch Moana and Frozen and Tangled and guess what? I'm going to Eddie's birthday party and Daddy is going to take me shopping to get me a new dress to wear and some lego for him."

"Whose this Eddie?" Alexa asked suspiciously, looking between the little girl and her father.

"He's the cutest boy in school," Matilda whispered with a shy giggle. "He kissed me on the lips."

Alexa grinned wide, avoiding eye contact with Kurt but still sensing his disapproval. "On the lips?" she giggled along with Matilda. "You'll have to tell me all about it."

"Just use my PayPal to order the pizza," Kurt directed Alexa as he headed back towards his bedroom to get ready. "Don't forget she's allergic to pineapple," he reminded the teenager before closing the door.

Alexa and Matilda set about ordering their pizza. Alexa helped the child into her pjs and they were snuggled together with Chuckles on the sofa under a soft blanket, giggling together, munching on candy and watching Moana when Kurt emerged from his room. Kurt was sure they must be talking about that Smythe boy.

"Daddy! You look so handsome," Matilda gasped, sounding incredibly surprised. She hasn't seen Kurt dressed up formally before.

Kurt blushed a little and smiled shyly. "Thank you baby girl," he muttered quietly.

"She's right Mr H," Alexa assured Kurt with a smirk. "You look totally hot for an old dude."

"Gee thanks," Kurt rolled his eyes, smirking back at the teenager. "Not too much of that sweet stuff," Kurt chastised his daughter, gesturing to the candy she was shovelling frantically into her mouth. He didn't mind her having little treats occasionally but rarely bought any. Alexa on the other hand loved to spoil her. "Make sure she brushes her teeth before bed," he lent down and kissed the child's forehead. "Not too late kiddo. Daddy will see you in the morning. I love you."

"I love you too Daddy, have fun," Matilda smiled and waved Kurt goodbye as he rushed out to his waiting uber.

"Free at last," he uttered under his breath, nestling into his seat as the car pulled steadily away from the curb.

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Kurt's phone rang as he climbed from his Uber out on to the crowded pavement. He sighed as he slipped his hand into his pocket to retrieve it. He hadn't been out in adult company in such a long time and prayed it wasn't Alexa needing him back at home already.

He stopped outside the restaurant to take the call. Checking the screen he saw it was his long time friend and old band mate Elliott Gilbert. He smiled, taking the call cheerfully.

"What's wrong with me?" Elliott whined pitifully through the phone. He sounded down.

"Where do I start?" Kurt teased lightly to lift his mood. "Let me see. Well you are hideously ugly and you have a horrible personality plus honey when's the last time you showered? I swear I can smell you from here and it isn't pretty."

"Shut up," Elliott pouted sadly. "I'm serious Kurt. I've been stood up again. He was a total hottie too."

"I'm sorry sweetie," Kurt empathised kindly. "Whoever he was, he's an absolute moron for passing up on a date with you."

"Thanks babe," Elliott replied flatly. "Sooooooo... I was thinking I've got a huge bottle of tequila burning a hole in my freezer... how about I come over? We can throw on some Netflix, drown my sorrows, maybe mess around a little once pippy longstocking goes to bed. It will be like old times. You know no one blows you Kurt Hummel like I can."

"Ugh," Kurt groaned, his cock chubbing slightly at the thought. Ell was right. He did give incredible head and Kurt was horny as fuck but... "I can't tonight Hun," he sighed regretfully. "I'm actually out on a date."

"You're... what?" Elliott sounded confused. "You're cheating me? With whom? He better be stunning!" Ell chuckled lightly. "And hung."

"I haven't met him yet," Kurt tried to sound blasé. "He's a friend of a friend of Adam's."

"Seriously? Is he English too?" Elliott asked with agenda. "You just know he's going to be a ugly prude. Don't let the cute accent fool you. Those English boys never even want to do it with the lights on. I did mention the tequila right?"

"You mentioned the tequila," Kurt sounded amused. "Another night Hun, okay? I really need to go."

"K," Ell grumbled sadly. "That's fine. I'm not offended. You go and have fun without me."

"I love you Ell," Kurt smiled softly.

"You too Asshole," Ell smiled back. "Bye."

"Bye," Kurt grinned wider at the insult as he ended the call. He tucked his phone back into his pocket, checked his reflection in the restaurant window, adjusted his hair a little then stepped inside. The harsh air conditioning immediately hit him in the face.

"Over here," Adam called to him, waving before the door had even closed behind him. Kurt acknowledged him by waving back. He tried to catch a glimpse of his date as he approached the table. A blonde, who was deep in conversation with Adam's friend, Joey. He seemed animated, friendly, almost familiar but Kurt was approaching from the wrong angle to see his face. Damn!

"I'm sorry I'm late," Kurt apologised as he reached the table. "I got caught outside on a phone call."

"You're not late at all," Adam assured him, gesturing to the empty chair. "Take a seat. This is..."

"Chandler?" Kurt was unable to hide his surprise as he rounded the table and finally came face to face with his companion for the evening. "Chandler Keihl?"

"Well if it isn't Cunt Hummel?" Chandler's tone dripped with venom. "Oops sorry, I meant Kurt. Kurt Hummel. Where's your boyfriend Kurt? Lurking around the corner somewhere?"

"You two know each other?" Adam looked up through narrowed eyes at Kurt, who was still yet to take a seat.

"It didn't...umm... work out with Blaine," Kurt replied awkwardly to Chandler. "I don't think this is going to work out either." He took a step back from the table offended by Chandler's tone and offensive language. "I'll see you at work on Monday Adam."

"Don't leave on my account," Chandler rolled his eyes snidely. "Sit by all means, eat noodles. Lead me on all night then...."

"I'm suddenly not hungry," Kurt cut Chandler off abruptly, shaking his head.

"What happened between you two?" Adam wasn't sure what was going on. He'd never seen this unpleasant side of Chandler before.

"What happened?" Chandler looked between Kurt and Adam with an angry raised eye brow. "What happened?" He asked again, his voice raising an octave. "I'll tell you what happened. I met this little prick tease at a music store in Lima our senior year of high school. He was cute, friendly. We texted, actually more accurately we sexted and exchanged flirty conversation for over a week, literally dozens of messages. I thought we had something then Bam! Right out of the blue he informs me it's over! He has a boyfriend, a serious long term boyfriend! I was stunned, hurt, humiliated. What kind of guy gives out his number and sexts with another guy when he has a boyfriend? I ask you. No wonder it didn't work out for them."

"I think I'll head home," Kurt responded shamefully, taking his phone from his pocket to order his uber. "Sorry Adam. Joey, Chandler, have a good night."

"Sorry," Adam looked at Kurt sadly. "Are you sure you won't stay?"

Kurt shook his head looking defeated. "I'll call you in the morning," he offered.

"Okay," Adam looked disappointed. "Give Tilly a hug for me."

"Sure," Kurt smiled weakly, before heading for the door and out onto the busy New York street. He felt so embarrassed. This night really couldn't have gone any worse. He text Elliott as he waited for his car to arrive. He needed someone to lick his wounds with. Elliott was particularly skilled at licking. "How big is that bottle of Tequila? My place 30 minutes?"

"Bigger than my cock," Elliott texted back with an impressive dick pic. "See you soon Hot Stuff."

Kurt sighed as his lift arrived and he got into the back seat. His date had been a total bust. Of all the millions of gay guys in New York City Adam had to set him up with Chandler Keihl. Chandler, who had been so cute and flirty in high school and was now kinda hot, Kurt couldn't help noticing, but was somehow extremely bitter, hostile even. Kurt knew back when it all happened that he had possibly hurt Chandler. That had not been his intention. He'd been young and immature, barely more than a kid and certain he and Blaine would be together forever. After all if someone as determined and attractive as Sebastian Smythe couldn't break them up then they had to be destined by fate. Kurt shook his head at his own young naivety. Could he really have predicted that Blaine would cheat and things between them would never be the same again?

Kurt couldn't help thinking now that maybe he shouldn't have dismissed Chandler so quickly back in school. Maybe it could have worked out. Though maybe not. Who knew Chandler had such an aggressive side? Or that he held grudges? Surely he should be over the whole incident by now. Kurt had to admit his savage words had hurt a little. He wasn't sure anyone had ever called him the "C" word before, at least not to his face. He felt like he probably was one after hearing about their interactions from Chandler's point of view. He'd had no idea of the impact his actions had had.

Kurt tried not to dwell on it as the car pulled up outside his town house. "Have a good evening," his driver smiled happily before heading off down the street.

"I think I might," he mumbled to himself, his thoughts returning to Elliott as he let himself into his house.

"Home already? Did you forget something Mr H?" Alexa looked up from the end of Moana, surprised to see him. Tilly was fast asleep, cuddling Chuckles with her head rested on Alexa's thigh. Alexa was softly stroking her hair. "You were barely gone an hour."

"I don't want to talk about it," Kurt huffed, crossing the living room. "Would you mind tucking Till into bed before you go? I need to get out of this ridiculous tuxedo."

"Of course," Alexa nodded easing herself carefully out from under Matilda and scooping the little girl up in her arms. "There's left over pizza in the fridge if you're hungry," she offered thoughtfully.

Kurt smiled gratefully watching as Chuckles followed the baby sitter upstairs, before going to change. Checking the microwave clock he noted that Elliott wouldn't be far away.

Kurt had changed and Alexa had just slipped out the door with a full night's pay when Elliott arrived in the tightest leather pants Kurt had even seen, with a magnum of gold tequila in his hand.

"You okay?" Elliott checked with concern greeting Kurt with a kiss to the cheek and dragging his body against him as he passed by him to get inside.

"Not really," Kurt shook his head. "Do you think I'm a prick tease?" He mumbled as he closed the door.

"I like how you tease," Elliott flirted, following Kurt into the kitchen for shot glasses, salt and limes. "Where's princess?"

"Already asleep," Kurt grabbed multiple limes from his fruit bowl and a knife from the drawer. "I'm serious Ell," he grumbled as he began to the slice the citrus fruit.

"So am I," Elliott smiled, he wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind and nibbled down his neck. "You smell delicious," he inhaled deeply.

Kurt leaned into the contact, moaning softly then grinding his ass back against Elliott. "Feels good. I've missed you."

"You have?" Elliott sucked at Kurt's ear lobe as he slid a hand down the front of Kurt's pants to massage his rapidly growing bulge. "I can tell."

With a flirty giggle, Kurt intentionally dropped his knife and turned in Elliott's arms to claim his mouth. Elliott groaned, pinning Kurt tightly against the countertop as their tongues entwined. "I need to taste you," Elliott demanded lustfully against Kurt's lips, unbuttoning Kurt's jeans with one hand and cupping his face with the other. "It's been so long."

"Daddy?" Matilda gasped from the bottom of the stairs, seemingly startled to see her father in an intimate embrace with her Uncle Elliott. "You didn't tell me Uncle Ell was coming over. Are you two kissing?"

"Yes," Elliott chuckled, a little embarrassed at being caught with his hand in her father's pants.

"It was a surprise," Kurt explained, flustered and putting on an overly cheerful voice as he blushed furiously and turned back to the counter to discretely hide his arousal. "Why don't you head back up to bed honey? I'll bring you up a drink of water in a minute."

"Are you two going to get married?" The child asked knowingly. "Is Uncle Ell going to be my new daddy?"

"Umm no," Kurt attempted to reply tactfully. If this kid wasn't careful she was going to have Elliott running a mile and Kurt needed him here tonight.

"I could be your daddy," Elliott muttered quietly under his breath to Kurt with a smirk.

Kurt blushed and focussed on his daughter. "You need to get back upstairs to Chuckles Honey," he prompted.

"But I want to see Uncle Ell," Tilly whined, crossing her arms defiantly.

"In the morning," Kurt spoke firmly. "Now bed!"

"Be a good girl and I'll even make pancakes for breakfast," Elliott offered attempting to lure the child back to bed so he could get at her dad.

"With chocolate chips?" Matilda attempted to negotiate.

"And syrup."

"Fine," she huffed, turning and stomping upstairs. "Goodnight and I don't need any water. Thank you very much!"

"Good night," both men responded in unison. "I love you angel," Kurt added, suddenly feeling incredibly guilty despite his daughter's sassy attitude.

"I better go and settle her," he grimaced at Elliott. "I'll be quick."

"No rush babe," Elliott pecked Kurt's lips and slapped his butt. "Take your time. We've got all night."

Kurt grinned shyly in response.

"You do have the ingredients for pancakes don't you?" Elliott checked, his eyes glued to his lover as Kurt reluctantly rebuttoned his jeans.

"Of course," Kurt nodded, wiggling his ass at Elliott as he headed upstairs.

"Prick tease," Elliott muttered fondly, giving himself a tight squeeze and watching Kurt intently until he disappeared out of view. "On second thoughts," he added anxiously. "Hurry back Hot Stuff."

"I will," Kurt giggled his way upstairs. His night hadn't turned out exactly as planned. He wasn't on the verge of any budding new relationship but at least he was definitely going to get laid. His dick would be incredibly grateful even as his heart remained untouched. Kurt did love Elliott in his own way. It just wasn't romantically. Ell was the world's best friend and the benefits were certainly incredible. It was kind of a shame that Ell wasn't relationship material but surely there had to someone out there that could love Kurt Hummel and his precious little girl. Kurt just had to keep looking. New York was was a big big city. He was certain he could find him out there somewhere.

Chapter Text

"Uncle Ell, I'm so hungry," Matilda whined, tugging at the black leather sleeve of the man's jacket as they waited together for Kurt while he paid for Lego's at the toy store register.

"You can't be," Elliott swept the small child's hair back from her forehead and tucked it gently behind her ear, with a tender smile. "We only had pancakes an hour ago."

"An hour is the loooooongest time," the girl pouted cutely. "Please Uncle Ell. We could go to Krispy Kreme. I love Donuts."

"We need to check with your dad first, I think," Elliott responded wisely, smirking at the darling child with quiet amusement.

"Check what with Dad?" Kurt interrupted, eyeing the pair with suspicion, having only heard the tail end of their conversation on his approach.

"I was umm... thinking cause Uncle Ell been such a good boy while we shopped for Eddie's birthday Legos that we should take him for a donut," Tilly smiled ever so sweetly at Kurt. "Before we go and choose my new party dress. He's sooooooo hungry."

"Is that so?" Kurt chuckled. "Are you sure it's Uncle Elliott that's hungry?"

"I could go a glazed," Elliott raised a hopeful eyebrow at Matilda. "And a coffee would be amazing," He looked at Kurt knowingly. Neither man had slept much the previous night, instead choosing to spend their time together partaking in more amorous activities. Both looked a little weary.

"Okay," Kurt nodded with an over exaggerated smile. "Donuts and coffee it is. Let's go." He swapped the bag containing Eddie Smythe's gift into his left hand and gently took Matilda's hand with his right as she beamed excitedly up at him.

"You should hold Uncle Ell's hand," she prompted in a loud, indiscreet whisper. "I saw you kissing him last night in kitchen. I think you like him."

Kurt blushed lightly as Elliott tried to hold a straight face. "Do you want donuts or not?" He threatened Matilda in a firm, embarrassed tone.

"I want a strawberry one please," she replied unperturbed, leading Kurt, with Elliott in tow, out of the store and into the street.

The trio walked together half a block to Krispy Kreme with Matilda chattering all the way about the birthday card she planned to make for her friend from the many craft supplies she already had at home. "It has to be blue and sparkly," she was adamant. "Blue is Eddie's favourite colour."

Once inside the busy donut store, Elliott directed Kurt and his daughter to find a table while he purchased their food and drinks. 2 glazed donuts, 1 strawberry, 2 coffees and a chocolate milk. Elliott wondered how wise it was to fill such an already over active child with so much sugar before taking her dress shopping. He was sure Kurt knew what he was doing though. He was after all an incredible father, way more patient and loving than Elliott could ever be.

Donuts and drinks were quickly devoured and thoroughly enjoyed, especially by Matilda. "I'd like a blue dress for the party Daddy," she looked at her father hopefully. "Blue is..."

"Eddie's favourite colour," Elliott teased the girl finishing her sentence for her in a pitchy, sing-songy voice. "Who is this Eddie?" he pouted feigning jealousy.

"He's just this boy at my school," Matilda shrugged, suddenly acting a little shy and disinterested.

"I think you like him," Elliott giggled, wiggling his finger at her. "Has Tilly got a boyfriend?"

"Ehhh," Matilda glared at him, crossing her arms forcefully over her chest as she blushed. "You're stupid."

"Tilly!" Kurt chastised his daughter. "That's very rude. You apologise to Uncle Elliott or we are going home without a new dress for the party."

"I'm sorry," she mumbled pitifully, looking down at the table.

Kurt frowned at her insincerity but Elliott let it slide accepting her apology with a ruffle of her hair. "It's okay Kiddo," he smiled softly. "No harm done."

The three of them soon left the donut shop before wandering off to explore the adjacent clothing stores in search of a blue party dress. It was hours before they headed home, with way too many bags in hand and Matilda fast asleep in Elliott's lap in the back of the uber.

"She really loves you," Kurt observed the pair a little enviously.

"She's okay too," Elliott grinned, affectionately stroking the sleeping child's back.

"She suits you," Kurt pushed, purposely provoking his friend with benefits.

"No," Elliott shook his head. "No, no, no. This blissful domesticity is perfect for you hot stuff but you know I'm not looking to settle down. The same man night after night? Kids? No thanks. No offence."

"I'm not offended," Kurt lied. He didn't like the way Elliott judged his chosen lifestyle, The way he said kids in the same tone one talked about a sexually transmitted infection. Kurt knew despite the incredibly good sex Elliott really wasn't the man for him. Kurt's man had to like children. He had to be ready to settle down. Kurt knew he was out there somewhere. Waiting. Looking. Kurt would find him eventually.

The remainder of the day passed by quickly. Elliott went home after a dinner of grilled chicken and salad and Kurt and Matilda spent the evening trying on all their new clothes then playing board games with Chuckles curled up on floor beside them.

On Sunday Kurt cleaned the town house while Matilda messed it up again creating Eddie the perfect glittery birthday card. "Did you call Eddie's mummy and tell her I'm coming to the party?" Matilda checked as Kurt swept half a ship load of rainbow glitter from the tiled dining room floor.

"I'll send her a text message now," Kurt offered, realising he'd forgotten.

"If you call I could talk to Eddie," Matilda smiled too wide. "His number is on the invitation. Please daddy."

"Okay," Kurt agreed reluctantly, rolling his eyes a little. He put away his broom and took the invitation from the front of the fridge. He stood in the kitchen and called Eddie's mother. After a very brief chat informing her that his daughter would be attending her son's birthday party he handed the phone to Matilda. She ran upstairs to her room to talk to her "boyfriend." Kurt suddenly dreaded her teenage years.

He pottered around a bit tidying up before taking out his work bag and settling on the sofa. He revised his lesson plans for the week, proofread a practise essay for one student who'd been struggling a little then leaned back and closed his eyes.

He thought immediately of Elliott. Thinking how much he always enjoyed falling asleep in his strong arms. Kurt wanted arms like that to squeeze him on a more permanent basis. It was what he missed most about being single. Feeling cherished, Being held. Filled with longing, he soon dozed off.

It was dark out when Chuckles woke him. Matilda had let him in from out in their tiny yard and he'd come dashing inside straight up onto Kurt's lap. Kurt groaned from the impact, slowly opening his eyes. He yawned as he orientated himself. "Shit! What's the time," he muttered under his breath.

"Dinner time," Matilda declared watching him with amusement. "I cooked us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches." She proudly presented Kurt with the messiest plate of sandwiches he'd ever seen. He couldn't bare to think what state the kitchen must be in.

"They look delicious," he fibbed. "That was very thoughtful of you."

"I wanted to cook noodles," she confessed. "But you said I mustn't use the stove."

"You might burn yourself."

"Do you want a sandwich?" Matilda stepped forward with the plate. Kurt could now see that she was a mess of peanut butter and grape jelly but he couldn't offend her by declining when she'd put in so much effort.

"I'd love one," he smiled gratefully, choosing the least dilapidated one from the plate. "Then I think maybe it's bath time."

"I am a little sticky," Matilda admitted with a giggle. She watched expectantly as Kurt bit into his sandwich.

"Even better than mine," he praised his daughter, taking the sticky plate from her and placing it on a piece of paper on the coffee table. "Have you tried one?"

"I did," Matilda nodded. "Those are for you and Chuckles because I love you Daddy and I really love my new dress."

Kurt's heart melted. "I love you too precious girl."

Matilda took a seat cross legged on the carpet beside the coffee table. "Sometimes I miss my mummy and my other daddy. Do you think they're happy in heaven and proud of me?"

"I think they are very proud of you," Kurt smiled sadly reaching out his hand to her. "You're the sweetest girl Tilly."

"Thank you Daddy. You're the sweetest boy," she smiled back genuinely at her father as she stood from the floor.

"I'll finish my sandwiches later," he offered. "We'll get you in the bath and then we can snuggle together and read a story. Would you like that?"

Matilda nodded. "I had the longest talk to Eddie while you were sleeping," she smiled. "He has a pet fish. I didn't know that before. Can I...?"

"We have a dog honey. We don't need a fish," Kurt interrupted getting up from the sofa.

"No," she shook her head as they made their way towards the bathroom. "I was wondering if I could go and see it."

"Maybe one day," Kurt was noncommittal. "Bath first though huh?"

With his daughter soon bathed and tucked up in bed, Kurt disposed of the sandwiches, cleaned his kitchen, prepared Matilda's school uniforms for the coming week and placed a quick online grocery order before going to bed with a book. He'd just started reading Jay Bell's Something Like Summer and loved it even if Tim's attitude annoyed him no end. He was sure Ben could do so much better than that closeted asshole. He was also sure he got too invested in his chosen literature. That was the point though wasn't it?

Exhausted, Kurt slept well. Monday morning was like any other. Rush, rush, rush to get out the door, to get Matilda to school and then his butt to work on time. Sometimes it happened. Today wasn't one of those days.

"I'm sorry about Chandler," Adam greeted Kurt as he arrived at their office late, flustered and panting. "I had no idea you two were acquainted."

"It's a small world," Kurt shrugged, trying to catch his breath as he searched his desk for the preprinted hand outs he needed for his first lesson of the day. "Don't worry about it. I called Elliott. It was all good."

"Lucky Elliott," Adam mumbled under his breath looking away. "Rough morning?"

"Tilly seems to move the slowest when we are in a hurry," Kurt explained fondly, relief on his face as he found his papers. "She's all excited about a birthday party she's going to this week. It has her totally distracted."

"That's cute," Adam smiled. "I could come shopping with you after work to get her a party dress. I'm free tonight or Wednesday."

"Elliott and I took her on Saturday," Kurt responded tactlessly. "Got her the cutest pale blue princess dress. It's totally impractical but she looks adorable in it."

"I bet," Adam hid his disappointment. Kurt always chose Elliott over him. They were fuck buddies. They went shopping together. Adam couldn't even get Kurt to stay for a whole dinner. Though admittedly that had been Chandler's fault not Kurt's. It wasn't that Adam wanted a relationship with Kurt, not with Matilda in the mix but he wouldn't have minded hooking up occasionally. He really did like Kurt. The guy was hot. There was no denying that. Everyone saw it but Kurt.

"I'll see you at lunch," Kurt waved as he dashed quickly out the door. "Have a good morning."

"You too," Adam called after him with a grimace.

Kurt's first lesson went off without a hitch. His students seemed unusually engaged and the second started off well too until his phone began to hum in his bag. Kurt knew he definitely wasn't supposed to leave it on in class and he came down hard on any student whose phone interrupted his teachings but as the sole primary care giver of a small child he bent this rule somewhat and left the device on vibrate throughout the day.

He didn't answer instead pausing the class for just a moment to check the number. If it was Elliott or Finn or his father he would call them back at lunch time but it was none of them. It was Matilda's school. He excused himself from class and returned the call promptly.

"I'm afraid there's been an accident Mr Hummel," the school nurse informed Kurt sombrely. "Matilda had a fall from the monkey bars at recess and we fear her arm may be broken. An ambulance was called and accompanied by my co-worker she has been taken to hospital. You can meet her there."

"What happened?" Kurt was stressed and confused. He hadn't really heard anything after the nurse had said 'accident'. "Is my daughter okay?"

"We think possibly a broken arm, or perhaps a bad sprain," the nurse's tone was apologetic. "It was an accident Mr Hummel."

"Right," Kurt nodded, feeling overwhelmed. "I guess I should get to the hospital. Thank you."

Kurt ended the call and forgetting, in his panic, all about his waiting class full of students he ran outside and down the street towards the local hospital. A broken arm was bad. Matilda would be in so much pain. She'd be so scared. He hoped she hadn't hit her head too, though surely the nurse would have said wouldn't she? His poor baby girl. Kurt took a deep breath and sprinted faster. He needed to get to his daughter and fast!

Chapter Text

Stifling a yawn, Matilda's doctor massaged his right temple. He wondered as he dashed down the crowded corridor with a dozen different cases filling his brain, what on Earth had ever possessed him to become a paediatrician. He hastily glanced up the wall clock as he passed the nurse's station. It was just after 11am. He was almost at end of another double shift. One more patient to examine before he could go home and collapse alone into his divinely comfortable bed for at least 5 hours before he had to return to this under staffed hell hole to repeat it all again. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy his job. Honestly he loved it. He loved the kids. He loved helping them, healing them, seeing the smiles on their little faces as they began to heal. This was what he'd studied so long and hard for, what he'd made so many sacrifices for. The hours had been ridiculously long. They still were but it was such a rewarding career, almost worth all the nights alone, all the broken relationships.

It was no secret he was gay and certainly no secret that he'd had many men. He was proud of that. He'd never had any problem drawing them in. He was attractive and he knew it. Getting them to hang around was a bigger challenge. He'd been in love maybe once or twice but he was yet to find the one, that one elusive, hot, sexy man who loved kids like he did, who maybe wanted one or four of their own and who could tolerate his devotion to his career and his long hours spent at the hospital, repairing other people's broken children.

His relationships always started off well enough, laughter, romantic dinners tucked in between surgeries, great sex when time allowed but man after man soon got fed up with playing second fiddle when time after time he was called away for one emergency or another. One by one they all disappeared from the lonely, hardworking doctor's life moving on to someone else who could give them the attention they needed.

He couldn't blame them really. He tried not to care. He tried to fool himself into believing that his job was enough. Mostly it wasn't though. He was grown man. He wanted a family, a man to have and hold, A white picket fence and children at home, perhaps even a dog or a cat. Wasn't that what everyone wanted? Why should he be any different? He deserved to be happy too. He was a good person...mostly.

"There's a young girl I need you to examine in bed 11," his resident Dr Ambrosia interrupted his thoughts. "She was brought in by ambulance after a nasty fall at school. I have tended to superficial lacerations on her lower limbs but I also suspect a fractured right radius."

"Have you sent her for x-ray?" He questioned irritably. "Have her parents been contacted?"

"On the way in," Dr Ambrosia responded, making notes on the child's chart. "I'll call up to x-ray now. Would you like to examine her before she goes?"

"Might as well," the paediatrician nodded, unable to stifle his yawn this time. He really needed this shift to be over. Just one last patient he reminded himself. At least a fractured radius was simple. He could take care of that in his sleep. The way he was feeling right now he might have to. He was struggling to keep his eyes open.

He plastered on his best doctor's smile and took the chart from his intern. He read it over as he approached bed 11. The child before him, a little girl cradling an injured hand, was crying. She was about the cutest kid he'd ever seen and she looked terrified. Everything in him wanted to comfort her, to remove that fear from her eyes. "Hello young lady," he spoke quietly to the timid little nymph. "What has happened to you?"

"I fell," she spoke softly, wiping her tear stained cheek with the back of her uninjured hand. "My hand really really hurts."

"I bet it does," he responded sincerely. "The medicine the other doctor gave you should work soon but do you think I could take a look?"

She shook her head and shuffled down the bed distancing herself from the unknown doctor. He took a long deep breath. He was tired but he needed to remain patient. This little girl required his help.

"What's your name?" He asked trying again to connect with her.

"I want my daddy," she squeaked, eyeing her doctor with distrust.

"Your mummy and daddy are on their way sweetie," he assured her kindly. "If you'll just let me take a look at your hand maybe you can go home when they get here."

"I don't have a mummy," she replied stubbornly, turning her body away from him. "Just Daddy and Chuckles. I wish they were here."

"Is Chuckles your cat?" He asked, thinking maybe talking about her pet would calm her.

"He's a dog," she rolled her eyes sarcastically. "He's naughty sometimes but we love him."

"I love dogs too," he smirked, enjoying her sassy attitude. "I had one when I was your age."

"What was his name?" Her eyes lit up with interest.

"Scooby," he offered. "He was big and bouncy and I loved him so much."

"Did he die?" She asked curiously. "My mummy and other daddy died. They are with the angels now but I love my new daddy."

"He did die," the paediatrician confirmed. "I got a new one eventually though. Maybe one day you'll get a new mummy too."

"Nope," she shook her head adamantly. "My daddy only likes boys. He doesn't have a boyfriend though, only Uncle Elliott. I saw them kissing in the kitchen."

The doctor grinned, unsure that this child's father would want her giving away all his personal secrets to a complete stranger. "So what about your hand?" He pushed.

"Okay," she grimaced, carefully offering it. "But you better not hurt me."

"I'll be gentle," he promised as he reached out to examine her.

He couldn't see too much damage. He doubted it was broken, it was only mildly swollen and barely bruised, probably just a light sprain from falling on it awkwardly. An X-ray couldn't hurt just to be sure though. He wouldn't want to miss a hairline fracture and send this little treasure away in pain. He'd made that mistake a few years back, early on in his training.

With a wave and a lollipop he sent Matilda off to X-ray. He was relieved to be finally leaving for the day when he heard a shockingly familiar voice behind him.

"My daughter?" the man looked around with desperation, gasping breathlessly. He'd obviously been rushing to get to his child. His love for her was very apparent by his anxious tone. "Her name is Matilda. She was brought in by ambulance. Is she okay? Where is she?" He asked no one in particular. "Can someone please help me?"

"Kurt?" He turned back to the nurse's station where the flustered man stood. "Kurt Hummel? Or is it Kurt Hummel-Anderson? Anderson-Hummel maybe?"

"Sebastian Smythe?" Kurt uttered in disgust, continuing to look around for someone to assist him.

As their eyes met Sebastian froze, staring, unable to respond. He wasn't sure why. He was instantly sure though that time had been very kind to Kurt. He looked amazing, so delectably hot, from the top of his perfectly groomed hair to the tips of his designer boots. Sexy as fuck. Seb swallowed hard as he took the man before him in. Kurt was flushed, breathless and sweaty, probably just how he'd look after taking a good pounding. Oh how Sebastian longed to find out.

"Is there anyone working in this place? I need to find my daughter, Matilda." Kurt raised his voice impatiently.

Sebastian flinched. Suddenly aware of himself and how stupid he must appear he found his voice. "I'm Matilda's doctor. I've just finishing up for the day but I can help you," he offered.

"You?" Kurt scrunched his nose. He was clearly agitated. He sighed in frustration. "Okay. Fine."

"She has a few minor grazes, nothing serious and an injured wrist. I suspect it's just sprained but I sent her to X-ray just to be sure. I can show you the way if you'd like," he offered professionally.

"Thanks," Kurt nodded reluctantly. Looking Seb over vaguely as he finally caught his breath. "Are you really a doctor here?"

"Sure am," Sebastian confirmed, waving the end of his stethoscope at Kurt as he lead the way to the elevator. "You seem surprised."

"I kinda am," Kurt admitted, stepping up beside him as they waited for the door to open. "I was sure a man whore like you would probably end up working in the adult film industry or on some skanky street corner."

"Wow rude!" Sebastian, feeling slightly offended, frowned. "Still your old bitchy self, I see. What do you do for a living Princess? Ballet?"

"I'm a teacher," Kurt didn't elaborate.

"And Blaine?" Sebastian enquired, not remembering as he spoke that Matilda had said her dad was single.

"In Canada," Kurt shrugged, following Seb into the elevator. "He has his own tv show."

"That's impressive. Long distance must be tough though especially when you have a child," Sebastian sympathised as he pushed the button for the sixth floor.

"We broke up," Kurt admitted reluctantly. "We wanted different things. It wasn't working."

"I'm sorry," Sebastian meant it. Kurt and Blaine had always seemed like the perfect couple even when he'd been trying to separate them, all lovey dovey and cute. If they couldn't make it he honestly doubted he had any hope of ever finding love.

"It's okay," Kurt shrugged. "I wanted a family. He wanted blowjobs from randoms off Grindr. I'm fine with it now. I'm happy. I have Tilly." His smile was suddenly clouded with concern, thinking of his poor, injured little girl. "She's a little treasure. She's been through so much and still she manages to always smile. I love her to bits."

"She's a sassy little thing," Sebastian grinned locking eyes again with Kurt. How had he not noticed before the beautiful tones in Kurt Hummel's eyes?

"She keeps me busy," Kurt admitted, finding it difficult to draw his gaze away from Seb's tired face. For all his faults Sebastian was a good looking man.

"So you wouldn't have time for a catch up then, maybe for a drink or something?" Sebastian checked bravely. He couldn't help himself. He had nothing to lose so figured it was worth a try.

"With you?" Kurt looked confused and mildly revolted.

"Yes with me," Sebastian narrowed his eyes as he nodded, not really appreciating Kurt's attitude. It may have been cute on Matilda but came across almost obnoxious on Kurt. "We could chat about old times."

"Like all those times you tried to steal my boyfriend?" Kurt sounded snarky.

"Forget it," Seb snapped at Kurt, sighing gruffly as he stepped from the opening elevator. "It's down this way." He pointed vaguely to the right.

Kurt followed Sebastian along the hall to the imaging department, totally perplexed by the interaction had just taken place between them. Had his old high school nemesis, who was now his daughter's doctor just asked him out on a date? Sebastian hadn't said date exactly. He'd said catch up. Was that the same thing? Kurt, discreetly appraising Sebastian as they walked together, decided he could maybe do worse. Sebastian looked good, tired but very fit, broader than Kurt remembered, better hair, sexy. Kurt hated to admit it but it was true. Dr Sebastian Smythe was incredibly sexy. He was wearing a stylish shirt and tight tailored pants that hugged him all the right places. If Kurt hadn't known him before he'd want him. He was a catch, even better than being just a doctor he was a paediatrician who obviously loved kids and seemed particularly fond of Matilda. Kurt wondered if Matilda liked him too. Maybe a drink with Sebastian Smythe wasn't totally out of the realm of possibility. People could change. He knew he had a lot. As they made their way into the imaging department Kurt was totally torn. Should he or shouldn't he? He couldn't decide.

"Daddy!" Matilda called to Kurt as she spotted him enter. "You came?"

"Of course I did," he smiled as he stepped forward to embrace her. "Are you okay sweetheart? I was so worried."

"Dr Seb took care of me," she smiled shyly at Sebastian. "He's nice Daddy and so handsome AND he likes dogs."

"I love dogs," Sebastian confirmed, watching with fondness and slight envy as the small girl and her father warmly embraced. Sebastian was with kids all the time but at the end of the day they returned to their parents. He longed for some of his own. He knew that parenting was tough and would definitely be a challenge for him with his long hours but he was certain that with the right partner it was definitely doable. He pictured visits to the zoo and pancake breakfasts, dirty diapers and squabbles over toys and he welcomed it all. He welcomed love.

Sebastian crossed the room and carefully examined Matilda's X-rays on the wall as her and Kurt cuddled. "No break, my dear," he smiled at the pair as he shared the good news. "I'd say you just have a sprain. It should be okay in no time with strapping and lots of rest. You were a very lucky girl."

"By the weekend?" Matilda asked hopefully. "It's my best friend's birthday," she dropped her voice to a whisper leaning over towards her doctor with a cheeky grin. "He's really my boyfriend but don't tell dad."

"I won't," Sebastian assured her with a chuckle. "Your secret is safe with me."

"Hmmm," Kurt feigned a scowl, secretly enjoying the easy interaction these two shared.

"Relax," Sebastian winked at him. "We'll get this lovely young lady back downstairs to the treatment room for bandaging while you fill out her paper work then you can take her home." He turned his attention to Matilda. "No handstands, no cartwheels, no more falls and I think you'll be perfectly fine to go to the party."

Matilda smiled excitedly, releasing Kurt and reaching out to hug her doctor. "See Daddy," she spoke confidently. "I told you he was nice."

"See Daddy, I'm nice," Seb smirked suggestively at Kurt over Matilda's shoulder as he briefly hugged his patient.

"Don't ever call me that again," Kurt backed away from him repulsed. "Ewww."

Seb couldn't help laughing at Kurt's reaction and despite himself Kurt couldn't help thinking that it might just have been the best sound he'd heard in a long time. Seeing Seb's kindness with Matilda touched Kurt's heart. Kurt was thinking maybe he'd misjudged him.

"Again?" Seb queried with a raised eyebrow. "Does that mean there will a next...?"

"...I'm on twitter," Kurt cut him off, shrugging nonchalantly. "I guess if you follow me I might follow you back."

"Daddy, I think you like Dr Seb," Matilda piped up happily, her pain medication now in full effect.

"I think you might be right," Seb grinned at her knowingly. "We were almost friends when we were at school, you know?"

"I think 'friends' is stretching it a bit," Kurt looked unimpressed. "Dr Seb was friends with Uncle Blaine," Kurt explained to her.

"Really?" Matilda narrowed her eyes at Sebastian judgementally. "You liked HIM? Why? He's so mean. He doesn't like Chuckles or me and he made my daddy so sad before I came and made him happy again. I don't like Uncle Blaine one bit."

"I'm pleased your dad is happy now," Sebastian looked at Kurt as the orderly entered to take Matilda to the treatment room. "I'll walk you back downstairs," he offered as Matilda was wheeled, in her bed, down the hall.

"I think I can find my way," Kurt resisted. "I'm sure you need to get home if your shift is over."

"I'm in no rush," he insisted aloud. "I haven't see you naked yet," he thought to himself.

"Okay. Thank you Sebastian," Kurt smiled, walking with Seb back to the elevator.

"My pleasure," Seb smiled back. "Twitter you said right? I think I might just look you up when I get home this afternoon."

Kurt nodded quietly hoping he would.

Chapter Text

On their return from the hospital Kurt helped his little girl change into her pyjamas and settled her on the comfy sofa in the living room. Chuckles snuggled close beside her. They were the picture of absolute adorableness together and Kurt's heart swelled with love as he headed to the kitchen.

While he prepared himself and Matilda some dinner he thought back through his day. It hadn't turned out anything like he'd planned. He was so relieved that Matilda was mostly okay and was feeling strangely grateful towards Sebastian Smythe, of all people for his kindness to them both at such an anxious time. Kurt realised now that he'd been an absolute bitch to the doctor. A lot of it had been his stress talking but maybe some residual animosities had also crept in. Either way his behaviour had been totally unacceptable. Sebastian had been nothing short of professional before Kurt had attacked him. He really needed to apologise, to find a way to make it up to Sebastian.

Kurt knew he needed to apologise to his boss too and his class. He'd never rushed out of work like that before, leaving them unattended. It felt so irresponsible and a little over reactive, considering the outcome but at the time he'd felt he'd had no choice, his daughter was hurt and she always had to come first. She was just so small and defenceless and he undeniably loved her that much.

After dinner he would call his boss to explain. He probably should call Adam too but firstly, while he waited for the pasta to cook on the stove top he checked his Twitter account. 14 new notifications, just spam mostly and 1 direct message from Blaine gloating about his shows ratings for the week, as if Kurt cared. He never even watched Blaine's stupid show. Why was he even still friends with him? He sighed. No new followers. Nothing from the cocky blast from his past who had cared so kindly for Matilda. Kurt couldn't help feeling disappointed. He wasn't even sure why. Sebastian Smythe was the last person he'd expected or wanted to see today but now that he had seen him and how amazing he was with Tilly, Kurt couldn't stop thinking about him.

Kurt had to admit that Seb had looked good, tired but so attractive. That over confident smirk of his that Kurt had hated so much as a teenager had some how become super sexy. There was something about the way those amused green eyes of his lit up and his pink lips curled sarcastically that gave Kurt butterflies as he recalled it. He realised he wouldn't mind touching those soft, snide lips, tracing a finger, his thumb maybe over them before kissing them softly. He must be going crazy. He didn't even like Sebastian, did he?

He'd truthfully despised the old Sebastian the one he'd known in high school who'd mocked his clothing and belittled him. The new one though, the Sebastian who was a distinguished doctor seemed very different. He was genuine and nurturing, mature, still as brazen as he'd always been but some how more sincere. Not to mention he was totally hot. Kurt was kicking himself for turning down that "date". Would one drink have really hurt? Kurt refreshed his twitter expectantly.

"Ugh," he grimaced to himself. Still nothing.

He turned his attention back to the pasta and cursed under his breath as he realised he'd been so distracted that he'd boiled it dry. He put his phone down and took a spoon from the top drawer by the sink to gave it a stir. It had barely begun to stick to the saucepan. It was overdone but definitely retrievable. He dished up two small servings, one for him and one for Matilda. He poured some sundried tomato pesto from a jar over it and joined her in the living room.

He cooed quietly, admiring her tiny sleeping form. There she lay curled up on the sofa with her softly snoring doggy looking so precious and innocent. It had been a tough day for her so he didn't have the heart to wake her, instead sitting her meal on the coffee table before pulling her blanket up closer around her. He changed the channel on the television to something a little more grown up and settled in his recliner to eat. He hadn't realised how exhausted he was until he sank down into the cosy cushions.

He ate his not particularly appetising meal slowly, barely registering his tv show as he got lost in his own thoughts. Why had disliked Sebastian so much back in high school? Because he'd pursued Blaine? Kurt had admit that Blaine hadn't been entirely innocent in that whole ordeal. He'd never done much to deter Sebastian. He'd gone to Dalton to see him, talked to him online, invited him to the Lima Bean for coffee, even danced with him at Scandals that night the three of them had gone out together. Kurt wondered now if he'd have acted any different if it had been him Sebastian had been interested in. He couldn't honestly say he would have. Sebastian had a certain charisma about him and that smirk. It was hot. It made him kind of irresistible.

Finishing his meal, Kurt cleared up Matilda's uneaten pasta and returned it with his own bowl and fork to the kitchen. He rinsed them all off and placed them into his dishwasher, once again checking his twitter. No new followers. This was becoming ridiculous. Sebastian probably had no intention of following him on twitter or befriending him in anyway. He was an attractive, successful doctor, way out of Kurt's league. Kurt needed to move past it but that wasn't as easy as it should been.

Sebastian sat in the back of Kurt's mind as he carried Matilda upstairs and tucked her lovingly into bed with a tender peck to her forehead. He was still there as Kurt watched Chuckles, who had followed him upstairs snuggle at her feet. He was there when Kurt turned on her night light and then returned down stairs to call his boss. He was there distractingly for the entire conversation and throughout his chat with Adam too. Kurt couldn't shake him. Anxiously he checked his social media yet again, only to be disappointed. He reminded himself that Sebastian was a busy man. He was probably dealing with some horrendous life and death situation at the hospital right this very minute. Maybe Kurt should look him up instead.

Once settled back in his recliner it took Kurt a while to locate Sebastian's twitter account. It hadn't occurred to him to search for @drsexymd. It was only the added link to his Instagram account in his profile that confirmed to Kurt that it was actually him. Proudly out, Sebastian was popular online. He had thousands of followers, on both his social media accounts, unlike Kurt who only had a few hundred followers, most of whom were people he knew but never bothered to stay in touch with. Kurt scrolled through the list with dismay, so many hot gay men. Sebastian had his pick of the field.

Feeling totally inadequate Kurt glanced through Sebastian's many photos. It seemed that Seb travelled a lot. It also seemed that he wore a shirt, seldom. Kurt couldn't help but to agree with the many flirty, admiring comments that accompanied each pic. Sebastian did in fact have an amazing body, all tall and lean with smooth flawless skin, well defined abs and strong biceps. Kurt zoomed in to admire Seb's various tattoos. He gnawed at his bottom lip, whimpering involuntarily but ignoring the growing bulge in his jeans as he closely ogled photo after photo. It was then that it dawned on him. He wanted this man. He wanted Sebastian Smythe. The realisation was startling but not as appalling as he imagined it might be.

Without following Seb's account he closed the app abruptly and put down his phone, feeling guilty and a little ashamed of his cyber stalking. He was a grown ass man, a father, not some horny teenage deviant. He needed to pull himself together. He should be going over his plan for his class tomorrow, focussing on his work, except that he'd left his bag with his laptop and all his papers in it at NYADA when he'd rushed out to go to the hospital. He gave up with a frustrated groan. He dragged himself wearily from his chair, locked up his home, turned out the lights and collapsed into bed. He drifted off quickly into a fitful sleep, filled with naughty dreams of a certain hot green eyed doctor and his sexy smirk. It was a long and blissful night.

By the time the weekend came around Matilda's wrist was much better and she was beyond excited to go to Eddie's party. Having long given up hope of ever hearing from Sebastian, Kurt helped her wrap the Legos as he text Elliott to organise an "adult" party for two later that night. He'd decided that if he couldn't have Sebastian's sweet, smirky lips Elliott's willingly available ones would suffice.

"Put your phone down Daddy," Matilda whined, glaring harshly at her father. "I need more tape."

Looking at the large box covered in space ship wrapping paper and at least half a roll of tape Kurt could not fathom where his daughter might fit another piece. "I think it's done Honey," he giggled at her noticing the eight pieces she'd used just to adhere the card. "Run upstairs and put your new dress on while I let Chuckles outside. You don't want to be late."

"You need to braid my hair too," she reminded him as he dashed up the stairs. "I need two braids today."

"Of course your highness," Kurt called up after her, scooping Chuckles up and depositing him out into the backyard quickly before the cheeky little critter could dart back inside.

Kurt was doing a quick tidy of the kitchen when Matilda returned downstairs "Uncle Elliott is dropping over for a visit tonight after dinner," he informed her as he zipped her dress the final inch that she'd been unable to reach.

"Why?" She frowned, sounding suddenly surly.

"Because he's my friend," Kurt was a little confused by her attitude. "I thought you liked Uncle Elliott."

"I do," she shrugged, shoving her hair brush and ribbons at him. "At least better than Uncle Blaine but..." she trailed off not sure how to say what she was thinking.

"But what?" Kurt pushed gently wondering if Elliott had done something to offend his daughter. Kurt couldn't think of any time he'd been less than loving towards her.

"I saw you kissing him. Are you going to do that again?" She looked totally unimpressed.

Kurt nodded. "I did tell you I liked boys Sweetie," he reminded her misunderstanding her issue. "I like kissing Uncle Elliott."

"Hmm," she scowled. "But what about Dr Seb? He's so handsome and you liked him Daddy. I could tell. Wouldn't you like kissing him better? Did you even call him or anything?"

"Ummm," Kurt was taken back by her bluntness.

"You do like him," she grinned knowingly. "Me too. He could soooooo be my new dad, you know? He could bring his dog and come to the park with us and then Chuckles could have a new friend too. He's funny Daddy and nice and I bet he likes pancakes and probably waffles. We could make him some when you two have sleepovers together."

"Okay that's enough," Kurt blushed, knowing way more about the implications of a sleepover than Matilda. "Let's go into the living room and fix your hair."

"Just think about it," she smirked sassily, turning sharply on her heels and exiting the room. Kurt followed behind her shaking his head in amusement. He'd been able to think of little else in days but the thoughts he'd been having were certainly not suited to a children's birthday party. He would need to reel it all in. He started by concentrating on his daughter's hair, her shoes and getting her out the door. He was certain a hoard of horrendous, sticky, screaming kids and their obnoxiously snobby parents would definitely calm his currently over active libido, after all there was nothing Kurt hated more than children's birthday parties. With all their noise and confusion they were his worst nightmare come true.

Chapter Text

Kurt stood, his feet crossed, his shoulder pressed against the wall, almost holding him up. He giggled to himself, watching his spirited daughter possessively drag the very willing Birthday boy around the party by his hand.

"She seems to be doing much better," a familiar voice piped up closely behind Kurt startling him.

Kurt turned his head, almost coming nose to nose with the man who'd been occupying his every waking moment for the past week. "Umm yeah," he responded lamely distracted by Sebastian's closeness.

"Are you stalking me Kurt Hummel?" Sebastian stepped closer, muttering softly against Kurt's ear. "First you turn up at my work and now at my nephew's birthday party. I'm beginning to think you might like me," he flirted.

"Eddie is your nephew?" Kurt couldn't believe he hadn't considered that possibility.

"And apparently your daughter's boyfriend?" Sebastian grinned. "Is she old enough for a boyfriend," he sort clarification.

"No she isn't," Kurt swallowed hard, the hairs on his neck standing on end as Sebastian's warm breath grazed his skin confirming what he'd already realised, he wanted this man.

"Dr Seb!" Kurt heard Tilly joyfully squeal as she rushed at the doctor and wrapped herself around his legs. "What are you doing here?"

"This is my Uncle Seb," Eddie informed her proudly, taking her hand again as she released Sebastian.

Sebastian grinned, ruffling the boy's hair. "Happy Birthday buddy."

"Thanks," Eddie smiled up at his uncle before leading Matilda off to play.

"They're cute," Seb smiled at Kurt. "So are you."

"Are you hitting on me Sebastian Smythe?" Kurt tried not to sound too hopeful.

"Would I get anywhere if I was?" Sebastian raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't hear from you," Kurt accused. "You were going to look me up on Twitter."

"I really was," Sebastian sighed. "You wouldn't believe the week I've had. I'm actually surprised but really glad to see you here. My colleague at work came down with chicken pox and so I've been doing her work as well as my own which included a four day trip to Bumfuck Canada where there was no cell reception and barely running water for a medical seminar. It was the pits. How about we just make things easy on ourselves and simply exchange numbers?"

"I guess we could do that," Kurt nodded, standing upright to remove his phone from his pocket. He breathed in deeply through his nose to calm himself. It didn't help. Aside from the overwhelming aroma of popcorn all he could smell was Seb, a woody, citrusy, arousingly masculine scent.

"Come get a coffee with me?" Seb requested spontaneously. "Titus and Regina have the kids under control." He gestured to his brother and sister in law who were engaging the kids in a game of musical chairs. "Matilda won't even notice you're gone."

"She'll notice if we're gone together," Kurt hesitated, desperately wanting to say yes. "She thinks I like you."

"Of course you like me," Sebastian smirked smugly taking Kurt's phone from him and putting in his number. "Look at me. I'm a sexy, rich doctor with an ass that won't quit. What's not to love?"

"Your over sized ego," Kurt rolled his eyes fondly, playfully snatching his phone back.

"I promise it's not the only thing I have that's oversized," Sebastian chuckled lightly. "Come on Kurt. It's only coffee. We'll be gone half an hour, tops. I'm good company. You might even enjoy yourself."

"Okay, okay," Kurt grinned, raising his hands in resignation "but you're paying."

"It would be my honour to shout you a coffee," Sebastian internally happy danced.

"I hope I don't regret this," Kurt sounded unsure as he slid his phone back into his pocket.

"You didn't give me your number," Seb protested as he accompanied Kurt to the exit.

"No, I didn't," Kurt wiggled his eyebrows at his companion as he held the door open for him. "You're going to have to earn that."

"Playing hard to get huh?" Sebastian stepped out onto pavement. "Why do I get the feeling you might just be worth the chase?"

"Because I am," Kurt replied with more bravado than he felt stepping out behind Sebastian. "Now where do we get coffee?"

Without a word Sebastian boldly took Kurt's hand and led him confidently across the street. Kurt considered pulling away but as they fell into step together he couldn't help noticing how well their hands fitted together or how right their fingers looked intertwined. Seb's hand was warm, his skin soft. Kurt liked how it felt against his. He wanted to feel more of it, a whole lot more.

"What will you have?" Seb asked looking around for a table as they stepped through the door of the nearby diner.

"A non fat mocha please," Kurt gave Seb's hand a light squeeze, maybe just to remind himself he was still holding it. "And maybe we could split a piece of cheese cake." Kurt pointed with his free hand to a piece of strawberry cheese cake in the glass case by the register.

"Kurt Hummel!" Sebastian mock gasped. "I'm not that kinda boy. You're going to have to buy me dinner before you get dessert."

Kurt giggled, blushing lightly as he chose a table by the wall and released Seb's hand to sit down. "I think maybe I could do that," he replied decisively, instantly missing the contact.

"Really?" Sebastian was genuinely surprised. "I'm free tonight. We could grab some pizza. Does Matilda like pizza?"

"You want me to bring Tilly?" It was Kurt's turn to be shocked. His rare dates tolerated his daughter. None had ever included her.

"She's your daughter, so yeah," Seb wasn't sure if he'd said something wrong. "What are we going to do? Leave her at home? Besides she's my biggest fan. I need someone on my side if I'm going to woo you."

"You want to woo me?" Kurt enquired quietly flattered.

"Indeed I do," Seb smiled as the waitress approached. "So what time tonight should I pick you guys up?"

"Ummm tonight?" Kurt's suddenly remembered his "plans" with Elliott. "I'm really sorry but I have plans tonight with a friend. How about tomorrow?"

"I can't tomorrow," Sebastian pouted. "I'm working. Can you cancel?"

The waitress interrupted before Kurt could respond. He was relieved. He needed a moment to think. He wasn't sure if he wanted to cancel his plans. He liked Elliott. He knew Elliott was a sure thing. What if he cancelled and pissed Ell off? Dinner with Sebastian Smythe was probably a horrible idea anyway. It was Sebastian. Kurt couldn't deny he was attracted to the guy and Seb certainly seemed interested in him but...

"Kurt? Kurt? Do you still want the cheesecake?" Seb broke him from his thoughts.

"Umm what?" Kurt responded cluelessly.

"I was just asking do you still want the cheesecake?" Seb covered Kurt's hand with his own to hold his attention.

"Oh..." Kurt smiled awkwardly up at their waitress. "Yes please," he nodded. "Cheesecake would be great."

The waitress wrote down the rest of their order and departed with a smile.

"Are you okay?" Sebastian checked with Kurt once she was out of ear shot.

"Of course," Kurt smiled reassuringly. "I'm good."

"So tonight then?" Seb pushed. "Dinner? You, me and the munchkin?"

"I really can't," Kurt shook his head. "I have your number though. I'll call you and we can organise something."

"I get it," Sebastian's face dropped in disappointment. "You're scared. That's fine."

"I'm not scared," Kurt protested adamantly. "I made plans with a friend this morning and I feel like it would be rude to cancel on him for a better offer."

"So I am a better offer?" Seb looked smug. "Wait... him? Do I have competition for your heart Kurt Hummel?"

"I'm not sure I believe it's my heart you're after," Kurt grinned.

"What if I said I want all of you?" Seb asked brazenly. "From the top of your flawless hair to the tips of your toes and everything in between."

"Then I would say you're very bold," Kurt gnawed nervously at his bottom lip.

"Do I stand a chance?" Seb asked bluntly as the waitress arrived with their coffee and cheesecake.

"Maybe," Kurt smirked, sighing contently as he took his first sip of coffee.

"That's not a no. I'll take it." Sebastian chuckled, thanking the waitress and offering Kurt a fork for his dessert.

Kurt accepted with a grateful nod. "I really don't want to like you," he grumbled.

"And yet you do," Sebastian replied confidently. "You like me."

"Shut up," Kurt giggled, helping himself to a forkful of cheesecake.

"I'm not the same guy I used to be." Their eyes met across the table as he they drank their coffees.

"What guy are you then?" Kurt was genuinely curious.

"I'm a doctor, an uncle, a brother. I guess I get kinda lonely. I work like 80 hours a week because I really have nobody and nothing else in my life."

"That's kinda sad," Kurt was sympathetic. "What about your friends?"

"You know as well as I do that having friends isn't the same as having a special someone," Seb replied honestly, vulnerably averting his eyes as he tried the cheesecake.

"I do," Kurt nodded, recalling how alone he felt after kicking Blaine out that final time. "Have there been any special someones?"

"There was one guy I thought I might love," Seb nodded. "But I was working such long hours training to be a doctor and he was unwilling to be my second priority. We kinda drifted apart."

"I'm sorry," Kurt gave Seb's hand a gentle squeeze on the table. "That's rough. Being a paediatrician seems like an unlikely job for someone like you though. No offence."

"I love kids," Seb shrugged. "I'd like 3 or 4 of my own some day with the right partner. I love being able to help them, to be with them when they are hurt and vulnerable and make them feel better. Of course it doesn't always work like that. I've lost some, cancer, trauma and there's no worse feeling. I remember every single one of their little faces. It breaks your heart."

"I can't imagine losing Tilly," Kurt declared solemnly.

"I hope you never do," Seb smiled sadly. "You really love her, don't you? I think it's beautiful. It's a miraculous thing you've done taking in an orphan and raising her as your own. I admire you for that."

Kurt was moved by Seb's sincerity. "Thank you," he responded appreciatively. "That means a lot."

Seb took a final sip of his coffee and returned the cup to the table. "We should be getting back," he suggested. "I won't win uncle of the year if I miss the birthday cake."

"That's true," Kurt finished off the last of the cheesecake. "Give me your phone," he requested as Seb stood to pay the bill.

Seb handed it over and headed for the register, watching gleefully out of the corner of his eye as Kurt entered his number. He paid the check and then returned to the table claiming it back. "Shall we?" He gestured towards the door.

"Yeah," Kurt nodded getting to his feet. Seb smiled placing his hand on the small of Kurt's back and directing him out. Kurt leaned into the contact, his skin tingling through his shirt and jacket from the comforting pressure of Sebastian's open palm. Kurt could feel he was in trouble with this guy. Big Big Trouble. Somehow he knew though that it might just be worth the risk. New Sebastian Smythe seemed pretty amazing. Kurt had to admit to himself that he was smitten and he hadn't felt like that about anyone in way way too long.

Chapter Text

"Pop your puzzle away Poppet and go wash your hands for dinner," Kurt smiled softly at Matilda across the kitchen.

"What are we having?" Matilda checked disinterestedly without moving.

"I've made a beef and bean casserole," Kurt lifted the lid on his slow cooker and breathed in the delicious aroma.

"I hate beans," Matilda scrunched her face in disgust then returned to her puzzle. "I'm not hungry."

"Are you going to sulk all night?" Kurt tried to reign in his annoyance. Matilda had been difficult all evening. He almost regretted taking her to Eddie's birthday party.

"I like Pizza and I like Dr Seb," Matilda glared at Kurt. "And I hate stupid Uncle Elliott and I hate beans."

"That's just rude," Kurt frowned at his daughter as he took two plates from the cupboard. "Uncle Elliott has been nothing but kind to you. Over there and sit on the naughty step," Kurt pointed to the bottom step leading up to Matilda's room. "5 minutes Kiddo. Now."

"I hate you too. So does Chuckles. You're so dumb," Matilda scowled at Kurt, crossing her arms defiantly. "I'm not sitting there. You can't make me. You can't make me eat beans either. I want pizza with Dr Seb."

Kurt took a deep breath, in and out. He reminded himself that he loved this child and of everything she'd been through. "I'm not dating Dr Seb just because you like him," he explained calmly. "For two people to date they have to like each other and I'm not sure that I like him."

"You like him," Matilda eyed Kurt knowingly. "He likes you too. I saw you holding hands. He's nice Daddy. He made you smile. I like when you smile."

"I'll smile if you eat your dinner," Kurt offered, spooning some casserole onto a plate for her. "You'll like it. It doesn't have the green beans that you hate. It has the black ones like we put in our nachos."

"I'll eat it if you call Dr Seb and he comes over and eats with us," Matilda attempted to negotiate.

"I'm not doing that," Kurt shook his head, adding mashed potato to the plate. "If I decide I want to eat with Sebastian I'll do it when I'm ready."

"Ugh!" Matilda groaned in frustration. "It's because of Uncle Elliott isn't it?"

"No," Kurt denied her accusation despite knowing there was a little truth to it.

"He doesn't like me you know? He doesn't want to be my dad," Matilda sounded a little hurt. "Dr Seb loves kids and dogs and you Daddy. His eyes sparkle when he looks at you."

"They do not," Kurt scoffed, wondering if that were true. "And he does not love me."

"He could if you let him," Matilda finally began to clear away her puzzle. "Please daddy invite him over."

"Not tonight," Kurt shook his head. "You and I are going to eat dinner, give you a bubble bath and read a book together."

"Sounds kinda boring," Matilda screwed up her nose. "Pizza would have been fun."

Kurt rolled his eyes in frustration. "Please let it go," he pleaded. "And promise me if you're still awake when Uncle Ell gets here that you'll be polite and not mention Dr Seb to him."

"Whatever," Matilda shrugged, getting up from the table and putting her puzzle away. "I'm going to wash my hands but I'm not eating the beans."

"Why are you being so difficult?" Kurt groaned.

"You know why," Matilda smirked as she headed to the bathroom. "Call him Daddy"

"When I'm ready," Kurt's tone was firm as he placed their dinner plates on the table and returned to the kitchen for cutlery. "And by the way," he called louder to ensure his daughter could hear him. "Uncle Elliott does love you."

"He's not right for us," Matilda replied wisely. "You need to stop kissing him and kiss Dr Seb instead. Where did you go today holding hands? Did you kiss him then?"

"That's none of your business," Kurt blushed a little, unable to keep a bashful grin from his face.

"You did kiss him," Matilda clapped her hands together excitedly as she sat at the table.

"I didn't," Kurt shook his head, thinking about how he might have wanted to and wondering what had stopped him. Elliott maybe? That didn't make sense. Their 'thing' was no strings, no feelings attached. Or Blaine? Kurt didn't feel like he still associated Sebastian with Blaine but thought maybe he feared that Seb might hurt him like Blaine had. Seb had been a known player back in school, admittedly that was years ago now but cheating might not be beyond him. Maybe Kurt just wasn't ready to dive back into love, into opening back up to someone and being vulnerable again. Seb had been vulnerable with him though. He'd opened up more than Kurt had, admitted to being lonely. Old slutty Sebastian would never have done that. If Kurt was honest he'd acknowledge that he wanted to be getting pizza with Seb as much as Matilda did right now. He wasn't quite sure what was stopping him. Was he afraid of committing to someone? Or afraid of committing to his previous nemesis? He needed to relax and just see what might happen. It had only been a dinner invitation after all not a marriage proposal.

Kurt and Matilda ate their dinner together, even the beans. They discussed Eddie's party. Matilda was excited about how much Eddie had loved his legos. When they were done Kurt ran his daughter a bubble bath and cleared up the kitchen before they settled down with Chuckles for the evening and read together. They'd decided to start the Land of Stories series and three chapters into the first book were both enjoying it.

"I don't really hate you Daddy," Matilda hugged Kurt tight as he tucked her into bed and said Goodnight. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Sweetheart," Kurt softly kissed her forehead as he pulled her covers over her. "You need to trust me okay? To know what's right for us. I do like Dr Seb but relationships for grown ups are complicated. I need to be sure before I invite him into our lives."

"How can you be sure if you don't spend time with him?" Matilda raised an enquiring eye brow at her father. "It was just pizza Daddy. We love pizza."

"I know we do," Kurt playfully bopped her nose before heading for the door. "Off to sleep darling girl."


Kurt turned back. "Yes?"

"Were you really going to make me sit on the naughty step?"

"You betcha," Kurt winked at her. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight," she muttered, hugging her ratty rag doll tight against her chest as Chuckles settled at her feet.

"Good night," Kurt blew her a kiss before heading down stairs. He checked the time on the microwave clock in the kitchen. He just had time for a shower before Elliott arrived. He retrieved a fresh outfit from his bedroom before jumping into the shower. He sighed heavily as he washed the grime of a long, confusing day from his body.

He was shaven, dressed and groomed when Elliott knocked at his door with Tequila in hand. Ell looked good, hot even in his painted on rip jeans but for some reason Kurt did not feel the usual buzz of excitement or attraction that he usually felt in Elliott's presence. As he gazed laughing into Elliott's soft blue eyes over tequila shots, his mind's eye conjured up images of the prettier green ones he'd been lost in earlier in the day. As Elliott, soon tipsy leaned in to kiss him Kurt pictured another man's lips and backed away.

"I don't think I can tonight," Kurt uttered vaguely raising a hand between Elliott and himself to stop him.

"We don't have to," Elliott shrugged nonchalantly. "If you're not into it, you're not into it. Was it something I did?"

"It's not you," Kurt replied honestly. "You're awesome Ell. I think I'm just tired. I've been out all day. I took Matilda to that birthday party."

"It's cool," Elliott was totally unperturbed. "I could still blow you though if you want. That always relaxes you."

Kurt considered Elliott's offer briefly before shaking his head. Elliott's mouth really wasn't the one he wanted. He grimaced as he realised whose he did. Damn Matilda for always being right. "Can we just watch a movie and hang out?"

"Sure," Elliott nodded. "As long as it's none of that Disney crap that your kid is into."

"I have a bootleg copy of Love, Simon," Kurt offered. "I haven't watched it yet."

"Sounds good," Elliott smiled moving into the living room. "Have you met someone?" He enquired quietly. "Is that why you don't want to fuck?"

"No," Kurt shook his head vaguely, following Elliott and taking a seat on his favourite recliner.

"It's okay if you have," Elliott spoke sincerely, getting himself comfy amongst the cushions on Kurt's sofa. "I'd be happy for you. You deserve happiness after how Blaine treated you. You do so much for that orphan brat you should have someone to take care of you."

"Orphan brat?" Kurt narrowed his eyes, unhappy with Elliott referring to his little girl in such a way. Sebastian would never talk about Matilda like that. Seb loved kids.
"You know she thinks you don't like her right?"

"You know kids aren't my thing," Elliott spoke without regret. "Being gay for me means I don't have to deal with kids. If you were anyone else and a lesser friend the kid would be a deal breaker for me. You're the only guy I'm boning with baggage."

"The only guy with baggage?" A frown settled on Kurt's brow. "How many are there?"

"We said no strings," Elliott reminded Kurt defensively. "You can't get pissy at me."

"I'm not pissy," Kurt was though. He had no idea Elliott was sleeping with other guys. It was kinda humiliating. "I guess I have kinda met someone," he confided. "It's new, but old, a guy I knew back in high school in Ohio. Nothing has happened yet but I think maybe I'd like it to."

"Okay," Elliott smiled a little sadly. "Do you want to tell me about him? Is he cute?"

"Are you okay with that?" Kurt wasn't sure if he should be feeling awkward.

"We're friends first Kurtie," Elliott reminded him. "Tell me."

"He's a doctor, a paediatrician. He loves kids," Kurt boasted proudly. "He's tall, so handsome, soft green eyes, the sexiest smirk and the most sarcastic sense of humour. Matilda loves him."

"She's met him already?" Elliott was surprised. "You must be really into this guy."

"He was Tilly's doctor when she had that fall at school," Kurt explained. "Turns out he's her 'boyfriend's' uncle."

"It's a small world," Elliott sighed. "I really am pleased for you. Do you want me to head out? It's still early and I'm thinking that maybe he should be here with you right now instead of me."

"Would you be offended?" Kurt grimaced. "We can catch up for drinks again soon."

"Not at all," Elliott smiled, getting up from his seat on the sofa, taking out his phone and ordering an uber. Kurt stood too. "It's 4 minutes away," he flashed Kurt his phone screen. They hugged before moving towards the front door. "If he hurts you, I'll kill him."

"I'll be fine," Kurt promised, opening his door.

"I'm a little jealous," Elliott admitted. "I wouldn't have minded being your Mr. Right."

"You'll always be my bestie Elliott," Kurt pecked his cheek.

"Ouch," Elliott chuckled, his hand flying up mockingly to cover his heart. "Friendzoned!"

"I'm sure you'll live," Kurt laughed.

"Go call him," Elliott pushed, backing towards Kurt's front gate. "I'll look forward to meeting him soon."

"Thanks Ell," Kurt waved goodbye to his friend as the uber double parked out front.

"See ya," Elliott waved back, scurrying to the car. "Hey," he called before climbing in. "What's his name?"

"Sebastian," Kurt called back with the widest smile. "His name is Sebastian."

"I like it," Elliott grinned back. "Kurt and Sebastian. I think it has a certain ring to it."

"You could be right," Kurt nodded decisively waiting by the door as Elliott got into the car. He drove off with a final wave. Kurt couldn't stop smiling as he returned inside and locked up.

He located his phone on the coffee table and nervously dialled the most recently saved number. He held his breath as it rang, once, twice, three times.

"Hell-o," Kurt could hear the smile in Sebastian's warm voice.

"Hey Seb. It's Kurt," Kurt managed to mumble despite his apprehensively constricted throat.

"I know," Seb laughed softly. Was he nervous too? "I'm so glad you called. Tell me cupcake what are you wearing?"

"Really?" Kurt rolled his eyes even though Seb couldn't see him.

"Yes, really," Seb laughed genuinely. "Whatever it is take it off."

"I'm not doing that," Kurt laughed along. "But I thought maybe you'd like to come over."

"What happened to your friend?" Sebastian asked suspiciously. "I thought you had plans. Are you inviting me to a threeway? Cause I've never done that but I might be up for it."

"Sebastian Smythe has never had a threeway?" Kurt sounded particularly sceptical. "I find that hard to believe."

"Have you?" Seb asked defensively.

"Maybe," Kurt replied mysteriously.

"Maybe?" Sebastian chuckled.

"No," Kurt admitted reluctantly. "There was a third guy in my relationship on occasion but I never got to be there for the fun."

"I'm sorry he did that to you," Sebastian responded seriously.

"It's in the past," Kurt shrugged.

"Still," Sebastian clearly disapproved. "When you are mine I promise I'll never even glance at another guy."

"When?" Kurt challenged, quietly aroused by Seb's possessiveness.

"It's just a matter of time Kurt Hummel before I win you over," Sebastian spoke confidently. "After all it was you who called me."

"And now I'm regretting it," Kurt teased playfully.

"I don't believe you," Seb joked. "You want me Kurt. You can't deny it."

"Are you coming over or not?" Kurt sounded frustrated.

"Maybe," Seb smirked to himself. "Text me your address and I'll see."

"You'll see?"

"Yep," Seb toyed further with Kurt. "That's what I said Kurt Hummel. I'll see."

Chapter Text

Butterflies swarmed in Kurt's stomach as he sat his phone down on the coffee table. What the fuck had he just done? What if Sebastian didn't show up or even worse what if he actually did. Kurt looked around the room. Suddenly the place looked such a mess. Empty shot glasses on the countertop, Books laying around, Matilda's toys everywhere. Kurt was certain that nothing was more of a boner killer than kids toys all about the place. There was definitely nothing sexy about that. Not that Kurt had any plan of having sex with Sebastian, not tonight anyway. He barely knew the guy and needed some kind of emotional connection or familiarity before he could drop his pants. Maybe he was a prude or a little old fashioned. He didn't care. He didn't like to rush things. He never had. He hoped Sebastian would understand that.

Kurt poured himself another tequila shot. Threw it back and hid the evidence of his evening's drinking by placing the used glasses in the dishwasher. He then scurried around the room tidying up, leaving a couple of books tossed on the coffee table so he didn't appear to be trying too hard. He checked his own appearance. He'd dressed up a little for Elliott so with a small adjustment to his hair he was good. He checked out the front window regularly. He wasn't exactly sure where Sebastian lived so had no idea when he should expect him if he was coming.

Why couldn't he just have given Kurt a straight answer? Kurt supposed he couldn't blame him. He had after all been pretty hard on Sebastian turning down his dinner invitation, that had kindly included Matilda, with the intention of instead hooking up with another guy. Kurt felt guilty now that he thought about it. He was certain if he were in Sebastian's shoes he wouldn't bother showing up. No one wanted to be someone else's second choice.

Except Sebastian wasn't really Kurt's second choice at all. The entire time he'd spent with Elliott tonight he'd been thinking of Seb, of his eyes, his lips, his laugh, the way his hand had felt in Kurt's. Kurt was starting to realise he was crushing bad. He really liked Sebastian. How had Matilda seen that before Kurt himself? Kurt loved that child for pushing him or at least he would if Sebastian actually turned up.

Kurt paced his living room, walking rapidly, checking the window, checking the microwave clock. 10 minutes passed, then 20. This was insane. It was just a man. A smart, sassy, sexy man but still just a man none the less. He needed to relax. He switched on the television and just as he sank into his recliner he heard a knock at the door.

His heart was in his throat as he rose back to his feet. He turned off the tv, checking his reflection in the screen as he passed. He was certain he didn't look too hideous. He gave the room one final scan, shrugged. It was too late now. He took a deep breath, a smile rising to his lips as he unlocked and opened the door.

"Surprise!" A pitchy voice shrieked at him.

Kurt took half a step back. The smile on his face turning into a look of glaring disgust. "What are you doing here?" He snapped.

"My show's filming in New York for the next three weeks and I thought I might crash with you," Blaine gestured to the rather large suitcase by his side. "It will be fun. I've been dying to get to know that little girl of yours. Where is she?" Blaine tried to look past Kurt into the living room for a glimpse of Matilda.

"It's 10pm," Kurt reminded Blaine flatly. "She's 6 years old. She's fast asleep. You should have told me you were coming," Kurt did nothing to hide his annoyance.

"Kind of defeats the purpose of a surprise," Blaine shrugged, seemingly confused by Kurt's attitude. "Are you going to let me in or...?"

"No," Kurt shook his head. "Now is really not a good time. I was just heading to bed," Kurt stretched his neck out scanning the street for cars and praying Sebastian wouldn't turn up while Blaine was standing on his door step and get the wrong idea.

"I could join you," Blaine responded hopefully.

"Not in this life time," Kurt stated bluntly, shaking his head. "That is definitely not happening."

Blaine frowned. "I could just crash on the sofa then. Hang out with little Melanie in the morning. She'll be able to tell all her friends at school about her famous uncle Blaine."

"My daughter's name is Matilda," Kurt glared, beginning to lose patience. "And she doesn't know that you're "famous" Blaine," Kurt sarcastically used real air quotes. "As I said before she's 6. Her favourite tv show is still Sesame Street. I'm hardly going to allow her to watch American Horror Story which surely provides you with a hotel while you're here."

"Well yeah," Blaine nodded with disappointment. "But I'm not in American Horror Story anymore. Don't you watch my show?"

"When would I have time?" Kurt attempted to close the door. "Go and check into your hotel."

"But Kurt?" Blaine protested blocking the door with his foot. "I've travelled all the way from Vancouver. I thought it would be like old tim..."

Kurt cut him off as a car pulled up out front of his home. "No," he spoke firmly, going slightly pale as Sebastian stepped from the vehicle. "No," he repeated. "I really think you should leave Blaine."

Blaine turned, following Kurt's line of sight. "Sebastian?" He looked between the two in shock. This gaze settling on Kurt. "What the f...? Have I interrupted a booty call? Oh this is just fantastic," Blaine laughed awkwardly.

"Booty call?" Sebastian frowned at Blaine before turning his sexiest smile on Kurt. Sensing Kurt's apprehension he pushed past Blaine almost rudely to place a soft kiss on Kurt's cheek. "Kurt honey?" He began. "I can't believe you haven't told you Ex about us." He carried on talking quietly amused by the horror on Blaine's face. The guy really was an horrendous actor. "Work was such a bitch tonight. I hope Matilda wasn't too upset that I missed her bed time story," he put a possessive arm around Kurt turning so that they faced Blaine together. "I'm so sorry I'm late home. I'd have been here much sooner if I'd known you were wearing these jeans though. How sexy does his ass look in these jeans?" Sebastian rose an eyebrow at Blaine, as he ogled Kurt's ass.

Kurt blushed, swatting Seb playfully on the arm as Blaine squirmed uncomfortably. "I kinda had to promise Tilly you'd make her waffles for breakfast in the morning," Kurt looked apologetic as he nestled into Seb's side playing along. Kurt desperately wanted to kiss him for what he was doing right now but couldn't bare the idea of their first kiss being just for show. When they kissed, which they undoubtedly would once Blaine was gone Kurt needed it to mean something. It had to be real.

"We better get to bed then babe," Seb locked eyes with Blaine as he none too subtly slid his hand down to squeeze Kurt's ass. "Maybe we can catch up with you for a drink while you're in town," he offered disinterestedly, his focus quickly returning to Kurt. "We do have a bit on right now though. You know how it is. Work and our little girl and constantly trying for another baby. For some reason as much as we go at it Kurt still hasn't been able to get me pregnant. Can't give up now though," he joked looking at Kurt with the hungriest eyes.

Kurt bit his lip to stifle a laugh. If he'd been crushing on Sebastian before, now he was positively in love.

"Right," Blaine grimaced, evading eye contact with the happy couple. "I'll be going then."

"I hope you enjoy your stay in New York," Sebastian offered, drawing Kurt closer and back from the door so he could close it.

"Yeah," Blaine nodded, taking one final desperate glance at Kurt before the door closed. Kurt, who was clearly too besotted with the man by his side to even say goodbye to the man he'd once pledged to marry. Blaine was kicking himself. He'd arrived at Kurt's door hoping for a reconciliation but clearly that wouldn't be happening. Blaine had taken the job in Canada hoping that a little temporary distance between them would give Kurt time to heal. Kurt had certainly done that. He'd moved on and Blaine had no one to blame but himself. That was kinda what hurt most. As Blaine took out his phone to order an uber, he heard a thump against the inside of Kurt's front door, then giggling. Weren't they even going to wait for him to leave to start banging? He headed out Kurt's front gate.

Inside, Kurt had Sebastian pinned to his front door, his hands thickly entwined in Seb's hair as he eagerly devoured his mouth. "You are amazing," Kurt giggled breathlessly between kisses. "He didn't know what to say."

"I hate cheaters," Seb mumbled into Kurt's mouth, tasting traces of tequila as he nibbled gently at Kurt's delicious bottom lip and directed him carefully away from the door towards the sofa. "It's the ultimate betrayal."

Kurt paused, reaching behind Sebastian to lock the door before they shifted too far. This was all moving very fast. "Let's forget about him," he suggested, with a shy smile.

"So is this a booty call?" Sebastian checked adjusting the hard throbbing bulge in his jeans as he attempted to catch his breath.

Kurt shook his head. "Is that what you thought?"

"I don't know what I thought," Sebastian for once seemed unsure. "I guess I was just thinking I really wanted to see you again."

"That was my thinking too," Kurt offered.

"We don't have to do anything," Seb stepped back half a step to look into Kurt's eyes. "As much as I want you I feel like whatever this is that's going on between us could be something, you know? I don't want to rush it."

Kurt smiled. He gently stroked Sebastian's cheek with his thumb. "You're the sweetest man," he sighed thinking his heart was in big trouble. It was going to be way too easy to love Sebastian. Hot, sweet and great with Matilda. He was the whole package and a doctor to boot.

"We can still make out though can't we?" Sebastian teased with a smirk.

"Oh yeah," Kurt giggled, pushing Sebastian back onto the sofa and falling with him. Their lips soon met, first with fond amusement then more heat. "Making out is good. I like making out," he chuckled, licking into Seb's mouth.

Seb groaned softly, his hands finding purchase in Kurt's hair. "Damn," he growled. "You're so hot."

"You two," Kurt whimpered, shuffling around on top of Sebastian to get himself comfortable. Their kissing deepened, tongues entwining, wrestling for dominance as hands explored over clothes and their hips rolled together.

"Are you sure you want to wait?" Kurt pulled back for a moment, getting lost in Seb's eyes as his need for him became almost unbearable.

"No," Seb shook his head. "But I think we should." He silently cursed himself for his restraint. "It's not just us in this thing that we need to think about. There's Matilda too. She needs to be considered before we rush into anything."

Kurt nodded, his heart close to exploding from this man's thoughtfulness. "Maybe we should put on a movie then," he suggested, moving aside so Seb could sit up. "I'll make popcorn and we can talk."

"Popcorn?" A tiny voiced piped up from the base of the stairs. "Can I have popcorn?"

Seb looked at Kurt for approval before poking his head over the top of the sofa. "Of course you can," Seb chuckled at her.

Matilda's eyes went wide. A huge smile rose on her sleepy face. "Dr Seb!" She squealed, racing across the open plan kitchen into the living room and lunging herself at Sebastian. "But I thought..." she looked at Kurt with confusion.

Kurt shrugged, laughing as he watched Matilda climb into Seb's lap and snuggle against his chest. "Hi," she giggled looking up into his face.

"Hi," he responded happily, wrapping his arms around her. "Shouldn't you be sleeping young lady? It's kinda late."

"Not when there's popcorn," Matilda shook her head. "What are you doing here?"

Kurt mouthed sorry to Seb as he got up to make popcorn.

Seb waved him away totally unperturbed by the six year old chattering away to him. "I came to visit you," Seb smiled fondly at the child.

"No you didn't," Matilda shook her head looking between the pair knowingly. "I was sleeping. You came to see Daddy didn't you?"

Kurt tried to step in before Matilda's questions became too intrusive. "Why don't you two chose a movie?" he suggested warmly as he opened the microwave popcorn packet.

Matilda paid him no attention. "Are you my daddy's boyfriend now?" She pressed. "Please say yes. Say you are."

"Matilda that's enough!" Kurt blushed furiously turning away to start the microwave.

Seb was calm and amused. "I'd like to be," he nodded, "but that's up to your dad."

Matilda looked up at Kurt who stood in the kitchen frozen. "Really?" He managed to squeak out meeting Sebastian's eyes as the popcorn began popping away behind him.

"Hell yeah," Seb nodded. "What do you say Kurt? Will you be my boyfriend?"

"He will Dr Seb," Matilda giggled, clapping her hands excitedly as she answered on Kurt's behalf.

Kurt was tongue tied. "Let's put on that movie," he suggested, giving Seb a nod and a wink as he removed their movie snack from the microwave.

Seb smiled wide at him, moving over on the sofa as Matilda got up to put on a movie so Kurt could sit down beside him. "What are we watching?" He asked the little girl excitedly.

"Moana," Matilda smiled away to herself as organised the movie. "It's my favourite."

"I'm not sure Sebastian wants to watch that honey," Kurt responded, taking the empty seat beside Seb.

"Are you kidding?" Seb nuzzled against him, taking the bowl of popcorn from him and sitting it on the table so he could hold Kurt's hand. "I love Moana. Eddie and I watch it when he comes to my house for sleep overs. Hei hei is a riot."

"Eddie has sleepovers with you?" Matilda's interest was peaked as she started the blu-ray. "Next time can I too?"

"Matilda!" Kurt shook his head at his daughter.

"Eddie and I would love that," Sebastian assured Matilda with a smile. "Maybe you could bring your dad along too. It might be fun."

"Yes," Matilda grinned wide as she returned to the sofa sitting herself back comfortably on Seb's knee. He snuggled her close and Kurt even closer loving the feeling of being so readily included into this beautiful little family.

"Thank you," Kurt mouthed at Sebastian, his smile warm and grateful for Seb's sweetness to Matilda.

"It's okay," Seb mumbled against Kurt's ear as Chuckles plodded downstairs and nestled at their feet. "This is so nice."

"What are you talking about?" Matilda eyed the two suspiciously.

"Seb was just asking about Chuckles," Kurt fibbed.

"Oh," Matilda smiled at him before beginning to chatter away about her dog.

"He's super cute," was all Seb could get in in response as she paused to breathe.

"Why don't we shhh and watch the movie," Kurt suggested, realising his daughter might be a little much for Seb.

"Okay," Tilly nodded, resting her head back against Seb's chest. "Are you going to be my other daddy?" She muttered curiously into his shirt, forcing Kurt to blush furiously and almost choke on his popcorn. He began to apologise for his daughter but Seb halted him preferring to answer the question.

"Maybe," he nodded with fondness. "I'm not sure yet. You already have an incredible dad. How about we start with a trip to the park and see what happens?"

"I love the park," Matilda yawned, her eyes starting to droop. She would be asleep again before too long. "We could go tomorrow."

"Seb has to work tomorrow," Kurt informed his daughter straight up, bracing himself for her disappointment.

"I'm on late shift," Seb looked to Kurt. "We could go around lunch time."

"You don't have to," Kurt assured him squeezing his hand. He loved how their fingers felt entwined together.

"I want to," Seb assured him, looking down at Matilda's now sleeping form. "She's an adorable little girl and you're an adorable family. I want to get to know you both."

"We'd like that," Kurt softly pecked Seb's lips. "I've never seen her warm to any guy I've had over like she has to you."

"Are there many?" Seb narrowed his eyes, sounding jealous.

"Hundred's," Kurt joked. "I've been considering installing a revolving door for greater efficiency."

"Hmmm..." Seb grimaced. "Is that so?"

"Are you jealous?" Kurt teased, feeding Seb a kernel of pop corn.

"Yeah," Seb admitted openly as he chewed and swallowed. "Of course I am."

"You don't need to be Sebby," Kurt looked deep into his eyes and kissed him softly again.

"Sebby?" Seb smiled bashfully.

"What?" Kurt giggled softly. "It's cute. I think it suits you."

"I think you suit me," Seb replied suggestively, his hungry eyes returning.

"I think maybe I should put my little sleeping beauty back to bed and we can find out," Kurt raised an eye brow.

"Let me take her," Seb offered, awkwardly getting to his feet with the child in his arms. She didn't even stir as Kurt reached out to help Seb balance. "I need the practise if I'm going to be her other daddy."

"I'm sorry she's so forward," Kurt was a little embarrassed. "I'm surprised you're not running for the hills already.

"Why would I run?" Seb looked a little confused as he crossed the room, with Kurt close behind him. "I like you Kurt Hummel very much. You and your little girl. I think you're both strong amazing humans. What you're doing, raising your friend's child is inspirational and beautiful. I'd be crazy to run from someone whose heart is so huge and as generous as yours."

Kurt was lost for words so in silence he followed the precious man holding his daughter up the stairs to put her to bed. His heart swelled with pride as he watched his new boyfriend so tenderly lay her down and tuck her in.

Kurt leaned over her and pecked her cheek as Chuckles joined them and soon returned to his spot curled at her feet.
"Goodnight princess," he whispered, sweeping a curl from her face and tucking it behind her ear. Seb smiled softly as he watched the sweet display. "She's adorable," he spoke quietly, taking Kurt's hand. He needed to touch him. He so wanted to be a part of all of this.

Kurt stepped back towards him, releasing Seb's hand to put his arms around him. "I'm very lucky," he muttered softly, as Seb kissed his cheek.

"We both are," Seb returned Kurt's embrace, as together they watch the small child soundly sleep.

"Stay tonight?" Kurt offered, releasing Seb to take his hand and lead him from the room.

"I shouldn't," Seb shook his head. "It's too soon isn't it? I'll come back in the morning to take Missy to the park though."

"Stay," Kurt repeated. "Nothing has to happen."

"It doesn't have to," Seb agreed. "But I know me and I know how me feels about you. If I stay everything will happen. I should go babe."

"Ehhh, not yet," Kurt whined directing Seb back to the sofa. "We didn't finish Moana yet."

"Fine," Seb chuckled feigning annoyance. "But all pants stay on."

"Boring," Kurt joked, flopping down on the sofa and pulling Seb down with him. "What exactly are you hiding in there?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Sebastian laughed, claiming Kurt's lips in a playful kiss. "You'll just have to wait and see, my dear one."

Chapter Text

For the first time since starting med school Sebastian didn't groan when his morning alarm sounded. Instead he smiled to himself as he blinked his sleepy eyes open and rolled over in his bed to turn it off. He yawned as he stretched then brushed his fingers over his tender lips, his cock twitching below the covers as he recalled the previous evening, making out with Kurt Hummel, his Kurt now. "Fuck," he muttered to himself, his smile widening to a full on grin. His Kurt. He had a boyfriend now. He hadn't quite intended that yet but when that adorable child of Kurt's had asked if they were a couple he knew there was nothing he wanted more. He hadn't honestly expected Kurt to agree, not so readily but judging by the hungry way he'd almost kissed the life out of Seb last night he seemed to be keenly complicit.

Sebastian had kissed a lot of guys in his day, too many, way too many but none had kissed like Kurt. None had set him on fire like Kurt. His Kurt, he reminded himself again. That beautiful creature with the exquisite ass and eyes fit to drown in was really his boyfriend. He couldn't believe his luck. He also couldn't believe his restraint. It had taken every single remnant of willpower he possessed to resist sleeping with Kurt. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to just give in to their lust and let Kurt take him. He knew if he had it would have been incredible. Now hard as steel he reached down under the covers as he fantasised about it. He gripped himself in a tight fist, twisting his wrist a little as he stroked, he moaned Kurt's name then changed his mind and released his grip deciding he needed Kurt to provide his next orgasm not his own hand.

He dragged his weary bones out of bed. He once again hadn't had enough sleep. He'd left Kurt's place way too late last night. Truthfully he'd been reluctant to leave it all. He never felt more content than cuddled up on Kurt's sofa with him and Matilda. Matilda was an adorable kid. She'd been through so much losing her parents but was still such a cheerful, loving child. Sebastian believed Kurt alone was responsible for how well adjusted she was. He was an incredible doting and loving father. He obviously adored his adopted child and it was very apparent the feeling was mutual. She looked at Kurt possibly the same way Sebastian sensed he must, as if the sun rose and fell in him.

As Sebastian made his way to the shower he thought about the two of them, about his role in their lives. He hadn't really imagined ever dating a guy with a kid or stepping into a ready made family. He knew he definitely wanted kids and had to admit that he really enjoyed Matilda's company but he kinda of always pictured things starting out differently. The usual cliche he guessed. Boy meets boy. Boy marries boy. Then later when the time was right they'd start a family but in his current situation Kurt and Matilda were already a family and Sebastian felt a little insecure about that.

Standing under the steaming water he speculated about his role in their family. Would Kurt expect him to parent Matilda?Would he want him to? Or would the role of parent be exclusively Kurt's. She was Kurt's child after all. He was just the new boyfriend. As he washed his hair he realised that perhaps he was over thinking things. Today he would start with a trip to the park, then take each day as it came. Who knew what might happen? Like most of his past relationships they might not even see out the month together. He prayed this wouldn't be the case. There was something so different about Kurt. Something that just drew Seb in, a connection he'd felt right from the first conversation at the hospital that made him really want to work at it, not let his job regardless of its importance get in the way with this one.

As Seb got out of the shower and began to dry himself his thoughts settled on Blaine, about how crushed he'd felt as he'd climbed from his Uber and seen Blaine on Kurt's doorstep. Jealousy like he'd never felt before overwhelmed him then he'd noticed the look of distress on Kurt's face and the pitch of his voice and recognised his opportunity to play hero, praying that Kurt would catch on. Thankfully he had and Blaine had taken the hint and left. Seb still felt a little threatened by Blaine. He had a long though somewhat rocky history with Kurt. It wouldn't surprise him if Kurt still had some residual feelings for the guy. Seb was incredibly fearful that if Blaine was determined enough he might still be able to steal Kurt away and then there was that other guy Elliott maybe, Seb wasn't certain of his name, that Matilda spoke of. It made Seb pray that he would be enough for the guy he was too rapidly falling for.

As he searched through his closet for an appropriate outfit to wear for a date in the park he thought back to high school, to his first meeting with Kurt. He recalled looking right through him as they'd shaken hands, considering him no competition in his pursuit for Blaine. He grimaced as he began to dress in a tidy button down shirt and casual khaki pants, remembering how badly he'd underestimated Kurt. How each time they'd met he'd impressed Sebastian more and more with his resilience and sass and how Seb had realised way too late that he'd pursued the wrong the man. Blaine had nothing on Kurt. Kurt had been and still was sunshine and sparkles. Blaine was just muddy puddles.

Once Blaine had proposed Seb thought he'd honestly missed his chance with Kurt. He'd kicked himself. Fate or Lady Luck or whoever obviously had other ideas though and he'd almost been unable to believe his eyes when she'd brought him through those hospital doors to his daughter and back into Seb's life.

As Seb made coffee and toasted a bagel he sang softly to himself, one of the Warbler songs from the good old days. Why had they all been so suggestive and dirty? He chuckled immaturely to himself. He hadn't sung in so long. He missed it a lot but there was no place for it in his grown up adult world. Fancy doctors living in fancy Manhattan apartments, driving fancy cars didn't sing. They worked their fancy asses off to accumulate all the worldly luxuries money could buy. Except no amount of money could buy love. No amount of money could buy what was growing between him and Kurt. He felt grateful now that Kurt hadn't been an option in high school. Sebastian knew he hadn't been mature enough at the time to maintain any thing long term with someone of Kurt Hummel's calibre. He knew that if Kurt had been willing they'd have had their fun, a night together, possibly two before Seb would have got bored and discarded him like he had with so many others back then. He felt almost ashamed now at how disposable people had been to him. He'd hurt some great guys.

He stood at his kitchen counter sipping his coffee and eating his bagel, a goofy grin returning to his face. Kurt that sexy, sassy boy from high school was finally his, not just him but a beautiful little girl too. A little girl that needed and deserved all the love in the world. Seb hoped he wouldn't do anything stupid to screw it all up.

He brushed his teeth and fixed his hair giving his reflection an almost confident thumbs up in the mirror before grabbing his wallet, phone and sunglasses and locking up his apartment. He took the express elevator down to the ground floor. With a bounce in his step and smile on his face he crossed the lobby, greeting his door man cheerfully.

"Good day to you Mr Smythe," Larry responded politely holding the door open for Sebastian as he stepped out onto the street. "The weather is amazing out today."

As the warm morning air hit Sebastian's face, he had to agree. It was indeed the perfect morning for a trip to the park and he was looking forward to it immensely.

Across Town Kurt's night and been little more disrupted. He been rudely awoken by a certain eager young lady and her pug partner in crime before the sun had even risen. "Daddy!! Daddy!!" Already dressed in a stripey rainbow sweater, sparkly unicorn leggings and her favourite tutu she raced excitedly into Kurt's room, climbing with Chuckles onto his bed and bouncing happily. "Daddy!! Daddy!!" She squealed in time with each jump. "You have to get up. Dr Seb is coming to take us to the park."

As Chuckles licked his face, Kurt opened one eye, glaring up at her as he checked the time.

"Ugh," he groaned, pushing the dog gently away before burying his face in his pillow. "It's 4am Tilly, go back to bed."

"But Dr Seb will be here any minute," she whined in protest, tugging at his bed clothes. "You need to get ready."

"He won't be here for 6 more hours," Kurt grumbled.

Matilda plopped down heavily onto the bed. She landed on her bottom looking horribly disappointed. "How long is that?" She frowned, her tone surly.

"3 Moana's" Kurt explained, knowing it best to used a measurement she could understand.

"Really?" She sounded totally unimpressed. "But that's forever."

"I know," Kurt sighed, longing himself to see Sebastian. He'd been so disappointed last night when Seb had left. He still couldn't believe how Sebastian had been the hero and saved him from Blaine. Blaine, who didn't know when to quit, who seemed to think that Kurt was just sitting around pining for him, waiting for him to return. Not likely. The sooner their divorce went through the better. Kurt couldn't wait, especially now that he had a new boyfriend.

He smiled to himself as he thought about that, lifting his covers and gesturing for his daughter to climb in with him. She did without a word, snuggling against his side. "Try to sleep sweetie," he suggested fondly, kissing the top of her hair as Chuckles settled beside her.

"Night daddy," she whispered, dropping off almost instantly and leaving Kurt wide awake to ponder his new relationship. Kurt had been stunned beyond all belief when Sebastian had suggested that they make things official between them. It seemed a little ridiculous and way too soon but there was just something about the new Sebastian, that Kurt was getting to know, that he just couldn't resist. The softness in his eyes maybe, or the tender way he kissed, maybe it was his protectiveness or how absolutely precious he was with Matilda and how much she loved him. Possibly his sex appeal had something to do with it too. He was so hot and he made Kurt so horny that he could barely think in his presence. No other guy, not Elliott or Blaine or any others had ever effected Kurt like that. He wanted him so bad. He'd been certain Sebastian would be a sure thing too. He'd been taken back and quietly flattered when Seb had declared he wanted to wait. It was such a sweet and romantic gesture and Kurt was glad of it.

Kurt couldn't wait to see him again. He knew Seb worked hard. His hours were long and that there might be times when they wouldn't get to see a lot of each other so he pledged to himself to make the most of every moment together. Seb did important work. He saved the lives of scared, innocent children, put them back together like he had for Matilda when she was hurt. It was so honourable. He had Kurt's support 100%. He seemed to have Matilda's too.

Kurt couldn't believe how well those two had hit it off. Matilda absolutely adored him and he'd taken to parenting like a duck to water. All the men in Kurt's life since he'd adopted Matilda had been put off by her but not Sebastian. He suggested date activities that included her, he'd snuggled with her on the couch, watching her favourite movie and had even helped Kurt settle her for bed. Given half the chance Kurt could see Sebastian becoming a wonderful loving father to Matilda, perhaps even adopting her like Kurt had if their relationship went the distance. Only time would tell.

Kurt soon drifted back off to sleep, his daughter nestled into his side, her tutu scrunched uncomfortably against his hip but with a smile settled on his lips regardless. He and his princess had a date at 10am with, in Kurt's opinion, the sweetest man in New York City and honestly he couldn't wait.

Chapter Text

Butterflies filled the pit of Sebastian’s stomach as he climbed into his car. He took a deep breath, turning on the ignition and connecting his phone with Bluetooth and opening Spotify. He was excited and maybe a little nervous to see his new boyfriend. Things were moving really quickly. In the light of a new day that was a tiny bit scary.
Seb found his favourite song, placed his phone in the console and put on his seatbelt then started the car. Another deep breathe. He wasn’t usually this anxious when it came to seeing a man. This was different though. This was Kurt Hummel, though not just Kurt Hummel. This was Kurt and his daughter, possibly the cutest little girl Seb had ever seen and certainly his number one fan. Seb was terrified of letting the pair down. He was renowned in his personal life for screwing things up. He’d never been able to retain a long term relationship. Maybe this was a bad idea. There were too many hearts at stake including his own.
Kurt was amazing though, Matilda too. Seb even liked their dog. He checked his mirrors, signalled and moved into traffic. Maybe just this once things would work out for him. Maybe this time he could make a relationship work. He deserved love and had a lot of love to give to the right guy. There was no reason why Kurt couldn’t be that guy. The kisses they’d shared already had been electric. Chemistry between definitely wouldn’t be an issue. Seb’s pants distractedly tightened as he recalled the previously evening pressed up against Kurt’s front door. So hot. He adjusted himself, wondering if Blaine had heard them clawing at each other as he’d left. Seb hoped so. It would serve that cheating bitch right. Why’d he have to show back up in Kurt’s life now though just as Seb was getting to know Kurt? It was frustrating and very inconvenient. It challenged Seb’s competitive nature and he knew he wouldn’t hesitate to fight to the death if Blaine stepped up and threatened what was his.
It was as Seb entered Kurt’s neighbourhood that his phone began to ring. “Kurt?” He mumbled hopefully to himself before the number on the car stereo was revealed as the hospitals. He groaned as he answered it handsfree. “Dr Smythe speaking.”
The voice that responded was young and excited. It was his intern. “We have a heart for little Zach in room 316,” he began. “It’s been flown in by chopper from Minneapolis. Should be here within the hour for you to perform the transplant surgery Dr Smythe.”

Sebastian smiled at the good news. Little Zach who was only three years old hadn’t been doing well. He’d been born with a congenital heart defect which Seb had operated on multiple times without long term success. He’d been unlikely to see out the month without a transplant. This timing for him couldn’t be better though he did feel for the family of the donor.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” Seb signalled, turning left to head back towards the hospital. “Make sure you’re ready. You’ll want to scrub in on this one.”

He talked the procedure through with his intern as he made his way back to the hospital, discussing any possible complications that may arise and likely solutions for them. Every surgery came with risks, particularly transplant surgery and Seb liked his juniors to be prepared.

It wasn’t until he was parking his car in the hospital parking lot 35 minutes later that he remembered Kurt. Once his brain was in the work zone that stole his focus. It had to or he endangered lives. He checked the time as he turned off the engine. Kurt had been expecting him 20 minutes ago. He didn’t have time to stop and explain his situation to Kurt now though. He needed to get as quickly as possible to theatre 3 and give this ailing child a new heart. Kurt would understand. At least Sebastian hoped Kurt would understand.

“That was quick,” Seb’s intern greeted him excitedly at the door. “The heart is 15 minutes away.”

Seb shoved his phone at his intern as they walked quickly down the hall. That gave Seb 15 minutes to change into scrubs and get washed up. “Call Kurt and explain what’s going on,” he requested impatiently. “And have some flowers, roses, red ones, sent to him with the sincerest apology. His address is in there with his number.” Seb had added the address last night especially for occasions like this. He hated that this was happening so soon.

“Kurt?” His intern looked confused. “Don’t tell me you’re finally getting...”

“None of your business,” Seb cut him off using his official doctor’s voice. “Please just do as I ask.”

Seb dashed off ahead to his office to change as his junior made the call. Seb hoped Kurt and Matilda wouldn’t be too disappointed. It wasn’t like he had a choice. This was a life or death situation for his patient. He would be able to see them both later.

Kurt was incredibly disappointed as he took the call from Seb’s intern Jason. He understood though. He knew dating a paediatric surgeon at New York City’s biggest hospital was going to be challenging. Children’s lives had to trump a trip to the park. He’d really been looking forward to seeing Seb though, maybe sneaking a kiss or two as they pushed Matilda on the swings or played fetch with Chuckles. Occasionally Elliott went shopping with Kurt and Matilda but Kurt had never had someone who wanted to share all the domestic stuff with him before like putting Tilly to bed or playing in the park like Sebastian wanted to. It felt special. Kurt liked it. Kurt liked Sebastian. He couldn’t believe it considering their rocky relationship in high school but it was true. Sebastian was caring and kind and hot. A real life superhero. He saved kid’s lives. Kurt was proud of him, of the man he’d become.

Matilda though was not as happy. Her tantrum in this instance was uncharacteristically loud and long. Tears galore as she threw herself on the sofa, punching and kicking the cushions as she screamed over and over. “It’s not fair. It’s not fair. He’s never going to be my daddy now.”

Kurt attempted to calm her. He learnt a while back though that when she got like this that there was no getting through to her. These things just had to run their course. She would wear herself out soon enough.

“We can still go the park,” Kurt offered sometime later as she drew breath. “Chuckles still needs a walk.”

“No,” Matilda glared at him. “This is all your fault. I don’t want to go anywhere with you. I hate you. You scared him away.” She stormed upstairs to her room throwing a decorative cushion at Kurt as she passed. “I hate you,” she repeated spitefully as she retreated.

Kurt stared after her open mouthed bending down to pick up the cushion and return it to the sofa. “And you stay up there,” he yelled lamely up at her as he heard her bed room door slam closed.

“Ugh,” he groaned as he flopped down in his recliner defeated. He was horrible at conflict with Matilda. He recognised that her behaviour was unacceptable but he lacked the strength to discipline her harshly. She’d been through so much in her short life and he didn’t believe in smacking children. That was wrong. Violence was never the answer. She was only 6 and he was a grown man. It was hardly a fair fight and in this instance he could almost feel where she was coming from. He’d wanted to throw a tantrum himself when he’d been told Seb couldn’t make it. This time Matilda was right it wasn’t fair.

Kurt leaned back in his recliner and took a moment to catch his breath. With their planned trip to the park a bust he’d need to find something else to occupy their day. Maybe he’d get out the craft box and Matilda could make Seb a card or perhaps they could bake some cookies for when he came over next. Kurt wasn’t sure when that might be. He was just starting to calm himself down from Matilda’s tantrum when a knock came at the door. He wasn’t expecting anyone. Just as he stood to answer it his phone began to ring.

“Hang on,” he called to who ever was at the door as he quickly answered the phone without checking caller ID.

“Hi,” he answered impatiently.

“Kurt!” a too bright, too bubbly voice exclaimed.

“Blaine,” Kurt deadpanned. “This really isn’t a good time. Can I call you back?” Kurt had no intention of calling him back. Their relationship was over. Part of that meant not having to see him anymore or talk to him.

“You And Smythe huh?” Blaine wasn’t taking the hint. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I have someone at the door. I need to go,” Kurt’s tone was firm as he answered the door.

“I have a delivery for Kurt Hummel,” a very dapperly dressed delivery guy holding the largest arrangement of red roses Kurt had ever seen smiled.

Kurt ended his phone call and tucked his phone in his pocket. “I’m Kurt,” he gasped excitedly. “They’re for me?” He gestured to the roses. “They’re gorgeous.”

“I’ll need you to sign for them,” He passed the arrangement to Kurt as Kurt’s phone began to ring again.

Kurt ignored it, Undoubtedly just Blaine again, and brought his roses inside and sat them on the table. They really were beautiful. He returned to the door and signed, thanking and tipping the delivery guy generously from his wallet before closing the door.

“Who was it?” A tiny timid voice asked from the stairs.

“Someone sent us roses,” Kurt smiled softly at his daughter. He reached out his hand to her. “How about you help me find the card?”

“They’re so pretty,” she stepped forward accepting Kurt’s hand. “There’s so many of them.”

“I know right?” Kurt chuckled.

“I bet they’re from Dr Seb,” she giggled. “He likes us Daddy.”

“Well let’s see,” Kurt said lifting her up onto a chair so she could reach the card.

She opened it quickly. “Dear Kurt,” she read. “I’m sorry I had to can... can, this is a hard word,” she frowned, passing Kurt the card.

Kurt read on. “I’m sorry I had to cancel our plans. I’d rather be with you but it was a life or death situation. Enjoy your 24 roses. One for every hour of every day I’m thinking of you.
With love S.”

“He loves you,” Matilda smiled. “Are there kisses on the bottom?”

“There are 3,” Kurt showed Matilda the card, blinking away the tears welling in his eyes. The flowers alone were so romantic but the message took things to whole other level. There was no way Kurt could deny as his phone rang for a third time that his new boyfriend Sebastian Smythe was about the sweetest man alive.

Kurt sighed contentedly, sniffing at a rose as he answered his phone.

“You hung up on me,” Blaine complained.

“I don’t know what we could possibly have to talk about?” Kurt groaned as Matilda admired the roses.

“Are you really dating Sebastian?” Blaine had the gumption to sound hurt.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Kurt responded dryly. “My private life stopped being your business when you started sharing your privates with the entire community.”

“I made a mistake,” Blaine admitted. “It was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that to you. Surely though I deserve a second chance.”

“You has a second chance Blaine and a third one,” Kurt couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “I’m done giving you chances. I’m with Sebastian. He’s kind and romantic and stable and he loves Matilda. Can’t you just accept that and be happy that I’m happy?”

“What are you doing today?” Blaine wasn’t giving up.

“Matilda and I are baking today,” Kurt smiled at his daughter.

“No Sebastian?” Blaine pushed. “Do I sense trouble in paradise?”

“He’s working,” Kurt supplied reluctantly. “He’s a paediatric surgeon. Children’s lives depend on him.”

“Isn’t that lovely?” Blaine responded sarcastically. “So what are we baking today?”

“Cookies,” Kurt replied through gritted teeth. “In fact I have to go now so we can get started.”

“Great,” Blaine replied enthusiastically. “I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” He ended the call before Kurt could protest. Kurt growled in frustration. Today was just going from bad to worse.

Chapter Text

“Ehh, Just stop. You’re doing it wrong,” Matilda glared with annoyance at Blaine as he poured two cups of flour into a mixing bowl. “The sugar and butter go in first. Everyone knows that.”

“Everyone knows that when your father and I get back together Melissa, I’m shipping you off to boarding school,” Blaine sneered, after checking that Kurt was still in the bathroom and out of ear shot.

“My name is Matilda,” the child rolled her eyes. “And if you think my dad is getting back with you, you are even stupider than your stupid hair looks.”

“You are such a rotten little brat,” Blaine growled.

Matilda shrugged and scrunched up her face at her “uncle” in disgust. “You know we are making these cookies for Dr Seb don’t you?” She flashed Blaine her cheekiest grin. “He’s going to be my new daddy.”

“Good,” Blaine snapped in frustration. He despised this child. In fact he wasn’t fond of children in general but this one seemed to be the worst with her bratty attitude and smart mouth. Blaine was almost certain her parents had probably set their own house on fire just to be rid of her. “He can take you with him when he leaves.”

“Actually,” Kurt piped in from right behind Blaine looking furious, “I think you should leave. Don’t you ever speak to my daughter like that. What’s wrong with you? She’s just a child.”

“,” Blaine stuttered sheepishly.

“Save it,” Kurt cut him off. “I didn’t want you here in the first place. I welcomed you to try and be polite but I’m done. I’ve moved on Blaine. I’ve found someone really special. I think you should try to do the same.”

“Sebastian? Special?” Blaine scoffed. “I guess if whores are your thing he’s very special.”

“Get out!” Kurt roared, pointing at this front door, as Matilda cowered behind the counter startled and Chuckles barked at the back door. “I’ve had enough! Whatever goes on between Seb and I is none of your concern. You treated me horribly. You’re unkind to my kid and rude about my boyfriend. I don’t want you here. Go!”

“Fine,” Blaine shot back, his face red with anger. “Settle for him and this mediocre life with this demon child Kurt but you’ll live to regret it. One day, not too far from now you’ll come crawling after me with your tail between your legs begging me to take you back. I hope by then Kurt it’s not too late. I won’t wait forever.”

“I want a divorce,” Kurt responded calmly, moving to Matilda’s side. He picked her up from the floor and held her close, comforting her as tears of fear ran silently down her cheeks. She was getting taller, a little heavier. That had crept up on him. “It’s okay poppet,” he whispered into her hair with a soft smile and a kiss.

She snuggled into him as Blaine headed for the front door.

“As long as you’re with him I’ll never sign the papers,” Blaine smirked snidely over his shoulder, plucking a rose from the vase on the table before opening the door. “Have a nice day,” he taunted, ripping the head off it and letting the petals and stem fall to floor before the door clicked closed behind him.

“I hate him,” Matilda muttered, wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Me too,” Kurt agreed with soft chuckle. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Matilda nodded reassuringly. “It’s just scary when grown ups yell.”

“I know.” Kurt sighed, looking at the destroyed flower on the carpet. “I’m really sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” she playfully bopped his nose. “But daddy?”

“Yeah,” Kurt couldn’t help smiling at the adorable kid in his arms.

“Blaine said Dr Seb’s a whore. What’s a whore?”

“Um...” Kurt grimaced, placing his daughter back down on her feet and taking a moment to choose his words carefully. He crouched down to her level making eye contact. “That’s a grown up word honey,” he began to explain. “I guess you could say it’s a person who gets paid money to love lots of other people. It’s like their job,” Kurt blushed at his poor explanation.

“But Dr Seb’s job is to work at the hospital taking care of kids,” Matilda looked confused. “Does he have two jobs?”

“No, he doesn’t,” Kurt shook his head, trying to find the quickest way to end this awkward conversation, as he crossed the room and began to collect up the rose petals. “He’s an amazing doctor. Remember how well he fixed your arm. Don’t pay any attention to Blaine. He’s not a nice man. He tells lies.”

“I know he does,” Matilda responded very seriously. “He said you were going to be with him and send me to boarding school. I don’t want to go. What about Eddie?”

“You aren’t going to boarding school. Chuckles and I would miss you way too much and I’d have no buddy to help me make cookies,” Kurt reassured the child, as he placed the flower sadly in the trash. He looked up at the overflowing vase on the table. At least he still had plenty more roses. Blaine might have destroyed one but he could never take away the sentiment behind them, no matter how awful he was.

“I don’t really feel like making cookies right now,” Matilda looked guiltily between her father and all the cookie ingredients spread across the countertop.

“Me either,” Kurt smiled softly at his little girl. “It will just take us a minute to put all this away and then we can find something else to do.”

“Can I let Chuckles inside?” Matilda pleaded. “He can help.”

“Chuckles can help put away the flour and the butter and the sugar? Are you sure?” Kurt narrowed his eyes, teasing Tilly despite how shaken up he still felt inside.

“Yes,” Matilda nodded knowingly, “He can supervise but not the chocolate chips. Chocolate makes dogs very sick.”

“That’s true,” Kurt nodded, beginning to clear the countertop. “You can let him in.”

Matilda ran to the door, obviously feeling better. She watched as Kurt poured the flour from the mixing bowl back into the container. “He’s so stupid. He didn’t even know that the butter and sugar go in first,” Matilda commented as she let Chuckles inside. She giggled as the dog spun around excitedly chasing its tiny tail.

“Never mind,” Kurt chuckled softly taking in the adorable pair. He felt so lucky to have such a precious little family and now he had a boyfriend too to make it even better. He just wished Seb could be here with them, but understood that what he was doing right now, saving a child’s life was way more important.

It was way later, Matilda was tucked away fast asleep in bed, worn out after a fun afternoon at the local swimming pool. Kurt was in his Flash Pyjamas curled up in his recliner reading a little more of his book “Something like Summer.” He sniffed, a tear running down his cheek. This book was killing him. He was never going to get through the entire series without a broken heart. “Poor Jace. He deserved so much better,” Kurt thought to himself, reaching for a Kleenex from the coffee table as a knock came at the door.

Kurt sighed, wiping his eyes as he got up from his chair, placing his book face down on the table so he wouldn’t lose his page. He wasn’t expecting anyone.
“Who is it?” He checked, padding barefoot across the carpet, praying it wasn’t Blaine returning. If it was he might just call the police. He couldn’t take anymore of him.

“It’s your favourite doctor,” a tired familiar voice responded from the other side.

“My favourite doctor?” Kurt couldn’t keep the smile from his face. “Doesn’t ring any bells. You might have to jog my memory.”

“Tall, handsome drink of water, green eyes...” Kurt could hear the flirt in Sebastian’s voice.

“Na,” Kurt fought back a giggle, beginning to unlock the door. “Nothing.”

“Incredible ass,” Sebastian continued as Kurt opened the door to him. “Amazing kisser,” he added with his sexiest smirk as he pushed his way inside, nailing Kurt to the wall with his body to demonstrate. “I fucking missed you today,” He breathlessly buried his hands in Kurt’s hair as he devoured his mouth hungrily. Kurt responded eagerly his hands travelling to Seb’s ass as they kissed.

“Me too,” Kurt gasped against Seb’s lips when they eventually paused for breath. “Hi,” he smiled shyly.

“Hi,” Seb chuckled, unable to resist pecking Kurt’s lips again as his hands dropped to Kurt’s waist. “How was your day boyfriend?”

“Perfect, now you’re here,” Kurt playfully kissed back. “How was yours?”

“Exhausting but I had to see you,” Seb rested his forehead affectionately against Kurt’s. “I see you got the flowers. I’m sorry I had to cancel.”

“Yes, They’re gorgeous. Thank you. And you’re here now. That’s what matters,” Kurt reassured his new partner, extending his leg behind Seb to finally push the front door shut. “You’re staying right?”

“I dunno,” Seb looked unsure, pulling back a little to lock the door before returning to Kurt’s embrace. “It’s kinda hard to resist you. You’re adorable in your Flash jammies.”

“Stay for a glass of wine at least. Have you eaten?” Kurt tried to hide his blush as his parenting instincts began to kick in.

“I came straight here,” Seb kissed Kurt softly again. “from surgery. I was worried you’d already be in bed. It’s late.”

“I was reading,” Kurt smiled. “But if I’d been in bed I’d have gotten up for you or you could have come and joined me.”

“Are you flirting with me Kurt Hummel?” Seb chuckled.

“Maybe,” Kurt raised an eyebrow smirking, as he slid out from the tight space between Sebastian and the wall. “But first I need to feed you. I have steaks in the fridge I could grill you one up quickly.”

“I do love meat,” Seb followed Kurt into the kitchen.

“I bet you do,” Kurt giggled immaturely as he opened his fridge, pulling out the plate of steaks and then some salad greens and other veggies. “Salad okay?”

“Sounds perfect,” Seb smiled gratefully. He’d snagged himself a good one here not to mention stunning to boot. Seb couldn’t get enough of looking at him. “Let me help,” he offered, mostly just wanting to get closer to Kurt.

“I won’t hear of it,” Kurt stopped him short, bending over to pull his electric grill from the bottom cupboard. Sebastian ogled his ass hungrily, making no effort to hide his appreciation of Kurt’s body.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” he complimented Kurt. “So beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Kurt blushed again. He wasn’t used to being praised. Elliott occasionally said similar things but that was only in the bedroom in the heat of the moment. It meant nothing. Blaine had never bothered at all, more interested in having Kurt compliment and please him. Kurt brushed the thoughts of Blaine aside and focussed instead on the sweet handsome man in his kitchen. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“Not too bad?” Seb scoffed his smile wide. “How rude!”

Kurt laughed. “How do you like your steak?” He asked plugging in and turning on the grill.

“Medium-rare please,” Seb responded politely, stifling a yawn.

“Coming up,” Kurt smiled, beginning the salad while he waited for the grill to heat. “I like having you here,” he told Seb openly as Seb watched him peel a carrot.

“I like being here,” Seb moved around behind Kurt, resting his chin on Kurt’s shoulder and wrapping his arms around him. “You smell so good,” Seb uttered softly against Kurt’s ear, pulling the lobe between his teeth.

“Careful,” Kurt tilted his head slightly allowing Seb better access. “I’ll cut myself.”

“It’s okay,” Seb placed soft closed mouth kisses against Kurt’s pulse point and down his neck. “I’m a doctor.”

Kurt moaned softly arching his body back against Seb’s. Moving onto the red pepper he turned his head to capture Seb’s lips with his own. “I need to put your steak on,” he whined, clearly wanting the delicious assault on his body to continue.

“I’m not stopping you,” Seb sucked at Kurt’s bottom lip, dragging it seductively between his teeth.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me,” Kurt groaned pushing Seb’s hand down from his stomach to the significant bulge in his pyjama pants.

Sebastian squeezed gently, pulling Kurt back against him so Kurt could feel his arousal against his ass. “I think I do,” he whispered. “Maybe the steak can wait huh?”

“Seb?” Kurt sounded uncertain. He turned in Sebastian arms to look him in the face.

“Kurt?” Seb stroked his cheek softly. He leaned in, brushing his lips barely against Kurt’s. “I need you,” he moaned softly, deepening the kiss. “I’ve waited years for this Kurt. I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

“Yeah, okay,” Kurt nodded, smiling against Seb’s lips. Reluctantly he pulled away, quickly turning off the grill and returning the steak to the fridge. “This way,” he uttered gripping Seb’s waist and kissing him hungrily as he pushed him forcefully toward the bedroom.

Chapter Text

“Don’t answer it. Pleeeeease,” Kurt pleaded with desperation against the delicious lightly marked skin of Sebastian’s neck as the phone in Seb’s discarded pants pocket began to ring.

“I have to,” Seb replied breathlessly, his expression regretful as he gazed into Kurt’s lust blown eyes. “I’m sorry babe. It’s work and it could be an emergency.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” Kurt tried to sound convincing as he pulled Seb closer.

“Babe,” Seb groaned in frustration as he reluctantly pulled away and reached for his phone. “I’ll be quick I promise.”

Kurt frowned but nodded throwing himself back against his pillows as Seb mouthed “I’m sorry,” and took the call out in the kitchen.

Kurt couldn’t hear what Seb was saying but took it as a bad sign when Seb returned looking for his pants and shoes.
“I have to go,” he informed Kurt apologetically. “My transplant patient in ICU has become critical and the surgeon on call is run off her feet. I shouldn’t be more than an hour. I can come back. I really want to come back.”

Kurt looked at the alarm clock by his bed. “It’s late,” he mumbled dejectedly. “Matilda is always up at dawn. How about another night?”

“Right,” Seb huffed, impatiently pulling on his pants. He was pissed off that once again his job was getting in the way of his time with Kurt. “I do really want to be here with you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Kurt grimaced as Seb sat on the edge of his bed to tie his shoes. “Duty calls.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” Seb promised, leaning down to peck Kurt’s lips tenderly.

Kurt smiled softly against his boyfriend’s mouth. “I’ll hold you to that.”

Seb sighed, kissing Kurt again. “Can I come by tomorrow night?”

Kurt nodded. “I’d like that,” he agreed, watching Seb as he stood to leave. “Let me walk you out. I need to lock up properly anyway.”

Kurt pulled his half naked body from the bed and walked Sebastian to the front door.

“You have no idea how difficult it is to leave all this,” Seb eyed Kurt’s body hungrily, taking his hand while kissing him goodbye. “You’re gorgeous.”

“Good night Sebastian,” Kurt let his fingers fall from Seb’s grasp as they kissed tenderly again.

“Sweet Dreams boyfriend,” Seb uttered quietly, stepping outside as Kurt held the door open for him. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Kurt nodded, shivering a little as he glanced longingly after Seb before slowly easing the door closed. He sighed heavily in frustration while locking up then turned off the lights and padded quietly upstairs to check his daughter. Thanks to Blaine, she’d had a rather anxious day but was now sleeping soundly with Chuckles nestled into her side. Kurt pecked her forehead gently, pulled her blankets up a little higher then headed down to his own bed. She was such a beautiful child. Kurt couldn’t understand why Blaine had chosen to be so cruel to her after all she’d been through. He was furious about it. It had definitely been the final straw. He had every intention of pursuing a divorce, not just to rid himself of Blaine but also to give himself the opportunity to explore his new budding relationship with Sebastian to its full potential.
With his new beau on his mind Kurt climbed tiredly under his rumpled covers, breathing in the scent of Seb’s cologne on the linens. It was addicting and arousing, much like Sebastian and as Kurt nestled down under his covers with a raging boner he began to regret declining Seb’s request to return later in the night. He considered calling him but decided unselfishly not to distract him from his life saving work. They would have tomorrow night and many more nights after that. There was no rush, except now Kurt had had a little taste of Sebastian. He now knew what Seb’s skin felt like under his touch, what it tasted like against this tongue. He now knew the beautiful arousing sounds Sebastian made when he was touched just right and although he was yet to see it in all it’s glory he knew what Seb’s generous length felt like pushed against him, pulsing with need. It made him want Seb all the more. He moaned softly, thinking about it. He couldn’t help himself. He reached beneath his Pyjama pants and gripped himself. He stroked roughly, already leaking. This wasn’t going to take long at all. He licked his lips, still tasting Seb on them and with 3 more tugs was done. His back arching off his mattress and his eyes rolling back as he exploded into his hand with Seb’s name falling from his lips.
“This is so bad,” Kurt thought to himself as he wiped off his hand on his pants and rolled over onto his side. Now relaxed his eyes dropped closed and he was soon sound asleep.
For Sebastian the night was significantly different, devastating even. He’d been met with absolute chaos as he’d entered the ICU. His transplant patient, a small boy had gone into cardiac arrest just moments before his arrival and staff were running from every direction to assist with the emergency. Even with Dr. Seb’s intervention it took them 20 minutes and a lot of hard work to get his heart beating regularly again.

“That was close. Well done ladies and gentleman,” Dr. Sebastian praised his team as he stepped back exhausted. “That was great work.”

He began to write on the patient’s chart, politely informing the duty nurse of the care and medications required.

She smiled agreeably asking the appropriate questions. “It was lucky you got here so quickly” she added gratefully. “Looks like I interrupted an exciting evening for you though,” she smirked, pointing to the light hickey on Seb’s neck. “I’m sure that wasn’t there earlier.

Seb grinned bashfully choosing to ignore her teasing. “You all seemed to have it under control,” he replied assuredly, just before the child’s monitors all began to go berserk again.

Without any hesitation the staff returned, beginning resuscitation all over again but this time to no avail. “Fuck it,” Dr Sebastian cursed unprofessionally approximately 45 minutes later. He wiped sweat from his forehead with the back of his sleeve. “It’s over guys. Stop.”

He switched off the beeping monitor as he watched all his staff step back sombrely. This night really couldn’t get any worse for him. Looking up at the clock on the wall he called it. “Time of death. 3:28am.” He removed his gloves angrily, tossed them into the bin beside the bed and stormed from the room.

“Fuck,” he cursed again, tears streaking his cheeks as he headed outside for air. He was so pissed. He’d spent all those hours today operating, did everything he could, missed out on all that time with Kurt and Matilda and the kid had died anyway. Sometimes his job totally sucked ass. He took a few deep breaths, wiped his eyes and composed himself before heading inside to call the family. This was by far the worst part of his job, having to tell a parent that their child was gone, that despite his best efforts they wouldn’t get to ever hold them again, to tuck them into bed with a story, hear their laugh or their voice. It was heartbreaking. Right now more than anything Seb just wanted to be on Kurt’s lounge with Kurt by his side and Matilda snuggled in his lap watching Moana or Tangled or whatever movie Matilda wanted. He knew that the parents he was about to speak to would never know that pleasure again with their child and that it was his fault. Not that he’d done anything wrong but his patients were his responsibility and somehow he’d lost this one. It wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last but it still hurt. He wouldn’t be a good doctor if it didn’t.
He walked thoughtfully back to his office and made the call, calmly and kindly explaining the complications to the bereaved parents and expressing his regret. Once it was over he ended it, slumped back in his chair and sobbed, completely heart broken just as he always was whenever he lost a child. As his tears eventually ebbed and he caught his breath all he think of was his Kurt, his new boyfriend. He knew the time. It was after 4am but right now he needed Kurt more than he’d ever needed anyone. He needed to hear his comforting voice, so without hesitation he called. What else could he do?

Of course Kurt answered, his sleepy hello full of concern.
“I lost him,” Seb barely got out before the tears flowed again. “He was just a kid like Matilda and I lost him.”

“Aww honey,” Kurt was sympathetic even in his sleep hazed state. “I’m so sorry. What do you need? What can I do?”

“It’s okay,” Seb shook his head, suddenly feeling rude for calling and dumping his troubles on Kurt at 4am. “I’m okay. I’m sorry. Go back to sleep.”

“You’re crying Sebby. You’re obviously not okay as if I would be able to go back to sleep,” Kurt spoke compassionately. “Come over,” he offered gently. “Nothing has to happen. Just come. We can talk or just not talk together. Whatever you need.”

“I’d like that,” Seb replied quietly unconsciously sniffing. “But what about Matilda?”

“She’ll be up in a couple of hours and she’d love you to see you,” Kurt insisted. “We’ll make waffles for breakfast. Cheer you up.”

“Are you sure?” Sebastian didn’t want to impose.

“Let us be here for you Seb,” Kurt requested sincerely. “I know this is new. I haven’t even had the pleasure of seeing you naked yet but this is real for me and I want to support you if I can. You wouldn’t have called at 4am if you didn’t need me.”

“I’ll always need you,” Seb whispered honestly.

“I’ll see you soon then,” Kurt smiled sadly.

“Thank you Kurt,” Seb replied gratefully. He ended the call, stood and headed out to his car, stopping in the men’s room on his way out to wash his tear stained face.

Kurt alternatively jumped from his bed to frantically change out of his cum soaked pyjama pants before his grief strickened new boyfriend arrived on his door step seeking comfort. Despite the circumstances and the time, Kurt couldn’t wait to see. He cleaned himself up in the bathroom, tossing his soiled pants in the laundry hamper before heading out to the kitchen to put on coffee. He was going to need it and he had a feeling his beautiful new boyfriend might need some too.

Chapter Text

Wrapped in his fluffy lemon coloured bathrobe, Kurt greeted Sebastian at his front door with open arms. An emotionally and physically exhausted Sebastian fell into his embrace with relief.
“Are you okay?” Kurt asked softly, kissing Seb’s hair and gently stroking his back.

“Not so much,” Seb shook his head, deeply inhaling to keep the tears at bay as he held Kurt tight.

“Come in babe,” Kurt released Seb, taking his hand and guiding him inside before closing and locking the door behind them. “You must be exhausted.”

“Yeah a bit,” Seb agreed, smiling sadly. “I’m so glad to see you though.” He pulled Kurt close by the hand and kissed him tenderly.

“Me too,” Kurt kissed him back. “Do you want to talk?” He gestured towards his sofa.

“Is it okay if I don’t right now?” Seb didn’t want to offend. He really didn’t want to think about the loss of the kid right now. He simply just wanted to be, here, in this moment, with his Kurt.

“Of course,” Kurt assured him. “Whatever you need.”

“Water would be good,” Seb licked at his dry lips. “Then maybe could we just lay together and hold each other for a bit, if that’s okay?”

“I’d love that,” Kurt responded honestly, leading Seb by the hand into the kitchen. He released his grip to open the fridge and get Seb a bottle of water. He handed it to him. “Are you hungry?” Kurt asked as Seb accepted it gratefully.

“I might take one of these apples if that’s okay,” Seb eyed the full fruit bowl on counter top as he opened his water and took a long gulp.

“Of course it’s fine,” Kurt chose an apple from the top and rinsed it off before giving it to his partner. “I leave that dish there for Matilda hoping she’ll choose fruit over cookies for snacks. Sometimes it works.”

Sebastian smiled as he put his water down and took a large bite of the crispy apple. “This is good,” he spoke around the half chewed bite then swallowed. “Sorry shouldn’t talk with my mouth full. It’s disgusting.”

“It really is,” Kurt chuckled, offering Seb a coffee as he poured himself a cup.

“I’m good with water,” Seb shook his head, “I really need to sleep at some point.”

“When do you have to be back at work?” Seb looked so tired. Kurt made no attempt to hide his concern as he sipped his steamy beverage.

Seb continued to eat his apple, checking the clock on Kurt’s microwave. “In a bit over 9 hours,” he sighed. “Afternoon shift starts at 3pm.”

“Lets go to bed then,” Kurt offered, taking his mug with him and leading the way to his bedroom.

“That’s very forward of you Mr Hummel,” Seb teased, dropping his apple core into Kurt’s trash can and grabbing his water before following him.

Kurt grinned, placing his coffee on his side table then removing his robe. He draped it over the chair before climbing into bed and patting the empty side to prompt Seb to join him.

“This isn’t exactly what I had in mind for my first night spent in your bed,” Seb pouted removing his shoes and clothes down to his underwear.

“Sorry I’m so rude,” Kurt unintentionally eyed Sebastian’s lean body. Seb really was beautiful. “Do you want some pj’s or at least a tshirt? Might be a good idea in case Tilly decides to join us when she wakes.”

“Of course,” Seb hadn’t thought of that. “You’re okay with her seeing me in your bed?”

“She’s too little to understand the implications of us being in bed together,” Kurt got up and went to his drawers pulling out a tshirt and sweat pants for Seb. “She’ll just be excited to see you.”

“I guess she’s seen men in your bed in the morning before.” Jealousy instantly struck Seb as the words fell from his lips. The thought of other men in Kurt’s bed left a very sour taste in this mouth.

Kurt frowned handing Seb the clothes to put on. “Not something I make a habit of actually,” he replied diplomatically. He had no desire to talk about Elliott or any other past lovers with Sebastian so soon.

“I didn’t mean to imply...” Seb’s voice trailed off as he began to slip into Kurt’s clothes. They were a tiny bit snugger than he usually wore but they smelt like Kurt and that alone was comforting.

“I’m obviously not a virgin,” Kurt supplied as he climbed back into bed. “There have been men before you Seb but I promise that as long as you and I are together no other man will be in my bed but you.”

“So we are exclusive?” Seb clarified climbing under the covers.

Kurt nodded.

“Shit,” Seb smirked, pulling Kurt into his arms. “I probably shouldn’t have hooked up with that tatted up orderly tonight at work then.”

Kurt glared playfully at the man in his arms knowing he wasn’t serious. “Is that your type?” He asked curiously.

“You’re my type,” Seb snuggled closer, brushing his lips against Kurt’s.

“Good answer,” Kurt giggled, deepening the kiss a little.

“So what’s your type? Short, too much gel, unattractive?” Sebastian teased, rubbing noses playfully with Kurt.

“Apparently it used to be,” Kurt rolled his eyes. “He came by earlier today.”

“Really? Why?” Seb tried hide to how much that annoyed him.

“Because he cant take a hint,” Kurt sighed. “He was so rude to Tilly. I told him I want a divorce and kicked him out.”

“Why would he be rude to your daughter?” Seb was confused. “She’s adorable.”

“Because he’s an asshole,” Kurt offered. “I don’t even know. I do know I really don’t want to spend our scarce time together talking about him.” Kurt softly brushed Seb’s hair back from his face, burying his hand in it before leaning in for another kiss.

Seb moaned softly against Kurt’s lips, savouring the moment. He couldn’t remember ever just being in bed with a man he liked without fucking. This was so nice. He was sure fucking Kurt would be nice too, actually way better than nice but for right now with the way he was feeling, after the awful night he’d had, this was perfect. Exactly what he needed.

“Please don’t be offended if I fall asleep on you. I promise it’s no reflection on the
quality of your company,” Sebastian yawned. “Today has been gruelling.”

“You should sleep,” Kurt offered. “I wouldn’t mind an extra hour before the princess wakes up.”

“She’s a great kid,” Seb smiled. “Big spoon or little spoon?”

“Wow,” Kurt grinned. “You’re a cuddler? I never would have suspected that about you.”

“It’s one of my favourite things with the right partner,” Seb pecked Kurt’s lips before rolling over. “I’ll be the little spoon.”

“You’re adorable,” Kurt reached up and turned off his lamp, then kissed Seb’s neck as he wrapped an arm affectionately around his middle.

“Watch that hand mister,” Seb teased, nudging Kurt’s arm up a little for comfort. “I’m not that kinda gal.”

“From what I’ve heard you’re exactly that kinda gal,” Kurt snuggled closer his front tight against Seb’s back. He kissed Seb’s shoulder. “Are you sure you’re okay Sebby?” he whispered into the darkness.

“I am when I’m with you,” Seb mumbled, obviously close to sleep. “Good night Kurt.”

“Good night,” Kurt nuzzled Seb’s shoulder with his nose, contentedly breathing him in. “Sweet dreams boyfriend.”


Matilda, with her hair a tangled mess, padded sleepily downstairs, rubbing her tired eyes.

“Come on Chuckles,” she mumbled impatiently, opening the back door for him. “You need to go out.”

Chuckles raced after her, as fast as his little legs could carry him, bouncing happily outside into the yard. He let out a little yip, a bird catching his attention on the lawn as Matilda closed the door.

She then headed for Kurt’s room, smiling to herself as she recognised the second occupant in Kurt’s bed from the doorway.
She tiptoed quietly across the carpet to Kurt, not wanting to wake Dr Seb who was snoring softly.

She tapped Kurt gently on the shoulder. “Good morning Daddy,” she grinned as he rolled over blinking sleepily at her. Seb stirred as Kurt released him, groaned softly in his sleep but didn’t wake.

“Good morning baby girl,” Kurt whispered, pulling back the covers to let her. “Did you sleep well?”

“Daddy?” She giggled. She climbed into bed, bopping Kurt’s nose once she was settled. “Dr Seb is here.”

“I can see that,” Kurt couldn’t help giggling too.

“What is he doing here? Were you kissing and stuff? Is he my new dad now? Please say he’s my new dad now,” Matilda babbled with excitement.

“That remains to be seen,” Kurt replied evasively with a soft tone.

“I really like him Daddy,” Matilda watched Seb sleep over Kurt’s shoulder.

“Me too Kiddo,” Kurt smiled wide.

“Is that so?” Seb piped up, rolling over with a smirk. He wrapped an arm around Kurt, kissing his hair as he snuggled against his back. “Good morning,” he mumbled smiling drowsily at Matilda.

“We didn’t mean to wake you,” Kurt apologised, raising Seb’s hand to his lips to kiss it as he nestled back against him.

“You like us too, don’t you?” Matilda asked, her voice uncertain.

“Very much,” Seb nodded, now softly stroking Kurt’s abdomen beneath the covers.

It was all Kurt could do not to purr. This was his vision of the perfect morning. A beautiful man and his beautiful daughter both cuddled up with him in bed.

“You know what?” Kurt raised an eyebrow at Matilda. “Last night I might of promised Dr Seb waffles for breakfast this morning.”

“Yes!” Matilda squealed with excitement. “I make the bestest best yummiest waffles ever. Dr Seb you’re going to love them. I’ll even put strawberries on yours if you want and syrup or bananas or Daddy can cook bacon if you want.”

“Strawberries sound delicious,” Sebastian chuckled at the child’s enthusiasm.

“Right,” Kurt chuckled in unison. “That’s settled then. Why don’t you jump up and get all the ingredients ready? I’ll be out in a minute to help you while we let Dr Seb sleep some more. He worked very late last night.”

“Okay,” Matilda agreed, climbing out of bed and dashing out into the kitchen.

“I don’t mind helping,” Seb turned Kurt in his arms and kissed him good morning.

“I know,” Kurt kissed back passionately tangling his legs with Seb’s, drawing him in as close as he could. “You look so damn sexy in my bed, in my clothes.”

“How long do you think it will take her to find those ingredients?” Seb asked raising a suggestive eyebrow as his hand travelled south to squeeze Kurt’s butt.

“Unfortunately probably not long enough,” Kurt growled in frustration, “considering the first time I have you I want to devour every single inch of you.”

“There’s only 8 inches,” Seb smirked, guiding to Kurt’s hand to his growing erection. “How long can that possibly take?”

“8 inches?” Kurt sounded sceptical. He kissed Seb’s neck giving his swelling cock a gentle rub through his sweat pants. “I’d guess closer to 9.”

“Daddy?” Matilda called from the kitchen. “What’s taking so long? I can’t reach the syrup.”

“Just give me a minute. I’m coming,” Kurt called back impatiently, giving Seb a squeeze through the fleece fabric.

“I’m not far off myself,” Seb muttered almost under his breath grinding into Kurt’s hand. “Touch me Kurt. It’s been so long for me.”

Despite desperately willing away his own erection so he could get up to assist his daughter in the kitchen Kurt was unable to resist his gorgeous boyfriend’s plea. He slipped his hand beneath the elastic waist band of Seb’s pants, into his underwear and gripped him tight. He stroked Seb’s significant length as well as he could within the confinement of the clothing, enjoying the sweet soft gasps escaping Seb’s pretty lips.

“Come for me baby,” Kurt whispered breathlessly against Seb ear, moving his hand a little faster.

“Kurt,” Seb sighed quietly, afraid Matilda might hear. “You have magic hands...So good.” He rutted his hips rapidly, his toes soon curling and his eyes closing in ecstasy as he orgasmed, spurting hard over Kurt’s fist.

“You’re so beautiful,” Kurt admired the stunning man writhing before him. He gave him a moment to come down before loosening his grip then bringing his hand to his mouth to taste.

“You’re so dirty,” Sebastian mouthed, having never seen anything so hot in his life. “That was incredible.”

“Daddy?!” Matilda appeared in the bedroom doorway stamping her little foot and cutting Kurt off before he could reply . “Are we making waffles or not?”

“We are,” Kurt blushed, looking apologetically at Seb as he discretely wiped his hand clean and adjusted himself beneath the covers. “Dr Seb was just telling me a story.”

“Hmm,” Matilda seemed unimpressed. “I’m hungry.”

“Okay,” Kurt pecked Seb’s lips and reluctantly got out of bed. “Take your time getting up,” he suggested. “I’ll let you know when they are ready.”

“Thanks,” Seb smiled, laying back relaxed in his after glow.

“Let’s make waffles,” Kurt beamed at Matilda, passing by her into the kitchen.

“Awesome,” Matilda smiled back following Kurt to the kitchen counter.

Kurt washed his hands and then the two of them busied themselves making waffles. They’d done it together often and had a rhythm going where Matilda measured, poured and stirred, while Kurt dealt with anything hot or requiring sharp knives. Before too long they were plating up delicious waffles, topped with strawberries, syrup, ice cream and cream. Matilda carefully carried the 3 plates to the table while Kurt poured 2 coffee’s and a glass of grape juice. They then played a quick round of rock, paper, scissors to determine who got to wake Sebastian. Matilda won. Kurt watched with a smile as headed into his bedroom then quickly set about getting breakfast and water for Chuckles.

“Dr Seb?” Matilda called as approached Sebastian’s side of the bed. “The waffles are ready and they look delicious.” Her tone was sweet and warm. She was happy he was here. She could tell her dad was happy too. His eyes sparkled when he looked at Dr Seb.

“You don’t have to call me Dr Seb,” Seb smiled at the child as he pulled back the covers.

“I know,” Matilda reached for Seb’s hand as he got to his feet. “I think Dr Seb suits you and besides when you and Daddy get married it will be confusing to call you both daddy so I’ll be able to call you Dr Daddy.”

Seb looked down at the child with amusement. “I’m not sure your daddy and I will be getting married.”

“Sure you will,” Matilda declared confidently, tugging at Seb’s arm. “Come on it’s getting cold.”

“I’m sorry,” Seb giggled as the small girl dragged him past Kurt and also Chuckles who was now eating his own breakfast, to the dining table.

“These look and smell amazing,” Seb took in the table before him. “Which one is mine?”

Matilda pointed to the plate closest to where she stood. It was a slightly smaller portion than the other two. “This one is mine,” she informed Sebastian. “You sit next to Daddy.”

“Okay,” Sebastian smiled at Kurt as they sat down side by side at the table. He took a sip of his steaming coffee.

“I hope it’s okay,” Kurt sounded unsure. “I wasn’t sure how you like it. If it’s not strong enough I can make another pot.”

“Don’t worry, It’s perfect,” Seb assured him with a light pat to his forearm. “You’re forgetting I live on hospital instant coffee.”

“Can you come to the park with us after breakfast?” Matilda asked Sebastian as they all began to tuck into their waffles.

“I’d love to Matilda but I have to go to work this afternoon and I need to go home for a little more sleep so I can take care of all the kids at the hospital safely, like I did for you when you hurt your arm,” Sebastian was as disappointed as he sounded. He’d have loved to go to the park with Kurt and his kid and their little dog. “Soon I promise.”

“Okay,” Matilda pouted. She understood that grown ups had to go to work. She didn’t like it though.

“Maybe when Dr Seb has a day off he’ll come for another sleepover and we’ll all go to the park and go for donuts after,” Kurt suggested.

“Maybe I could bring Eddie too,” Seb offered, between bites of his breakfast.

“Could you?” Matilda’s enthusiasm returned at the mention of her boyfriend. “That would be so fun.”

“As long as it’s okay with your dad and Eddie’s parent I don’t see a problem,” Seb smiled.

“Daddy won’t mind. Will you Daddy? Eddie can come to the park. We can play on the slide and go for donuts and we can have a sleep over all together and have pizza and watch Tangled and eat popcorn,” Matilda’s words came out in a flurry.

“Woah, slow down,” Kurt grinned at his daughter’s excitement. “We’ll talk to Eddie’s parents and take it from there.”

“Eddie’s dad is your brother. Is that right?” Matilda checked with Sebastian.

“That’s right,” Seb nodded taking another sip of his coffee.

“So when you’re my dad will Eddie be my brother? Cause I can’t be boyfriend’s with my brother,” Matilda suddenly seemed worried.

“Your dad?” Kurt blushed at Matilda’s assumption having not overhead her and Sebastian’s earlier conversation in the bedroom. “Honey, Dr Seb and I have just started seeing each other and right now I’m still married to Uncle Blaine.”

“I hate stupid Blaine,” Matilda cut Kurt off. “He’s a stupid jerkhead. He has ugly hair and a stupid ugly face.”

Kurt frowned a little at the child’s language, “We don’t call people stupid jerkheads.”

“We do if they are stupid jerkheads,” Matilda defended herself. “He’s ugly daddy and he’s mean. I don’t know why you married him.”

“I have to agree with her,” Sebastian piped up. “He is a stupid jerkhead.”

“You’re not helping,” Kurt and Seb both did their best to keep straight faces as Matilda added in a snarky “I told you so.”

“I was young and lonely and he wasn’t always like that,” Kurt wasn’t sure the last bit was completely true. “Besides you used to think he was okay Sebastian. I do recall you trying to seduce him in high school.”

“Only because you were out of my league,” Seb shrugged.

“I hated you so much,” Matilda gasped as Kurt spoke truthfully.

“And now?” Seb smirked, his eyebrow raised.

“Not so much,” Kurt leaned over pecking Seb’s lips affectionately. He hummed softly at the contact, tasting syrup, ice cream, a hint of coffee and Sebastian. Delicious.

“Ewww,” Matilda scrunched her face in disgust. “No kissie faces at the table. Stop!”

Kurt and Seb both laughed before kissing again. “Get used to it kiddo,” Kurt beamed. “I happen to like Dr Seb and intend to be kissing him a lot.”

“Icky,” Matilda’s tone lacked conviction, as she finished off her waffles and got up from the table. “I’m going to get dressed so don’t be kissing when I get back.”

“You know if we got married,” Kurt called after her teasing as she headed for the stairs, “we’d have to kiss at the wedding.”

“Whatever,” Matilda called back just before the couple heard her bedroom door close. They looked at each other laughing and just to spite Matilda they shared a long deep passionate kiss at the table.

“I’m going to need you to proceed with that divorce,” Sebastian informed Kurt breathlessly when their lips finally parted.
“My ego isn’t strong enough for me to be okay with dating someone else’s husband.”

“We haven’t even been on a real date yet,” Kurt reminded him, his defences instantly doing up. “You knew I was married to Blaine.”

“We can easily rectify the date thingy,” Sebastian’s tone suddenly turned serious, “but you need to sort out your marital status. I like you Kurt Hummel. I like you a lot, maybe too much and I really like your daughter too and I need to know before I invest too deeply in this that you’re not going back to him.”

“Of course I’m not,” Kurt was almost offended. “He threatened to send Tilly to boarding school. Do you think that’s the kind of guy I want my future to be with?”

“I hope not,” Sebastian gnawed nervously at his bottom lip. “I’m kinda hoping you might want it to be with me.”

It was such early days and although Kurt had considered a future with Seb really didn’t really know how to respond, so he said nothing.

Seb considered that a bad sign.

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In the wake of his previous night’s loss Sebastian arrived at work feeling defeated before his day had even begun. He made his way to his office, nodding cordially at each of his work colleagues as he passed them in the hall, relieved when he could close his door and shut himself away from them all. Sebastian seldom had panic attacks but this afternoon he could feel one festering. The only thing keeping it at bay was recalling his breakfast with Kurt and that adorable kid of his. It had been the most fun he’d ever had eating waffles and had confirmed every thought he’d ever had about wanting to settle down with a family. Those thoughts were very family specific these days. He knew it was early days but he was already picturing a future with Kurt and Matilda.

Sebastian crossed his large office to his desk. He sighed as he sat down and begun to go through the file of his departed transplant patient from the previous night. In his mind the surgery had gone flawlessly. There had to be something he’d missed though. A child didn’t just go into cardiac arrest for no reason. He was examining old scans and reading through past test results when his boss, the chief of surgery Calum Murray knocked at his door, poking his head around before Seb even had a chance to respond. “Don’t do that,” his boss frowned. “I read the report from your intern about the incident last night. Don’t torture yourself. We all lose patients. It’s the crappiest part of the job but it’s inevitable, even for you, the great doctor, Sebastian Smythe,” Calum teased kindly as he stepped into the office. “I have faith in you Sebastian. You’re a magnificent surgeon, the best I have on staff. You should be too with the hours you work. I’m sure if losing that young man was avoidable, you would have avoided it.”

“Thank you boss,” Sebastian replied humbly. “I appreciate that but a child doesn’t just go into cardiac arrest for no reason.”

“Major surgery is a big stress on a little tired body Sebastian. You know that,” his superior reminded him sympathetically. “I know the child was a long term patient of yours and that hurts but you have to move on now to the patients you can save. You can’t afford to dwell.”

“I know you’re right,” Sebastian agreed, gathering the scans and reports together and returning them to the file.

“I am?” Calum grinned, his eyes widening in surprise. “It does happen occasionally.

Sebastian chuckled insincerely, quietly tidying his desk. “Are you just here to check on me?” he asked curiously.

“Actually, no,” Calum replied, suddenly remembering why he’d bothered Sebastian in the first place. “I have some news that might cheer you up. I’ve been contacted by the CME, they are running a week long series of seminar’s in Aneheim and need someone to lecture on Paediatric leukaemia. I thought you might be interested. It will get you out of this place for a bit. It starts early next week so you have ample time to prepare. Take your wife and take an extra week off to see the sights while you’re out there. I’ve seen the hours you’ve been clocking up recently. You’ve earned it Sebastian.”

Sebastian grimaced. “I’m gay Calum. You know that. No wife and I’m really not sure I can afford 2 weeks away from here.”

“Nonsense,” Calum rolled his eyes at Seb with amusement. “You need the break and you owe to the medical community to share your expertise. I’m still getting calls from doctors saying how much they enjoyed your lecture in Canada.”

“It did go well,” Sebastian admitted.

“Get yourself organised then,” Calum grinned encouragingly. “Get your husband or boyfriend or whatever on board and go enjoy some time on the sunny west coast. Take a star tour or visit Disneyland. Whatever you two are into.”

“Actually I know my boyfriend’s daughter would love Disneyland,” Seb smiled
imagining Matilda’s excitement amongst the rides, characters and fan fare of disneyland. “She’s about 6 I think, an absolute delight.”

“Daughter?” Calum looked surprised. “You’re a step dad? There seems to be so much I don’t know about you.”

“It’s new,” Sebastian sighed contentedly. His thoughts returning to his much earlier breakfast. “I’m not really a step dad yet,” he clarified, realising how much he wanted to be. “I’ve found myself a pretty incredible man though.”

“They are all incredible in the beginning,” Calum sounded sceptical. “I’m glad you’re happy. You’re sounding like a man in love.”

“I hope it’s heading that way,” Sebastian nodded thinking how amazing it would be to have the honour of waking up beside Kurt ever morning, feeling Kurt’s warm body pressed against him, his arm wrapped affectionately around him. Sebastian wanted to be with Kurt now. He wanted to be with him all the time. It felt unfair that real life had to get in the way.

Calum smiled. “I’ll get my assistant to call and make the arrangements plus two for two weeks then?”

“I need to talk to Kurt and confirm,” Sebastian wasn’t sure of Kurt’s schedule or if he’d even want to go to California and then there was Matilda too. Seb wasn’t sure if Kurt would let her miss school or even when semester break might be. “I’ll let you know in the next day or two if that’s okay.”

“I look forward to meeting Kurt and his daughter,” Calum gave Seb an approving fatherly smile. “I hope you’ll bring them along to the next function here.”

“You know I rarely go to those myself,” Seb laughed “but sure.”

Calum shrugged. “We both have work to do, so I’ll leave you in peace,” he stepped back towards the door. “Have a good day and let me know as soon you can. The CME are keen to finalise their list.”

“No problem,” Sebastian responded automatically. His mind already wandering off to thoughts of Kurt and Matilda accompanying him away. Him and Kurt sharing a bed every night. Was that too presumptuous of him to assume? Maybe Kurt would want seperate rooms. Seb didn’t think so as he recalled the expert way Kurt had brought to climax this morning. He didn’t want to think about where Kurt had acquired such skilled hands. He chose instead just to appreciate them.

Sebastian was on the phone to Kurt before Calum’s foot steps had trailed off up the hall. They hadn’t spoken since Seb had left Kurt’s town house this morning.
Seb missed him already.

Kurt answered quickly with a smile in his voice. “Hey you,” he sounded pleased to hear from Sebastian.

“Hey you,” Seb replied fondly. “What are you up to?”

“Just got home from work, getting changed,” Kurt replied honestly.

“Are you naked?” Seb enquired, trying to picture a gorgeous naked Kurt in his mind’s eye.

“Not entirely perv,” Kurt chuckled.

“Can you be when I come over tonight?” Seb requested so distracted by the hardening bulge in his pants that he’d forgotten why he’d called.

“I can,” Kurt replied brazenly, “if you can be too. I’m dying to taste you properly Seb.”

“You say the sweetest things,” Sebastian moaned softly, palming himself through his pants.

Kurt knew that sound. He’d heard it earlier that morning when he’d had Sebastian gripped tight in his fist. “Where are you? Are you touching yourself?”

“I’m in my office,” Sebastian supplied suddenly feeling a little bashful. “and I might be,” he admitted coyly.

“That’s so hot,” Kurt whimpered, his underwear tenting as he recalled how responsive Seb had been to his touch. He pushed his bedroom door closed and laid down on his bed “Close your eyes, imagine that’s my hand holding that gorgeous big cock of yours. Stroke it for me Seb, squeeze it.”

Seb unzipped his pants, pulling his thick swollen cock out through the zipper. His breath caught audibly as he followed Kurt’s instructions. “Feels so good Kurt. I’m so hard for you baby.”

“Good boy,” Kurt praised Sebastian as he reached beneath the waist band of his underwear and gripped himself. “The things I want to do to you when you get here tonight,” He panted into the phone. “I’ve never wanted someone so bad before.”

“I want you too,” Seb admitted, sitting behind his desk fucking into his own fist. “So deep inside me Kurt. Your big cock, stretching me open and filling me up over and over, dragging just often enough against my sweetest spot.”

“You’d feel like heaven,” Kurt squeezed himself tight, picturing himself buried balls deep in Sebastian’s tight little asshole. “clenched around me, so tight and so hot.”

“I’d make you feel so good babe,” Sebastian promised, more turned on now than he could ever recall being. He wasn’t sure if it was Kurt’s sexy voice, the knowledge he had Kurt aroused too or the fact he could be caught at any time in his office with his erection in his hand but he was already close. “You’re so gorgeous Kurt.”

“So are you, my very sexy boyfriend,” Kurt put his phone on speaker, slipped off his underwear, sucked a finger into his mouth and teased his hole. “When I’m done plundering your sweet little hole you won’t walk properly a week.”

“Fuck,” Sebastian groaned. “Then I’ll have to do you instead,” he offered, his hand working overtime at the thought. “I want to lick you open Kurt and slide ever so slowly inside you, make you take it all, inch by inch. Can you take all my 9 inches Kurt?”

“I so want to,” Kurt replied eagerly, pushing a finger inside himself imagining it to be Seb’s cock. It felt totally inadequate but he was so close that it would do until he could feel the real thing. He tugged his leaking cock relentlessly. “I’m close Seb. So close.”

“Me too baby,” Seb uttered breathlessly, reaching across his desk for tissues so he wouldn’t soil his work pants as he shot his load for the second time today for Kurt. If this was what dating Kurt was like, he was all in. His ex, whose name he couldn’t even recall right now because Kurt had him so stirred up would never have been up for anything like this. He rarely even liked to fuck with the lights on. Seb couldn’t imagine Kurt complaining about the lights being on. He sensed Kurt would be up for almost anything. “Stroke that cock and cum for me baby,” he pleaded softly. “I want to hear you Kurt.”

As he listened to Sebastian Kurt thrust a second finger deep inside himself subtly grazing his prostate. That was enough to end him. He gasped out Sebastian’s name repeatedly as he released hard all over his bare chest.

Hearing his own name fall from Kurt’s lips as his climax over took him sent Sebastian over the edge. “Fuck Kurt yes,” he exclaimed, stroking himself frantically as he came hard into the tissue. He leaned back into his chair, his eyes dropping close as pleasure over whelmed him. “So good.”

“It’s going to be even better when we do it for real,” Kurt sounded certain despite this little breathy giggle. “What time will you be over tonight?”

“I finish at 11,” Sebastian threw the tissue in his hand into the trash and reached for a few more, cleaning himself up before tucking himself away. “But I’ll try to finish up early for once. I need to see you.”

“I need that too,” Kurt agreed, reaching for his underwear beside him on the bed to quickly clean himself up. “Tell me you can stay the night. I liked waking up with you in bed.”

“You did?” Sebastian was strangely surprised and also a little flattered. “I liked it too...very much.”

“I could tell,” Kurt giggled lightly. “You’re beautiful when you cum.”

“You’re making me blush,” Seb uttered sheepishly, recalling as his afterglow began to wear off, the reason for his call.
“I have Wednesday off. Any chance you can get a baby sitter that night so I can take you out on a proper date?”

“A date?” Kurt smiled, “I’d love to Seb but I work late Wednesday evenings.”

“Thursday then?” Seb wasn’t taking no for an answer. “There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Thursday should be okay,” Kurt’s stomach filled with excited butterflies. “I’m sure if Alexa is unavailable, Elliott would be able to baby sit Tilly. Can’t we just talk tonight though or now?” Kurt was confused.

Sebastian really wanted to ask Kurt over a romantic dinner to join him on his trip but recalling his boss’s deadline he decided it best not to wait. “My boss has asked me to lecture at some educational seminar in Anaheim starting next week. It goes for about a week but he’s suggested because of all the overtime I’ve been doing recently that I take an extra week off with my sexy boyfriend and his adorable daughter and take in the sights. You up for it?”

“Sounds amazing,” Kurt was surprised and instantly excited. “But I’m not sure I can afford it plus there’s work and Tilly has school. I don’t know Seb.”

“Well firstly,” Seb began, “my work is covering all the expenses, flights, accomodation, food. All you need is a little spending money and as for Matilda she’s a super smart kid. Missing a little school won’t hurt her. Come on Kurt let me take you guys to Disneyland. Just think how much fun our little girl will have meeting Tinkerbell and Buzz Lightyear and how much fun we can have every night once she’s fast asleep.”

Kurt smiled hearing Seb refer to Matilda as jointly theirs. He’d waited a long time to find a man who was not only sexy and sweet but also willing to accept Matilda as his own. He didn’t say anything about it though instead he just asked, “When do you need to know by?”

“As soon as you can,” Seb tried not to sound needy. “Tomorrow maybe. Would that be okay?”

“I’ll check with work. Maybe my friend Adam can fill in teaching my classes,” Kurt got up from his bed, opening his underwear drawer and choosing a pair of boxer briefs to put on.

“Okay,” Sebastian smiled, trying not to wonder about Adam or the Elliott Kurt had mentioned earlier. He needed to stop being so insecure and just relax in the knowledge that it was him not Adam, Elliott, Blaine or any other guy that Kurt wanted. It made him feel like the luckiest man alive. “I’m sorry babe,” Seb groaned in disappointment as a knock came at his office door. “Duty calls.”

“Of course,” Kurt tried unsuccessfully to hide the disappointment. “I won’t keep you.”

“See you tonight baby,” Seb couldn’t wait. He ended the call quickly then addressed the person at the door. It was one of his interns. There must be a problem. Sebastian turned instantly from horny boyfriend mode to professional doctor and went about beginning his work day with the full knowledge that before his day was through he’d be in the arms of the stunning Kurt Hummel once again.

His shift was hectic with no major disasters and over seemingly in the blink of an eye. Sebastian was unable to leave early like he’d hoped but for the first time in a long time he did leave on time, singing to himself as he ventured out to his car.

The traffic was light late on a Monday night and it wasn’t long before he found himself knocking at Kurt’s door.

“This is starting to enter booty call territory,” Kurt grinned, pecking Seb’s lips as he welcomed him inside his house. “How was your shift?”

“Busy,” Seb smiled, pulling Kurt close and initiating a deeper kiss. “I missed you. How was your day?”

“Okay, I guess,” Kurt shrugged, sinking into Seb’s embrace.

Seb pulled back a little without letting go to look at Kurt. “What’s wrong?” He checked with concern.

“Nothing major,” Kurt sighed. “Matilda’s having a bit of a rough night. She dreamt about her mother and woke up crying. I’ve just settled her again, in my bed.”

“I’m so sorry,” Seb responded sincerely. “Poor little darling. Does that happen often?”

“Maybe once a month,” Kurt sighed. “It breaks my heart. I grew up without my mum. I know how much it hurts, at least I had my dad though. Who does she have?”

“She has you,” Sebastian assured Kurt, looking into his eyes and cupping his cheek, “The best Daddy a little girl could ask for and she has me.”

“That means a lot,” Kurt murmured, his heart touched by Seb’s warmth and sincerity. “You’re a good man Sebastian.”

“You seem surprised,” Seb teased Kurt, unable to resist pecking his lips.

“No, I’m not surprised at all,” Kurt smiled. He was seriously falling for this man and way too quickly. “I just haven’t had much luck in the past with relationships.”

“Me either,” Sebastian sighed. “But this feels like it might be different. Have you had a chance to consider coming away with me?”

Kurt gnawed nervously at his bottom lip. “I can’t take two weeks off work,” he responded with disappointment.

“Oh,” Sebastian’s face dropped.

“Yeah,” Kurt grimaced. “I’m sorry. I’ll be here waiting for you when you get home though and we can talk everyday or Skype. I hear Skype sex can be hot.”

“I’d rather have the real thing,” Seb struggled to hide his disappointment. Two whole weeks without seeing Kurt, without holding him, kissing him would be torture now that he’d had a taste of him. He couldn’t do it. He’d just come home straight after the seminars were over. At least then he could see Kurt in the evenings after he finished work. Then it occurred to him. “What about just one week? Could you get one week off work? I’ll go to Anaheim, deliver my lectures and once they’re over you and Matilda could join me for the second week. We could visit universal studios, Disneyland, Take her to Santa Monica. What ever you want.” Sebastian sounded so hopeful.

“A week would definitely be doable,” Kurt’s mood instantly lifted, “Elliott will mind Chuckles for us and Tilly I could fly out Friday night after I finish work, then return with you. I can organise with her teacher for her to bring along a little school work so she doesn’t fall behind. That would be perfect. I’m going to miss you the week you’re gone though.”

“Me too,” Seb agreed, “but a whole week together, waking up together, falling asleep together, having fun. I can’t wait. I’ll have the arrangements made tomorrow.”

“You sure it’s okay?” Kurt checked. He’d been bowled over by Seb’s generous offer.

“Of course,” Seb nodded, suddenly feeling insecure though, he checked, “one room is okay right? I don’t want to force you to share a bed with me if it’s too soon.”

“Force me?” Kurt narrowed his eyes. “Didn’t we already decide we both liked waking up together. You definitely won’t have to force me to sleep in your bed Sebastian. I will do that very willingly. We may need an adjoining room for Matilda or a suite where the beds are separate. I’m really ready to explain to her yet about what she might see me doing to you if the beds are together.”

“Whatever do you mean Mr Hummel?” Sebastian exclaimed in a fake southern accent.

“I think you know what I mean,” Kurt eyed Sebastian hungrily as if he were a slice of his favourite cheesecake. “Why don’t you grab yourself a drink from the fridge while I resettle Tilly in her own bed then I can give you a thorough demonstration.”

“You probably shouldn’t move her,” Sebastian kicked himself internally as the words fell from his mouth. He was worried about the kid though. She’d been through so much.

“I do if we are going to...”

Seb cut Kurt off. “It can wait Kurt. We need to make sure our little girl is okay.”

“Our little girl?” Kurt couldn’t let it go this time he was just so touched by Seb’s compassion. The old Sebastian Kurt had known in high school would never have put a child before his own sexual needs.

“Sorry,” Seb looked embarrassed. “She’s such a special kid. I didn’t mean to get ahead of myself.”

“Don’t you dare apologise,” Kurt was filled with emotion. “I think it’s beautiful how fond you are of Tilly. It means the world to me.”

“I’m even more fond that you,” Sebastian didn’t mean to say aloud. “You’re amazing Kurt. You’re kind and patient, tolerant and so fucking sexy. It blows my mind. You’re all I’ve been able to think about since the day you walked into my ER.”

“I really need to put Matilda in her own bed,” Kurt stepped back from Sebastian.

“I’ve said too much,” Seb looked afraid unaware that he was misreading Kurt’s intentions. “I should go.”

“Don’t you dare,” Kurt pleaded. “Please stay Seb. I need you.”

“Oh,” it finally dawned on Seb what Kurt had in mind. “I need you too,” he agreed.

“So we’re on the same page?” Kurt checked, stepping away to tend to Matilda.

“I think so,” Seb agreed, hungrily ogling Kurt’s ass as he followed him. “This is more than just a booty call though right?”

“Seb,” Kurt stopped in his bed room doorway. “I’ve agreed to meet you across the country. I’d say so.”

Seb smiled as Kurt turned on the lamp by the bed. Chuckles stirred before Matilda, letting out a little yip in protest at the light shining in his eyes.

“Can I stay here with you please Daddy?” Matilda mumbled sleepily, not even having the energy to open her eyes.

“Let her be,” Sebastian assured Kurt placing a hand warmly on his shoulder “There’s no rush Kurt. They’ll be other nights. Tonight she needs us.”

“You may just be the perfect man,” Seb smiled softly at Sebastian. “Thank you for understanding.”

“She’s a kid who endured some truly horrible things,” Seb shrugged. “She’s needs to feel loved.”

“Is it too early to say I think I might love you?” Kurt asked quietly.

“Not if you mean it,” Seb felt elated.

“I think I do,” Kurt nodded for emphasis.

“I think maybe I do too,” Seb wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind and kissed his neck. Kurt leaned back against the beautiful man holding him and they stood together for a moment watching the precious little girl curled up with her doggo sleeping again soundly. ‘Their’ precious little girl Kurt reminded himself, feeling happier and more content than he had in forever. He maybe loved Sebastian and Sebastian maybe loved him too and in just a couple of weeks they would be vacationing together. Life was so good.

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“Ugh” Sebastian groaned, his eyes flying open as a six year old sized right foot slammed almost violently into his rib cage. He smiled to himself through the pain as he looked down at Matilda. She had somehow, in the night, moved from sleeping on the far side of her father to now be laying horizontally across Kurt’s large bed, her head on Kurt’s chest and her feet... well her feet were aggressively assaulting Seb’s abdomen.
Needing to use the bathroom anyway, Seb got up from the bed, slimly missing yet another kick as the child obliviously rolled over. He glanced down briefly, admiring an adorable blissfully sleeping Kurt, before quietly crossing the carpeted floor to the adjoining bathroom. He silently eased the bathroom door closed before turning on the light.
He smiled once again to himself as he used the facilities, unable to recall ever feeling so content with his life. He felt like a truely blessed man to be sharing his life with a stunning, caring boyfriend like Kurt as well as his cute as a button daughter. Life was good. He examined his tired reflection in the mirror as he washed his hands, checking his still tender ribs. Observing multiple small bruises forming he pondered the strength of that small child.
Seb turned off the light. Upon his return to the bed he found his side now occupied by not just by Matilda but also by her cheeky pug. She looked so innocent and peaceful. Seb didn’t have the heart to move them and frankly he didn’t want to disturb Kurt either. He considered just heading home, maybe he could leave Kurt a note explaining and then call him at a more respectable hour, except then he wouldn’t get to spend time with him in the morning. Their time together was so limited. He was unwilling to sacrifice even a minute of it. Kurt had a comfy sofa in the living room. That would do, he decided. As he crossed the kitchen though it suddenly occurred to him that Matilda’s bed upstairs was empty. The logical option was to use that instead.

It had been a long time for Seb since he’d slept in a single bed and he’d definitely never slept in one with unicorn linens before but aside from being a little snug it was cosy and comfortable. With that smile still lingering on his lips an exhausted Seb soon fell back to sleep.

He was snoring lightly some hours later when Matilda climbed the stairs to dress for school. “Daddy! daddy! He’s up here,” she squealed excitedly as she spotted Dr Seb in her bed from the open door way. “Daddy he didn’t leave.” She looked at Seb fondly as he sat up stretching. “I knew you wouldn’t leave us,” she smiled.

“Never!” Seb assured her through a yawn. “Just had to find another place to sleep after you literally kicked me out of bed,” he grinned at her. “You sure do take up a lot of room for a little person.”

“She’s a total bed hog,” Kurt agreed from the top of the stairs. “I’m sorry you had sleep up here. You could have moved her.”

“It’s fine,” Seb climbed out of bed, bracing himself as Matilda dashed at him wrapping herself around him. He ruffled her ginger curls. “She was way too cute to disturb.”

“I think someone has you wrapped around their little finger,” Kurt smiled, watching his boyfriend and daughter hug. It melted his heart. Seb looked so adorable with his bed hair sticking up every which way and a child in his arms.

“Maybe a little,” Seb chuckled, eyeing Matilda with obvious affection.

“Come downstairs for coffee,” Kurt offered warmly. “Little madam here needs to get herself ready to school.”

“I’m sorry,” Sebastian looked guilty. “I’m holding you up.”

“No,” Kurt shook his head. “We’re actually a little early this morning. I deliberately set my alarm so I could spend a few moments with you. I was so disappointed when I’d thought you’d left. It didn’t occur to me you’d be up here.”

“I thought about heading home,” Seb checked Kurt out as he followed him downstairs. “But I couldn’t leave without giving you this.” He pushed Kurt gently against the kitchen wall and kissed him tenderly.

Kurt responded, cupping Seb’s ass through his sweat pants and deepening the kiss. “Ehh,” He groaned in frustration, forcing himself to pull away. “I really can’t. I have to finish getting ready for work Babe.”

“Can you call in sick?” Seb eyed Kurt hopefully, pulling him close again and placing soft nibbling kisses down his neck.

“Seb?” Kurt whined, shaking his head yet clearly tempted.

“Please?” Seb pleaded teasing Kurt’s ear lobe with his tongue. “I’ll do the same. We can spend the day together... in bed, chatting, kissing, enjoying each other,” he wiggled his eye brows suggestively. “Please Kurtie? Come on.”

“I need to put in my leave application for our trip to California,” Kurt gnawed at his bottom lip as he battled internally with himself. Seb’s lips travelling so persuasively his neck felt amazing. He could only imagine how good they would feel wrapped around his cock. His body responded to the thought.

“Surely you can do that tomorrow,” Sebastian suggested, “We need this Kurt. We’ve had so little time together. It’s been weeks and I haven’t even seen your dick yet.”

“Oh,” Kurt grinned. “So you’re just horny.”

“Not JUST horny,” Seb smirked.

“You were the one who wanted to take it slow,” Kurt reminded him in jest.

“And we did,” Seb acknowledged kneading Kurt’s ass through his skinny jeans as he dragged his ear lobe between his teeth. “It’s just one day off work. I’m not going see you for the whole week next week. I need my Kurt fix plus we need time to plan our vacation.”

“Vacation?” Now dressed in her school uniform, Matilda appeared from nowhere, her arms crossed firmly across her chest and her tone surly. “You two are going on vacation without me?” She accusingly glared at Kurt.

“Of course not,” Kurt quickly moved back from Seb shaking his head. Matilda didn’t need to see them manhandling each other. “Seb and I want you to come too.”

“Hmm,” she frowned. “I want to know where we are going first. If it’s somewhere dumb I want to go and stay with Grandpa Bert instead.”

“Why don’t you ask Seb?” Kurt prompted. “This was all his idea.”

Matilda looked to Sebastian but didn’t speak.

“Do you think maybe Disneyland would be okay?” Seb asked cautiously. “I don’t know much about the place aside from their mouse problem but I have heard the odd princess lives there and stuff.”

“I guess,” Matilda shrugged, so cranky that she feigned indifference.

“You guess? Kurt narrowed his eyes at her, shocked by her reaction.

“Yes,” she timidly smiled. Her face gradually lighting up as she considered the offer. “Yes,” she repeated with great enthusiasm before beginning to dance around with an excitement she could no longer contain. “Disneyland? Really?” She looked between Kurt and Seb for confirmation, a wide smile lighting up her face. “Really? Disneyland?”

“Really.” Kurt confirmed, chuckling as he picked her up and spun her around joyfully. She squeezed him tight giggling, then gratefully kissed his cheek. “Thank you Daddy,” she laughed as Kurt planted her back on the floor. “Should I pack now? I’ll need to take all my tutu’s and my rainbow dress and my...” her words trailed off. “I’m going to need the biggest suitcase,” she stretched her arms as wide as she could demonstrating the size she required.

“Um slow your roll, poppet,” Kurt shook his head at her in amusement as Seb watched on laughing. “I think you may be forgetting something.”

“My fairy wand?” Matilda looked confused.

Kurt narrowed his eyes. He was really going to need to carefully supervise her packing. “Don’t you have something you’d like to say to Seb?”

“Thank you Dr Seb,” Matilda smiled coyly at her father’s boyfriend.

“You’re welcome,” Seb smiled back. “We’re going to have so much fun.”

“We so are,” Kurt agreed, “but right now Tilly, you need to get me your hair brush and your sandals and we need to get you off to school.”

“And you to work,” Matilda reminded him as she dashed off to the bathroom for her brush.

“Daddy is staying home today,” Kurt informed her, winking at Seb. Seb grinned back, taking a mug from the kitchen cupboard and pouring himself a coffee. He would need the caffeine for stamina if he was spending the day at home with Kurt.

“Are you ill?” Matilda asked with concern as she returned with her brush and a hair tie. “I just want a high pony today. Eddie said I look prettiest with my hair like that.”

“Seems my nephew gets his charm from his uncle,” Seb responded proudly.

“You know,” Kurt addressed his daughter seriously. “A girl should wear her hair any way that makes her happy. You don’t have to change to please a boy.”

“I like him Daddy,” Matilda spoke firmly. “I want a high pony.”

“Ok,” Kurt complied without further argument mainly because now they were running late and because it was a quick and easy style. “Shoes and bag,” he instructed her when he’d finished.

“I won’t be long,” he turned back to Seb as Matilda busied herself getting ready. “I’ll drop her at school. Call work then I’m all yours.”

“All mine,” Seb cupped Kurt’s cheek, gently brushing his lips against Kurt’s. Kurt could taste the coffee on Seb’s breath as their tongues briefly met. The interaction quickly heating up.

“You can’t sex now,” Matilda rolled her eyes at the couple as she sat down to put on her footwear. “I need to get to school.”

“We weren’t...” Kurt began, blushing. “Where did you hear that word anyway?”

“I know stuff,” Matilda replied wisely, struggling with the buckle on her shoe.

“I’m not sure you know as much as you think you do,” Kurt replied helping her fasten her sandals.

“I know you sexed with Uncle Elliott and with Blaine,” Matilda accused disapprovingly, returning to her feet.

“We’ll talk about this after school,” Kurt squirmed uncomfortably. “We’re going to be late.” He picked up her school bag and nudged her towards the door as Seb tried to fight his laughter.

“Dr Seb is pretty and kind though Daddy,” Matilda whispered as if it were secret. “Maybe if you sex with him too he’ll want to be my other dad.”

“That’s not quite how that works,” Kurt replied uncomfortably as Seb giggled behind him. “Say good bye to Seb and let’s go.”

“Goodbye Dr Seb,” Matilda chimed, giving Seb a wave goodbye.

“Bye Sweetie,” Seb waved back just before Kurt pecked his lips quickly. “Feel free to use the shower,” Kurt offered. “There’s shower gel, shampoo & everything in there. Clean towels are in the top cupboard and there should be a spare tooth brush in the third drawer too. Every time my dad stays he forgets to bring one, so I keep spares. I’ll be as quick as I can.”

“Top cupboard, third drawer. Got it,” Seb smiled. He secretly loved Kurt’s fussing and the fact that Kurt already trusted him enough to leave him alone in his home. It meant a lot to him.

Kurt grinned, taking in a final glance of his beautiful sleep bedraggled boyfriend before scooting out the door, hand in hand with his chattering daughter.

As they walked to school Kurt paid little attention to what Matilda was saying. Most of it seemed to be about Disneyland or Eddie, Eddie or Disneyland. His mind though was on Sebastian. All he could think about was him, alone in Kurt’s apartment, in the shower, naked, water beading on his soft skin as he sponged that gorgeous lean body with Kurt’s fruit scented shower gel. Kurt swallowed hard. He needed to stop. He couldn’t walk his child to school with a massive erection. That wasn’t dignified. Sebastian was just so distracting though. So beautiful.

Sebastian, who had watched with longing as Kurt walked out the door with Matilda finished his coffee. He raided the kitchen finding cereal and milk and prepared himself a quick bowl, sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter to eat. He was about half way through eating when a loud knock came at Kurt’s door. Had Kurt forgot his key? Seb knew where the school was located and it was definitely too soon for him to be back yet. Should he answer the door? What was the etiquette for when you were left alone for the first time in your new boyfriend’s home? A second louder knock came at the door. Whoever was there was impatient. Seb got up to answer.

“Oh it’s you,” he grimaced, as he cautiously opened the door. “I’m sorry. Kurt’s not home.”

“I’m not here to see Kurt,” Blaine stated bluntly. “Can I come in?”

“No,” Sebastian replied firmly, “but if you have divorce papers with you I’d be happy to pass them on.”

Blaine rolled his eyes. “That won’t be happening,” he snarled rudely at Sebastian. “Kurt and I took vows, until death do us part. You can play house with him if you want but he’s my husband and will always remain my husband.”

“I’m assuming those vows also said something about fidelity too,” Sebastian replied coolly totally unperturbed by Blaine. “What happened there?”

“You’re temporary Sebastian. Enjoy it while it lasts,” Blaine glared at his rival. “Soon enough Kurt will take me back. He always does. It’s kinda pathetic really how needy he is. You’ll be gone. I’ll be in his bed where I belong and we’ll ship that vile little brat he mistakingly adopted off to boarding school and it will be like nothing ever happened. Happily ever after.”

“You’re delusional,” Sebastian laughed openly in Blaine’s face. “I honestly pity you Blaine. You were lucky enough for a time to have the kindest, most generous, loving and beautiful man on the planet and you fucked it up. I’m betting you must regret that every single day. How do you live with it? Knowing you had perfection but lost it.”

“Get over yourself,” Blaine scoffed arrogantly. “You spent an entire year in high school trying to seduce me into cheating on Kurt.”

Seb stifled his gag reflex and he recalled. “But then I grew up,” he replied plainly. “Maybe try it. Kurt is flawless. He deserves to be ecstatically happy every moment of every day. It’s time for you to step aside Blaine. Let him move on. Give him the divorce.”

“I love him,” Blaine protested feebly.

“Do you?” Seb questioned with scepticism. “Because I’m quite certain that when you love someone you don’t go around sticking your tiny shrivelled dick in random strangers.”

“My dick is perfectly in proportion to my body,” Blaine snapped defensively. “Thank you very much.”

Sebastian smirked, towering over Blaine, “Exactly,” he muttered smugly, Blaine visibly losing confidence. “Kurt’s lawyers will draw up the papers this week Blaine and you’ll sign them without protest. You’ll do it for Kurt because you’ve hurt him enough.”

Blaine nodded, in defeat, turning to leave.


“Before you leave,” Seb spoke sternly. “Rest assured Anderson that I will never make the mistakes you made. I will never hurt Kurt. I will love him and Matilda the way they deserve to be loved.”

“Whatever,” Blaine scrunched his face in disgust at Sebastian. “He’s a dud lay anyway.”

“Just fuck off before I end you,” Sebastian stepped forward threateningly, his patience wearing thin. He had no intention of physically hurting Blaine despite Blaine pissing him off but Blaine didn’t know that.

Looking into Seb’s furious eyes Blaine knew he’d gone too far and it was time to leave. He said nothing else, just stepped back then scurried off hearing the door slam behind him.

In Blaine’s wake, Seb slid to floor against the back of the door, shaking. He fought for breath as anxiety over took him. “It’s over. You won,” he chanted to himself repeatedly. “It’s over. You won.”

Had he won though? Sebastian honestly had no idea if he’d got through to Blaine or if Blaine would sign the papers when they were ready. What he did know for sure though was that he was hopelessly and desperately in love with Kurt Hummel and his adorable kid. As terrifying as that was so soon into their new relationship, before even seeing Kurt naked, to Sebastian Smythe that was definitely a win, especially if there was even the minute chance Kurt might some day love him back. Fingers crossed.

Chapter Text

By the time Kurt had returned home from taking Tilly to school Sebastian had managed to mostly calm his panic attack and drag himself from the floor to Kurt’s sofa. He honestly hated confrontation. It triggered something painful he kept buried deep inside him. Sometimes though it was just necessary. There was simply no way Seb was going to let anyone, especially a slimy rodent like Blanderson walk all over the man he now knew he loved. He was determined to protect Kurt no matter what impact that had on his own mental health. Kurt was everything. It was the least he deserved.

“I picked us up coffee,” Kurt smiled, offering Seb a cup before sitting down close beside him on the sofa. Silently Seb half smiled back accepting the warm drink as Kurt rested a hand on his knee. “You okay?” Kurt checked with concern, feeling Seb tremble beneath his grasp. “If you’re not ready we don’t have to do anything today. I’d just love to spend time with you. There’s no pressure sweetie.”

“I’m fine,” Seb replied unconvincingly, sipping his coffee as he deliberately avoided eye contact. Discussing his feelings made Sebastian uncomfortable. It was why he hadn’t talked to Kurt when he’d lost his young patient earlier in the week. It was also why he hadn’t told anyone, not even his doctor about the panic attacks he’d been experiencing since his break up with his ex. “I want to Kurt. It’s not that.”

“Sebby?” Kurt probed quietly, supportively squeezing Seb’s thigh. “I can see something is clearly bothering you. You’re trembling honey. I hope you know you can talk to me.”

“It’s nothing,” Sebastian tried to convince Kurt, placing his coffee on the table in front of them and reaching for him. “Make love to me,” he requested desperately, looking deeply into Kurt’s eyes.

Kurt sighed, maintaining a little distance. “You have no idea how much I want to do that,” his cock twitched in his pants as proof as he reached out and swept Seb’s still rumpled bed hair back from his forehead tenderly, “You’re perfect Sebastian. You’re sweet and kind, handsome and you’re so wonderful with Tilly. It makes my heart soar watching you two together but if we’re going to work, and I truly hope we are, you need to trust me. You need to talk to me, Sebastian.”

“I do trust you Kurt but it’s not that simple,” Sebastian responded hesitantly, his expression torn.

Kurt inhaled deeply, obviously offended. “I won’t judge you Seb. I’m your partner. I know what we have is new and you don’t know me that well yet but I have your back. I promise.”

“Oh Kurt,” Seb’s eyes watered emotionally.

“Talk to me babe,” Kurt uttered tenderly taking Seb’s hand in his own. He stroked the back of it gently with his thumb, savouring the soft warmth of Seb’s surgeon hands.

“I’ve...” Seb began with uncertainty, hesitating to gather his thoughts. “I’ve been having panic attacks.” He gazed at Kurt with eyes full of shame. “When something goes wrong like the other night when I lost that kid, or like today. I have panic attacks.”

“Oh honey,” Kurt pulled Seb close, it was awkward sitting side by side on the sofa but he managed. “That’s nothing to hide. It happens to a lot of people. Have you talked to a doctor or a psychologist about it?”

Seb shook his head, looking anxious. “No. I just couldn’t. I can’t. You’re the only one who knows.”

It meant everything to Kurt that Seb was willing to confide what he perceived as his greatest weakest in him. “You’re going to be okay Seb,” Kurt attempted to reassure him. “Tell me what can I do to help? What do you need?”

“Don’t break up with me?” Seb almost pleaded, defeat in his tone.

“Sebastian are you serious? Do you really think I would break up with you for being human?”

“I don’t know,” Seb replied weakly, his insecurity peaking.

“I can’t imagine ever wanting to break up with you Sebastian,” Kurt spoke sincerely. “My life... and Matilda’s are so much better with you in it. Whose going to take us to Disneyland if I break up with you?”

Seb smiled through teary eyes. He leaned in kissing Kurt tenderly.

Kurt responded, his lips sliding softly against Seb’s, his tongue licking gently into Seb’s mouth. He moaned softly, burying his hands in the back Seb’s hair. He loved it mussed up. It was so sexy. Blaine never had messy hair. It was always set hard like concrete with too much gel. Kurt enjoyed the soft contrast as he and Seb playfully tongue wrestled.

“Wait,” he mumbled breathlessly reluctantly pulling back. Seb chased his lips desperate to prolong the kiss. No one kissed like Kurt with such heat yet tenderness. Seb couldn’t get enough of Kurt’s lips.

“Wait,” Kurt repeated, placing a soft hand on Seb’s chest to halt him. “You said you only have panic attacks when things go wrong like today. What happened today? You seemed so happy when Tilly and I left.”

Seb groaned in frustration. He knew he needed to tell Kurt about Blaine and what had transpired between them. That wasn’t something he’d ever intended to hide from Kurt but did he really need to do it right now? When Kurt had him so turned on? Blaine Anderson was the last person he even wanted to think about with a raging erection tenting his sweat pants. He leaned in towards Kurt again, ignoring the question. He was desperate to once again taste the coffee on Kurt’s lips, certain that If he didn’t have Kurt inside him soon, his head rather than his cock might just explode.

Kurt pulled back slightly, shaking his head. It took all the will power he possessed to deny Sebastian in that moment. He longed to feel Sebastian’s warm, soft skin against his own for the first time, to explore every last inch of it with his lips and tongue but it meant everything to him that Seb be in a good place before that happened. Right now Kurt could see his boyfriend was far from good. Kurt’s conscience wouldn’t let him take Seb like this. “What happened hun?” He pressed.

Seb grimaced, accepting that nothing was going to progress between the two of them physically until they’d talked everything out. “Your husband came by,” he grumbled, moodily. “To stake his claim on you.”

“Are you serious?” Kurt looked thoroughly unimpressed. That had been the last thing he’d expected Seb to say. “What claim does he honestly think he has on me? I hope you told him to go fuck himself.”

“More or less,” Sebastian admitted, relief spreading through him at Kurt’s words. Seb knew he was Kurt’s boyfriend now but the cruel voices of insecurity in the back of his brain reminded him constantly that husband trumped boyfriend, that Kurt and Blaine were high school sweethearts. They had history. They’d taken each other’s virginity. Seb didn’t even know the name of the first guy he’d slept with. He didn’t know how to compete with their past.

“I’m sorry,” Kurt grimaced. “I honestly preferred when he was in Canada. I’d rather forget he exists. He was even mean to Tilly when he was here the other day.”

“I know people,” Seb smirked. “I could make him disappear.”

“If only,” Kurt giggled, warming Seb’s heart. “I wish he could take a hint. What did he have to say for himself?”

Seb went through his conversation with Blaine to the best of his recollection, concluding with his request for Kurt’s divorce papers.

“You asked him for a divorce on my behalf?” Kurt asked, annoyed. “You shouldn’t have done that. It’s my marriage Sebastian. It’s up to me to deal with it, not you.”

“I thought its what you wanted,” Seb defended himself, feeling way beyond confused by Kurt’s reaction. “I was trying to help you.”

“It is what I want,” Kurt’s voice began to rise. “But I’m a grown ass man and it’s my broken relationship. I can take care of it myself. It’s up to me to end it, not you.”

“I thought you’d be happy.”

“Ugh,” Kurt groaned. He snatched his coffee from the table and took another sip. It was almost cold and not particularly enjoyable.

“I want to be with you Kurt but while you’re married he’s always going to be between us. I’m always going to worry I’ll wake up one day to find you went back to him,” Sebastian sounded devastated, as if Kurt were already gone.

“I’m not going back to him,” Kurt growled out in frustration. “He cheated on me. He humiliated me. He hates my daughter, who as you know is my world. Famous or not, He’s just not a good person. Don’t you think if I wanted to be with him I would be? I want to be with you Seb. What he and I had is over. It was over the night I discovered his Grindr account. 14 randoms he’d met up with and he’d shared intimate pics with at least a dozen more. It had been going on for months and I had no idea. I was absolutely crushed but I’ve moved on now. I had my rebounds and now I’m ready to trust again to be with someone for real. I’m kinda hoping that will be you.” Kurt cupped Seb’s face, calming down and looking fondly into his eyes, “Blaine is my past and I will get my divorce. You just need to be patient and trust me.”

Seb didn’t want to be patient though. He wanted Blaine gone and he wanted his future with Kurt and Matilda to start now. He knew he was probably jumping the gun but he already pictured them as a family and Blaine wasn’t a part he wanted in that picture. “How many rebounds?” Seb asked, the green eyed monster within him momentarily escaping.

Kurt frowned. “Do we really want to have that conversation? How many men have you been with?”

“I can’t remember any before you,” Sebastian responded smoothly.

“I didn’t sleep around Seb,” Kurt attempted to appease the insecurity he saw in Sebastian’s eyes. It was plain to see that some bastard in the past must have really messed with Sebastian’s heart. Kurt could easily empathise with that.

“Elliott?” Seb ventured carefully, “Adam, that you talk about?”

Kurt cringed saying nothing.

“I’m sorry,” Seb apologised. “I can see I’ve overstepped.” He went to stand.

Kurt grabbed his hand to prevent him from getting up. “You don’t get to walk away from me Seb after asking me not to break up with you. Where are you going? If nothing else we have a vacation to plan.”

“You’re too good for me,” Sebastian replied shamefully.

“Pfft,” Kurt huffed, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This was not the arrogant, over confident Sebastian he’d known in high school. “That’s up to me to decide don’t you think? You’re having a bad morning Babe, that’s all.”

“I just don’t want this all to go to shit,” Seb sighed.

“It won’t,” Kurt assured him with a smile. “I won’t let it.”

“You’re special Kurt. I’m so glad you walked into my ER that day.”

“It was meant to be,” Kurt pecked Seb’s lips. “I’m almost glad Matilda hurt herself that day... almost.”

“She’s a great kid,” Seb smiled, rubbing his bruised ribs fondly. “It was adorable how excited she was this morning.”

“Thank you for being so good with her,” Kurt was so touched by how Sebastian had accepted Matilda. “It’s means so much to me that you include her.”

“Of course I would include her,” Sebastian narrowed his eyes. “She’s your daughter and she’s just so sweet,” Sebastian couldn’t help smiling. He really was fond of her. “She’s going to love Disneyland. Have you been before?”

“I haven’t,” Kurt confessed. “After my mum died Dad couldn’t work as much so he and I didn’t have a lot of money. Vacations were usually spent staying with grandparents or cousins in Minnesota. It was fun but it wasn’t Disneyland. Then Blaine didn’t much like to travel. We spent a week in San Francisco for our honeymoon then never went anywhere after that. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery.”

“I can’t wait to take you to France then,” Sebastian suddenly felt excited about still having some firsts he could share with Kurt. “Maybe London and Dubai.”

“Makes my vacations staying with family seem lame,” Kurt sniggered. “They are good people though.”

“I’d love to meet them sometime,” Sebastian smiled warmly.

“My grandfather passed away last year,” Kurt responded nostalgically. “He’d have loved you. He would have loved Tilly too. He never met her.”

“I’m sorry,” Seb took Kurt’s hand in both of his. “It was so hard for me when my nanna died. She was a kind woman, a nurse in the war. She encouraged me to become a doctor.”

“I’m glad she did,” Kurt smiled back adoringly at his boyfriend. “Or we may never have got together.”

“Like you said it was meant to be,” Seb released Kurt’s hand and cupped his cheek. He stroked the slightly stubbled skin with his thumb. “You’re so damn beautiful,” he uttered.

“Kiss me,” Kurt blushed at the compliment, edging closer to the precious man beside him.

Seb obliged, of course he did. He would never have to be told twice to kiss Kurt. It started soft and sweet, a light brush of lips, a slight sweep of tongue and soon developed into more, their hunger for each other undeniable. “I never did get a chance to have a shower,” Seb managed to pant out, his lips exploring Kurt’s scratchy jawline, as Kurt’s fingers ventured beneath the hemline of his tee shirt hungrily seeking out the defined ridges of Sebastian abs. “Care to join me?”

“In the shower?” Kurt asked unintelligently, his brain obviously starved of blood that had all pooled south.

“Yes please,” Seb smirked suggestively.

Kurt nodded, wiping the smirk away with hungry kisses. Together he and Seb rose from the sofa, lips attached, hands wandering, a trail of clothing being left in their wake. By the time they reached Kurt’s bathroom they were both rock hard, panting and down to socks and underwear.

Seb whined as Kurt pinned him against the cold bathroom tile with his hips. He rutted against him, hard cock grinding deliciously against hard cock through the thinnest of fabrics, lips, tongues and teeth exploring newly revealed, unexplored skin, frantically kissing, licking, nipping. Kurt awkwardly opened the shower door and turned on the steaming water, inelegantly kicking off his socks before slipping his fingers eagerly beneath the waist band of Seb’s striped underwear.

“May I?” He checked breathlessly, looking at Seb hopefully with blackened lust blown eyes.

“I think I might die if you don’t,” Seb panted out against Kurt’s neck, involuntarily thrusting his hips forward into Kurt’s thigh.

Kurt lowered them, stepping back just slightly to allow Seb to kick them off along with his socks. He gasped audibly as he took in the beautiful naked man before him. All tight lean muscle and smooth freckled skin. Kurt longed to join each one of those freckles like a dot to dot with his tongue but there were more pressing issues at hand right now. Kurt reached forward, taking Seb’s proud thick cock in his hand, watching Seb’s eyes roll back in his head as he stroked it slowly from base to tip, rolling this thumb over the pinkish-purple head to collect the oozing pre-com escaping from his slit.
Seb watched in awe as Kurt released him raising his thumb to his mouth to taste. “Fuckin’ hot,” Seb whined in desperation, grasping Kurt’s erection through his underwear. “Why are these still on? I need you in me.”

“In the shower?” Kurt seemed unsure. “For our first time wouldn’t you...”

Seb cut him off, jerking Kurt’s underwear down impatiently then staring hungrily at the sight before him, once Kurt had it off. Kurt was gorgeous. Definitely the most beautiful man Sebastian had ever seen, with flawless, porcelain skin, a stunning sculptured physique. His cock... it was perfect, long, thick, hard as steel, curving upward just slightly and dripping with pre-cum. Seb had never wanted anything

“Do I look like the type who wants it soft and sweet? Fuck Kurt. Please?” He backed Kurt impatiently into the shower pulling the door closed behind them. Grasping both Kurt’s hands in one of his own, he planted them against the tile above his head, biting into his neck as he rutted eagerly against him, the water lubricating the slide of their cocks against one another.

“Fuck,” Kurt moaned rocking his hips as he fought against Sebastian. The beautiful bastard was strong. Kurt needed to touch him, to taste him, to be inside him. Being restrained was torture.

“That’s the plan,” Seb smirked, becoming increasingly turned on by Kurt’s hunger for him. “Condoms though.”

“Ugh,” Kurt scrunched his face in agony. “They’re in the bedroom side table.”

Seb released him reluctantly. “Be quick,” he pleaded, reaching for Kurt’s loofah and mango/coconut shower gel. He washed himself quickly as Kurt dashed into the bedroom, not even perturbed about dripping all over the carpet in his frantic search of protection.

“Fuck,” Seb heard Kurt curse in frustration, “Fuck, Fuck.” He heard a drawer slam closed.

“You okay?” He called to Kurt.

Kurt returned to the doorway, looking crushed, an empty condom box in his hand. “I’m all out,” he huffed. “You don’t have any do you?”

“Haven’t had the need in a while,” Seb shook his head sighing, trying not to think about who the lucky guy(s) were that Kurt had used that box of 12 with.

“I’ll have to get dressed. There’s a drug store down the street. I won’t be long,” Kurt looked anguished as he took in Seb’s beautiful dripping body. How could he have been so stupid as to forget to buy condoms? Damn Elliott for putting the last one on him and not mentioning it.

“I’m clean,” Seb offered. “I have to be tested monthly for work. Last month, well every month I’ve been clean. I haven’t been with anyone in a while.” Seb stroked himself slowly eying Kurt questioningly, hopefully.

“I got tested after I kicked Blaine out. That was a while ago but I’ve always been safe ever since.” Kurt followed the movement of Seb’s hand with eyes full of want. His mouth going so dry it was hard to talk. With Sebastian doing that it was hard to even think.

“Always?” Seb stroked a little faster, reaching out his other hand to Kurt.

Kurt nodded lamely, unable to focus on anything but the way Seb’s hand was working his flawless dick.

“Fuck me,” Seb requested invitingly. “I need you Kurt. I need you,” he twisted his wrist as he begged.

It took Kurt’s a moment to compute before dropping the condom box he was still holding to the floor and rejoining Seb in the shower. He reached for Seb instantly, burying his hands in Seb’s wet hair as he devoured his mouth. “You’re flawless,” he mumbled against Seb lips as his nails dragged slowly down the back of Seb’s body to dig into his ass. Kurt gripped one perfectly rounded globe in each palm, massaging, squeezing. “I love your ass,” he nipped at Seb’s neck as Seb arched it and reached between them grasping their cocks together.

“It’s yours,” Seb stroked them roughly.

“I want to look into your eyes when I make you cum,” Kurt groaned in pleasure, reaching back and teasing Seb’s tight pucker with a finger. “You have such beautiful eyes Sebby.”

“Shut up and get on with it,” Seb pleaded impatiently. Always up for a challenge Kurt unceremoniously pushed in a finger up to the knuckle watching Seb’s initially startled face with amusement.

“You were saying?” Kurt teased, sliding his finger almost out then in again. Fuck Seb was tight and so hot as he clenched. Kurt couldn’t wait to get in there.

“You’re an asshole,” Seb replied fondly, rocking his hips gently forward against Kurt’s cock in his fist and back against the finger not quite filling his ass. “I need more,” He panted, surprised at his own stamina. How had he not cum already?

“Greedy little bitch, aren’t you?” Kurt hummed, removing his finger. He wasn’t sure if he should continue without lube. He knew from experience water wasn’t adequate and he didn’t want to hurt Seb. That wouldn’t be fun for anyone. “Just a sec,” Seb released him as he stepped back reaching into the vanity drawer beside the shower for lube, coating his fingers in it and his cock, away from the flow of the water. He placed the bottle on the shower shelf before returning to Seb’s arms. Seb kissed him senseless as Kurt prepped him with care then he eagerly wrapped his legs around Kurt’s waist as Kurt hoisted him up against the wall. “You’re stronger than you look princess,” he joked gripping Kurt’s shoulders. His mouth dropped open releasing the deepest moan and his nails dug into the flesh as Kurt eased into him for the first time.

It was painfully slow and way too careful but absolutely everything Seb had hoped it would be to be finally filled by the man he loved. Seb had never ever been emotional about sex but this time around he was extremely grateful that the water streaming down his face adequately hid, the odd tear that escaped the corners of his eyes.

For Kurt it was simply heaven, being sheathed in the welcoming tight heat that was Sebastian. To him it was such relief, like coming home at the end of the worst day. It felt right. This was where he belonged, with Sebastian Smythe. In this moment there was not a doubt in his mind. He was so in love with this sexy, beautiful yet puzzling man in his arms.

“You okay?” He checked, claiming Seb’s mouth as he began to move.

“Perfect” Seb uttered between moans, biting gently into Kurt’s bottom lip as they picked up momentum. Kurt’s thrusts increased in depth and intensity as his desire for his man increased. Nothing in his life had ever felt this exquisite.

“Right there. Fuck yes, Oh Kurt,” Sebastian screamed on repeat, his lover deliciously nailing his prostate with a regularity that was driving him insane, insanely close to a euphoric end.

“You feel so good baby,” Kurt groaned, looking into Seb’s eyes. He’d never fucked bare back before and Seb just felt so incredible. Sadly this wouldn’t last long. That was probably okay though as Kurt was unsure how much longer could hold Seb in this position.

“Say my name Kurt,” Seb begged, his cock trapped and rubbing against Kurt’s stomach as they moved together frantically.

“Sebastian,” Kurt panted, breathlessly, “Mmmm fuck Sebastian. I’m gonna cum,” gripping Seb tighter he thrust harder, erratically, deeper than he ever thought he could, his eyes widening, desperate hungry moans falling from his lips as his orgasm tore through him, sensation flowing in waves from head to toe as with unpresidented intensity his cock pulsed it’s creamy release into Sebastian’s convulsing pliable body, finally marking it once and for all as Kurt’s and Kurt’s alone.

It took Kurt a minute, maybe two to rise above the fog of his after glow. Somewhere in that time, judging from the cum washing off Kurt’s flat stomach, Sebastian too had found his bliss. “I love you,” Kurt muttered. He put every emotion he felt in that moment into kissing his new lover as his now soft cock slid from Seb’s body and he lowered him to the floor. “I love you Sebastian Smythe.”

Weak kneed and equally cloudy, Seb clung to Kurt’s body, returning the kiss lovingly. They stepped together from the shower onto the flooded bathroom floor as the water cooled. “We should have closed the door,” Kurt smiled tensely. He soaked up the water puddle with a towel from the rail before kindly passing Sebastian a clean one from the cupboard to dry off. Side by side in bathroom they dried themselves simultaneously while Kurt tried not to notice that Seb had failed to speak even a single word in response to the best sex he’d ever had or his revealing unplanned declaration of love.

Chapter Text

“HE LOVES ME!!! He LOVES me!!! Kurt Loves ME!!!” Sebastian was ecstatic, elated, totally flabbergasted. He had no words, none at all to describe how good he was feeling. Good was actually a totally inadequate description. He felt incredible. He’d never felt so incredible ever. Not only had he just have the most emotionally and physically rewarding sex of his life, (he was absolutely certain Kurt Hummel was some kind of supernatural sex wizard with a mindblowingly magical penis) but the gorgeous angel who’d just made him cum with unparalleled intensity loved him.

Had he heard that correctly? Could it be true? He’d realised just this morning despite the lack of time they’d spent together that he loved Kurt, he’d perhaps, if he were being truly honest with himself, had feelings of some kind for Kurt since high school. Hate was a feeling, right?There was after all a very fine line between love and hate, except where there wasn’t. While now Sebastian recognised he loved Kurt, he also knew he hated Blaine Anderson. He’d known since that ridiculous Dalton proposal he’d been dragged into or maybe even before that when Hunter had lured the dick to Dalton for recruitment and he’d been feeling all sorry for himself. “Boo Hoo. Poor me. I cheated on the most beautiful creature alive.” What a tool. His loss was Sebastian’s gain at any rate and there was no way he was going to fuck it up like that moron had.

Sebastian watched Kurt. They stood together drying themselves in the middle of the bathroom. He felt so lucky, so blessed. Kurt was so beautiful, just stunning, inside and out. They’d been so incredible together. Sebastian had known they would be. There had always been sparks between them. Love though. Could this breathtaking creature really love him? A snarky, sarcastic, insecure, meerkat? Was that possible? He must have heard wrong or maybe it had just come out in the heat of the moment. It probably didn’t mean anything. Probably wasn’t even true. Sebastian just wasn’t worthy.

“I’m going to grab a bottle of water from the kitchen. Do you want one? Kurt asked quietly, wrapping his towel around his waist.

“Huh?” Sebastian grunted, still unable to link two words together or even complete a coherent thought.

“Water,” Kurt sounded annoyed. Something was wrong. Sebastian had obviously done something wrong but couldn’t gather his thoughts well enough to determine what. “Do you want some?” Kurt’s tone was lack lustre.

Sebastian nodded. “Please.” He was towel drying his hair as Kurt left the room. He then wrapped the damp towel around himself and straightened his hair with his fingers in the mirror, pondering what stupid thing he’d done to draw that withdrawn tone from Kurt. Had Kurt not had a good time? He had seemed really into it. Sebastian was quite certain he’d have been able to tell if Kurt had been faking it. He knew the orgasm was real. He’d never let anyone bareback him before and the sensation inside him when Kurt had cum was indescribable. It was true Kurt Hummel definitely had a magic penis.

Fuck! What if Kurt was regretting the whole thing? What if he’d wished it had been Blaine instead, or Elliott? Whoever he was, but then if that were true he never would have dropped the L bomb would he? Twice? He’d said it twice and... Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Kurt had said it TWICE and Sebastian hadn’t said it back. He’d felt it. He’d felt it from the very bottom of his heart, with every single cell of his body but like a brain dead moron he’d said nothing. He’d not uttered a single word. “Ugh! I’m an asshole,” Sebastian groaned, frustrated by his own stupidity. No wonder Kurt was upset. Seb would be too if he’d put himself out there like that and got no response.

Sebastian exited the bathroom to find Kurt sitting on his bed, now in underwear and a tshirt, he was sipping a bottle of water. Seb couldn’t help being disappointed that he’d covered up. That was probably Seb’s own fault though for being such a dickhead. Kurt none the less had kindly laid out fresh clothes on the bed beside him for Sebastian to wear, underwear, sweat pants and a blue Superman tshirt. Had he told Kurt he loved Superman? Kurt had probably spotted his tattoo and put two and two together. So thoughtful.

Seb began to dress. Like Kurt he just put on the tshirt and underwear before opening the water Kurt had left on the dresser for him. They still hadn’t spoken. Sebastian hadn’t expected things to feel this awkward and he knew it was up to him to speak. Kurt had confessed his love. He must be feeling so vulnerable yet like an idiot Sebastian couldn’t come up with anything that seemed adequate to say.

He gulped down the water greedily, hissing then spluttering as the chill of it burned down his oesophagus. “Seriously Sebastian?” He mocked himself silently. “You can’t even drink a bottle of water properly. You’re hopeless.”

Kurt rose and came to Sebastian’s side looking concerned. “Are you okay?” He asked, gently grasping Seb’s bicep as he gasped for breath.

Still coughing, his eyes watering, Seb smiled and nodded, his entire arm tingling under Kurt’s touch. He cleared his throat and managed to get out a choked “I’m fine.”

Composing himself he placed his free hand on Kurt’s hip and urged him closer. “You kinda blew my mind in there,” he gestured toward the bathroom smirking at Kurt. “Set me on fire, scrambled my brain.”

Kurt blushed bashfully fluttering his eyelashes at Sebastian playfully. “You weren’t bad,” he teased, taking Seb’s water from him and putting it aside so they could hold each other.

“Wow,” Sebastian amused, narrowed his eyes. “That’s high praise indeed.”

“What do you want me say?” Kurt grinned. “You’re a total sex god? You rocked my world?”

“Only if it’s true,” Seb pecked Kurt’s lips playfully.

“It true,” Kurt mumbled reluctantly, scrunching his face. “So good, Right?”

“Incredible,” Seb agreed with a smile, kissing Kurt’s nose.

The awkwardness now gone Kurt nuzzled himself into Seb’s neck breathing him in. Seb clung to him. His nose in Kurt’s hair. “I love you too Kurt Hummel,” he muttered affectionally. “I love you and your magic penis.”

“My magic what?” Kurt pulled back slightly. He looked into Seb’s eyes, giggling, his arms still around him. “Did you just say magic penis?”

“I also said I love you,” Sebastian pouted.

“You think I have a magic dick?” Kurt was laughing so hard, his eyes were now beginning to water.

“It’s never felt like that before with anyone,” Seb defended himself.

“Well I do aim to please,” Kurt replied cockily. “Does that mean you’d want to do it again?” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at his boyfriend.

“Anytime,” Sebastian smiled, his right hand dropping from Kurt’s waist to his ass. He squeezed gently. “May be I could... you know?”

“What?” Kurt asked innocently. He knew exactly what Seb was asking and was more happy to switch things up. Blaine had ALWAYS wanted to bottom. It was good but had got so routine and dull for Kurt. He’d always had to take the lead. There were times when he’d longed to submit, just lay back and be pounded into his mattress but it had never happened until he’d met Elliott. He was certain Sebastian would do it way better.

“I was thinking maybe I could get a piece of this,” Sebastian uttered seductively against Kurt’s ear, giving his ass a playful slap.

Kurt startled, letting out a surprised little squeak. “I might not be opposed to that,” he replied coyly.

“I want to lay you down in the middle of the bed and suck you off while I finger you open. Pleasure you until you’re begging me to take you.” Seb promised, nipping at Kurt’s neck while teasing his ass crack through his underwear with a single finger.

“Kurt Hummel doesn’t beg for anyone,” Kurt obviously turned on, swallowed hard, grinding his semi against Seb’s thigh.

“Is that a challenge?” Kurt could feel arousal oozing from Sebastian’s every pore.

“You think you’re that good?” Kurt made intense eye contact with Seb, before impatiently lifting the Superman tshirt off over his head. “I think you’re forgetting Mr Smythe that I’m the one with the magic dick.”

“Shut up,” Sebastian rolled his eyes in amusement, pushing Kurt backwards onto the bed.

Kurt landed with a heavy thud, pushing himself upwards on the bed until his head found the pillow. Sebastian stood at the end of the bed looking down at him with hungry eyes. “You’re perfect,” he uttered slipping his fingers beneath the waist band of his underwear and sliding it down, smiling to himself at Kurt’s gasp of approval as he stepped out of it.

Kurt reached out a hand to him and he crawled onto the end of the bed, into Kurt’s arms. Together they slipped under the covers of the unmade bed, simultaneously relieving Kurt of his clothing. As far as Sebastian was concerned Kurt should never wear clothes. There should be a law passed against it. Kurt would probably disagree however because even though he had become a drama teacher, he still loved fashion. He still dropped by occasionally for freebies and to drop off the odd freelance piece during semester breaks. Clothes were important to him. Not as important as Sebastian right now though.

With his open palms against Seb’s buff pecs Kurt brushed his lips against Sebastian’s mouth licking tentatively across it. Seb lips parted taking Kurt’s tongue in as Kurt pushed him backwards into the mattress and straddled him. Seb’s eyes went wide with surprise as Kurt pinned his hands down and began teasingly grinding his bare ass against Seb’s hard leaking cock.

Keen to get his hands on Kurt, Sebastian fought against him. Kurt however was surprisingly strong and with Sebastian on the bottom he had a clear advantage. “If you have no objections, I’m going to ride you now,” Kurt offered. He reached behind himself gripping Seb’s cock in his hand. It felt hot, so thick and hard. Seb was big. Kurt liked that. Seb mumbled inaudibly in agreement rutting into kurt’s fist as Kurt stroked the vein along the side of Seb’s cock with his thumb. Kurt was sure he could play with Seb’s dick forever and never get bored but right now he needed it inside him.

With his hands now free, Seb was all over Kurt. No inch of skin was being left untouched. Scratches down Kurt back stung as Seb began to jerk him off.

“You need to stop,” Kurt pleaded, raising himself up off Sebastian to reach into his drawer for lube. He kept multiple bottles and tubes in a variety of flavours. On this occasion he randomly grabbed chocolate.

“But I told you I love your magic penis,” Sebastian joked, not letting up. “Can’t keep my hands off it.”

“I want to cum with you in me,” Kurt rolled his eyes playfully at Sebastian, reaching around to prep himself.

“Can I do that?” Seb requested, feeling a little disappointed that from his position flat on his back he couldn’t even see.

Kurt nodded, handing Seb the lube before rolling off him onto his side, facing away. Seb accepted it. He ran a gentle hand down Kurt’s back, grimacing at the scratches he’d left behind. He lubed up his fingers, enjoying the chocolatey scent and set to work, opening Kurt up, one finger at a time.

Kurt writhed under his touch as Seb eventually thrust 3 fingers inside him. Kurt dug his fingers into the sheet below him and bit into his bottom lip as Seb slid them in and out of his body, Occasionally brushing against his prostate. He whimpered and whined in desperation, his cock gushing pre-cum onto the sheet below but he was stubborn. Kurt didn’t beg.

In the end he didn’t have to. Sebastian’s need for him became too great. He lubed himself up and lovingly spooning Kurt he pushed steadily inside. They groaned in unison, Sebastian peppering Kurt’s neck and shoulder with tender kisses as he savoured the tight heat of his Kurt and waited for him to adjust.

For Kurt it was a lot. He didn’t have much experience with this, just a few times with Elliott, who’d lacked Sebastian’s girth. He breathed through the burning discomfort, gripping Seb’s hand on his stomach and lacing their fingers together to increase their connection. Kurt began to move, slow, shallow rocking that had the head of Seb’s cock dragging back and forth over his sweet spot, drawing the most delicious sounds from him.

Seb moved gently with him, releasing Kurt’s hand to stroke his cock, his lips caressing Kurt’s shoulder. “Harder babe,” Kurt soon requested, eagerly slamming himself backwards onto Seb.

Seb gave a few hard, quick thrusts, grunting Kurt’s name out blissfully before pulling out. “You were going to ride me,” he reminded Kurt, rolling onto his back.

Enthusiastically Kurt straddled him, grasping his hard length he hastily impaled himself on it. He gripped Seb’s chest with both hands and with his head thrown back began to move.

Seb laid back, his hands gripping Kurt’s ass. He bucked his hips in unison as he watched Kurt, absolutely spell bound. Not only did Kurt feel beyond belief, so fucking tight, bouncing on his balls, he looked breath taking doing it. “So fucking good, that’s it Baby, fucking take my big cock,” Sebastian groaned up at Kurt. “Take it Kurt. Ride that cock.”

Kurt increased his pace, sweat beading on his forehead. He felt so good with Sebastian inside him, so stretched and full, so satisfied. He wished he could feel like this forever. “You’re so hard Seb,” he replied panting. “So huge inside me. I love it.”

“I love you,” Seb responded, gripping Kurt’s hair with one hand to pull him down for a hungry kiss. Kurt responded fervently, his adventurous tongue exploring every recess of Sebastian’s mouth, whining whimpers escaping him with each stroke of Seb’s hand on his cock.

Seb moaned around Kurt’s tongue, sucking at the tip as Kurt’s movements above him became stilted and irregular. He felt Kurt swell in his grasp, then pulse, splattering spurt after spurt of cum between them, his asshole clenching around Sebastian’s cock repeatedly, milking his own climax from him with a ongoing chant of Kurt’s name.

Kurt dropped limp atop Sebastian panting heavily. He found his lips in the haze, savouring the taste of him as they kissed tenderly. “You are everything,” Seb spoke first this time to Kurt’s relief. “How am I going to survive a week in California without you?”

“I was thinking the same thing about you. I’m going to miss you,” Kurt looked sadly into Seb’s face as he rolled off him and nestled into his side. He reached around Seb for his own discarded tshirt using it to clean up. “We almost need another shower,” he grimaced.

“Later,” Seb sighed in contentment. Taking the shirt from Kurt and tossing it aside before pulling Kurt into his arms. “I just want to hold you for a bit.”

“Hmm, I’d like that,” Kurt snuggled into Seb’s chest, kissing his freckled skin. “Why didn’t we do this a decade ago?” he pondered.

“Cause you hated me,” Seb ventured.

“You were trying to steal my boyfriend and you always hated on my flawless fashion,” Kurt grumbled light heartedly.

“You told me I had horse teeth and smelled like Craig’s list,” Sebastian chuckled, affectionately. “I have no idea what Craig’s list smells like but I’m thinking it can’t be good.”

“I actually like how you smell,” Kurt nuzzled his nose against Seb’s nipple.

“Ehh,” Seb screwed up his nose. “Like sweat and cum and sex?”

“Oh Yeah,” Kurt sniggered, sarcastically. “That gets me so hot.”

“You’re weird,” Seb laughed. He kissed the top of Kurt’s head affectionately. “I adore you.”

“I think you’re amazing too,” Kurt smiled. “You hungry?”

“More tired than anything. I think you’ve worn me out,” Seb fought to keep his eyes open.

“We have time for a nap before I go to get Tilly,” Kurt pecked Seb’s lips.

“That might be nice,” Seb wrapped himself around Kurt and tangled their legs getting himself comfortable. “Should we set an alarm?”

Kurt reached awkwardly for his clock on the bedside table setting the alarm. He snuggled back into Seb’s arms. “I love you babe,” he uttered, his eyes dropping closed.

“I love you too,” Seb mumbled back, quietly dozing off to sleep with the man he loved.

Chapter Text

Kurt sang as he rushed around the following evening preparing for his first date with Sebastian. He had no idea where they were going. “Dress up,” was all his boyfriend had told him, leaving Kurt’s place that morning with an arousing kiss and a cheeky wink.

So in an effort to look perfect for his man, while Alexa and Tilly played Operation in the living room, Kurt tried on practically every suit, shirt, tie combo he owned. Despite his bed being barely visible beneath all his beloved designer clothes nothing seemed good enough. His navy Dolce and Gabbana shirt made him look too pale with his Burberry suit, his lighter green Gucci shirt didn’t hang right with his Prada Suit and every tie he owned seemed to clash no matter which suit or shirt. Everything looked awful and it flustered him, maybe he should just do Sebastian a favour and cancel, except he couldn’t do that, Not on their first date. Kurt was really looking forward to going out with Sebastian. They’d been 12 hours apart. He missed him. How was he going to cope next week when Seb was in LA?

With time ticking by and only 30 minutes until his boyfriend was due to arrive Kurt made the executive decision to scrap everything he’d tried and simply go with his black Versace tuxedo. It was classic and the pants hugged him in all the right places. He was sure that Seb would appreciate that. As he struggled with his bow tie (because why would anything go right tonight?) his phone began to ring. If that was Sebastian bailing on him he’d be so pissed after all the time he’d spent getting ready. Honestly he’d better have been hit by a bus or at least have a patient that was.

It turned out though that it wasn’t Seb on the phone at all but rather Elliott. Kurt put him on speaker phone as he continued to wrestle with his tie. He was all thumbs. He knew he shouldn’t be this nervous considering he and Seb had already done the sex part, over and over. He was still astounded by how good it had been with Sebastian. He had the hip bruises to prove it and got a little hard in that moment just thinking about it. So hot.

“Hey Ell,” Kurt took the call sounding a little stressed.
“Hey Babe,” Elliott responded cheerfully. “You sound agitated. Do you need me to come over, help you relieve some tension the fun way?”

“I can’t Ell,” Kurt refused Elliott’s suggestive invitation. “I’m seeing someone. I’m actually in the process of getting ready for our first date.”

“This the same guy from the other night?” Elliott asked with a pout. “The doctor? What’s his name?”

“Sebastian,” Kurt replied unable to keep the smile off his face.

“I hooked up with a Sebastian once,” Elliott informed him. “Met him on Grindr. Tiny dick. Very disappointing.”

“Well my Sebastian certainly doesn’t have that problem,” Kurt boasted proudly, finally getting his tie knotted correctly.

“YOUR Sebastian?” Elliott sounded a little bitter. “Things are moving fast there. You seem serious about this guy.”

“I might be,” Kurt giggled, scanning his array of dress shoes for the perfect pair. “He’s special Ell. He’s so good with Tilly and amazing in bed. He’s hot and funny and kind. I think he’s the one.”

“The one?” Elliott scoffed. If Kurt didn’t know better he’d think Ell was jealous. “Have you forgotten you’re still married Kurt? You used to say the same thing about that lying, cheating bastard when you and I first met. How long have you even been seeing this Sebastian?” He said Sebastian’s name with disgust. “A week?”

“I’m filing for divorce,” Kurt offered sitting on his bed to put on his selected shoes. “I spoke with my lawyer today and have an appointment next week.”

“Right,” Ell’s tone was flat. “I guess that’s that then.”

“You could be happy for me,” Kurt prompted, tying his laces. “You know how tough things have been for me.”

“I am happy for you,” Elliott offered, sounding anything but. “You’re sure this Sebastian dude can make you happy though? I mean the sex... You and I are good together Kurt.”

“It’s not a competition Ell,” Kurt was confused by Elliott’s seeming possessiveness. “And it’s not like you were ever a permanent option. I always wanted kids. You made it very clear that you never wanted to be a dad.”

“And he does I’m assuming,” Elliott grumbled. “Good for him. Does she even like him?”

“She does,” Kurt downplayed Tilly’s fondness for Sebastian because he could tell Elliott was hurting. “They get along fine.”

“So no chance of one last time? You and I?” Elliott had to ask. He’d regret it always if he didn’t.

“We can grab coffee or I can come watch your band play over the weekend. Where are you at this week?”

“You won’t bring HIM will you?” Elliott grimaced. “I don’t think I could deal.”

“I might,” Kurt stood and straightened his suit, admiring his reflection in the mirror. “He is my boyfriend. I can hardly leave him at home baby sitting.”

“You could,” Elliott chuckled. “I’d make it worth your while. It’s been ages since we’ve hooked up back stage after one of my gigs.”

“You’re impossible,” Kurt laughed off Elliott’s advance. “I think you’ll like him once you get to know him.”

“That’s remains to be seen,” Elliott was making no promises. “Unless he might be up for a threesome.”

Kurt had to admit the idea wasn’t totally repulsive to him except he wasn’t keen on seeing Seb’s beautiful hands, his soft sweet lips enjoying another man’s body. Sebastian was Kurt’s alone. Ell was attractive enough. He could find his own man.

“You’re considering it, aren’t you?” Elliott laughed.

“No,” Kurt replied sharply. “I have to go Ell. He’ll be here soon.”

“Where’s he taking you?” Elliott sounded genuinely curious.

“It’s a surprise,” Kurt uttered quietly.

“You hate surprises.” Elliott knew Kurt well, way better than this new douchebag who Elliott was sure would be history in a month.

“Yeah but I really LIKE him,” the smile returned to Kurt’s voice. “Text me the details for your gig. I’ll see you there.”

“Sure,” Elliott agreed. It would give him the opportunity to size up the asshole stealing his fuck buddy. “Enjoy your date.”

“I still love you Ell,” Kurt responded lightly.

“Don’t let your new ‘boyfriend’ hear you say that,” Elliott mocked.

“He’d be okay with it,” Kurt adjusted his hair in the mirror. “He knows I love him too.”

“You’ve said the L word?” Now Elliott was beginning to feel concerned, threatened, Ugh, who was he kidding? He was straight up jealous. He and Kurt had been together but not together ever since Kurt had kicked Blaine out, including the night of, when they’d downed a whole bottle of tequila together while Kurt cried and then fucked until dawn, that was way before Matilda had come along and ruined everything. Ell liked her well enough but kids were way too much responsibility for him. He wanted fun. He’d had that with Kurt at the start. Sure they’d both been seeing other people, that was part of the deal but neither of them had ever dropped the L bomb with anyone else. This new guy must be different from the others. Elliott hated him already.

“Yeah,” Kurt smiled. “I told you he’s special.”

“I thought you meant autistic or something.”

“You did not,” Kurt rolled his eyes, sniggering lightly. “You’ll like him. I promise.”

“Sure,” Elliott agreed passively. “I’ll text you the details. Be safe Babe.”

“You too,” Kurt sighed. “Bye Ell.”

The strangest nostalgic feeling came over Kurt as he ended the call. It was true he did love Elliott, more in ‘a bestie whose dick you sometimes suck’ kinda way than in a ‘I think you’re perfect and can’t stop thinking about you’ kinda way he felt with Seb. It still seemed strange to think though that if things went the way he hoped they might with Sebastian that he’d never be responsible for making Elliott or any other guy cum ever again. He hadn’t thought about it before marrying Blaine but monogamy was the strangest concept. Just one partner for all eternity... It was the best feeling though when it was honoured, that feeling of belonging to someone and knowing they belonged to you as well. It appealed greatly to the romantic in Kurt. He was sure he could happily belong to Sebastian for all eternity. He just had to persuade Blaine to give him that divorce first.

Kurt sighed, checking his reflection one final time before joining the girls in the living room.

“She’s kicking my butt,” Alexa complained, looking wide eyed at Kurt. “You look hot Mr H,” she smirked. “Big date with the doc huh?”

“You do look pretty Daddy,” Matilda smiled warmly at her father.

“Thank you ladies,” Kurt grinned. “I’ve left money in case you need it in the usual place” he told Alexa. “I might be late tonight. Are you sure that’s okay?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Alexa teased him. “I’ll just pull out the sofa bed if I need to. Go and have FUN.”

“Where are you going Daddy?” Matilda asked curiously. She was excited her dad and Dr Seb were going on a date. At this rate Dr Seb would be her new daddy in no time. She could tell Kurt really liked him by the way his smile made his eyes sparkle when ever they were together. In all the fairy tales they read together that meant love.

“It’s a surprise,” Kurt told his daughter with a grin.

“But you hate surprises,” Matilda suddenly looked worried.

“He likes the doc though,” Alexa interjected knowingly as a knock came at the door.

“Are you sure I look okay?” Butterflies flooded his stomach as he scurried to the door.

“You’re beautiful daddy,” Matilda assured him before he opened the door.

“Damn!” Sebastian greeted Kurt eyeing him up and down with hungry eyes, his mouth agape. He pecked Kurt’s lips briefly as the girl’s watched on. “You look good enough to eat,” he uttered smirking.

“Play your cards right...” Alexa began from behind them before Kurt cut her off with frown.

“Thank you,” Kurt blushed accepting a rainbow bouquet of gerberas from his date. “You didn’t have to,” he smiled widely, quietly pleased that Seb had. “They are beautiful. You are beautiful too by the way. Is that Armani?” He caressed the silky lapel on Seb’s tuxedo jacket, passing the flowers to Alexa to put in a vase.

“You do know your fashion,” Seb grinned, bracing himself as he saw Matilda charging at him full speed, nearly knocking her father over in her efforts to get to him.

“Can I come too Dr Seb?” She looked up at Seb with a pout as she hugged his thighs. “I promise I’ll be a good girl. You won’t even know I’m there.”

“Sorry sweetheart,” Seb shook his head, stroking her hair fondly. “Tonight is just for your daddy and me. We are just going to do boring grown up stuff. It really wouldn’t be fun for you.”

“You’re taking daddy to do his taxes?” Recalling how her dad had referred to preparing his tax return as ‘boring grown up stuff’ Matilda looked unimpressed with Dr Seb, “That’s not much of a date. Even Uncle Ell takes him to see a band.”

Sebastian laughed heartily at the child. “We are not going to do our taxes,” he assured her. “I’m sure your dad will tell you all about it tomorrow.”

“You’re going to kiss and stuff, aren’t you?” She giggled. “I know Daddy likes kissing you.”

“Don’t tell him,” Seb crouched down to her level mock whispering in her ear. “But I like kissing him too. He’s so pretty right?”

“Yeah,” Matilda smiled warmly at her dad. “But you are too.”

“Why thank you,” Seb hugged her tight. He adored this child almost as much as he adored her father. She was so sweet. “I’m sorry,” he gazed apologetically at her, “but I really need to get your daddy out of here now or we are going to late.”

Matilda turned to Kurt. He picked her up, giving her a playful squeeze. “I love you princess,” he pecked her forehead. “Be a good girl for Alexa and not too late to bed okay? It’s a school night.”

“I’ll be good,” she promised, as Kurt lowered her back to the floor. “Alexa is going to read me a story. Have a fun night daddy. Have a fun night Dr Seb.”

“We will,” Seb gave her a quick wave, placing his hand attentively on Kurt’s back to direct him towards the door, as she returned to her board game. “You got everything you need Gorgeous?” he checked with Kurt.

Kurt nodded, thanking Alexa, he closed the door behind him, taking Seb’s warm strong hand and following him to the car.

Seb opened the car door for Kurt and waited for him to seat himself comfortably before closing it and dashing around to the driver’s side. This was his first date with the adorable creature he was now permitted to call his boyfriend. He was so excited. He’d planned the evening so carefully. Kurt looked absolutely stunning He was anxious for him to enjoy himself.

“So where are we going?” Kurt asked curiously as Seb fastened his seat belt.

“You’ll see,” Sebastian smiled warmly, as he started the engine. “Did I tell you that you look incredible tonight?” He checked. “You really do.”

Kurt blushed at the compliment. He wasn’t used to such sincere flattery. He reached over squeezing Seb’s thigh in thanks. “You look gorgeous too,” he smiled back. “So not even a hint?” He almost pleaded as Seb pulled out into traffic.

“Patience isn’t one of your virtues, is it?” Sebastian chuckled, gazing briefly over at Kurt with fondness.

“I don’t do well with surprises,” Kurt admitted.

“Too bad,” Sebastian retorted with amusement. “Tonight is about me spoiling you. Sit back baby and enjoy the ride.”

Kurt rolled his eyes, releasing a gentle sigh, just as his phone chimed with a text.
He checked his phone in case it was Alexa as Seb navigated through traffic.

“Everything okay?” Seb asked with concern, in case they needed to return home to Matilda.

“It’s just Elliott,” Kurt responded to Sebastian and the message. “He called earlier. His band has a gig on Saturday night. He was just letting me know where.”

“You going?” Seb tried not to feel threatened. Elliott was just Kurt’s friend. Kurt should have friends. Seb wasn’t the kind of boyfriend who would destroy Kurt’s friendships. He just wished some of those friends hadn’t seen his boyfriend naked.

“You wanna come with me?” Kurt offered. “I’ve love you to meet Ell. You’ll like him.”

“I think I might be on call,” Sebastian replied evasively. He didn’t want to meet Kurt’s ex-lover.

“Oh,” Kurt looked disappointed.

“I guess I could come,” Sebastian hated seeing that expression cross Kurt’s face. “I won’t be able to drink or anything though.”

“I hear you’re the designated driver, like always anyway,” Kurt smirked.

“Touche’” Sebastian cringed. “I’m so sorry I was such an ass in high school.”

“You just weren’t ready for all of this,” Kurt gestured down his body. “I’ve forgiven you Seb. It’s okay. Doesn’t mean I won’t tease you about it sometimes though.”

“That seems fair,” Sebastian smiled, slowing down the car and pulling into valet parking at one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants.

“Here?” Kurt looked at Sebastian wide eyed. “It takes months to get a reservation here and it costs a shit ton.”

“Yeah well,” Seb was so pleased with Kurt’s reaction. He’d wanted to impress him. “I’m one of the most requested paediatric surgeons in the country I earn a shit ton.”

“Modest too aren’t you?” Kurt teased, unfastening his seat belt as his door was opened by the valet attendant. Kurt waited on the pavement as Sebastian handed over his keys and tipped the guy. “Are you sure this place is open?” Kurt checked, as Seb reached his side. The lights seemed low, the usually busy restaurant looked deserted.

“Technically it’s not,” Seb took Kurt’s hand, leading him to the door, “but I know the chef. I operated on his grand daughter a year or two ago so he’s opening tonight especially for us.”

“Are you serious?” Kurt shouldn’t have been surprised but he was. Stepping inside, he saw the entire place empty aside from the elegantly dressed maître de who’d let them in. Soft classical music played and the dining room was shrouded in candles and flowers all except for one table for two in the centre of the room that was perfectly set. “This is stunning,” Kurt squeezed Seb’s hand. “Honestly who are you?”

“Just wait until you taste the food,” Seb provided, quietly pleased with himself. He finally greeted the maître de with a peck to the cheek. “Good evening Douglas,” he smiled, not releasing Kurt’s hand the entire time. “It’s great to see you again. Thank you for this. This is my boyfriend Kurt. He’s a first timer.”

Douglas greeted Kurt with a warm smile. “I hope you will enjoy your evening with us. Chef has prepared a delectable menu for you both. Please follow me this way to be seated.”

“Hope you’re hungry,” Seb protectively placed his hand on Kurt’s back gesturing for him to proceed.

“I haven’t eaten since breakfast,” Kurt uttered quietly, “I was so nervous and now it seems I had reason to be.”

“No babe,” the doctor shook his head, kissing Kurt softly then pulling out his chair once they reached their exclusive table. “I want you to relax and enjoy yourself.”

“This is breathtaking,” Kurt gazed around the dining room in awe before his eyes focussed on the most beautiful thing in it, his boyfriend. Sebastian looked gorgeous and so proud of himself as he sat down opposite Kurt.

“You don’t have any allergies do you? I’m a doctor that’s the first thing I should have checked. I’m sorry,” Sebastian chastised himself as he perused the preset menu that Douglas had politely provided.

“No allergies,” Kurt smiled. “This looks divine. I can’t wait to try the almond encrusted Atlantic salmon with leek and lemon sauce. It’s sounds heavenly.”

“It’s my favourite thing on the menu,” Sebastian took Kurt’s hand across the table. “I always order it when I come here.”

“So you bring all your dates here?” Kurt tried to sound playful but epically failed, instead coming across kind of catty.

Seb frowned slightly. He’d gone to a lot of trouble and expense to book one New York’s finest restaurant just for Kurt, especially selecting the wine and his favourite menu items to share with him. Did Kurt honestly think Seb did this for just anyone? Did he not see how special he was to Sebastian? That kinda stung.

“I don’t date,” his voice was flat. “I work 100-120 hour weeks. It’s only since we’ve been together that I’ve cut back to something that might be considered reasonable hours. I have however managed to come by here occasionally to see Antonio in the kitchen because he’s a good friend and his food is exquisite.”

Douglas proceeded to pour their wine before Kurt could respond, a fruity Australian Chardonnay that Seb had selected especially for the evening. He left them to enjoy it.

“I didn’t realise our relationship was keeping you from your career,” Kurt’s tone was slightly snarky as he sampled the wine.

“I definitely wasn’t saying that,” Seb rose an eyebrow. “I was trying to tell you I enjoy spending time with you and your daughter. My last relationship broke down because my work took precedence. I don’t want that happening with you Kurt. You’re special. What we share is special, or at least I think so.”

“I think so too,” Kurt agreed. “Please know I love that you’re a doctor, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise.”

“Thank you,” Seb sounded relieved as he sampled his wine. “I appreciate that. Let’s just start over. Kurt Hummel tell me something about you that I don’t know?

“Umm...” Kurt sipped his wine while he thought about what information about himself he deemed worthy of sharing with Seb. “Well you know all the basics, grew up in Ohio, moved to New York for College, got married, became a teacher, separated now with a daughter. I have an appointment with my lawyer next week to begin divorce proceedings by the way.”

“You do?” Seb looked pleased. “I’m sorry I won’t be here to come with you, to support you.”

“I’ll be fine,” Kurt smiled reassuringly, playing with the stem of his wine glass. “I’m ready. I honestly shouldn’t have married him. I think I only did because I was afraid no one else would ever want me.”

“Why would you ever think that?” Sebastian couldn’t believe his ears. “You’re beautiful, stylish, sassy and sweet Kurt. Any man would be lucky to have you. I’m so lucky to have you.”

“That’s not exactly what you said in high school,” Kurt sighed, his eyes dropping down to look at the white linen table cloth.
“I don’t think you realised the impact that some of your words had on me.”

“Kurt?” Sebastian reached across the table to him looking awfully forlorn. “Babe? I was an asshole, a stupid immature asshole but I did honestly think even back then that we were just having fun. I thought insulting banter was our thing. You told me I had horse teeth. I told you that you dressed like a girl. That’s just what we did. None of it was meant to hurt you.”

“I know,” Kurt agreed. “It was hard not to take it personally though. I was getting bullied from everywhere, from the jocks at school especially Karofsky. People were even calling my dad, harassing him at work because he had a gay son. I just thought when I finally met other gay guys I’d have ally’s you know? Then you came along and well...” Kurt trailed off.

“Fuck,” Seb cursed under his breath. He’d never felt so awful, so guilty in his life. Here he was at exquisite table across from the man he’d so rapidly fallen head over heals for hearing about how a decade ago he’d broken him and practically pushed him into the arms of a man who’d neglected and mistreated him. “I’m sorry Kurt,” he responded sincerely. “You deserved better. I will do everything I can to make things better.”

A tear rolled down Kurt’s cheek. He swiped it away aggressively. “You already are,” he looked up at Seb again. “I love you Seb,” he smiled through his tears.

“I hate seeing you cry,” Sebastian so desperately wanted to hold Kurt, take every ounce of pain and hurt he’d ever experienced in the past and wash it away. He knew that was impossible. He did however have some power over Kurt’s future and he intended to make him the happiest man in New York. He was about to tell him that when Kurt’s phone buzzed again.

“Sorry,” Kurt grimaced, taking his phone from his jacket pocket. He wanted to turn it off but he couldn’t in case of Matilda. He looked at the screen and read the message.

Sebastian looked at him with an enquiring raised eyebrow as Kurt quickly replied with a chuckle. “Ell,” He offered as explanation.

“Hmm,” Sebastian grumbled, trying to hide his annoyance. Surely Kurt’s friend knew he was on a date.

In that moment entrees arrived. It was poached lobster tail with cauliflower and a butter sauce. It looked and smelled delicious. Kurt pocketed his phone again to sample it. A soft groan of appreciation escaped him as it melted in his mouth.

Sebastian watched him, taking pleasure from Kurt’s. “It’s good right?”

“So good,” Kurt talked around the bite in his mouth. “Better than sex.”

“Really?” Sebastian pretended to be offended.

“Well,” Kurt smirked. “Better than sex with most guys.”

“Like Elliott?” Sebastian accidentally let slip.

Kurt frowned, he took he another bite of his lobster, adding some of the cauliflower to his fork. This was possibly the best meal he’d ever eaten. If he was ever on death row, he was requesting his for his last supper. It was that delicious. “Seriously?” He eventually replied.

Seb didn’t reply. He took a gulp of his wine and began his meal. This night wasn’t going the way he’d hoped.

They ate the remainder of their entrees in awkward silence. Only making eye contact when Sebastian politely refilled Kurt’s wine glass, leaving his own empty for now. He was driving. He had to pace himself. He had no intention of endangering Kurt’s life or his own by drink driving.

“There’s never been anything serious between Elliott and I,” Kurt eventually explained. “We were both single so when we hung out we sometimes relieved some tension together. That’s all it was. We both knew if either of us ever met someone special that the friendship would continue without the benefits. You don’t need to feel threatened by him. I’m not a cheater Sebastian. I would never do that to you or to anyone. It’s soul crushing and totally humiliating.”

“I know,” Sebastian sighed heavily, “I’ve been there. My last boyfriend... I worked too much was his justification. It was messy and painful and we weren’t even married.”

“I didn’t realise,” Kurt sympathised. “I’m really sorry.”

“I’m not,” Seb smiled warmly at his new boyfriend as Douglas removed their plates. “If I was still with him I wouldn’t be here with you and that would be a tragedy.”

“A tragedy?” Kurt rolled his eyes at Seb’s dramatics, “That is not a tragedy. A tragedy is three men trapped in a mine or police dogs used in Birmingham,” he quoted lines from Dirty Dancing verbatim with a grin. “Monks burning themselves in protest.”

“Did you just quote Dirty Dancing at me when I was trying to be sincere?” Seb narrowed his eyes in amusement.

“Sebastian Smythe watches Dirty Dancing?” Kurt was a little surprised.

“Aside from you, watching hot bodies grind together to music is one of my favourite things,” Seb shrugged nonchalantly. “Speaking of which,” he nodded towards the small dance floor in the corner of the restaurant. “Would you care to dance with me?”

“I’d love to,” Kurt smiled, rising from his chair and taking Seb’s offered hand. They weaved hand in hand through the tables to the centre of the small parquet floor where Seb lovingly took Kurt in his arms. Kurt smiled, resting his chin on Seb’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around his neck. Together in each other’s arms they rocked slowly to the music and suddenly everything felt perfect in the world. “What is this song?” Kurt whispered against Seb’s ear, before Seb elegantly spun him around then pulled him close again.

“Puccini maybe,” Seb uttered, seeking out Kurt’s lips for a soft kiss. “Aren’t you a music teacher?”

“Drama,” Kurt corrected, “It’s so beautiful,” he referred back to the song.

“You’re beautiful,” Seb lifted his hand from around Kurt’s waist to delicately stroke his face, “Thank you for being here with me.”

“There’s no where I’d rather be,” Kurt played gently with the back of Seb’s hair. He loved the softness of it.

“I’m so going to miss you next week,” Seb kissed Kurt again.

“Me too,” Kurt agreed. “I put in for leave though today at work to join you . My boss was a bit pissy but he approved it.”

“That’s so great,” Seb was so relieved. One week without Kurt was going to be bad, two weeks would be torture. “I’ll let my assistant know and she’ll get your flights and our accomodation booked.”

“Assistant?” Kurt scoffed, rolling his eyes.
“You’re really a big deal, aren’t you?”

“Next in line for chief of surgery at NYC’s best hospital,” Seb replied almost shyly. “But what’s that worth if I have no one today share it with? I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy as these last few weeks with you and Till.”

“Seb,” Kurt leaned up and kissed him affectionally. “You’re perfect. You know that.”

Seb shook his head, burying his nose in Kurt’s hair. “I’m so scared of fucking this up. I want this to work so bad.”

“I’d say it’s working pretty well,” Kurt assured Seb with soft kisses against his slightly stubbled jaw as they continued to move together, both a little aroused from their proximity to each other but choosing to ignore it because just this alone just felt so nice.

“It’s not just you I stand to lose,” Seb mumbled into Kurt’s hair. “I love that kid too.”

“I know,” That was very obvious to Kurt. “She loves you too. We aren’t going anywhere. I promise. I love you Sebby. Who knew you were such a softie?”

“Don’t you dare tell anyone,” Seb chuckled, dipping Kurt for a kiss.

“Your secret, all your secret’s are safe with me,” Kurt assured him as Douglas approached their table with their salmon main courses and Kurt’s phone buzzed again in his pocket.

“Does he know we’re on a date?” Seb grimaced as upon their return to their table Kurt took out his phone again.

“He’s writing a new song for this week’s gig,” Kurt explained, sitting down. “He just wanted my opinion.”

“He doesn’t have band mates for that?” Sebastian made no attempt to hide his disdain as he took his seat.

“It’s just how we always do it,” Kurt didn’t appreciate this side of Sebastian. “I’m his friend. He values my input.”

“I kinda hoped tonight would be just us,” Seb sighed in resignation taking his first bite of the delectable salmon before him. “You might as well have just invited him to join us.”

“That’s not fair,” Kurt snapped at Sebastian.

“I didn’t take all the time to plan this evening and spend all this money so you could spend the entire night on your phone chatting with another guy,” Sebastian spoke harshly.

“Money?” Kurt glared at him, “Is that the issue here?” Kurt stood from his seat, and removed his wallet from his pocket. He dumped all the notes from it onto Sebastian’s plate, maybe two or three hundred. “If that’s not enough, bill me,” He spat before storming off to the door.

“Kurt?” Sebastian got to his feet and went after his lover. “Kurt? fuck stop,” he reached him as he was opening the door, grasping his arm gently. “You can’t just leave.”

“I can,” Kurt assured him. “And I am. I love you Sebastian, I honestly do but you can’t be the only person in my life. I have a daughter, I have family and I have friends, Ell amongst them. I lost myself in my awful marriage. Almost lost everyone I cared about to keep an ungrateful man happy. I know you’re not ungrateful but I can’t do that again. If all it takes is few text messages from my best friend to bring out the ugly green eyed monster in you this isn’t going to work.”

“He’s more than a best friend,” Seb fought back tears, holding his hand on the door so Kurt couldn’t leave. “He’s been...” Seb trailed off.

“Inside me?” Kurt hissed spitefully.

Seb stepped back defeated. “Go if you want to. I’m sorry for taking up your time.”

Kurt sighed. His phone buzzing again.

“You better get back to him,” Sebastian continued sarcastically. “Sounds like he’s getting impatient.”

Kurt said nothing. He didn’t even look at Sebastian as fuming, he exited the restaurant, stepping out onto the pavement. He took out his phone to order an Uber since Sebastian had been his transport, when it began to ring. He answered the unknown number, Sebastian observing his face full of concern as he spoke.

He turned back to the door. Sebastian still stood there on the other side. He was watching Kurt looking absolutely crushed. “I need you to take me to the hospital,” Kurt spoke loudly through the glass. “There’s been an accident on the set of Blaine’s show. They’re not sure he’s going to make it.”

“One minute,” Seb jumped straight into action. He quickly settled their bill with Douglas, before joining a pacing Kurt outside to wait for the valet to return his car. “Which hospital?” He asked, taking out his own phone to find the quickest route on google maps. “I’m really sorry Kurt.”

“I’m sorry too,” Kurt took Seb’s hand squeezing it for support. “You’re right about Elliott. He and I we just have this routine you know? I guess I thought you’d just fit into it. It wasn’t fair of me to expect that. We were on a date. You had every right to demand my full attention.”

“It’s okay. Which hospital?” Seb repeated feeling relieved as his car pulled up before them.

“Yours,” Kurt breathed deeply, desperately worried about not just about Blaine but also about his relationship with Sebastian. “He’s in surgery, major internal bleeding, a scaffolding gave way. I guess since we are technically married I’m still his next of kin,” Kurt babbled as he climbed into the car. “I should probably call Cooper,”

“Might be a good idea,” Sebastian agreed as he climbed in beside Kurt and started the engine.

“Are we okay?” Kurt asked as he searched his contacts for Cooper’s number. If Cooper weren’t the best looking guy in North America he’d have probably deleted it before now. They had kept in contact a little since Kurt and Blaine’s separation though. Kurt genuinely liked Cooper.

“We’re okay,” Sebastian assured his boyfriend as they headed through traffic to the hospital. “I think we might need to sit down and chat with Elliott sometime soon though.”

“Sure,” Kurt smiled sadly at Seb as Cooper’s number began to ring. “I love you,” he mouthed at Seb as Cooper answered.

“I love you,” Seb replied aloud, hoping that that was going to be enough to ensure he kept Kurt and his adorable daughter as his.

Tonight had been a disaster for Sebastian and once they got to the hospital it would only get worse. He was once again delivering Kurt to Blaine. This time literally. What if Kurt took one look at his ailing husband and realised they belonged together after all? Bye bye Sebastian. He wasn’t sure his heart could take that. With each passing moment as they edged closer through New York traffic to Blaine’s side, Seb watched Kurt from the corner of his eye, praying this wasn’t the beginning of the end. He adored Kurt more than had anything else on his life. Losing him was too unbearable to even consider.

Chapter Text

Obviously popular, Sebastian was greeted warmly by hospital staff as he and Kurt passed quickly through the emergency department.

“Little over dressed for this dump aren’t you hot stuff?” The duty nurse teased Seb as he approached the desk still in his tuxedo. “You won’t believe who was rushed in here tonight,” she continued, her tone chipper, “Blaine Anderson, you know the actor? I guess all the media vultures outside kind of gave it away. They’ve been an absolute menace.”

“Yeah, they were pretty aggressive on our way in. Where’s Calum? He should be dealing with them,” Sebastian grimaced.

“He’s the one in theatre,” the nurse supplied.

Of course he was. That made perfect sense. A VIP like Blaine brought a lot of attention to the hospital. He had to be seen getting the best possible care therefore only the Chief of Surgery would do. “I’ll go out and make a statement and have security move them on,” Sebastian sighed, taking off his bow tie and tossing it on the desk. He opened his top shirt button before turning to the computer. “This is my boyfriend, Kurt by the way,” he introduced the two. “He’s Blaine’s husband.”

The nurse narrowed her eyes at Sebastian as he searched the computer for Blaine’s file. As second in charge of the surgery department addressing the media became his responsibility and he needed something concrete to tell them. “You’re dating someone else’s husband?”

“We’re estranged,” Kurt spoke softly.

“Oh yes,” she nodded in understanding, “Now that you mention it I do remember reading something about that in the tabloids a while back, nasty business those dating apps. You poor thing.”

Sebastian frowned at her as he read through Anderson’s file, carefully trying not to give anything away in his facial expressions that would worry Kurt more than necessary. It was bad though, really bad. Feeling suddenly protective of Kurt Seb decided instantly that he needed to get him somewhere quiet away from prying eyes and ears. This office could work. No one would bother them there.

“Is Devon around?” Sebastian looked up, quickly scanning the ER for his most trusted intern.

“Maybe on his break?” the nurse offered.

“Can you page him please? Have him escort Kurt up to my office,” Sebastian spoke with a stern authority that Kurt had not witnessed from him before. It was hot.

Seb turned calmly to Kurt, with eyes full of tenderness as Devon was paged. “Devon is great Baby. You’ll love him. He’ll show you to my office. You’ll find everything you need up there. The fridge is stocked, take a shower if you need one and have a lie down. I shouldn’t take too long with them,” he gestured to the front door of the ER where press from every network were lurking for information. “Then we’ll talk.”

Kurt nodded. He felt numb and tired and about willing to agree to anything. Talking to Cooper had been very stressful. He was in LA, in the midst of filming the pilot for a new sit com. He had no way to get a flight until morning. Even worse than that Blaine’s parents were away overseas in Africa or Australia (Kurt hadn’t quite been able to hear over Seb’s car engine) on a cruise. Cooper wasn’t convinced they were contactable at all, though he did plan to try. For now that meant Kurt was it, he was all Blaine had. He really didn’t want to be but he was Blaine’s person. This was so fucked up. Thank Gaga that Sebastian was here.

Devon was at Sebastian’s side seemingly in an instant. “What do you need boss?” He asked eagerly. “This place is a mad house tonight. That actor they brought in has caused quite a stir.”

“This is Kurt,” Seb introduced his boyfriend, before taking Devon aside. “This man is my world and that actor’s husband, they’re separated, long story. I need you to escort him up to my office away from the gossip. Get him ANYTHING he needs. I shouldn’t be long out there.”

“Of course Sir,” Devon nodded earnestly.

Seb gave Kurt a quick kiss. Gripping his shoulders loosely, he looked into his eyes. “You okay gorgeous?”

“I just don’t want to be here,” Kurt responded bluntly resting his forehead wearily against Seb’s. “He and I aren’t together anymore. What am I even supposed to say to him?”

“He’s going to be in surgery for a few hours yet,” Seb took Kurt in his arms. “Hopefully Cooper will be here before he comes around.”

“Oh shit,” Kurt sighed heavily, melting against Seb’s body, “I need to call Alexa and let her know what’s going on.”

“We’ll sort all that,” Seb assured Kurt as Devon waited patiently by their side. “You go with Devon honey, okay? I’ll be as quick as I can.”

“Thank you,” Kurt uttered flatly. He smiled back sadly at Seb as Devon ushered him toward the elevator.

“Do I look presentable?” Seb turned back to the duty nurse. He inhaled heavily to calm himself.

“I’d dump the tux jacket, put this on,” she handed Seb a medical lab coat with the hospital logo on the chest pocket.

“Right,” Seb thanked her with his eyes, as he swapped jackets. It had been a while since he’d had to present at a press conference and these were hardly normal circumstances. He hoped he didn’t screw this up. He took one more deep breath before heading out to the lion’s den.

Outside was chaos, camera’s flashed furiously in his face, microphones were shoved at him from every direction and questions came in too rapid succession for him to even register them. “Silence please,” he demanded firmly, waiting for the blood suckers before him to quieten down so he could speak. “My name is Dr Sebastian Smythe and I’m a lead surgeon here. I will make a short statement regarding Mr Blaine Anderson who brought into us this evening but am unable to take any questions at this time. Your understanding is appreciated.”
Constant camera flashes continued but the crowd were mostly quiet as Sebastian briefly explained Blaine’s accident and his condition while being deliberately sketchy about his prognosis. Questions began to fly again as soon as Seb concluded. He paid them no attention, hearing only one sketchy reporter who asked rudely “Is it true Dr Smythe that you are dating Mr Anderson’s estranged husband Kurt Hummel?” Sebastian paled at the question, saying nothing as he headed back inside, gesturing to security to remove them all from the hospital premises.

“That was brutal,” he mumbled under his breath as he returned to the nurses station. “Anything new?” He checked doubtfully, collecting his jacket and tie.

“You did great out there,” the nurse shook her head, squeezing Seb’s forearm supportively. “You know how these things go. It could be hours yet.”

“I’m going to head up to Kurt,” Seb was so worried about him. He knew Kurt and Blaine were separated but they had a long history. This would hit Kurt hard if they lost him.

He left the nurses station, making a rapid beeline for his office. He found Kurt alone, freshly showered, wearing just his white shirt and underwear. He sat on Seb’s Murphy bed with his head buried in his hands. There was a coffee and an uneaten sandwich on the table beside him. He looked so vulnerable.

Kurt looked up with a soft smile as he heard Seb enter. “You have quite a set up here Dr Smythe,” Kurt looked impressed.

“I often crash here if I’m on call or don’t have time to make it home between shifts,” Seb explained, tossing his jacket and tie on the chair and kicking off his shoes. “It’s convenient. Where’s Devon?”

“I sent him back down stairs. I really didn’t need him here while I showered,” Kurt reached out to Seb. “That’s kinda our thing.”

“It is,” Seb agreed, joining Kurt on the bed with a kiss to his hair.

“Are you going to tell me now what’s going on with Blaine?” Kurt flopped back heavily on the bed, making it creak in protest. “I know it’s bad.”

“It’s bad,” Seb confirmed, laying back beside Kurt and taking his hand supportively.

“So?” Kurt prompted when Sebastian hesitated to gather his thoughts. Seb knew he needed to deliver this news as gently as possible. This was always one of the hardest parts of his job.

“I’m sorry Baby but he’s suffered significant blunt force trauma to the chest and abdomen,” Seb spoke softly. “I promise you though he’s getting the best possible care. They have him up in theatre two with our chief of surgery. Calum is the best trauma surgeon in New York. If anyone can save him it’s him.”

“I hope so,” Kurt grimaced, resting his head against Seb’s shoulder. “He hurt me so badly and he pisses me off Seb but I only want a divorce. I don’t want him dead.”

“Have you called Alexa yet?” Seb checked, desperate to change the subject. “It’s getting late,” He pulled himself up from the bed. “I need a coffee then I’ll call the theatre.”

“Shit,” Kurt cursed, his phone buzzing again as he reached for it. “I totally forgot about Alexa.”

“I can call her if that’s easier for you,” Seb offered kindly.

“Would you mind?” Kurt sounded so grateful. “That was Cooper. He’s has no luck reaching his parents on the ship. He’s going to call the Australian embassy and see if they can help.”

“I wouldn’t have thought of that,” Seb admitted with a sigh, subtly watching Kurt as he text back before taking out his own phone. He called Kurt’s landline to speak to Alexa. He couldn’t imagine how difficult this must be for Kurt with his estranged husband’s life hanging in the balance. He hoped the surgery would be a success but he had his doubts. He’d downplayed Blaine’s injury’s to Kurt significantly. Even if Blaine made it through surgery his outlook was poor. Seb hoped Cooper would be able make it here in time. He didn’t want all that stress falling on Kurt.

Alexa had seen the news of Blaine’s accident on social media and willingly offered to spend the night with Tilly and get her off to school in the morning. Seb was glad Kurt had such a reliable sitter but knew they may need a more long term solution depending on Blaine’s situation. He decided, with Kurt’s permission he’d call his brother in the morning. Tilly would love going to stay with Eddie. She’d definitely be safe there.

Having replied to Cooper, Kurt was laying flat on his back spread out on the Murphy bed. Seb could see he’d finished his coffee, the sandwich however remained untouched. Without a word Seb made a quick call through to theatre two. The news was grim. “We’re doing all we can,” the theatre nurse informed Sebastian “There is so much internal bleeding and he’s very weak. If he goes into cardiac arrest again, we’ll be lucky to save him.” Sebastian sighed and thanked him. At least for now Blaine was still alive.

“How does shit like this happen?” Kurt pondered aloud, reaching out his arms to Sebastian as he ended the call. “I mean there you and I were having the worst date in history and now in a totally unrelated incident my husband might be dying.”

“He’s hanging in there for now,” Sebastian tried to sound positive.

“Why is my life always such a shit show?” Kurt sounded frustrated.

“I don’t know,” Seb shook his head. He laid down and nestled himself against his partner. “Is your life really that bad? You have your job and Matilda. I know this stuff with Blaine is scary and horrendous and our date was just the worst but I promise you I didn’t plan it that way. I’m really sorry Kurt.”

“I know,” Kurt nuzzled his nose against Seb’s cheek. “I’m so grateful that you’re here for me. I know it’s kinda unorthodox to have to support your boyfriend when his husband isn’t doing well.”

“I’ll always support you.” Seb attempted to sooth Kurt. “I know this situation is a little unusual but don’t listen to that judgmental bitch downstairs. She’s nothing more than a gossip.”

“Unfortunately Blaine gave everyone plenty to gossip about,” Kurt tightened his hold on Seb as his phone buzzed yet again.

Seb reached it for him where Kurt had left it by his coffee mug and was unable to avoid seeing the screen. “It’s Elliott,” he grimaced. “He wants to come down here.”

“I didn’t ask him to,” Kurt was immediately defensive. “I guess he just wants to support me.”

Seb didn’t say anything. He just laid there feeling totally inadequate. Wasn’t he enough support for Kurt? Seriously why would Elliott come to the hospital? What could he do here? This place was Seb’s domain. No one was in a better position to support Kurt here than him.

“Thank you,” Kurt kissed Seb’s shoulder softly, as he accepted his phone from
him. “How do I politely tell him no,” Kurt uttered aloud nuzzling his nose into Seb’s neck. “I can’t deal with him right now.”

Seb shrugged, his skin tingling from the brush of Kurt’s warm breath. While Kurt responded Seb went through Blaine’s file in his head. Scans showed extensive internal bleeding, multiple fractures, a list of injuries a mile long. It wasn’t hopeless but the surgical team would certainly have their work cut out for them. It must have been one hell of a fall.

Laying there with Kurt, Seb thought back to the first time he’d met Blaine in the senior commons. He’d heard so much about him. “Sex on a stick,” Jeff Sterling had told him. “Sings like dream,” Nick Duval had said. Seb had soon learnt they were both right. Blaine was attractive and he definitely could sing. Seb had honestly thought the sun shone from him until that day in the Lima Bean when he’d met the gorgeous, feisty fire cracker that Blaine was dating for the first time. Seb and Kurt were like polar opposites. They’d clashed ferociously in every way. Kurt instantly becoming the fire to Seb’s ice. Hot and explosive. The most beautiful boy Sebastian had ever laid eyes on. Never in a million years did Sebastian Smythe ever imagine that that he’d ever stand a chance with that boy. Kurt Hummel
was way out of his league. He was in a league all of his own. As he looked at Kurt’s face now, 10 years older but still just as stunning he counted his blessings and knew he would do everything he could to protect him from whatever lay ahead.

The melody to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl thrummed through Sebastian’s head. It had been forever since he’d heard that song or even seen any of his Warbler friends. He’d missed the recent Warbler reunion due to work commitments and although Hunter often called and left messages. Seb seldom had the opportunity to call him back. All of that seemed so long ago now, so petty and irrelevant. He wasn’t that person anymore. He was Dr Sebastian Smythe, paediatric surgeon, Kurt Hummel’s boyfriend, Matilda’s step dad, kinda. Well at least that’s what he wanted to be.

He sighed contentedly as he heard Kurt’s voice, the words not quiet registering in his preoccupied brain. “Huh?” He turned to Kurt.

“He’s going to call in the morning,” Kurt repeated himself, playing absentmindedly with the buttons on Seb’s shirt. “Is it wrong that all I want right now is to rip this off you and have you destroy me?” Kurt gnawed guiltily at his bottom lip.

Seb chuckled, eyeing Kurt sceptically. He wanted Kurt... always but he wasn’t sure this was the time or the place for it.

Kurt sighed, sensing Seb’s hesitation. He reached down palming him to hardness through his tuxedo pants. “At least let me blow you,” he pleaded, sliding down Seb’s body. Seb wasn’t particularly in the mood, his dick however, which was now harder than steel, was very much willing, so he just went with it, not wanting to deny Kurt anything under the circumstances.

With that in forefront of his mind Seb simply laid back complicitly as Kurt unbuckled his belt, popped his button and then slid down his zipper. He raised his hips as required so Kurt could slide down his pants and underwear, burying his hands in Kurt’s hair and rocking his hips up into Kurt’s mouth as expected, simply going through the motions. Kurt was good at this, he really was. As far as blow jobs went Kurt gave some of the best, his mouth so hot, so wet, so willing. His ability to deep throat unparalleled, heavenly even but tonight despite how hot it should have been to have his totally delectable boyfriend sucking him off in his office, Seb’s heart just wasn’t in it.

After the evening they’d shared, despite the act, it just didn’t feel intimate but instead rather clinical and detached. Not like KurtAndSebastian at all but more like Kurt and the closest available hard cock. As if Sebastian could just be anyone, not necessarily Kurt’s boyfriend, the man he claimed to love.

Thankfully despite Seb’s inner turmoil his cock was still on board with the whole thing. Kurt’s mouth and fist working it, and his balls to perfection and soon he was tugging Kurt’s hair as an orgasm tore through him. He grunted his body quaking as he pulsed into Kurt’s mouth. Kurt willingly swallowing around him, licking his tip clean before finally pulling off.

“Hmmm,” Kurt hummed obviously satisfied. “I love how you taste.” He moved back up Seb’s body, placing soft kisses up his abdomen through his shirt as he went, before finally reaching Seb’s mouth. He devoured Seb lips as hungrily as he had his dick. Seb kissed back but just as with the blow job he wasn’t all in.

“You okay?” Kurt gazed into Seb’s eyes sensing something a little off.

“I’m good,” Seb lied. “That was good babe.”

“Just good?” Kurt pushed, seemingly in need of validation.

“It was amazing,” Seb tried to convincingly muster some enthusiasm. “It’s just been a long day Beautiful. I’m exhausted.”

Kurt got up from the bed still very obviously hard. He tossed Seb his underwear from the floor. “You better cover up in case Devon comes back,” he suggested. “I need to pee.”

Seb sat up and struggled into his underwear. He’d had a lot of one night stands but none had left him feeling this dejected and used. He flopped back onto the bed, willing the phone to ring with news of Blaine sometime soon.

“Have you ever... with Devon?” Kurt asked turning off the lights before laying down beside him. “He’s cute. I wouldn’t blame you if you had.”

“I’m his boss,” Sebastian frowned, rolling over and turning his back on Kurt. “It wouldn’t be ethical plus I’m pretty sure he’s straight and engaged.”

“Didn’t mean to offend you,” Kurt spooned Sebastian stroking his torso affectionately with his finger tips while placing soft kisses on the back of his neck and shoulders.

Seb had to fight every urge within himself not to shrug Kurt off. He loved him he really did but right now he felt no fondness towards him at all and it was pissing him off that Kurt wasn’t picking that up. “We should try to sleep,” Seb suggested. “They’ll call if there’s news.”

“You’re not going to return the favour?” Kurt rutted his semi against Seb’s ass.

Seb ignored him, pretending to already be asleep. He heard Kurt grumble something under his breath and then roll over, taking his phone out, undoubtedly to text fucking Elliott again. “Why am I even in this relationship?” Seb asked himself sadly before dropping off to sleep for real.

It was about 3 hours later when the phone in Seb’s office finally rang. An overheated Seb untangled himself from Kurt to answer it with a weary “Dr Smythe Speaking.”

“Hey Seb,” Calum sounded exhausted but happy. It had to be good news. “It was touch and go bud. He arrested twice on the table. We won’t have a solid prognosis for a day or two if he even makes it that long. I understand he’s a friend of yours so I want to suggest you try not to get your hopes up. There were extensive injuries and we had to give him a lot of blood. He’s got a massive fight on his hands.”

“But right now he’s alive right? Thank fuck,” Seb let out a long breath he hadn’t realised he was holding.

Calum chuckled lightly. As Seb’s employer he seldom heard him curse. “No promises Seb. I’ve just had him transferred to ICU. I’m keeping him in an induced coma for now. It seems like the most effective form of pain relief considering his trauma.”

“Thank you Cal,” Seb was sincerely grateful to his boss “Any chance of calling in a favour though and having him placed in a private room in the VIP wing? I really would appreciate it.” Seb knew the services and care were superior in his area of the hospital and that it would be more comfortable and private for Kurt as Blaine’s next of kin. Despite earlier misgivings he wanted to do the best he could for Kurt.

“Of course. I’ll get it sorted for you,” Calum replied positively. “My staff tell me you stepped up as media liaison tonight. People are saying good things about you Sebastian. Great work. You’re really impressing me.”

“Umm... Thank you,” Sebastian was flattered, responding humbly. His relationship might be all over the place right now but at least his career was flourishing.

“I also hear that you’re in contact with Mr Anderson’s family?” Calum sort verification. “Is it correct that you’re dating his husband? What happened to your wife?”

“They are estranged and yes we are dating. I’ve never had a wife,” Seb tried to hide his frustration. “I’ve told you numerous times that I’m gay.”

“Right,” Calum sounded confused. “Gay? A very worthy choice of course.”

Seb bit his tongue. Choice? Fucking choice? Being gay wasn’t a fucking choice. Who in their right mind would choose alienation? discrimination? abuse? fear? violence? Just because of who they loved? Seriously it was time that the hospital staff here undertook some hardcore LGBT+ sensitivity training. “Yeah,” Sebastian grimaced. “My boyfriend has been in touch with Blaine’s family. His brother is flying out from LA on the first flight in the morning but unfortunately his parents are overseas in Australia on a cruise and have so far been unreachable.”

“Do your best Seb,” Calum offered encouragingly. “If the worst happens they should have the opportunity to say their farewells.”

“The brother was contacting the Australian embassy, last we heard,” Seb informed his boss. “Now if you don’t mind Sir, I’d like to go, take my boyfriend to see Blaine.”

“Of course,” Calum replied agreeably. “I’m thinking room 221B might be best.”

“Thanks Cal,” Seb smiled warmly through the phone before ending the call, aware now of Kurt’s eyes on him.

“Get dressed Babe,” Seb suggested, crossing the room. He turned on the lights and opened a closet, pulling out two pairs of fresh underwear, two pair of socks and two clean tshirts. He tossed one of each at Kurt who eyed him with drowsy confusion. “He made it through surgery,” Seb smiled at Kurt as he began to change. “I’ve had him transferred up to the VIP wing.”

“You can do that?” Kurt yawned then stretched, barely awake.

“Called in a favour. He’s your family and you’re my family so...”

“I’m your family?” A warm smile crossed Kurt’s face.

“You are,” Sebastian agreed, watching Kurt sink back down into his pillow. “You need to get up Kurt.”

“I know,” Kurt sighed. “What’s the time?”

“4:30ish,” Sebastian supplied, now fully dressed and slipping on his shoes. As a surgeon who was often on call he was used to sleep deprivation and keeping long hours. Kurt on the other hand was sluggish and struggling to move.

“Is he going to be okay?” Kurt finally sat up.

“We have to wait and see. Calum said it was a challenging surgery. He’s unwilling to predict a long term outcome at this stage. He’s decided for the moment to keep Blaine in a drug induced coma. He’s concerned about his pain.”

“At least I won’t have to make small talk,” Kurt look relieved as he changed his clothes. “How long are flights from LA? Cooper text me after you fell asleep. He’s booked on a 6:05am flight.”

“Takes about 6 hours,” Seb had taken that route many times. “With the time zones though he probably won’t arrive until about 3pm. Do you want me to collect him from the airport?”

“Na, let him get an Uber,” Kurt seemed beastly careless as he pulled on his tuxedo pants from earlier. “You need to be preparing your lectures for your seminar in California and I’ll need to be home by then to get Tilly from school.”

“I was thinking,” Seb offered cautiously, “that I could maybe talk to my brother, he and my sister in law could watch Matilda while you stay with Blaine. She’d have a lot of fun with Eddie.”

“Except I don’t want to stay here with Blaine Sebastian,” Kurt replied aggressively. “We aren’t together. I feel like a fraud, going up there to sit by his bedside when everyone in this place is talking about what he did to me.”

“There’s still a chance he might not make it,” Seb reminded Kurt. “You have history with him Kurt. You can’t let him pass alone.”

“If you’re so concerned about him, you go up there,” Kurt glared at Seb. “I didn’t ask for any of this. I wanted him out of my life. Doesn’t he have a manager, a publicist, an assistant or anyone that can sit vigil by his bed? Someone who actually likes him?”

“Is that what you want?” Seb asked softly. “Some paid employee with him? Or are you just afraid Kurt? Afraid of saying goodbye?”

“I don’t know how,” Kurt admitted sorrowfully, a tear rolling silently down his cheek as he recalled the words Blaine had spoken to him all those years ago back at McKinley when they’d both been so deeply in love “l’ll never say goodbye to you.” Kurt’s heart broke all over again.

Seeing his anguish, Seb went to his side. He held Kurt close. gently stroking his hair while he sobbed uncontrollably for the other man. “It’s okay baby,” Sebastian whispered lovingly against Kurt’s ear. “I’ve got you. I’m here. You don’t have to face any of this alone.”

Chapter Text

Kurt exhaled heavily as he entered Blaine’s hospital room. Masses of wires and tubes extended from the still, pale body on the bed connecting to multiple beeping machines around his bedside. An oxygen mask obscured Blaine’s lacerated face.

“It’s okay,” Sebastian assured Kurt with a supportive hand on his shoulder while gazing at the monitors. Blaine’s heart rate and oxygen levels were within normal parameters. That was a relief.

“You can take a seat,” Devon smiled softly at Kurt, gesturing to one of the two chairs beside the bed. In the VIP wing all patients received 24 hour one on one care. Sebastian especially selected Devon and 2 of his other favourite interns for this job on a rotating roster.

Kurt nodded in gratitude and sat down. He watched Blaine’s chest rise and fall beneath the covers but made no attempt to touch him.

“How’s he doing?” Sebastian asked Devon as he reached for Blaine’s chart.

“So far so good,” Devon smiled. “Nothing out of the ordinary. Thank you for this opportunity by the way. Chief Murray said you requested me specifically.”

“You’re my best surgical intern,” Seb shrugged, returning Blaine’s chart to the end of his bed and taking a seat beside a quiet, pale Kurt. He took both of Kurt’s hands in his, stroking the backs of them gently with his thumbs. “You okay gorgeous?” He enquired compassionately.

Kurt nodded, his eyes focussed on the floor. “He just looks so...” Kurt’s words trailed off. He shrugged hopelessly. “I loved him so much Sebastian. I never imagined there would ever be a time when I wouldn’t love him.” That honestly stung Sebastian to hear but at least Kurt was talking in past tense. “He just looks so small lying there. So broken and vulnerable. What if I did this to him? What if this is my fault?”

“Kurt, Baby, no,” Sebastian pleaded edging his chair closer to Kurt. He released one of Kurt’s hands and cupped his cheek, raising Kurt’s face so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “This was a freak accident. Nothing you did caused this just like there was nothing you could have done to prevent it. He fell Kurt on the set of his tv show, some scaffolding gave way and he fell. That’s not your fault.”

“Maybe all this divorce bullshit had him distracted,” Kurt whimpered, his tears returning. “Now he might die. I’m so fucking selfish. I did this to him.”

Sebastian heard nothing after the words ‘divorce bullshit’. He withdrew from Kurt. He knew Kurt was hurting so he tried not to take offence but a lot of this was sounding like a Klaine reunion and he didn’t have the strength to hang around and watch that shit show.

“I have to contact my assistant. I’ll need to reschedule all my patient’s appointments for today.” Sebastian stood from his chair needing a moment alone to breathe. This was all way more than he’d signed up and it was severely triggering his anxiety.

“Don’t miss work on my account,” Kurt mumbled robotically, his eyes focusing again on the rhythmic rise and fall of Blaine’s chest. “I can get Elliott to come in and keep me company until Cooper gets here.”

“I’m distracted and I’ve barely had 3 hours sleep,” Sebastian replied flatly. “I’m a liability to my patients and the hospital plus I’m worried about you Kurt. I don’t want to leave you here with Elliott.”

“I’m fine,” Kurt wiped tears from his cheeks as Devon checked Blaine’s urine output. So much blood but that was to be expected after such a trauma. “I don’t need YOU fussing over me.”

Wow, Ouch. Seb grimaced sharply. That really hurt. He held his tongue despite being on the verge of losing his patience. “Right,” He nodded. “Sorry.”

Kurt simply grunted at him as he left the room. Biting his lip Sebastian bolted down the hospital corridor in search of the nearest fire escape. He let the door slam behind him then lowered himself trembling to the floor. He cradled his knees tightly against his chest as he fought for breath, tears streaking his cheeks, panic overwhelming him. This thoughts raced. Kurt, Blaine, Kurt, work, Kurt. He was so exhausted, overwhelmed, and he just couldn’t get enough oxygen. Breathe, he tried to remind himself, rocking gently back and forth, focus Sebastian, focus and count. He looked around him. One door, breathe Sebastian, two shoes, that’s it breathe, three steps, deep breaths, four letters in the word ‘fire’. He was still trembling but his breathing had almost returned to normal. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, almost back in control before he started to sob, finally cracking under the pressure.

Time Passed. Seb had no idea how long he’d been sitting there, broken, alone. He could only imagine how pathetic he would have looked to any passerby, Dr Sebastian Smythe, bad ass paediatric surgeon, next in line for the surgical ‘throne’ curled up on a concrete step in the hospital fire escape trembling and crying like a toddler. He needed to get a grip, to man up. He needed to call his assistant but most of all he badly needed a shower.

Getting himself back under control, Seb dragged his clammy palms down his tear stained face. He sighed heavily and lifted his weary body from the cold, concrete floor. “Fuck Kurt,” he mumbled to himself. Fuck him for making Sebastian feel so fucking depleted and weak. Fuck him for not loving Sebastian with the devotion that Seb loved him.

Seb headed down stairs through the fire escape, hoping to avoid anyone who knew him. He quickly reached his office, locking the door behind him. The room was a disgraceful mess. Even if he had been in a fit physical and emotional state to take patients today, his office was in no state to host them. He considered calling up a janitor to clean but honestly this was his personal mess not hospital mess so that seemed a little unfair.

Checking the time to find it was just after 6am, he called his assistant on speaker phone while he begun to tidy. Jason had already seen Seb on the news and taken it upon himself to reschedule his day. Seb was grateful for his foresight and efficiency. He was an awesome assistant and would have truly make someone the perfect husband.

. “It’s all over Twitter about some sordid love triangle you’re involved in. Anything you want to tell me doc?.” Jason seemed to have the uncanny ability of being able to say things to Seb that no one else could get away with.

“Shut up,” Sebastian sniggered. “You know it’s all bullshit. I’m very much a one man, man,” Seb had no idea why he was bothering to defend himself. He wondered how the media had got hold of any of it or why anyone would even care. It was ridiculous. “I have to go Jace,” Sebastian smirked to himself hearing Jason giggle as he ended the call.

He finished tidying his office, changed the sheets on his Murphy bed and folded it away before putting his dry cleaning, laundry and washing up aside for Jason to take care of later. The cheeky bitch needed to earn his keep.

Next Sebastian really needed a shower. He was certain as he wandered into the bathroom and switched on the light that he could almost smell himself and that wasn’t good. He quietly examined his reflection in the mirror. He looked like shit, pasty skin, dark circles. No wonder Kurt was pushing him away. Kurt was fucking stunning he could do way better than Sebastian’s ugly ass.

Seb stepped back and peeled off his tshirt. He removed his shoes and socks then turned the shower on to heat up while he took off his pants and underwear. With relief he stepped under the warm flow of water, letting the pressure and tightness he’d felt in every muscle melt away. As he soaped himself up he tried to clear his head, tried not to think about Kurt or Blaine or Elliott. Tried not to think about his patients or the lectures he had to present in Anaheim in just a few days. He tried not to think about the sordid love triangle the media seemed to believe he was mixed up in. What a joke. He knew if it came down to it that he would be the one that would be forced to bow out gracefully. It would shatter his heart to lose Kurt and Matilda. Seb really loved that kid but if Kurt really loved him, really wanted to be with him he wouldn’t need to fight against Blaine for his love. It would come to him freely.

Kurt... Seb sighed, his traitorous cock swelling just at the thought of him, Kurt’s pristine, pale skin, those gorgeous eyes, that perky, perfectly rounded ass. No man had ever had the effect on Seb’s body that Kurt had. Sebastian Smythe was always in control, except he wasn’t now. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe. He barely realised he was touching himself until a moan escaped him. “Fucking Kurt Hummel” he hissed. Fucking Kurt Hummel who didn’t need Sebastian to fuss over him. Fucking stunning Kurt Hummel who for now was HIS gorgeous boyfriend, and every other gay man’s walking wet dream.

It hadn’t gone unnoticed to Sebastian how every man looked at Kurt, even the straight ones, wanting him, wondering what the fuck Kurt was doing with someone as ordinary as him. Thinking, hoping, that the two of them were brothers or hopefully just friends, believing there was no way some one as beautiful and breathtaking as Kurt could he turned on by a pleb like him. Deep down Sebastian believed the same thing. That was probably why Elliott bugged him so much. Why he’d been so aggressive with Blaine in demanding a divorce for Kurt.

He realised as his body shuttered and his cum splattered the shower wall what a loser he’d become, or maybe had always been, but right now, stressed and tired he had no idea what to do about it. He rinsed his cum covered fist beneath the water, his cock going soft between his legs, with the knowledge that that his heart just wanted what it wanted and for some reason unbeknown to him that just happened to be Kurt Hummel.

He turned off the shower, stepped out and towelled himself dry. He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped back out into his office space only to find someone knocking at his door.

“Just a second,” he called. “I’m just out of the shower. Let me throw something on.”

“Seb, it’s just me,” Kurt’s depleted voice came through the door. Instead of just opening it, feeling vulnerable Sebastian felt the need to get dressed first, quickly pulling on a business shirt and boxer briefs, wishing in that moment that he had sweat pants to pull on rather than just his array of extra suits.

He opened the door to Kurt, stepping back to let him in. “What do you want? Is Blaine okay?” Seb checked, noting the devastated look on Kurt’s face.

“He’s fine, I guess,” Kurt shrugged, attempting to reach for Seb then stopping. And what the fuck was that about? Oh no! No! No! No! Seb knew what that was. He’d seen that bullshit before. Kurt was here in his office at his place of work to break up with him. This was the end, the end of KurtAndSebastian. Seb reached for clean suit pants. He definitely needed pants on for this...pants and a gallon bottle of single malt whisky.

“Seb...” Kurt began. He stopped.


“I need to talk to you,” Seb saw desperation in Kurt’s eyes.

“Don’t please,” Seb stepped back from him, his eyes full of pain. “I already know what you’re going to say. Just save it. Go back upstairs to your husband.”

“Fuck my husband,” Kurt stepped aggressively into Sebastian’s space, tears flooding his eyes. “I fucking love you Sebastian Smythe. I was such a bitch to you upstairs and I’m so sorry. I just feel so angry and so guilty. Blaine’s up there fighting for life. We had 10 years together, 10 years of kisses, of sex, of songs, movies, food and memories...”

“Gee thanks for that reminder,” Seb cut him off with a sarcastic eye roll.

Kurt let it roll over him. “10 years,” he continued talking. “An entire fucking decade of life together and now he might die and I feel so guilty Sebastian, so fucking guilty because all I can think about is how I wish he would just get on with it so I can be with you.” Tears streamed from Kurt’s eyes.

That hadn’t been at all what Sebastian had been expecting to hear. He’d been bracing himself for break up, not for the most horribly selfish declaration of love ever. A declaration that he’d none the less so desperately wanted, so desperately needed. Seb smiled softly at Kurt. He reached out for him. “You really fucking hurt my feelings,” he spoke honestly. “You know Blaine doesn’t have to die for us to be together right? We are all ready together Kurt.”

“You’re not going to break up with me then?” Kurt ventured carefully, avoiding eye contact as he fell into Seb’s arms.

“I don’t think so,” Sebastian smirked, kissing Kurt’s hair as he held him close. “I really like Matilda. I’d miss her so much.”

“At least I have something going for me,” Kurt nuzzled his nose into Seb’s shoulder, his tears easing as he breathed him in.

“In my opinion you have a lot going for you,” Sebastian complimented his boyfriend. “How about I finish getting dressed and get us out of here for a bit. Grab some breakfast. Devon has my number if anything changes upstairs.”

“I’d like that,” Kurt smiled, grazing his lips softly against Seb’s. “My shout though.”

“Agreed,” Seb responded delicately to Kurt’s kiss, reluctantly pulling back to finish getting dressed.

“If it’s okay, I might just Alexa a quick call and check on Tilly,” Kurt somehow felt like he needed to ask for permission. “I’ve never left her for the entire night before.”

“Tell our little angel Hi from me,” Seb smiled, putting on clean socks.

“They’re cute,” Kurt referred to Seb’s socks grinning warmly at him. “I never picked you for a Toy Story fan.”

“The kids like them,” Seb explained. “Some that I see are going through shit that you wouldn’t believe. Showing them my quirky socks sometimes cheers them a little.” He shrugged. “Beside who doesn’t love Woody and Buzz.”

“You’re just the best kind of human,” Kurt watched Seb in awe as he took out his phone to call his daughter. “I’m so so lucky to have you.”

“And don’t you forget it,” Sebastian smirked cockily, slapping Kurt on the ass as he passed him to grab his jacket. “I’m quite the catch,” he uttered smugly, not believing a word of it.

Chapter Text

Nobody was happier than Kurt when Cooper Anderson arrived in New York City. Not only was the guy an incredible source of eye candy but it also meant Kurt no longer had to fake being the dutiful husband and sit vigil by Blaine’s bedside.
Cooper was well aware of Blaine’s infidelity within his marriage. He known before Kurt and been heavily opposed. He was extremely fond of Kurt and strongly believed his brother had made a massive mistake not treating him better. As it turned out upon their meeting Cooper also rapidly became quite a fan of Sebastian as well. He found the doctor to only be accomodating and professional in his approach to Blaine’s health care but also particularly loving and nurturing in his treatment of Kurt. That pleased Cooper immensely.

What didn’t please Cooper was his brother’s medical condition and having to take time off from his new job to fly cross country to be with him. It had been almost 24 hours since Kurt had first contacted him with the dreaded news and he was still yet to be able to reach his parents. The Australian embassy had been helpful but as yet had been unsuccessful.

The timing of all this couldn’t be worse for Cooper. He loved his brother, of course he did, despite their relationship having always been rocky but he couldn’t afford the time away from his show right now. He’d finally managed to gain a lead role but they were still only on the pilot and in his absence he could easily be recast if they lost patience. This show was supposed to be Cooper’s big break. He needed this job. He was counting on its success. He wasn’t getting any younger, he wasn’t sure how many more opportunities like this still remained for him.

“I will consult with the chief of surgery but I’m certain he’ll advise against it,” Sebastian had informed Cooper when he’d enquired almost immediately about transferring Blaine to a Los Angeles hospital. “Blaine only came out of surgery 12 hours ago. He’s still in a critical condition. A move could kill him.”

“Money is no object,” Cooper had informed Sebastian. His brother often gloated about his hefty bank balance and it was common knowledge that he made over a million dollars for every episode of his trashy show. Sure he’d bought Kurt that fancy inner Manhattan town house and was paying him an astronomical amount of alimony each month due to their wage discrepancies but he was still sitting pretty. How else could he have afforded to send their parents to Australia for a month just on a whim while Cooper had emptied his entire bank balance just to get to New York?

“It’s really more about keeping your brother alive for now,” Sebastian explained patiently. “He suffered significant trauma, lost a lot of blood. Right now how his vitals are good but he could quickly deteriorate.”

Cooper understood but was frustrated by the inconvenience. “How long before it’s safe?” He asked. “I need to get home, to work, to hubby and the kids.”

“There’s no saying for sure,” Sebastian looked between Cooper and Kurt with regret. “This whole situation is very unpredictable but at best I’d say days, possibly a week, assuming he makes it. There’s still a strong chance we could lose him.”

“I can be here with him,” Kurt offered reluctantly. As a former NYADA student Blaine was revered at Kurt’s place of employment and although his boss had been reluctant to give him time off to vacation in California with his boyfriend, he’d gladly given him compassionate leave to be with Blaine.

“You’re such a sweetheart for offering,” Kurt’s selflessness never failed to impress Cooper. “But I can’t ask you to do that. You shouldn’t even have to be here at all under the circumstances. He doesn’t deserve you.”

Kurt and Sebastian were both a little taken back by Cooper’s kind words. “My brother is an idiot,” Cooper continued. “I never got the opportunity to get to know you Kurt like I wanted to as your brother in law but I can still tell you’re a catch.”

“He so is,” Sebastian agreed, eyeing Kurt adoringly. “I have no idea why he’s with me of all people.”

Kurt looked to Cooper with a cheeky raised eyebrow before his eyes dropped to Sebastian’s groin. “Huge” he mouthed suggestively holding his hands at least a foot apart. “Absolutely massive.”

“Way too much information,” Cooper chuckled as Sebastian blushed every possible shade of bright red. “But I’m happy for you both.”

“Ugh,” Sebastian groaned in embarrassment making Kurt giggle. “I’ll go and consult with Calum and we’ll see what options might be available.”

Cooper gazed across the room at his little brother’s still seemingly lifeless body and nodded in gratitude at Sebastian. “I guess we just wait,” he sighed.

Time within the hospital walls passed slowly. Hours though did turn into days with minimal visible improvement in Blaine’s medical status. His parents were eventually located and although they requested regular updates on their son’s condition, had no intention of returning from their vacation early. Cooper, under pressure from his director had returned to Los Angeles as Sebastian too prepared to head that way for his medical conference.


“This week is going to suck ass,” Kurt complained glumly to Adam over the phone as he prepared for Elliott’s gig.

“At least you have the following week off,” Adam sounded less than sympathetic. “Don’t you feel even a little bit guilty, planning a vacation while your husband lies in a coma.”

“It’s a medically induced coma,” Kurt corrected Adam “and besides our vacation was planned before any of this happened and there’s nothing I can do for him here. As soon as he’s strong enough they’ll move him to LA.”

“What’s happening with his show?” Adam asked curiously.

“I can’t believe you watch that crap,” Kurt teased his friend. “I’ve heard they’ve ceased filming temporarily on occupational health and safety grounds. Who knows though?

“You know I only watch for the eye candy,” Adam defended himself. “You’re ex is kinda hot.”

“My ex was an ass that broke my heart,” Kurt grumbled. “Are you sure you don’t want to come to the gig tonight? You could meet Sebastian before he heads off to LA tomorrow night. Catch up with Elliott.”

“I can’t,” Adam did genuinely sound regretful. “I kinda have a date.”

“Oh,” Kurt was pleasantly surprised. “I’m so pleased for you. Do tell. What’s he like?”

“Umm,” Adam hesitated. “He’s Umm, he’s cute. Bubbly, I guess, funny.”

“He’s sounds...” Kurt was about to great when Adam cut him off. “It’s Chandler. I know you don’t like him but...”

“You don’t have to explain,” Kurt had to admit he was surprised. “I hope you have fun.”

“I hope we do too. We’re going to see Jersey boys,” Adam sounded excited.

“Much better than Elliott’s gig, I’m sure,” Kurt forced positivity. He’d rather scoop his eyes out with a rusty spoon than go to the theatre with Chandler, after that unfortunate non dinner they’d had.

“Everything good with your doctor?” Adam checked. “Samuel is it?”

“You know his name is Sebastian,” Kurt frowned. “And he’s amazing. He’s barely left my side since Blaine was admitted to hospital and he’s pulled every string he can to make sure that despite everything Blaine’s getting the best possible care. I am so lucky.”

“You make him sound like the fricken Mother Teresa,” Adam replied sarcastically.

“To me he’s a saint,” Kurt smiled thinking fondly of his boyfriend.

“You have it bad for this one,” Adam noted.

“I’m thinking of asking him to move in with me while we’re away in LA,” Kurt admitted. “Matilda adores him as much as I do and he stays practically every night anyway.”

“Isn’t that a little rushed?” Adam couldn’t hide his disapproval. “You’re still married Kurt.”

“Only on paper,” Kurt rolled his eyes in frustration even though Adam couldn’t see him over the phone. “You know my marriage was over long ago. I’m allowed to move on and be happy, despite all the crap the media goes on with.”

“How are you handling all that?” Adam asked compassionately.

“Its starting to die down now thankfully,” Kurt sounded relieved. “Reporters showing up at Matilda’s school really crossed the line though. Seriously they are vultures. What did they expect to find there?”

“That is a bit much,” Adam agreed. “Though I guess technically she is Blaine’s step daughter.”

“She’s Blaine’s nothing,” Kurt corrected Adam harshly, “Tilly is my baby. I adopted her on my own, well after I kicked that cheating bastard out for sticking his nasty dick in holes it didn’t belong. Maybe one day she’ll have a step dad or whatever, maybe even Seb but I can assure you it will not be Blaine fucking Anderson. Not ever!”

“I’m sorry,” Adam’s tone was quiet. “I didn’t mean...”

“No I’m sorry. It’s just that he’s so awful to her and I’m very protective of my baby girl.”

“Understandable,” Adam got it. “She’s an adorable kid.”

“Isn’t she?” Kurt agreed proudly. “Anyway I better go. I have to finished getting dressed and meet Sebastian in Hell’s Kitchen. Have a good night with Chandler,” Kurt offered wondering if that were even possible.

“Are you naked?” Adam couldn’t help asking. He imagined Kurt naked being quite a feast for the eyes.

“No Perv,” Kurt scoffed, “I just need to put on my jacket and shoes. Good bye Adam. Talk soon.”

“Soon Kurt,” Adam chuckled, ending the call. Kurt ordered an Uber, put down his phone. Pulled his favourite jacket and scarf from his closet, slipped on his shoes.
“Keys, wallet, phone,” he mumbled forcing them into his jacket pockets, checking his reflection in the mirror.

He knew he looked good, his jeans so tight they looked painted on. He was certain Seb wouldn’t be able to peel them off quick enough and he looked forward to that. He couldn’t believe Seb was leaving for California tomorrow. A whole week without him. Kurt knew he would miss him like crazy, waking up alone without Seb’s warmth wrapped around him was going to be the worst. Kurt was definitely going to ask him to move in while they were away together. He had all week to get a key to the apartment cut for him while he was gone.

Sebastian was waiting for Kurt on the pavement outside the bar when Kurt exited his Uber. He looked delectable in dark jeans, a soft sweater and a suede jacket, cleanly shaven with his hair perfectly styled and his gorgeous green eyes sparkling. He gave Kurt a soft wolf whistle as he took his hand. “You look hot Hummel,” he smirked suggestively. “But I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a shoe horn or a crow bar to get you out of those jeans later.”

“You assume I’ll grant you the honour?” Kurt joked, blushing.

“I’m pretty confident,” Seb laughed, pulling Kurt into his arms. He kissed him affectionately, groaning as he gave his ass a thorough grope. “Ugh, no fucking underwear.” He noted hungrily. “Jesus Kurt. You’re killing me. We should go in before I change my mind and drag you home. My place isn’t too far from here.”

Kurt narrowed his eyes. “Why have I never been to your place?”

“You’re not ready for it,” Sebastian laughed.

“So it is the sordid, kinky sex dungeon I imagine?” Kurt raised an inquisitive eyebrow as he took Seb’s hand and they headed for the door.

“Not exactly,” Seb shook his head, holding the door open for Kurt. The venue for Elliott’s gig was pretty generic not unlike any bar Sebastian had been to a million times before. It was pretty crowded, drinks were flowing, the atmosphere was warm and friendly. He felt at ease.

“This way,” Kurt lead him through the labyrinth of people to a door near the back. Elliott’s band didn’t start for a while yet and Kurt knew they’d be out the back, warming up as they always did and he really wanted Elliott to meet Sebastian.

“Hey Kurt,” the security guy at the door greeted Kurt with a warm smile and a half hug, patting his back gently multiple times. “Geeze dude,” He marvelled. “How long’s it been. You look great.”

“You too Alex,” Kurt grinned. “I’ve been busy, you know?”

“Yeah, I saw about your ex online, pretty shit man. How’s he doing? Is this your new guy?” He held out his hand for Seb to shake. “I’m Alex,” he smiled. “Kurt and I go waaaaaaay back.”

“I’m Sebastian,” Seb shook the guy’s clammy hand, eyeing his sceptically.

“Don’t worry Dude,” he laughed, “I’m straight. It ain’t like that with me and Kurtie. Elliott though, damn. Just between you and me I’d keep an eye on him. That dude. He has it bad for our boy.”

Sebastian unconsciously gripped Kurt’s hand a little tighter, his nostrils flaring at Alex’s words.

“Don’t listen to him,” Kurt laughed, pecking Seb’s cheek. “He’s teasing you.”

“I’m really not,” Alex sounded adamant as he opened the door for them. “Watch him,” he advised Sebastian. “I’m serious.”

Kurt frowned at Alex before leading Sebastian down the short seedy hallway to an open door on the left, where a group of three guys were hanging out. One sat on a ratty sofa, tuning a guitar. He wore a Metallica tshirt with torn black skinny jeans and doc marten boots, another sat at a table in the corner, writing frantically in a notebook. He was kinda cute, Seb observed. Nerdy glasses, a star wars tshirt. He seemed a little out of place. Seb imagined him to be the kinda guy that played Dungeons and Dragons on the weekend rather than playing in a band. The third guy... Sebastian sighed. The third guy had to be Elliott. He was hot. Even compared to Kurt who was breathtaking Elliott was hot. Of course he was. Flawlessly styled hair, legs for days. He stood confidently in front of a full length mirror applying eye liner to the prettiest soulful eyes. Just seeing him made Sebastian want to shrink and hide. Blaine was one thing. He now knew he had Blaine defeated, but this guy, Fuck. Sebastian couldn’t help thinking if he wasn’t with Kurt even he’d want to hook up with this guy.

“Who the fuck are you?” Elliott narrowed his eyes, lowering his eye liner as he caught Seb’s reflection in his mirror.

“Ease up,” Kurt stepped forward to defend Seb. “Is that any way to speak to my man?”

“Kurt!” Elliott’s entire face lit up as he pulled his friend in for a tight hug. “You look gooooood Babe.”

“You too,” Kurt smiled, pecking Ell on the cheek before stepping back. He greeted both of Eli’s band mates fondly before introducing Sebastian. Both Toady and Gino greeted Seb with warm smiles and nods. Elliott was not so cordial. He merely grunted and returned to doing his make up.

Kurt wasn’t impressed but he was technically at Elliott’s work place and didn’t want to cause a fuss before the band went out. He knew this was their livelihood. He would have things out with Elliott later.

“What songs are you playing tonight?” Kurt took a seat on the sofa, beside Toady, while Seb sat awkwardly on the arm rest beside him. Kurt’s hand rested protectively on Seb’s thigh and Seb covered it affectionately with his own. There was no mistaking these two were together.

“Going with originals tonight,” Gino looked up from his notebook. “Starting with yours actually.”

Of course they were. That was so typical of Elliott to pull a stunt like that. To invite Kurt to a gig with his boyfriend then serenade him with that ridiculous love song.

“You have a song?” Sebastian now felt as uncomfortable as Kurt looked.

“Ell wrote it for him,” Toady grumbled. “Not our usual style but the fans eat up that soppy shit.”

Sebastian nodded. “Of course,” noting Elliott’s satisfied smirk in the mirror. “I look forward to hearing it.”

Kurt didn’t. He looked to Elliott with pleading eyes, praying Seb would be called into work before the song was played so this discomfort could end. Elliott subtly winked at him before humming the first few bars. Elliott was such a bastard. If Kurt didn’t love him, he’d honestly hate him in this moment.

“I think I need a drink,” Kurt uttered, giving Seb’s thigh a gentle squeeze. Sebastian felt so tense. That wasn’t good.

“Have a beer,” Gino opened a small fridge beside the table, and grabbed Kurt out a can, tossing to him across the small dingy room. “Do you want one?” Gino asked Sebastian as an uncoordinated Kurt let the can fall as his feet.

Seb shook his head. “Can’t tonight. I’m on call.”

“He’s a doctor,” Kurt boasted proudly, picking up the can from the floor and tapping the top of it with his fingers so it wouldn’t explode when he opened it.

“A paediatric surgeon actually Gorgeous,” Seb corrected him, with a pointed look at Elliott. He leaned away as Kurt held the can to his mouth gripping the ring pull.

Elliott ignored Seb, still humming his song as he applied glitter to his eyelids.

“Impressive,” Gino smiled enviously, watching Kurt from the corner of his eye, “I always wanted to be a doctor. Couldn’t get in though, had to settle for being a paramedic instead. I love it though. Feels good helping people.”

“It does,” Sebastian agreed, as Kurt took his first gulp of the beer without losing a drop. “It’s demanding and exhausting though and definitely can take a toll on your private life.”

“Seb’s off to LA tomorrow for a work thingy,” Kurt pouted. “Can’t believe he’s leaving me all alone.”

“I’ll come over and keep you company Babe,” Elliott offered, with raised eyebrows. “Pizza, tequila, its been ages since we...” he paused for effect, his eyes glued with amusement on a squirming Sebastian. “...hung out.”

“I’m going to be flat out with work,” Kurt frowned at Elliott’s obvious suggestiveness. “I’m so behind in my marking because of Blaine and I need to prepare all my lesson plans in advance for while I’m away.”

“Why don’t you just quit that job?” Elliott frowned. “It’s beneath you Kurt and it’s not like you couldn’t get by on the money that your ex bastard pays you. You don’t have a mortgage and it’s only you and the kid.”

“I happen to love my job,” Kurt huffed at Elliott. “I didn’t study for all those years to sit at home, watching soaps and masturbating all day like you do.”

“Oh fuck,” Toady couldn’t contain his laughter. “Is that what he does?” He was about doubled over in hysterics. “Show us your hands dude. Is that where you got those callouses?”

“That’s just wrong Ell,” Gino joined in the teasing, “If you’d just asked we could have all pitched in and got you a hooker,” he chuckled.

“Fuck you all,” Elliott flipped them the bird. “You’re all assholes.”

“5 minutes until showtime,” Alex appeared in the doorway. “The place is packed tonight.”

“Thanks dude,” Toady plucked at the strings of his guitar as Gino packed away his notebook. Elliott not too subtly adjusted himself in his jeans and tried a few vocal exercises. He loved the anticipation he felt before a gig. The feeling of adrenaline pumping thorough his veins. It never failed to get him aroused or maybe right now that was just Kurt. Kurt looked so damn sexy tonight. His jeans so tight that they left nothing to the imagination. Not that Elliott had to imagine. He’d seen it, begged for it, felt it, tasted it and fuck if he didn’t still want it. He needed it.

He hadn’t realised how much it would hurt to see Kurt with another guy, to see him so clearly in love. Even just seeing the two of them sitting together holding fucking hands stung like a bitch. It totally sucked ass. Elliott wanted to hate this new bitch as much as he hated Blaine but there was something about the way he looked at Kurt, with adoration and awe, with devotion and love that made Elliott think he might just be right for Kurt. For Elliott that hurt most of all because he knew just looking at the couple that now was his time to step aside. They were for keeps.

“I’m thinking maybe we should skip Kurt’s song tonight,” Elliott suggested as Kurt and Seb stood up to leave. “The crowd out there tonight sounds pretty rowdy. I think they’d appreciate our heavier stuff. Let’s start with ‘Viper breathe’ and tack ‘Flames in hell’ on at the end,” he smiled at Kurt.

“I love you,” Kurt mouthed at him out of Seb’s view, returning the smile. “Good luck out there,” he said aloud to the entire room.

“Thanks,” The band members responded in unison as Kurt stepped hand in hand with Seb towards the door.

“Great to meet you Seb,” Elliott gave Sebastian a sincere wave as he followed Kurt out. “Sorry I’m a bit intense before a gig but if you guys can hang around after the show you and I could meet for real. I’ll even buy you a drink, just a coke of course. I know you’re on call.”

“Sounds good,” The tension finally left Seb’s body and he gave Elliott a reluctant smile. If Elliott was willing to be friends Sebastian knew that for Kurt’s sake he had to meet him half way. “Break a leg out there,” he gave Elliott a polite nod. “Oh shit. That’s the theatre isn’t it? I didn’t mean literally,” He babbled awkwardly. “Though if you do I can repair it for you.”

“It’s all good,” Elliott sniggered, clearing his throat and following the couple out with the rest of his band to the stage.

Toady quickly plugged his guitar into the awaiting amp as Gino propped himself up behind the drums. The crowd cheered as Elliott took centre stage, Kurt meanwhile dragged Sebastian straight off to the bathroom. He had to have him and it had to now! He was never going to cope for week without him.

Chapter Text

Kurt had promised himself he wouldn’t cry. He was determined to be brave. Jason, Seb’s assistant had booked he and Matilda on the final flight out on Friday evening so technically he and Seb would only be apart 5 nights. He was sure he could last just 5 nights. After all he knew they would text, call and/or Skype everyday and be together again in no time. Only 5 nights Kurt kept telling himself over and over in his mind. Only 5 and yet it felt like an eternity to be without the man he loved and so despite his conviction to stay strong, the odd tear may have escaped as he clung to Sebastian at the airport.

“Don’t you dare or you’ll start me off,” Sebastian chuckled through teary eyes, resting his forehead affectionately against Kurt’s. Their lips met in the softest kiss. “I’ll be waiting for you at LAX,” he promised. “I’ll be the desperate, horny one.”

Kurt giggled softly. “Don’t meet someone better out there,” he pleaded, flashing back to the whole Blaine/Eli thing that had crushed him, his first year in New York.

“Impossible,” Seb gazed lovingly into Kurt’s eyes. “Besides I’m going to be flat out with work. They have me on a pretty strict schedule. Call me straight away if there’s any change with Blaine? Are you going to be okay?”

“Yeah,” Kurt nodded, cupping Seb’s jaw and tenderly stroking his cheek. “I’ll probably drop by the hospital tomorrow on my way home from work just to put Cooper’s mind at ease. I know he feels bad that he had to head back west.”

“Speaking of heading west,” Sebastian sighed, gesturing to his watch. “I really do need to go Baby.”

“I’ll miss you,” Kurt promised. He buried his nose in Seb’s neck. He breathed him in committing his smell to memory as he held him tight. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Seb kissed Kurt’s hair, then raised Kurt’s face to his, kissing his lips tenderly. “Tell Tilly I cant wait to see her on Friday,” Seb reluctantly stepped back from Kurt.

Kurt stepped forward, back into his space, stealing one more kiss. “Travel safe sweetheart,” he forced a smile.

“I will,” Seb agreed, attempting to smile back. “Only 5 nights honey.”

“I know,” Kurt nodded. He stood watching, biting back tears as Seb picked up his hand luggage from by his feet, a small bag with his laptop, a book and a bag of candy that Matilda had especially selected for him for the flight. “Call me when you get in,” he reminded Seb. “I don’t mind what time.”

“Of course,” Sebastian gave Kurt a quick half hug. He swallowed hard then headed off through the security check with a quick wave. Kurt stayed watching until his beautiful man was out of sight, wondering what the hell to do with himself now.

Matilda was at Eddie’s house. Stepping up into a parenting type role with ease, Sebastian, with Kurt’s approval had organised for them to have their first sleep over together. Kurt liked Seb’s brother and sister in law and had no reservations about leaving his daughter with them. It had, in fact made him happy to see his daughter so excited. That dear child of his deserved all the happiness that the world could give her.

Except now Kurt was forced to return home not only to a house without Sebastian but also without his daughter. It would just be him, Chuckles and a dinner for one which somehow just seemed so lonely and sad.

Kurt stepped out through the airport doors and ordered his Uber. Knowing Chuckles would be fine for one night, he put in Elliott’s address as his destination, and called him while he waited.

“Can I come over?” He asked after Elliott answered.

“I’m kinda busy watching soaps and masturbating,” Elliott replied sarcastically referring to Kurt’s comments from the previous evening. “I guess you could come and watch. Has lover boy left already?”

“Just saw him off at the airport,” Kurt sighed. “I feel so fucking depressed.”

“You have a lot to deal with right now,” Elliott sympathised. “Your ex bastard and your brat. Where is she?”

“She’s at her first sleepover,” Kurt replied sadly.

“So you’re feeling like a lonely loser?” Elliott teased lightly.

“Something like that,” Kurt agreed, pacing as he waited for his car.

“I have chunky monkey and tequila,” Elliott offered. “Come over. It will be fun.”

“I’m not going to have sex with you,” Kurt reminded him, as his car arrived and he climbed into the back seat. He greeted the driver with a smile and a nod as he put on his seat belt.

“I’m aware,” Elliott rolled his eyes. “Believe it or not I’m quite certain I’ll be able to control myself around you for one evening. You’re not that hot.”

“You’re so rude,” Kurt laughed at his friend. “I’m in the car. I’ll see you soon.”

“Sure,” Elliott ended the call.

Kurt relaxed back into his seat, gazing out the window. Rain was beginning to fall outside making New York look extra glum reflecting Kurt’s mood perfectly. The traffic was heavy, the journey long. He missed Sebastian already.

The rain just got heavier the closer he got to Elliott’s Brooklyn studio and he got soaked through to the skin just running from the car to Elliott’s stoop.

Thankfully Elliott buzzed him in quickly. Miserable, wet and shivering he climbed the 3 flights of stairs to his door.

“You’re drenched,” Elliott observed opening the door.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Kurt sarcastically rolled his eyes, stepping past Elliott into the tiny apartment.

“I didn’t even realise it was raining Bitch,” Elliott poked his tongue out at Kurt, closing the door. “Let me grab you a towel and a change of clothes. We can toss yours in the dryer.”

“This is Alexander McQueen,” Kurt gestured to his shirt looking at Ell in horror. “Drip Dry only.”

“Then we’ll put it on a hanger,” Elliott tried not to mock him. He knew Kurt was having a day and how much he valued his clothes.

“Okay,” Kurt agreed, catching the towel Elliott threw his way. He began to towel dry his dripping hair as Ell went through his clothes looking for something smaller and comfy for Kurt.

“You can go in the bathroom and put these on,” Elliott handed Kurt a long sleeve tshirt and an old pair of sweats with a draw string waist.

“Thank you,” Kurt smiled at his friend. He emptied his pockets onto Elliott’s small kitchenette counter top and took him up on his offer. They didn’t usually worry too much about nudity in front of each other since they’d become lovers but things were different now. Kurt was certain that Sebastian would have an issue with it and he loved Elliott for respecting that.

“Have you eaten?” Elliott called through the bathroom door. “There’s a new Indian place opened up down the block I’ve been dying to try.”

“Not since breakfast,” Kurt realised, suddenly feeling famished as he peeled off his wet clothing. He’d had a busy day, dropping by the hospital, organising Matilda for her sleepover and getting Seb to the airport. There hadn’t been time to stop for food. “Indian sounds good.”

“Beef vindaloo or mango chicken?” Elliott asked already knowing Kurt’s favourite dishes.

“Both,” Kurt requested pulling on the loose dry tshirt “with rice and a garlic naan please...actually make it two naan. I’m starving.”

“Right, okay,” Elliott laughed. “That’s a lot for food one person. You’re not knocked up are you?”

“Not yet,” Kurt chuckled. “Can you just imagine how beautiful his babies would be though?” Kurt’s heart kinda melted at the image. “With his pretty green eyes.”

“Adorable, I’m sure,” Elliott couldn’t be more disinterested. “I’ll order now and we can toss on a movie.”

“If you need some money there’s a fifty in my wallet on your countertop,” Kurt offered putting on Elliott’s sweat pants and pulling the cord tight. They were big on him and he felt a little ridiculous but at least he was dry.

“Rich bitch,” Elliott scoffed. “Must be nice.” He called the Indian restaurant and placed their order while Kurt gathered his wet things together.

Kurt exited the bathroom frowning. “I’d have rather had a faithful husband. Do you have those hangers and some socks? It’s freezing in here.”

Elliott passed Kurt some hangers from a small closet beside his bed. “Just hang them over the shower rail,” he suggested. “Do you want me to turn the heat on?”

“Please,” Kurt nodded, stepping back into the bathroom to hang his wet clothes while Elliott turned the heat on and grabbed his friend a pair of bed socks.

“They’re so soft,” Kurt accepted them with a smile, flopping down onto Elliott’s bed to put them on. “Anything new on Netflix?”

“I dunno,” Elliott shrugged. He took a large bottle of tequila from his freezer, grabbed his tv remote and laid down. He patted the spot beside him for Kurt to join him.

“Just so we’re clear, this is Netflix and tequila, not Netflix and chill,” Kurt spoke firmly as he laid down. “This is my side,” he gestured to himself. “And that is your side.”

“For fucks sake,” Elliott scowled. “I get it Kurt. You have a boyfriend. He’s god’s gift to all gay kind and you don’t want to fuck me anymore. It’s fine. We were past our used by date anyway.”

“You don’t like Sebastian?” Kurt looked a little hurt.

“I don’t like you suggesting that I have no respect for you,” Elliott sighed in frustration. “I know you Kurt. I know how loyal and loving you are. I know you’re not a cheater and I would never want to be responsible for making you one. Liking Sebastian has nothing to do with it.”

“So you don’t like him?” Kurt narrowed his eyes.

“Does it matter what I think of him?” Elliott broke eye contact, turning on the tv and his Xbox and searching for the Netflix app.

“It matters to me,” Kurt replied quietly. “You’re my best friend.”

“Best friend?” Elliott sounded offended. “Fun.”

“Should I go?” Kurt had a feeling Elliott wasn’t as cool with the change in their relationship as he should be.

“No,” Elliott shook his head. “It’s just...”

“It’s what?” Kurt pushed gently.

“I just thought what we had was kinda perfect. An awesome friendship with strings free fucking,” Elliott shrugged. “I liked it.”

“I did too,” Kurt agreed, reaching for Elliott’s hand.

Elliott pulled back. “This is my side,” he reminded Kurt seriously.

“Okay...” Kurt replied sceptically. “So I can’t even hold your hand now?”

“I need time Kurt, to adjust, to let that side of our relationship go,” Elliott’s tone was sad as he began to search for a movie.

“We both knew it wouldn’t last forever,” Kurt reminded Elliott gently. “It was just meant to be fun, never meant to be an ongoing thing.”

“It was fun,” Elliott admitted. “I guess I just got more attached than I planned to.”

“You know I love you Ell.”

“Oh I know,” Elliott sounded a little bitter, pausing as he came to ‘Logan’ “Just not IN love with me, Am I right?”

“Was that ever an option?” Kurt felt like this much needed conversation was spirally out of control. “You knew I wanted a family. We both knew you didn’t.”

“I don’t want a family,” Elliott gestured to the screen. “Have you seen it?” He checked. “Doesn’t mean I didn’t want you.”

“I haven’t,” Kurt referred to the tv, reaching for the chilled bottle between them and opening it. “Drinking game? Adam tells me there’s more F bombs in this movie than in Dead Pool. Every time someone says fuck we take a gulp.”

“Are you just going to ignore what I said,” Elliott frowned, starting the movie.

Kurt inhaled deeply. Could this conversation just be over now? Where was the food already? “Matilda and I are a package deal. You can’t have one without the other.”

“And he wants you both?”

“He loves us both,” Kurt subtly corrected Elliott.

“For the record I do like him,” Elliott smiled sadly. “He’s kinda a cool guy and he seems to treat you well. I like that.”

“He does treat me well,” Kurt smiled, as Elliott intercom sounded.

“Food!” Elliott sounded way too excited.

“I’ll grab forks, you grab the door,” Kurt suggested.

“Deal,” Elliott agreed.


The pair sat together, on Elliott’s bed, played their drinking game, ate their food, (Kurt had ordered way too much) they laughed, when Logan died they cried and when it was all over they were both extremely drunk but had somehow reached a mutual understanding.

“Can I stay?” A light headed Kurt asked, crossing over to Elliott’s side of the bed to snuggle against him.

Elliott sighed in contentment, enjoying the warmth of Kurt’s body against him. “I’ll put on another movie,” he smiled. “Any preferences?”

“Nothing with cursing,” Kurt giggled. “I think I’m a little smashed already.”

Elliott eyed his friend with amusement, choosing ‘Love, Simon’ “I think you’re a lot smashed. Don’t you have work in the morning?”

“I’ll just call in and say Blaine’s not doing well,” Kurt shrugged, wrapping an arm around his friend. “I love this movie. It’s so cute.”

“That’s awful Kurt,” Elliott shouldn’t be laughing as he held Kurt tight but he was. Blame the tequila.

Kurt didn’t reply, he just nuzzled Elliott’s cheek with his nose and settled in to watch the movie. Despite the lack of cursing the pair continued to share the tequila until the bottle was empty. The movie was almost over when Kurt’s phone rang.

“Is that my phone?” Kurt giggled, feeling around where his pockets should have been. “Ell? Where’s my phone?”

“Huh?” Elliott giggled along. “Your phone? I dunno but you should answer it.”

“I can’t find it,” Kurt released Ell. looking around on the bed then scouring the room. “Quick there it is!” He spoke way too loudly, his words significantly slurred. “On the counter, Quick answer it.”

Elliott reached out lazily and grabbed Kurt’s phone from the kitchenette countertop. Still laughing he answered it in his sexiest voice. “Hell-o Kurt’s phone sex. How may he service you?”

“What the fuck?” Sebastian sounded confused and slightly annoyed.

“Ell, Give me my phone,” Kurt demanded laughing hysterically.

“I think it’s your boyfriend,” Elliott singsonged handing it over. “Oh boy! You’re in trouble.”

“Pfft,” Kurt scoffed at Elliott. “My baby loves me,” he drawled into the phone still giggling.

“He does, does he?” Sebastian responded unconvincingly. “Are you drunk?”

“No,” Kurt continued to laugh. “Not entirererely. I might be just a little bit.

“Right,” Sebastian sounded less than impressed. “With Elliott? Where are you?”

“He’s my bestest friend,” Kurt didn’t seem to realise Seb was upset. “We like Tequila. He’s got lots at his house.”

“You’re at Elliott’s house?” Seb tried to clarify but Kurt wasn’t very coherent. “So you’re missing me then?” Seb’s tone was dry. We was wishing he hadn’t called. He trusted Kurt but he didn’t feel so secure about drunk Kurt and drunk Elliott hanging out together at Elliott’s house. Sometimes things happened.

“I miss your pretty eyes,” Kurt’s tone became seductive. “I miss your soft lips and your big hard...”

“Okay Kurt. That’s enough,” Seb cut him short. “How about you head home, drink some water, take an aspirin or two and we’ll talk in the morning.”

“I want you,” Kurt continued. “You left me and I want you.”

“I didn’t leave you,” Sebastian tried to reason with him. “You know I had to come here for work.”

“You don’t want me,” Kurt pouted, sounding so lonely and vulnerable.

“Of course I do,” Sebastian responded convincingly. “I love you but you’re super drunk baby. You need to go home.”

“Ell said I can stay,” Kurt mumbled. “It’s warm here. It’s nice.”

Sebastian sighed. He felt helpless. He was all the way across the country. There was nothing he could do from this distance to protect his relationship. “Are you going to sleep with him?” He asked bluntly. His heart clenching as if anticipating pain.

Kurt removed his phone from his ear, placed it in front of his face and glared sternly at it as if it were Sebastian before returning it to his ear. He was no longer laughing. “This is my side,” he replied sharply as if Sebastian could see him pointing to the bed. “That is Ell’s side.”

“I don’t know what that means,” Sebastian ran his hand through his hair, tugging at it in frustration.

“It means you’re an asshole,” Kurt was horribly offended. “Just an asshole.”

“I didn’t mean...” Sebastian didn’t know what to say. He hated how insecure and threatened he felt.

“Kurt Hummel isn’t a cheater,” Kurt slurred heavily, his anger apparent.

“I know,” Sebastian felt awful. “I’m sorry.”

Kurt huffed and ended the call in disgust, tossing his phone carelessly onto the floor.

“Stupid boyfriend,” he muttered to Elliott with a heavy frown.

“But you do love him,” Elliott reminded him, getting up for a water and to turn out the lights.

“But I do love him,” Kurt agreed, snuggling back down into the bed with a soft chuckle. “Stupid boyfriend.”

Chapter Text

Sebastian was very quiet when he met Kurt at LAX five nights later. Despite promising to call everyday they were both too stubborn to pick up the phone after their argument and therefore hadn’t spoken since. There had been times during that week when Kurt had considered cancelling and times when Seb had doubted he’d show or even hoped he wouldn’t. They had however both missed each other terribly and so here they were, awkwardly standing face to face amongst a torrid sea of strangers with Matilda clinging to Sebastian and chattering away furiously.

She smothered Sebastian’s blushing cheeks in tiny pecks as he picked her up with a warm smile and tried desperately to keep track of her conversation, the plane, school, Eddie, something about chocolate donuts and a kangaroo. The girl was so excited to see him she barely drew breath.

By the time they’d reached baggage claim, her chatter had moved onto glitter unicorns, tiaras and monster trucks and Seb was totally lost. He just continued to smile at her and nod a lot, subtly watching Kurt out of the corner of his eye.

Kurt looked like Sebastian felt, exhausted, drained, pissed off and slightly bedraggled, (which was very unlike him) but in Seb’s opinion he was still absolutely gorgeous. Sebastian almost hated him for that. Kurt had no right to look so appealing in his pale blue cashmere sweater and indigo skinny jeans when Sebastian was so furious at him. When he was feeling so betrayed, disappointed and hurt. How could Kurt not understand how insecure that him spending a drunken night with his ex lover and apparently bestest friend Elliott made Seb feel? Bestest fucking friend? Honestly? Sebastian as his boyfriend was supposed to be his best friend, wasn’t he? He was beginning to wonder if he even rated with Kurt at all.

The worst part was that his boyfriend who was supposed to love him hadn’t even bothered to call since their argument 5 days ago, not to apologise or to even reassure Seb that his night with Elliott had ended as innocently as drunken Kurt had claimed it would. That infuriated him. He wondered how Kurt might feel if he’d spent a drunken night while they were apart with an ex lover. It wasn’t as if it hadn’t been an option. Seb hadn’t exactly led a celibate life. This wasn’t his first medical conference travelling alone.

Upon his arrival Kurt had barely acknowledged Sebastian, no kiss, no hug, no “I missed you,” no “how was your week?” Just a curt nod in response to Sebastian’s “Hi.” That Seb had to admit hurt like hell. Thank goodness for Matilda. Seb loved that kid. She had once again almost bowled him over, hugging him with such enthusiasm and love. Looking at her now he worried about how she might cope if he and Kurt couldn’t make this relationship work. Things weren’t looking so promising.

Matilda continued to talk as Seb lowered her to the floor, taking Kurt’s carry on from him so he could gather his luggage.

“How long are you staying?” Seb asked eyeing Kurt’s 4 large suitcases with wide eyes. He’d only brought 1 case half the size for his 2 week stay.

“That depends on you,” Kurt’s reply was snippy and short.

“That one has all my tutu’s and my dolly in it,” Matilda boasted, pointing to one with a pink ribbon tied to the handle.

“You must have a lot of tutu’s,” Sebastian grinned at her. He placed Kurt’s carry on at his feet focussing his attention on the child. “I think we might need a cart. Do you want to help kiddo?”

Matilda nodded vigorously, taking Seb’s hand. Together they skipped through the airport to retrieve a luggage cart. Despite himself Kurt couldn’t help smiling as he watched them. They looked so carefree and it was cutest thing he’d ever seen, his gorgeous grown ass man and his adorable little girl living their best life together. Sebastian was just so amazing with her. He loved him so very much for that and for more reasons than he could ever count. It honestly killed him that Seb didn’t trust him enough to even hang out with a friend without betraying him or that he had entertained the idea that Kurt would or even could cheat on him. Had Kurt not been loving? Had he not given Sebastian enough attention? Was that why Seb thought Kurt capable of straying on him? And with Elliott of all people who Kurt had especially taken Sebastian to meet before he left to put his mind at rest.

Seb and Matilda soon returned, Matilda giggled as she rode on the cart, Sebastian steering it extra carefully. He lifted her off gently and helped Kurt load up the luggage. “Car’s this way,” he took Matilda’s hand again and Kurt followed behind him with the cases.

Kurt didn’t say anything when Seb lead him out to a massive stretch limo. “I thought you and Tilly might be tired,” Seb avoided eye contact as he addressed Kurt. As excuses went, this one was weak and he knew it. He just felt bad about how they’d left things, he’d missed Kurt and wanted to do something special for him. The luxury car felt like something special.

“I am,” Tilly muttered around a massive yawn, filling the deafly silence as the chauffeur loaded up all the bags. She’d had a long day with school and then the flight. Kurt suspected she would be asleep soon and strongly doubted that he’d be far behind her. His week had been hectic. Work had kicked his ass, trying to prepare for his week off on top of his normal work load had challenged him. He’d had to deal with Blaine’s transfer to LA on the Wednesday. His condition was slowly improving and Calum had deemed him safe for travel. They’d taken no chances with the transfer either sending him by helicopter with a full medical team. It must have cost a fortune but Kurt had a feeling that Sebastian may have had a lot to do with it. If so, he was grateful to him. On top of all that there had been Matilda’s normal antics to deal with and Adam raving on and on for days about his amazing date with Chandler, all on little sleep because Kurt’s body had traitorously decided it could no longer sleep without the warm comfort of Sebastian’s body beside it. So Typical.

Looking at him standing by the limo, helping Matilda get inside, Kurt’s entire body ached to hold Sebastian. Sebastian looked like he needed it too. Kurt had never seen him looking so weary or forlorn. He was pale, disheveled. His eyes, red and empty, were clouded with dark circles. He was lacking his usual suave confidence and Kurt could have sworn he’d got a little thinner. No matter he was still the most beautiful man Kurt had ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on.

In traffic, the drive to Anaheim took about an hour. Matilda had fought as hard as she could but was soon fast asleep, nestled cozily into Sebastian’s side, grasping his hand tight.

“I didn’t think she’d ever stop talking,” Seb mumbled looking down at her fondly. He pecked her ginger hair as he carefully released her hand, shaking his gently to regain the circulation.

“It was her first time on a plane,” Kurt mumbled. “She was so excited to come and see you.”

“That’s so sweet,” Seb smiled sadly, thinking about how awful it would feel to lose this kid. “I missed her.”

“Only her?” Kurt ventured carefully, gazing out the window into the darkness.

“No,” Sebastian admitted, giving nothing else away.

Kurt scoffed. “Yeah sure,” he muttered under his breath. “I nearly didn’t get on the flight you know?”

“I nearly didn’t want you to,”Sebastian admitted, his heart hurting.

“Really?” Kurt looked crushed. “I thought this, us, was special,”

“I thought so too,” Seb gnawed nervously at his bottom lip, consciously attempting to keep his breathing even.

“But you don’t even trust me Sebastian,” Kurt grimaced painfully.

“I do,” Seb reached out for Kurt’s hand. He had to touch him. He couldn’t bare not to any longer. “Of course I trust you.”

“You asked me if I was going to sleep with him Seb,” Kurt raised his voice a little in frustration. “Is that your definition of trust? Because it sure as hell isn’t mine. How could you think for even a second that I would betray you or our love like that after what Blaine put me through?”

“You’re not the only one whose been cheated on Kurt,” Sebastian temper was rising. “You were with your ex. You were both drunk. He’s not exactly unattractive is he?”

“What does that mean?” Kurt took Seb’s hand, savouring the warmth of it, feeling love flow between them just from that simple contact despite their current circumstance.

“You know what that means. You two used to be together Kurt and the second I leave town you run to him,” Sebastian felt so rattled and vulnerable. “How would you feel about me hanging out drinking with a hot ex lover while you were on the other side of the country?”

“I would trust you,” Kurt didn’t sound as convincing as he wanted to. He knew he’d be jealous. Who wouldn’t be? He suddenly felt awful. He should have been more sensitive to Sebastian’s feelings. “Elliott and I were together but never together together,” Kurt made sure to clarify. “It was just a friend with benefits thing and the benefits are over now. We were both very clear from the start that it would be over the minute either of us met someone special. You’re special Sebastian. He knows that but... what do you mean he’s not exactly unattractive?”

“He’s way hotter than me,” Sebastian admitted feebly.

“No,” Kurt disagreed. “He’s not. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. You’re beautiful Sebastian. Any man would be insane to want him when they could have you.”

“It almost feels like you mean that,” Sebastian sighed.

“Of course I mean it,” Kurt reached out stroking his boyfriend’s beautiful face. “Fuck I missed you baby. I couldn’t even sleep without you beside me.”

“Since we got together you haven’t had sex with him right?” Sebastian prayed for the answer he needed, quietly smug to hear Kurt had struggled without him.

“He came over one night just after the day you helped Tilly at the hospital,” Kurt admitted honestly. “But I couldn’t. I couldn’t be with him and be thinking about you. That wouldn’t have been fair to any of us. All I think about Sebastian is you. I don’t want anyone else. Please for fucks sake will you kiss me now?”

Sebastian smiled softly. He felt so relieved. Matilda stirred beside him, swinging an arm and hitting him in the chest. He’d almost forgotten she was there. “She’s a violent sleeper. I pity my nephew if they end up together,” he joked.

Kurt laughed softly, leaning across the space between them and capturing his boyfriend’s lips in a soft kiss. Seb cupped Kurt’s face, deepening the kiss, his tongue seductively snaking it’s way between Kurt’s lips, tasting him again hungrily for the first time in 5 days. They lingered together both hard and breathless as their car weaved through traffic.

“This car,” Kurt’s eyes sparkled as he took in the luxury interior, “is magnificent. I can’t believe you went to all this trouble.”

“Even ordered us champagne, the real kind from France,” Sebastian boasted, opening a small compartment at the side to reveal the bottle, two glasses and some strawberries.

“You’re perfect,” Kurt sighed with contentment. “I love you so much. Are you going to do the honours?”

“You might have to,” Seb gestured down to their little munchkin who had now twisted around in her seat and had her head rested on Seb’s thigh. Seb smiled fondly. He ran his fingers through her hair. “When we get married will you let me adopt her?” He asked without thought.

“We’re getting married?” Kurt chuckled, reaching for the Champagne bottle. “Did I know about this?”

Seb frowned mockingly. “I kinda hope we might one day. Is that not something you’d ever consider?”

“Is that you proposing?” Kurt teased, filling both glasses that Sebastian was holding with the sparkling golden beverage.

“Definitely not,” Sebastian passed Kurt a glass. “Trust me Gorgeous. You’ll know when I’m proposing.”

“My whole divorce thing has become a whole lot more complicated since Blaine’s accident,” Kurt sighed. “I visited my lawyer this week. He’s working on the paper work. I didn’t really understand everything he said to be honest. I just want it over.”

“Here’s to it being over then,” Seb clinked his crystal glass against Kurt’s.

Kurt shook his head. “Here’s to us,” he corrected. “To you and me and Tilly. Our beautiful little family.”

“Perfect,” Seb’s heart soared as he sipped his drink. The three of them really did make an adorable trio. “While we’re on the subject of family,” he ventured carefully, “after this hypothetical marriage of ours what are your views on more little rugrats?”

“Rugrats?” Kurt smiled, sipping and savouring his champagne. It was incredibly good.

“You know?” Seb grinned, “children, kids, tiny demanding humans.”

“I want more,” Kurt didn’t hesitate. “Even without marriage. Matilda has brought so much into my life. I’ve thought about adopting her a sibling. I’m not quite sure she’s ready yet though. Wait, did you say before you want to adopt her?”

“I’ve had a lot of time this week to think,” Sebastian inhaled deeply. “I know we haven’t been together that long but I was so scared after our fight, when we hadn’t talked in days that I was going to lose you Kurt. It was the worst feeling in the world and then I realised it wasn’t just you I was losing but her too. She’s beautiful Kurt and so sweet, chatty and affectionate and I just love her to bits. If I were to be your husband, I’d want to officially be her dad too.”

Kurt felt so moved, his smile wide and his eyes glistening with tears. “You’re too good to be true,” he sat his now empty glass down and searched quickly through his carry on bag, until he found the small box he was looking for. Putting the bag aside he got down on one knee between the seats. He presented the open box containing a key to his town house to Sebastian with hopeful eyes.

“I was going to wait until later in the week but this feels like the perfect moment,” he began, “so please Sebastian Smythe, my beloved boyfriend and love of my life will you do me the honour of moving in with me and our precious... rugrat?”

Chapter Text

“I think she likes you better than me,” Kurt watched fondly from the open doorway as his heavenly boyfriend lovingly tucked his daughter into bed.

“Well I am awesome,” Sebastian gloated smugly, carefully adjusting her covers. “You honestly can’t blame her.”

“No argument here,” Kurt smiled warmly. “You didn’t have any problem getting her settled?”

Realising how tired they all would be at the end of a long day Sebastian had thoughtfully checked into their 2 bedroom Disneyland hotel suite earlier in the day. Upon arrival Kurt had therefore got him to bring Matilda straight up to bed while he organised all his luggage down at reception with the concierge.

“She didn’t even stir,” Seb pecked Matilda’s hair and turned off the bedside lamp, then approached Kurt, gripping his waist and directing him out the door, closing it part way behind them. “Should I have changed her into her pjs?”

“Na,” Kurt shook his head. He’d deliberately had her dress in a tshirt and leggings for exactly this reason. “She’ll be fine. She’s going to absolutely freak out in the morning though when she wakes up here. This suite is gorgeous.”

Seb grinned, looking around the vibrantly decorated Disney princess themed suite that he’d had Jason book specifically for Matilda’s enjoyment. “It’s A LOT of pink,” he chuckled, holding Kurt close.

“It really is,” Kurt laughed softly, wrapping his arms casually around Seb’s neck and resting their foreheads together. “So...” Kurt raised his eyebrows. “You didn’t get a chance to respond to my “proposal” in the car. What do you think?” Their car had pulled up outside their hotel mere moments after Kurt had popped his question, giving Seb no time to consider Kurt’s offer or to respond.

Seb closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. “I think it’s super late Babe and I’m super horny. 5 days without seeing you has been torture.” His hands travelled south to Kurt’s ass giving the globes a firm squeeze. “Did you really consider not coming here?”

“Did you really hope I wouldn’t?” Kurt rocked his hips gently into Sebastian’s.

“Not even for a second,” Seb’s breath caught on contact. “One more day and I’m sure I’d have developed carpal tunnel syndrome.”

“Did you think about me,” Kurt whispered seductively against Seb’s ear, dragging the lobe slowly between his teeth, “while you touched yourself?”

Seb moaned softly. “Mostly Chris Hemsworth actually,” he teased. “Have you seen that man’s body?”

Kurt smirked and bit down hard on Seb’s ear. “Try again,” he suggested playfully.

“Yes, yes okay,” Seb hissed in pain. “Ouch, Yes I thought about you. Of course I did.”

“Good boy,” Kurt mouthed at Sebastian’s neck, his hand dropping down to palm Seb through his jeans. He was hard as steel already, apparently liking a little pain with his pleasure. Kurt could work with that. He nipped at the skin of Seb’s neck marking him subtly, loving the little noises escaping him. “Tell me what you thought about Sebastian. Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Ugh,” Seb groaned. He was so close already to cumming in his pants like a desperate horny 14 year old virgin. Had he mentioned it had been 5 days? 5 very long, very lonely days without Kurt, wondering even if they would ever be reunited. He swore never again in his life, no matter what they argued about, would he go that long without at least speaking to Kurt. He’d missed him so much. It was all over now though and Kurt was right here. His Kurt, in his arms, touching him in all the right ways and Fuck, Fuck was it good?

“Sebastian Smythe speechless?” Kurt chuckled, highly amused. He ever so slowly, so teasingly eased down the zipper of Seb’s jeans. “You’re already close aren’t you? You’re so hot for me.”

“5 days,” Seb squeaked out as Kurt carefully pulled Seb’s cock out through his fly. He gave it a few lazy strokes before dropping to his knees.

Seb slumped back against the wall, gripping Kurt’s hair and watching with wide eyes as kurt teased him eagerly with his tongue, licking a long strip up the underside of Seb’s cock before hungrily swirling his tongue around the head and lapping up the precum oozing from the tip. It was good, so good, but Seb needed more. Kurt knew it too. He could see it in Seb’s black lust blown eyes, hear it in his rapid, needy panting, feel it through the desperate way he tugged Kurt’s hair, his nails scraping over Kurt’s scalp as he rocked his hips. Sebastian definitely wasn’t alone in his need. Kurt had been 5 days without him too, harbouring the same doubts and fears that his boyfriend had been. To Kurt every second of this connection between them was cherished and he wanted to take his time and savour the act of pleasuring the man he adored.

Seb was becoming impatient however. He was doubtful he’d ever been so needy or so horny in his entire life. Kurt looked so sexy too, so debauched down on his knees between Sebastian’s feet, his hungry eyes staring up at Sebastian so lustfully, his mouth so inviting. Seb couldn’t take anymore. Grasping Kurt’s jaw, he pushed forcefully forward between Kurt’s lips, moaning as he took for himself what he wanted, what he so desperately needed.

Kurt accepted him gladly, as if Sebastian had bestowed the greatest gift upon him. In a way he had, no one else got to share such intimacy with Sebastian. He closed his mouth around Seb’s shaft pushing forward as far as he could to meet him, until Seb roughly hit the back of his throat. Breathing through his nose, Kurt fought his gag reflex as he swallowed around the length, saliva leaking from beneath it and dripping down his chin. He gripped Seb’s ass, his nails digging into the denim of his jeans, realising how much he’d missed Seb’s taste, Seb’s weight on his tongue and how Seb’s girth stretched his lips just a little too far. To Kurt, Seb had the perfect cock, long and thick, just veiny enough to make exploring it with his tongue interesting. Kurt loved it almost as much as he loved the man attached to it and this showed in his enthusiasm. He gained as much heady pleasure from this as Sebastian did.

Kurt pulled back a little before proceeding in earnest repeatedly taking Seb in deep then pulling back to suck at his head and to work magic with his tongue, until his welcoming throat became dry and raw from the abuse. He could easily tell by Seb’s tiny whimpers and the firm grip he maintained on Kurt’s hair (and when had Kurt started letting men ruin his hair?) and the erratic movement of his hips that Kurt had him wavering right on the edge. It was empowering to reduce the sexiest man he’d ever known to a quivering, speechless mess, to know it was him that had done that to Sebastian. It drove him to continue despite the hour and their flagging energy, to deny his lover his highly anticipated impending release and instead pull off abruptly with a final filthy slurp.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Seb whined, the cold air hitting his wet cock as he fought to direct Kurt’s face back towards it. “This close Kurt. I was this close.”

“I’m not done with you yet,” Kurt ran his hands up Seb’s thighs as he returned to his feet. “Bedroom?”

“Fuck yes,” Seb nodded, kicking off his shoes as he followed Kurt the few steps to the room they’d be sharing for the next 9 days.

Kurt turned on the light, cringing at the vast pinkness of it all. “Umm,” he grimaced. “Lights off maybe? I don’t know if I can perform with Snow White AND her seven dwarfs watching.” Kurt referred to a mural on the far wall, his face horrified.

“I don’t know,” Seb smirked, removing his jeans. “Seven guys watching us fuck could he kinda hot.”

Kurt shook his head, chuckling. “You’re unbelievable.”

“You mean unbelievably sexy?” Seb prompted, pulling his button down over his head. “Why aren’t you more naked?” He frowned at Kurt.

Kurt pushed him playfully down on the bed. Standing between Seb’s knees he seductively began to undress, removing each item of designer clothing with a slow deliberation that he could see was driving Sebastian insane.

Seb waited as long as he could before wrapping his legs around Kurt’s thighs and pulling him down on top of him. Kurt luckily had the foresight to let his hands fall either side of Seb’s head to take most of his weight, ensuring neither of them were injured.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Kurt quickly found Seb’s lips, devouring them hungrily. Seb pawed at him, kissing back with equal enthusiasm, equal love. He’d missed kissing Kurt most. Talking was great, fucking was spectacular but for Sebastian there was nothing in this world quite like kissing Kurt Hummel.

“Hotter than them?” Seb chuckled breathlessly, gazing over Kurt’s shoulder at Happy and Bashful. “Can you imagine the orgies those seven dudes must have?”

“That’s it,” Kurt groaned in frustration. “The lights going off. I simply can not compete with Disney dwarf orgies.”

Sebastian laughed as Kurt climbed off him. Seb couldn’t recall ever laughing during sex. Kurt did that to him. Kurt had a gift that had nothing at all to do with his magic dick. Everything was just so much more fun with Kurt.

“Yes,” Seb replied out of context, ogling Kurt’s bare ass and stroking himself as Kurt crossed the room to the light switch.

“Huh?” Kurt gazed back at him with hungry confusion before flicking the switch. “Dwarves be gone!”

“We need to talk through details Kurt, but I want to live with you,” Seb searched for Kurt in the darkness.

“You want to talk now?” The last thing Kurt wanted to do right now was talk. He had two things on his mind, orgasms and sleep, not that he wasn’t elated that Seb had agreed to move in. His smile was wide.

“No,” Seb replied firmly. “Right now I want my sexy as fuck boyfriend who I’ve missed so fucking much to fuck me into this Disney mattress.”

“Should be cursing like that in front of Snow White?” Kurt laughed, almost tripping on their discarded clothing as he made his way back to the bed in the dark.

“Careful Gorgeous,” Seb reached for him pulling him down beside him and it was in that moment that Kurt’s phone buzzed.

“I swear to God, if that’s Elliott,” Sebastian growled in frustration.

“I’m not looking at it” Kurt assured him, cupping Seb’s ass cheeks with both palms and pulling him close. “We need lube,” he edged a finger into Seb’s crack and brushed it over his hole.

“Tell me you brought some with you,” Seb’s voice oozed desire as he arched back into Kurt’s touch.

“I didn’t think,” Kurt sighed, his phone buzzing again. “It’s still sitting in my dresser at home.

“You need to get your phone,” Sebastian grumbled. “It’s distracting me. Totally killing my boner.”

“I don’t care about my phone,” Kurt huffed, frowning at Seb as he grasped his dick. “And from what I can tell your boner is perfect Mr Smythe.”

“You say the sweetest things,” Seb chuckled. “Seriously though, check your phone. It’s late. It might be important. I love you and I promise I’m okay with it. This isn’t going any further anyway without lube. We’ll try again tomorrow.”

“I’ll call down for lube,” Kurt spoke with determination.

“You can’t call reception at a Disney hotel and ask for lube Hummel,” Sebastian laughed then scowled as Kurt’s phone buzzed yet again. “Old Walt was a nazi. He hated the gays and that’s 3 messages now. Elliott is getting desperate. Tend to him.”

“I want to be tending to you,” Kurt protested, groaning as he received message number 4. “There’s still lots we can do.”

“It’s fine,” Seb pulled away. He got out of bed, finding Kurt’s phone and tossing it to him. “Tell him I said congrats on the cockblock,” He added, clearly not fine as he pulled on underwear and left the room to use the bathroom.

“Why don’t you have lube?” Kurt called after him, clearly frustrated by his current case of blue balls. “You always have lube.”

“Why would I need it without you here?” Seb replied from the bathroom as he peed.

“Don’t you use it when you... you know?” Kurt blushed as he asked suddenly feeling awkward now that his erection was dying.

“When I touch myself? jerk off? Masturbate?” Sebastian was deliberately attempting to provoke Kurt. “Sometimes, but Chris Hemsworth and I used the last one in my wallet.”

“Lucky Chris,” Kurt sighed, giving up and putting on some underwear. He climbed under the bed covers before checking his phone.

“Is Elliott okay?” Seb asked sarcastically as he returned and climbed in beside him, rolling over to face the dwarves.

“It’s not Elliott,” Kurt corrected Sebastian. “It’s Cooper. I spoke to him on Wednesday when Blaine was transferred and told him I was joining you here. Turns out Blaine’s just woken up. He’s drowsy and in a lot of pain but he’s asking for me.”

“Of course he is,” Seb rolled his eyes in the dark. If it wasn’t one of Kurt’s ex’s it was the other. “I’ll stay here with Tilly. You should go.”

“I’m not dropping everything for his sorry ass,” Kurt typed off a quick response to Cooper, saying he was sleeping and might visit at a more decent hour. He put his phone aside, not even bothering about charging it and wrapped an arm around Sebastian, spooning him close.

Seb nudged him off. “I’m not that experienced with relationships,” he spoke quietly into the darkness. “I’ve really only had one and it was a disaster because I worked too much and too many people became involved in it. I love you Kurt more than words can say but I’m starting to feel like there are too many people in our relationship.”

“That’s not fair,” Kurt huffed. “I crossed the country tonight with my daughter to be with you, because I so desperately wanted to be with you. There’s no one but you.”

“You desperately wanted to see me?” Seb was unconvinced. “You didn’t call me for 5 days Kurt. There were 5 fucking days there where I didn’t even know if I still had a boyfriend, 5 days where I considered saying yes when hot guys hit on me in the hotel bar because I figured you just didn’t give a shit about me since my name isn’t Blaine or Elliott. I feel like it should be dumbass with a capital D. I honestly felt like I’d been played.”

“Guys were hitting on you?” Kurt sounded hurt.

“Why wouldn’t they?” Seb turned to look at Kurt now, his eyes full of fire. “Because I don’t have Blaine’s gelmet head and soft brown puppy dog eyes, or Elliott’s fucking sexy long legs and perky as hell ass?”

“You’re attracted to Elliott?” Kurt accused. “I’ve finally worked out why you’re so threatened by him. He’s already suggested we try a threesome. I’ll tell him you’re in.”

“You can’t be serious,” Sebastian glared at Kurt. “Don’t turn this around on me. Sunday night Kurt, when you stayed with your bestest friend smashed off your face, where did you sleep?”

Kurt rolled over, saying nothing. He knew the truth wouldn’t go over well and he didn’t want to fight with Sebastian. He loved him. Meeting him in Cali wasn’t meant to be like this.

“In his bed?” Sebastian pushed. “In his arms? Did you hold him Kurt while you slept?”

“Yes,” Kurt mumbled into the darkness, tears welling in his eyes.

Sebastian sighed heavily obviously deeply hurt. “I love you,” he muttered “but you’re a fucking shitty boyfriend.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” Kurt replied, his voice barely audible. He could feel Seb’s body close behind him but had never felt more distanced from him. It was one of the worse feelings he’d ever experienced, worse than when he kicked Blaine out, and almost equally as bad as when he had to sit Tilly down and tell her that her parents were gone and she would be living with him. He felt that empty inside.

“Good night,” Seb got up from the bed with a huff, picking up his pillow.

“Don’t,” Kurt protested, sitting up in the bed and snatching Seb’s pillow from him. “I’m not letting you leave me.”

“I’m sleeping on the sofa,” Seb tried to snatch his pillow back. “I’m not leaving you.”

“If you go out there, I’m coming with you,” Kurt threatened with a pout, clutching Seb’s pillow to his chest. “Get back into bed Sebastian with the man that loves your crazy, jealous ass. Let me call down for lube and we’ll finish what we started because fuck it Seb. Life is short and you’re so fucking hot when you’re pissed off. I have to have you.”

“Don’t flirt with me when I’m mad at you,” Sebastian glared, his resolve wavering as he bit back amusement.

“Get back into bed,” Kurt repeated sternly, recognising the indecision in Seb’s expression. “Come on babe. I know I messed up but this is ridiculous. How are we ever going to make up if we’re apart?”

“Fine,” Sebastian huffed, “But only because I don’t want Till asking questions in the morning.”

“Thank you,” Kurt smiled, returning Seb’s pillow to its place on their bed and reaching for Sebastian. “I was fully clothed the whole time,” he added cryptically.

“What are you talking about?” Seb narrowed his eyes as he got back in beside Kurt.

“At Elliott’s,” Kurt clarified, shuffling close. “I was fully clothed, from head to toe the entire time. Nothing happened, no kissing, no inappropriate touching. Nada. I promise you.”

“I do know that,” Seb admitted. “And it’s not like I want you two to stop being friends.”

“You’d just prefer I wasn’t in his bed drunk?” Kurt offered, finally getting it. “Who hit on you?”

“No one worth mentioning,” Seb brushed it off. “But you don’t have to so surprised. Am I that gross?”

“Gross?” Kurt scoffed wrapping himself around Seb. “Yeah babe sure, you’re disgusting. I have to think of Ryan Reynolds just to get it up for you.”

“Ryan Reynolds?” Seb scrunched his nose.

“You can’t complain,” Kurt mouthed at Seb’s neck. “You and Chris Hemsworth used the last of our lube. I do have to know though is he a top or a bottom?”

“Have you seen his ass?” Seb raised a eye brow jokingly. “I ain’t letting that get away.”

“Better than my ass?”

“No ass is better than your ass,” Seb grabbed it in both hands and squeezed for emphasis.

“Flattery will get you everywhere Mister,” Kurt giggled, yawning.

“The only place I want to be is with you,” Seb sort out Kurt’s lips in the dark. His kisses soft and loving.

Kurt responded in kind, his tired eyes heavy. “Ditto,” he mumbled into Seb’s mouth, making no attempt to deepen the kiss. As much as they’d wanted each other tonight, their moment had passed. They’d both had exceptionally long weeks and were beyond exhausted. Tomorrow, taking Matilda to Disneyland was going to exhausting in a whole other way. They needed to sleep so clinging tightly to each other that is what they did. Seb drifting off just minutes before Kurt. Tomorrow was the first day of their Disney vacation. It would be a new day and better day and they would face it together.

Chapter Text

The shrillest, most high pitched squeal he’d ever heard startled Sebastian awake just after daylight, forcing him bolt upright in the bed.

“Brace yourself,” Kurt warned him, with a totally unperturbed smile, his eyes barely open.

A sleepy Sebastian had no time to respond before an hysterically excited Matilda came dashing into the room.
“Belle! Moana! Aurora! Cinderella!” she was screaming ecstatically noting all the princesses pictured in murals throughout their suite. “Daddy? Daddy? Dr Seb? Did you see? Oh my... Snow White!” She climbed onto Kurt and Sebastian’s bed jumping up and down with delight. “Daddy! Daddy! Look! Look!”

“I saw honey,” Kurt laughed, trying in his sleep addled state to muster a little enthusiasm.

“This is amazing! so cool!” she gasped loudly, her eyes wide as she took everything in. “I love it here! I love it!” She began to recite all the seven dwarves names joyfully.

Sebastian chuckled watching her with delight. This was the exact reaction he’d hoped for from her when he’d chosen the room. His eyes shone as he looked between Kurt and their child. He felt so proud that he’d made her this happy.

“I need to get dressed,” she screamed before Seb had the opportunity to respond to her. She looked down at her tshirt and leggings in horror. “I can’t let the princesses see me like this.”

She jumped from the bed and dashed back to her own room babbling away to herself. “She’s definitely your daughter, an eternal fashionista,” Seb smirked happily, giving his boyfriend a gentle nudge. “She’s so excited. It’s adorable.”

Kurt yawned, reaching for Seb. “Sleep baby, before she comes back.”

“There’s no time for sleep Kurt,” Sebastian shook his head in amusement at his beloved drowsy bed mate. “We have a busy day ahead. A princess breakfast, followed by a full day in the park.”

“Just 5 more minutes,” Kurt pleaded, snuggling against Sebastian and trying to ignore the loud noises coming from Matilda’s room as she got ready for her day.

“I’ll get up and help Tilly,” Sebastian offered peeling Kurt’s arm off him to get out of bed.

“No,” Kurt whined, pulling him close again, and attempting to grope him through his underwear. “I need you.”

Seb moaned softly, in what he intended as protest but came out more as encouragement, as Kurt stroked him until he swelled then ducked down beneath the covers.

“Stop,” Seb attempted feebly to pull away as Kurt mouthed and sucked at him through the thin layer of his cotton underwear.

“Really?” He heard Kurt’s muffled voice, his breath hot against Seb’s groin as he tongued playfully at his balls. “I’ll be quick.”

Sebastian had no doubt that was true considering that they hadn’t orgasmed together in the same room in almost a week but he was worried that with no locks on their door Matilda might return any minute. That was more awkwardness than he cared to deal with this early in the morning.

“Kurt,” Sebastian spoke more firmly. He nudged Kurt carefully away, unable to believe he was declining a blow job. His teenage self would be so disgusted with the man he’d become. “Our daughter could be back any moment Babe. We really need to get ready.”

“You’re seriously no fun,” Kurt pouted, poking his head back up from below the bed clothes.

“Getting caught by Tilly isn’t my idea of fun Hun,” Sebastian protested, adjusting himself in his now saliva soaked trunks. “Tonight I promise. I’ll get some lube today and we can fuck each other silly.”

“Sure,” Kurt sighed, snuggling back into his pillow and trying not to be offended that Seb didn’t seem to want him as much as he wanted Seb. He rolled over away from him feeling the bed move beneath him as Seb got up.

He came around to Kurt’s side, brushing Kurt’s hair from his forehead and pecking the skin he exposed. “If you’re sure Tilly is fine I’m going to grab a shower. You’re welcome to join me. Breakfast is in an hour.”

“You go ahead,” Kurt mumbled into his pillow. He needed to contact Elliott and Cooper to check on Chuckles and Blaine and he didn’t feel like Seb hassling him for using his phone. He understood why Seb was pissed about his drunken sleep over with Ell but it was kinda annoying how pissy he kept getting every time kurt received a text message.

“Don’t you go back to sleep,” Seb looked down at him with narrowed eyes.

“I won’t,” Kurt promised. “I just need a minute.

“Okay,” Seb smiled, leaning down and pecking Kurt’s lips. “I love you Gorgeous.”

Kurt responded softly to the kiss. “Luv ya,” he replied, watching through one half opened eye as Seb put on a hotel robe then plodded off to the bathroom.

By the time he had returned, Kurt had made both his phone calls. The call to Cooper had been brief. He was in make up preparing for a day of filming and was not really able to chat. He decided it was best for Kurt to meet him at the hospital once his work day was over. Blaine was his apparently his most alert in the evenings, as if Kurt really cared.

After ending that call Kurt rang Elliott, bitchily sharing with him details of his argument with Seb from the night before and their dismally failed attempt at make up sex.

Elliott had grimaced, sympathising with his friend. “I know you’re calling this love Babe,” Elliott tried to be impartial. It was difficult though when he had undefined feelings of his own for Kurt. “But are you sure you’re not rushing everything? Sure he seems like a good guy and all but you haven’t been together that long and he can’t even satisfy you in the bedroom. You and I never had that issue ever.”

“I didn’t say he wasn’t satisfying me,” Kurt frowned.

“and I’m worried you’re letting his relationship with the brat influence yours with him.” Elliott continued ignoring Kurt’s protest.

“Of course, it’s a factor,” Kurt couldn’t deny that the closeness between Sebastian and Matilda definitely enhanced his feelings for the man but there was way more to their relationship than that. There were the butterflies Kurt got in the pit of his stomach, even last night at the airport when he’d been angry, every time he laid eyes on Sebastian, the way his heart beat became a teeny bit faster at the sound of his voice, the way it was impossible to share space with Seb without longing to touch him or be touched by him. Sure lust played a role in some of that. There was no denying Sebastian was immensely attractive and he smelled better than any man had a right to but it went deeper than that. Sebastian made Kurt feel happy. He made him feel so many things he couldn’t even define. He felt needed, appreciated and valued. Few men had made Kurt feel that way. “And it mightn’t make sense to you Ell but I really do love him and I know he loves me too.”

“Okay,” Elliott sounded unconvinced but didn’t argue. He didn’t want to alienate his friend because he knew Kurt would need him around to help pick up the pieces when all of this came crashing down.

Instead Elliott changed the subject turning it to Chuckles who was apparently doing just fine staying with him. Following an energetic run in the park and plate of perfectly prepared wagyu beef, the spoilt pooch had spent the night sleeping happily curled up in Elliott’s bed, just as Kurt had the night Seb left town. Neither friend nor dog had any complaints.

“You know I just usually feed him kibble right?” Kurt rolled his eyes at his friends extravagance.

“I don’t like how it smells,” Kurt could almost picture the look of disgust on Elliott’s face.

“You don’t have to eat it,” Kurt laughed. “Thanks again for dog sitting though,” He prepared to wind up their conversation. “I love you Ell,”

“I love you too hot stuff,” Kurt could hear the smile in Elliott’s voice. “Have fun with your Prince Charming.”

Kurt ended the call with a chuckle as Seb entered the room wrapped in a towel. Kurt eyed him appreciatively, noting the little marks littering his skin. Kurt had had the privilege of leaving those during last night’s foreplay. This beautiful man was his.

“Chuckles good?” Sebastian asked with a raised eyebrow as he searched his case for clothes to wear.

“Not fretting at all,” Kurt smiled. “Ell’s spoiling her.”

“Great,” Sebastian’s tone was a little short.

“What’s wrong?” Kurt sighed.

“Why’d you wait until I was gone to call him?” Seb was frowning as he nudged the door closed to get dressed out of sight of Matilda. “And what’s with the I love you’s all the time?”

“Don’t be paranoid,” Kurt rolled his eyes playfully. “I was calling Cooper so I thought while I was at it I’d check on my dog. Last time I left her she didn’t eat for the entire 3 days.”

“You told him you loved him,” Sebastian repeated, dropping his towel and pulling on his clean underwear. “All I got this morning was a ‘luv ya’.”

Kurt took in a frustrated deep breath. “Really?” Kurt sighed becoming tired of Seb’s jealousy. “He’s my best friend.”

“Don’t you think as your boyfriend that perhaps I should be your best friend?” Seb queried, his back to Kurt as he put on a soft green button down.

“Do you think I like him better than you? Is that what this is?” Kurt marvelled. “I’m in love with you Sebastian. Being friends with Elliott doesn’t come close to that. I asked you to move in with me for fucks sake. I don’t know how I can make it any clearer that I want to be with you.”

“I don’t want to move into Blaine’s house,” Seb turned to look at Kurt before sitting down on the edge of the bed to put on his jeans.

“It’s my house,” Kurt was so confused.

“Everywhere I turn I’m reminded of your past relationships,” Seb sounded defeated. “I thought we’d come here and for just a week it would just you and me and Matilda and we would have fun together as a...”

“A family?” Kurt smiled hopefully. “That’s what I want too. Do you honestly think I want to deal with Blaine while we’re on vacation? That bastard broke my heart. He shattered it in pieces and stomped on it. If I was ever going to hate another human being it would be him. I’m trying to get a divorce Seb so I can be with you unencumbered and that process will be simplified greatly if I can get his cooperation. To do that I need to see him at some point.” Kurt reached out squeezing Seb’s hand.

“So I guess you’re going to the hospital. Should I change our breakfast reservation?” Seb pulled his hand away.

“I organised to go this evening. I’m planning to meet Cooper there around 7pm after he’s done on set, if that suits you. It won’t take long and then you, kiddo and I can grab dinner after.”

“Sure,” Seb attempted to smile, but it was empty and didn’t quite reach his eyes. “You should get in the shower. We’ll be late for breakfast.”

Kurt lethargically dragged himself from bed and into the shower. Once he was done he dressed and joined Seb and Matilda in the living room. They sat together watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon on the tv. Matilda was dressed adorably in her Cinderella dress, with sandals that Seb must have helped her put on because she had been yet to master the tricky buckles herself. She sat patiently as Sebastian styled her hair into a rather intricate bun.

“How’d did you learn to do that?” Kurt was surprised. It was a style certainly beyond his capabilities.

“I have YouTube,” Seb shrugged, twisting the last of Matilda’s ginger curls into the bun and fastening them ever so gently.

“You never fail to surprise me,” Kurt leant down pecking the top of Seb’s head. “Thank you.”

“Does it look pretty Daddy?” Matilda looked to Kurt, feeling the back of her head where about a dozen tiny braids twisted into a bun at her crown. “Do you think Cinderella will like it? Dr Seb said we might meet her today. I can’t believe I’m going to meet a real life princess.”

“It’s beautiful honey,” Kurt assured her with a smile, winking at his boyfriend.

“Whose hungry?” Seb asked cheerfully, turning off the tv with the remote control.

“Me, me, me,” Matilda jumped excitedly to her feet, her smile wide as she took Kurt’s hand. “Come on daddy lets go.”

“Um, just a second before we do,” Seb got up quickly from the sofa and ducked into the bedroom. “I have a little gift for my pretty princess.”

“What is it?” Matilda’s eyes lit up as Seb passed her a gift bag from the hotel gift shop.

“You shouldn’t have,” Kurt gently chastised Seb as Matilda released his hand to open her present.

“Ooh,” she exclaimed, pulling a Disney autograph book from the bag.

“It’s so when you meet the princesses they can all sign it for you,” Seb explained to her. “There’s something else though.”

Matilda pulled a small rectangular box from the bag. Her tiny hands opened it carefully.

“It’s so pretty,” she whispered in awe, removing the delicate tiara and examining it closely.

“Every princess needs her own tiara,” Seb declared what seemed obvious to him. “I thought you’d like this one but if you don’t we can exchange it.”

“I love it,” Matilda hugged Seb tight still gripping it in her little fist. “Can I wear it today?” She checked for Kurt’s approval.

“Of course,” Kurt nodded watching them both with a smile as Seb slid the tiara into his daughter’s hair.

“We need a selfie,” Seb declared admiring the way the gemstones in the tiara sparkled in the light. It was exceptionally pretty for a costume piece.

Matilda smiled, wrapping her arms around Seb’s neck as he knelt on the floor to take the picture. “You too,” he looked up at Kurt. “We don’t even have a couple picture yet. My family thinks I’ve imagined you.”

Kurt joined in the fun. Seb took a few, Some they laughed pulling funny faces, one he kissed Kurt’s cheek, another Kurt kissed him. Looking through them all when he was done they were all perfect and he couldn’t help thinking as all three of them caught the elevator down to breakfast with the Disney princesses how great they all looked together and what a truly lucky man he really was.

Matilda was silent for the first time since Seb had met her as they were seated at their breakfast table. She looked around, her mouth agape and her eyes wide taking in the opulently decorated dining room, where ‘princesses’ moved from table to table talking and taking photos with guests.

“What would you like for breakfast sweetie?” Kurt asked her with amusement, searching the buffet table for the coffee pots.

“Thats...oh...” Matilda mumbled, watching Aurora, hug a child at the next table. “And that’s...” she pointed near the waffle station at Elsa taking photographs with a family of four.

“I think I’ll just choose you something,” Kurt giggled looking at Sebastian. “I know I need coffee if I can just find it.”

“Over there behind you Gorgeous,” Seb gestured with a nod. “I’ll grab you one.”

Kurt watched Seb as he got up, giving his hand a squeeze as he walked past. “I love this green shirt on you,” he commented sincerely, slipping his thumb beneath the cuff to tenderly caress the soft skin of Seb’s inner wrist. “It’s doing amazing things for your eyes.”

“Thanks,” Seb blushed lightly at the compliment before weaving through a mass of crowded tables to get coffee.

He returned quickly receiving a very grateful smile from Kurt who groaned in pleasure taking the first sip. “Would you two like to be alone?” Seb teased his boyfriend.

“You have no idea,” Kurt took another sip, before placing his mug on the table. “That fruit salad over there looks good,” he commented, suddenly feeling famished.

“Fruit salad?” Sebastian looked less than impressed. “You’re on vacation honey. Live a little. I’m going for an omelette, bacon, sausage, hash browns, tomato, mushrooms, the works but by all means enjoy your fruit salad.”

“I want s’mores,” Matilda finally spoke up.

Kurt narrowed his eyes. “I’m not sure they have s’mores honey. Wouldn’t you prefer some yoghurt?”

“Yoghurt?” Sebastian shook his head in amused disbelief as he got up from the table. He took Matilda’s hand. “Come on sweetheart,” he prompted. “Let’s get you something yummy for breakfast.”

Matilda responded with a nod, still watching the princesses with awe.
Kurt frowned at him, as he too stood up. “So you think you’re going to be the fun dad?”

“Yoghurt?” Seb replied with scepticism. “Come on Kurt. We’re in Disneyland.”

“Fine,” Kurt caved in with a soft shy smile and a peck to Seb’s cheek, earning him a grumbled homophobic slur from a beefy southern inbred walking past.

“What did he say?” Seb glared over Kurt’s shoulder as Matilda tried to drag him toward the pancakes.

“Take Elsa’s advice and let it go.” There was soft pleading in Kurt’s tone. “Please Seb.”

Seb frowned but nodded, looking at Matilda. He didn’t want to cause a fuss and ruin her breakfast. “Fine,” he sighed clearly pissed off.

They soon returned to their table with plates full of food. Seb had his bacon and eggs with all the sides. Kurt had got his fruit salad AND some yoghurt also decadently treating himself to a small chocolate danish. Matilda got pancakes, under Sebastian’s supervision, topped with ice cream, whipped cream, syrup and every candy known to man. Kurt tried not to be horrified as he watched her devour it. Seb was definitely the fun dad.

Princess after princess stopped by their table as they ate, signing Matilda’s book, taking photographs and showering her with attention. The child was in Disney heaven. Kurt had never seen her so happy and he knew he had Sebastian to thank for it. That man was soooooo getting blown tonight.

Once breakfast was over they returned briefly to their room. They brushed their teeth then Kurt helped Matilda change into more appropriate theme park attire while Seb packed a backpack with essentials for the day such as hats, sunscreen and bottled water.

Their day at the theme park was long. It was tiring but it was about the best fun Kurt had ever had in his life and they’d barely seen half of the place. Matilda had been in her element and an absolute delight to watch as she’d met all the characters, enjoyed the shows, sung along during the parade and squealed her way through the rides. Kurt was certain they’d all eaten twice their body weights in Disney themed foods and his credit card had definitely taken a massive hit in all the gift shops. Weary and laden with bags they made their way back to their hotel around 5pm.

Matilda had returned to her excited chatty herself but was very obviously tired.

“Do you want to stay here with her while I go to the hospital?” Kurt suggested to Seb as Matilda kicked off her runners and flopped exhausted onto the sofa. “She’s going be out like a light in no time.”

“Is that what you want?” Seb could see Matilda was beat but he wasn’t sure letting Kurt go to the hospital alone was the best idea. He was concerned on one hand that if things didn’t go well with Blaine that Kurt might need his support and on the other hand that without him being there things might go too well between the married couple. He knew Blaine still wanted to be with Kurt. What if Kurt couldn’t resist his husband upon seeing him again in his weakened state?

“She’s done for today,” Kurt watched Matilda turn on the tv and sink lazily into the cushions. “I’ll be fine alone. Cooper will be there.”

“Okay,” Seb felt a little anxious, a little redundant. Kurt didn’t need him. He just needed a baby sitter. “Do I have time to have a quick shower before you leave? I’m covered in Disney grime. I feel gross.”

“Of course,” Kurt smiled, cupping Seb’s face and pecking his lips softly. “Take your time babe.”

Upon exiting the shower, Seb dressed in pj bottoms and his favourite worn out Dalton lacrosse tshirt. He missed Lacrosse and made a note to himself to look for a team when he returned to New York.

“I think I’ll just order room service for dinner,” he spoke as he entered the living room but got no reply. He smiled to himself, as he noticed Matilda now curled up fast asleep. His smile quickly turned to a furious frown as he realised without so much as a word, without a kiss goodbye, without even a note, Kurt was gone. Of course he was. He couldn’t get to his husband’s side quick enough. Seb kicked the bathroom door in frustration, grimacing and dropping a quiet F bomb as he stubbed his toe and Matilda stirred in her sleep.

“It’s just you and me kiddo,” he sighed, limping across the room. He took a seat on the second sofa, as an old rerun of Lizzie McGuire started on the television. He’d always found Ethan Craft kinda hot as a kid. He settled back, still fuming inside to watch the stupid show.

Chapter Text

Sebastian was taking so long in the shower, Kurt couldn’t wait any longer. If he really had to see Blaine he was anxious to get the visit over and done with. The sooner he could return to the loving arms of Sebastian Smythe the happier he’d be.

Sebastian was all he thought about during his Uber ride to the hospital. They’d had an incredible day together, laughing, holding hands, stealing little kisses. Seb had been so sweet, so kind and patient with Matilda as they’d wandered around the park. He hadn’t complained once, not even after his third ride on the spinning tea cups. If only he could get over his issues with Elliott and Blaine he’d be the perfect man.

Kurt considered that for a while. He wondered how he might feel if Seb was in constant contact with a guy he’d been fucking. If he had to listen repeatedly to Seb tell him he loved him. If he had a demanding ex husband who was pleading for reconciliation and intruding on their vacation. He was certain he might feel a little threatened too.

Kurt realised he needed to make a conscious effort to put Sebastian first, to make him realise how much he was cherished. It should probably start with showering him with attention and limiting contact with Elliott. Just for a while, until Seb felt more secure.

Kurt had thought that asking Seb to move in with him would be enough to reassure him of Kurt’s love but that didn’t appear to be so. Kurt was confused about Seb’s declaration of not wanting to move into Blaine’s house. The house Kurt lived in had never really been Blaine’s. It was true Blaine had paid for it. He’d even lived in it for a time but legally it was Kurt’s. Always had been. It had been his gift on their first wedding anniversary. Kurt had been overwhelmed at the time, believing it to be way too generous, now though after everything Blaine had done to hurt and humiliate him he felt he deserved it as compensation. It was a great house in a prime location, modern, spacious even possessing a small back courtyard. Kurt was sure if Sebastian just gave it a chance he could settle in and be happy there, just as Matilda had the year before. Kurt was excited for them to live together. He couldn’t wait to wake up every morning with Sebastian just as he had this morning. Just the thought of it made his heart swell with love.

Kurt took a long deep breath upon exiting his Uber at the hospital entrance. It was just after 7pm so he headed straight up to the third floor where he’d agreed to meet Cooper.

Cooper was by the nurse’s station as Kurt stepped out of the elevator. He looked flawless but tired. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect body. Kurt was in a relationship but he wasn’t blind. He’s almost as hot as Sebastian, he thought to himself as he approached his brother in law.

Cooper smiled when he saw him, embracing Kurt and placing a soft peck to his cheek. “You alone?” He asked surprised, “No handsome doctor with you today?”

“My handsome doctor is being a handsome dad,” Kurt smiled. “He’s babysitting Tilly. She crashed early after a long day at Disneyland today.”

“Haven’t been there in so long,” Cooper commented nostalgically. “It’s always so fun though. Did you guys have fun?”

Kurt nodded enthusiastically pulling out his phone to share photos with Cooper. He had always liked his brother in law.

“Aww, really cute,” Cooper smiled as Kurt flicked through. “You make a beautiful family. I think you have yourself a keeper there.”

“I think so,” Kurt agreed. “He makes me really happy.”

“I can tell,” Cooper smiled as Kurt put his phone away. “I guess you’ll be filing for divorce soon. I feel kinda robbed that my brother is a jack ass and we won’t be brother in laws anymore.”

“How is he?” Kurt couldn’t put off asking any longer.

“He’s weak but improving everyday. With a shit load of rehab he should make a full recovery,” Cooper sounded optimistic.

“Any idea why he wants to see me?” Kurt asked cautiously. He hoped this wasn’t going to turn into a big emotional scene where he begged again for Kurt to take him back. Those had become tedious and exhausting, not to mention embarrassing. Reconciliation was not an option, hadn’t been since the night Kurt kicked him out and definitely not now that Kurt had his Sebastian.

“I haven’t been here much,” Cooper shrugged. “With work and hubby and the kids. I don’t have much time, so I haven’t really had much of any kind of conversation with him.”

“I can’t take him back,” Kurt’s tone was firm.

“If you do I’ll have you committed,” Cooper looked sympathetic. “You deserved better.”

“I have better now,” Kurt smiled, thinking of Seb. He really loved his boyfriend so much.

“So are we going to go in?” Cooper lead Kurt across the hallway to a closed door. “Since you came all this way.”

“I’m feeling very awkward about this.” Kurt was fighting the urge to turn and leave. Honestly what more did he and Blaine have to say to each other. They were over. Kurt was done.

“I’m sure it will be fine,” Cooper opened the door, leading Kurt inside. “Look who I found lingering out in the hallway,” he smiled at Blaine, who was sitting propped up slightly in his hospital bed.

“Kurt,” Blaine rasped, smiling weakly.

“Hey,” Kurt remained close to the door. Blaine was still hooked up to multiple monitors and machines. He looked awful, pale and exhausted. Kurt wished he could feel pity for him.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come,” Blaine’s voice was soft. Kurt stepped a little closer to hear him.

“I wasn’t either,” Kurt’s tone was dry, his expression serious. “I honestly don’t know why I’m here.” Kurt avoided eye contact with his husband, finding it easier to focus on his own footwear.

Blaine sighed, his heavy eyelids dropped closed as he struggled to adjust the nose prongs that were feeding him oxygen. “I owe you an apology,” he coughed, trying to catch his breath. “I was a horrible husband. You deserved better.”

Kurt’s eyes went wide. He hadn’t expected that. In all the time since Blaine had been caught cheating, not once had he apologised to Kurt, not ever!

“This accident,” he mumbled slowly, “made me realise how short life is and how little time we all have to be happy. I love you Kurt and you should be happy. If Seb makes you happy, I won’t oppose our divorce. That’s all I wanted to say.”

Kurt was in shock. Those were the words he’d been longing to hear, though never ever expected to. “I have been in touch with my lawyer,” he responded formally. “I’m expecting to hear back as soon as I return to New York.”

“Just have them send me the papers,” Blaine struggled to speak, his breathing considerably laboured. His eyes dropping closed again.

“I will,” Kurt agreed. He turned to Cooper who had the saddest smile on his face. “I should go,” Kurt backed towards the door. “Let him rest.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Cooper offered, following Kurt towards the door.

Kurt nodded gratefully as they exited the room.

“You okay?” Cooper checked. He’d seen the surprise in Kurt’s eyes as his brother had spoken.

“Relieved,” Kurt uttered almost to himself.

“Do you need to head straight back?” Cooper enquired politely as they reached the elevator.

“I need to stop at a drug store or supermarket on the way,” Kurt hadn’t forgotten he and Seb needed lube.

“Do you have time for one drink?” Cooper looked like he needed one as they stepped inside the lift together and Coop pressed the ground floor button. “There’s a lovely little bar across the road. It’s apparently popular with the staff here. One of the nurses was telling me about it when you arrived.”

“Maybe just one,” Kurt agreed. He’s was keen to get back to Sebastian but with his divorce imminent Kurt doubted he was ever likely to see Cooper again except on his tv screen. They’d never been close but he’d been a decent brother in law. One drink to say goodbye seemed fitting. One drink.

One drink, however turned into four and four turned into eight. Kurt listened as Cooper told him about the struggles he’d had trying to get acting work in LA up until he’d landed this new show. He talked about his family, about how amazing and perfect yet demanding his three kids were and how his marriage wasn’t quite as happy as it had once been. “I think he’s bored with me,” Cooper sighed. “That spark has gone from his eye.”

Kurt tried to reassure Coop, getting more and more drunk with each cocktail, Cooper purchased him. He told Cooper about his job, about how Elliott had got him through his break up with Blaine, about the transition he’d gone through when adopting Matilda and becoming a father and of course about Sebastian. Everything always came back to Sebastian. He hadn’t meant to stay this long. He was having fun though. He wondered why in all his years with Blaine why he and Cooper had never done this before. Cooper was great.

Kurt looked at his watch as the barman called last drinks. They both said it was almost 1:30am as they spun on his wrist. He hadn’t been this drunk in a long time, not even at Elliott’s last week. “I should go,” Kurt slurred his words. He swayed as he attempted to stand knocking over this empty glass on the bar.

Cooper giggled at him, gripping his hand to balance him. “Just one more,” he pouted. “I’m having a really good time.”

Kurt dropped back down on his stool, unable to resist Cooper’s soft puppy dog eyes. “One more,” he agreed. “Then I need to go buy lube, so I can go home and ride my gorgeous man’s dick.”

Snapping his fingers at the bar tender for refills Cooper laughed at Kurt’s lack of inhibition. Seemed a drunk Kurt was also a horny Kurt. Cooper eyed him closely thinking what a moron his brother was to have let this one go. Kurt was amazing, funny, witty, compassionate and sitting here with his hair all tousled and his face flushed from too much alcohol he was downright delectable. In the morning Cooper wouldn’t be proud of what he did next but in the moment he couldn’t resist.

He placed his hand on Kurt’s knee, sliding it up Kurt’s inner thigh, he leaned in and kissed him.

With wide eyes, Kurt jumped back from him, his stool falling backwards with a crash onto the timber floor as he scrambled to his feet. “Woah!” Unsteady on his feet he looked at Cooper in horror waiting for an explanation. “What the fuck Coop?”

Coop looked up at him ashamed. “Fuck!” he cursed. “Ugh! Fuck! I’m so sorry Kurt. I’m so fucking sorry,” he started to tear up. “I shouldn’t have done that. I swear I’ve never cheated before. My marriage is shit Kurt and I’m so lonely and there you were and you’re so pretty...”

“I’m also so taken,” Kurt was pissed off, “and so are you. Go home to your husband Cooper. I’m leaving,” Kurt almost lost his balance picking up his fallen stool from the floor, before storming out of the bar.

He leaned against the outside wall, trembling with anxiety as he waited for his Uber. His spinning head felt heavy and he stroked his violated lips with his finger tips as he fought back tears. His life felt like just one foolish decision after another, except for Sebastian. Sebastian was perfect. As his Uber arrived and he climbed in he wanted nothing more than to be in Sebastian’s arms.

Sebastian had a quiet night. Matilda had woken about 8pm and they’d ordered room service together, Burgers, onion rings and ice cream sundaes, before Seb had read to her and tucked her into bed. He then put on a movie expecting Kurt to be back any minute. 10pm came and went. 11pm...12pm...1am... now it was almost 2am and there was still no sign of Kurt. Sebastian had gone through every emotion, worry, fear, anger, jealousy. He’d considered every what if... what if Kurt was hurt? Or lost? Or snuggled up in Blaine’s hospital bed with him? What if he’d been mugged? Or bashed? Or if his Uber had been in an accident? Seb had thought about calling him, but he hesitated knowing he was with Blaine. He didn’t want to give Blaine the satisfaction of knowing how insecure he was. He didn’t want Blaine to see that chink in his armour or to think he didn’t trust Kurt.

Watching the clock on the wall Sebastian angrily paced the room, willing himself to breath, an anxiety attack was the last thing that would help right now. Where the fuck was Kurt? If he wasn’t dead in a gutter somewhere Sebastian was going to kill him.

About 2:20am Kurt fell through their hotel suite door in a fit of giggles. “Hey baby,” He slurred, smiling seductively at his boyfriend.

“Hey baby?” Sebastian glared at him furiously. “Where the fuck have you been Kurt? Are you drunk?”

“Blaine’s giving me my divorce,” Kurt gripped the back of the sofa for balance as he made his way across the room to Sebastian. “Now we can get married.”

“Married?” Sebastian put a hand up to stop Kurt coming any closer. “You’re kidding right? You come home drunk at 2am after leaving me at home to baby sit, stinking of some other guy’s cologne and talk about marriage? Who were you with tonight while I sat here for hours wondering if you were dead in the gutter somewhere?”

“Cooper and I went for one drink,” Kurt narrowed his eyes, smelling at his shirt to see if it smelt like Cooper.

“You’ve had a fuck tonne more than one Kurt. Look at you. We’re suppose to be up in 4 hours to take your daughter back to Disneyland for another ride on those fucking tea cups and you can barely stand up. You’re unbelievable,” Sebastian was yelling now. “I can’t even look at you.”

Kurt dashed from where he was standing across the room to the bathroom, just reaching the toilet in time to drop to his knees and empty his entire stomach contents violently into the bowl. Despite his anger Sebastian moved to the doorway. Leaning against the door frame he turned on the bathroom light, watching to ensure Kurt was okay.
“I’ll leave some aspirin on the coffee table, drink some water. I’m going to bed,” Sebastian spoke sharply.

“I’m coming,” kurt groaned, wiping his spewy mouth with the back of his hand before clumsily rising back to his feet and flushing the toilet.

“No,” Sebastian replied firmly. “You can sleep on the sofa. I’m done for today. We’ll talk in the morning once you’ve sobered up and I’ve calmed down.” And with that Seb was gone, not even bothering to leave the aspirin he’d promised.

Kurt turned off the light, kicking off his shoes as he crossed the room he fell face first onto the sofa with a groan. With his head still spinning and his mouth still tasting of vomit he was snoring loudly within minutes while Seb laid wide awake in their bed with tear streaked cheeks wondering where the hell to go from here.

Chapter Text

Seb showered and dressed, fed and organised Matilda and escorted her down to the hotel kid’s club for morning activities before packing his luggage and nudging Kurt’s lifeless body awake with his foot.

Kurt groaned in objection, the pounding in his brain so loud he couldn’t hear himself think. He attempted to lick his dry lips but he had the worst cotton mouth of his life. What the fuck had happened last night?

Seb nudged him again, a little more roughly this time as his patience wore thin.

“What?” Kurt growled, weakly swatting him away. “I need to sleep.”

“I won’t keep you long,” Sebastian’s tone was cold. “Just thought I’d let you know before I head off to the airport that your daughter is down in the kid’s club. She showered and I gave her breakfast. The room is paid for until next Sunday morning. I’m sure that will give you plenty of time to catch up with your buddy Cooper again or maybe you can invite Elliott out or whatever other floozy takes your interest because honestly I’m done Kurt. I have too much self respect to put up with any more of your shit.” He placed the key that Kurt had given him to his apartment on the coffee table. “Thanks,” he muttered. “Some of it was fun.”

Kurt sat up too rapidly, grimacing and blinking his eyes at the extreme sunlight streaming into the room. He felt nauseous, fuzzy and tired. His head ached and his expression was blank as he fought to comprehend what Sebastian was saying.

“What are you talking about?” Kurt massaged his right temple with one hand reaching out to Seb with the other.

Seb stepped back. He knew just one touch from Kurt and his resolve would weaken. He needed to stay strong. He deserved better than what he was getting from Kurt. He was Sebastian Smythe, one of New York cities best budding surgeons. “My flight to Ohio leaves in four hours,” was all Sebastian offered.

“How long was I asleep?” Kurt asked totally confused. “Ohio?”

“I can’t stay here...I can’t be with you,” Sebastian struggled to find the right words. “It hurts too much Kurt to love someone more than they love me. I have the week off work I’m going home to spend it with my sister. I need a break from New York. Everything there has been tarnished by you.”

“Tarnished?” Kurt was offended. “Are you saying you’re breaking up with me?”

“Ding ding ding. We have a winner folks,” Sebastian replied sarcastically. “What gave it away?”

“Why are you breaking up with me?” Kurt’s tone became desperate as he scrambled clumsily to his feet. “You can’t break up with me! Sebastian you can’t.”

“Except I can,” Biting into his bottom lip Seb took a step back towards the door, where his packed suitcase sat. He wasn’t going to cry. He’d shed more tears last night than anyone should over one man. “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t be the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th most important man in your life. I can’t be an afterthought that you come home to after you’re done having your fun.”

“Is that what you think you are?” Kurt was devastated as he crossed the room to the fridge for water. He knew he’d been stupid. He knew he’d made mistakes, staying with Elliott, drinking last night with Cooper. And had Cooper kissed him? Fuck how had that happened? Wow! “You have to know I love you Sebastian more than anything.”

“Of course,” Sebastian’s tone was sarcastic. “You really proved it to me by running to Elliott as soon as I left town then not calling me for 5 days then leaving me to baby sit your kid on just our second night back together while you pandered to Blaine and went out partying with his brother until all hours of the morning. Do you have any idea how worried I was that something had happened to you last night? 2am you got home, drunk. Where’d you go? You could have called.”

“I should have,” Kurt looked regretful, as he opened the water he’d removed from the fridge and gulped half of it down, feeling on the verge of vomiting again any minute. Seb couldn’t leave him. This couldn’t be happening. He was so in love with this man. “I’m sorry. Cooper asked me out for a drink and I thought with my divorce about to go through I would probably never see him again. It seemed like the right way to say goodbye to that part of my life, to say goodbye to the Andersons. It was only supposed to be one drink.”

Put like that it seemed reasonable to Seb but one drink didn’t explain why Kurt hadn’t returned home until 2am or been so drunk. “We were just talking,” Kurt continued to explain, finishing off his bottle of water and tossing the empty bottle at the trash can, missing it by a mile. “He’s been my brother in law for a decade and we’d never really hung out just the two of us before. I lost track of time and of drinks too it seems. I’m sorry Sebby. I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t call me Sebby,” Sebastian frowned, moving and picking up Kurt’s water bottle then disposing of it successfully. Truth be told he’d loved Kurt calling him Sebby when they were on good terms but right now it felt too intimate. It made him uncomfortable. He wanted to stay angry at Kurt, otherwise he’d never be able to leave.

“I promise you nothing happened. As soon as he tried to kiss me, I left,” Kurt cringed internally as he realised what he’d let slip.

“He kissed you?” Seb clenched his fists by this sides, his fingernails digging into his palms to hold his temper in check. “Isn’t he married with kids? Can’t any of those Anderson men keep it in their pants?”

“I stopped him,” Kurt was quick to tell Sebastian who looked crushed. It hurt to know he wasn’t the last man to kiss Kurt’s soft, sweet lips. “I swear I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t kiss him back.”

“What is it about you Kurt Hummel that every man who knows you has to have you?” Sebastian sighed heavily in defeat.

“He didn’t have me,” Kurt protested, his eyes full of pleading. “No one has me but you. Only you Sebastian I swear.”

“I want to believe that Kurt,” Sebastian looked deep into Kurt’s gorgeous teary eyes. The eyes that he’d fallen so deeply in love with over the past few short months.

“It’s true,” a single tear rolled slowly down Kurt’s left cheek. “Sebby you have to believe me. I love you. I’m only yours.”

Involuntarily Seb stepped forward, his love for Kurt overpowering his anger and pain. He cupped Kurt’s jaw and tenderly wiped the tear from his cheek with his thumb. “I fucking hate you,” he muttered, disgusted with himself for his own weakness.

Kurt nodded in understanding. He knew the pain of being disappointed by someone he loved. He reached for Sebastian, his hands finding purchase in the back of the man’s hair as his arms wrapped around Seb’s neck. Kurt pulled their bodies flush together. “If it’s okay with you I’m going to kiss you now,” Kurt stated bluntly, not waiting for Sebastian’s response before claiming his lips possessively in a heated hungry lip lock.

Seb pulled back sharply as if he’d been slapped but Kurt unwilling to give up on his relationship chased Seb’s mouth, holding his head firmly as he feverishly devoured him. For the longest time they fought, Seb pushing, Kurt pulling until Seb finally broke, moaning desperately into Kurt’s open mouth as forcing Kurt’s legs apart, he aggressively rutted his aching erection into Kurt’s thigh.

Kurt claimed his victory with a subtle smile against Sebastian’s lips, before releasing the button on Seb’s jeans and pushing him down onto the sofa. Seb groaned in protest as his ass bounced onto the cushion. Kurt straddled him, claiming his lips once again with a clash of teeth and a little too much tongue.

With a hand on each of Kurt’s shoulders Seb pushed him back, panting frantically, his eyes completely lust blown and his dick rock hard.

“Just so we are clear this is break up sex,” Seb looked seriously at Kurt as he tried to catch his breath.

Kurt’s face dropped, the hand that was about to unzip Seb’s jeans stilled. “But...” Kurt protested.

“I was clear Kurt,” Sebastian spoke firmly. “I love you but I need more than you’re giving me.”

“Then I’ll give you more,” Kurt palmed Seb through his jeans eliciting the most delicious moan from the man. “Anything you want it’s yours. Name it. There’s nothing I won’t do for you.”

“Nothing?” Seb looked at Kurt with a raised eyebrow.

“Nothing,” Kurt repeated.

“Ok then,” Seb paused for a moment to think. “We stay together but I have some conditions.”

“Name them,” Kurt challenged, fearlessly. He knew he’d screwed up. He knew he’d unintentionally hurt Sebastian. He needed to make it up to him, to the man he loved.

“One...No more staying out all night drinking alone with other guys,” Seb began, his head dropping back into the lounge cushion as Kurt continued to pleasure him with his hand. “Two...I won’t be moving into Blaine’s house. If you want to live with me we move into my place or sell both our places and buy one together,” Sebastian had thought that through carefully. “Three...Before we go home you are going to take me on a date and it better rock my,” Seb stuttered in pleasure, rolling his hips up into Kurt’s palm as Kurt nipped at his neck. “And finally four... no more secret phone calls to Elliott or interruptions from him when we’re on dates, and starting right now I’m reserving the right if the opportunity ever arises to fuck him,” Seb uttered breathlessly, fighting to get his words out between tiny gasps. Kurt’s caresses were heaven. “None of these terms are negotiable,” he ended firmly.

Kurt pulled his hand back, he rolled off Seb’s lap onto the sofa cushion beside him, his glaring bitch face firmly in place. “Sebastian Smythe I swear to Gaga, if my friend Elliott Gilbert ever so much as sees your dick ever, you and I are beyond done,” Kurt responded bluntly. “That is seriously not negotiable so don’t even think about trying that with me. This...” he squeezed Seb’s junk through his jeans, “is mine.”

“Hmm, it was worth a shot,” Seb shrugged, his eyes darkening as he chuckled lightly. Possessive Kurt was hot. “I was kidding about that but the rest is important to me Kurt.”

“The drinking thing really isn’t something I usually do,” Kurt mused. “If it bothers you I won’t do it again.”

“It’s not the drinking,” Seb didn’t know how to explain what his problem was. “I guess it’s...” he paused in thought. “I suppose I just felt left out of the fun, kinda excluded, invisible even. I mean if you wanna do that can’t WE do it together?”

Kurt grimaced looking into Seb’s sad eyes. “Neither incident was planned hun. I promise I would never deliberately exclude you. There’s nothing I love more than hanging out with you.”

Sebastian smiled sadly, yet gratefully.

“I do understand the whole Elliott thing,” Kurt began. “I was thinking last night and realised I wouldn’t like having to deal with an ex lover of yours all the time. I plan to put a little distance between Ell and I until you’re feeling more comfortable. I was thinking maybe you and he should hang out for a little one on one time to get to know each other but I’m not so sure about that now since you said you want to fuck him.

“I told you I wasn’t serious about that,” the humour had left Seb’s voice. He cupped Kurt’s jaw again. “You’re the only man for me Kurt Hummel.” He brushed his lips softly against Kurt’s. “But damn Babe, you really need to brush your teeth...and shower,” He scrunched his nose as he pulled back.

Kurt rolled his eyes. He felt gross. He knew his hygiene was in desperate need of attention. He got up for another bottle of water. “I’m confused,” he uttered, before opening the second bottle.

“About what?” Seb watched him, bedraggled hungover Kurt was the cutest.

“Why do you keep saying you won’t move into Blaine’s house?” Kurt enquired, taking a drink. “The house is mine. It’s always been mine. It’s Matilda’s home too. She’s settled there Seb. I really don’t want to move her. It’s close to her school and the only home she’s known since her’s burnt down with her parents in it.”

“Elliott said Blaine paid for it,” Sebastian sounded defensive. “I don’t want to live a life funded by your ex, share the same house and bedroom that he shared with you. I hate that you even accept alimony from him. If we are going to be together we should be supporting each other, emotionally, physically and financially. While he’s paying for your lifestyle there will also be a connection between you both.”

“I love my home Sebastian,” Kurt couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The place he shared with Matilda was perfect, two bedrooms upstairs, open plan living room, kitchen and dining, bathroom and laundry and Kurt’s bedroom with ensuite downstairs, plus the courtyard at the back for Chuckles and Matilda to play in. “Blaine may have paid for it but it was a gift. It’s mine.”

“A gift?” Sebastian wasn’t impressed.

“Our first wedding anniversary,” Kurt muttered, returning to the sofa. “He’d just landed his first big role...”

“I don’t need to hear the story,” Seb cut him off. “I can’t live there. It’s as simple as that. I have my pride Kurt.”

“Tilly would have to change schools,” Kurt thought aloud. “She won’t want to leave Eddie and her other friends,” he added.

Sebastian sighed.

“We could renovate, change the place,” Kurt suggested. “Make it your place, make it our place, Maybe add a bathroom and new master bed upstairs. Turn my current bedroom into a office. I’ve been thinking about doing that for a while. You’ll need an office, plus that would give us a spare bedroom upstairs to maybe add to our... family sometime in the future. I want a future with you Sebastian.”

“Umm...” Sebastian looked totally overwhelmed. “Are we moving too fast?”

“It was just a thought,” Kurt broke eye contact, feeling a little rejected.

“If I sold my place...” Seb faded off. He felt kinda sad about considering the possibility of selling his luxury bachelor pad penthouse that he’d inherited from grandmother Smythe. He’d loved his grandmother so dearly. A sale would however provide enough money for him to pay Blaine for his half of Kurt’s house, any renovations plus leave them comfortably wealthy for the foreseeable future. He needed to talk to his father, the Smythe family lawyers and the accountants before proceeding. He wasn’t sure his father would go for it though. The newly decorated penthouse had been in the family for decades where as he’d only been with Kurt for months. Even to Sebastian it sounded risky. Sebastian needed time to think. “Can we talk about this when we get home?” He requested.

Kurt nodded, watching various perplexing expressions cross Seb face. “Do you want to join me the shower?” He pouted adorably.

“You didn’t get lube last night, did you?” Sebastian sighed. “I really hate that he kissed you.”

“I hated it too,” Kurt grimaced annoyed with himself about the lube. “I always thought he was so hot. Imagined if that ever happened how amazing it might be but it just felt so wrong.”

“Did you just admit to me that you’ve jerked off over Cooper Anderson? Kurt!” Sebastian exclaimed with amused disapproval, “He’s your brother in law.”

“I didn’t say that,” Kurt blushed bright red, obviously embarrassed at being caught out.

“You didn’t have to,” Sebastian shook his head grimacing. “Sorry he disappointed you.”

“Only because he wasn’t you,” Kurt smiled softly at his boyfriend. “No one has ever kissed me the way you do.”

“I aim to please,” Seb smirked smugly. “Go clean yourself up and I may just kiss you some more later.”

“You’ll be here when I come out of the bathroom?” Kurt checked insecurely.

“I might duck out for lube and to check in on Matilda downstairs,” Seb sounded noncommittal. “They were planning to decorate Disney cookies and tshirts this morning. I’ll be back though. Do you want me to buy condoms?”

“Did you really just say Disney cookies and condoms in the same sentence?” Kurt grinned.

“Just checking. I know we haven’t been using them but I always had before I wasn’t sure if you preferred them.” Seb used his serious doctor’s voice.

“I prefer you,” Kurt raised a seductive eyebrow. “Before with who? You know my past I know nothing about yours.”

“All safe, all the time,” Seb offered evasively. “So just lube then?”

“Just the lube,” Kurt agreed with a slight frown, wondering what Seb was hiding. Was his number really that high? Kurt recalled how promiscuous high school Sebastian had been and decided to leave it alone. What he didn’t know about Seb couldn’t hurt him. Sebastian was with him now. Sebastian loved him. Truthfully that was all that mattered.

Chapter Text

Rehydrated, freshly showered and feeling almost human again, Kurt checked that all Sebastian’s belongings remained in their suite before popping a couple of aspirin and laying down for a nap. He knew he should probably try to eat but his stomach was churning, a combination of his vile hangover and the realisation that his own stupidity and selfishness had almost cost him Sebastian.

Laying down he thought about Sebastian’s terms, the no partying without him clause was a no brainer. The way Kurt felt right now he never wanted to touch another drop of alcohol again anyway, not ever.

The Elliott thing might be more challenging. Kurt really did love Elliott. It wasn’t a love anything like he felt for Sebastian. It lacked the butterflies. It was safe and comfortable, but was still love none the less. Kurt already missed Elliott. He was already fighting the urge to call him, to talk to him about last night with Cooper and about what had happened this morning with Seb. He decided against it though. If Sebastian wanted to be Kurt’s best friend Kurt had to give him the opportunity to be that, running to Elliott with every problem, discussing with him every event had to stop. Just as Christina Lang was to Meredith Grey, Sebastian Smythe was now Kurt Hummel’s person. Kurt needed to learn to trust in him.

Kurt thought too about the date that Sebastian had demanded. That was going to be trickier. In New York it would have been simple. There Kurt knew all the best places to eat and all fun things to do but in LA he had no idea and then there was the whole issue of a baby sitter for Tilly. Kurt was sure Seb hadn’t meant for her to join them. The only person Kurt knew in LA was Cooper and after the whole stolen kiss incident he didn’t feel comfortable even talking to him again. Asking him to take care of Matilda or for date ideas was definitely out of the question. This whole date thing was definitely going to be tricky.

Their whole living situation thing was going to be challenging too, though the more Kurt thought about the more he wondered why he was clinging so tightly to his house. Sure it was convenient and suited him well but Sebastian was right, the whole place was filled with memories of Blaine, right down to the paint colours on the walls that they’d chosen together. Kurt even still slept in the bed they’d shared. Maybe starting over in a new place with his new love might not be such a bad idea. Matilda was resilient. Kurt was sure if he spoke to her and included her in the whole process of finding a new home she would adapt quickly. There were always a range of properties for sale in his neighbourhood. If they stayed local she could stay at school with Eddie. Everyone would be a winner.

With everything but their date night settled in his head, Kurt still feeling physically dreadful soon dozed off. The strangest dream plagued his restless sleep. He was in Vegas, at least he thought it was Vegas, standing outside a little chapel. Sebastian was waiting for him about 10 meters away by the door. He was dressed to the nines in a perfectly fitted tuxedo, a rainbow rose bud in his lapel. He looked so breathtaking that Kurt just had to touch him but as he reached out to him it wasn’t Sebastian anymore. He’d become Elliott and he was beckoning to Kurt. As Kurt proceeded toward the man his face changed with each step. He morphed into Blaine then Cooper, Adam, Finn, a scowling Chandler and lastly into his dad. He and his dad were then somehow instantly swept away from the chapel. They were in Lima, sitting together at Burt’s dining room table, sipping mojito’s and reliving the talk his dad had given him as a teenager about safe sex and respecting himself. He woke up panicked, sweating, an arm wrapped tightly around his middle as Burt began to breathlessly grasp his chest.

“Dad!” Kurt rasped out in his final seconds of fitful sleep, before realising he was spooned safely in Sebastian’s embrace. He trembled in Sebastian’s arms, confused, sweaty and shaken.

“You okay Baby?” Seb whispered into his neck, his eyes full of concern.

“I had the weirdest dream,” Kurt clung breathlessly to his lover.

“Was I in it?” Seb mouthed at Kurt’s ear seductively, his hand travelling south to fondle Kurt through his underwear. “Was I naked?”

“You weren’t naked,” Kurt moaned softly as Seb rutted his bare swelling cock against Kurt’s ass. “You looked stunning though.”

“Don’t I always?” Seb joked smugly, nipping at Kurt’s neck and slipping his wandering hand beneath Kurt’s waist band to grip him awkwardly. “How’s the hangover babe? It feels like you’re UP for a little fun.”

“Mmm, please yes,” Kurt mumbled, leaning into Seb’s hand. “I’ve missed you inside me.”

“Well we’ll do that later,” Seb offered, rolling Kurt onto his back. He looked even paler than usual as he raised his hips and Seb slid down his underwear. “You’re so gorgeous Kurt, just perfect,” His engorged cock twitching in expectation, Seb moved to kneel between Kurt’s knees, raking his nails down Kurt’s thighs. Seb had never felt skin so soft, or seen a man so beautiful. “But right now I want to ride you, would that be okay?”

“More than okay,” Kurt’s words came out strangled as cupping his balls, Seb swallowed his cock down almost to the base in one fell, hot, wet swoop. “Fuck,” Kurt gasped, feeling the delicious vibrations of Sebastian chuckling around him before he hollowed his cheeks and was slowly pulling back. Seb instantly sunk down again, rapidly finding a rhythm and doing the evilest things with his tongue until Kurt was tugging viciously at his hair, a writhing, begging, hopeless mess beneath him.

“You taste like heaven,” Seb panted breathlessly, wiping away the saliva and precum that ran down his chin with the back of his hand as he straddled Kurt and reached for their newly purchased lube.

“Mango?” Kurt uttered, as Seb popped the top, before pulling him down and devouring him in a hungry kiss.

“Passion fruit,” Seb corrected him with a squeal as Kurt flipped them over and his back hit the mattress.

“Gimme,” Kurt grinned down at his startled lover. Seb handed the leaking bottle over without question, watching Kurt coat his fingers and sit it aside. Kurt was tender but impatient in this preparation. The way Seb’s tight heat clenched around his fingers making him all the more anxious to be inside him. “You’re fucking breathtaking like this,” Kurt sighed sadly, pausing for a second to take in the beauty beneath him. “I’m so sorry Seb that I almost broke us. I promise I’ll do better.”

“Shut up and fuck me Gorgeous,” Seb demanded eagerly, reaching down to stroke himself as Kurt lubed up. “Fuck I need you.”

Kurt’s eyes teared up emotionally as he looked deeply into Sebastian’s. “I love you Sebby,” he muttered against his lover’s lips, kissing him as he lowered himself over him and ever so gently pushed just his tip inside him.

“I love you too,” Seb whispered back as they lay still together forehead against forehead, lip to lip for just a moment. “Please more.”

Kurt pushed in balls deep in one slow continuous thrust, a deep groan of pleasure escaping him as Seb welcomed him in. Nothing in Kurt’s life had ever felt this good.

“I’ve missed your magic cock,” Seb smiled up at Kurt, wrapping his legs around his hips and gripping his shoulders. “You feel fucking huge, so incredible but for fucks sake Kurt you need to move.”

Kurt nodded, losing himself in Seb’s eyes as still deep inside him he delighted in teasing his partner by just timidly rotating his hips. “Baby,” He groaned, as Seb clenched around him.

“Jesus Hummel,” Sebastian whined, aggressively thrusting his hips up to try and get Kurt to move in the way he so desperately needed. “You’re not going to break me. Just fuck me already.”

“So fucking impatient,” Kurt stilled again to tweak Sebastian’s right nipple hard, earning himself a silent gasp and a frown.

“I’m losing my wood here,” Seb scowled.

“You are not,” Kurt reached down giving Seb’s very hard cock a few rough jerks. “I think he likes me.”

“He’d like you better if you’d just me fuck me already,” Seb tightened his thighs around Kurt’s waist and rolled him over. Misjudging the distance to the edge of the bed, they crashed unceremoniously to the floor, landing tangled in their bed covers with a fit of stunned laughter.

“You okay?” Kurt checked instantly on the man beneath him, fighting with the bed clothes to move off him.

“I dunno.” Still laughing, Seb reached for his shoulder which had taken most of the impact of the fall, as Kurt got free and rolled over beside him. “Are you? I think I hurt my shoulder.”

Kurt sat up, watching Seb with eyes full of amusement. “Let me see,” he offered caringly.

“I’m a doctor. I’m sure it’s fine,” Seb stretched it out before pushing Kurt back down onto the floor. “I believe I said I wanted to ride you,” he smirked as he straddled Kurt’s hips.

“Be my guest,” Kurt watched Seb in awe whimpering in desperation as Seb stroked him back to full rigidity, then with a loud groan and sudden drop of his hips impaled himself almost violently onto Kurt’s cock.

“Heaven,” Seb grunted, setting a hard, rapid pace. He didn’t possess Kurt’s patience. He’d missed this connection with his man too much. He couldn’t believe how close he’d come to losing this, to giving it up. With Kurt’s long fingers digging tightly into his hip bones and sweat beading on his forehead Sebastian moved faster, leaning forward a little so with each downward motion Kurt grazed his sweetest spot.

Kurt moved with him, groaning, bucking his hips, revelling in every ounce of pleasure Sebastian granted him. As he uttered filthy words of encouragement he realised nothing he’d ever experienced with any other man had even come close to feeling like this. He couldn’t lose this. He couldn’t lose Sebastian. In that moment, looking up at his dream man on the cusp of release he knew exactly where to take him on their date. “Cum for me baby,” he uttered, gripping Seb’s length and stroking him to completion. Kurt watched mesmerised as cum hit his chin and streaked his chest, his name escaping Seb’s lips in a long drawn roar of passion. Kurt cursed as he exploded inside the love of his life swearing that he had never seen such a beautiful sight in his life.

“Now that’s what I call make up sex,” Seb panted, grinning happily as his limp sated body dropped heavily onto Kurt. He kissed Kurt softly, licking his own cum from Kurt’s chin for Kurt to taste. “Definitely a magic cock.”

Still shallowly inside Seb and rocking gently through his aftershocks Kurt blushed, affectionally stroking Sebastian’s back and humming his approval. He nuzzled his nose into Seb’s shoulder, noticing him grimace before rolling aside onto the carpeted floor.

“You’re hurt,” Kurt accused with concern.

“Trust me I’ve had way worse sex injuries than this,” Seb rolled on his side facing Kurt, brushing his tousled hair back from his forehead. “It might bruise a little but I’ll be fine. One time I was with this guy...”

“I don’t want to know,” Kurt stopped him with a peck to the lips.

“It’s a funny story,” Seb traced a his finger through the tacky cum on Kurt’s chest. “We should shower,” he suggested, wiping his fingers on the sheet beneath Kurt. “Tilly will be done in less than hour and I don’t know about you but I’m starving.”

“I could maybe eat,” Kurt admitted, his stomach feeling incredibly empty even though his heart was full. “Then I thought maybe we could have a look online at real estate.”

“Real estate?” Sebastian eyed Kurt suspiciously as he raised himself from the floor, Kurt’s release dripping down his inner thigh.

“How else will we find our new home?” Kurt shrugged, as he too stood. “Of course I’ll have to sell my place first but it doesn’t hurt to start looking right?”

“Selling your place?” A small wary smile curved Seb’s lips. “But you love that place.”

“I love you more Sebastian,” Kurt wrapped his arms around Seb’s waist and pulled him in close for kisses.

“It’s Matilda’s home,” Seb protested, wanting to make sure Kurt was certain and it wasn’t just his sex haze talking.

“Matilda’s home is where ever I am,” Kurt informed Sebastian. “And I want to be wherever you are.”

“So what about my place?” Seb wasn’t sure he could make the sacrifice Kurt was and part with his granny’s penthouse.

“I haven’t seen it yet,” Kurt reminded him without subtly. “But you’re a Smythe so I’m assuming it’s probably worth more than God. It would make a solid investment and if I like it maybe we could even live there after Matilda is finished school. We can work out all these details as we go.”

Seb felt relieved but overwhelmed. It had only been a couple of months and they were just getting over a horrible argument and here Kurt was talking seriously long term about their future. He had to admit it did feel good but also incredibly scary. They both lived demanding lives, Kurt with his child and Seb with his career. Things between them had been bumpy already. Were they capable of forever? Was he capable of forever?

Kurt’s phone buzzed with a text from across the room, as they made their way to the bathroom. Elliott no doubt.

“You grab that while I heat up the water,” Seb offered. “Don’t be long though or we’ll miss out on our chance for a quickie before our daughter returns.”

“I love when you call her ours,” Kurt smiled against Seb’s lips, kissing him again before releasing him to check his phone.

“She is ours,” Seb called from the bathroom. Kurt responded to the text message, with a little sadness, a little nostalgia and a lot of relief, before seeking out Sebastian.

“That was my lawyer,” he informed Seb quietly. “Blaine has been served.”

“So you’re divorced?” Seb looked hopeful.

“As good as,” Kurt shrugged as Seb pulled him under the water. “Blaine did say he’d co-operate.”

“Can we trust him?” Sebastian asked reaching for Kurt’s loofah and the shower gel.

“I hope so,” Kurt sighed, leaning back into Seb as the man gently washed his back. “It could be all over by the end of the week.”

“Fingers Crossed,” Seb mouthed at the nape of Kurt’s neck, nuzzling his nose in the back of Kurt’s damp hair.

“Fingers crossed,” Kurt echoed, with a soft, sad sigh.

Chapter Text

“Who was on the phone hun? Work?” Kurt asked curiously, looking up from his laptop where he was viewing realestate and chatting to Elliott. He quickly closed the chat window as Sebastian approached.

“No actually, Jeff and Nick,” Seb leaned over Kurt wrapping his arms around his shoulders before kissing the top of his head. He glanced quickly at the screen. “Any possibilities?”

“Haven’t heard those names in years,” Kurt relaxed his head back against Seb closing his eyes for just a moment. “A couple maybe. Depends on how much I can get for my place.”

“I try to catch up with them at least once a year,” Seb smiled, referring to his friends. “Just for old times sake.”

“What are they up to now?”Kurt hadn’t seen or even really thought about Jeff and Nick since high school but wanted to show an interest in Seb’s friends. “Wives? Kids? Illustrious careers?”

“Wives?” Sebastian frowned, looking at Kurt totally confused. “You didn’t know they were a couple?”

“I kinda suspected,” Kurt shrugged, “but Blaine was convinced they were straight.”

“They married during their first year at Stanford. Yours truly was Jeffie’s best man,” Sebastian sounded proud of himself. “They have 3 kids, all spoilt. Nick works in finance and Jeff is a sex guru,” Seb laughed.

“A sex guru?” Kurt narrowed his eyes with amusement.

“He prefers the term therapist but you get the gist,” Seb pulled up a chair beside Kurt, sitting close. “Anyway they saw the pics I posted on insta, realised I was in town and invited us over tomorrow night for dinner. I hope you don’t mind, I haven’t seen them in ages so I said yes,” Seb looked guiltily at his boyfriend. “I’m sorry I really should have consulted you first, shouldn’t I?”

“It’s fine. I’d love to see them,” Kurt tenderly stroked Seb’s thigh as he pecked his lips. “Dinner could be fun. How old are their kids?”

“Jonah is 9. He’s my god son,” Seb grinned obviously very fond of the boy. “And the twins Lacey and Decoda are about Tilly’s age. They will love her.”

“Wow,” Kurt was surprised. He had suspected during his time at Dalton that they had something going on that went beyond friendship. He was glad they’d made a happy life together. “I struggle with just one kid. What time tomorrow night?”

“We made it about 6pm because of the kids. They did say we could stay in their guest room if things run late. They are excited to see you, especially Jeffie. I suspect I may have to watch him around you.”

“He’s married,” Kurt replied absentmindedly, temporarily distracted by a new listing on the real estate page. He pointed it out to Sebastian as he read it silently.

“They do this weird open thing,” Seb shrugged, leaning in to take a look at the house that had peaked Kurt’s interest. “I couldn’t do it,” he continued his train of thought, “but it seems to work for them.”

“Before we got together I never imagined you’d do relationships at all. I just couldn’t see you as a one man guy,” Kurt admitted honestly. “It kinda worries me sometimes. I mean you’ve had a lot more experience than me. I worry I’m maybe too vanilla for you, that you’ll get bored with me, that I won’t be exciting enough to hold your interest,” Kurt focussed on the computer screen, afraid of what he might see on Seb’s face if he looked at him.

“Kurt?” Seb sighed heavily. “Please tell me you’re not serious.”

“You did ask to sleep with Elliott,” Kurt worried his bottom lip. “I get it Seb. I don’t like it but I get it.”

“You don’t get it at all,” Seb huffed. “The Elliott thing was just a stupid joke. You know I didn’t mean that and as for not satisfying me that is just preposterous. Do you honestly think that empty, detached one night stands with shallow strangers come even close to making love with you Kurt Hummel?”

Kurt warily made eye contact with Sebastian. He said nothing.

“Just the fact that you’re even with me means more to me than any of what came before you. That I get the privilege of waking up beside you, holding you, seeing you smile, calling you mine. That’s intimacy Kurt and I’ve never really had it unconditionally with anyone before. Maybe you don’t realise it but that alone makes me feel so blessed. Sex with you is just an incredible... and I mean absolutely incredible bonus. Being monogamous with you Kurt is definitely a gain for me, not a loss. I love you. There’s no one else I could ever want.”

“But Elliott?” Kurt struggled to move past Seb’s stupid joke.

“Elliott is your... Umm... friend, not mine,” Seb looked up with Kurt, them both hearing a noise coming from Tilly’s room, where she was fast asleep.

“I should check her,” Kurt stood, “then we should probably hit the hay. It’s getting late.”

“I think I’d like to enquire about this house,” Seb pointed to the last one they’d viewed. “The little outdoor area would be great for grilling in summer. It’s close to my brother so Eddie and Tilly could hang out but not too close that he would be annoying and imagine what we could get up to in that jacuzzi tub.”

“I like it too,” Kurt smiled weakly, opening Matilda’s door slightly to peak in. She was fast asleep gripping her dolly tight. She looked so sweet and peaceful. Just seeing her made Kurt’s heart melt. He yawned as he pulled the door closed again, suddenly realising how tired he felt. The last two days since Seb had threatened to leave him had been hectic. Who knew exploring theme parks would be so physically demanding and even though he desperately wanted it, his divorce from Blaine was getting to him. He felt so vulnerable and insecure. If he couldn’t make a relationship work with Blaine how was he going to with someone as amazing and worldly as Sebastian? Hence his covert online chats with Elliott, seeking reassurance.

“She okay?” Seb asked, noticing a brief forlorn look cross Kurt’s face as he typed the enquiry email to the estate agent.

“Sleeping soundly,” Kurt nodded curtly.

“Something wrong?” Seb turned his body on the chair to face Kurt attentively.

Kurt shrugged despondently. “I dunno.”

“Kurt,” Seb pushed gently “Talk to me baby.”

“I love you,” Kurt whispered emotionally.

“I love you too,” Seb reached a hand out to Kurt as he stood up and crossed the room to him.

“Do you think we’re moving too fast?” Kurt blurted out.

“Where’s this coming from?” Sebastian pulled his hand back, looking hurt.

“It’s been just a few months and I’m just getting divorced. I’m scared Seb. If I couldn’t make it work with Blaine how am I ever going to hold together a relationship with someone as amazing as you?”

“Is this still about sex?” Seb narrowed his eyes. “Cause I...”

“No,” Kurt cut him off. “It’s about how fucking beautiful you are and amazing and how me and ordinary I am. You should be with Elliott Sebastian. You deserve someone as great as him,” Kurt dashed to the bedroom in tears, closing the door firmly behind him as Seb stood in shock his mouth agape, looking after him. Kurt was anything but ordinary.

Seb sent his email, closed Kurt’s laptop and sighed. He grabbed 2 water bottles from the fridge and knocked softly at their bedroom door, despite there being no lock. He could hear Kurt crying on the other side and felt pretty certain that this was about his divorce rather than anything going on between the two of them. It hurt to see Kurt in pain. It hurt even more to see Kurt in pain over another man especially one who didn’t deserve Kurt’s tears. Sebastian knew all he could do was be there, with love, with support. He loved Kurt like he’d never loved any other human. He wasn’t about to let Kurt push him away.

Seb entered the room quietly. Kurt didn’t move from where he was laying on the bed, in the foetal position, his body shaking as he sobbed into Seb’s pillow.

“Baby,” Seb sighed. He sat down the water bottles, slipped off his shoes and climbed onto the bed behind Kurt. “Shhh, it’s okay,” he kissed his shoulder wrapping an arm around Kurt spooning him close.

Kurt cried harder, letting all the frustration of his past decade with Blaine finally release from his body, all the toothpaste covered towels, all the porn he’d accidentally found in Blaine’s search history, all the passive aggressive put downs, all the lies, the flirting and cheating with other guy’s, the being taken for granted. He wept until it was all washed away and his sweet sweet Sebastian held him the entire time until exhaustion finally took him into lala land.

Kurt woke late the next morning, in bed alone. He felt still physically exhausted but now mentally refreshed. He smiled softly as he heard Sebastian and Matilda out in the next room. He felt so lucky. He’d really hit the jackpot the day Matilda had lead him into that ER.

Kurt dragged himself from bed to join his family. The pair sat on the sofa, sharing a plate of Nutella on toast as they did crayon drawings.

“Daddy is awake,” Matilda smiled brightly at her dad, jumping up to hug Kurt tight.
“Don’t look,” she told him quickly. “Daddy Seb and I are making you a surprise.”

“A surprise,” Kurt smiled. He wrapped his arms around her tight and kissed her ginger hair, looking directly at Seb as together they acknowledged Matilda’s slip of tongue.

“Daddy Seb,” Sebastian mouthed at Kurt, his eyes teary.

Kurt nodded, smiling widely. “I love you,” he mouthed back.

“You’re going to love it,” Matilda beamed excitedly, totally oblivious to the other communications going on in the room.

Kurt stepped forward and gently pecked Seb’s lips good morning. Seb tasted like Nutella and love. To Kurt he was perfect.

“I love you too,” Seb whispered against Kurt’s mouth. “I was just telling Tilly about the new friends she’s going to meet tonight,” he spoke at normal volume.

“Their names are Jonah and Lacey and Ebola,” Matilda spoke confidently.

“Decoda,” Seb corrected the child gently with a fond smile. “I think you’ll like her. She loves princesses too.”

“Just like me,” Matilda looked pleased. “What are we doing today?”

“How about I take a shower, while you and Daddy Seb finish your surprise and then we’ll decide,” Kurt smiled warmly at Seb, as he called him daddy, so grateful to have him there.

“Can we get root beer floats?” Matilda requested. Seb had her dressed, her hair done in another exquisite complicated style and just like him she looked beautiful. “And fish sticks. I really like fish sticks.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” Kurt winked at Seb before plodding off to the bathroom for his shower. “I’ll be as quick as I can.”

“Take your time Gorgeous,” Kurt heard Seb speak as he closed the door with Matilda’s voice following. “Why do you call daddy gorgeous?” She asked inquisitively.

“Because he IS gorgeous, don’t you think?” came Seb’s reply making Kurt smile as he turned on the water then began to undress.

“Yes!” Matilda replied enthusiastically, their voices fading into a muffle as Kurt stepped beneath the soothing flow of steaming water with a relieved sigh. It felt good caressing his aching muscles. Theme parks and divorces really were hard work. He just wanted to feel human again.


“You okay?” Seb checked, taking Kurt’s hand and giving it a supportive squeeze as they exited the diner.

“I am. Thank you.” Kurt nodded knowing Seb was referring to Kurt’s melt down the previous night. He squeezed his boyfriend’s hand back in gratitude. He had been so supportive and loving. Kurt couldn’t have asked for more. “How good were those root beer floats?” He smiled down at Matilda, who walked beside Sebastian.

“When we move to our new house will be still be able to keep Chuckles?” Matilda asked looking concerned. “I miss her. When are we going home?”

The couple had told Matilda about the plans they were making to move while they drank their floats in the diner, showing her pictures on Kurt phone of possible houses. She also liked the one that had caught Kurt’s eye the previous night but unsurprisingly had a million questions. Her first, which almost broke Kurt’s heart was “Can I come with you?” Kurt and Seb both had of course reassured her that she was their’s and would definitely be included. They weren’t going anywhere without her. She seemed relieved. Kurt would talk to her later about that. She needed to know without a doubt that she was with permanently, forever. That where he went, she went. that they were a package deal. They would also at some point need to talk to her about Sebastian and his place in her life but that was whole other conversation, especially if he was serious about wanting to adopt her too.

“We couldn’t leave Chuckles behind,” Kurt stopped and squatted down to her eye level to assure his daughter. “What did we tell you inside?”

“That ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten,” Matilda exhaled heavily, visibly relaxing.

“Exactly,” Seb bent down and picked her up, tossing her playfully over his shoulder, which had thankfully had no lasting injury from their tumble to floor, three days earlier.

Matilda squealed and giggled as they proceeded down the street, Kurt watching them with fondness before Seb eventually returned her to her feet. “So shopping time?” Seb looked at Kurt expectantly.

Kurt smiled wide, as they turned a corner and looked down the expanse of Rodeo Drive. “Now this is my idea of the happiest place on Earth,” his eyes were wide with excitement.

“Go forth and enjoy sweetheart,” Seb smiled. “It’s all yours for the taking.”

“Have I told you how incredible you are?” Kurt looked into Seb’s eyes with awe.

“I think it’s starting to go to my head,” Seb laughed, taking Tilly’s hand and following Kurt into the Armani store.

“And such a gorgeous head it is,” Kurt quipped before losing himself in the expensive luxury fashions.

Five hours, thirteen stores and at least two dozen bags later, the trio collapsed back on the sofa of their Disney hotel suite. “Ugh, my feet are killing me,” Seb whined, pulling off his shoes and giving them a quick rub.

“Lightweight,” Kurt teased him. “Tell me you at least had fun.”

“I had fun watching you try on jeans,” Seb admitted. “And I love the sweaters you chose for me. Thank you.”

“I like my dress best,” Matilda pulled an adorable Burberry dress from a bag and admired it. “Can I wear it now?”

Knowing Niff’s kids and how much they’d paid for the dress, Seb advised against it. “I think your fairy leggings and your rainbow tutu might be a better idea,” he suggested. “You wouldn’t want to ruin it.”

“Can I wear one of my new tops,” she dropped the dress on the coffee table and started going through the bags searching until she found her choses from Ralph Lauren.

“I think that would be okay,” Kurt agreed. “Why don’t you go and get changed, maybe do a little colouring in your room?”

“Do we have to leave soon?”
she checked.

“Maybe an hour,” Kurt patted her hair as she passed him, taking her Ralph Lauren bag with her.

“The credit card took a massive hit today,” Kurt grinned, surveying all the bags before them. “I had the best day though. Thank you.”

“You can thank me by wearing those indigo skinny jeans you bought at the Versace store,” Seb was practically drooling at the thought. “Your ass in those looked delicious.”

Kurt blushed a little, still not used to such sexually charged compliments. “Deal,” he smiled shyly.

“No underwear?” Seb suggested hopefully.

“Perv,” Kurt giggled, getting up and sitting in Seb’s lap. He wrapped his arms around his neck. “You’re hard,” he whispered, as he kissed him.

“It’s those jeans,” Seb muttered into Kurt’s mouth as they made out. “So hot.”

“Let’s take a shower,” Kurt suggested. “Matilda’s occupied. She’ll be fine. The bathroom door has a lock and I need you.” He wiggled his ass in Seb’s lap, grinding down against his hardness for emphasis. “Then I’ll put on the jeans.”

Kurt giggled as Seb’s eyes darkened and a deep growl escaped his throat. “You’re going to be the death of me Hummel,” he nudged Kurt off his lap and dragged him quickly to the bathroom, dropping willingly to his knees on the tiled floor before Kurt could even get the door locked.


“Wow Kurtie, how long has it been?” Jeff gushed, hugging Kurt close. “You look amazing. Look at him Nicky? Doesn’t he look amazing?”

“He does look amazing,” Nick rolled his eyes playfully at Sebastian. Everyone but Kurt seemed aware of Jeff’s massive crush on him.

“You have to tell me what you’ve been doing?” Jeff dragged Kurt across the room away from the others, as the kids all gleefully greeted Matilda and took her upstairs. “Tell me what in the world you’re doing with a buffoon like Sebastian. Though I’m guessing with the chemistry you two always had the sex must be hot right? Tell me it’s hot.”

“You better not be picturing us, having sex,” Seb frowned at his friend, wrapping a possessive arm around Kurt as he joined the pair. “But if you must know it’s incredible and also very monogamous, so don’t go getting any ideas.”

“I wasn’t,” Jeff lied, quietly hoping he might get to borrow Kurt for 20 minutes before their evening was through.

“You so were,” Nick playfully called him
out on it. “You’ve been talking about Kurt all day.”

Kurt cling to Sebastian, burying his blushing face in Seb’s shoulder. “Sorry to disappoint,” he muttered.

“It’s okay,” Jeff assured him. “Are we allowed to ask how Blaine’s doing? You two are still married right? We read about his accident on Twitter. Seems he’s lucky to be alive.”

“It was touch and go,” Kurt grimaced. “But he seemed to be improving when I saw him a few days ago.”

“We haven’t seen him in years,” Nick looked thoughtful.

“It was four years ago,” Jeff replied decisively. “In New York, The night of Trent’s birthday. Remember? You and him... while I watched. You were there too weren’t you Bas?”

“You and Trent?” Kurt looked directly at Nick as Seb shook his head. “Work,” he muttered.

“No,” Nick shook his head looking back at Kurt. “Blaine. Didn’t he tell you. He said you would be cool with it. That you both did it all the time.”

“I didn’t know,” Kurt looked down at the floor in humiliation, hurt but totally unsurprised. He knew the night the guys were referring to. He’s been home with the flu while Blaine had gone out. The bastard had obviously been cheating a lot longer than Kurt had known about it. Had he ever been faithful?

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Jeff piped up supportively as Seb pulled Kurt onto his lap on the sofa, enclosing him lovingly in his arms, his heart hurting for his partner. “It wasn’t much.”

“Not like that night we had with his brother,” Nick reminded Jeff enthusiastically. “Soooo hot!!”

“Did you ever?” Jeff looked at Kurt. “With Cooper? He’s incredible. Hung like...”

“No, he kissed me once,” Kurt shook his head, feeling awkward talking about this so soon in front of Seb.

“So you know about that amazing thing he does with his tongue at least,” Nick responded with enthusiasm.

“Oh do tell Kurt,” Seb replied sarcastically, “I’d love to hear about Cooper’s tongue.”

“I didn’t give him the opportunity to use his tongue,” Kurt frowned at Seb’s snarkiness. “I wasn’t exactly a willing participant.”

“Owww,” Jeff grimaced. “Seems we’ve hit a raw nerve. You used to be a lot more open minded Bas when the three of us used to hook up.”

Kurt looked at Sebastian with a raised eyebrow before climbing off his lap. “I think I’ll just check on the kids,” he muttered quietly.

“They’ll be upstairs, third door on the right is the rumpus. They had a heap of games and movies picked out to share with Matilda. They were so excited to meet her. I don’t think they ever expected Uncle Bas to bring a kid over,” Nick looked so proud of Sebastian.

“Thanks,” Kurt smiled weakly, feeling all three pairs of eyes on him as he climbed the stairs in his Versace jeans.

“How?” Jeff asked Seb as soon as he was certain Kurt was out of ear range. “You have to tell me how you landed sex god Kurt Hummel? I’m so jealous.”

“Hey I’m right here,” Nick protested weakly.

“Meh,” Jeff grinned at him. “And you’re perfect baby and I love you but it’s Kurt, like damn! We all wanted him in high school but he only had eyes for Blainers. Somehow he’s just got hotter
since then too. Life just isn’t fair.”

“It was quite by accident,” Seb shrugged. “Tilly ended up in my ER and I got chatting to her very hot, very single dad and the rest is history. I love him,” Seb confessed sincerely. “I love him so much.”

“Never seen you like this before,” Nick smiled at his friend. “I’m pleased for you, Bas.”

“So not even 15 minutes then,” Jeff almost pleaded.

“Not even 15 seconds,” Seb shook his head sternly. “Stop hitting on him, I’m serious. I’ll rip your fucking head off and shove it up your ass. Also we haven’t had the whole previous sex partners talk yet so ease up on that too. I don’t want him feeling awkward. His divorce is going through his week. He’s stressed and not quite himself.”

“Sure,” Jeff nodded. “You should get to that soon though. Open communication is important for a healthy relationship.”

Seb nodded back. “I need a drink,” he sighed.

“What will it be?” Nick gestured to the many bottles on the bar in the corner of the room.

“G and T please,” Kurt responded as he ascended the stairs. “Kids are good. They’re watching Wreck it Ralph and tucking into all the pizzas and snacks up there. You have a lovely place here.”

“I’ll have the same. We are looking at buying a new place in New York together,” Seb told Nick and Jeff as Nick moved to the bar and Jeff took a seat opposite Sebastian.

Kurt sat too, on the sofa with Seb, leaving a cushion’s space between them. Seb could sense he was upset.

“So you two are really serious then,” Jeff stated the obvious.

“Yes,” Seb looked cautiously at Kurt. Kurt said nothing. He simply watched Nick as he made their drinks wondering why Seb had let him be blindsided instead of just telling him about his threesome with the couple. Their pasts were their pasts. He would have rather known in advance.

“Here you go,” Nick passed Kurt his drink, then gave Seb his. “What will you have babe?” he turned to Jeff, kissing his hair.

“I’m good,” he smiled up at his husband. “Any idea how long Georgia might be with dinner? I’m starving.”

“Georgia?” Seb looked surprised. “What happened with Daphne? She was with you for years.”

“She was the kid’s nanny, our cook and house keeper,” Nick clarified for Kurt’s benefit. “She got married late last year and resigned, so now we have Georgia. The kids love her and she’s an even better cook.”

“Not so great on the cleaning though,” Jeff scrunched his nose. “And I think she has an eye for my husband. She always saves him the best brownies.”

“I like the crunchy corner pieces,” Nick grinned.

“Do you have a nanny for Matilda?” Jeff asked curiously.

“Na,” Kurt shook his head. “She came to me after losing her parents in a house fire. She was traumatised, very withdrawn. I couldn’t trust her care to anyone else.”

“He’s an amazing dad,” Sebastian boasted proudly. “Matilda is a beautiful child.”

“She’s hard work,” Kurt smiled fondly. “Worth it though.”

“You plan to have any together?” Nick raised a curious eyebrow.

“We’ve been trying,” Seb joked suggestively. “Kurt hasn’t managed to knock me up yet though.”

Kurt rolled his eyes at Sebastian. “Seb has mentioned he might want to adopt Tilly,” he replied seriously. “And I’d like... or rather we’d like a sibling or two for her when the time is right.”

“Timing is everything,” Jeff agreed, as Georgia announced dinner for the four of them. Whatever it was smelled delicious.

Chapter Text

With a dozing Matilda nestled cozily into his side, Kurt sat silently looking out the window as their Uber sped through the streets of LA from the Sterling-Duval house in Burbank back to Anaheim. He played absentmindedly with his child’s hair, listening to her snoring softly while trying to ignore Sebastian’s repetitive sighs every time he checked his phone. Looking out into the darkness Kurt suddenly felt lonely and more than a little homesick. He guiltily longed to be in New York falling into Elliott’s arms, to be held in his comforting embrace. Elliott had never betrayed him. Elliott always felt safe.

Dinner had been a strange affair. The food had been amazing and Kurt had enjoyed it despite Jeff’s eyes constantly devouring him. The conversation had been awkward with Kurt and Sebastian not directly speaking to one another for the entire evening. At least Matilda had had a fun night with Jonah and the twins. She was looking forward to going back again on Friday. Jeff and Nick had insisted on baby sitting her so Kurt and Seb could have their date night, though Kurt quietly believed it was mostly just so Jeff could see him again. He had been particularly handsy with his goodbye hug.

Kurt wasn’t exactly upset with Sebastian, though he knew Seb thought he was. Kurt felt hurt on so many levels and when Kurt was hurt he withdrew. He was hurt that Seb had let him walk into Niff’s house without telling him they’d all had sex. It felt like Sebastian didn’t trust him or that maybe Seb thought he was just too vanilla to understand. It wasn’t like Kurt was a stranger to threesomes. He and Elliott had tried a very drunken one once after a gig with Toady, Ell’s band mate. Admittedly it wasn’t a great success but that hadn’t been Kurt’s fault. Who would have thought “straight” Toady would have such a quick trigger?

More than the shit with Seb though, Nick’s admission about Blaine had stung Kurt. Four years ago the two of them had hooked up. Four years ago Kurt had thought his marriage was strong. He had thought Blaine loved him, that the two of them would be together forever. Kurt wondered if Nick had been Blaine’s first indiscretion, after Eli of course. He questioned who else Blaine might have been with? Kurt had assumed for so long that it had just been the Grindr guys but that obviously wasn’t true. The lying douchebag had been at it for years. Kurt felt so stupid and so small, totally humiliated. Especially considering everyone seemed to know about it but him. He wondered if Sebastian had known. He said he hadn’t been there that night but surely someone would have told him and what about other nights when Blaine had been out? Had Sebastian been there for those? Had he ever been with Blaine? Kurt’s heart clenched painfully at the thought. He couldn’t bear it if he had.

“Did you know?” Kurt turned to Sebastian, accusing words erupting almost involuntarily from him. “Did you know and let me walk in there without telling me?”

Seb was distracted looking at something on his phone and startled at the sound of Kurt’s voice. “Know what?” He asked cautiously.

“About Blaine and Nick, four years ago,” Kurt demanded obviously in pain. “How many more of them were there? Did you sleep with my husband?”

“Woah,” Sebastian’s nostrils flared, his eyes darkening in anger. “You hold up there. I get you’re hurt, honestly I do but you really can’t be serious right now.”

“You were after him in high school,” Kurt wasn’t backing down.

“You’re acting crazy,” Sebastian spat out in anger. “I’ve never touched him, not four years ago, not in high school, not ever and don’t you think I’d have told you about Nick if I’d have known Kurt?”

“Well you didn’t exactly tell me you’d fucked him AND Jeff,” Kurt snarled spitefully. “A little heads up might have been nice.”

“You’ve slept with Elliott,” Seb attempted poorly to defend himself. “I don’t see that Jeff and Nick are any different.”

“Except I told you about Ell,” Kurt was suddenly furious. “Before you met him Sebastian.”

“He’s in love with you,” Sebastian snapped at Kurt.

“I know that,” Kurt glared at him. “This isn’t about Elliott though. Why didn’t you tell me? Don’t you trust me? Did you think I was too much of a prude to understand? Why Seb?”

Seb looked sadly into Kurt’s eyes, breathing heavily as he took a moment to choose his words carefully. “Because I’m ashamed,” he replied quietly. “You weren’t my first relationship but being with you has made me see myself and sex so differently. Before you it was all just about getting off, as often and with as many guys as I could. It meant nothing. It was all just a game but with you it’s not like that. With you Gorgeous it’s become about love, and connection and intimacy, about us, you and me Kurt being as physically and emotionally close as two people can be, sharing something that is so precious, that’s just ours and that no one can take from us. I am sincerely sorry Baby that you were hurt tonight. I know I should have told you but I just didn’t want you to see me the way I see myself, as dirty, used up and unworthy of you.”

Kurt didn’t know how to respond to that. As far as answers went Sebastian’s was about as perfect as they got. “I could never see you like that,” Kurt reassured him, instantly calmed by his sincerity. “We are who we are. We both have pasts. I would never judge you.”

“There were a lot of guys,” Seb looked away from Kurt as he confessed. “Sometimes I didn’t even bother to get their names. Nick and Jeff were my only threeway though and I promise until you I was always safe. Something about you Kurt right from that first handshake in the Lima Bean... you’ve always been under my skin, always different, so much more than all the rest.”

“The rest? How many?” Kurt was almost scared to ask.

“No,” Sebastian shook his head. “We aren’t doing this.”

“8 for me,” Kurt shrugged. “You know about Blaine and Elliott. There was Adam from work. We dated for a while. Toady...”

“Toady from Elliott’s band?” Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

“Well kinda,” Kurt wasn’t sure if he should elaborate.

“How do you kinda hook up with someone?” Seb wished immediately he hadn’t asked.

“It’s complicated,” Kurt did his nervous thing where he started chewing his bottom lip. “I guess Elliott and I were just too much excitement for him. It was all over very quick.”

“You and Elliott AND Toady?” Sebastian’s head was spinning. He couldn’t exactly identify how he felt about this new revelation. Jealous, a little. Shocked, definitely. Aroused, absolutely.

Kurt nodded. “Kinda. We were really drunk. It was stupid.”

“Elliott loves you,” Sebastian repeated his earlier statement.

“I love you,” Kurt responded. “Since we are having this discussion, is there anyone else I should be warned about? I don’t want to be blindsided again. Trent maybe? or Hunter? Thad? Wes? David? Jon?”

Seb shook his head. “Adam from your work huh? Is he hot?”

“He’s kinda cute,” Kurt admitted. “He has an adorable English accent. He’s a good friend that should have always just stayed a friend. No chemistry. He has a boyfriend now, a real pain in the ass.”

“Jeffie says we have chemistry,” Seb smiled a little. “He also called you a sex god.”

“He groped my dick on the way out,” Kurt admitted sheepishly.

“I’ll kill him,” Seb growled jealously. “I should never had asked you to wear those jeans. You’re already way too hot for your own good. Everyone wants you.”

“I don’t care what they want,” Kurt shrugged, not having the self confidence to believe a word Seb was saying. “I only want you.”

“And Toady,” Sebastian teased.

“Well of course,” Kurt chuckled softly.

Upon arriving back at the suite, Kurt and Seb tucked Matilda into bed together. She was too sleepy for a bedtime story but Seb sang softly to her as she drifted off.

“I’d forgotten what a beautiful voice you have,” Kurt complimented Sebastian sincerely as they slipped from Matilda’s room.

“Maybe on Friday night we could hit a karaoke bar,” Seb suggested with a cheeky grin.

“I have something else in mind,” Kurt shook his head. “You’ll need an over night bag and something formal to wear.”

“Really?” Seb looked genuinely curious.

“Well you said it had to be good or you’d leave me,” Kurt reminded him.

“We both know I’m never leaving you,” Seb stated the obvious.

“Even I go to see Blaine alone again tomorrow?” Kurt ventured carefully.

“Are you going to get drunk and make out with his hung brother again?” Seb sounded unimpressed.

“I didn’t know he was hung at the time,”
Kurt tried to keep a straight face.

“Feeling like you missed out?” Seb grumbled moodily.

“He’ll forever be the one that got away,” Kurt grinned.

“Where’s as I’m...” Sebastian began.

“You’re THE one,” Kurt finished off for him.

Sebastian smiled warmly. “It’s fine with me if you need to see Blaine. Do you need me to come with you? Would you like me to? I know this divorce is bringing up a lot of nostalgia for you and I’m here if you need me.”

“I’ll always need you,” Kurt took his hand and led him to the sofa. “But I need to deal with Blaine on my own. There have already been way too many men involved in our marriage.”

“Nick wouldn’t have touched Blaine if he’d known the truth,” Seb pulled Kurt down onto the sofa with him, cuddling him close.

“I know,” Kurt sighed. “Jeff was right though. Blaine wasn’t much.”

“Why’d you stay?” Seb asked gently.

“Because I thought no else would want me,” Kurt uttered shyly.

“Do you want a list?” Seb couldn’t believe his ears. “Elliott, Cooper, Jeff... Don’t you see all the men that walk past you on the street with their jaws dragging on the ground and their dicks tenting their pants?”

Kurt rolled his eyes.

“Even the dude working at Ralph Lauren was checking you out today,” Seb frowned, remembering how the guy had run his hands over Kurt’s body as he assisted him with fitting clothes.

“He was just being helpful,” Kurt shook his head, as he reached for his laptop from the coffee table. “Your possessiveness is turning into paranoia.”

“I don’t know how you can’t see it,” Seb sounded a little annoyed.

“Maybe because I only see you,” Kurt smiled at Seb before looking down to check out the realestate page online. “And can we please talk about how our beautiful girl called you Daddy Seb today?”

“I can’t,” Seb’s eyes instantly teared up.

“She loves you so much,” Kurt beamed at his boyfriend. “I’ve never seen her take to someone like she has to you.”

“I love her too,” Seb admitted openly. “She’s so animated and excitable, so smart and determined, so affectionate and loving and she finds wonder in everything. Such a special kid. You’re to thank for most of that. Your nurturing after she lost her parents is the reason for all of it. You’re an amazing father.”

“It wasn’t easy,” Kurt openly admitted. “For a long time I thought I’d never get through to her but now she’s like a new child, even open to moving house. I’m so proud of her.”

“Speaking of moving house,” Seb smiled wide. “How would you feel about putting in an offer on the jacuzzi house?”

“I really can’t until mine sells and it’s not even on the market yet plus I really think we should look at the place first, don’t you? We are talking about spending millions of dollars Sebastian.”

“So if I told you my brother looked at it today, and the offer he put in on our behalf was accepted would you be pissed?” Seb looked expectantly at Kurt.

“I’d wonder how the hell we were going to pay for it?” Kurt felt elated but overwhelmed.

“I’ve got it,” Seb smiled.

“You’ve got millions of dollars just laying around?” Kurt looked at him wide eyed.

“Not me exactly,” A strange expression crossed Seb’s face. “But my family has. It’s okay. It will be taken care of for now and when your place sells you’ll contribute your half.”

“My half?” Kurt had no idea what was going on.

“Yes,” Seb confirmed. “Half yours, half mine, all ours.”

“All ours?” Kurt seemed to be struggling to comprehend what was happening.

“Yes Kurt,” Sebastian nodded. “As of 1:15pm today the house is all ours. Yours mine, Tilly’s, Chuckles, and what other little bundles of joy come along to bless our lives.”

“And you’ve known all this time? And you kept that to yourself?” Kurt slapped his arm playfully. “How could you?”

“I wanted to surprise you. I spoke to my brother this morning before you and Tilly woke up and then again while you were occupied in the Gucci store but I didn’t know for sure until in the car on the way home and I was dying to tell you but you were upset and then we argued. It’s a beautiful home, even Tilly loves it, Tell me you’re happy. All I want is to make you happy.”

“I’m so happy,” Kurt beamed, he wrapped his arms around Seb feeling all the stress from their visit with Niff, drift away. “So happy,” he repeated, now more convinced than ever that his date idea for Friday night would be perfect. He’d been planning and making arrangements whenever he had a chance away from Sebastian. There was just one major hitch that he had to take care of tomorrow and it would all be sorted. He was so excited.

“We can move in in 3 weeks,” Seb kissed Kurt enthusiastically. “I’m not sure what you want to do before that.”

“We’ll need to go furniture shopping,” Kurt was bubbling with excitement. “Starting with a new bed.”

“I like your bed,” Seb protested with a pout. “The first time I ever made love to you was in that bed.”

“Our first time was in the shower Seb and that bed has other history,” Kurt grimaced.

“The first time you fucked me was in the shower Kurt but the first time I made love to you was in that bed,” Seb corrected him.

“You’re so freaking romantic,” Kurt smiled shyly. “I never just fucked you though. Even that first time it meant more to me than that.”

“I wanna keep your bed,” Seb sighed. “It has special memories for me. I don’t even care that fucking Elliott may have boned you in there.”

“Okay,” Kurt couldn’t bring himself to tell Seb that not only had he and Elliott gone at it like rabbits in that bed but also that Blaine had helped choose the bed and had been the one to christen it with Kurt. He felt too moved by Seb’s sentimentality to burst his bubble. They’d argued enough tonight. “Ell’s not so bad you know? There’s no reason why you two can’t be friends.”

“Except he’s in love with my boyfriend,” Seb mentioned for a third time. “And I feel like those feelings were reciprocated at least for a while.”

“We’ll need to get an outdoor grill,” Kurt completely ignored sebastian’s observation gesturing to pictures of their new house on his laptop screen “and some outdoor furniture, maybe a sandbox for Tilly or a swing set. The courtyard looks gorgeous.”

“I know you’ve been chatting to him online,” Seb looked disappointed.

“He’s my...”

“Your best friend. Yes I know,” Seb got up from the sofa, wishing he didn’t feel so threatened and jealous. “I’m tired. I’m going to be bed.”

“Seb?” Kurt gripped his wrist to stop him. “Just get to know him.”

“Sure,” Seb mumbled, pulling free. “Come on,” he uttered. “I don’t think I’m actually able to sleep anymore without you there.”

Kurt smiled. “You’ll never have to again. I love our home. Thank you.”

“Anything for you,” Seb kissed him sweetly, turning off the lights before following Kurt and his Versace jeans into the bedroom.

Chapter Text

“Can I get you anything Baby?” Sebastian sat down quietly on their bed next to where Kurt had been laying silently staring out into space for the past three hours, since arriving back from the hospital.

“Huh?” Kurt didn’t move.

“I just asked if you needed anything,” Seb repeated himself patiently. “I’m worried about you honey.”

“I’m good,” Kurt mumbled. “I’m officially divorced and apparently crap in bed but I’m good.”

“I don’t know where to even begin with that load of absolute bullshit,” Sebastian frowned, resting a supportive hand on Kurt’s hip. “Congrats on the divorce though, or whatever greeting is appropriate to say on such an occasion.”

“Thanks,” Kurt scoffed.

“What happened?” Seb nudged Kurt over a little and curled up with him. “I took Tilly down to kid’s club. They are making jewellery and doing face painting. We can talk.”

“Can you hold me?” Kurt requested nuzzling his face into Seb’s chest.

“Of course,” Seb wrapped Kurt protectively in his arms.

“It was awful,” Kurt began. “I feel so... insignificant.”

“You’re not to me,” Sebastian whispered into Kurt’s hair, softly stroking his back.

“Nick wasn’t the first,” Kurt swiped away a single tear that ran down his cheek, “There were so many. He said it was my fault, that if I’d been a better husband and a better lover he wouldn’t have needed other men. He’s probably right. I focussed so much on my studies and then my job, on my friends, I used to be in Elliott’s band you know? on decorating our home, on myself. I was so selfish, of course he needed more.”

“No,” Sebastian stated bluntly. “Blaine is and always was an attention whore. The asshole could never handle not being everyone’s central focus. You did nothing wrong Kurt. You’re allowed to have a career and hobbies and friends. You’re allowed to take pride in yourself and in your home. I can’t wait until we can start decorating our new place, choosing paint colours and window furnishings and new tile, creating a home and a life for our little family together. I’m so excited Kurt and if Blaine couldn’t appreciate you doing that with him he never deserved you to begin with.”

Kurt inhaled deeply, breathing Sebastian in, surrounding himself with the love that oozed from Seb’s every pore just for him.

“Our new place is so beautiful,” Kurt squeezed Sebastian tight, tangling his legs with Seb’s to pull him even closer. “I’m really excited to move in too. I can’t wait to live with you.”

“I think before we do you need to have Elliott over to your old place one night,” Sebastian hid his pained expression from Kurt.

“Sure,” Kurt nodded. “We could have all have dinner. I’d like that.”

“No,” Seb shook his head, he bit into his bottom lip, his heart breaking as made his suggestion. “I think before you and I can begin our life together you need to spend one more night with him. I’ll take Matilda for the night if you want and you two can get the closure that you need.”

“You’re suggesting that...” Kurt pulled back looking at Seb with wide eyes.

“That you sleep with him,” Sebastian nodded. “I hate it Kurt. It’s killing me to say it but I think you need it to get him out of your system and to get you out of his.”

“I am NOT doing that,” Kurt protested. “There’s no fucking way. Are you crazy?”

“He’s in love with you and I know you have feelings for him. I get it. He was there for you when your marriage fell apart. He’s been your main emotional support and lover for nearly two years Kurt. That’s hard to let go of.”

“He’s my best friend,” Kurt huffed. “That’s all. I’m not doing it.”

“We both know there’s more to it than that,” Sebastian tried to remain calm, to be mature about the whole situation.

“You’re seeing more than exists,” Kurt argued. “I’m not going to cheat on you Seb. Between my guilt and your warranted jealousy it would destroy us. My answer is No! No fucking way! The matter is closed.”

“It’s not cheating Kurt,” Sebastian fought back. “I’m giving you permission to say a proper goodbye to that side of your relationship with him.”

“I did that already,” Kurt couldn’t believe they were having this discussion. “And I’m sure you and I have spoken about it, about the night he came over just after you and I met and I had to send him home because all I could think about was you. I’m not hooking up with Elliott Sebastian. I don’t want to. I don’t need to. I need his friendship, his companionship, maybe even the occasional hug but I don’t want in his pants and I don’t want him in mine. I just don’t and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I got divorced today and right now if it’s okay with you I’d like to take a moment to enjoy being your boyfriend because Sebastian you have no idea but it’s the best feeling in the world to just be yours and to no longer be legally tied to anyone else.”

A feeling of peace rolled through Sebastian’s body, as still holding him close he processed Kurt’s words. Kurt didn’t want Elliott as Sebastian was sure he would. Kurt was no longer Blaine’s husband. Kurt Hummel was just Sebastian Smythe’s boyfriend and Matilda Hummel’s dad and Sebastian couldn’t help thinking how much he absolutely loved the sound of that.

“I think we should go out tonight for a family dinner, just the three of us, somewhere special to celebrate,” Sebastian suggested, rubbing his nose playfully against Kurt’s before kissing his lips. ”I can’t believe our vacation is almost over. Next time we are taking a month and I’m jetting you and our kiddly wink off to Paris.”

“I’m in love with a rich bitch,” Kurt grinned at Seb. “It’s a massive turn on you know?”

“Is that so?” Seb smirked. “So you just love me for my family fortune?”

“And for your ass,” Kurt reached down squeezing Seb’s ass cheek through his jeans with a free hand. “You have an incredible ass.”

“So just my money and my body huh?” Seb chuckled. “I’ll take it.”

“And your kind, loving heart,” Kurt added seriously. “My divorce has been so difficult for me. Not because I’ve had to let go of Blaine but because I feel like a loser, like I’ve failed. You’ve helped me get through it with most of my dignity still intact. I appreciate you so much for that.”

“I’m so proud of you and how you’ve handled it,” Seb praised Kurt, his eyes full of love. “It’s over now though and I promise you although it might not be perfect we are going to have an incredible life together.”

“Starting tomorrow,” Kurt beamed, kissing Seb softly. “I’m so looking forward to our date.”

“Me too,” Seb was buzzing with anticipation. “I have to admit I’m intrigued. Any hints?”

“Ummm, no!” Kurt giggled, feeling so light and free in Seb’s arms.

“Will you at least tell what time I need to be ready?” Seb pleaded.

“Jeff is picking Tilly up from here around 8am. We need to be out the door soon after that.”

“In formal wear? At 8am?”

“No,” Kurt shook his head, smiling warmly. “I want you dressed in hot casual but you should bring formal wear in your overnight bag.”

“What is HOT casual?” Seb’s eyes sparkled in amusement.

“That’s just you in casual clothing,” Kurt eyed him suggestively. “So hot,” he fanned himself jokingly.

“I think you have me mixed up with you,” Seb rolled his eyes. “But why so early?”

“You’ll see,” Kurt placed a finger to Seb’s lips. “Now hush my darling. Stop asking so many questions.”

“I have just one more,” Seb requested quietly.

Kurt looked at him with a raised eyebrow encouraging him to proceed.

“Do you love me?” He asked shyly.

“Only forever with all my heart,” Kurt replied, tangling their fingers together. “Do you love me?”

“Ehh, I guess you’re okay,” Seb teased Kurt, smiling as he pouted. “Of course I do. You’re the love of my life Kurt Hummel. I adore you.”

Kurt played affectionately with Seb’s fingers. “I love your beautiful life saving hands,” he raised one hand to his lips and kissed Seb’s palm. “You’re a miraculous human being Sebastian. My sexy surgeon. So smart and tolerant. So understanding. I feel so lucky.”

“You getting all soppy on me Hummel?” Sebastian scrunched his nose at his boyfriend.

“Were you really going to let me fuck Ell?” Kurt was still reeling from that entire conversation.

“If it meant you’d be mine forever, I even let Jeff have you,” Seb replied emotionally.

“I think I’ll pass on Mr Grabby hands,” Kurt scrunched up his face. “Thanks anyway.”

“I’m not sure the bitch could handle you anyway,” Sebastian frowned. He was pissed at Jeff. They were supposed to be friends and he’d specifically told him no touching. “You’re way too fiery for him Kurt.”

“Blaine didn’t think so,” Kurt’s smile faded. “He called me conservative and bland.”

“Fuckwit,” Seb shook his head. “Just watching you walking around in those jeans at Niff’s last night, seeing the exquisite way they hugged your gorgeous ass had me rock hard all night. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hold a proper adult conversation when you’re one touch away from cumming in your pants? It’s near impossible. I was so close to dragging you off to the bathroom but I would have embarrassed myself. I swear if you’d so much as brushed your foot against my leg under the table I’d have been gone.”

“You’re exaggerating,” Kurt laughed, quietly flattered none the less.

“Not one bit,” Seb’s irregular breathing suggested he was entirely serious. “In fact I prohibit you from wearing those jeans in public ever again. Those are just for me.”

“Okay,” Kurt rolled his eyes, sniggering. “The Versace jeans that I paid almost $500 for are just for you.”

“Tonight when we get home from dinner will you wear them while I ride you?” Sebastian’s eyes darkened just thinking about it.

“You’re serious.”

“Yes I’m fucking serious,” Sebastian nodded. “Will you?”

“I guess,” Kurt shrugged. “You have some peculiar kinks Seb.”

“You’re my only kink,” he eyed Kurt hungrily. “How any one could find you bland is beyond me. You just ooze sex appeal. I can’t get enough of you, how you smell, how you taste, how you feel, the sexy sounds you make and how different they are depending on whether you’re inside me or I’m inside you. I’m so addicted to you Kurt. I used to be a hump ‘em and dump ‘em kinda guy but seriously I can’t get enough of you. If I’m not making love with you then I’m thinking about making love with you. You drive me crazy in the best possible way.”

“I think maybe you’re crazy in every possible way,” Kurt kissed Sebastian’s nose.

“Maybe,” Seb agreed. “But do you have anything like that going on?”

“Do you mean is it agony to be apart from you for longer than it takes to say your name? Do I see your beautiful ‘O’ face every time I close my eyes? Am I driving all my friend’s crazy telling them about the perfection I’m dating? Am I constantly distracted by smutty daydreams of my tongue lapping at your gorgeous asshole? I think I have some of it going on.” Kurt nodded with a suggestive smirk.

“Fuck,” Seb panted. “That tongue thing we need to do that. I’ve been wanting to ask but some guys just aren’t into it and I didn’t want to... well you know.”

“If there’s something that you want please do ask,” Kurt stroked Seb’s hair back from his face. “I’m pretty open minded. Like I’m probably not going to be ecstatic if you wanted to piss into my mouth and definitely don’t want to bring other guys into our bed, but rimming could certainly be fun and a little spanking occasionally can be super hot.”

“You never fail to surprise me,” Seb laughed. “So if I brought out my dalton ties and a riding crop you wouldn’t freak out?”

Kurt took Seb’s hand and slid it down to the swollen bulge in his jeans. “Will you wear the blazer too?”

“Damn,” Sebastian palmed Kurt through his jeans, feeling his dick swell under his hand. “This is getting you really hot isn’t it?”

“I don’t mind a little role play,” Kurt admitted. “And you were always so hot in your Dalton uniform.”

“Oh the nights I spent in high school jerking off to thoughts of you but I didn’t think you ever noticed me like that,” Seb popped the button on Kurt’s jeans.

“I noticed,” Kurt arched up into Seb’s touch. “You were kinda hard to ignore. Sexy as fuck Warbler captain up there on stage belting out your vaguely inappropriate numbers. The way you moved your body with such confidence. So gorgeous. I hated how bad I wanted you.”

“And now I’m all yours,” Seb carefully slid down Kurt’s zipper, allowing his thick, dripping cock to spring free.

“All mine,” Kurt hissed, his eyes rolling back in his head and his toes curling as Seb’s lips closed around him and slid slowly down his length. “Fuck,” he whined. “Oh fuck Sebastian yes! Marry me?”

Chapter Text

Do what now? What the fuck? Sebastian’s eyes went wide, watering as he gagged, choking in shock on the delicious cock buried deep in his throat. Did Kurt really just ask THAT? What the actual fuck?

Sebastian pulled off instantly, saliva and precum dripping down his chin. He gasped for air, looking up at Kurt in... horror, terror, amusement. He had no idea. He could only imagine the expression on his face right now.

Kurt groaned in protest reaching down to direct Seb’s mouth back to where he needed it. “Don’t stop,” he whined. “Please baby. Sooooo good.”

“What the actual fuck?” Sebastian finally said aloud, sitting up on the bed looking totally bewildered. “I mean what the fuck Kurt?” Seb just couldn’t find words.

“Please?” Kurt pleaded, gripping his saliva covered cock and giving it a tug, too aroused to realise what he’d said or to care about what Seb was fussing over.

Seb swiped Kurt’s hand away, Fuck that was so hot but now wasn’t the time for Kurt to be switching his sexy on. “I love you Kurt. I truely do but for fucks sake Baby did you really just propose marriage to me with your cock in my mouth?”

“Did I?” Kurt sat up looking as shocked as Sebastian. “I mean I’ve been thinking about it a lot and that...with your mouth... it felt so good. I guess... I just... oh Fuck! I’m really sorry. I did, didn’t I? Can we just pretend I didn’t say anything?”

“You want to take it back?” Sebastian gasped, feeling so torn. It had been by far the worst proposal in the history of mankind ever but truth be told Sebastian did really want to marry Kurt. He’d do it in a heart beat, Happily grab Matilda from the hotel kid’s club downstairs right now and dash off to the nearest city hall without a second thought. This was Kurt Hummel after all. His precious Kurt.

“Yes...” Kurt began, looking totally flustered. “No... Shit, I don’t know.”

“Well that’s as clear as mud,” Sebastian couldn’t help laughing. “I think we have to get married now just for this amazing story. I can’t wait to meet your father and have him ask how you proposed. It will like ‘Well Mr Hummel we were on vacation in Anaheim’ and he’ll be expecting some sweet romantic story about how you got down on one knee beneath the Disneyland fireworks or some cutsie shit and instead I’ll be able to tell him how I was down on both of mine deep throating you. He’s gonna love it.”

“Shut up Sebastian,” Kurt buried his face in his hands glowing bright red with embarrassment. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s cool,” Sebastian was still laughing. “I mean as far as proposals go its totally unique. I’ll give you that.”

“It’s not what I intended,” Kurt couldn’t look Sebastian in the eye as he tucked himself back into his jeans and did them up. “I’ve been planning it all week. I have flights booked to Las Vegas. I’ve never been before. I thought it would be so much fun to explore it with you for the first time. I booked us into a honeymoon suite at The Bellagio, got us tickets to a show. I even applied for a marriage licence. There’s this little chapel there I dreamt about earlier in the week. I wanted to take you there. Make you my husband. I bought a ring and everything. That’s the other reason why I went to see Blaine today. I needed to ensure that my divorce was officially finalised first. I know we haven’t been together that long but I love you and Matilda loves you. It just feels so right. Now I’ve screwed it all up.”

“That was our date?” Sebastian was dumbfounded. His eyes joyfully teary. “The formal wear was for our secret wedding? That’s so romantic Kurt. Aww.”

“You’re my world and you can’t leave me if we’re married,” Kurt replied insecurely. “I fucked up so badly with Cooper and last week when I didn’t call you. I’ve been so afraid since that you’d walk out on me but you can’t if I’m your husband.”

“A little extreme but okay,” Sebastian gnawed at his thumb nail. “You do know I’m not going to leave you right? and even if I had left that day when I’d threatened to I’d have been knocking on your door the second I returned to New York. It’s like the Led Zepplin song says ‘I can’t quit you baby.’”

“I didn’t know you were a Zepplin fan,” Kurt smiled softly.

“I’m more of a Kurt Hummel fan,” Sebastian grinned affectionately at Kurt. “So...”

“So...” Kurt echoed.

“So you bought a ring?”

Kurt nodded. “I bought a ring.”

“Do I get to see it?” Seb pushed nervously.

Kurt hesitated. “Umm... I don’t want that to be my proposal,” he cringed. “If I give you the ring then...”

“We’re stuck with the deep throating story?” Sebastian smirked. “You know our first dance could be to that Nickelback song ‘Something in Your Mouth’, he laughed beginning to sing. “You’re so much cooler when you never pull it out. So much cuter with something in your mouth.”

“Please stop,” Kurt blushed bright red again in humiliation. “That is not going to be our wedding song.”

“Why not?” Sebastian chuckled. “It’s kinda hot if you think about it.”

“It’s embarrassing,” Kurt shook his head. “You deserved a romantic proposal. You’ve put up with so much of my shit. You’re so good to me and to our daughter. I wanted it to be perfect.”

“If you think about it,” Seb took Kurt’s hand, his face the epitome of tickled amusement. “It kinda is the perfect proposal for us. We were doing exactly what we both love most and you do look your most radiant in the heat of passion.”

“Sucking my cock is what you love most?” Kurt crinkled his nose. “Really Sebastian?”

“Well yeah,” Seb nodded totally unfazed. “Aside from riding it maybe. Magic cock remember?”

“I have no words,” Kurt shook his head in fond amusement at his beautiful, ridiculous boyfriend or was it his fiancé? That wasn’t exactly clear yet.

“I have one,” Seb smiled. “One word I mean,” he paused for dramatic effect. “Yes. My answer to your proposal is yes.”

“Yes?” Kurt beamed, looking wide eyed at his now fiancé. “You’re agreeing to marry me?”

“I am agreeing to marry you,” Seb confirmed, his smile wide as he leaned in to kiss Kurt.

Their kiss was frantic, passionate and deep, leaving them both breathless and heart eyed.

“Let’s wait a bit though, do it properly,” Sebastian suggested panting. “Our wedding, I mean. I’m so in love with you Kurt. I don’t want to do it in secret. It should be special. I want our friends there, our family, Matilda as our flower girl. I want flowers and candles, dancing, bucket loads of booze and sappy vows. I want to be lost in your eyes in front of everyone we love as we become husbands.”

Kurt nodded emphatically, a smile lighting up his face, because to him that sounded absolutely idyllic. “And when people ask about our proposal?”

“We’ll just wink and say ‘oh wouldn’t you like to know,’” Seb chuckled, totally elated to be engaged.

“Should I cancel Vegas then?” Kurt still kinda wanted to go. Wedding or no wedding Vegas would still be so much fun with the love of his life by his side.

“No of course not,” Seb shook his head. “You went to so much trouble planning it and I already have my hot casual outfit all picked out. Plus you have tickets. What show did you choose? Please tell me it’s The Chippendales or who are those Australian ones? I can’t remember their name but they’re smoking hot.”

Kurt rose his eyebrows at his fiancé. “I’m not taking you to some tacky strip show. That’s just not classy.”

“You’d love it,” Sebastian grinned. “All those hot, muscular, oiled up male bodies, dancing and grinding.”

“I’m quite satisfied with your hot muscular body,” Kurt grinned back. “Maybe you could oil up and dance and grind for me.”

“Fuck, you’re fun,” Sebastian chuckled, his eyes sparkling in genuine delight. “Maybe I’ll save that for our wedding night.”

“With the Dalton Blazer?” Kurt reminded him.

“Goes without saying,” Seb laughed against Kurt’s lips, tugging the bottom one between his teeth.

Kurt whimpered as Seb gently bit down, then soothed the tender spot with his tongue.

“I love you,” Kurt looked deep into Sebastian’s eyes as he buried his hands in Seb’s hair.

“I love you too,” Seb rested his forehead affectionately against Kurt’s, looking deep into his loving eyes.

“I think we should probably head down and get our daughter and tell her the good news. She’s going to be ecstatic.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something though?” Seb prompted.

Kurt looked blankly around the room before shrugging. “I don’t think so.”

“Umm the ring. It’s not official until you put a ring on it Hummel,” he nudged Kurt playfully.

He ogled Kurt’s jean clad ass as Kurt got off the bed and crossed the room to his suitcase. Seb was certain he would never tire of that exquisite view.

“Considering your proposal I’m almost expecting you to pull a cock ring out of that bag,” he teased Kurt with a hearty chuckle.

“If only I’d known,” Kurt laughed along, finally beginning to see the amusing side of the whole incident. He eventually found the blue velvet box and took it from his bag, opening it to view the Cartier ring he’d purchased earlier in the day. It was beautiful, simple and elegant. A platinum band set with a single green emerald practically the same shade as Sebastian’s breathtaking eyes. Kurt thought it would look stunning on his hand. He hoped Seb would like it.

With the widest smile Kurt turned back to face Sebastian. There Sebastian was down on one knee, a breathtaking ring of his own outstretched toward Kurt. “I spoke to your father this morning,” Sebastian began. “He’s a great guy. I can’t wait to meet him. He was a bit sceptical. Turns out he hadn’t really heard too much about your sexy surgeon boyfriend and didn’t know your divorce was about final. You really should call him more often. It took a little coaxing on my part but eventually he gave me his blessing.”

“You called my dad?” Tears streaked Kurt’s cheeks.

“Shhh, don’t interrupt,” Seb chastised him playfully. “I’ve been practising. This is going to be our public proposal story and I want to get it right.”

“Yes,” Kurt blurted. “My answer is yes.”

“I didn’t even ask you a question yet,” Seb giggled.

“Absolutely yes,” Kurt nodded frantically. “Just get up here and kiss me Sebby.”

“Fine,” Seb rolled his eyes. He got to his feet and removed the blue diamond and platinum Tiffany and Co. engagement band from the box and slid it onto Kurt’s finger. “I had to guess the size,” he uttered shyly. “If you hate it we can exchange it. I’ll only be a little offended.” He kissed Kurt tenderly, admiring HIS ring on Kurt Hummel’s slender finger. It was a glorious sight.

“It gorgeous,” Kurt wept tears of joy, clinging to Sebastian for a moment before realising it was his turn.

Kurt kissed Sebastian, slowly and sweetly, before placing the engagement band he’d chosen onto Seb’s finger. It looked just as amazing as Kurt knew it would. “I had flawless taste,” He pecked Seb’s lips again, “so don’t you even think about swapping it.”

“I so can’t argue with that,” Seb reminded him cockily, “You did choose me after all.”

“When did you get this?” Kurt twirled the shiny ring around on his finger. “It’s gorgeous,”

“Matilda and I went shopping this morning. She said you had to have blue stones. It’s your favourite colour. She thinks it’s just a gift though. She didn’t know I planned to propose at dinner tonight.”

“I can’t believe you called my dad. I hope he was polite. He can be a little blunt at times,” Kurt took Seb’s hand, looking a little concerned.

“He’s very umm... yes I guess blunt is the right word and quite serious. We had a pretty intense chat. He loves you and Tilly so much,” Sebastian smiled. “He’s very protective. He asked me to talk you into getting married in Ohio. I think that might be nice since that’s where we originally met.”

“We are not hiring out the Lima Bean,” Kurt muttered, his eyes fixed on the rings on their joint hands.

“What about Scandals?” Sebastian joked. “We could serve Shirley Temples.”

“Tempting but no,” Kurt laughed. “That night doesn’t hold the best memories for me.”

“Cause of me?” Sebastian grimaced, stroking his thumb over the new ring on Kurt’s hand. “I’m sorry I was such an ass.”

“No it wasn’t you actually,” Kurt shook his head. “Blaine, he tried to force himself on me that night, in the back of my Navigator after we left you. It was kinda scary. In hindsight I should have dumped him right then.”

“You should have kicked his ass, is what you should have done,” Sebastian looked furious. “He didn’t though right? He didn’t rape you?”

“No,” Kurt shook his head. “My virginity remained firmly intact for that night at least.”

“If I’d only known then what I know now,” Sebastian sighed. “Our young lives could have been so different.”

“I think everything has turned out just the way it was meant to,” Kurt pulled Sebastian close. “We really should go and get our angel. I’m dying to tell her.”

“Sure,” Seb buried his face in Kurt’s neck, inhaling deeply. Breathing in the scent of subtle cologne, coconut shampoo and Kurt Hummel. The scent of home. “Just one more kiss first fiancé,” he pleaded.

Kurt nodded with a wide smile, willingly obliging.

Chapter Text

Kurt was in the bedroom packing his overnight bag for Vegas and Sebastian was just finishing off Matilda’s hair when a knock came at their hotel suite door.

“It’s just me,” Seb and Tilly heard Jeff call.

“I’ll get it Daddy Seb,” Matilda jumped to her feet excitedly just as Seb slid in the last bobby pin. She dashed to the door opening it for Jeff. “Guess what? Guess what?” She bounced up and down enthusiastically on the balls of her feet.

“Good morning,” Jeff giggled at her, looking very casual in just a faded tshirt and sweat pants.

She rolled her eyes at him, looking thoroughly unimpressed. “No, guess!” she demanded.

“You’re coming for a sleep over to my house?” Jeff shrugged, smiling.

“Yes,” she nodded beaming. “But guess what else?”

“This room is soooo very pink,” Jeff looked past Matilda to Sebastian as he stepped into the room. Sebastian didn’t look happy to see him. What was up with that?

“Duh,” Matilda sighed in frustration. “You’re terrible at guessing so I’ll just have to tell you... my daddies are getting married! We are moving to a new house and they are getting married.” She giggled with excitement, obviously elated.

“Really?” Jeff looked at Seb with a surprised raised eyebrow.

Seb flashed him a cheesy over exaggerated smile, raising his hand and pointing to his engagement ring before getting to his feet. “Why don’t you finish getting your things together baby girl?” he grinned at his daughter as he approached Jeff.

“Congratulations,” Jeff smiled as Matilda disappeared into her room.

“Thanks,” Seb wasn’t smiling back as he stepped into Jeff’s space, grabbing him in a tight squirrel grip. “I told you the other night,” he squeezed hard, making Jeff double over, wincing in pain, “NO. TOUCHING. KURT. I wasn’t kidding.” He twisted his wrist as Jeff tried to pull away, before releasing his grip.

“All right, all right,” Jeff clenched his thighs together in very obvious discomfort. “Jesus Bas.”

“Next time I rip the fuckers off,” Sebastian growled through gritted teeth at him. “Have some fucking respect. I love him you bastard.”

“Yeah okay,” Jeff nodded, adjusting himself awkwardly in his sweat pants, his breathing laboured from the pain. “I’m sorry.”

“You better be,” Sebastian glared as he stepped back. “You’re free to manhandle who ever you want but not my Kurt, got it?”

“Yes you’ve made yourself perfectly clear,” he took a step back from Sebastian, his balls still smarting. He’d never seen his friend like this before. He’d been neither possessive nor protective over his ex, never particularly cared when Jeff or Nick played around with him, which they had on multiple occasions with Sebastian’s consent. Mind you that dude had been kind of an asshole, a pretty asshole though. Sebastian was one of lucky ones that had always had the ability to somehow land the hottest dude in any room. It was probably this confidence that drew men in, turned them on, made them have to be with him. Kurt Hummel, however was on a whole other level. He was breathtaking and yet he had no idea of his power. Kurt had always been considered elusive, unobtainable to everyone but Blaine Anderson. No one would have ever expected Sebastian to be able to pull Kurt. Jeff couldn’t blame Sebastian for wanting to lock Kurt down now that he had the chance. He would have done the same himself given half the chance, Nick or not. “So marriage huh? Isn’t Kurt already married to Blaine? It is Kurt you’re engaged to, right? Are your parents paying him?”

“You’re an asshole,” Sebastian sighed heavily. “If you must know their divorce has been finalised and it was Kurt who proposed to me.”

Jeff shrugged, looking sceptical. “I did actually read about the divorce on social media,” he replied knowingly. “The media aren’t fans of yours are they? Stealing THE Blaine Anderson’s pretty husband while he’s laid up in hospital. They’re calling you a opportunistic home wrecker and they’ve been using some of your Disney insta pics as evidence. I’d lock that account if I was you.”

“Fucking vultures,” Sebastian’s face flushed in anger as he took out his phone and opened his instagram, seeing his treasured vacation pics with Kurt and Matilda spammed with hate from Blaine Anderson groupies. “So apparently I’m a slut AND a home wrecking whore and my mother should be ashamed of me. How charming.” He read on. “This one says they hope I die of cancer or AIDS and there’s a whole debate here where they’re trying to decide if I look more like Greasy Weasel from Roger Rabbit, the challenged hyena from Lion King or Splinter from the Ninja Turtles. Fuck them. Ugh! People are such dicks.”

“I saw some of that,” Jeff grimaced. “People do suck. Don’t listen to them. They don’t know you.”

“Everything was over between Kurt and Blaine way before Kurt and I got together for fucks sake,” Sebastian fought to hide from Jeff how insecure the hateful comments were making him feel. “I bet no one is attacking that asshole who cheated on Kurt behind his back for years.”

“Well Kurt has you now,” Jeff smiled at his friend. “You really love him don’t you?”

“So much,” Sebastian smiled softly. “And Tilly too.”

“You make an adorable family, no matter what the assholes online say,” Jeff offered supportively. “Kurt seems very happy.”

“Kurt is very happy,” Kurt interrupted stepping out of the bedroom into Sebastian’s arms. “Is Tilly nearly ready? We really need to get going soon.”

“She was just getting her things together,” Seb smiled, “Her hair took me forever today.”

“You did that twisted braidy thing in her hair?” Jeff looked at Seb in shock. “How do you get her to sit still for that long? I struggle to get Decoda’s hair into a pony tail.”

“Daddy Seb is the favourite,” Kurt poked his tongue out playfully at his fiancé. “He’s the fun dad. She even eats broccoli for Daddy Seb.”

“Don’t be like that,” Seb smirked proudly. “You know she adores you too.”

“I get it,” Jeff sympathised. “Jonah is my man but the twins, all they want is Nick. I’m not even sure they really like me.”

“They do,” Matilda came from her room, struggling to drag her big suitcase behind her. “Lacey thinks you’re really funny and Decoda told me you tell the best stories.”

“That’s nice to know,” Jeff smiled at her as Kurt rushed to her aide.

“Sweetie you’re only going for one night. I really don’t think you need to take your entire case. Just your pj’s, toothbrush and stuff, a change of clothes, your dolly and a book.”

“I thought that,” she looked up at Kurt thoughtfully, “But when I tried to pick out my tutu for tomorrow I couldn’t decide which one.”

“So you packed them all?” Sebastian winked at her. “I would have done the same.”

“Fun dad,” Kurt mouthed at Jeff with a smirk.

“It’s fine,” Jeff smiled kindly at the child. “Never know when you might have a tutu emergency. How about you say good bye to your dad’s and we get this case down to the car. Uncle Nick and the kids are home waiting for us. We’re going to the park today.”

“That sounds fun,” Matilda’s face lit up.

“We try to get her to be bed around 8:30pm. She loves a bedtime story and cant sleep without her dolly and sometimes she does have nightmares. I’ve found singing and cuddles calm her down but if it happens just FaceTime us,” Seb babbled anxiously. “Any other problems you have our cell phone numbers. We can be on the next flight back if we need to be. She has no allergies. Her favourite snack is cheese cubes. She doesn’t like grapes much so probably avoid those. What else? Ummm... She hurt her wrist a while back and sometimes it aches. Apply heat, not too hot though, it helps...”

“Relax,” Jeff placed a calming hand on Sebastian’s shoulder as Kurt watched Seb with a mix of pride and amusement. “I have three kids dude. I got this. You have nothing to worry about.”

“She’ll be fine,” Kurt squatted down to Matilda’s level and pulled her close. She squeezed him tight. “You’ll be fine won’t you sweetheart? Daddy Seb and I are going to miss you but we’ll be back to pick you up tomorrow night. You be a good girl for uncle Jeff and uncle Nick and we’ll bring you back a surprise.”

“A new brother or sister?” She asked hopefully, releasing Kurt.

“Or maybe a new tshirt,” Seb suggested with a chuckle ruffling her hair before getting his hug. “We love you sweet girl.”

“I love you too,” She pecked Seb’s cheek. “Take care of my daddy and have the bestest fun.”

“I certainly will,” Seb smiled up at Kurt fondly as he rose back up on his feet.

“They’re just going to kiss and sex the whole time,” She told Jeff with certainty, grabbing her case again and trying to move it.

“Right,” Jeff choked back his laughter at the horrified expressions on her fathers’s faces. “How about I grab that case?”

“Sure,” she nodded agreeably. “Be careful though. My dolly is in there and she’ll get sick if you’re too rough.”

“I’ll be gentle,” Jeff promised. He turned to Seb offering him a hug goodbye. “Stop stressing,” he muttered quietly. “I’ll take good care of her. Just go and enjoy your man.”

Seb nodded, patting Jeff on the back before stepping back from the hug. Jeff considered hugging Kurt too, still wanting that 15 minutes alone with him more than anything. Heeding Seb’s earlier warning however he offered Kurt a handshake instead.

“Thanks for taking her,” Kurt thanked the blonde ex Warbler sincerely. “Be a good girl,” he reminded her with a soft smile.

She nodded, taking Jeff’s hand. “See you tomorrow,” she smiled back, tugging him towards the door. Jeff quickly gripped her suitcase and with a quick wave they were out the door.

Kurt closed the door behind them, smiling sadly as he noted his partner’s pouty face. “You okay baby?” Kurt checked, pulling Seb into his arms. He kissed him sweetly.

“She looked so small dragging that huge case,” he sighed. “Are you sure she’ll be okay for the night?”

“She’ll be fine,” Kurt ran his hand through Seb’s hair, sweeping it back from his face. “I love how much you care for her, how much you care for me. I love you Sebastian.”

“Even if I’m a home wrecking whore?”

“A what?” Kurt looked confused.

“News of yours and Blaine’s divorce has hit social media,” Seb explained quietly. “The attacks are pretty brutal.”

“Someone called you a home wrecking whore?” Kurt looked horrified. “Baby I’m so sorry.”

“There was worse shit than that,” Sebastian looked crushed.

“Just ignore it,” Kurt replied with an aggressive eye roll. “Blaine’s publicist was supposed to release a statement this morning citing Blaine’s infidelities as the reason for our break up. I shouldn’t be surprised that that hasn’t happened. Try not to take it personally or let it ruin your day Baby. None of it is true and it will all die down in a day or two, I promise.”

“So you don’t think I look like Ed the Hyena from Lion King?” Sebastian ventured with a grimace.

“Did someone say that?” Kurt asked with a sympathetic pout. “Isn’t he the special one?”

Seb nodded, looking so vulnerable.

“Aww baby. People so are mean but just ignore them. You’re crazy sexy and so beautiful. You’re my fiancé. I love you. I’ve never had anyone before that gets me so hard and hot,” he cupped Seb’s face in his hand and kissed him tenderly. “I’m so in love with you. I’m sorry you have to deal with Blaine’s crazy fanboys. I can relate. I had suspend all my social media when he and I first split because they were so savage. They’re deluded assholes, who think the sun shines out of his ass. If only they knew.”

Seb wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist, buried his face in his neck and clung to him with a sigh. Kurt held him close stroking his back supportively. “I love you,” Kurt repeated with emphasis.

“You too,” Seb nuzzled his nose into Kurt’s neck, sucking his earlobe in between his teeth. Sliding his hands down to grip Kurt’s ass, he rutted against his thigh. “Is there time for me to make you cum before we have to go? I need more than anything to see you fall apart for me right now.” Sebastian was feeling horribly insecure. He needed to know even if the world hated him that his Kurt still found him desirable.

“Our ride to the airport will be here in five minutes honey,” Kurt shook his head regretfully. “and while I do love a quickie as much as the next guy that melancholy look in your eyes tells me you need more than that. Let me get you to Vegas. There I can give you more. I can give you everything. Hour after hour of mind blowing pleasure so good you won’t even know when one orgasm is ending and the next beginning.”

“And I think I just came in my pants,” Seb joked with a swooning groan, gripping Kurt’s ass tighter, pulling him in closer, so Kurt could feel how his delicious words were effecting him. “I’m not sure I’ll make it to Vegas,” he whined. “It’s sooooo far away.”

“Maybe if you’re a good boy and ask really nicely, I might be able to help you out during the flight,” Kurt whispered seductively into Seb’s ear, licking at the lobe. “Maybe let you bend me over in the airplane bathroom and fuck into me until I’m screaming your name so loud that no one within earshot will have any doubt about how fucking perfect you are and how much you turn me on.”

“You’re pure evil,” Sebastian’s growl turned to a frustrated groan as Kurt’s phone buzzed in his back pocket.

“Have you told Elliott our news?” Seb stepped back gesturing to Kurt’s pocket, assuming it was him. It was always him.

Kurt removed his phone. “It’s not Ell,” he frowned slightly at Sebastian, having hoped their engagement and Kurt’s refusal to hook up with Ell would have eased the jealousy. “It’s our car. We better get down downstairs.”

“Have you though?” Sebastian pushed, adjusting himself in his jeans to relieve a little of the pressure before following Kurt into the bedroom.

“I’m going to talk to him in person when I pick up Chuckles. I’m kinda wanting to ask him to be my best man. Is that insensitive?” Kurt asked, gathering his overnight bags. “Is it weird? Would you be okay with that?”

“He’s your best friend,” Seb grabbed his one bag with a shrug, obviously not entirely thrilled with the idea. “I’m going to ask my brother.”

“You hate the idea,” Kurt picked up his wallet from bedside the bed and slid it into the pocket of his jacket.

“I think it’s a little cruel to make a man in love with you stand beside you while you marry someone else,” Seb replied honestly as they headed together out of the bedroom and across the living room, “but then on the other hand I think you’ll also be breaking his heart if you don’t ask him.”

“Maybe he’ll say no,” Kurt mused, opening the main door out into the hallway and letting Sebastian past.

“He won’t say no,” Sebastian was positive of that. They made their way across the hall into the elevator, Goofy’s voice counting down the floors as it descended.

“You’d be okay with it though?” Kurt gnawed nervously at his lip again.

Seb nodded uneasily. “We’re having a joint bachelor party though.”

Kurt frowned a little. He didn’t really care whether he had a bachelor party or not but he didn’t much appreciate Sebastian’s implication that he couldn’t be trusted alone. “Did you really have to do that to Jeff his morning?” Kurt narrowed his eyes in disapproval.

“He deserved it,” Sebastian shrugged as if crushing his mate’s testicles was no big deal. “I won’t have people violating my partner.”

“I can take care of myself you know?” Kurt rolled his eyes as they exited to the lift. “I’m a big boy.”

“Soooo big,” Seb chuckled raising a eyebrow.

“Ugh!” Kurt couldn’t help grinning as they crossed the hotel foyer. “You have a one tracked mind.”

“You love it,” Seb replied confidently, stopping short as they approached the main exit. His smile dying as camera flashes blinded him and microphones accompanied by probing questions were shoved almost violently into his face.

“Keep your head down and say nothing,” Kurt advised, taking his man’s hand and forcing their way through the paparazzi to their awaiting car. Their driver had their door open and waiting. He took their bags as they clambered awkwardly into the back seat with the vultures still chasing them.

Kurt breathed a sigh of relief as the door was closed, locking them safely inside. “Must be a slow news day,” he mumbled, camera’s still flashing and voices still screaming demanding questions. “Are you okay?” He checked on a very pale Sebastian.

“Did one of those scum bags just ask me if I was hoping Blaine wouldn’t survive his fall?” Sebastian narrowed his eyes in disgust. “For fucks sake. I was the one who made sure he got the best possible care in New York.”

“I know,” Kurt took Seb’s hand as their driver pulled away from the curb. His eyes dropped closed momentarily as he sank back into his seat. “You’ve been amazing through everything.”

“I don’t feel amazing,” Seb looked downright depressed. “Is this what life was like for you being married to Blaine?”

“Not in the beginning,” Kurt shrugged. “The stuff with the media kinda got worse with every newer, bigger role he took but life got better in a lot of ways too. We never had to worry about money. I dunno. It all turned to shit anyway.”

“I won’t let that happen to us,” Sebastian promised drowning in Kurt’s eyes as they made their way slowly through traffic to the airport. “Right now is the beginning of our beautiful forever Kurt Hummel.”

Chapter Text

“Do you know that guy?” Kurt curiously asked Sebastian, pointing discretely across the aisle two rows in front on them as their plane to Vegas evened out after take off. “He was watching you at the gate while we were waiting,” Kurt frowned a little. “Now he keeps turning around and checking you out.”

“Dunno,” Seb shrugged, sounding disinterested as he trailed his fingers seductively up Kurt’s thigh.

“The hot one. Have a look,” Kurt pointed again, placing his other hand over Seb’s before it could reach its desired destination, “dark hair, in the blue sweater. I hope he’s not press.”

Seb looked up, gazing vaguely in the direction his fiancé pointed, his disappointment in being prevented from groping Kurt showing on his face.

“The one in the blue?” He asked as the guy turned again. Seb froze, the colour draining from him as they locked eyes, his expression becoming stern and his body rigid as the guy smirked and winked at him. “Fuck no,” he groaned softly to himself, his heart racing and skin crawling. “He’s not press,” Sebastian muttered gruffly.

“Who he is?” Kurt asked, concerned by Sebastian’s obvious negative physical reaction to the extremely attractive man across the aisle.

“No one,” Sebastian shook his head, his jaw clenched tight, his brows furrowed.

“Well clearly he’s someone,” Kurt narrowed his eyes impatiently at Sebastian.

“I said he’s no one,” Sebastian snapped defensively, his fists clenching in his lap as Kurt released his hand. “Just let it go.”

“Fine,” Kurt grumbled, unclasping his seat belt and rising from his business class window seat. “Can I get past? I need to use the bathroom.”

Seb turned a little to the side, allowing Kurt room to pass. He gripped Kurt’s wrist, halting him as he stepped into the aisle. “I’m sorry baby,” he sighed regretfully, one eye on Kurt and one eye on the guy in the blue sweater. “You didn’t deserve me snapping at you like that. He’s no one important I promise.”

“If you say so,” Kurt pulled away from Seb annoyed and made his way down the aisle to the bathroom, passing the blue sweatered hottie on the way.

Seeing Sebastian alone Mr Blue Sweater saw his chance to pounce. He turned and smiled seductively at Sebastian before standing and approaching him with confidence. He openly grazed a finger up Seb’s forearm where it sat on the arm rest. Sebastian flinched noticeably, glaring savagely at him as he pulled back. “I’ve missed you darling,” he eyed Sebastian hungrily, “You look good enough to eat.
I’m willing too, if you are.”

“I’d rather stick my junk in a blender,” Sebastian offered the guy an over exaggerated grin. “Thanks anyway.”

“Don’t be like that Sebby,” he pouted. “There was a time when you couldn’t get enough of all this,” he gestured down his fit muscular body invitingly. If Seb didn’t hate this twat so much he might admit he did look good.

“Times have changed,” Sebastian shrugged, wishing this asshole would just disappear. Looking at him brought back the worst of memories for Sebastian, literally turned his stomach. There had been a time way back when, that Sebastian had adored his guy. Lived entirely for the moments they spent together, hanging out, laughing, partying, fucking. They’d been in love or Seb thought they had. Turned out maybe it was just him. Seb had been way more relaxed back then, more open, less possessive and protective. He hadn’t minded sharing this one around. He hadn’t even minded being shared himself. Within a strict set of guidelines which included each other’s consent they’d done many things, many times with many men. Sharing hadn’t been their problem. Their problem had been Sebastian coming home from work early one afternoon with wine and Chinese food to find some random dubiously aged twink banging this one in their bed. IN THEIR BED, without his consent. Their problem had been the deceit, the lying, the betrayal of his trust, the going behind his back. That had been their problem.

Looking at the guy now, thinking back on the time they’d spent together Seb knew he was way better off without this one. What he had now was real. It was love. He had trust and respect and honesty,
joy and fun. He had the best lover he’d ever had in his entire life. The kindest and most open one. He had Kurt Hummel, his beautiful precious Kurt who before too long would be his husband, his forever. A forever without betrayal, without cheating and without lies. That didn’t ease this immediate pain resting in his chest though at the sight of the man before him.

“I read online that you’re playing around with some B grade actor’s sloppy seconds,” Mr Blue Sweater looked at Sebastian with disgust. “That you broke up their marriage and that you’re playing Daddy with their kid. Tut tut. Not classy baby. I thought you were better than that.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes. He wasn’t about to let this douche bag rile him up. Let him think whatever he wanted to. He wasn’t important and he knew nothing. He didn’t know how Seb’s heart swelled even more than his cock at the the mere sight of Kurt. He didn’t know how safe Sebastian felt in Kurt’s loving arms. He didn’t how complete and fulfilled he felt inside every time Tilly called him Daddy Seb. This piece of shit had no idea. “What does excrement like you know about classy?” He flared. “Look just fuck off before I call for inflight security.”

“Ooh,” Seb’s ex smirked at him knowingly. “Sebby likes this one, doesn’t he?,” he taunted. “I saw him just now. He’s kinda cute, I guess. Nice ass. Mind if I take a shot at it?”

Sebastian inhaled deeply to maintain his calm. It was becoming more difficult with every sleazy word that fell from this moron’s mouth. “You won’t talk about him. You won’t look at him and if you even consider touching him, they’ll have to use your dental records to identify your pulverised body in the morgue,” Sebastian spat savagely.

“Feisty...” he chuckled. “You know how that turns me on Sebby. You still want this don’t you? How about you, me and your bitch have a little fun when this plane touches down?... or?...oh fuck,” the douchebag laughed. “You’re doing monogamy with his one aren’t you? Aww Sebby honey, that so sweet, so quaint,” his tone turned spiteful, “I give you a week before you go on the search of a tighter hole to sick that gorgeous huge dick of yours in.”

Sebastian gritted his teeth together, his nostrils flaring in anger. “Just stop,” he snapped, gesturing such with a raised hand.

The ex boyfriend’s eyes widened, his mouth agape as he noticed the new shiny engagement band of Sebastian’s finger. Seb narrowed his eyes in confusion before realising what had caught the other man’s attention.

“You’re engaged?” He gasped, looking shocked maybe or jealous, perhaps even hurt. It had been so long since Seb had spent time with him that he could no longer read him anymore. “You’ve been with him... what? A week? We were together two years Sebastian. Really? You’re engaged?”

Sebastian said nothing, praying his ex would just go before Kurt returned. What was taking Kurt so long anyway? Seb hoped he wasn’t feeling unwell. It was then that it occurred to Sebastian that Kurt was probably waiting for HIM, waiting to play out the little fantasy they’d discussed back in the suite. Sebastian needed that so badly. He needed Kurt, to hold him, touch him, taste him, to hear his delicious little moans as Seb pushed into his tight heat, to hear him scream Sebastian’s name euphorically as he shot his release. That was exactly what Sebastian needed and he needed that now.

Unclasping his seatbelt Sebastian got to his feet and unceremoniously pushed the asshole aside, heading with determination for the bathroom. He knocked quietly. Kurt looked relieved to see him as he opened the door. “What took you so long baby?” he pouted impatiently, closing the door behind them. “I was getting ready to take care of this myself,” he rutted his erection against Sebastian’s leg in the confined space.

“I’m not opposed to that,” Sebastian moaned softly, palming at it the bulge enthusiastically. “as long as you let me watch.”

“He’s... that guy out there... he’s an old hook up isn’t he? I’m not stupid Sebastian,” Kurt managed to get out between whimpers as Sebastian cupped his ass and nipped at his neck.

“Something like that,” Seb mumbled against Kurt’s skin clearly way more interested in Kurt than the douche bag outside. “Forget about him Gorgeous. I need you.”

Sebastian spun Kurt around to face the bathroom mirror, locking eyes with him in the glass. “You’re so fucking beautiful Kurt. Look at you,” he smirked mouthing at Kurt’s neck, his eyes darkening as he rutted against Kurt’s ass, pulling his shirt from his jeans to slide his hands beneath it, exploring Kurt’s chest and abdomen with hungry hands. He couldn’t get enough of this man. “I love your skin,” he breathed against Kurt’s ear, making him quiver. “I want you to watch Kurt. I want you to see how gorgeous you look falling apart for me.”

“Seb,” Kurt whined, his breathing laboured, his half lidded eyes black with lust as he leaned back into Seb’s body.

“I’ve got you beautiful,” Seb assured him, teasing a nipple with one hand as the other slid down over soft smooth skin to pop the button on his jeans.

“Need you Seb,” Kurt pleaded, gripping the sink for balance as he turned his head to capture his man’s mouth in a heated, clash of teeth and tongue.

Seb moaned into Kurt’s mouth as he eased down the zipper on his jeans. “Watch baby,” he directed Kurt as he pushed the opened denim pants down his thighs exposing the reflection of Kurt’s beautiful rigid cock to them both in the mirror. “You’re so perfect Kurt. I love you so fucking much,” he tweaked the nipple within his grasp, nibbling at Kurt’s ear lobe while beginning to stroke him.

“I love you too,” Kurt sighed, so blissed out with pleasure that his knees felt weak and he struggled to maintain eye contact with his lover’s reflection.

“Tell me what you want Gorgeous,” Sebastian pleaded, continuing to pleasure his fiancé but taking his hand from Kurt chest to battle singlehandedly with removing his own pants. “Tell me what you need. My hand baby? does it feel good? is it enough? Do you need my mouth instead? hot and wet sucking you?”

“I need you...your huge cock,” Kurt whined as Seb slid it against his ass crack. “I need you in me Sebby, please.”

“So hungry for me,” Seb smirked at Kurt in the mirror. “So sexy and eager. Fuck you’re hot. Just look at you,” Seb released Kurt’s leaking cock and used his finger’s practically dripping with precum to tease Kurt’s entrance. He earned himself a satisfied grunt from Kurt as he pushed two inside shallowly.

“You’re already ready for me,” Seb growled, his cock twitching with need as he fucked Kurt’s already stretched lubed hole with his fingers, rapidly adding a third. “My dirty little slut,” Sebastian smirked at Kurt, squeezing his cock with one hand as he fingered him with the other. “You were in here that whole time preparing for me, weren’t you?”

Kurt nodded. He’d prepped himself frantically but thoroughly waiting for Sebastian join him. He’d given up though when Seb had taken so long and he’d put his jeans back on preparing to return to his seat unsatisfied. Now though he was throwing his head back into Seb’s shoulder as he felt his climax approaching.

“You’re so close, aren’t you?” Seb teased, finally curling a finger inside Kurt to graze his sweet spot. He knew all Kurt’s tells by heart now, his laboured breathing, the flush he got to his pretty cheeks, the way his body stiffened just so. “But I’m not done with you yet.” He released Kurt’s cock and pulled his fingers back so just the tips breached Kurt’s body.

Kurt whined loudly in protest, thrusting himself back onto Sebastian’s fingers. Sebastian chuckled lightly. “So desperate for it babe,” he nibbled at Kurt’s neck, covering one of Kurt’s white knuckled hands with his own on the sink’s edge, as turbulence rocked the plane a little. “I bet if we had the time I could get my whole fist in you and you’d still plead for more.”

Kurt groaned with need slamming himself back hard again on the fingers inside him. “Please,” he begged, fighting against his impending orgasm. “Take me Seb please.”

Seb smiled lovingly at Kurt, sliding his fingers from his body to cup his chin and pull him back for hungry kisses. Distracting Kurt with his tongue he finally pushed inside him with one long slow agonising thrust.

“God, Yes,” Kurt screamed with relief into Sebastian mouth, clenching and grinding back against him as Seb stilled inside him. His cry thankfully muffled as Seb breathed it in.

“Shh baby,” Seb warned him, Attempting to silence him by replacing his tongue in Kurt’s mouth, with his lube coated fingers from Kurt’s ass. Kurt sucked eagerly, as Seb began to move, slowly at first, (He needed to pace himself or this would be over in seconds) then gradually harder and faster into Kurt’s tight heat, his fingers tangling with Kurt’s on the sink’s edge for leverage.

“Look at you,” Seb’s whispered against Kurt’s ear, watching their pairing in the mirror. “Kurt Hummel, you take my breath away.”

Kurt blushed, sweat beading on his forehead as he watched himself, desperate with need, move with his lover. His ears filled with Seb’s dirty words, their grunts and desperate moans, the sound of skin frantically, aggressively slapping on skin. His willing body filled to the brim with Sebastian, so huge and hard and hungry for him.

They ignored the knock at the door, sniggering slightly to each other as they realised they’d been in there forever and had undoubtedly been overheard.

“Cum for me Gorgeous. I’m so close,” Seb prompted him, bending his knees ever so slightly to reach down and fondle Kurt’s tight balls thereby adjusting his angle just a little.

“Fuck SEBASTIAN,” Kurt gasped way too loudly, his knees going weak as Seb slammed into his prostate and sent him over the edge. Sebastian watched Kurt in awe as he finally fell apart releasing with curses in strong rapid pulses onto the sink and the mirror before them, completely untouched.

“Kurt, oh Kurt, Kurt, Seb chanted thrusting in deep one final time and exploding, his vision blurring and ears ringing as Kurt clenched deliciously around him. They slumped, clinging together awkwardly against the sink, limp, sweaty and breathless. Seb stroked the hand under his fingers kissing Kurt’s neck tenderly. “Were you speaking in tongues there babe? Super hot,” he smirked as he carefully pulled out.

Kurt chuckled softly, panting still and pouting at the loss as he turned his head to kiss Seb. They both moaned into the kiss as another knock came at the door.

Seb pulled up Kurt’s jeans from behind him, doing them up carefully for his lover They’d have to clean up properly later. For now he liked the idea of Kurt sitting in his cum with his ex douche bag less than 10 feet away. It made Kurt feel like a little more his which was probably ridiculous considering they were planning to marry sometime soon.

“You marked my neck babe,” Kurt frowned a little quickly wiping over the sink and mirror with damp paper hand towels as Seb made himself respectable.

“I can” Seb growled possessively, licking at the bite mark. “You’re mine now.”

“I’m yours always,” Kurt tossed the paper in the trash. “All right, All right,” he yelled impatiently reaching to open the door as another knock came.

Seb halted him, his expression sullen. “That guy out there, the one you called hot,” he paused playing nervously with his engagement ring. “That’s my ex... my ex boyfriend. We lived together until he cheated on me.”

“He’s not that hot,” Kurt cupped Seb’s face, grinning at him. “Sure he has perfect hair, piercing blue eyes and a great smile but so what?”

“He’s hung too,” Sebastian laughed, amazed by Kurt and the direction of this conversation.

“Of course he is,” Kurt shook his head. “I don’t know him but I do know he’s a moron. He’s a moron I’ll forever be thankful to.”

Seb grimaced in confusion.

“It kills me that he hurt you but if you were still with him you wouldn’t be with me and we wouldn’t be engaged and we definitely wouldn’t have just joined the mile high club in such an exceptional fashion.”

“True,” Seb agreed finally opening the door to a disgruntled line of passengers. “He’s exceptional,” Seb told the first girl in the queue as he groped Kurt’s ass, making him squeak. “Isn’t he gorgeous? We’re engaged you know?”

“Congrats,” She rolled her eyes sarcastically at the couple before entering the bathroom and latching the door behind her. Seb took a blushing Kurt’s hand leading him smiling up the aisle and if Sebastian elbowed the ex, violently in the side of the neck on their way past him to their seats that was completely by accident. It truly was. Honestly.

Chapter Text

“Who checks in luggage when they are going away for only one night?” Sebastian rolled his eyes fondly at Kurt as they wandered hand in hand through the terminal to baggage claim.

“I do,” Kurt stood up for himself proudly, feeling extra confident under Sebastian’s adoration. “You keep telling me I’m beautiful, well Mister that don’t come easy. There’s a lot of work and product that goes into all this.”

“You ARE beautiful,” Seb reminded his fiancé pausing to peck his lips softly. “And hot and sassy and sexy.”

Kurt blushed a little, smiling coyly as he ran his hand through his man’s soft hair. “Flattery will get you everywhere Mr Smythe.”

“The only place I want to be is with you,” Sebastian responded smoothly, gazing lovingly into Kurt’s eyes as they continued walking.

“Awww,” Kurt cooed. “When did you get so soft? You are way too sweet to me.”

“You deserve it Gorgeous,” Seb smiled warmly, bopping Kurt’s nose playfully as they stopped by the baggage carousel. No bags were coming through yet.

“Are you right to grab them for me hun?,” Kurt checked, removing his phone from his pocket. “I just want to check on Tilly and maybe grab us a coffee.”

“A coffee would be heaven,” Seb sighed in contented anticipation. “You go ahead and don’t forget to tell our baby girl I love her.”

“I won’t,” Kurt nodded, gazing adoringly at Seb as he stepped away toward the coffee shop off in the distance. Weaving through people, he dialled Nick’s number and put his phone to his ear. He listened as it rang, apologising as he distractedly knocked hard into someone’s shoulder when it went through to message bank.

“It’s okay,” the guy smiled at him reaching out and grasping Kurt’s shoulder to steady him as he faltered. “Hey, You’re Kurt right?”

Kurt nodded, grimacing internally as he recognised his fiancé’s ex boyfriend from the plane, no longer wearing his blue sweater but instead clad in a retro Cyndi Lauper tshirt with his skin tight jeans and black high top converse. Kurt eyed him cautiously. Damn! He was hot. Tall with perfectly styled dark hair, piercing bright blue eyes, a strong lightly stubbled jaw and full lips which curved into a stunning smile. Great body too, Kurt couldn’t help but notice, athletic, muscular, strong. If this guy was Sebastian’s type Kurt so wasn’t. This man was flawless.

“Pretty little thing too aren’t you?” The flawless man sneered, trailing a finger tip down Kurt’s face as he openly undressed him with his eyes. “Just the way Sebby likes his toys, though shockingly I do believe congratulations are in order. I hear that you’re engaged... for now.”

Kurt tossed the cretin his severest bitch glare as he pulled back, not at all comfortable with this guy touching him. “Excuse me?” This guy might be hot but what an asshole!

“It’s kinda precious Honey that you think that YOU can be enough to fulfil him. Honestly though I wouldn’t go getting too attached if I were you, you’ve gotta be super naive if you believe that you two are actually going to make it to the altar. I think we both know that Sebby’s nothing more than a cheap slut and you’re nothing more than a tight willing hole for him to fuck into for a while until he gets bored and moves on to the next pretty little whore that throws themselves at it his feet, and trust me Baby they will. They always do.”

Seeing red, Kurt’s eyes went wide. “Who even are you?” he began in his most condensing tone as he fought the urge to slap the smug grin off this asshole’s face. How dare this snarky bitch call his man a slut? How dare he assume to understand the dynamic of their relationship and try to cheapen it with his cruel words. “You see while you know who I am, while you’re jealous of and threatened by me and the deep love Sebastian and I share, I had no idea that you even existed until five minutes ago. He’s never mentioned you, not even once. I’m guessing therefore that you’re just one those whores who unlike me weren’t man enough to keep him satisfied. I mean I get it. He’s a lot of man, A. LOT. OF. MAN. Am I right? It’s no easy task especially when he’s begging for this,” Kurt grabbed his own junk, sneering through clenched teeth, “morning, noon and night but believe me Honey I’m up for the task. I can’t get enough of that ass.” With that he stormed off to the coffee shop, not even bothering to look back at the stunned moron he’d left in his wake.

“Woah, this place is fancy Babe,” Seb smiled at Kurt as they stepped through the double doors of their honeymoon suite. “I mean damn. Look at that view.”
Seb released Kurt’s hand to look out the window out onto the strip. It was going to beautiful once the the sun went down and the lights were visible. “And you got champagne,” Seb flittered around the suite, with a wide smile moving from room to room checking everything out.

Kurt watched him with amusement. He loved this man so much. This playful side of him was so adorable.

“Come see the massive tub,” Seb called from the bathroom. Kurt followed his voice, snuggling into Seb’s arms as they admired the over sized bath tub together. “I’m so riding you in there later,” Seb’s hand groped Kurt’s ass.

“Sure,” Kurt nodded, nuzzling his nose into Seb’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong Kurtie?” Seb looking concerned turned to face him, his arms instinctively falling around Kurt’s waist, “You’ve been quiet since you came back with the coffee. Was something wrong with Tilly?”

“I didn’t managed to get through to Tilly,” Kurt sighed, wrapping his arms around Seb’s neck and stroking the back of his hair affectionately. “I tried Nick but it went through to message bank.”

“What about Jeffie?” Seb checked holding Kurt close.

“I feel awkward talking to Jeff,” Kurt admitted. “He’s so forward. It makes me a little uncomfortable.”

“I promise he’s mostly harmless but I can call him if you’d prefer.” Sebastian offered hoping to put Kurt’s mind at rest. They were in Vegas for such a short time. He wanted his fiancé to relax and enjoy himself.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” Kurt half smiled. “They are good parents and they did promise to call if there were any problems.”

“If it’s not Matilda, then what’s bothering you hun. You’re not having second thoughts about our engagement are you? Cause fuck, I don’t know if I could deal with that.”

“Sweetheart, no. Of course I’m not. I love you Seb. I question your taste in previous partner’s but I definitely love you and I want to marry you,” Kurt assured him with a soft kiss.

“Tell me you’re not worried about that douche bag you saw on the plane,” Seb cupped Kurt’s face tenderly, as he looked into his eyes. “It’s hard to explain but him and I... I dunno it was just fun you know? It wasn’t ever going to last. I didn’t love him, not like I love you.”

“So we aren’t fun?” Kurt narrowed his eyes.

“We are soooo fun,” Seb smiled warmly. “You’re the most fun I’ve ever had. What we have goes beyond the physical stuff I had with him Kurt. You and I connect on a whole other level.”

“He basically called me your disposable fucktoy,” Kurt hid his face in Seb’s chest shamefully.

“He what?” Seb’s voice rose an octave in anger. “When did he even speak to you? I was with you the whole time.”

“When I went for coffee I ran into him,” Kurt muttered, still hiding his face. “He said you’ll never marry me. That you’re just biding time till the next hotter guy comes along. He wasn’t quite as eloquent as that but that’s basically the gist of it.”

Seb growled in anger. Inhaling and exhaling deeply to maintain his calm. He took Kurt’s hand and led him out of the bathroom to the sofa in the living room. He sat them both down, cupping Kurt’s chin and forcing Kurt to look at him. “I love you Kurt Hummel. I’m positive you know that by now but if not then I’ll spend the rest of my life proving it to you. I want to be your husband and I want you to be mine. If you’re worried I’m going to back out we can lock this thing in and do it here and now. I’ll do whatever you want, give you anything, everything you need to feel safe and secure about us because I’m in this Kurt up to my eyeballs. I adore you. I’m not going anywhere, not ever, unless you’re going there too. I mean it Mr Hummel. You and I, we’re endgame.”

“I love you too Sebastian,” Kurt smiled through tears pulling his fiancé close. “All
I want and need is you.”

“You have me,” Seb assured Kurt pushing him back into the sofa cushions with a hungry kiss as he straddled him. “Always.”

Kurt gripped Seb’s ass one cheek in each hand, smiling fondly up at him as Seb’s erection poked his stomach. “Again?” Kurt asked dryly with a raised eyebrow.

“Has it become a chore for you?” Seb frowned a little. “You’re bored of me already?”

“I was teasing you,” Kurt scrunched his nose at Sebastian playfully. “I could never bore of you. I am kinda hungry though. That trash on the plane was barely food.”

“I must be seriously losing my touch if my man is more interested in food than my body,” Seb pouted, climbing off Kurt’s lap with a huff. “I thought the sex was supposed to die after the wedding not the engagement.”

“Die?” Kurt chuckled. “It’s only been 2 hours Hot Stuff, since I let you defile me on the plane.”

“Defile you?” Sebastian looked less than impressed. “You make it sound like I forced you. You seemed like a willing participant at the time.”

“Hey honey, relax,” Kurt sighed, a soft smile curving his lips as he took Seb’s hand. “Of course I was willing. That was the hottest sex I’ve ever had in my life. Watching us together, seeing the lust in your eyes while you worshipped my body, while you...” Kurt blushed a little, lowering the volume of his voice as if he were afraid someone might overhear. “While you came inside me was so sexy Seb. I’ve never been with anyone that’s made me feel so attractive, so desired or so cherished before. Not Blaine, not Elliott, not anyone.”

“Well that’s just criminal,” Seb smiled shyly, quietly proud of his accomplishment. “You’re everything Kurt. You should feel like you’re everything.”

Kurt shrugged feeling a little overwhelmed by the praise. “Blaine told me once that I have the sex appeal of a baby penguin.”

“Blaine’s a moron,” Seb scoffed. “His loss is definitely my gain though and I’m grasping it with both hands. I don’t care what your ex says or mine. We belong together. You with me and me with you and Tilly. I for one, can’t wait to get home to New York and start our life together.”

“Don’t talk about home yet,” Kurt’s face dropped. “I’m going to have so much work to catch up on and real estate agents to deal with to get my place sold, packing to move into our new place and wedding plans too I guess.”

“You guess?” Seb looked a little worried.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I’m excited to plan our wedding but there’s so much going on. I don’t know how I’ll find the time,” Kurt exhaled heavily.

“You don’t think you’ll be doing it all alone surely,” Seb narrowed his eyes. “Trent from Dalton is a high profile New York agent. I thought we talked about this. He’ll handle it all, get you the best price. We’ll hire people to pack for you and move your stuff and before WE can plan OUR wedding together Mr Hummel we need to set a date.”

“You want to help plan our wedding?” Kurt looked at his fiancé with wide eyes. “Really?”

“You don’t have to look so surprised,” Seb was a little offended. “It’s my wedding too. I’d like a say in the flowers, food, cake, music, centrepieces...”

“You know what centrepieces are?” Kurt eyed Seb with amusement.

“I’m not an idiot,” Seb frowned.

“Of course you’re not,” Kurt acknowledged. “It’s just...”

“Just what?” Seb grumbled.

“When Blaine and I... he never wanted to help with any of that.”

“I’m not Blaine,” Sebastian’s frown deepened. “Also you should know now that I have a strong objection to the whole keeping your own surname thing that you and Anderson did too. I don’t care if you I become Hummel or if you become Smythe or if we hyphenate. It doesn’t matter but I want to share a name with you. It’s probably old fashioned, I don’t know but it’s important to me.”

“You never cease to surprise me,” Kurt cupped Seb’s cheek and slid in closer claiming his lips in the sweetest kiss. “I would be happy to hyphenate my name with yours Sebastian Smythe.”

“I guess we just need a date then,” Sebastian smiled.

“New Years Eve,” Kurt suggested. “Timed perfectly so our first husband kiss is at midnight.”

“That’s 3 months away,” Seb gnawed at his lip nervously, a habit he’d picked self consciously from Kurt. “I don’t know if I want to wait that long. You could...”

“I’m not going to change my mind,” Kurt assured him. “It will probably take that long to organise everything anyway especially if we’re doing it in Ohio.”

“I didn’t think of that,” Seb relaxed a little. “Plus I’d really like you to meet my parents and to meet yours before we tie the knot. Do you think your parents might be up for a joint family Christmas in Westerville at the Smythe compound?”

“Compound?” Kurt chuckled. “How rich are you people?”

“Richer than God,” Sebastian laughed. “Do you though? Think they’d be up for it? My parents always put on a huge spread. All the aunts, uncles and cousins rock up. It’s always fun. I haven’t been home for Christmas in years and I’ve never brought a date before. They’d love you and your family to come.”

“Shouldn’t you ask them first?” Kurt loved the idea but didn’t want to intrude. “Do they even know about me?”

“Of course they know about you,” Seb nodded. “You’re all over my social media. My mum thinks you’re adorable and my dad said you look like an upstanding young man. That’s high praise from him, trust me. They really want to meet their grand daughter too.”

“Oh wow,” Kurt felt so... “Oh wow,” he repeated. “Their grand daughter?”

“She IS going to be my daughter Kurt,” Sebastian reminded him. “So yeah, their grand daughter.”

“And they’re okay with that?” Kurt hadn’t yet thought beyond Sebastian to Matilda’s place within his extended family.

“When I first came out, my parents were essentially ignorant about the lgbt community. My mum kept asking if I was sure. She said I’d never be able to have children. I told her I was pretty certain I loved sucking cock,” Sebastian smirked.

“You did not tell your own mother that you love sucking cock,” Kurt shook his head in disbelief.

“I did,” Sebastian grinned, “honestly. She didn’t care. All she was worried about was not having enough grandchildren. It didn’t matter that my brother was straight and wanted kids. Not to her so when I told her about Tilly she was so thrilled. She truly can’t wait to meet her. I’m sorry but that child, just like Eddie is going to be spoiled rotten by Grandma and Grandpa Smythe. They really are excited about her.”

“That’s...,” Kurt was overwhelmed. “I guess... thank you,” he whispered. “Have I told you today how much I love you. Christmas at the Smythe compound sounds perfect.”

“So a new year’s wedding?” Seb grinned, his excitement showing in his eyes. “I think this calls for a celebration.”

“Let me guess,” Kurt laughed, “celebratory sex?”

Sebastian gasped, getting to his feet. “How could you?” He feigned shock. “I was thinking more along the lines of champagne,” he lifted the complimentary bottle from the ice bucket on the side table. “From today forward Mr Hummel. There will be no more sex until New Year’s. I’m saving myself for marriage.”

“You’re what?” Kurt narrowed his eyes watching Seb remove the foil from the top of the bottle. “Ummm no! That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I read about it in a magazine,” Seb looked deadly serious, as he removed the metal cage from the cork. “It’s supposed to make the wedding night more special, more intense.”

“You’re not serious,” Kurt laughed nervously, “We’re talking three months Seb. I’ll be climbing the walls after three days.”

“I’ll buy you a porn subscription and a good vibrator, a flesh light, whatever. You’ll be fine,” Seb popped the cork on the bottle, watching it overflow a little over his hand onto the floor.

“No,” Kurt was frowning now. “I don’t want to do that. I have a perfectly adequate vibrator or actually I have quite a few toys, a drawer full in fact. They aren’t any substitute for the connection I feel with you. I don’t want to lose that connection.”

“You have how many toys exactly?” Sebastian was shocked. He knew Kurt wasn’t a prude. He always seemed pretty open to anything Seb suggested they try in the bedroom, often adding ideas or a little kinky twist of his own but they’d been together for months now and he’d made no mention of toys. It made Seb a little, actually a lot horny, imagining Kurt spread out naked, on their bed, pleasuring himself with a vibe.

“I have enough,” Kurt shrugged. “But you’re my favourite.”

“I’m your favourite toy?” Sebastian chuckled, pouring a little champagne into two glasses. “I’m so flattered.”

“You should be,” Kurt teased. “Three months without you is a big no from me.”

“I’d still be with you,” Seb offered Kurt a glass, taking the other for himself and returning to his seat beside Kurt. “It was just a thought.”

“Kinda hurts,” Kurt grimaced. “That you’d be okay going three months without making love with me. It’s a long time Sebastian.”

“You’re taking it the wrong way,” Seb sighed. “It was supposed to be romantic, not a rejection.”

“I think...” Kurt put his glass down onto the floor, leaving it untouched and got to his feet. “...That I might get some air. Take a wander down the strip, grab something to eat, see the sights. I haven’t been here before.”

“Sure,” Seb nodded, sitting his glass aside. “Just let me grab my sunglasses and I’ll join you.”

“No,” Kurt shook his head. Everything suddenly felt so overwhelming, the engagement, the wedding, moving house, new grandparents for Tilly. It was all moving so fast. He needed space to think, to breathe, to assess. Space away from Sebastian’s distracting presence. “You stay here, maybe try out that tub. I won’t be more than an hour or two.”

“Kurt?” Sebastian reached out a hand to him.

Kurt shook his head, crossing the room to the door. He opened it. “I won’t be long,” he uttered. looking back at Sebastian briefly before it closed behind him. Sebastian, who stood frozen staring at the door between them both confused and devastated. So much for their romantic night away together.

Seb picked up his phone, and with a sigh scrolled though his contact list. He paused at a number that he hadn’t used in the longest time, ‘Ex-douche’. He pressed call and sunk back down onto the sofa as it rang.

“I’ve been expecting to hear from you,” the smug voice on the other end of the line answered. “Tell me. What can I do for you Baby Boy?”

Chapter Text

“Don’t you dare try to act all fucking charming with me bitch,” Sebastian sneered down the phone line at his ex boyfriend. “Before I had the misfortune of running into you today you were dead as far as I was concerned. Now you think you can mess with my relationship? Didn’t you fuck me over enough already? You leave Kurt alone. You hear me?”

“If this is your idea of foreplay Darling, you’re missing your mark,” he responded sarcastically.

“I’m not kidding Douche Bag,” Sebastian raised his voice angrily. “I love this guy. I’m going to marry him. You don’t know us. You had no right to say what you said to him.”

“Feeling insecure Sebby?” He taunted, sounding amused. “Who are you trying to convince about being in love? Me or You?”

“Just leave Kurt alone,” Sebastian screamed into the phone. “He’s good and kind and pure. He’s my world.”

“Sounds so delightfully boring,” The asshole stifled a mock yawn. “I hope you enjoy your very vanilla life and your dull missionary sex.”

“You have no fucking idea about anything,” Sebastian smirked snidely.

“I honestly don’t care cupcake,” he lied almost convincingly, totally unwilling to admit that seeing his Sebastian engaged to another guy especially one as gorgeous as Kurt had almost ripped his heart out. “I couldn’t be more over you. I’m not even sure I was that into you in the first place. I do miss all those fancy gifts, sugar daddies are everywhere though right?”

“Fuck you,” Sebastian responded calmly, before ending the call then picking up the champagne bottle from beside him and taking a large gulp straight from it. “Fuck this,” he grumbled to himself, quickly grabbing his sunglasses and heading out the door after Kurt.

He took the elevator down to the ground floor, scouring the foyer for any sign of his fiancé. Kurt hadn’t been gone that long. He checked the bar, the coffee shop and the restaurant before heading out into the daylight. He stopped and slipped his sunglasses on, looking up and down the street for any sign of Kurt.

Not seeing him, he quickly gave up looking, instead taking out his phone to text him. He started to type, one message, two, then three, deleting them every time. They all sounded lame. He wasn’t going to smooth things over with Kurt just in a stupid text message. He wasn’t even that certain what was bothering him. This was his new fiancé and this was supposed to be a special time for them to spend together, without work, without Matilda, just the two of them. Kurt wasn’t supposed to abandon him like this. It wasn’t fair and he wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

Seb tried again. He was about to send message attempt number four when a message came through to him.

From My Kurtie: I’m an ass but I love you so much. Join me for dinner? My salad just doesn’t taste as good without you mocking me for eating it.

Seb chuckled as he read, responding instantly.

From Dr Sebby: I love you too. Just tell me where and I’m there Gorgeous.

A reply came quickly.

From My Kurtie: I’m at the Hard Rock. You can walk. It’s straight up the street.

From Dr Sebby: Order me a burger can you? Extra cheese, extra bacon and jalapeños with onion rings please?

From My Kurtie: Heart attack much? Should I order you a paramedic with that? You’re a doctor for goodness sake.

Sebastian headed in the direction of the Hard Rock Cafe with a snigger, texting as he rushed along the crowded side walk, desperate to make it to Kurt as quickly as he could.

From Dr Sebby: I’m rolling my eyes at you right now. It’s not like we don’t get plenty of exercise ;) I happen to like Burgers okay?

Kurt smiled as he read Seb’s message. He hailed a waiter and placed Seb’s order. He felt so guilty. He knew he shouldn’t have walked out. He regretted it the minute he’d stepped into the hotel elevator. He knew that it must have hurt Sebastian, that he should have stayed and talked it out. He didn’t understand why sometimes it was so hard for him to open up to Seb. He loved him. He loved him more than any man he’d ever met. As hard as it would have been for his high school self to imagine, Sebastian Smythe had quickly become the centre of Kurt Hummel’s world. It was crazy but even just sitting down to eat a lousy salad wasn’t the same without him. If they ever broke up Kurt knew he would never survive. He would be inconsolable.

In that moment Kurt looked up from his meal on instinct and there he was. Sauntering up to Kurt’s table, his perfect man with a goofy grin on his beautiful face. How had Kurt ever thought he looked like a meerkat? He was gorgeous. Kurt loved him so much.

“Is this seat taken?” Seb smiled hopefully at his fiancé.

“I was waiting for someone. I was a total bitch to him earlier though so I doubt he’s coming. Be my guest,” Kurt gestured to the chair beside him.

Seb sat down as close to Kurt as he could get. “I’m Sebastian,” he offered Kurt a handshake. “And I find it hard to believe that someone as beautiful as you could be a total bitch without good reason.”

Kurt accepted Seb’s handshake, his
whole body tingling from the simple touch of Seb’s hand. “Kurt,” he responded with a soft smile. “I’m not sure I had good reason at all. He’s the most amazing guy. He’s hot and sweet and just so... he’s perfect. Perfect to me and to my daughter and we love each other so much. We’re engaged and I honestly can’t wait to marry him but...”

“But?” Looking into Kurt’s eyes Seb swallowed hard, bracing for heartbreak.

“But...” Kurt chose his words carefully, “I’ve never been so happy in my entire life. My mum died when I was eight. My first kiss was stolen by a bully who threatened to kill me. My first love cheated on me. My dad had a heart attack then got cancer. I was gay bashed. Nothing ever has gone right for me. And now I’ve met this man and like I said he’s perfect. Everything about him, his eyes, his smile, his ass, his career, even his family. They haven’t even met my daughter yet and they’ve accepted her as their own. It’s all just too good and I’m terrified that it’s all going to fall apart and that when it does I’ll never get over it because I love him that much.” Tears rolled slowly down Kurt’s cheeks

“Finally,” Seb cupped Kurt’s face, in both hands and tenderly wiped away Kurt’s tears with his thumbs. “Finally you’re talking to me. What you’re saying is crazy but thank fuck you’re talking. I’m not perfect Kurt, as soon as you walked out the door tonight I called my ex and screamed at him for trying to scare you off. You’re beautiful Kurt and everyone seems to know it but you and I’m insecure and scared that once you work that out you’ll realise that you’re way too good for me because you really are. You’re the perfect one. The way you love so openly, trust so freely even after everything you’ve been through. I honestly don’t know how you do it. I just know I’m glad you do because even though I don’t deserve it, I cherish it as much as I cherish you.”

“Aww Seb,” Kurt turned his face into Seb’s right palm and kissed it. He looked up into Seb’s soft eyes. “Let’s not wait. I mean we can do the big Ohio wedding for everyone else, include Matilda and Eddie and our friends and family on New Year’s Eve but tonight let’s do it, just for us. Let’s finish our meals and sneak off to that little chapel, tell no one and become each other’s husbands.”

“You’re serious?” Sebastian looked at Kurt with wide eyes as a waiter arrived with his burger and onion rings.

“I have the marriage license right here,” Kurt tapped his pocket, that contained his wallet. “It’s completely up to you. You said though that you were in this up to your eyeballs well baby I am too.”

“So two weddings? Really?” Seb picked up this massive burger and took a bite. His eyes rolled back in his head. “Mmmm so good,” he talked around the bite in his mouth.

“Two weddings,” Kurt confirmed, picking up his fork and prodding distastefully at his salad. “What do you say?”

“I say you really should order yourself a decent meal since it’s going to be your last one as a single dude,” Seb suggested, scrunching up his nose at Kurt’s salad while tucking into his onion rings. “That salad isn’t going to provide with the energy you’ll need to get you through our wedding night. I have big plans for you baby.”

Kurt chuckled, picking up the menu and taking a quick glance at it. “What do you recommend?”

“This burger is damn good but definitely not for an amateur like you,” Seb grinned, groaning as he took another bite. “What about a steak?”

“Your burger looks good actually,” Kurt cheekily stole one of Seb’s onion rings before hailing the waiter and ordering an identical burger to his fiancé’s.

“Can I ask you something?” Seb ventured carefully as the waiter walked away.

“Of course,” Kurt nodded. “My life is an open book to you.”

“Just now you were talking about all the tragedy in your life,” Seb paused, having second thoughts, “never mind.”

“Is it about my mum?” Kurt looked at Seb sadly. “I wish she could have met you.”

“Me too,” Seb nodded, popping another onion ring into his mouth. “I was just said you were gay bashed. I never knew that happened to you. That must have been terrifying after what you went through with Karofsky. I’m so sorry baby.”

“It wasn’t great,” Kurt admitted. “But luckily I wasn’t too badly hurt. At least not physically. Mentally it took a while to get over. I had ptsd and nightmares for quite a while and Blaine was useless. I felt like it really inconvenienced him. That was all I ever did honestly was inconvenience him.”

“Well you’re not an inconvenience to me,” Seb squeezed Kurt’s hand supportively. “Did they ever find the culprit?”

“Culprits,” Kurt corrected him. “No I don’t think so. It’s the past now though I’ve let it go.”

“Like Elsa,” Seb smiled, equally proud of Kurt’s bravery and his own Disney reference. He was seriously kicking parenthood’s ass.

Kurt smiled back and nodded, taking a moment to look around the cafe. It was the music that had pulled him in. Music always made him feel less alone.

“So...” Seb’s voice broke the silence between them. “Is there anything else major I should know about you before we enter into wedded bliss?”

“I’m an atheist,” Kurt shrugged. “You know everything about me Sebby already. You got any deep dark secrets I should know?”

Seb sat thoughtfully for a second. “I’m not supposed to know but I have a half sister. She’s about my age, a few months younger than me. My dad’s kid. It’s all very hush hush.”

“Okay,” Kurt grimaced. “So your dad... okay... on your mum while she was pregnant with you? Ouch.”

“I know right,” Seb shook his head. “He pays the tramp exuberant amounts of money and although my mum knows and she stayed with him I’m not sure she’s ever gotten over it.”

“That’s so sad,” Kurt squeezed Seb’s hand.

“And also the reason why I hate cheaters and why I would NEVER cheat on someone I’m committed to and love,” Seb looked deep into Kurt’s eyes. “I love you,” he mumbled emotionally as Kurt’s burger arrived at the table.

“I love you too,” Kurt responded after thanking the waiter. He looked down at his burger in terror. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten a burger. He wasn’t even sure how to approach the big mass of food.

Seb watched him with amusement. “I would never usually condone this,” he chuckled, “but maybe try cutting it in half. Have a go at it that way.”

Kurt did as his partner suggested, slicing the huge mound down the middle. Placing his knife down beside him he picked up one half in both hands and took a large bite. His eyes going wide and a groan escaping him at the exquisite taste. “Better than sex,” he moaned around the bite in his mouth.

“Really?” Seb grinned wide. “I might have to step up my game then.”

Kurt laughed after swallowing. “Your game is pretty damn good Mr Smythe. I promise I have no complaints.”

“Why thank you Mr Hummel,” Seb took a small bow. “So...Are we really going to do this? Are we getting married tonight?”

“I want to,” Kurt spoke honestly. “I’m not eating this heart attack in a bun for nothing. I want to be yours.”

“You’re already mine,” Seb assured him continuing to eat. “And I’m yours.”

“I know,” Kurt nodded. “But let’s leave no doubts in both our minds. let’s make it official.”

“Did my ex prompt this Kurt? We’re doing this for the right reasons?” Seb hated to bring it up but getting married was a huge deal.

“I wanted to do it before I even knew he existed. I want to do because I love you and because I can’t bare the thought of ever being without you,” Kurt spoke sincerely, taking another bite of his burger.

“Was it like this with Blaine?” Sebastian regretted asking the second the words left his lips.

“Not exactly,” Kurt shook his head. “You know what things were like between Blaine and I as kids. I was young. I had no self esteem and he was the first guy to eventually pay attention to me. I was convinced I was lucky to have him, that no one else would ever want me. It’s not like that now with you. Now I’m older and I think I know my worth a little more. I’m not settling for you because you’re all I can get. I’m choosing you because I want you, because I love you, because your loving and kind, because you make me feel attractive and good about myself, because you love our daughter with your whole heart, I mean the way you take the time to do her hair in all those fancy styles is fricken adorable. You’re adorable Sebastian. So to answer your question my darling man, no it wasn’t like this with Blaine.”

Seb nodded, biting into his bottom lip. “Finish your burger Gorgeous,” his voice shook emotionally as he spoke. “Let’s get married.”

Kurt nodded, smiling wide. He cupped Seb’s jaw affectionally, grazing his thumb over the light stubble. “Yeah,” He muttered quietly. “Let’s get married.”

Chapter Text

“You look so hot,” Kurt complimented Sebastian as he straightened his tie for him in the chapel’s empty parking lot. “This green really brings out the colour of your eyes. I love it on you.”

“Aww Thanks Hun. You don’t look so bad yourself,” Seb inhaled then exhaled deeply, wiping his sweaty palms on this pants. “Is it bad that I’m nervous? I feel like I might throw up. You’re nervous right? It’s not just me.”

“I’m nervous,” Kurt admitted, “Excited but yeah I’m nervous. Getting married is kind of a big deal. Are you certain you want to do this Baby? We can wait if you need to. This is forever. It has to be right for you.”

“You’ve got cold feet haven’t you?” Seb’s eyes filled with concern. “You’ve changed your mind. You don’t want me.”

“Sebastian Smythe,” Kurt spoke clearly. “I do not have cold feet. I have not changed my mind and I will always want you. I am however a little concerned by how much you are freaking out right now.”

“I’m not freaking out,” Sebastian protested, despite so obviously freaking out. “I’m about to marry the love of my life. Why would I be freaking out?”

“I’m the love of your life?” Kurt smiled smugly at Sebastian.

“Of course you are,” Seb frowned, his heart racing frantically as he looked up at the chapel before them. “Why else would I be here?”

Kurt shrugged. “Are we going to go in?”

“Yeah,” Seb nodded looking into Kurt’s eyes for reassurance as he accepted Kurt’s offered hand.

Kurt lead him forward and held the door open for him. The officiant greeted them with a smile. “Good evening gentleman. How may I help you this evening?”

Kurt stepped forward, with one eye remaining on Sebastian. “I rang an hour ago and made a booking for Hummel and Smythe.”

After finishing their burgers at The Hard Rock Cafe the couple had decided even though this wedding was just for them that they wanted to do it right. They’d gone back to their hotel, Kurt had called the chapel and made a reservation while Sebastian had showered and dressed in his tuxedo then paced the living room floor nervously while Kurt got himself ready.

It seemed like Kurt had taken forever to dress but when he’d stepped from the bedroom he’d looked so stunning that he’d taken Seb’s breath away. Looking at Kurt now in the chapel lobby Sebastian still couldn’t believe that his gorgeous man was about to become his husband.

“Of course,” the officiant smiled at the couple. “As I explained on the phone we have a number of packages available,” he pushed a menu of sorts across the counter for them to peruse.

“We need a witness,” Seb looked at Kurt with concern as he read through the wedding guidelines. “Why did it not occur to us that we would need a witness?”

“It’s okay baby,” Kurt reassured Sebastian with a squeeze of his hand. He’d never seen Sebastian this frantic. It worried him. He knew Seb sometimes had panic attacks and he didn’t want their wedding of all things to trigger one. “I’m sure they can provide us with a witness.”

“Normally this is a service we provide,” the officiant concurred, “unfortunately this evening our receptionist has left early, some family issue, an unwell child I believe so unfortunately you will need to provide your own or perhaps postpone.”

“We don’t want to postpone,” Kurt grimaced. “We’re only in Vegas for one night.”

“We’re going to have to Babe,” Sebastian sighed sadly, his eyes full of disappointment as he pulled Kurt aside. “We don’t know anyone in Vegas we can ask.”

“That’s not entirely true Seb. We do know one person,” Kurt did his nervous lip biting thing as he gazed knowingly at Sebastian.

Sebastian looked at him wide eyed, shaking his head adamantly. “No!” He spoke firmly. “No Kurt. We are not asking...”

“What choice do we have?” Kurt hated the idea of calling Seb’s ex maybe even more than Sebastian did but he wanted to marry Seb and saw it as a vital means to an ends. Desperate times calling for desperate measures and all that.

“He won’t do it,” Seb continued to shake his head. “And if we could get him to agree he can’t be trusted to keep our secret. He’d be on the phone to some trashy tabloid before we even got out of here.”

“We have to ask,” Kurt pushed despite himself. He wanted Seb as his husband that badly. “It’s kind of our only option.”

“I am certain we are going to regret this,” Sebastian sighed, removing his phone from the inner pocket of his jacket and looking up the number. “We could just wait until new year’s,” he suggested defeatedly.

“Is that what you want?” Kurt asked fearfully. It might just break his heart if Sebastian said yes now that they’d come this close.

Seb shook his head however. All he wanted was Kurt. Kurt as his husband. The threat of ever losing him, forever eliminated. With that in the forefront of his mind he searched out the number he needed on his phone and full of apprehension, pressed call as Kurt decided on their wedding package.

The phone rang three times before it was answered. Music and frivolity loud in the background.

“Hello sweetheart. Calling twice in one day. People are going to start talking. Did you miss me?”

“Hardly,” Seb responded. “I need to ask you a favour and I really need for you not to be a total dick about it.”

“Are you having trouble getting it up for him?” The ex taunted. “Need me to talk dirty to you? You were always so into that.”

“Kurt and I are at a chapel just off the strip,” Sebastian ignored the sarcasm and got straight to the point. “We want to get married but we need a witness.”

“You want me to come and witness your wedding?” He laughed manically. “You can’t be serious Sebby. This is insane even for you.”

“You owe me asshole. It’s the least you can do after what you did to me,” Sebastian snapped impatiently.

“You’re never going to forgive me are you?” The ex grimaced. “You know I didn’t mean to do it.”

“I’m not getting into with you again,” Sebastian protested. “I need you here now. Will you come or not?”

“If you want me to leave this party, lose my chance of getting laid tonight just so you can enter the boredom of matrimony you could at least say please Sebby bear.”

“Please?” Sebastian asked flatly. He hated this man so much. He couldn’t understand what he’d ever seen in him. He was such a bastard. Total pond scum in comparison to Kurt.

“Well since you ask so nicely...Sure why not?” He shrugged even though Seb couldn’t see. “I’ll come and witness your wedding.”

“Thank you,” Seb sighed softly in relief.

“On one condition,” he added just as Seb was ready to end the call.

Seb grunted in response, expecting the asshole to ask for money. He was prepared to pay him as much as he wanted, within reason if it meant that he’d get to make Kurt his husband before today’s end.

“I want to spend tonight with Kurt,” he spoke bluntly. “All night.”

“Not happening,” Sebastian laughed as if it was was most ludicrous thing ever suggested because to him it was.

“That’s my condition,” he replied firmly. “I don’t mind if you want to come along, to watch, to make sure I adhere to his safe word or whatever. I know how sweetly protective you are of him,” he hissed. “It can be just like back in the day Sebby. As I recall you used to love to watch,” he responded, his tone turning seductive.

“In case I’ve been unclear you should know that while there is still a breath in my body you will never lay even a finger tip on my Kurt,” Sebastian rose his voice a little in frustration. “I should have known better than to think I could count on you for anything. You were never dependable.”

“You always took live too seriously, your career, relationships, money. So boring Sebastian. You’re the only person aside from your miserable weaselling little lover that would come to the city of sin to chain yourself to a lifetime of tedious monogamy. Are you sure you’ve really thought this through?”

“As much as I appreciate your concern for my welfare it’s no longer any of your business,” Sebastian was losing patience. He knew calling this guy was a bad idea.

“Calm down Petal,” He sniggered down the phone line. “If Kurt is really out of the question I’ll take a car. Buy me that Bentley convertible you know I’ve always wanted and I guess I’ll witness your trashy wedding for you. You’ll probably be divorced in a month anyway. He’s so not your type. Pure, you said before right? What are you going to do with pure Sebastian? I’ve seen you chained up taking two cocks up the ass while choking on another one, pure isn’t you.”

“What is or isn’t me is no longer your concern. I’m happy. I’ve never been happier. I just need you to come down here. Keep your nasty mouth shut and sign a paper. Do that and I’ll give you the 500k to buy your damn car.”

“You’ll do what?” Kurt interrupted from behind Sebastian. He’d been distracted talking to the officiant and had missed most of Seb’s conversation, only over hearing the very last part. “We are not paying him 500k. Give me the phone.”

“No,” Seb shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. I have it handled.”

“That kind of money could put our kids through college, through grad school,” Kurt argued. “Let’s just forget it. We can wait,” he sighed and headed for the door.

“I have to go,” Seb sighed, ending the call to go after Kurt. “Kurt? I don’t want to wait. It’s just money. I have plenty. I wouldn’t even miss a lousy half a mill. Let me buy him a stupid car. It’s worth it if I get to be your husband.”

“What kind of car costs half a million dollars? That’s insane,” Kurt shook his head bewildered.

“He’s a poser. He wants a Bentley convertible,” Seb uttered quietly before turning to the officiant. “Do we have any other options?” He and Kurt were now frustrated beyond the point of clear thinking and problem solving.

“You could try an alternate chapel,” the man suggested kindly, sympathetic to their distress. “Most offer witnesses for a fee. I’ve have some couples previously order an Uber and pay the driver an extra $50 to witness their wedding, They never refuse or I’m expecting another couple before too long. You could witness each other’s proceedings.”

“I’ll order a Uber,” Kurt smiled widely at Sebastian taking his phone out and opening the app. He took less than an a minute to book a car. He held the screen up to show to his fiancé. “Are you ready? It says three minutes.”

“I’m ready,” Sebastian nodded, still as nervous as fuck. “Did you pick a wedding package?”

“Just went with the basic,” Kurt nodded, watching his phone screen. “All the paperwork is done. I hope you like the song I chose. We don’t really have our own song yet.”

“As long as it’s not Taylor Swift or Celine Dion I’m sure it’s fine,” Seb concentrated on his breathing. “So we’re really going to do this huh? We’re gonna get married?”

“Yeah, we are,” Kurt nodded, trying to hide his nerves because he could see Seb close to losing it. “You good?”

“I’m great,” Seb was terrified but he wanted this more than anything.

“It’s out front,” Kurt referred to the app on his phone. “Wait here baby,” he squeezed Seb’s sweaty hand, quickly pecked his lips and dashed for the door. “I’ll be right back with our witness.”

Seb watched Kurt through the open door, unable to take his eyes off the precious man that would soon be his husband, as he spoke to the Uber driver through his car window. It all felt so surreal. Sebastian Smythe was marrying Kurt Hummel. He had to wonder what he’d done so right to deserve a life this perfect. He felt beyond blessed.

Kurt was smiling wide as their Uber driver, an older silver haired Asian man turned off his engine and exited his car. Kurt gave Seb a thumbs up as he reentered the chapel.

“Shall we proceed then?” the officiant looked anxious to get started. “Do you have rings?”

“Rings?” Kurt paled. “We don’t have rings. How did could I have forgotten rings?”

“Honey?” Sebastian smiled softly at Kurt as he slipped his engagement ring off his finger and passed it to his fiancé. He’d barely been wearing it for a day and already felt bare without it. “Give me yours.”

“Sure, of course,” Kurt nodded, removing the gorgeous ring that Seb had given him the night before and placing it into his open palm.

“Right,” Seb spoke decisively, his nerves suddenly evaporating as he lost himself in Kurt’s eyes. “We have rings. We have a witness. We have an officiant and we have each other. Let’s do this thing.”

He quickly introduced himself to the Uber driver before taking Kurt’s hand and following behind their officiant into the tastefully decorated chapel. Their witness walked in close behind them taking a seat as they made their way to the altar at the far end of the room. Soft classical music played in the background as candles flickered around them. It was the perfect setting for the most important moment of their lives.

The couple stood, hand in hand facing each other as the officiant began to speak. They lovingly with wide nervous smiles and maybe a few tears recited their vows when appropriate. They exchanged their rings and as Kurt’s chosen song Monica’s Angel of Mine began to play, they shared their first kiss as husbands in each other’s embrace.

“Sebastian and Kurt Smythe-Hummel,” Kurt whispered against Seb’s lips.

“I’m thinking Kurt and Sebastian Hummel-Smythe,” Seb murmured back before going in for a second kiss.

Ecstatically Kurt giggled against his mouth. “Sounds perfect husband.”

Seb nodded joyfully. “I love you but what the fuck is this song?” Sebastian frowned playfully at Kurt.

“Shh!” Kurt placed a finger against Seb’s lips to silence him. “Listen to the lyrics,” he suggested.

Seb stopped to listen for a few moments.

“...Nothing means more to me than what we share
No one in this whole world can ever compare
Last night, the way you moved is still on my mind
Angel of mine

What you mean to me you'll never know
Deep inside, I need to show

You came into my life
Sent from above
When I lost all hope
Boy, you showed me love
I'm checkin' for you, boy
You're right on time
Angel of mine...”

Already teary, Seb broke down, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. “That’s so beautiful. I love you Kurt Hummel.”

“Kurt Hummel-Smythe,” Kurt corrected him, his tone soft as he cupped Seb’s face and tenderly kissed away his tears . “I love you too,” he whispered quietly, “so much.”

“Now let’s get your paper work sorted and get you two lovebirds out of here,” the officiant interrupted cheerfully.

“Sounds good to me,” Sebastian nodded, finally completely relaxed. The wedding was done. It was all over. Kurt was his husband and he was Kurt’s. No one on this earth could separate them now. Gazing at Kurt, seeing the huge smile on his beautiful face, Sebastian couldn’t recall ever feeling so alive or happy or fulfilled, not even on the day he’d graduated so proudly from medical school as Valedictorian. He was never going to be able to keep this marriage a secret. He wanted to scream his joy from the rooftops, tell the entire world how he was the luckiest man alive and how life simply couldn’t get any better than this.

Chapter Text

Sebastian couldn’t keep his eyes and hands off Kurt or the smile from his face as they made their way out of the chapel and along the sidewalk towards The Strip.

“So... Fuck,” he laughed cheerfully, holding Kurt close against his side, his hand possessively gripping Kurt’s ass as they walked. “I guess we’re married now Mr Hummel-Smythe.”

“Indeed we are Dr Hummel-Smythe,” Kurt looked adoringly at his new husband, his eyes sparkling with glee. “I do love the sound of that Dr and Mr Hummel-Smythe. Very upper class don’t you think?”

“Super hot,” Sebastian agreed, “The ultimate gay power couple. You’re happy right?” He checked quickly. “No regrets?”

“Definitely no regrets,” Kurt pressed Seb against a closed store front window, forcing one leg between his. With one hand cupping Seb’s face and the other buried in his hair, he kissed his husband thoroughly. Devouring him as if Kurt were starving and Sebastian was the world’s most delicious piece of cheesecake.

Seb kissed back, without hesitation, his nails biting into Kurt’s ass as he pulled him in closer and moaning, licked seductively into his mouth. “If I didn’t think we’d get arrested I’d let you take me right here,” Seb panted against Kurt’s lips, subtly grinding his erection into his husband’s leg.

Kurt chuckled softly, his breath catching as he pushed his leg harder against Seb’s arousal. “I bet I could make you cum just like this, right here on the street. Couldn’t I? Like a desperate little teenage virgin” He teased, whispering seductively against Sebastian’s ear. “You’re close already. I can tell, aren’t you husband?”

“Fuck Kurt,” Sebastian groaned, his eyes wide, his teeth biting with need into his bottom lip. Hidden from public view by Kurt’s body he rocked more eagerly against Kurt’s leg, tiny whimpers of pleasure escaping him.

“I don’t even have to lay a finger you,” Kurt smirked, his lips so close to Seb’s that they were breathing the same air. “You fall apart for me, just dry humping my leg like a dog. My hot horny hubby, look at you. So sexy Sebby. Your hair all mussed, your skin flushed, your eyes blown black with lust. You’re beautiful.”

Sebastian clawed at Kurt, his desperation building. “Please,” he pleaded still rutting against Kurt, not even certain what he was begging for.

“You need it bad don’t you baby?” Kurt taunted him, chuckling as he drew his leg back and away from his man. Desperation dragging a whine of protest and a pained “What the Fuck Kurt, Geez,” from a panting Sebastian. “Not yet, my darling, not here. The first time my gorgeous new husband cums won’t be in his pants on the street,” Kurt shook his head. “He deserves to be worshipped, edged for hours on end until he pleads on his knees for release.”

“You’re a cruel man,” Sebastian whimpered, adjusting himself in his suit pants with a pouty frown. “I thought you loved me.”

“I adore you,” Kurt smiled smugly.

“I know,” Sebastian nuzzled his nose into Kurt’s shoulder affectionately as he evened his breathing. “Race you back to our hotel? Winner gets first blow job?”

Kurt shook his head, his own hungry body still pinning Seb to the window. “As sexy as that sounds I feel kinda bad that your wedding was so lame. No bachelor party, no cake, no centrepieces. I was kinda hoping I could at least give you a first dance.”

“Aww Kurt,” Sebastian’s expression softened. He really did love this man’s thoughtfulness. “You know I don’t care about all the bells and whistles as long as I get to be married to you. I never wanted a bachelor party and we’ll do the cake and the big reception in Ohio. It’s all good I promise. I would so love a first dance with my beautiful new husband though.”

“It could have been at a GaGa concert but I think it’s mostly over now. We had the best tickets too,” Kurt grimaced a little, referring to the show he had planned for their ‘date’ while taking a step back to give Seb a little space.

“Damn, I’m sorry hun,” Seb’s apology was heartfelt. “I know you love her. That would have been fun.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Kurt shrugged. “I think our time was better spent. I can’t believe you’re really my husband. Who would have thought that back in high school?”

“I think you lusted after me even back then,” Seb grinned pulling Kurt tight against him again as they continued their walk, dodging people on the pavement.

“Not so much,” Kurt scrunched up his nose as a young, scantily dressed woman offered him her services from the gutter.

“I loved how feisty you were, so sharp tongued. I thought you were sexy as fuck,” Seb scrunched his nose playfully back, mocking Kurt a little. “So does she apparently,” he subtly gestured with amusement to the prostitute. “And only $50 for head, sounds like a bargain.”

“Think I’ll pass,” Kurt pulled Sebastian quickly past the woman. “Not exactly my type. She doesn’t even look of age and I’m not so certain $50 for herpes is a bargain.”

“You could be right,” Seb sniggered. “If not her, what’s your type then?” Seb feigned cluelessness.

“A little less vag and a little more cock,” Kurt replied casually. “You’ll probably do later if I’m in the mood.”

“I’ll do?” Sebastian looked at Kurt wide eyed pretending to be offended. “How flattering. That’s very generous of you.”

“You know, it has been a while,” Kurt joked with Sebastian. “I am verging on desperate. Your chances are pretty good.”

“6 hours isn’t a while Kurt,” Sebastian rolled his eyes. “Keep that shit up though and it could be a while longer,” Sebastian gave him a gentle shove. “Asshole.”

“As if,” Kurt laughed, rolling his eyes at his husband. “You can’t resist me and little Seb really loves me.”

“Little?” Sebastian’s face dropped into an amused glare. He gripped his chest humorously. “Wow. You really know how to hurt a guy.”

“You can’t be that soft Seb,” Kurt bopped his nose playfully. “You know I love that little guy.”

“Little and soft?” Seb looked mortified.

Kurt chuckled openly, taking Seb’s hand. Seb played with Kurt’s fingers, their linked hands swinging between them as they walked. “So this place?” Kurt pointed ahead at a buzzing gay night club. It seemed very popular if the long queue of attractive strangers outside was any indication. They could hear the music pounding from inside. It wasn’t the kind of place Seb had envisioned for his wedding dance but any opportunity he got to hold Kurt close and get lost in those gorgeous eyes of his was definitely appealing. Aside from that night at scandals a million years ago when they’d both been stupidly biding for Anderson’s attention, Sebastian had never really danced with Kurt. Their wedding night seemed to be a very fitting occasion for their first time.

Kurt surprised Sebastian, a confident light flirt with the doorman and they were bypassing the long line, soon standing by the bar, Sebastian’s arms around Kurt’s middle from behind as he ordered them champagne. Their jackets and ties conveniently already checked in.

They happily toasted their nuptials, leaving their glasses on the bar once done before heading to the dance floor where a gazillion, hot, sweaty, barely dressed men, bumped and grinded to excessively loud electronica in a pool of glitter.

Kurt giggled wrapping his arms around Sebastian’s neck as Seb pulled him in close, their bodies moving freely, seductively against each other in unison to the heavy rhythm of the room. Sebastian’s mouth found the sensitive skin of Kurt’s neck, nipping and sucking, marking, claiming, possessively making it clear to every man in the room that Kurt was his, soon unbuttoning the first few buttons of Kurt’s shirt, revealing more pure porcelain skin that cried out for his loving caresses. Kurt’s heady moans were drowned out by the music. His hands, having tugged Seb’s dress shirt free from his pants were occupied exploring the flawless skin beneath. His nails digging in, scraping, clawing as his husband teased him relentlessly with his teeth and tongue. This was so much better than any first dance either man could have imagined, furthest thing possible from a traditional waltz but instead foreplay of the best kind, sensual, hungry, needy, so intoxicating, drawing horny, adventurous fingers south in search of long desired release, Seb gracefully spinning Kurt in his arms, his back tight against Seb’s chest as he nimbly stroked Kurt’s hard cock through his suit pants and Kurt reached back tugging deliciously at his hair. They kissed with reckless abandon, lost hopelessly in each other, continuing on for song after song as if they were the only two men alive and time stood still just for them. The beauty of the pair and their lusty connection attracted the attention of everyone around them. Men watching with envy as they erotically melted, free of inhibition into each other’s delectable bodies.

It all came to a screaming halt however when Seb’s phone began to ring, vibrating aggressively, annoyingly in his pocket. Kurt’s soon followed. Both also buzzing frequently with masses of previously unnoticed social media notifications.

“Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck,” Sebastian cursed, taking his phone from his pocket to ensure it wasn’t Niff calling about Tilly, instead seeing his parents land line number appear on his screen as post after post, most negative, rolled in on his social media regarding their wedding. “The word is out. I have to take this,” He screamed at Kurt over the din of the music rushing outside to the quiet to take the call.

“It’s gotta be your bastard ex,” Kurt growled gripping tight to Seb’s shirt tail as he followed him so he wouldn’t lose him in the crowd. Stopping to collect their jackets and ties while Seb continued on ahead Kurt’s phone had stopped ringing before he’d made it out onto the pavement. “It was Elliott,” he grimaced to Sebastian, checking his missed call notification as he located him outside.

“Call him back,” Seb prompted covering the speaker on his own phone as he paced the pavement listening to his father’s angry rave on the other end. “...eloping Sebastian really? You eloped? I can’t tell you how disappointed we are. You’re not 17 anymore. We honestly thought you’d put this kind of reckless behaviour behind you. Your mother is heartbroken that you didn’t include her, that we didn’t even know you were engaged. We should have discussed it. You’re a Smythe Sebastian. There’s a certain manner in which a Smythe wedding needs to be handled. You don’t just elope like you have something to hide. What are people going to think? At least tell me you had the good sense to speak to our family lawyers and organise a prenup. You’re wealthy Sebastian. You have family money. You need to be careful. Protect yourself especially when there’s a child involved. This better not end up costing this family. I’m not happy son.”

“Well I am,” Sebastian felt hurt and distressed but proud. He knew he’d done this, the way he did everything, rebelliously, just how he wanted to and not the way his rigid family expected him to. A simple congratulations from them wouldn’t have hurt though. “I’m so happy. I love him dad. He’s smart, sophisticated, sweet. He’s my husband now and I love him.”

“You always think with your penis Sebastian and not your brain. We haven’t even met this gentleman yet. None of this is appropriate for someone of your social standing,” his father’s tone was disapproving.

“You’re just upset because I married a man,” Sebastian rebutted, looking fondly over at his beloved new husband, who deep in conversation with Elliott looked equally distressed. “If he was some blonde floozy in a short skirt you’d be fine with it.”

“I am not homophobic Sebastian,” his father argued. “Your mother and I accepted long ago. The parade of young men you flaunted in our faces during your teens made it impossible not too. We don’t care about that. We don’t even care that he’s a recent divorcee. This...this marriage, it’s rushed and it’s impulsive. That’s not how we do things. You’re being foolish Sebastian.”

“Kurt is the best thing to ever happen to me. If that’s foolish then I’m biggest fool in the world,” Sebastian had had about enough of his father.

“That’s a strong possibility,” his father replied flatly.

“Goodbye Dad,” Sebastian was done, his call waiting was chiming in anyway with a call from his brother. “Tell mum I love her.”

“Very well,” Mr Smythe sighed heavily. “Take care Sebastian.”

“You too,” Seb muttered, ending the call with a grimace to talk to his brother.

Kurt’s conversation with Elliott just meters away wasn’t going well either. Ell was currently very vocally voicing his distaste for Kurt and Sebastian’s ‘rushed’ nuptials and his own exclusion from them.

“For fucks sake, I had to read about it on Twitter Kurt, that my best friend got married, Married Kurt. I wanted to believe it wasn’t true, because we used to be together and if you were taking such a huge step in your life you’d have the balls to tell me yourself. Except you didn’t, didn’t you? I wrote a song for you Kurt. You know how I feel about you. I guess I knew you never felt the same. Honestly though you’re such a heartless bastard sometimes,” Elliott was devastated, fighting back tears. “He’s not right for you. You should know that.”

“That’s not fair,” Kurt fought to maintain calm. Elliott was wrong about Sebastian but Kurt could understand his pain. He still remembered how hurt he’d felt that time he’d returned to Ohio to find Blaine dating David. He thought at the time he’d never move past it. Yet here he was. Well over it, well over Blaine entirely and with a new husband now that cherished him and he cherished in return. Elliott would get over him too eventually. He just needed time and maybe someone new to sweep him off his feet. Kurt was certain of that.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Elliott sniffed. “You didn’t even ask me to be your best man. It’s like I’m nothing to you.”

“That’s not true Ell,” Kurt attempted to reason with his friend. “It all just happened so quickly. We were going to tell you when we got home, in person.”

“We?” Elliott scoffed snarkily. “You’re a WE now? I don’t want to see HIM Kurt,” He continued adamantly. “Don’t you bring HIM to my place when you come to get your dog.”

“Really?” Kurt was shocked and a little hurt. “You’re going to be that petty. He’s my husband Elliott.”

“And we all know how everything turned out with your last husband,” Elliott sniped, “The sad thing is that I love you and hate myself so much Kurt that we both know I’ll be there for you to pick up the pieces when this one crashes and burns and probably the one after that too.”

“Now you’re just being bitchy,” Kurt sighed, heavily offended. “We’ll talk when I come to get Chuckles once you’ve calmed down. I love you Ell.”

“Don’t say those words to me when you belong to another man,” Elliott spat out harshly, ending the call tearfully without a goodbye.

Kurt grimaced, as he approached Sebastian. Seb was laughing, basking in the congratulations of his brother. At least someone was happy for them.

“Did you realise that now we’re married and once I formally adopt our little munchkin Tilly and Eddie will officially be cousins?” Sebastian chuckled, turning to Kurt as he ended his call.

“I had thought about that,” Kurt admitted. “Not sure what that will do for their budding romance.”

“Our daughter is too young to be worrying about boys anyway,” Seb shrugged. “She’s going to focus on her education and become America’s first female president or an astronaut or something.”

“She wants to do something artsy,” Kurt smiled at Seb’s protectiveness. “Cake decorating last she mentioned I think. It changes every week though. There was a whole month there late last year where she wanted to lead a motor cycle gang after seeing a Harley on the street outside Krispy Kreme. I was glad when that passed.”

“When I was little I told my mum I wanted to be a cowboy when I grew up,” Seb admitted shyly. “I wanted to ride a big ass horse and shoot all the bad guys.”

“We could get you a sexy hat and some assless chaps and you could ride me, shoot where ever you like,” Kurt offered with a raised eyebrow and a seductive grin.

“We are soooo doing that,” Seb’s eyes gleamed with desire before he turned serious. “How was Elliott?” he asked almost fearfully.

“Can we talk about it back in our hotel?” Kurt asked looking around them suspiciously. “We don’t know who’s listening. We’re already social media gossip. Let’s not make it worse.”

“Sure,” Seb nodded. He took Kurt’s hand in his, giving it a supportive squeeze. It was obvious from Kurt’s demeanour that things hadn’t gone well with his friend. “Uber or do you want to walk?”

“Lets Uber it,” Kurt stepped back against the outer wall of the night club. He held Seb against him as he ordered an Uber. “I’m kinda pissed that your ex went public on us,” Kurt mumbled against Seb’s shoulder.

“It wasn’t him,” Seb had drawn the same conclusion before his brother had corrected him. “Ironically it was our witness. He posted pics and everything. Apparently he’s a huge fan of Anderson’s show and recognised you.

“Really?” Kurt sighed. “Now I don’t want an Uber.”

“You and Blaine lived a glamorous life together huh?” For the first time in his life Sebastian suddenly felt inadequate as a paediatric surgeon. “Red carpets? celebrity parties?”

“Lies, fighting, cheating,” Kurt corrected. “He didn’t really become famous, famous until after we split. I did meet Blake Lively once from Gossip Girl. She was so nice.”

“Her husband is hot,” Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “He’s on my list.”

“What list?” Kurt narrowed his eyes.

“My list,” Sebastian was confused by Kurt’s ignorance. “You know. My hypothetical list of celebs that I’m allowed to fuck without consequence if I ever have to the fortune to meet them.”

“Excuse me,” Kurt bitch glared.

“Come on,” Seb pouted. “You must have a list Kurt.”

“I don’t,” Kurt shook his head. “I married the only man I want to fuck.”

“It’s hypothetical,” Seb defended himself. “As if I’m ever going to meet Ryan Reynolds or Idris Elba or David Tennant.”

“I’m sure Blaine could hook you up,” Kurt’s tone was surly. He pushed gently past Sebastian as their Uber arrived. “He knows people who know people.”

“You’re being silly,” Seb followed him to the car, opening the rear door for him and waiting for him to climb in. “You know how much I love you.”

“I do know,” Kurt agreed, gazing out the window at all the lights as he seated himself comfortably.

“You know I’d never cheat,” Seb rested his hand on Kurt’s thigh as he scootched in beside him and closed the car door. “We talked about this.”

“We did,” Kurt nodded, his voice quiet. “How could I compete with Ryan Reynolds though?”

“You don’t have to Kurt,” Sebastian reassured him as their driver confirmed their destination. “You’re everything to me. No one can be more than everything, not even Ryan Reynolds.”

“Hmm..” Kurt sighed. He knew Sebastian wasn’t Blaine and that it was stupid to feel jealous so he fought it choosing to focus on his surroundings instead. It was after all his first visit to Las Vegas and his wedding day. “The lights are beautiful aren’t they?” He mumbled quietly. “It like a whole other magical world. This place.”

“None of its as beautiful as you,” Seb rested his head on his husband shoulder, looking out at the glitzy bright lights of Las Vegas as their car pulled out from the curb. He wished he could stay in this moment forever or perhaps a similar one maybe one with a sexy hat, assless chaps and his man balls deep in him. That would be awesome, so hot.

Regardless of what his father had said or how Elliott felt and despite the stupid verbal diarrhoea that Seb constantly blurted that seemed to repeatedly get him in trouble with the love of his life, Sebastian Hummel-Smythe’s life was pretty close to perfect. Great career, new home, new family complete with beautiful daughter and adorable doggo and the world’s most incredible husband. Sebastian was truly happy.

“It just occurred to me, Husband,” he smiled at Kurt as their car eased down The Strip. “I’m going to need to order new business cards and stationary, a new office sign. Dr Sebastian Hummel-Smythe. Being married is going to cost me dearly.”

Kurt smiled back, the name Hummel-Smythe running joyfully on repeat through his head. “You have no idea.”

Chapter Text

Sebastian Smythe squealed like a pigtailed school girl, in shock and delight, his arms instinctively going around his husband’s neck as Kurt whimsically scooped him up bridal style and carried him over the threshold of their honeymoon suite. “Put me down you hopeless romantic,” a beaming Seb demanded without heat. “Please Babe before you drop me or worse hurt yourself.”

“I’m not going to drop you,” Kurt spun him around playfully with a giggle, kicking the door closed behind them with an extended foot before trotting them off to the bedroom.

With care Kurt laid Sebastian down on their massive bed. He kissed his forehead, then took off into the bathroom to fill the jacuzzi tub.

“Hey, come back,” Sebastian reached after him, sitting up on the edge of the bed to remove his shoes and socks.

“I’m going to run us a bath. Phone off,” Kurt called out, putting in the bath plug and turning on the taps. “It’s been such a long, wonderful day. I thought it would be the nicest way to relax.” He removed his phone from his pocket and turned it off, sitting it aside on the sink.

“Sounds heavenly actually,” Seb smiled softly to himself playing with the ring on his finger, before turning off his phone and tossing it on the side table. “We did really get married right?”

“We so did Husband,” Kurt replied happily, adding bubble bath to the tub and beginning to light many of the provided candles to set the mood. “I really should call my dad later and tell him since everybody else knows.”

“Do it now. I can watch the tub,” Seb walked into the bathroom shirtless and barefoot with his belt and pants open, a fresh bottle of champagne in one hand, two crystal flutes in the other. “He should hear it from you.”

“Your parents were pissed weren’t they?” Kurt sighed, distracted by Sebastian’s exposed body as Seb sat down what he was holding on the corner ledge of the tub. Kurt reached for him wrapping his arms around his neck as the bubbles slowly rose in the jacuzzi.

“Not really pissed,” Sebastian’s hands found Kurt’s hips as he shook his head. “Smythe’s don’t elope apparently,” he rolled his eyes, mocking his father’s voice as he playfully rubbed noses with Kurt. “There is a proper way that these things must be done.”

“I kinda get it,” Pecking Seb’s lips, Kurt played absentmindedly with the back of his hair. He had somehow become obsessed with its product free softness. “They don’t know me and I do have a kid. They love you. They’re just concerned for your wellbeing. I know I’d be hurt if one day Tilly ran off and married someone we didn’t know without including us.”

“I guess when you put it like that...,” Seb grimaced guiltily, his lips finding Kurt’s again as he began to unbutton his husband’s shirt. “I refuse to regret it though. I’ve never been so happy or loved someone so much. Besides they’ll meet you soon enough and I know they’re going to love you.”

“We should invite them to fly out when we get home,” Kurt suggested, arching his neck as Seb’s teeth and tongue seductively explored the sensitive area below his ear. “We could join them for a show,” Kurt’s breath caught as Seb nipped his ear, “and I could take your mum shopping or they could take Tilly out for a day.”

“Sounds good,” Seb agreed distractedly, mouthing at Kurt’s collar bone as he slipped his man’s open shirt off his shoulders, letting it fall onto the tiled floor. “Can we please stop talking about my parents now and get naked?” he pleaded, lapping at Kurt’s left nipple with his tongue. “It’s my wedding night and I need my husband.”

“Of course, sorry,” Kurt sighed with pleasure, his hands finding purchase in Seb’s hair as Seb replaced his tongue with his teeth, tugging gently at the hardened bud.

“You’re perfect,” Seb slowly raked his nails down Kurt’s torso. “Your skin, it’s so soft, so pale. It marks so easily and I just love seeing my marks on you. They remind me you’re mine.”

“Forever yours now,” Kurt reminded him breathlessly as Seb dropped to his knees and undid Kurt’s belt. “You’re kinda stuck with me.”

“I think I can live with that,” Seb palmed at the swollen bulge in Kurt’s suit pants.

“That feels good,” Kurt unconsciously pressed into Seb’s hand. His eyes dropping closed. “My husband has incredible hands.”

“You just wait until you see what he can do with his mouth,” Seb taunted seductively. “Open your eyes baby. Look at me.”

Kurt forced his lust blown eyes open, holding eye contact with Sebastian as he undid the button on Kurt’s pants then slid the zipper down with his teeth. “Ugh so hot,” Kurt whimpered, cursing and quickly stepping back, noticing out of the corner of his eye the bubbles rolling out onto the floor as the tub came close to overflowing. Sebastian whined in protest, returning to his feet as Kurt rushed to turn off the taps.
Kurt removed the plug, undressing for his husband as he let the water drain to a safer level. He gestured for Seb to climb in to the massive bath then turned on the jets and joined him, settling comfortably between Seb’s legs in the flickering candle light. Seb mouthed at Kurt’s neck, his arms coming around Kurt’s middle as the water soothingly bubbled around them.

Seb opened the champagne and poured them both a glass. Turning awkwardly to see his husband’s face Kurt smiled and raised his glass. “To my gorgeous husband,” he toasted. Seb blushed lightly suddenly feeling strangely shy. “No,” he corrected with a soft smirk. “To MY gorgeous husband.”

“I love you,” Kurt took a delicate sip from the glass, savouring the cool refreshing bubbles on his tongue before sitting his glass down and nestling back against his man.

“I love you too. I didn’t realise how much I needed this,” Seb sighed in relaxed contentment throwing his champagne back then refilling his glass before setting it aside.

“You’re such a Neanderthal. Champagne is meant to be savoured,” Kurt fondly rolled his eyes at Seb. Shuttering with pleasure as Seb’s fingers traveled south to grasp his hard cock beneath the water. Seb stroked him slowly from base to tip, enjoying the delicious weight in his hand and the hot breathy moans escaping his man’s lips.

“I need you,” Kurt responded, subtly rocking his hips to fuck up into Sebastian’s fist.

“You have me baby,” Seb purred, erotically licking the shell of Kurt’s ear. His engorged cock pressed between his stomach and Kurt’s back oozed, pleading for attention. “I’m right here.”

“In me,” Kurt specified more clearly as Seb gripped him a little tighter, worked him a little faster, gently fondling his balls with his other hand. “Please.”

“Hop up then gorgeous,” Seb nudged Kurt’s thigh with this knee. With Seb still stroking him Kurt awkwardly shuffled around in the confined space until he was up on his knees straddling Seb’s thighs. With his back against Seb’s chest he caught Seb totally unawares by quickly rising up then suddenly impaling himself on Sebastian on his way back down.

“Jesus! Fuck!” Seb cursed as Kurt’s tight heat rapidly and deliciously engulfed him. “Babe, Shit.”

“Ugh!” Kurt grimaced a little, breathing deeply as he battled to adjust to the burn of so abruptly being stretched. Seb was long, thick. Kurt knew that. Kurt’s body knew that. He was a lot to take unprepped even beneath the water. Kurt took a moment.

“You okay?” Seb soothing rubbed Kurt’s lower back, fighting against his every instinct just to remain still. Kurt felt so good, so hot and so tight and Sebastian was so fucking in love with him. One clench or the slightest movement from Kurt right now would have Seb tittering on the edge.

“Never better,” Kurt sniggered, savouring the fullness of his love’s length inside him as his body began to adjust and the burn slowly ebbed. “Fuck you’re huge though Babe. Damn! You feel so good.”

Kurt moved, grinding down on Seb, clenching and rotating his hips a little, his eyes rolling back as the head of Seb’s cock grazed his sweet spot just right.

Seb whimpered gripping Kurt’s hips, he didn’t move yet. He could still feel the tension in his lover’s body as the bubbling water lapped over them. “You’re beautiful.” Seb kissed Kurt’s shoulder blade then ran his hands up and down Kurt’s sides before resting them once again on his hips. Seriously how was this man’s skin so soft? “So sexy for me Sweetheart.”

Seldom Kurt felt beautiful and with Blaine’s taunts of ‘Baby penguin’ never far from his mind, even less often he felt sexy. Yet somehow in Sebastian’s embrace, naked under his heated gaze and full of him, not only his cock but also his love Kurt Hummel-Smythe felt truly beautiful. He felt adored and he felt cherished and yes he most definitely felt sexy. He moaned softly, biting into his lip. He directed Seb’s hand from his hip to his cock and began to ride as Seb squeezed his fist around him.

Seb’s head dropped back against the edge of the tub, his pleasure so great he thought he might stroke out. This was his husband. His beautiful, gorgeous, sexy husband. He was fucking married to this flawless man who was in this tub with him, this stunning, breathtaking creature who was riding his rock hard dick with expertise of a fucking porn star. Seb bit into Kurt’s shoulder, savouring Kurt’s gasp, never so aroused in his entire life. Kurt squeezed around him, sliding up and down his length with increasing speed and intensity while simultaneously fucking into his fist with vigour. “I want to see you,” Seb uttered wrecked, “When I cum Kurt.... I... need to see you.”

“You don’t get to cum yet husband,” Kurt smirked with snide amusement, rising up then off his husband.

“No,” Sebastian protested, pouting in frustration. “Don’t stop.”

Kurt chuckled. “Don’t you remember what I said on the street baby? Hours, Sebastian Hummel-Smythe. I told you hours of hot, tantalising and undoubtedly frustrating edging before you my darling husband gets to cum. I want you to remember his night for the rest of your life and still jerk off to it when we’re old and grey in our matching rockers.”

“You’re assuming I’ll still be able to get it up when I’m old and grey,” Seb rose an amused eye brow.

“For me you will,” Kurt spoke confidently as he turned to face Sebastian, trailing a finger down the side of his face as he straddled his thighs.

“I have no doubt,” Seb laughed, running his hands down Kurt’s smooth chest, his cock beneath the water throbbing with need.

“Kiss me,” Kurt requested his voice full of need and his will power weak now that he was actually facing the object of his desire. He loved this man with his entire being, Needed him more than he needed the oxygen filling his lungs. Kurt had been so close just now, stopping had been one of the most difficult things he ever done but he desperately wanted... he needed to make this night with Sebastian last, preferably forever if only he could.

Kurt was acutely aware that this was Sebastian’s first marriage and although they had plans in the future for the proper formal wedding Sebastian deserved, tonight’s had certainly been well below par. Having to field aggressive phone calls from hostile family and friends and endure social media hate had also added a dampener to proceedings so Kurt needed Seb’s wedding night to be everything. It had to be perfect. It had to make up for all of that. Tonight was just for Seb. Tonight it was just the two of them, married now and hopelessly in love, no burdens, no distractions, phones off, no Matilda. Just Kurt Hummel-Smythe and the breathtaking love of his life. Kurt intended to rock this flawless man’s world.

Seb nodded. Drowning in Kurt’s eyes, marvelling at how the candlelight glimmered in the sparkling lust blown orbs. He was certain as he leaned in breathlessly, pressing his lips against those of the man he loved that in his entire life there had never been a moment so perfect. He knew this was exactly where he was supposed to be and this was who he was supposed to be with forever. This man was his true love, his soul mate, his best friend. This man completed him, filled his heart to overflowing with love. This was his husband. A single tear slowly ran down Seb’s cheek as he devoured the man in his lap, pushing him back in the tub, carefully so as to avoid injury or pushing him under the cooling water. He chuckled softly at Kurt’s surprised little squeak before covering Kurt’s body with his own, skin to skin from shoulders to toes, lips locked together, as physically close as two humans could be without penetration and even closer emotionally.

With Kurt’s head resting on the edge of the tub Seb cupped Kurt’s face, stroking his cheek with his thumb as their lips parted for air. “Can’t believe you’re mine,” he whispered in awe, panting softly against Kurt’s mouth. “I don’t deserve you.”

Kurt smiled, rocking his hips gently up into Sebastian’s “and yet here we are Dr Hummel-Smythe. Please just fuck me already. The water is getting cold,” he lifted his legs, wrapping them around Sebastian’s waist, the heels of his feet digging into Seb’s ass forcing him in closer as Kurt opened up for him.

Seb grinned, he reached down between them grasping his shaft and aiming it where it needed to go. “And if I cum?” He asked panting as he teased Kurt’s rim with the leaking tip.

“You won’t,” Kurt, his tone firm as he rose a knowing eyebrow at his husband. “Will you Sebastian?”

“I think maybe you’re missing the point of this sex thing,” Sebastian frowned slightly as Kurt squirmed beneath him. “Unless giving me blue balls is your end game here.”

“I thought the point was to pleasure you,” Kurt was becoming impatient as Sebastian continued to tease him with the head of his cock against his hole. “And to show you how much I love you.”

“Wouldn’t making me cum achieve both of those,” Sebastian looked down at Kurt triumphantly, clearly believing he’d won the argument.

“Sure,” Kurt agreed bucking his hips. He couldn’t take much more. “Fine but for fuck sake Seb just stick it in me. Will you? Ugh!”

“Since you asked so eloquently,” Seb groaned from deep in his throat as he finally pushed into Kurt with one long, rapid thrust. “Heaven,” he muttered into Kurt’s neck, sucking at his skin.

Kurt keened, his hands gripping Seb’s shoulders and his legs clenching tighter around him as his hips instinctively lifted from the porcelain base of the tub up to meet Sebastian. Seb so desperate by now set a furious pace, his hands white knuckled gripping the tub either side of Kurt’s head for leverage as he moved, his abs dragging against Kurt’s trapped cock erotically over and over.

In his day Seb had fucked a lot of men, probably too many if he was honest but nothing, no sex he’d ever had in his life came close to making love to his precious husband in a Las Vegas Jacuzzi tub. The pair of them so hopelessly lost in each other. Their eyes intensely locked, conveying more love than either of them had ever known, their bodies moving together passionately in perfect unison, each man groaning, whimpering, whining, giving as much pleasure as he was taking. Minutes passed, maybe hours, neither man was sure, time once again standing completely still as it always did when they were together like this.

“I’m gonna...” Sebastian eventually warned Kurt thrusting particularly hard and splashing water and bubbles over the edge of the tub, flooding the tiled floor below and soaking their discarded clothing.

“Cum for me baby,” Kurt smiled up at Seb, burying his hands in his lover’s hair and clenching his ass around him as he kissed him hard, nipping at his lips before licking hungrily into his mouth. He’d tried his best to please his new husband and had apparently succeeded. He honestly didn’t want to wait any longer.

“Oh Kurt,” Sebastian screamed into Kurt’s mouth, his thrusts erratic, his eyes closed and his toes curled as he released for the first time ever inside his beloved husband. Kurt held him tight, rocking him through it. Pulse after pulse of Seb’s hot seed filled him to the brim, before he tipped over the edge himself spilling between them into their now cool bath water. The word “husband” fell lustfully from his lips just before he slipped blissfully below their remaining bubbles into nirvana.

Chapter Text

Kurt Hummel-Smythe woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. He was sore from head to toe. Every muscle in his body ached except... “Mmmm Fuck, oh God,” he moaned, reaching down to grip Seb’s hair as he raised his hips up and forced his cock up deeper into the delectable, wet heat of Sebastian’s willing mouth. Seb, unprepared, gagged a little as Kurt hit the back of his throat, fighting slightly for air as this nose was buried in Kurt’s neatly groomed pubic hair.

Seb pulled back, swirling his tongue around Kurt’s shaft as he suckled on the tip, moaning softly at the taste of Kurt’s precum on his tongue. Fuck his husband tasted good. He felt good, heavy and hot in Seb’s mouth. Seb would happily blow him all day given half the chance. He wasn’t sure if his jaw would co operate though. He’d been at this for a while now before Kurt woke, enthusiastic in his endeavour to wake his new husband with the best head of his life and it was beginning to protest, cramping a little. At least Kurt was close, Seb could tell by the desperate tugging on his hair and the erratic rocking of Kurt’s hips.

“Sebastian,” Kurt howled his name passionately as Seb took him deep again and that had to be the most erotic thing Seb had ever heard in his life. He would never tire of hearing his name fall from his husband’s lips in the heat of passion. Seb bobbed his head, almost aggressively sliding his lips up and down Kurt’s length, cupping his tight balls in the palm of one hand as he began to pleasure himself with the other.

“So close,” Kurt warned him, not that he’d needed to, Seb knew Kurt’s body by heart now, every little freckle, every inch of Kurt’s flawless skin and how it would respond to his every touch and he knew just one more lap of his tongue over Kurt’s slit and Seb would get his reward.

Seb moaned, then did just that, tugging himself frantically as he pulled his lips from Kurt’s cock but opened this mouth with his tongue out to accept Kurt climax over his face. With his eyes closed he jerked Kurt through it, revelling in Kurt’s chants of his name as spurt after spurt of his creamy load hit Sebastian, coating his tongue, cheeks, hair, running down his forehead and over his nose, and thus prompting his own release over his clenched fist and Kurt’s leg.

“Fuck,” Kurt groaned breathlessly, his eyes shut tight as his throbbing body went limp. “Best wake up call ever! My husband is so good at that.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him,” Seb chuckled proudly, releasing Kurt’s softening cock and cleaning them both up with the bed sheet.

“Come here,” Kurt opened his eyes reaching for Seb. “My turn now.”

“I’m done babe,” Seb cuddled into Kurt’s side, finally kissing his husband good morning. Kurt responded lazily, a small pout on his lips. “I thought you would have got enough of me last night,” Seb smiled, clenching his aching jaw. “Besides I ordered us breakfast and it’s getting cold.”

“Coffee?” Kurt asked hopefully, holding Seb close. Kurt felt hazy, lethargic, exhausted after last night’s sexathon which had started in the jacuzzi and ended... Kurt couldn’t even remember where it ended, he supposed it hadn’t yet. He just recalled he and Seb dragging their weary bodies off the living room carpet at dawn for one final round in bed before hydrating and crashing from sated exhaustion.

“Of course there’s coffee sweetheart,” Seb smirked. “Thought you’d need it as much I do. How’s the carpet burn?”

“I have no idea,” Kurt stretched out his body, trying to locate the source of his discomfort. “Everything hurts,” he finally decided.

“I never knew you were that flexible,” Seb eyed his husband with awe. “You’ve been holding back on me.”

“Can’t give away all the best stuff for free. Marriage has to have some perks,” Kurt pecked Seb’s lips. “You’re forgetting I was a cheerleader and a dancer back in the day.”

“I bet you were so hot,” Sebastian growled from deep in his chest. “Don’t still have the uniform do you?”

“Sue Sylvester took them all back,” Kurt shook his head with a grimace. “I’m sure there are vids though buried deep in the dark recesses of YouTube somewhere.”

“I am so looking them up,” Seb licked his dry lips, still tasting Kurt. “Breakfast first though. I’m starving.”

“You have my cum in your hair,” Kurt grimaced a little as he released Seb and sat up. His ass hurt.

“And?” Seb shrugged, running his hand through his bed hair and kinda just rubbing it in.

Kurt shook his head in mild disgust before finally taking a moment to look around the room. “What did you do?” His eyes were wide.

“You were asleep so I ordered us breakfast,” Seb grinned, gesturing to the multitude of trolleys that filled the space around their bed. “I wasn’t sure what you’d feel like,” he rose from the bed, pouring Kurt a cup of coffee and passing it to him. “So I got a little of everything.” Kurt accepted the coffee, inhaling it deeply before taking a large gulp. It was still hot and so good.

“There’s fruit and yoghurt,” Seb rolled his eyes, as he lifted the first cover. “I know you like that. Eggs Benedict,” he moved to the next trolley. “Pancakes, waffles, bagels, donuts, bacon, juice. You name it. I ordered it,” he laughed. “We can’t live on sex alone.”

“I think I just about could with you,” Kurt spoke softly over his cup of coffee, admiring his husband’s gorgeous naked body, all scratched and marked up. Knowing proudly that it was him and their love that had done that.

Seb blushed a little, smiling shyly at Kurt. “Food Hummel, focus. What will it be?”

“Hummel-Smythe,” Kurt corrected him with a wink.

“Yeah,” Seb’s smile widened. “How did I get so lucky?”

“I’m the lucky one,” Kurt smiled back, sitting his almost empty cup on the side table. “Have I told you this morning how much I love you?”

“I don’t believe you have,” Seb pouted playfully, biting aggressively into a piece of French toast. “How about you prove it to me by eating something,” he prompted. “Anything... but please not the fruit and yoghurt. You’re part Smythe now you have to eat like one.”

“You said something about eggs,” Kurt grinned lovingly at his husband, suddenly realising he was famished. “Any scrambled?”

“I’m sure there are,” Seb leaned over pecking Kurt’s forehead. “Let’s take a look.”

“Maybe some mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes if there are some,” he added. “Or an omelette, actually that eggs Benedict you mentioned sounds good.”

Seb filled a large tray with everything Kurt asked for, adding some pancakes, bacon and eggs with some juice to a tray of his own. He presented Kurt with his breakfast in bed and some cutlery, topping up Kurt’s coffee and pouring himself a cup before joining Kurt back in the bed.

“I’m never going to eat all this,” Kurt stared in astonishment at the full tray before him.

“You worked off three times that many calories last night babe,” Seb’s eyes glazed over a little as he recalled some of their previous night together. The fun they’d had with the candle wax at one point there during the night...So hot! Even now after a multitude of orgasms his dick twitched at the thought of that. The way Kurt’s gorgeous body had responded to it, how hard he’d cum just watching. He had no idea how housekeeping was going to remove that waxy mess from the carpet. It really wasn’t his problem though he decided.

“This is so good,” Kurt swallowed a mouth full of eggs with a soft moan of appreciation. “Any idea what the time is? How long do we have?”

“Time to eat and take a nice long shower...together,” Seb spoke around a mouth full of pancakes. For someone of his breeding Kurt thought Sebastian really should have better manners. He loved him regardless though.

“Back to the land of the living,” Kurt scrunched up his face. “I kinda wish we could just stay in this bubble,” Kurt stole a small piece of bacon from Seb’s plate.

“Hey mine!” Seb protested playfully.

“Didn’t you realise?” Kurt smirked. “Now that we’re married everything that is yours is mine and everything that is well, still mine.”

Seb chuckled, rolling his eyes. “All I want of yours is your heart,” he responded cheesily. “Oh and maybe your body occasionally.”

“Occasionally?” Kurt raised a dubious eyebrow.

“Or all day every day maybe,” Seb smiled wide, exchanging a fond loving look with his husband. “You’re perfect.”

“We’ll see if you’re still saying that in a month once you’ve discovered all my annoying quirky habits,” Kurt teased him.

“You have annoying habits?” Seb feigned fear. “Why wasn’t I warned about this?”

“Didn’t want to scare you off,” Kurt popped a roasted cherry tomato into his mouth, humming as it burst on his tongue. “I kinda like you.”

“Gee thanks,” Seb grinned digging into his bacon before Kurt stole more, “I’m sorta fond of you too.”

They bantered playfully as they enjoyed their first married breakfast together, sharing soft kisses and casual touches between bites. Kurt hadn’t felt this relaxed in a long time and Seb seemed to be practically glowing. Kurt was so happy to be married to him.

“Let’s just stay here forever,” Kurt suggested, taking Seb’s empty tray and sitting it aside with his own.

“And leave Matilda with Jeff and Nick forever?” Sebastian looked at Kurt in horror as he snuggled against him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”Kurt laughed, kissing Seb’s crusty hair. “They’re your friends.”

“And they’re great,” Seb acknowledged. “But... I don’t know...” he hesitated. “I don’t know if their... if their umm open relationship is really good for their kids.”

“They clearly love each other,” Even back at Dalton Kurt had known that was true. “They’re both consenting adults. They’re just having fun. I mean you’ve been with them.”

Seb frowned. “Yes and then I grew up.”

“Seb?” Kurt narrowed his eyes. “We got married impulsively after only a few months together that hardly screams maturity.”

“Are you saying we shouldn’t have?” Sebastian’s tone rose in pitch.

“I’m saying we shouldn’t judge,” Kurt explained. “Every relationship is different. For us it was being monogamous and marrying quickly, for them it’s waiting a few years and being more adventurous.”

“More adventurous?” Seb sounded annoyed, really he was just suddenly feeling very insecure. “I thought what we did last night was pretty adventurous. I don’t think we need other men in our bed for that. Do you want other men in our bed? I kinda hoped I’d be enough. I guess I wasn’t for the last guy though so...”

“Woah,” Kurt halted Seb, eyeing him with confusion. “Slow your roll there Baby. Where’s this coming from? Last night was incredible. I definitely do not want other men in our bed. Trust me Sebastian Hummel-Smythe you are enough. There were times last night in fact when you were almost too much. You’re umm... how do I say this? ... you’re very well endowed my dear.”

“But in a good way, right?” Seb asked, his insecurity revealing itself.

“In the best possible way,” Kurt confirmed, kissing a cute freckle on Seb’s shoulder. “You rocked my world hun. I even have the carpet burn on my ass to prove it.”

“Such a shame,” Seb grinned, trying to reappear confident. “It’s an incredible ass.”

“An incredible ass that’s gonna need a day or two off. I’m really sore,” Kurt grimaced. “You didn’t let me top at all last night.”

“I’ll let you fuck me in the shower if you want,” Seb offered. “Or on the flight back to LA or both? I don’t mind. You told me a while back that Blaine always... you know... so on OUR wedding night... I just wanted it to be different to what you did with him.”

“Sebby?” Kurt’s face dropped. “Oh honey, no. Don’t ever think for one second that anything I did with him is comparable to what you and I share. He’s not like you Sebastian. He never gave with his whole heart. He took and took, stole everything including my dignity in the end. You aren’t like that. You’re everything he isn’t. You’re loving and caring, affectionate. He wouldn’t even hold my hand in public and never in our entire decade of marriage did he ever wake me like you did this morning, which was incredible by the way. He didn’t like to do THAT at all really except maybe on my birthday.”

“He wouldn’t suck you off?” Sebastian narrowed his eyes. “Didn’t you say he was blowing dudes off Grindr? But then he wouldn’t for you? That’s just fucked up.”

Kurt shrugged sadly.

“I don’t get it,” Seb scrunched up his face. “I love doing that for you. The sounds it pulls from you, the way you impatiently tug on my hair, how you taste, it turns me on so much. Having to wait for your birthday would fucking kill me.”

“And that’s why you’re different,” Kurt blushed brightly as Seb’s very explicit compliment.

“You’re blushing,” Seb observed with a cheeky grin. “Kurt Hummel Smythe you are so damn cute.”

“Shut up,” Kurt pushed Seb playfully in the chest.

Seb responded by kissing Kurt’s nose. He ran his hand down Kurt’s bare back, his hand stopping at the base of Kurt’s spine, just above his ass. “We really should be hitting the shower hun if we’re going to make it to the airport on time.”

“I am looking forward to seeing our girl,” Kurt smiled, making no effort to get out of bed instead snuggling closer to Seb. He didn’t want to let him go.

“Seems like forever since we saw her,” Seb sighed. “Can’t believe it was only yesterday. I miss her.”

“I bet she misses you too,” Kurt assured Seb. “She really loves you. You’re definitely the favourite.”

“That’s just not true,” Seb shook his head. “That child looks up to you. She adores you Kurt and never in a million years would I want to do anything to come between you. I’m a novelty to her because I’m new and maybe a little lenient because I don’t quite know the rules yet or even her that well. I hope that will change if you’re still willing to let me formally adopt her but until then she’s your daughter and honey she does really love you.”

“Of course I’m still willing to let you adopt her,” Kurt smiled encouragingly. “I kinda thought that was a given. We’ll talk to her about it once we get home.”

“Maybe we should wait until we’re all settled in our new place,” Sebastian suggested, his face soft and full of concern. “We don’t want to overwhelm her with too much change too quickly. She’s been through a lot.”

“I’m sure we’ll recognise when the time is right,” Kurt nuzzled his nose affectionately into the chest of his sweet, sensitive man. “You know she’s going to be super excited though, don’t you? She’s already calling you Daddy Seb.”

Seb nodded emotionally. “Almost made me fucking cry.”

“And that’s just another reason why I love you,” Kurt placed a soft kiss to Seb’s skin, “Ugh I really don’t want to get up,” he whined childishly. “I really need to pee though.”

“Ever done that?” Seb enquired.

“Done what?” Kurt looked at him curiously.

“Peed on a guy,” Seb shrugged.

“Not on purpose,” Kurt shook his head.

“Do I want to know what that means?” Seb laughed. “Are you saying you pissed on someone accidentally?”

“Do we have to talk about this?” Kurt hid his face. “I’m getting up now.”

“You know you can tell me anything,” Seb spoke seriously, seeking eye contact.

“I know,” Kurt nodded, pulling away to get out of bed.

“Kurt?” Seb halted him with a hand to his arm.

“Huh?” Kurt met his eyes.

“Anything Kurt,” Sebastian spoke firmly. “You can tell me anything. I love you. I’ll never judge you.”

“Does it disappoint you that I don’t have your experience with men?” Kurt asked timidly as he got out of bed, weaving his way through all the breakfast trolleys to the bathroom. “I feel like what we do must be so vanilla for you compared to all your public night club quickies, your orgies with Niff and your ex and your golden showers.” He stepped into the bathroom, closing the door between him and his husband, not seeing the crushed expression he’d left on Sebastian’s face.

Kurt used the toilet, as Sebastian rose from their bed. Torn between hurt and angry he waited until he heard the flush before intruding. “You...” he paused waiting for eye contact as he searched internally for just the right words. “You Kurt are everything to me. EVERY FUCKING THING! You talked to me about Blaine and how he doesn’t compare to us and then you drop that shit on me. Are you serious Kurt? Do you honestly think dipping my dick into some random twink in a skanky bathroom stall is anything compared to making love to the man I married. I fucking married you Kurt. I fucking love you. You could give me nothing but lack lustre handjobs for the rest of my life and they’d still be way fucking more exciting than any night I spent with Niff and their whores because they’re from you. Don’t you get it at all? You could never disappoint me, not sexually, not in anyway ever. I’m so fucking in love with you Kurt Hummel-Smythe so fucking in love.”

“Lack lustre?” Kurt asked half smiling as tears streaked his cheeks. It moved him the beautiful way his husband had with words. “Really?”

“Really,” Seb nodded, pulling Kurt into his arms and frantically kissing away his tears. “I’m so sorry baby,” he whispered softly against Kurt’s skin. “I thought I’d made that clear. You’re perfect to me. I could never be disappointed by you.”

Kurt clung to Seb, tightly, desperately. His arms wrapped around his waist, his face buried in the crook of his neck. “Just for the record Dr Hummel-Smythe,” he uttered softly against Sebastian’s ear. “I’m so fucking in love with you too.”

“You better be,” Seb smirked.

“Because you have no one else to give you lack lustre handjobs,” Kurt sort out Seb’s lips as he reached down and grasped his soft cock in his fist.

“Because I have no one else to give me lack lustre handjobs,” Seb echoed in amused agreement, rocking into Kurt’s hand.

Chapter Text

“Daddy!” Matilda ran screaming across the room into Kurt’s arms her smile wide with excitement to see her father. “Daddy,” she spoke softer, squeezing him tight and smothering his face in tiny kisses. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” Kurt smiled over her shoulder at Sebastian who watched on fondly.

“Told you,” Sebastian mouth knowingly, before clearing his throat loudly. “Excuse me,” he protested. “Where’s my hugs young lady?”

“Oh Daddy Seb,” she giggled, pulling reluctantly away from Kurt. “You don’t have to be jealous.”

“I can’t help it Poppet,” Sebastian feigned a pout as he crouched down to Matilda’s level for his hug.

“We have something we need to tell you Matilda,” Kurt took a seat on the sofa in their suite, patting the cushion beside him for her to sit down.

“I might head off then,” Jeff backed towards the door. He’d been kind enough to drop Matilda off for them at their Disneyland hotel upon their return from Vegas. “Hopefully we can catch up next time you’re in town. We don’t get to New York much or ever, what with the kids and everything.”

“Thanks for watching her,” Kurt waved to Jeff gratefully. “I hope she wasn’t any trouble.”

“Oh she was horrid,” Jeff teased. He winked playfully at Matilda, before hugging Sebastian. “Congratulations,” He whispered softly referring to Seb’s marriage which he and Nick had decided not to mention to Matilda. “Be happy. You got yourself a good one.”

“I got the best one,” Seb mumbled back, smiling across the room at Kurt. “Thanks again,” he walked Jeff to the door as Matilda sat down beside Kurt, her expression curious.

Seb joined them once Jeff was gone, sitting down beside Kurt. “You’re breaking up aren’t you?” Matilda stared straight through them. “That’s what you want to talk about isn’t it? Just so you know I think you’re both stupid.”

“I beg your pardon,” Kurt tried to sound stern with her as Sebastian fought to hold in a giggle. “Why would you think we were breaking up?”

“Cause you’re all serious, like sit down Matilda we need to talk,” Matilda mocked Kurt’s grumpy voice.

“We are not breaking up,” Kurt replied firmly. “Quite the opposite in fact.”

“Really?” She scrunched her face in confusion. “So what then? Is this about you coming to live with us?” She looked to Sebastian. “I know you’re going to sleep in daddy’s bed. We don’t need to talk about that. I know about sexxing.”

“This isn’t about that,” Kurt couldn’t help wondering what exactly Matilda did know about sex. That was a conversation for another time though. “As you know Daddy Seb and I went to Las Vegas last night,” Kurt reached for Sebastian’s hand, squeezing it tight for moral support. “And well we had a really amazing time in fact we even got married.”

“No way!” Matilda squealed in delight. She jumped to her feet dancing around excitedly for a moment before abruptly stopping to glare at them. “No!” She scowled fiercely at them both. “No!”

“What do you mean no?” Kurt asked her calmly.

“You did NOT get married,” she burst into tears, stamping her foot into the floor. “I hate you,” she pointed at Sebastian. “And I hate you too.” She screamed hysterically at Kurt. “You both really are stupid.” She ran from the room into her bedroom, slamming the door heavily behind her.

Kurt and Seb stared at each other in dismay. “What was that?” Seb whispered, his expression shocked.

“She didn’t mean it,” Kurt assured Sebastian with a kind squeeze to this knee. “You know she loves you. Maybe I should go talk to her.”

“Would you let me?” Sebastian gnawed nervously at his lip. He’d never done that before meeting Kurt. “It’s obviously my addition to this little family that she’s struggling to accept and only I can explain to her that I love her and I’m not trying to steal you away.”

“You’re right,” Kurt nodded, falling that little bit more in love with his new husband. “I’ll be right here if you need reinforcements. She can get a little feisty when she’s pissed.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Seb kissed Kurt, a soft smile on his lips. “Don’t worry Babe. Why don’t you go call your dad? I’ve got this.”

Kurt smiled gratefully wondering seriously how he had got so lucky. Two years ago he’d been in an horrendous marriage, humiliated, exhausted, fighting day after day. Today he was... well he was still exhausted but this time for completely different reasons. What a wedding night. What a man he’d chosen to marry. Everything about Sebastian took Kurt’s breath away. His eyes, his smile, his incredible body, but mostly it was his kind heart, his generous nature and his openness. With Blaine there had never been that. Never been that honesty. Kurt felt truely blessed. “I should speak to Dad,” Kurt agreed. “I have a lot of news to share.”

“Don’t forget to tell him how you proposed to me,” Seb smirked as he approached Matilda’s door.

“I’m probably gonna leave that part out,” Kurt giggled as he passed by Sebastian into their bedroom. “You should be flattered though that your oral skills are that good. Good luck,” he gestured with a nod toward Matilda’s door.

Sebastian inhaled deeply before knocking softly on Matilda’s door.

“Go away,” she yelled aggressively. Sebastian could tell she was crying.

“It’s Daddy Seb honey,” Sebastian spoke kindly through the door. “I’m coming in. I think we really need to have a chat.”

“I don’t want to talk you,” Matilda responded stubbornly. “I don’t even like you.”

“I get it,” Seb replied empathetically, slowly easing the door open. “I mean look at me,” he poked his head around the side of the door, pulling a funny face at her. “What’s to like?”

“Nothing,” Matilda scowled at him but he could tell she was fighting the urge to smile.

“Nothing?” He stepped in the room, almost accidentally tripping over the mass of tutu’s that she’d thrown across the room in temper. That made her giggle.

“Well I guess you are kinda funny,” she conceded.

“I can be funny,” he smiled softly at her. “Do you think you’d like to help me pick these up? How many do you even have?”

Matilda rubbed her eyes and wiped her runny nose on her sleeve before getting up from her bed. “I have twenty three if you must know but I only brought my favourite ten.”

“They are pretty,” Seb picked up a pink and mauve sparkly one and placed it back in Matilda’s case. “Do you have an absolute favourite?”

“I love this rainbow one,” Matilda smiled, holding it up proudly for Sebastian to see. “It reminds me of the pretty flag daddy has in the cup in the kitchen.”

“Me too,” Sebastian nodded, picking up a few more and putting them in the case. “I bet it looks so pretty on you.”

“I was going to wear it to the wedding,” Matilda’s scowl returned and she teared up again. “Why did you do it?” She asked Sebastian bluntly, her little heart clearly shattered. “How did you two get married WITHOUT me?”

“Oh baby girl,” Seb reached out to her, his eyes filled with tears.

She dropped her tutu and jumped into Sebastian’s arms, clinging to him. “You don’t love me,” she sobbed into his shoulder.

“Sweetie,” Sebastian held her tight, tenderly stroking her long ginger hair. “That’s just not true. Your daddy and I love you so much.”

“But you don’t,” she protested, struggling for breath between sobs “You’re my dad’s. I should have been there. Not with Uncle Jeff and Uncle Nick. I should have been there when you got married.”

“You’re right,” Sebastian acknowledged sadly. “Precious girl. You are completely right. You should have been there. The thing is your daddy and I, we love each other so so much. I mean, your daddy, he’s just incredible. Don’t you think?”

“Yes,” Matilda sniffed, releasing her grip a little as her crying eased to listen to her new dad.

“Yeah well we love each other so much and we were so excited about that and about becoming a family with you that we just couldn’t wait. We didn’t mean to hurt you Tilly. We did this as much for you as we did for us. So the three of us could be together for always. So we could be a family.”

Matilda eyed Sebastian sceptically. “Okay,” she sighed, wiping her nose on Sebastian’s shoulder. It’s was only his strong doctor’s stomach that prevented him from grimacing. “I guess I understand. It’s not fair though.”

“I know it isn’t,” he agreed. “I’m really sorry.

She shrugged, not really convinced. “So does this mean you’re really my dad now?” She checked.

“Sort of, Yes,” Sebastian nodded. “I love you so much and I’m going to help your daddy take care of you. I’ll do your hair and read you stories and come watch you do things at school. We’ll play together and bake cookies and do all that family stuff.”

“But you won’t be my daddy?” Matilda was so confused.

“I will,” Sebastian really wanted to wait for Kurt to have this conversation. Kurt had said though that they would know when the time was right. He prayed Kurt wouldn’t be pissed at him. “I want to be more than anything but before that can happen like your daddy did I would have to adopt you.”

“Yeah,” she nodded. She didn’t really understand what that meant aside from how her dad had told her it meant she would stay with him forever. “Daddy adopted me because my other mummy and Daddy went up to live with the big spaghetti monster in the sky and there’s no planes to come back.”

“Umm right,” Sebastian shook his head. “They went where exactly?” What the hell had Kurt told her?

“Sometimes bad things happen that make people go to sleep kinda and they can’t wake up and so they go up and live in the sky with the spaghetti monster,” she stated as if it should be obvious.

“I didn’t know that,” Sebastian replied dubiously. “But okaaaaaay.”

“They are safe there and happy and so then I got a different daddy who takes care of me and loves me and then we got Chuckles and now we got you. If you want to you can adopt me then we can all be together forever.”

“I’d really like that,” Sebastian gave her one last tight squeeze.

“But you better not get married again without me,” she warned him sternly.

“I promise the next time, you’ll definitely be there,” Seb softly kissed her hair. He wanted to tell her about the wedding they were planning for New Year’s Eve but he already revealed enough without Kurt. “How about we go check on daddy?” Seb suggested. “I think he could really use a special Tilly hug.”

“And a special Daddy Seb hug too,” Matilda smiled at Sebastian, taking his hand and leading him into Kurt.

“Hey,” Kurt, sitting on the bed smiled at the adorable pair as he ended his call. He’d spent the time talking with his Dad, who had been happy for him, not particularly thrilled with Kurt’s spontaneity but still keen to meet his new son in law. Carole on the other hand, in the background had been super excited. “Everything okay?” Kurt checked.

Matilda nodded, climbing up onto Kurt’s lap. “Daddy Seb is going to adopt me,” she told Kurt bluntly.

“Okay,” Kurt smiled wide as Seb guiltily mouthed an apology. “That’s amazing right?”

“Yeah,” she smiled watching Sebastian from the corner of her eye. “You shouldn’t have got married without me though.”

“We didn’t mean to,” Kurt cuddled her close, finally understanding what her tantrum was about. “We’ve been kinda thinking that we might go and see Grandpa Bert and Nanna Carole for Christmas and maybe have a real big fancy wedding in Ohio on New Years Eve.”

“We were hoping you might be our flower girl,” Sebastian added hopefully.

“Can I wear my rainbow tutu?” She checked with Kurt.

“We’ll have to see,” Kurt grinned at her. “I was thinking we might drag Uncle Ell out one day and go dress shopping.”

“You know you can’t kiss him anymore don’t you?” She informed him firmly. “You have Daddy Seb now.”

“I do have Daddy Seb,” Kurt smiled lovingly up at Sebastian. “You and I kiddo we both do. We’re very lucky.”

“Can’t we just go to Ohio tomorrow for the pretty wedding?” Matilda asked impatiently.

“Not tomorrow,” Kurt shook his head. “Weddings take a long time to plan. We have to send out invitations, choose flowers and music and decide on food.”

“And centrepieces,” Sebastian chuckled. “There’s a lot to organise.”

“Okay,” she nodded.

“Besides, before we do that you have to meet your other grandma and grandpa,” Seb was excited for his parents to meet her.

“I have another grandma and grandpa?” Her eyes went wide.

“Sure do,” Seb grinned at her surprised reaction. “My mum and dad,” he explained, sitting down beside Kurt and Matilda. “They can’t wait to meet you.”

“What’s their names?” Matilda looked to Kurt.

“Ummm,” Kurt responded blankly, looking foolishly at Sebastian as he realised he’d married a man without even knowing his parents’ names. “I don’t know honey.”

“Elijah and Charlotte,” Sebastian supplied with a slight frown, coming to the same realisation as Kurt.

Matilda smiled. “Like in Charlotte’s Web. We loved that book didn’t we Daddy?”

“We did,” Kurt agreed.

“But you cried,” Matilda reminded her father.

“It’s a sad book,” Kurt defended himself as Sebastian smirked at him.

“I guess,” Matilda shrugged. “Can we get some dinner now please. Uncle Nick made sandwiches for lunch. They weren’t nice. They didn’t even have peanut butter and jelly.”

“What?” Sebastian mocked gasped. “What kinda place doesn’t have peanut butter and jelly? That’s utter madness.”

“Exactly,” Matilda rolled her pretty eyes. “Now you understand why I’m so hungry.”

Chapter Text

“I want to go with Daddy Seb,” Matilda whined looking up briefly from her Nintendo Switch as the trio exited the terminal at Newark Airport. She had been clinging close to his side all day, even falling asleep on his shoulder during the flight as if she thought he might just disappear if she weren’t touching him.

“Daddy Seb is coming with us honey,” Kurt assured her with a smile.

“Well actually...” Seb responded hesitantly.

“Well what?” Kurt frowned a little “You ARE coming with us, right?”

“It’s just that... well you have to go to HIS place and pick up your doggo and I need to take care of laundry and catch up on probably a gazillion emails for work and I’m really tired Kurt.” Seb attempted to explain. “I’ll see you after work tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Kurt’s frowned deepened.

“Yeah,” Sebastian nodded.

“After work?” Kurt was glaring.

“Of course,” Sebastian continued to nodded.

“No!” Kurt replied firmly.

“No?” Sebastian looked confused. “Why? I thought we were going to see the house. do you have other plans I don’t know about?

“Maybe with a divorce attorney,” Kurt muttered under this breath. “Seriously?”

Sebastian shrugged, looking quite perplexed.

“I do believe we got married,” Kurt reminded him. “And I kinda thought that meant we would probably live together, you know in the same house and possibly sleep in the same bed EVERY night, wake up together every morning. You know that kinda stuff.”

“Oh,” Sebastian smiled. “Yeah.”

“Yeah?” Kurt raised an exasperated eyebrow.

“It’s just I don’t have anything I need at your place. I just thought I’d take tonight and get myself organised I didn’t exactly leave home two weeks ago planning to return married,” Sebastian explained.

“I know,” Kurt sighed. “It’s just that...”

“...You’re super clingy?” Sebastian smirked, clearly pleased his new husband was struggling so much with the idea of being away from him for even a night.

“Whatever,” Kurt frowned, unamused and a little offended. “I guess I’ll see you after work tomorrow then, if you’re not too busy with laundry.”

“Kurt?” Sebastian nudged Kurt’s foot gently with his own. “I love you,” he ventured carefully.

“Matilda?” Kurt caught the distracted child’s attention. She was playing Mario cart and it had her totally engrossed.

“Huh?” She asked.

“Give Daddy Seb a hug. You’ll see him tomorrow,” he prompted her, his tone surly.

“I’m going with Daddy Seb,” he replied firmly.

“No,” Kurt snapped at her, clearly out of patience with the whole situation.

“Well...” Seb piped up. “If she wants to...”

“She has school in the morning,” Kurt reminded him. “Are you going to take her? She has no uniform with her, no school bag or anything.”

“I want to go with Daddy Seb,” Matilda repeated.

“You could drop a uniform over...” Seb began.

Kurt cut him off. “You’re not the only one with work to catch up on Sebastian,” Kurt grumbled. “I don’t have time to run around doing extra unnecessary things. I already have to go and pick up the dog and you’re not the only one with laundry to do. I’m tired too you know?”

“You better go with your dad,” Sebastian encouraged Matilda.

“Nope,” she shook her head. “I’m going with you. Thank you.”

Seb looked at Kurt with soft pleading eyes.

“Ugh!” Kurt rolled his eyes. He was pissed off now. “Do what you like,” he sighed. With his luggage, he turned his back on the pair and headed for his car in the parking lot. He didn’t stop, didn’t look back, just becoming angrier as he went. By the time he reached his car he was furious. Furious at Sebastian for not understanding how he felt about them not spending the night together so soon after getting married, Furious at him for always being the FUN dad that gave in to Matilda’s every whim even when it wasn’t practical. Furious at him for not coming after him just now and for letting him walk away without even a kiss goodbye. Furious with himself thinking that maybe he’d made a massive mistake rushing into this marriage with a man that he dearly loved yet clearly knew so little about. He hadn’t even seen where Sebastian lived yet. For fucks sake Matilda was going to see Seb’s apartment before Kurt plus he’d only learned his in laws names yesterday. Surely that wasn’t normal. He groaned in frustration as his own ridiculous impulsivity. Maybe Seb’s ex was right and their marriage was doomed to fail.

Kurt unlocked his car, aggressively tossing his luggage in to the trunk. He climbed into the driver’s seat, turning on the ignition, programming his gps for Elliott’s apartment and connecting his phone with blue tooth. He opened Spotify, choosing a random playlist then sat his phone in the console. Carefully checking his mirrors, he was singing along under his breath to Ed Sheeran and pulling out of his prepaid spot when his phone began to ring. It was Sebastian, of course. He childishly hit decline as he searched for the exit.

He decided as he exited the car park that he should probably call Elliott. He didn’t want to drive all the way to Brooklyn, through all the traffic if Ell wasn’t home.

He braced himself for Elliott’s attitude as he called him handsfree.

“Yeah,” Elliott sounded exactly like how Kurt was feeling as he answered. Tired and little pissed

“You okay?” Kurt checked.

“Sure,” Elliott replied. “You coming to get Chuckles?”

“Just leaving Newark,” Kurt nodded, despite Ell not being able to see him. “Shouldn’t be too long depending on traffic.”

“Look forward to seeing you all,” Elliott’s tone was a little sarcastic.

“It’s just me,” Kurt sighed heavily.

“Trouble in paradise?” Elliott made no attempt to hide his amusement.

“Its a long story,” Kurt sighed not wanting to get into it with Elliott while he was driving. “Are you free tonight? Can we get dinner?”

“Yeah, Of course,” Elliott’s voice softened.
“Is everything okay Babe? Should I make a reservation or do you want to order in?”

“I’m tired,” Kurt tried to concentrate on the road. “I’d love to just hang out for an hour with you and some spicy noodles.”

“Your wish is my command Sire,” Elliott’s smile was very evident in his tone. He’d assumed now Kurt was married their evenings of hanging out with take out would be in the past. He was glad he wasn’t going to lose Kurt entirely. “I’ll take a wander to the place down the street that we like. I’m sure Chuckles would love the stroll.”

“Thanks, I have to go hun,” Kurt smiled softly, feeling grateful to Elliott for being that one solid constant in his chaotically changing life. “The traffic is getting heavy and I need to concentrate before I run up someone’s ass and not in a good way.”

Elliott chuckled softly. “Mine’s always available,” he joked.

“I love you Ell,” Kurt sniggered. His Elliott was back.

“I love you too Kurtie,” Elliott replied softly. “Drive safe.”

“See you soon,” Kurt hummed as he ended the call.

Kurt had declined three more calls from Sebastian before arriving at Elliott’s place. He knew it was no way to deal with conflict but he really didn’t want to fight with Seb. He’d spent the whole drive to Brooklyn lost in thought, realising that Sebastian had had a valid point about not being able to prepare before their vacation to simply come home and cohabitate. It was true they both had to work tomorrow and had chores to do before that, it was just that he was feeling so disappointed because he’d really been looking forward to collapsing in bed tonight in his husband’s arms and to waking up beside him in the morning. Wasn’t that what marriage was supposed to be? Unconditional love but not just that though. Marriage was also supposed to be communication wasn’t it? And Kurt had realised that with a heavy sigh as he’d driven down Elliott’s street searching for a park. His failed marriage with Blaine had to have taught him something. To stop being petty and immature, to be honest, to be kind, to hold nothing back. Before exiting his car, Kurt inhaled deeply and called his husband.

“Thank God,” Sebastian answered on the second ring sounding panicked. “When you didn’t answer I was so worried. Are you okay? I swear if anything happened to you...”

“I’m sorry,” Kurt felt horrible. “Heavy traffic,” he exaggerated. “I was watching the road.”

“Oh okay,” Sebastian sounded so relieved. “So you’re at Elliott’s?”

“I’m out front,” Kurt supplied. “He And I are going to grab some noodles and then I’ll take Chuckles home.”

“Noodles?” Sebastian sounded concerned, a little jealous maybe. “You mean actual noodles right? That’s not a euphemism for anything is it?”

“It’s noodles Sebastian,” Kurt was adamant. “Chicken, vegetables, a little chilli. It’s been a long day. I’m hungry and I don’t want to eat alone.”

“That shit at the airport,” Seb sighed. “I handled it badly. It seemed perfectly reasonable in my mind. I had stuff to do you know? But I really don’t want to sleep tonight without you.”

“You didn’t even kiss me goodbye,” Kurt accused.

“You didn’t kiss me either,” Seb sounded a little hurt. “You just walked away. Kinda freaked Tilly out.”

“Is she okay?” Kurt asked in his concerned dad voice.

“Are we okay?” Sebastian asked quickly.

“Of course we are Baby,” Kurt reassured Sebastian. “I love you.”

“You know how I offered you a night with Elliott?” Sebastian asked quietly.

“Which I declined,” Kurt reminded him.

“I know,” Sebastian acknowledged. “I was just kind of worried because we had a fight that you might... with him.”

“I think I should maybe be offended by that,” Kurt frowned. “We are married and even if we weren’t we are together. I’m not going to go and throw what we have away just because of a stupid argument. Seriously Sebby.”

“You’ve met my ex,” Sebastian uttered shamefully. “I don’t mean to be so insecure.”

“I’m not him and you and I could argue every single day for the rest of our lives, Until we are 99 years old and I’m still not going to cheat on you. I love you. I don’t want to be with anyone but you. In fact if you recall that’s exactly what we were arguing about Seb. Me wanting to be with you.”

“How long will you be with Elliott?” Sebastian asked quietly.

“Why?” Kurt was feeling a little untrusted.

“I just thought I might get Tilly to help me gather up some of my stuff and we could meet you at home. I miss my husband.”

“I’d really love that,” Kurt smiled, wide. “Maybe give me a couple of hours. I’ll eat, catch up with Ell, then drive home. I’ll text you when I’m leaving here.”

“Perfect. I’ll get Tilly fed and see you soon. She’s a great kid. You’ve done so well with her,” Sebastian gazed across the room, where Tilly was closely examining some old photos he had out on display.

“She is amazing,” Kurt admitted. “So are you.”

“I love you so much Kurt Hummel-Smythe,” Sebastian gushed.

“And I love you,” Warmth filled Kurt’s heart. “Have fun with our girl.”

“I will,” Seb chuckled as he ended the call.

Kurt sighed heavily in relief. He got out of his car, tucking his phone into his pocket as he locked the door, before making the familiar trek up to Elliott’s studio apartment.

Elliott greeted him with a soft smile and an awkward, should we or shouldn’t we mismatched kind of hug, which led to cheek kisses kinda missing cheeks and accidentally hitting lips instead. Both men jumped back as if they’d been electrocuted, both apologising.

“Why is this so awkward?” Elliott frowned uncomfortably as Chuckles recognised Kurt and came dashing across the room excitedly, jumping against his legs and yapping.

Kurt picked up his excited dog, scratching playfully behind her ear. “Looks like someone missed me,” he cooed at his squirming pet.

“Yeah I,” Elliott began. “Oh you meant the dog,” he blushed a little. “She was a really good girl. I had no issues with her.”

“I’m glad,” Kurt smiled. “Thanks for helping out.”

“So you got married huh?” Elliott finally ushered Kurt inside, closing the door behind him. Kurt placed Chuckles back on the floor and nodded watching as she settled herself back in her bed to nap. “And you’re happy?” Elliott checked holding eye contact.

“I’m really happy,” Kurt admitted.

“So where are they?” Elliott asked curiously. “Seemed like you were upset when you called earlier.”

“Seb just took Tilly to pick up a few things he needed from his apartment for work tomorrow,” Kurt explained not wanting to air his dirty laundry to Elliott and give him an excuse to hate on Sebastian.

“He really likes the kid,” Elliott observed, as he walked the few steps to his Kitchenette.

“They get along great,” Kurt elaborated with a grin. “She calls him Daddy Seb. It’s really cute. He’s so good with her.”

“So that’s why then,” Ell muttered.

“Why what?” Kurt narrowed his eyes as Elliott passed him a noodle box and some chop sticks.

“Why you and I never progressed beyond our friends with benefits arrangement. Why you rushed to marry him. You wanted a dad for the kid. When did your divorce even go through? Did you even stop for one second to breathe? Do you even love him?”

Kurt glared. “You are my best friend and I know you love me but where do you get off accusing me of using Sebastian just for co parenting? Yes I do love how much he and Tilly love each other but that is just convenient it’s not why I married him. I married him because a simple smile from him from across the room gives me butterflies, hearing his voice makes my heart race and just the feel of his hand in mine makes my whole body tingle. I married him because every moment I’m not with him I’m thinking about him and wishing I were. I married him because I love him and can’t ever imagine a day when I won’t. I married him because he’s amazing and kind and he looks at me like I’m someone special. I hope that clarifies things for you.”

“You are someone special,” Elliott responded sincerely, sitting down on his bed with his own noodles. “I’m sorry I doubted you. It all just happened so quick Kurt. It’s not like you to be so impulsive.”

“I love him,” Kurt shrugged, taking a seat beside Elliott. “And if you think about it it’s not really quick at all. Sure I was technically married but Blaine and I haven’t been together in a long time and although Seb and I haven’t been dating long I knew him in high school. We weren’t strangers.”

“I guess,” Elliott sighed, opening his noodle box and digging in with chop sticks. “Just kinda hurts you know?”

“I never meant to hurt you,” Kurt smiled sadly. “I really do love you Elliott.”

“I know,” Elliott nodded. “I guess you should probably be showing me your fancy new ring and telling me all about your wedding then.”

Kurt flashed his Tiffany ring at Elliott, who oohed and ahhed with the appropriate enthusiasm. “Our wedding was just a last minute Vegas quickie,” Kurt smiled. “We’ve decided that we’re going to do it properly on New Years Eve in Ohio. I’m hoping you’ll be my best man, help us plan and stuff.”

“New Years Eve?” Elliott teased. “Not Valentine’s Day?”

“Because you think we’re that cheesy,” Kurt poked his tongue out playfully at his friend.

“I think the band might have a gig booked for New Years,” Elliott speculated. “But I’m sure we can cancel. Of course I’ll be your best man.”

“I was thinking you guys might play the reception,” Kurt tucked into his noodles looking hopefully at Elliott. “We’ll pay you of course.”

“Can we play Kurt’s song?” Elliott smirked, his mouth full of food.

“No,” Kurt shook his head, a soft smile on his lips.

Elliott hummed a few bars.

“It’s a beautiful song,” Kurt complimented his friend. “But no.”

“You know you’ve broken my heart, marrying him,” Elliott looked down at the floor. “Where am I going to find someone else as amazing as you?”

“He’s out there Ell and he looking for you too. I bet he’s hot and kind and unlike me kid free and I’m sure he’s going to make you happy.”

“Like the doctor makes you.” Elliott tried to muster enthusiasm. “But what if he’s not? What if I end up in a old folks home at 105 without ever meeting the one?”

“If you’re still single at 105 I’ll leave Sebastian and we’ll run off together,” Kurt joked as he ate. “You’ll find him Ell. You’re a great person. He’ll be lucky to have you.”

“Yeah,” Elliott seemed unconvinced as he stood from the bed. “This shit Is hot,” he licked his burning lips. “I’m sorry I didn’t offer you anything to drink.”

“Diet Coke if you have any,” Kurt requested politely.

“Regular Coke or Sparkling Water,” Elliott offered, looking through his fridge.

“Water please,” Kurt rolled his burning tongue. Elliott groaned silently, watching, wondering why Kurt had to be so hot and so married. Life just wasn’t fair sometimes.

Elliott passed Kurt the water, grabbed himself a coke and returned to his spot beside Kurt on the bed. Kurt opened the bottle and took a few long gulps before sitting it beside his feet on the floor. They ate for a while in silence before both talking at once.

“I still want...”Elliott began.

“Are you working...” Kurt hesitated “You first,” he gestured for Elliott to continue.

“Na I’m good, you go,” Elliott decided against telling Kurt he still wanted to sleep with him. It would be unfair to both of them. He didn’t want to lose Kurt all together.

“I was wondering if you were working on any new music,” Kurt replied quickly, reaching for his water again after another bite of noodles. “I’m sure they aren’t usually this hot,” he referred down to the almost empty box in his hand.

“We have a few songs we are playing around with,” Elliott swallowed the bite he was chewing. “One of them is kinda cool. I’ll send you a link when it’s done.”

“I’d like that,” Kurt smiled. “Meant to tell you we are moving in a couple of weeks too. Just a few streets over. Bigger place.”

“Everything is changing,” Elliott sounded a little fearful.

“Not our friendship though,” Kurt assured him.

“Yes even that,” Elliott’s face fell a little. “I wish I’d known our last time was going to be our last time you know? I’d have put in more effort, appreciated it a little more.”

“I had no complaints Ell,” Kurt put down his food and took Elliott’s hand.

“I’d have liked to be more than your rebound guy,” Ell held Kurt’s hand tight.

“You were always more than that,” Kurt cupped Elliott’s jaw with his free hand stroking his stubbled cheek gently with his thumb.” You, Elliott Gilbert are the one person who no matter what happens in my life, no matter what changes, is always there for me. I am so grateful for you and our friendship.”

“Thank you,” Elliott smiled sadly holding eye contact with Kurt. As they both leaned in and their lips touched his hand released Kurt’s to find the back of his neck. They kissed softly, slowly, sadly, without tongue, without heat, with finality, saying goodbye to a side of their friendship that had meant so much to both of them.

Elliott pulled back first, resting his forehead against Kurt’s affectionately. There was no regret, no need for apology. They both knew what this was. Kurt smiled softly at his friend, pulling him into a hug. A little teary eyed he squeezed Elliott tight, savouring the embrace as Ell clung to him.

“Don’t you fucking cry Hummel,” Elliott warned him with a soft chuckle as they parted. “This is all your fault. You and your hot doctor.”

“He IS so hot,” Kurt agreed wiping his eyes as he chuckled along.

“He’s good to you right?” Elliott stood up and began to gather Chuckles’ things together, his food, his lead, his toys and put them in bag.

“He is Ell,” Kurt assured him. “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“I’m not worried,” Elliott lied. “As long as you’re happy and I still get to see you occassionally then I’m cool.”

“I was saying to Tilly yesterday that you might come shopping with us to find her a new dress for the wedding,” Kurt ventured hopefully.

“Sure,” Elliott nodded, passing Kurt the bag. “The four of us can check out Barney’s, Bergdorf’s where ever you want. Just let me know when.”

“Just the three of us,” Kurt corrected him. “I’m pretty sure Seb has a personal shopper. He’s one of those weird gays that equates shopping with hell. He took me to Rodeo Drive in LA, barely tried on a thing.”

“Well that’s a relief,” Elliott smile. “Finally a flaw reveals itself. I was beginning to think Doc Hottie was perfect.”

Kurt laughed aloud. “I can’t wait to tell him you called him that.”

“Are you going to tell him we kissed?” Elliott picked up Chuckles and passed Kurt her bed.

“I don’t know,” Kurt sighed, “I’m parked 3 doors down if you can bring the doggo.”

Elliott grabbed his keys with a nod. “Lead the way. I’m going to miss this little lady,” he patted along her back. “She was good company.”

“Maybe you should adopt yourself a little dog,” Kurt suggested, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. “We got her from the Best Friends Lifesaving Centre. They were great there. I can take you on the weekend and help you choose one if you want to.”

“I’ll think about it and let you know,” Elliott juggled Chuckles as he locked up then followed Kurt downstairs. “Are you having a house warming party when you move?”

“Hadn’t thought,” Kurt shrugged, opening the door downstairs. Only now realising it was starting to get dark. “Either way you need to come over and see the place.”

“I will,” Elliott agreed, walking step for step beside Kurt to the car.

Kurt unlocked it remotely and placed all Chuckles things in the back seat, placing the dog on the passenger side floor in the front. She quickly settled herself, curling up comfortably. Kurt closed the door and turned to Elliott. “Thank you for taking care of her.”

“You’re welcome,” Elliott smiled as they hugged quickly. “Drive safe,” he added.

“Sure,” Kurt made his way around the car to the driver’s side. “Love you,” he smiled before climbing into the car.

“You too,” Elliott waved, heading back towards his apartment. Kurt set up his gps and his music again, sent off a quick text to Seb and then pulled out from the curb. It had been a long day. He was looking forward to getting home to his family.

Chapter Text

“Tilly went down easy tonight,”Kurt commented, passing Sebastian a mug of coffee before sitting down beside him at the dining room table with one of his own.

“Thanks hun,” Seb looked up from his laptop and grasped the mug with both hands, taking a long appreciative slurp. “She’s worn out. She had a long day. It’s been a really busy week.”

“You got much left to do?” Kurt drank his coffee, gesturing to Seb’s computer.

“Give me ten more minutes,” Seb requested. “I swear if I have to stare at this screen much longer I’ll go cross eyed.”

“That’s hot,” Kurt teased, crossing his eyes with a cheeky grin.

“Super sexy,” Seb chuckled. “Now go away you’re distracting from my very important doctor work.”

“Distracting you?” Kurt mocked gasped. “Well I never! Maybe it’s this awful music you’re listening to.”

“Hey don’t be a hater,” Seb pouted playfully. “How can you not love Brendan Urie?” Seb nudged Kurt away gently. “Shoo,” he grinned.

“Fine,” Kurt grumbled, getting up and taking his coffee with him. “I know when I’m not wanted.”

“You’re always wanted Beautiful,” Seb wiggled his eyes brows suggestively. “That’s the problem. It’s impossible to concentrate when you’re sitting so close. You should try replying professionally to the head of surgery’s email while sporting a massive boner.”

Kurt rose an eyebrow. “Do I turn you on Dr Hummel-Smythe?” He asked seductively, placing his coffee down on a coaster on the table then beginning to undo his shirt...Maintaining eye contact with his husband, he danced erotically to Seb’s music, slowly, deliberately, revealing more of his pale porcelain skin with each button he opened.

“You’re not the tiniest bit funny,” Sebastian swallowed hard, his eyes dilating as he watched Kurt’s shirt fall from his shoulders onto the floor.

“Funny, isn’t my goal,” Kurt smirked, beginning on his belt buckle.

Sebastian turned his chair, sitting back in it. His work now forgotten he watched his sexy husband dance, salivating as Kurt slowly stripped for him. “Fuck you’re gorgeous,” Seb murmured as Kurt obviously aroused danced around him smirking, now in just his blue polka dotted boxer briefs. As Kurt reached for the waist band, Seb slammed his laptop closed, pulling Kurt onto his lap.

“Dance for me baby,” Seb pleaded, gripping Kurt’s ass as Kurt gyrated in his lap.

“Tut tut. No touching,” Kurt chastised Sebastian removing his hands as he rolled his body against him, their hard cocks grinding delightfully together, through their clothing making them both moan.

“Fucking tease,” Seb cursed, writhing and squirming beneath Kurt, his eyes black with lust.

“Sit still Sebastian,” Kurt warned breathlessly against his ear, before biting down on the lobe to punish him.

Seb whined in discomfort, fighting to remain still as Kurt ever so slowly and teasingly began to undress him. Once Seb’s shirt was open Kurt climbed from his lap. He continued his dance, tucking his fingers into the waistband of his underwear and easing them to the floor.

He turned his back on Sebastian, seating himself again in his lap, twerking, grinding his ass against Sebastian’s raging erection, enjoying the feel of the rough denim against his bare skin.

That was Sebastian’s breaking point. He gripped Kurt’s hips tight and rutted against him, once, twice before pushing him forward and off his knee. He trapped Kurt against the table where he’d been working, planting Kurt’s hands on the timber surface before gripping his chin and turning his face to kiss him, rough and hungry sucking kurt’s bottom lip in between his teeth and gently biting, then using his tongue to lick over and sooth the sting.

Barely able to move, Kurt whimpered, squirming and quivering against Sebastian. With his power now lost to his partner, hopelessness drove Kurt’s need. Seb clawed at Kurt’s chest, trailing open mouth kisses down his neck before sucking and nipping progressively harder along his shoulder, marking Kurt’s pale skin possessively. He owned this man.

“I need...” Kurt panted trying to form a coherent sentence.

“What do you need baby?” Sebastian hissed as fought to maintain his last semblance of control.

“I need you,” Kurt fought against Sebastian.

“You have me beautiful,” Sebastian murmured breathlessly against Kurt’s ear. Using one hand to undo his belt and jeans while the other one held Kurt’s hands against the table top. “Tell me what you really want?” He demanded impatiently.

“I want your cock,” Kurt pleaded in desperation frantically rocking his hips back into Sebastian, gasping silently each time Seb’s bulge slid against his ass crack.

“I see,” Sebastian smirked, holding Kurt firmly at the hip as he stepped out of his jeans and underwear. Seb teased him, gripping his own cock and trailing its leaking head up Kurt’s crack. “But I’m not sure my darling Kurtie, if you deserve it. You knew I had important work to do and yet you still thought it was a good idea to distract me, to deliberately tease and taunt me with your gorgeous body, putting on that stunning little show of yours knowing that I was helpless to resist you. Tell me Kurt after that do you really think you deserve my cock?”

Kurt moaned softly, he attempted to rut back again into Sebastian, but this time Sebastian arched away, gripping Kurt’s hip a little tighter. “Answer Me Kurt,” Sebastian demanded.

“Yes,” Kurt whined, once again fighting against Sebastian’s grip on him. “Wanna make you feel so good.”

“Are you trying to pretend this is about me?” Sebastian chuckled, shaking his head as he slapped his dick against Kurt’s ass. “We both know Kurt, that your little display here tonight had nothing to do with me. This was all about you. This was all about my breath taking needy little husband needing to have his greedy little hole filled with my big hard cock. Admit it Kurt. You know I’m right.”

“Yes,” Kurt agreed without hesitation. “Please Sebastian.”

“Please what?” Sebastian’s willpower was waning but he needed to hear his husband beg for him before he could give in. After spending the evening with Elliott Sebastian needed to know Kurt really wanted him, just him.

“Please fuck me,” Kurt pleaded, his eyes full of need. “Please Sebastian, Please. I need you. Please fill my greedy hole with your big hard cock.”

Seb groaned, stroking himself lazily for a moment. “Spread your legs for me baby,” he instructed nudging the inside of Kurt’s ankle with his foot. Kurt spread for him bracing himself, his nails digging into the table top. Sebastian dropped to his knees behind Kurt taking a split second to admire the view. His husband had one amazing ass.

Seb placed a soft kiss against one cheek and then the other, before parting them with his hands. He sucked a finger into his mouth then circled Kurt’s pucker with it, teasing before lapping over the hole with his tongue and fuck, did Kurt taste good.

Kurt clenched, moaning and rocking back against Seb’s face as Seb with exquisite skill slowly licked him open, eventually breaching him with the rolled tip of his tongue, fucking it furiously in and out of Kurt forcing savage curses from him as he went weak in the knees, rapidly falling apart for his husband.

“You like that baby?” Seb murmured moaning as he lunged his tongue forcefully back inside, reaching between Kurt’s legs to cup his balls, fondling them gently as he licked deep into Kurt’s ass.

Kurt reached down to stroke himself, whimpering Seb’s name. No previous partner had ever done this for Kurt before and it was beyond anything else he’d ever experienced. The wet, wiggling heat inside him felt incredible, the roughness of Seb’s probing tongue in his most intimate place had him tingling all over. Kurt was so close to cumming from this alone. So so close but he needed Sebastian inside him first. He needed to be filled with Sebastian’s big throbbing cock.

“What did you say about no touching?” Seb pulled back. He released Kurt’s balls and nudged Kurt’s hand away, digging teeth into his right ass cheek. “Don’t you dare cum yet,” Sebastian growled at his lover. “You can’t be messing up our table like a desperate, dirty little slut before I even get inside you. We eat here.”

“I don’t care,” Kurt growled in frustration, reaching again for his cock. He managed a couple of tugs before Seb stopped him again.

“I thought I said no,” Sebastian frowned, slapping Kurt’s ass cheek. “So fucking needy,” Sebastian observed cockily. “Do you have any idea how hot that is?”

“Just shut up and fuck me Sebastian,” Kurt demanded desperately.

“No I don’t think I will,” Sebastian shook his head as he rose from the floor and headed for the bedroom with his hard cock in his fist.

“You can’t be serious,” Kurt whined, breathlessly his leaking cock bobbing as he chased after him. “Sebby come on.”

Sebastian laughed softly, he pushed Kurt down onto the bed, stroking himself rapidly for Kurt to see. “Is this what you want baby?” He slapped Kurt’s face with his hard dick, splattering his pre cum across Kurt’s cheek and lips before forcing himself deep into Kurt’s mouth with filthy words, not stopping until his husband was gagging and gasping for breath.

Hard, aching and beyond frustrated, Kurt took Sebastian willingly, gripping his ass, sucking, licking, forcing him deep into his throat, encouraging Seb to fuck his face with his gorgeous thick cock. Before he could cum, groaning Sebastian pulled away. More desperate for him than ever Kurt tugged Sebastian down onto the bed beside him.

With a sly grin, Seb rolled Kurt over spooning him before gently nudging Kurt’s top leg forward. Wet with Kurt’s saliva, Seb’s cock easily found Kurt’s still gaping hole and with minimal resistance he ever so slowly pushed inside.

Kurt keened with relief at the welcome intrusion, feeling full and finally complete, whole again, loved. Longing to be even closer Kurt pulled Seb’s arm tight around his torso intertwining their fingers as they began to move together as one. Sebastian’s thrusts initially tantalisingly slow and deep quickly became more rapid and urgent. The pleasure from his gorgeous Kurt’s tight heat clenching around him almost unbearable. Sebastian loved this man so much. He was certain nothing should ever feel this good.

“Harder,” Kurt pleaded, rocking his pelvis in rhythm with his partner, his balls tight and his leaking neglected cock aching for release.

“Come on Baby,” Sebastian urged him. Angling himself just right he snapped his hips hard so his cock head hit Kurt’s prostate straight on. Kurt shuttered in Seb’s arms, cursing and calling his name in overwhelming pleasure as his vision blurred and his rigid body arched back against his lover with the force of his orgasm.

Seb growled, biting into Kurt’s shoulder, almost breaking the skin, as over and over Kurt forcefully clenched around him. With barely another thrust Seb dropped over the edge, rapidly, intensely shooting his release deep into Kurt with an appreciative groan of pleasure. Quivering against Kurt’s back, Seb kissed his neck, his shoulder, the top of his arm, holding him close as their heart rates eventually slowed and their breathing returned to normal. Seb wished deeply in that moment that he could see Kurt’s eyes. He missed that special connection between them.

After the longest time, soft, Seb carefully pulled out. Kurt whimpered as he moved away climbing from the bed to get a warm face cloth from the bathroom to clean up.

Kurt was barely awake when Seb returned. He grumbled a little in protest as Seb caringly wiped the drying cum from his sated body.

“It’s okay sweetheart,” Seb assured him with a soft kiss to his forehead, “You sleep. I’ve got you.”

Seb covered Kurt snuggly with his duvet and returned the wash cloth to the bathroom. As Kurt nodded off, he snuck quietly back out to the dining room, where he spent another hour finishing off his work. He locked up the house, gathered up their discarded clothing and checked in on their daughter before returning to bed. He smiled softly to himself as Kurt instantly nuzzled against him, longing for physical closeness with Sebastian even in his sleep.

“I love you,” Kurt murmured drowsily into Sebastian’s shoulder as he tangled himself around him.

“I love you too,” Seb smiled, holding Kurt and kissing the top of his hair. “Good night baby.”

“Night,” Kurt whispered, already asleep.

The following morning was a chaotic rush, Kurt’s usual morning routine which barely even got he and Matilda out the door on time was thrown into disarray with a third person in the house, especially when that person woke with irresistible sexy as fuck bed hair and made it impossible for Kurt to leave his bed without first giving him a not so quick good morning blow job.

“Did you sleep through the alarm?” Matilda frowned at Kurt as she tried to eat her cereal while he too hastily tugged at her hair trying to get into a high pony. “You’re hurting me.”

“I’m sorry sweetie,” he grimaced. “I forgot to set it,” he fibbed as he finally succeeded. “If you’re done eating, go brush your teeth then we can go.”

“Is she going to school with her hair like that?” Seb frowned a little as he came from the bedroom in his suit, pouring himself a cup of coffee and swiping a piece of Kurt’s uneaten toast.

“It’s fine for today,” Kurt sighed, putting on his shoes. “We really need to set our alarm a little earlier if we are going to start every day like that, I’m so late.”

“I’m not sorry,” Seb grinned smugly. “I honestly can not think of a better way to begin my day. Your mouth babe, fuck. If it helps though I have time to drop Tilly at school.”

“Actually that would be great,” Kurt stood, kissing his husband appreciatively, tasting coffee on his lips.

Seb held Kurt for a moment, smiling against his mouth. “I’m so happy to be married to you.”

“Me too,” Kurt smiled back, kissing Seb softly again before pulling away in search of his work bag.

“You didn’t tell me,” Seb sipped at his coffee, “How was Elliott yesterday? Is he still upset?”

“He was great,” Kurt replied absentmindedly. He was distracted checking his bag to make sure he had everything he needed. “We kissed goodbye. We are all good now.”

“You kissed?” Seb’s face dropped. “What do you mean? Are we talking a literal kiss here?”

“Ahh yeah,” Kurt grimaced, realising what he’d said, “a kiss goodbye Sebastian.”

“What kind of kiss goodbye?” Sebastian sort verification, his tone agitated.

“Just a kiss,” Kurt shrugged, trying to downplay it.

“Well was there tongue? Was there groping?”

“No tongue, no groping,” Kurt sighed, “Really it was nothing baby.”

“Don’t call me baby right now,” Seb glared at him. “Is this something that’s going to happen every I let you be alone with him?”

“Let me?” Kurt’s tone rose in pitch. “You don’t own me Sebastian. I don’t need your permission to hang out with my friends.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Sebastian argued. “Do I need to be worried about you and Elliott? First it’s a kiss then what?”

“How many times do we have to have this same discussion?” Kurt groaned in exasperation. “It’s becoming tedious Seb.”

“You kissed another man Kurt,” Sebastian looked so hurt. “Don’t make me the bad guy here.”

“I’m not talking about this anymore,” Kurt protested. “It was just a kiss Sebastian. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just goodbye. I’m late for work. I need to go. I love you.”

“Yeah,” Sebastian nodded half heartily as Kurt called out goodbye to Matilda. “Daddy Seb will drop you at school,” he informed her. “I love you kiddo. I’ll see you when I pick you up.” He turned to Sebastian with a soft smile. “I can’t wait to go look at the house with you tonight. Have a great day.”

“Sure,” Sebastian responded too quietly, watching Kurt sadly as he dashed hurriedly out the door, once again leaving without a goodbye kiss. It seemed that Elliott was Kurt’s only recipient of those. That really stung Sebastian.

“You almost ready princess?” Seb knocked at the bathroom door before heading into the en-suite to brush his teeth. When he came out Matilda was waiting in the living room, struggling with her school backpack. Seb helped her put it on before they headed out the door. Matilda took Seb’s hand chatting away excitedly to him their entire walk to school. She couldn’t wait to see Eddie, to tell him all about her trip to Disneyland. Seb welcomed the distraction though he barely listened, his mind wandering, torn between thoughts of returning to work and images of his husband in Elliott’s arms, his hands caressing Elliott’s skin, his lips grazing Elliott’s lips. Sebastian didn’t like it. He didn’t like the way Kurt brushed it off as nothing either. Would Kurt have been so blasé if Seb had kissed his ex in Vegas. Of course Seb wouldn’t do that, that asshole was gross but that was hardly the point. His husband had kissed Elliott, hot, sexy, used to have sex with Kurt, wanna be rockstar, Elliott and that hurt like a bitch.

“I love you Daddy Seb,” Matilda’s voice cut into his Seb’s thoughts making him suddenly realise they were out front of her school.

“I love you too,” he crouched down to hug her tight. “You have a great day at school and I’ll see you tonight.”

She kissed his cheek, before letting him go. “Bye,” she called with a wave, as she dashed off up the stairs.

“Well I never thought I’d see the day,” Sebastian heard his brother chuckle behind him. Seb turned and greeted him with a genuine smile. They hugged, patting each other warmly on the back. “Congratulations little brother,” Titus grinned wide. “How’s it feel to be an old married bastard now?”

“It’s...I’m happy,” Seb smiled trying not to think about Elliott, trying not to think about Elliott’s lips on Kurt’s. It was however an imagine he couldn’t let go of.

“You have time for a coffee?” Titus enquired, obviously keen to catch up with his brother. “I’d love to hear all about it...well not all of it but you know what I mean.”

“Another time,” Seb suggested. “I’m already a little late. I have a lot to catch up on, haven’t been into the hospital for two weeks. There’s probably a whole new staff by now.”

“Regina and I would love to have you guys over for dinner. I know Eddie would love it. He adores Matilda,” Titus smiled.

“Well I guess they are kinda cousins now,” Seb offered.

“Oh shit,” Titus cringed. “Don’t tell him that you’ll break his heart. He’s convinced they are getting married once they graduate college. There apparently going to live at the top of the Statue of Liberty.”

“That’s cute,” Seb smiled a little.

“So Thursday night for dinner,” Titus pushed. “Mum and Dad’s flight gets in around 2pm so should we say around 6? I know they’re dying to meet their new son in law and grand daughter. Don’t worry we’ve only told them good things. Regina and I love Kurt and Matilda.”

“Me too,” Seb smiled fondly. “Wait,” he hesitated. “I didn’t know mum and dad would be here on Thursday. How long are they staying?”

“Just until Monday,” Titus shrugged. “Shit, I hope it wasn’t meant to be a surprise.”

“Don’t worry I’ll act surprised,” Seb grinned. “And I’ll talk to Kurt about dinner and drop you a text. It should be fine. I really do need to go though bro.”

“Sure,” Titus hugged his brother again briefly. “Take care, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Seb smiled, “You too.”

Sebastian headed back towards home to get his car. He hated Elliott more and more each step he took as this thoughts so cruelly spiralled out of control. Except he couldn’t really blame Elliott could he? Elliott wasn’t the married one. Elliott wasn’t the one who promised not to cheat on him. Did kissing even constitute cheating? Maybe that depended on the kind of kiss? Was he really pissed off just about the kiss or was it because Kurt had taken so long to tell him? Because his Kurt had been holding onto that secret when they’d made love last night? Had it really just been a kiss? Or had it been more? And what about last night? Had it been Elliott that Kurt was thinking of as Sebastian had moved inside him? Was Sebastian Kurt’s second choice? The more convenient option, chosen only because he was willing to parent Matilda while Elliott wasn’t.

It may have been, according to Kurt, a simple meaningless ‘goodbye’ kiss but it hurt Sebastian probably because he’d had his suspicions about Kurt and Elliott’s friendship all along. One thing he knew for sure was that he and Kurt weren’t done discussing it. Kurt was HIS husband and while he would never stop Kurt from seeing Elliott or any of friends for that matter he did have the right to demand Kurt’s fidelity. Right now it felt as if he couldn’t trust Kurt to give him that and with Kurt’s reluctance to talk about it Sebastian saw only two possible solutions.

The first he couldn’t even bear to think about. He loved Kurt deeply, with his entire heart. Leaving him would be a drastic over reaction and even though for a split second he’d considered it, it was realistically not an option, especially not with Matilda in the mix. The second was awkward, but regretfully necessary. Sebastian had to talk Elliott alone, confront him once and for all about his feelings/relationship with Kurt and he needed to do it as soon as possible. Unfortunately as much as he wanted to but couldn’t just rock up to Elliott’s place right now and have it out with him. Not only did he not know where Elliott lived but he also really needed to get to work. He hadn’t been lying when he’d told his brother he was in for a hectic day.

Once again without really realising where he was Sebastian had made it home. He rushed inside to grab his laptop and bag, locked up the house, then jumped into his car. Too loud music blared at him as he started his car. He turned it down a little before connecting his phone with Bluetooth then singing along to a few songs as he drove. He was half way to work before he called Jason. His intern/assistant congratulated him on his marriage, caught him up on the latest hospital gossip and gave him a quick rundown on his current patients and scheduled appointments for the day.

“Any chance of me getting a lunch break today?” Seb checked with purpose.

“If you take it early,” Jason replied knowingly. “Planning a nooner with the new hubby huh? You’re free 12-1pm. We had a cancellation.”

“I need you go into the cloud and find my phone contacts then please call Elliott Gilbert and see if he’ll kindly join me for lunch today at that diner I like. You know the one.”

“Of course,” Jason readily agreed.

“Thank you,” Sebastian responded gratefully, his stomach full of anxious butterflies. He hated confrontation but if his marriage had any chance of making it, Elliott had to be dealt with as soon as possible. Sebastian figured as he pulled into the hospital parking lot that there was no time like the present.

Chapter Text

Elliott was already waiting at a table when Sebastian arrived at the diner. He stood as Seb approached, greeting him with a curious, slightly apprehensive expression and a cautious handshake.

“Kurt’s not with you?” Elliott seemed a little surprised, glancing around the busy establishment as he returned to his seat. “Is he on his way?”

“Kurt won’t be joining us,” Sebastian replied stonefaced, taking the chair opposite Elliott.

“Oh,” Elliott grimaced. “He told you about the kiss didn’t he?”

“He did,” Sebastian nodded, leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms across his chest and mirroring Elliott’s facial expression.

“It was nothing,” Elliott explained weakly.

Sebastian shrugged and picked up a menu, leaving Elliott to sweat for a bit as he read through it. “Have you ordered yet?” He checked politely. “The Turkey burger here is particularly good. Very lean.”

“I haven’t yet,” Elliott shook his head, giving the menu a thorough look over, anything to avoid making eye contact with Kurt’s husband. At least they were in public. Hopefully this wouldn’t get too heated.

A friendly waitress approached their table. Sebastian promptly ordered the turkey burger, some onion rings and a root beer. Elliott requested a tuna melt, fries and a sprite. Then they sat in awkward silence contemplating each other.

Elliott spoke first. “You have you realise,” he began. “I’ve been friends with Kurt for a lot of years, since before he and Blaine were married. I was there for him through the highs and the many many lows of that relationship.”

“Blaine was a dick to him. Blaine IS a dick. Everyone knows that,” Sebastian looked unimpressed. “I’m not.”

Elliott sighed. “I sat on the sidelines, spoon feeding Kurt Ben & Jerry’s, wiping away every tear, loving him a little more as each one fell, waiting, biding my time for him to notice me as more than a friend, more than a fuck buddy, as a viable dating option but I’ve realised I’m never going to be that to him. He says he loves me and I know in his own way that it’s true but he’s never been in love with me, not the way I’ve always been in love with him. I tried so hard to play it cool. Like Blaine left and we started hooking up, incredible sex, Am I right? Sooo good,” Elliott paused as the waitress brought their drinks. He sipped his sprite.

Sebastian nodded, frowning. He really didn’t want to hear about how much Elliott had enjoyed Kurt. “So?” he prompted, willing to hear Elliott out none the less.

“So...” Elliott continued. “So I thought that was my chance that I’d finally hooked him but he was so crushed by Blaine. It was devastating to see. He lost weight. He took time off work, wallowing at home for weeks in sweatpants, rarely even showering. I helped as much as I could but he didn’t really come through the other side until he adopted Matilda. I have to admit I tried to discourage that. I wanted him but I’ve never wanted children. Kurt knew that. I’m a musician. I work strange hours. Kids are demanding and inconvenient. I guess her adoption was when I realised we would never be together. That I wasn’t a priority for him. I tried to walk away but I was just so invested you know? It’s Kurt. He’s so fucking special. He started dating other guys, here and there, which I hated and then you came along. I was thinking you’d be just another pretty face, gone in a month, that I’d get used to the kid and eventually we’d be together. I do like her. She’s really cute. I take her shopping sometimes, help her pick out pretty dresses. She calls me Uncle Ell,” Elliott paused, sipping his sprite again as he tried to read the expression on Sebastian’s face.

Remaining silent and stern faced Sebastian took a drink of his root beer.

“He fucking married you,” Elliott’s face contorted in pain. “I’d been there for him all that time and then you come along and in just a few weeks he married you and that kid, she calls you Daddy Seb. Honestly dude. Kurt has made his choice. Why are you and I even here? Just for you to stake out your territory?”

Sebastian raised a silent eyebrow.

“So Kurt and I kissed, So what?”Elliott shrugged. “It was nothing.”

“A kiss with someone one you used to fuck isn’t nothing,” Sebastian glared.

“You need to get over it,” Elliott replied bluntly. “You won. If he was into me in anyway there never would have been any room in his life for you. That’s been very hard for me to admit and it honestly kills me to say but that man is so fucking in love with you. The way his face lights up and his eyes glaze over when he mentions you, it’s truly beautiful. It’s something I can only fucking dream about. He’s so proud of you, so proud to be with you. Ive never seen him so happy. You’re the luckiest man I know Sebastian. You don’t have to worry about your marriage or our fucking kiss. He’s yours. Enjoy it because I’m jealous as fuck.”

Sebastian nodded again still saying nothing. He deliberately avoided eye contact with his lunch companion instead smiling up warmly at the waitress as she set their meals in front of them. Seb took a moment, sampling his onion rings as he decided how to respond. There really wasn’t much to say. “So? Why are you telling me all this?” He asked suspiciously.

“Because Kurt Hummel is the best human I know.”

“Hummel-Smythe, Kurt Hummel-Smythe,” Sebastian corrected him pettily, subtly showing off his wedding band.

“Right,” Elliott fought not to roll his eyes. “I love Kurt,” he continued, “and I want him to be happy. He deserves that more than anyone and from what I can tell you seem to make him happy.”

“You won’t be getting in our way then?” Carefully guarded, Sebastian rose an inquisitive eyebrow. “I knew when I got involved with Kurt I’d have to deal with Blaine. I wasn’t counting on you.”

Elliott picked at his fries. “I know when to quit dude. You’re the one. You even have the kid wrapped around your little finger. How’d you do that?”

“I think it’s more like that other way around,” Sebastian smiled fondly at the thought of Tilly, finally beginning to relax. “Matilda is really something. Everything she’s been through and she’s just so loving and sweet.”

“That’s all Kurt,” Elliott mused, taking a bite of his tuna melt.

“He is an amazing father,” Sebastian agreed, picking up his burger in both hands and taking a bite. Ketchup ran messily down his chin.

“You’ve got ketchup,” Elliott pointed to his chin before offering Seb a napkin.

“Thanks,” Sebastian wiped his chin, taking another bite.

“Kurt says the same about you,” Elliott admitted, returning to their conversation. He couldn’t decide if he liked Sebastian. He seemed weirdly insecure yet arrogant. It was a bizarre combination and a little off putting.

“Kurt is the kindness man I know,” Sebastian smiled. “I adore everything about him.”

“I get that,” Elliott half smiled back. He was trying to be happy for the newly weds but this whole situation hurt and he really didn’t want to be here. “So are you okay with me being Kurt’s best man for your Ohio wedding?” He tested Sebastian.

“As long as you know I’ll be the only one kissing him,” Sebastian wasn’t joking.

“I’m aware,” Elliott nodded, yep arrogant. He continued his meal, “It won’t happen again. I’m sorry if you were hurt.” Friends close, enemies closer, Elliott was feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

“I wasn’t thrilled,” Sebastian sighed. “But you’re Kurt’s best friend. You guys have history and you’re obviously not going anywhere.”

“I don’t want to lose his friendship,” Elliott responded honestly thinking how crushed he’d be to lose his best friend and confidante.

“We don’t want that either,” Sebastian took another bite of his burger. “Kurt deserves to surrounded by good people who love him. Keep your mitts to yourself and I think you and I will get on just fine too.”

Elliott nodded, ready to get up and leave. This guy was a total tosser and unfortunately a permanent part of Kurt’s life now whether Ell liked it or not. Animosity between them would only put strain on Kurt and Elliott’s friendship with Kurt. Elliott didn’t want that. He bit his tongue.

“My parents are coming into town on Thursday. We’re getting together at my brother’s place for dinner. Kurt is meeting them for the first time. You should join us. I’m sure Kurt would appreciate the moral support. What do you say? Are you free?” Sebastian suggested out of nowhere.

“I wouldn’t want to intrude on a family occasion,” Elliott was hesitant to accept. In fact he couldn’t think of anything worse than seeing Sebastian and Kurt play happy families. The idea literally turned his stomach.

“Nonsense,” Sebastian insisted. “I’m assuming with my mum around there will be lots of wedding planning going on. As Kurt’s best man your attendance is practically mandatory.”

“Will your best man be there?” Elliott still felt unsure. Wedding planning? This was getting worse by the minute.

“I’m going to ask my brother Titus,” Sebastian informed him. “Dinner’s at his place. It would be a good opportunity for you to meet him. I think you’ll like his wife and I’m sure Matilda would love Uncle Ell to meet her Eddie. You have to come Elliott.”

“Eddie?” Elliott narrowed his eyes. “Oh the kid that likes Lego? He’s your nephew?” Of course he was the nephew. Elliott never stood a chance against this guy.

Sebastian’s phone began to ring before he could respond. “Excuse me,” he apologised to Elliott as he checked the screen. “It’s work. I really need to take it.”

“Of course,” Elliott focussed on his melt and fries as Sebastian stepped away from the table. He ate quickly anxious to leave, still unsure why he’d come in the first place, mainly because he thought Kurt was coming too and he’d anything for Kurt Hummel... oops Kurt Hummel-Smythe, he corrected himself. Honestly what did Kurt see in this asshat. He really must be hung like a fucking horse.

“I’m really sorry,” Sebastian returned the table. “Emergency at work. I really need to go.” He removed multiple large bills from his wallet and placed them on the table. “That should cover both of us,” he offered Elliott his hand. “Thank you for joining me today. The food’s good, right? I’ll see you on Thursday night, yeah?”

“Sure,” Elliott agreed, with an internal groan, accepting the handshake and the invitation to dinner. Hopefully he would come down with Ebola Virus or Leprosy before Thursday and have an excuse to escape the nightmare of attending a Hummel-Smythe family dinner.

“I’ll text you the address,” Sebastian gave Elliott a final wave before dashing out of the diner. Elliott stared after him enviously. The dude was damn near perfect, good looks, prestigious career, family money and he had everything because he had Kurt. Shame about his shitty personality Elliott sighed hating him as he finished his tuna melt and requested the bill, He was soon heading home alone, always alone. Maybe he could at least get a song out of all this drama. Fingers crossed.


“So what do you think?” Sebastian stepped up behind Kurt in the kitchen of their new home, wrapping his arms around Kurt’s waist and kissing his neck.

Kurt smiled, leaning back into Seb’s embrace. “I think you’re being extra affectionate this evening.”

“You don’t like it?” Seb pouted a little, resting his chin on Kurt’s shoulder. “Should I stop?”

“No. I like it a lot,” Kurt turned in his arms, capturing his lips in a soft kiss. “I like this kitchen too and our bedroom and the bathroom and... Its in so much bigger than it looked in the pictures.” Kurt kissed Sebastian again just as Matilda stepped into the room with the estate agent.

“That’s what he said,” Sebastian chuckled.

“Are you two kissing again?” Tilly interrupted with a roll of her eyes, toward the agent. “They’re always doing that, like ALL the time.”

“You should be pleased,” Seb scrunched his face at Matilda, “that your daddies love each other so much.”

“Hmm,” Matilda smiled, her dress flaring as she spun around and around in the empty dining room, her arms outstretched. “I’m going to like living here. Can I have the green bedroom? It has pretty flowers outside the window.”

“I think that can be arranged,” Kurt nodded, stepping out of Seb’s arms to look around the kitchen, opening drawers and cupboards and taking a look inside the double oven. “We’ll be able to cook so many cookies in here.”

“We could make pancakes too Daddy,” Matilda stopped spinning and joined her dads in the kitchen. “Where will we keep all the ingredients like the chocolate chips though?”

Sebastian opened the door to the walk in pantry. “You’ll be able to put as many chocolate chips as you want in here kiddo.”

“It’s so big,” Matilda stepped inside looking around as Kurt peaked over Sebastian’s shoulder. “Don’t say it,” Kurt whispered against his ear as Seb immaturely mouthed, “that’s what he said.”

“Can I show you the garden?” The estate agent awkwardly interrupted, checking her watch. She obviously had somewhere else she needed to be.

“Chuckles and I will be able to play out there,” Matilda beamed excitedly. “Eddie too when he comes for sleepovers.”

“Lets go see,” Kurt nudged Seb towards the French doors that lead outside to a small covered courtyard with a little lawn and garden beyond. The agent opened the doors for them and lead the way outside.

“This will be perfect for grilling in summer time,” Seb pointed out the massive 8 burner built in barbecue grill.

“I can see us using this area lot,” Kurt took his hand, intertwining their fingers. “Relaxing out here in the evening with a nice glass of wine and a cheese plate.”

“Followed by a long soak in that jacuzzi,” Seb pointed back indoors in the general direction of the bathroom.

“Can’t wait to move in,” Kurt nuzzled into Seb’s shoulder as together they watched Matilda run around doing cartwheels on the grass. “This place is perfect. You my dear husband are perfect.”

“The house is amazing,” Sebastian agreed, raising Kurt’s hand his lips and tenderly kissing his palm. “You know what else would be amazing right now?”

“Some alone time?” Kurt uttered quietly eyeing his husband hungrily.

“Mmm, Yeah,” Sebastian whispered back. “I thinking Pizza,” he spoke louder so Matilda could hear him. “Whose hungry?”

“Me! Me! Me!” Matilda giggled dashing across the lawn and throwing herself at Sebastian. He released Kurt’s hand and gathered her up in his arms with a laugh.

“So cheese pizza? Or pepperoni?” Seb grinned, turning to carry her back inside as Kurt thanked the agent for her time.

“Ham and pineapple,” Matilda corrected her father as the agent smiled at the obviously happy trio. “You have a lovely family,” she observed. “I hope you’ll all be very happy here.”

“I’m sure we will,” Kurt smiled warmly, watching Seb and Matilda fondly as they all headed towards the front door, through the dining room and past the stairs that lead up to the bedrooms.

“Whose going to have the blue bedroom up there?” Matilda asked Daddy Seb as their agent held the front door open for them.

“Perhaps Grandpa Bert and Nanna Carole when they come to visit,” Kurt suggested.

“Or Grandpa Elijah and Grandma Charlotte,” Seb offered as they stepped outside.

“Or maybe my new baby brother,” Matilda grinned. “Eddie told me that when grown ups kiss they have babies and you two kiss ALL the time so... I want a baby brother. I’ll help take care of him. I can feed him and take him for walks in the park.”

“A baby brother isn’t a puppy,” Kurt chuckled. “He needs more than just food and walks.”

“I still want one,” Matilda pouted out her demand. “My friend Sammy has a baby brother and he’s so cute. He has the tiniest nose and fingers but no hair or teeth. He’s all squishy and pink and funny. I like him.”

“Babies take up a lot of time and your daddy and I both have busy jobs plus you to take care of. We need to have a lot of long talks before we decide if we want to have a new baby,” Sebastian explained patiently. “Plus I need to adopt you before we add anyone else to our family.”

“Maybe you could adopt Eddie too,” Matilda suggested, as Kurt and Sebastian waved goodbye to the estate agent and made their way out to Kurt’s car. “Can you do that?”

“Eddie’s mum and dad probably wouldn’t like that,” Sebastian grinned, waiting for Kurt to unlock his car before helping Matilda into her seat in the back and doing up her seat belt.

Seb and Kurt got into the front, Kurt driving. “Pizza time?” Kurt exclaimed.

“Wait a minute,” Seb looked over into the back seat at the kid. “Did you say inside young lady that you want ham AND pineapple on your pizza? PINEAPPLE? Really? Ewwww.”

“Pineapple is so yummy,” Tilly giggled at the grossed out expression on Sebastian’s face. “Plus it’s good for me. Ask Daddy.”

“Sure,” Sebastian agreed as Kurt started the car and signalled, pulling away from the curb. “Pineapple is good in fruit salad but on pizza? With tomato sauce? You must be crazy kid.”

“I like it,” Matilda replied firmly. “It so much gooder than pepperoni.”

“It so is not!” Sebastian mock gasped, resting a hand affectionately on Kurt’s thigh as he drove. “What have you been teaching this child?” He grinned playfully. “She eats like you. All health conscious. It’s lucky I’ve come along to guide her right.”

“You are not luring our daughter to the dark side,” Kurt chuckled fondly at Sebastian. “Your diet is awful Sebastian.”

“Not always,” Sebastian boasted with defensive smirk. He was feeling particularly good. He had an amazing new family and a beautiful new home to share with them. Everything with Elliott was sorted. Their earlier conversation had given Seb a new confidence, helped him see himself and his marriage in a new light. He’d begun to notice just this evening the soft gleam in Kurt’s eye that was reserved just for him. He saw the love that shined there. He hoped that same love was reflected in his eyes. He was certain it had to be because he was overflowing with it making it more impossible than ever for him to keep his hands to himself, his fingers caressing Kurt’s thigh as he drove.

Kurt sighed softly in contentment. “Am I stopping for pizza or...?”

“We could just order in when we get home,” Seb suggested. “I’d really love to just cuddle on the sofa, with pizza, maybe a glass of wine, and a movie tonight.”

“Yes,” Matilda piped up from the back seat. “We could watch Moana?” She requested quickly.

“No,” both her father’s replied in unison, both sick to death of that particular movie.

“Frozen?” She offered hopefully.

“Try again,” Kurt suggested.

“Tangled?” She asked.

“I could watch Tangled,” Sebastian looked to Kurt with a grin. Kurt frowned back. “What?” Seb’s grin widened. “I’ve never seen it. How bad can it be?”

“You’ll see,” Kurt laughed, turning into their street. “The new place really is close isn’t it? Moving isn’t going to be too bad.”

“When we move are we taking all our stuff?” Matilda checked as Kurt looked out for a place to park.

“Might be a good time to get rid of some old stuff, but yes mostly,” Kurt replied distractedly. “We have quite a few things that we could drop at the Good Will.”

“Like the old photo Daddy Seb has of you from high school?” Matilda asked innocently.

“You have a picture of me from high school?” Kurt asked a blushing Sebastian with amusement as he parallel parked.

“Regionals, or Sectionals...I don’t know,” Sebastian was flustered but he did know. He knew exactly when Jeff had taken the photo. It had been when the drugged up Warblers had won the competition. It was a picture of him and Hunter. Kurt was the background, sporting his surliest bitch face. Somehow he been caught glaring directly into the camera. He looked super hot, good enough to eat. It had quickly become Sebastian’s favourite photo. He kept it beside his bed, often using it for inspiration on lonely nights, and definitely not because of Hunter. He hadn’t meant for Matilda or Kurt to ever see that photo “Its of Hunter and I,” he explained a little bashfully. “You just happened to be in the background.”

“I’d like to see it,” Kurt smiled. “Most of my photos from those days are still back in Ohio.” He turned off the car engine.

“You should see Daddy,” Matilda suggested as he unclicked her seat belt. “You both look so pretty. Daddy Seb’s in a school uniform.”

“Daddy Seb always looked pretty in that uniform,” Kurt smiled over his shoulder at Matilda, undoing his own seatbelt. “Don’t tell him I said that though. It’s a secret.”

“I think he can hear you,” She responded with concern.

“Hear what?” Sebastian played along, leaning over to kiss Kurt’s cheek. “I always thought you were pretty in your girl clothes too,” he whispered for only Kurt to hear before they all climbed out the car, crossing the street to Kurt’s place.

“Oh by the way,” Kurt smiled as he unlocked the front door. “I contacted Trent on my break today. He’s sending his assistant over on Thursday night to take photos so we can get this house listed early next week. Isn’t that good news?”

“That’s great,” Sebastian smiled as Matilda rushed passed him to get inside. She ran across the room to grab the pizza menu from the kitchen drawer as Seb closed the front door behind them. “Does it have to be Thursday though? I haven’t had a chance to tell you yet but I ran into my brother this morning at school drop off and my parents are flying in on Thursday. They are dying to meet you and Tilly so Titus invited us over for dinner. The three of us.”

“Oh,” Kurt looked decidedly nervous. “Oh that’s okay. I’ll just call Elliott. I’m sure he won’t mind hanging out for a bit while they take pics.”

“Umm,” Sebastian cringed a little. “Umm Elliott is coming to dinner too.”

“What do mean?” Kurt was totally lost now. “Why is Ell coming to your brother’s house for dinner with your parents? When did you even speak to him?”

“I have the pizza menu,” Matilda interrupted, sensing a little friction in the room as the pitch in Kurt’s voice rose.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and change honey,” Kurt suggested. “Daddy Seb and I just need to talk for a minute then we’ll order your pizza.”

“Okay,” Matilda frowned, worried they were going to fight. She let Chuckles inside and took her upstairs with her.

“After that blasé little bomb you dropped on me this morning I met Elliott for lunch today,” Sebastian informed Kurt honestly.

“Okay, wow,” Kurt looked a little afraid. “Does my friend still have all his limbs and appendages?”

“Your FRIEND does still have all his limbs and I can assure I touched none of his appendages. We talked,” Seb provided. “Or he talked mostly. I listened. He really loves you.”

“I know,” Kurt sighed.

“I mean he really really loves you,” Seb emphasised his point.

“Yeah,” Kurt nodded. “Why would you do that though Sebastian? I told you the kiss was nothing. I’ve given my own dad hotter kisses. We were just saying good bye. Don’t you trust me?”

“I do and he kinda explained everything to me, well not the kissing your dad part because that was a weird segway but he told me the kiss was harmless,” Sebastian replied matter of factly. “He told me about your friendship from a point of view I hadn’t considered before. Made me see, just as you’d been saying, how much you love me and how I shouldn’t be feeling threatened by him.”

“I do love you,” Kurt admitted. “But why did you need Elliott to tell you that? I tell you all the time. Even beyond that I’m sure I show you by how I treat you.”

“You left this morning... you left me at the airport... why don’t you ever kiss me goodbye?” Sebastian asked hesitantly.

“I’m sure I kissed you goodbye this morning,” Kurt frowned.

“You didn’t,” Seb shook his head.

“I was rushing out the door I guess,” Kurt looked at his husband apologetically. “I’m sorry honey. I’ll be more conscious of that. I’m just not used to having someone to kiss goodbye I suppose.”

“Well you have me now,” Sebastian reached for Kurt, taking him in his arms. “You could kiss me now to make up for it,” Seb suggested.

Kurt smiled and planted a soft kiss to Seb’s lips. “You didn’t need to go to my friend you know?”

“I don’t think he likes me,” Sebastian sighed. “Everybody likes me but not Elliott Gilbert.”

“He’ll warm to you,” Kurt sounded confident. “If you recall I wasn’t your biggest fan when we first met and now look. Things must have gone reasonably well though if he’s joining us for dinner with your family.”

“I might have kinda bullied him into it,” Seb looked a little guilty. “I was a bit of a bitch actually in my attempt to make it perfectly clear to him that from now on I’m going to be the only one kissing you.”

“Elliott’s tough. He doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to. So only you? Huh?” Kurt pretended to be disappointed. “Really? Now what am I going to tell Chris Hemsworth when he comes knocking on our door.”

“Tell him Loki is way better than Thor,” Sebastian suggested with a smirk. “Or tell him you have a husband that adores you, that you’re taken and he missed his chance.”

“You don’t really believe that Loki is better than Thor do you?” Kurt looked horrified. “That could be grounds for divorce,” Kurt joked.

“Of course you’re Team Thor,” Sebastian replied knowingly. “Always on the side of good.” He pulled Kurt in closer, kissing him again. “You really are the goodest guy.”

Kurt nestled into Seb’s embrace, placing a playful kiss to his nose. “I’ve always had a soft spot for bad boys like you though,” he smirked.

“You think I’m bad,” Seb smirked back.

“I hope so,” Kurt grinned. “I guess I’ll find out after lights out tonight.”

“We could just put Matilda to bed now and go for it,” Seb’s hand travelled down to Kurt’s ass, pulling him in tight against him.

“Not without Pizza,” Kurt pressed a sweet kiss to Seb’s lips. “Sorry Doctor but we’ve got to feed her unless we want child services beating down our door”

“Better get ordering then,” Sebastian reached around Kurt for the menu off the table where they’d messed around the previous night. “You get Tangled ready. Once it’s finished you are mine.”

“Can’t wait,” Kurt winked at Seb as he escaped his embrace and crossed the room to the television. He found Tangled while Seb ordered. By the time Matilda returned down stairs Kurt and Seb were snuggled on the sofa all tangled themselves with a glass of wine each, having already organised for Jason to be at Kurt’s place on Thursday for the photographer.

“There’s a grape juice box there for you honey,” Kurt pointed to the box on the coffee table before reaching for Matilda and pulling her into his lap. The trio snuggled together cozily covered with a blanket as Kurt started the movie, all smiling contently, all happy to be a family.

Chapter Text

“Daddy Seb, What’s Grandma Charlotte’s favourite colour?” Matilda timidly tugged at Sebastian’s sleeve as he glanced into their near empty refrigerator for a bottle of water. He or Kurt really needed to do some grocery shopping very soon. Their cupboards were barer than old mother Hubbard’s.

“I’m not sure baby girl,” he responded. “Perhaps you can ask her tonight at dinner. We are leaving soon. Didn’t Daddy ask you to get dressed? You’re still in your school uniform.”

“I can’t decide which tutu to wear,” Matilda sighed heavily, responding quietly so Kurt wouldn’t over hear her from his bedroom. “I thought maybe my green and purple spotty one but what if Grandma Charlotte doesn’t like green and purple. What if she doesn’t like tutu’s at all? I really want her to like me.”

“Aww honey,” Seb closed the fridge forgetting all about his water and crouched down to Matilda’s level. He softly stroked her cheek. “I promise you sweetheart that Grandma Charlotte is going to love you so much. It doesn’t matter if you wear a tutu or what colour it is. She’s so excited to meet you.”

“What about Grandpa?” Matilda asked nervously.

“Grandpa’s are funny things,” Sebastian grinned at her, tucking a loose curl from her braid behind her ear. “You should ask Eddie about Grandpa, though I just know he’s going to love you too. You’re an incredible kiddo. It’s impossible not to love you.”

“Uncle Blaine doesn’t love me,” Matilda pouted a little.

“UNCLE Blaine is an asshole,” Sebastian rolled his eyes.

“Daddy Seb,” Matilda gasped, covering her mouth with her little hand. “You said a bad word.”

“Oops,” Seb giggled. “I’m sorry but it’s true, you know? He is an asshole.”

Matilda giggled along. “You’re funny. I love you Daddy Seb.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

“I love you too,” Seb bopped her nose. “Now off you go upstairs little one right now and get ready before your daddy spots you and you end up in trouble.”

“Okay,” she laughed, leaving Sebastian and heading up to her bedroom to change.

“Was that Matilda? Is she dressed yet?” Kurt asked hearing footsteps on the stairs as Seb joined him in the bedroom.

“She’s getting dressed now,” Sebastian quickly jumped to his daughter’s defence. “She’s really nervous about meeting my parents. I was just reassuring her.”

“Want to send some of that reassurance my way,” Kurt grimaced, critically eyeing his reflection in the mirror. “She’s not the only one who’s nervous. I’ve tried on four shirts. I’m sure I’ve put on weight since I’ve been with you. Everything looks...”

“You look gorgeous,” Seb cut him off. “You looked gorgeous back in high school the day I met you. You looked gorgeous the day you arrived panicked in my ER and you’ll look gorgeous every day for eternity even when you’re 95 and wrinkly.”

Kurt smiled. He cupped Seb’s cheek and pecked his lips. “I love you. Thank you for being so good for my self esteem.”

“Your shirt is perfect,” Seb gripped Kurt around the middle pulling him against him. “These jeans have to go though,” his hands slid down to grasp Kurt’s denim clad ass. “I’m not taking you to meet my parents in your ‘fuck me jeans’.”

“My what?” Kurt looked confused, gazing down at this favourite Versace jeans, the same ones he’d worn to Niff’s for dinner.

“Your ‘fuck me jeans’,” Seb replied matter of factly. “I can’t spend the entire evening with my mother and father and a raging hard on.” Seb pushed his erection against Kurt’s thigh for emphasis. “Can’t you wear... fuck, it probably doesn’t matter what you wear. Everything about you makes me hard.”

Kurt blushed a little then moaned softly palming Seb through his jeans. “I like you hard.”

“Stop that,” Seb whined, involuntarily pushing his bulge against Kurt’s hand. “Or you’re going to make me cum in my pants and I don’t have time to change.”

Kurt chuckled evilly. “You know that’s super hot, right?”

“It’s gross and super uncomfortable,” Seb shook his head, pushing Kurt’s hand away and adjusting himself. “Besides my dear one, we need to hurry. Jason will be here any minute to meet with the real estate photographer and you don’t even have your shoes on. Spit Spot,” Seb referenced Mary Poppins, earning himself an amused eye roll from his beloved. “We don’t want to be late.”

“You’re no fun,” Kurt mock pouted searching his closet for his favourite dress boots.

“I’m tons of fun and you know it,” Seb smirked, biting into his bottom lip as he watched Kurt bend over in those jeans to pick this boots up from the closet floor.

“You’re drooling darling,” Kurt teased, spotting Seb’s reaction in the mirror.

“You’re fucking hot,” Sebastian groaned, sighing as his phone buzzed in his pocket.

“Everything okay?” Kurt checked, hoping Sebastian wasn’t being called into work. He didn’t fancy meeting Mr and Mrs Smythe on his own. He already wasn’t sure what to expect considering how disappointed they’d been with the Vegas elopement.

“Jason’s here,” Sebastian muttered. “I’ll let him in.”

“Don’t people just knock anymore,” Kurt smiled, self consciously checking his jeans in the mirror before sitting down to put on his boots.

“I’m ready,” Kurt could hear Sebastian and his friend’s muffled voices out in the living room as Matilda came running enthusiastically into the bedroom. “Whose the pretty man with Daddy Seb?”

“It’s just his friend from work...and don’t you look...Umm... wow?” Kurt didn’t know quite what to say as he took in Matilda’s very bright very mismatched outfit. “I thought we decided honey that you would wear your lemon coloured dress and your white sandals to meet Grandpa and Grandma.”

“Daddy Seb said they will love me no matter what I wear, so I want to wear this,” Matilda gestured down her body.

“It’s pretty sweetheart,” Kurt didn’t want to destroy her confidence. “But I’m not sure it’s suitable for a dinner party.”

“I like it,” Matilda stood firm.

“So do I,” Kurt agreed, “but I think for tonight your lemon dress would be more appropriate.”

“You’re an asshole,” Matilda glared at Kurt.

“Excuse me?” Kurt was shocked to hear such language from his daughter especially being directed at him. “Where did you hear that word?”

“Daddy Seb said Uncle Blaine is an asshole. I think you are too.”

“Is that right?” Kurt glared back at her, raising his voice “Naughty step now! 10 minutes. You will not speak to me like that young lady.”

“No!” Matilda yelled back.

Hearing the commotion from the next room Sebastian came rushing in.

“Everything okay?” He checked.

“It’s fine,” Kurt frowned as Matilda feigned tears for Seb’s benefit. “I don’t want to wear my lemon dress and I don’t want to sit on the stupid naughty step,” she cried.

“You don’t have to wear your lemon dress honey,” Sebastian looked to Kurt. “She doesn’t have to wear her lemon dress does she? I think she looks adorable.” Seb admired Tilly’s outfit, a pair of candy striped overalls over a pale orange paint stained tshirt, and the green tutu that she’d told him about topped off with her blue dinosaur beanie. He winked at her. She giggled through her fake tears.

“Matilda, naughty step please or we aren’t going to Eddie’s house,” Kurt spoke firmly.

“Wait a minute,” Seb halted Matilda with a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Are you really sending her to the naughty step for not wearing her lemon dress because I seem to recall a guy in high school who very much liked to experiment with fashion just like she is. It hardly seems like a punishable offence.”

“No,” Kurt shook his head. “I’m sending her to the naughty step because she called me an asshole, a word she claims she heard from you. So thank you so very much for that.”

“I... Umm...I...” Sebastian just looked at Kurt stupidly then more sternly down at Matilda. “You shouldn’t speak to Daddy like that,” he spoke firmly. “It’s my fault though,” Sebastian turned back to Kurt. “I’m sorry I know better than to use language like that in front of kids. You shouldn’t punish her for my poor judgment.”

“Maybe you should sit there with her then,” Kurt scowled at Sebastian, frustrated with his husband for constantly undermining him with Matilda. “Now Matilda! Step. 10 minutes.”

Matilda stomped from the room in a huff and plopped herself down on the naughty step. “Asshole,” she muttered again under her breath, glaring at Kurt as he followed her out.

“Kurt Hummel?” A friendly, familiar voice piped up from the sofa as Kurt entered the kitchen.

Kurt took a deep breath, calming himself before looking up surprised. Seb entered the room behind him. “Hummel-Smythe,” Sebastian corrected possessively, interrupting before Kurt could speak. Kurt side eyed him as he approached the other man with a warm smile. “Jason? Oh gee how are you? It’s been like how long?” Kurt gave the extremely attractive man a friendly hug.

“I’m not sure,” Mr eye candy laughed. “Two maybe three years. I’ve heard Sebastian going on about this Kurt he’s hot for, didn’t even put two and two together that it was you. What happened with Blaine?”

“You two know each other?” Sebastian looked between the two confused.

“Sure, we do,” Jason threw a friendly arm around Kurt shoulders. “Kurtie and I go way back,” he winked at Kurt.

“Stop flirting with my husband or I’ll fire you,” Seb grumbled at Jason.

“Flirting?” Jason scrunched his nose at Kurt. “I wouldn’t dream of it. How’s Elliott?” He asked less confidently. “I kinda figured after he and I... if you ever didn’t make it with Blaine... he was so into you.”

“He still is,” Sebastian huffed, looking over at a Matilda, who sat sad and scowling with her arms crossed on the step. Seb felt for her. Kurt was way too harsh.

“He’s really good,” Kurt assured Jason. “He’s joining us for dinner tonight. You should come say hi when you’re done here. He would love to see you.”

“We both know that’s a lie,” Jason shook his head. “Give him a hug for me though, yeah?”

“Of course,” Kurt nodded as Sebastian watched on confused.

“Am I mistaken in assuming you used to date Elliott?” he asked Jason sceptically. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes I had a girlfriend. You know I’m bisexual,” Jason narrowed his eyes. “Sandy and I broke up four months ago. I did tell you about it.”

“Right. Of course,” Sebastian had been lost in his own little world with Kurt and had no recollection of that at all. “Elliott though huh?”

“Yes,” Jason nodded. “A while ago now. He was fun. Wild in the sack. Was just bad timing for both of us. I was in med school, stressed and overworked. He was putting together a band. I have often wondered if they did any good. He has an incredible voice.”

“They’re still together,” Kurt informed him. “They play most weekends in different bars around Hell’s Kitchen. They do okay. They won’t be opening for Taylor Swift anytime soon but they make some cash. You should come with us one weekend to see them,” Kurt sounded proud of Elliott. “Anyway we should go. I don’t want to keep the in-laws waiting.”

“Kurt’s meeting my parents for the first time,” Seb explained thinking he may have already told Jason that.

“You’ll love Elijah,” Jason grinned at Kurt. He was happy to see him again. Kurt looked good. Being with Sebastian obviously agreed with him. It agreed with Sebastian too. “He has the dryest wit and oh gosh he’s going to love you,” Jason softly smiled at Matilda, who ignored him.

“I’m nervous,” Kurt admitted. “Thanks
heaps for doing this for us. I really appreciate it. I’m sure it goes way beyond your list of duties,” Kurt smiled at Jason, “Help yourself to a coffee if you want one.”

“Yeah thanks,” Seb added as Jason and Kurt quickly hugged again.

“Just leave the keys on the counter,” Kurt gave Jason a final grin before heading out. “I have my spare.”

Seb gathered up Matilda and followed Kurt out, giving his colleague a nod as he passed by. He put the child down before pulling the front door closed behind him. “So Elliott and Jason?” He enquired looking at Kurt a little perplexed. “I guess I can see it. Always thought Jason was straight though.”

“What?” Kurt looked amused as they began the short walk to Sebastian’s brother’s place with Matilda running along in front. “Your gaydar must be faulty hun. He and Ell were adorable together. I was kinda disappointed when it didn’t work out. I liked Jason. Haven’t thought about him in years.”

Kurt had one eye on Matilda as he took Seb’s hand. “Not too far ahead,” he called to his daughter.

“She’s fine. I can see her,” Sebastian assured Kurt.

“You need to stop that,” Kurt frowned, his tone surly.

“Stop what?” Sebastian looked a little affronted.

“You need to stop undermining my parenting,” Kurt dropped Seb’s hand sounding annoyed. “I know this is new for you and you want her to like you but she needs to have rules Sebastian. They keep her safe and mould her into a decent human being that hopefully won’t end up in prison one day.”

“I get that,” Sebastian nodded. “But do you think maybe you’re a little harsh on her sometimes? She’s just a kid.”

“I just do as her psychologist recommended,” Kurt sighed. “If I deem her behaviour inappropriate she gets time out on a naughty step. I’m not beating or abusing her.”

“I know that,” Seb was struggling to find words to put forth his point of view. “She’s such a good kid though.”

“She’s a great kid,” Kurt agreed. “And that’s because when she does things like call me an asshole she gets punished. That way she learns that it’s not acceptable and I don’t have to go into school when I should be at work to attend meetings because she’s abusing people. It’s hard. I really hate having to discipline her Seb but its part of the job. We won’t be doing her any favours if we just let her run wild.”

“She shouldn’t have called you an asshole,” Sebastian agreed. “You’re a great person and the best father and husband but she was just parroting me. It wasn’t really her fault.”

“She’s old enough to understand that there are some words that adults use that she’s not allowed to repeat,” Kurt was beginning to become frustrated. Seb worked with kids every day as a paediatrician. Why didn’t he get it? “And it’s our job to teach her.”

“I thought our job was to provide unconditional love,” Seb sighed, feeling the tension rising in Kurt’s body.

“Of course it is,” Kurt agreed, biting his tongue, “but she needs more than just love and fancy hair. She won’t respect you Hun if you continue to let her walk all over you.”

“Just because I refuse to bully her doesn’t mean I’m letting her walk all over me,” Sebastian protested, glaring at his husband.

“Are you saying I bully her?” Kurt rose his voice, his temper flaring. “Making her follow a few simple rules is not bullying.”

“She’s an orphan,” Sebastian reminded Kurt. “Surely you can ease up on the rules a little.”

“She is not a orphan,” Kurt sneered though gritted teeth. “She has me. I may not be the parent she was born with but that makes me no less her parent. I resent you suggesting otherwise.”

“I wasn’t suggesting anything like that,” Sebastian defended himself. “She is lucky to have you.”

“Don’t patronise me,” Kurt walked on ahead, soon catching up to Matilda, just in time to take her hand to cross the street.

“The kids at school said Eddie is my cousin now,” Matilda, no longer upset, told Kurt. “Is that true?”

“Kinda,” Kurt nodded. He should have spoken to her about this already but there just hadn’t been time.

“They said he can’t be my boyfriend anymore cause our babies will be cross eyed with two heads and 13 fingers.” She continued sadly.

“Who said that?” Sebastian glared, catching up with them and taking Matildas’s other hand.

“You’re 6 years old honey,” Kurt squeezed her little hand. “I don’t think you need to worry about babies just yet.”

“But when we are growed up I don’t want babies with that many fingers. I’ll never be able to find them gloves to wear in winter,” she sounded really concerned.

“It’s always about fashion with you two isn’t it?” Sebastian chuckled.

“They’ll have really cold hands,” Matilda was serious.

“I’m pretty sure,” Kurt spoke kindly, “that you don’t need to worry baby girl. While I’m positive that you and Eddie will probably be friends forever you’ll definitely have numerous boyfriends or even girlfriends before having babies.”

“No,” Matilda shook her head. “I love Eddie and we’re getting married when we finish school and you can come and visit us on the ferry. We are going to live on Satan Island in the big statue of the lady.”

“Do you mean the Statue of Liberty?” Kurt narrowed his eyes with amusement at the child. “That’s on Liberty Island not Staten Island and you can’t live there sweetheart.”

“We can too,” Matilda released Kurt’s hand, looking to Sebastian to back her up. Daddy Seb always took her side. “We CAN live there. Can’t we Daddy Seb?”

“I don’t think so,” Sebastian shook his head as they approached his brother’s house. Matilda turned her nose up at him defiantly and ran to the door.

“Wait for us please,” Kurt called after her. Still pissed, he pulled his hand away as Sebastian tried to hold it.

“Really?” Sebastian narrowed his eyes.

“Yes really,” Kurt nodded, marching up Titus’s front steps to his daughter.

Kurt rang the bell and Regina greeted them all at the door, looking very stressed. She wore a lilac dress and an apron, her hair was tousled and she had flour and maybe chocolate smeared across her cheek. “Come in,” she smiled weakly. “I won’t hug you. I’m a mess but welcome to our home. It’s lovely to see you all.”

“MATILDA!!” A shrill scream came from within the room as the trio stepped inside the house. A very excited seven year old boy flew across the room, throwing himself excitedly into Matilda’s arms. He laughed, hugging her tight and spinning her around. He softly pecked her cheek. “You look so pretty,” he ran his fingers around the hem of her tutu. “I like this.”

Matilda giggled, hugging her friend. “Thank you,” she blushed along with Eddie as the pair suddenly realised all six adults in the room were watching them.

“You must be Matilda,” a friendly, impeccably dressed middle aged woman greeted Matilda warmly.

“My daddies call me Tilly,” Matilda hid a little behind Eddie, feeling shy. “Are you Grandma Charlotte?”

“Indeed I am,” she smiled. “Just look at you. What a darling little girl. You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Matilda blushed. “Do you like my tutu? Daddy Seb said you would.”

“Daddy Seb,” Charlotte looked at her son proudly, “was 100 percent correct. I think it’s just lovely.”

“This is Grandpa,” Eddie stepped forward and hugged Sebastian’s father. “He pretends to be grumpy but he’s not really.”

“It’s lovely to meet you,” Elijah politely offered Matilda a handshake. Matilda accepted as the door bell rang.

“That will be your friend Elliott,” Titus looked to Kurt.

“I’ll get it,” Kurt offered, ever so thankful Elliott was joining them. He needed a friendly face. He just couldn’t look at Sebastian right now.

Sebastian’s family all headed into the next room, aside from Regina who continued on into the kitchen, while Kurt went to answer the door.

“What the fuck am I doing here?” Elliott whispered against Kurt’s ear as Kurt hugged him way too tight.

Elliott pulled back gripping Kurt’s biceps and eyeing him with concern. “Hey Sweetie, What’s wrong?”

Kurt inhaled deeply, hugging Elliott again, and not letting go. “Sebastian and I had a fight and I’m so furious with him right now and I’ve been here 5 minutes and no one has even spoken a word to me.”

“Want to skip out?” Elliott offered with a grin. “We could hit a karaoke bar, throw back some tequila. With that ass in those jeans you’ll have the pick of the room,” Elliott flirted.

“Don’t tempt me,” Kurt buried his face in Elliott’s shoulder.

“Tempt you with what?” Sebastian asked from behind them. “Isn’t this cosy?”

“Tequila,” Elliott rolled his eyes, putting some space between him and his friend.
Kurt stayed close.

“Matilda’s gone out the back with Eddie and Mum. Why don’t you come and meet Dad properly?” Sebastian suggested to Kurt, watching from the doorway with his hands in his jean pockets. “There’s no tequila but I could get you a wine.”

“Elliott and I were just going to check if Regina needed any help in the kitchen,” Kurt lied, evading eye contact. “She seemed a little flustered when we arrived.”

“Suit yourself,” Sebastian looked past Kurt to glare at Elliott. Elliott ignored him. He couldn’t be bothered with him, didn’t like him, probably never would.

“Which way is the kitchen Babe?” Elliott asked Kurt, placing a hand protectively on his shoulder blade.

“Through the living room here,” Sebastian pointed behind him watching the pair intently.

“You’re never going to guess who I saw tonight,” Kurt turned back to Elliott, completely ignoring Sebastian. “Your Jason,” he continued as Elliott looked at him blankly.

“Jason?” Elliott’s eyes glazed over nostalgically. “Aww,” He cooed. “How is he?”

“Still smokin’ hot,” Kurt rose his eyebrows. “He asked about you. Said you were wild in the sack. He works with Sebastian. Do you want his number?.

“He works FOR Sebastian,” Seb corrected Kurt pettily, referring arrogantly to himself in the third person and rubbing Elliott up the wrong way.

“He wouldn’t want to see me,” Elliott shook his head insecurely, paying no attention to Sebastian. “It’s been too long.”

“I’m going to bring him one of your gigs. Are you playing this weekend?” Kurt was excited. He hugged Elliott again, kissing Ell’s cheek. He’d loved his friend and Jason together.

“The bar across the road from the Starbucks can’t think of the name. 10:30pm Saturday night.”

“I’ll organise Alexa to babysit.” Kurt smiled. “It’s going to be fun.”

“I can’t On Saturday night,” Sebastian chipped in. “I have to work.”

“Guess I won’t have to rush home then,” Kurt smiled at Ell. “All set then. I’ll let Jason know.”

“Yeah,” Elliott responded nervously, squeezing Kurt’s arm a little fearfully. “Did he really say wild in the sack?”

“He did,” Sebastian dead panned sounding completely bored. “Guess some people aren’t picky.”

Kurt glared at Sebastian’s snideness as Elijah joined him in the doorway.

“Ahh, there’s my son in law,” Elijah looked up disapprovingly from his glass of red wine at Kurt and Elliott huddled together. “Come Kurt,” He prompted, “and introduce me to your friend.”

“This is Elliott,” Kurt spoke politely to his father in law. “Elliott this is Seb’s dad, Elijah Smythe.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Smythe,” Elliott nodded cordially as he and Kurt joined the older man in the living room, Sebastian followed them in, sitting down on a sofa behind them.

“Call me Eli,” Elijah corrected Elliott. “You two must join me for a glass of wine. Kurt I want to hear all about you, all about the man who swept my son so off his feet that he willingly got married without even his own mother present.”

Elliott spoke up defending Kurt from his passive aggressive father in law “We were just heading into the kitchen...”

“ help Regina” Kurt finished his sentence for him.

“Nonsense,” Eli shook his head. “Titus is in there. They’ll be fine. Kurt sit down there with your husband. Elliott, there,” he pointed to a arm chair on the other side of Sebastian, obvious in his endeavour to separate Kurt and Elliott. “Red wine or white gentleman?”

“Red please,” both men said in resigned unison, reluctantly taking their assigned seats. Elliott sinking back in his as Kurt sat as far from Sebastian as he could get. He loved him, that was undeniable but this shit with Matilda wasn’t negotiable. Kurt had known her since birth, known her parents for years before that. He’d watched her grow, watched her grieve, He’d fallen in love with her. He wasn’t tolerating anyone not even the man he loved ruining their dynamic. He was happy to coparent with Seb. Matilda obviously loved him but they needed to be on the same page with it and that page was Kurt’s.

“Are you going to be like this all night?” Seb took out his phone texting Kurt so Elliott wouldn’t be privy to their argument.

Kurt pulled his phone from his pocket as it buzzed, frowning as he read the screen. “Probably,” he texted back.

Sebastian responded typing quickly. “You can’t be all over HIM and just ignore me.”

“Watch me,” Kurt added an angry face emoji before putting his phone away, then standing from his seat, “Which way is the bathroom?”

“I’ll show you,” Sebastian stood as his father passed Elliott a glass of red wine. “This way,” he lead Kurt down a short hallway and up a small flight of stairs, opening a door on the left and holding it for Kurt. He reached in turning on the light, waited for Kurt to step inside and followed him in, locking the door behind them.

“What are you doing?” Kurt scowled at his husband. “I need to pee Sebastian.”

“So pee,” Sebastian shrugged. “It’s not like I’ve never seen you with your dick out before.”

“Fine,” Kurt rolled his eyes moodily stepping up to the toilet and lifting the seat He unzipped his Versace jeans, pulling his limp dick out.

“What was that down there?” Sebastian asked, as he watched Kurt urinate. “Are you punishing me?”

“What was what?” Kurt concentrated on his aim, shaking away the last few droplets and then flushing and lowering the seat again.

“The way you were clinging to him,” Sebastian looked hurt. “You wouldn’t even look at me.”

“Because I’m furious with you right now. You accused me of bullying my kid,” Kurt snapped at Sebastian as he washed his hands. “And don’t even start on this shit about Ell again. You invited him here I didn’t.”

“You still have feelings for him,” Sebastian accused passing kurt a hand towel. “I saw the way you held him Kurt.”

“Ugh, this is ridiculous,” Kurt argued drying his hands and handing it back. “I love you, you fucking idiot.”

“Do you though?” Sebastian asked sadly rehanging the towel.

“More than anything,” Kurt’s tone softened, he stepped forward, backing Sebastian into the locked bathroom door. He devoured him with his eyes then cupped his face and kissed him long, deep and slow, moaning softly as he licked into his mouth.

Sebastian aggressively grasped Kurt’s Versace Jean clad ass forcing their bodies together as they kissed hungrily, angrily, until they were both breathless, hard and leaking.

Seb pushed Kurt back harshly against the sink. “Are you thinking about him when you kiss me like that?” He spat at Kurt.

“What do you think?” Kurt glared disgustedly at Sebastian, wishing he’d taken a moment to tuck himself back into his jeans so it was a little less apparent how aroused he was.

“I think you’re the fucking hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen,” Sebastian growled, reaching down and gripping Kurt’s cock at the base and using it to pull him close. He clumsily unbuckled Kurt’s belt and unbuttoned his jeans, forcing them down his thighs with his free hand as he slowly jerked Kurt off in a too loose grip.

“We can’t do this here,” Kurt’s eyes dropped closed. He gripped the porcelain sink, moaning as he thrusted forward into Sebastian’s fist.

“Fuck, Just look at you,” Seb stared in awe, unzipping his own jeans as he watched Kurt’s knees go weak. “Just one hand and look at you come undone. Tell me Kurt, could Elliott bring you to your knees with just his hand.”

“Fuck you,” Kurt scoffed at him, as Sebastian pulled himself free of his confining denim.

“No, my darling,” Seb shook his head, spinning Kurt around and forcing his legs apart. “Fuck you.” He gripped his cock and pushed into Kurt. Hard. Forcefully.

Kurt groaned Sebastian’s name way too loud partially in pain but mostly in relief and a little in pleasure.

“You like that don’t you?” Sebastian taunted him smugly, gripping Kurt’s hips tight, as he bottomed out. “My little whore loves it when I take him rough.”

Kurt whined, fighting against Sebastian. “I’m nobody’s whore,” he protested.

“But you are Kurt,” Sebastian bit into Kurt’s neck, not quite breaking skin as he began to move inside him, snapping his hips aggressively over and over. “I saw you down there flirting with Elliott, pleading, begging with your eyes for him to fuck you. He’s not going to though Kurt, never again. Only I get to fuck this glorious tight ass of yours now.”

“I hate you,” Kurt’s hips involuntarily moved in time with Sebastian’s. Sparks of passion, rage and pleasure coursing through his entire body as Sebastian’s rapid rough strokes jabbed at his sweet spot, making it impossible to think, to breath, to do anything but take it, to take the gorgeous cock of the beautiful man he so adored.

“You don’t hate me. You’re so fucking turned on right now,” Sebastian smirked arrogantly, reaching around and taking Kurt’s rock hard cock in his hand. He ran his thumb over Kurt’s slit, gathering the pooling precum from his tip. “Taste it,” he dragged the wet pad of his thumb across Kurt’s lips. “Taste how much you want me.”

Kurt whimpered, licking his lips, sucking at Seb’s thumb, as he reached back behind himself for Seb’s hair. He tugged roughly with both hands, his rocking hips a blur as he fucked himself back onto Seb’s cock and forward into his fist.

“You’re so perfect,” Seb admired Kurt’s wrecked reflection in the bathroom mirror. Since their first time on the plane, mirror sex had become a bit of a kink for Sebastian. Mostly because he just loved watching Kurt fall apart in his arms, transitioning from someone so elegant and poised to a pleading, cursing and needy little wildcat, so flushed and desperate. So flawless.

“Harder, I’m close,” Kurt grunted, dragging his bottom lip between his teeth.

Despite not thinking it was possible, Seb went harder. “Cum for me gorgeous,” He roared, stroking Kurt faster. Skin slapped rapidly against skin, as he frantically buried himself balls deep in Kurt’s tight heat over and over. “Come on baby,” Seb whispered into Kurt’s neck, kissing, nipping, encouraging him. “Show me what I do to you. Show me you love me,” Seb pleaded. “Show me it’s not HIM you want.”

Kurt met Sebastian’s eyes in the mirror. “It’s only you,” he spoke sincerely. He thrust his hips back against Sebastian one final time before his climax overwhelmed him, splattering over Titus’s bathroom sink, and mirror, and dribbling over Seb’s fist with a scream of Sebastian’s name.

(Side note: I almost wanted Kurt to scream Elliott’s name here but didn’t want to have to deal with the aftermath of that fuckery)

Sebastian followed straight after, turning Kurt’s head to savagely claim his lips as he unloaded deep inside him.

“Holy Fuck,” Sebastian grasped the sink for stability, his entire body throbbing with endorphins. “Make up sex with you rocks. I did warn you about wearing your ‘fuck me jeans’.”

“I’m still mad at you,” Kurt huffed at him, nudging him away without heat. “You hurt my feelings Seb. You basically called me a shitty dad.”

“I did not but stay mad,” Sebastian sniggered as he carefully pulled out. “We can do that again when we get home.”

“Oww,” Kurt grimaced at the loss, shaking his head sternly at his husband.

“You okay?” Seb looked regretful. “Did I hurt you?”

“I’ll be fine,” Kurt reached for some toilet paper. He wiped himself, ignoring the tiny traces of blood, then flushed it before pulling his jeans up.

“You two done in there,” Sebastian’s brother knocked at the door. “Mum needs the bathroom but no one was game to interrupt you two lovebirds.”

“I was just helping Kurt...” Sebastian tucked himself back in his jeans, zipping up.

“...Get off,” Titus finished Sebastian’s sentence, chuckling. “We know, we all heard you. The entire street heard you. Poor Matilda is sitting in the corner rocking from the trauma of it.”

“Was I that loud?” Kurt uttered quietly to Seb, blushing furiously as he hastily cleaned the sink and mirror.

“You were that loud,” Titus laughed through the door overhearing, “Now hurry up. Mum needs to go and dinner is ready, unless you two have already eaten in there.”

“You sure you’re okay?” Seb checked again, ignoring his brother’s smart mouth, and instead fixing his hair in the mirror with his fingers. They’d got a bit carried away just now. They were never usually that rough, going hard without any prep or lube. Kurt had to hurting and Seb felt awful about that.

“Let’s not skip the lube again,” Kurt squirmed a little. He felt uncomfortable but he’d wanted it and he’d definitely experienced worse. His body was pretty attuned to Sebastian and his girth by now or at least it should be considering the frequency of their encounters, which Kurt mostly seemed to be on the receiving end of lately. He needed to be more assertive about that. He enjoyed losing himself inside Sebastian and it had been more than a few days since he’d had that pleasure.

“Can I do anything? Get you anything,” Seb fussed, tenderly rubbing Kurt’s back. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Kurt shook his head, giving the bathroom a quick glance over. “You were spectacular,” he kissed Seb softly, “I love you,” he muttered before opening the door.

“Hope you two cleaned up in there,” Titus teased the newly weds as they came from the bathroom holding hands and looking all heart eyed at each other.

“Finally,” Charlotte smirked at her son as the couple came down stairs with Titus behind them. “I’m sure at your age your father was much quicker than that.” She dashed upstairs to use the facilities leaving a mortified couple in her wake.

“Grandpa says you’re rude to be so loud at someone’s else’s house,” Matilda frowned at her parents as everyone took their seats at the table. “What were you doing up there anyway? You gave uncle Ell a migraine with all that shouting he had to go home.”

“Elliott’s gone?” Kurt looked around the table as Charlotte joined the family, noticing for the first time that his friend wasn’t there. He felt terrible. He’d call him as soon as they got home.

“I wanted to leave too,” Titus teased the couple. “And this is my house.”

“Shut up,” Sebastian blushed, cradling Kurt’s head as Kurt hid in his shoulder. “You’re embarrassing my husband assbutt.”

“Can we just eat please,” Elijah cleared his throat. “Regina has prepared us a lovely meal.”

“Yes. Thank you Regina,” Seb looked down at his bowl of slimy green soup with dismay. “What is this? Smells good,” he lied, forcing a smile.

“Cauliflower and Kale soup,” Regina boasted proudly. “Its all organic. Eddie loves it.”

“It’s really good,” Kurt confirmed honestly, fighting to hide his amusement as he tried a spoonful of his. He knew Sebastian, Mr Pizza, Burger and Onion rings was going to hate it. Cauliflower and Kale were officially the last two things Seb would ever willingly choose to put in his mouth. “Eat up Sebastian,” Kurt smirked at Seb revelling in his discomfort. “It’s good for you honey and Eddie loves it.”

Chapter Text

“I love you little possum,” Kurt pecked his sleeping daughter’s forehead, pulling her covers up then tucking her little rag doll under her arm.

Matilda stirred ever so slightly as Kurt stepped back turning off her lamp. “Sweet dreams beautiful girl,” he whispered, exiting the room and pulling the door closed behind him.

He made his way gingerly down stairs. Suffering horribly now from his earlier overly amorous activities with Sebastian in his brother in law’s bathroom.

“Come here Gorgeous,” Seb who was stretched out on the sofa watching late night television, reached an arm out to Kurt as he crossed the dining room.

Kurt sat down carefully beside him, grimacing a little as he snuggled down into him. “Your family hates me,” he muttered sadly.

“Why would you say that?” Seb frowned softly, pulling the throw rug from the back of the sofa down over them cosily.

Kurt sighed. “Sebastian really? Your parents heard us having sex, not just any sex either, loud, rough, dirty sex. I’m so mortified.”

“Who cares? It was hot. Besides I’m pretty sure my parents already knew we have sex Kurt,” Sebastian seemed totally unperturbed. “We ARE married after all.”

“Them knowing it and them actually hearing it are totally different,” Kurt protested. “Your father couldn’t even look at me all night.”

“Don’t worry about it. It could have been much worst,” Sebastian shrugged, chuckling at the television.

“I don’t think it could,” Kurt argued, squirming a little to get comfortable.

“At least they didn’t walk in on us,” Sebastian reasoned, looking down at Kurt with concern. “Are you all right Sweetheart?” he checked.

“Really fucking sore to be honest,” Kurt admitted, moving his legs around a little in an attempt to ease his discomfort.

“Maybe get out of those jeans,” Seb suggested sympathetically.

Kurt eyed him dubiously.

“I’m serious,” Sebastian replied with mock innocence. “Jeans honestly aren’t that comfortable. It might help a little. Do you want me to take a look?”

“Do I want you to take a look at my sore ass?” Kurt sounded horrified. “No I don’t. thank you very much,” Kurt shook his head adamantly. “You’d never be able get it up for me ever again after that.”

“I’m a doctor hun,” Seb assured him gently. “It’s not big deal. I’ve seen a lot of asses, believe it or not?”

“Oh I believe it,” Kurt smirked, rolling his eyes playfully.

“Hey,” Sebastian narrowed his eyes grinning. “I meant in a professional capacity. Either way though yours is my favourite...spectacular. Trust me baby there’s no way I’ll ever struggle to get it up for that ass.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Kurt sniggered at his husband. “As flattering as that is I’m still not letting you look.”

Seb sniggered softly and shrugged. They watched tv together for a little while, just snuggling silently. “Oh before I forget,” Kurt piped up as a Cheetos commercial began, “Can I get Jason’s number off you?”

“Why do you need that?” Sebastian sounded suspiciously reluctant to provide it.

“Because as you know I want to see Elliott and the guys play on Saturday night and I was thinking of inviting Jason along,” Kurt got up from the sofa and began to remove his jeans.

“I didn’t think you were serious about that,” Sebastian watched Kurt intently as he slid off his Versace jeans. Fuck how Seb loved those jeans and what they did to his husband’s ass and legs. “I told you I’m working Saturday night.”

“So I have to stay home alone?” Kurt frowned, folding the pants and sitting them aside. “I want to see my friend’s band. Plus I really want to reunite Ell and Jason. There’s still something there between them I’m sure of it. Didn’t you hear how they both talked about each other?”

“Are you planning to drink?” Seb asked disapprovingly, not really caring about Jason and Elliott.

“Yeah I’m gonna get smashed,” Kurt nodded, rolling his eyes sarcastically. “I thought I’d pick up a couple of hot, beefy, biker daddies and let them use me as their chew toy. Really Sebastian? I’m going out with your assistant. A guy you trust. We might have a cocktail or two, maybe dance a bit. What’s going to happen?”

“Nothing, I guess,” Seb sighed, reaching for Kurt again. “Except last time you drank in the same vicinity as Elliott I didn’t hear from you for five days.”

“Our circumstances are a little different now,” Kurt snuggled down into Seb’s chest, kissing over his heart as they held each other. “We are kinda married and living together,” Kurt muttered.

Seb stroked Kurt’s hair, kissing the top of his head. He loved just snuggling with Kurt. He felt so safe, so loved like this. “The number’s in my phone. Do you really think you should be interfering though?”

“You didn’t see them together, back in the day,” Kurt smiled softly up at Seb. “So cute. I was kinda jealous you know? How happy they were, considering thatvat the time everything was going to shit with Blaine and I was feeling so alone.”

“Speaking of Blaine,” Sebastian sounded bored, “Calum came by my office today. News is Anderson is slowly improving. They think he might be out of the ICU by the end of next week if he can manage solid food.”

“That’s good news,” Kurt looked up at Sebastian. “I was thinking of calling Cooper to check but... you know...after what happened I...” Kurt trailed off.

“Can we not talk about that? I really don’t like the Anderson brothers. I’m so glad they are away from us and that the whole media thing has died down now. No one gives a shit anymore that I married that asshole’s ex-husband,” Sebastian sounded relieved.

“I give a shit,” Kurt assured him with a smile, “I’m so sorry we argued today.”

“I’m sorry too,” Sebastian looked regretful. “You’re right about Matilda,” Seb acknowledged. “She’s your daughter. You should make the rules.”

“No,” Kurt sat up a little to gain eye contact. “Honey that isn’t what I was saying at all. Matilda is OUR daughter. She loves you so much and adoption yet or not she’s as much yours as she is mine. What I was trying to say was that as far as parenting goes we need to back each other up, at least in front of her. I can’t have you second guessing me all the time. If I say naughty step it’s for a reason and I need your support on it.”

“Okay,” Seb nodded. “I get that but what do you consider naughty step offences? I feel like you’re a little tough on her.”

“There aren’t many,” Kurt frowned a little. He’d always considered himself an extremely fair parent. “But cursing at either of us is definitely one, wouldn’t you say? Or even cursing generally.”

“Sure,” Seb nodded. “No one likes a foul mouthed little kid and I’ll do my best not to swear in front of her too. I really feel like her calling you an asshole today was my fault.”

“She knows better,” Kurt shook his head. “It’s okay. No harm done. We still have ourselves a really amazing daughter.”

“My mother absolutely fell in love with her tonight,” Sebastian smiled. “Maybe... I dunno...” Seb hesitated. “No, Never mind.”

“No, What?” Kurt prompted.

“Maybe instead of calling Alexa to babysit if you’re going out on Saturday night, you could let my parents do it. They could bring Eddie over with them. I think they’d really love it.”

“That’s a great idea,” Kurt smiled. “I think Matilda would love it too. Can you call them in the morning? Make sure they don’t have plans.”

“Pretty sure they’d cancel them anyway for a night with their grandkids. I’m sure Titus and Regina won’t complain either. They never get any child free time alone.”

“That’s a shame. We should try to help them out with Eddie a little more,” Kurt admitted guiltily. “Matilda spent a lot of time over there when Blaine was in hospital. Maybe when we move we should get bunk beds for Tilly’s room, so he has his own bed at our place.”

“You’d do that for my nephew?” Seb smiled.

“He’s a great kid. Matilda adores him, has since way before he was family and Regina seemed so stressed tonight. We should help if we can.”

“So what about the spare bedroom at the new place?” Seb raised an eyebrow. “What do you think about Tilly’s suggestion?”

“A baby?” Kurt sounded sceptical. “I dunno, maybe one day. I really love the little family we have. We have so much going on. Our jobs, moving, the wedding.”

“You know if we did have a baby I could more than afford to support us if you wanted to quit your job,” Seb offered seriously. “I make a good income at the hospital plus there’s my family money and other investments. We could live comfortably.”

“Why would I want to quit my job?” Kurt was confused and a little put out. “I studied for years to get a job I love. It’s rewarding and fulfilling. It challenges and surprises me. Do you really think I would be satisfied being your little housewife, staying at home, barefoot and raising your babies.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you,” Sebastian sighed. “You’re an amazing dad and I’m sure an amazing teacher too. I’ve seen how much Alexa respects you. I just thought we decided we wanted a bigger family.“

“I’m not giving up my career,” Kurt pulled away from Sebastian. “I’ve managed so far with Matilda and a full time job. I’m sure between the two of us we could get by with another child or maybe you could leave your job, if you’re that keen. You’re a paediatrician after all and actually qualified to care for kids.”

“Well we don’t need to rush anything,” Seb’s tone was dismissive. He obviously had no plans of abandoning his career for fatherhood.

“Can we just take care of the wedding and your adoption of Tilly first,” Kurt suggested. “And then maybe we can consider our options.”

“Sure,” Seb nodded, pulling Kurt close again. “So the wedding, what did you think of Mum’s ideas?”

“Which ones?” Kurt laughed. “There were so many. I do like the idea of having the wedding at your family home. The swans or doves or whatever are a huge no. Birds just scare me. The church choir definitely not but I do like the idea of a string quartet for the ceremony, also an orange colour scheme, just no way. Honestly I don’t mind too much about the rest, the food, the flowers, whatever. We are already married. This is more for our families than for us. Kinda can’t wait though to stand before everyone we care about to declare my undying love for you.”

“You have undying love for me?” Seb feigned surprise. “Naww so romantic.”

“Shut up ,” Kurt scrunched his nose, stretching up to kiss his husband’s lips.

Sebastian smiled into the kiss, deepening it. “I love you too,” he whispered, reaching for the remote and turning off the television. “Let’s go to bed baby.”

“Hmmm,” Kurt hummed, lifting himself from the sofa with care.

Sebastian grimaced as he watched. “You’re not doing well are you? Maybe try some pain relief.”

“I’m fine,” Kurt kissed him again, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom. He turned out the lights on the way. “I took some when we first got home.”

The couple undressed and fell into bed. Easily finding each other in the darkness they clung together, sharing sweet kisses and soft caresses until they both drifted off to sleep.



The following afternoon Kurt sat at his desk, looking through the lecture slides he’d prepared for his next class. He took a bite of a turkey sandwich. “...and then be suggested I should quit my job and stay home to raise his kids,” Kurt whined to Adam. “Do I look like a 1950’s Stepford wife to you?”

“You look fine,” Adam replied distractedly, obviously paying no attention.

“Are you even listening?” Kurt huffed. “What are you doing?”

“Chandler and I are planning a weekend away in The Hampton’s,” Adam replied. “I’m just looking on air BnB for something cosy and romantic. It’s going to be our first time together. I want it to be perfect.”

“You two haven’t hooked up yet?” Kurt was a little surprised.

Adam looked up frowning. “We’ve only been seeing each other for a few weeks.”

“Of course,” Kurt nodded. “Well just make sure you’re safe.”

“I’ve already bought the lube and condoms,” Adam blushed a little. “How do you...”

“Use them?” Kurt grinned. “There’s instructions in the box hun. Though it’s pretty self explanatory.”

“I know how to use condoms Kurt,” Adam rolled his eyes. “I was trying to’s did you and Sebastian decide who...” Adam hesitated, blushing brighter.

“Who what?” Kurt watched Adam with amusement.

“Who topped?” Adam grimaced. “Did you talk about it first?”

“Not really,” Kurt thought back. “I guess we kinda did. He asked for what he wanted and I was more than happy to oblige. Now we know each other better we just go with what feels right at the time. Just talk to Chandler. Be open with him. You’ve had boyfriends before. You know how it works Adam.”

“I guess I’m just nervous. The first time is always a big deal. I don’t want him to be disappointed,” Adam looked back to his screen, scanning through the accomodation options. “I guess that’s something you wouldn’t worry about looking like you do.”

“I was so nervous the first time with Seb,” Kurt admitted. “He’s so beautiful and successful and I was falling in love with him. It was scary. So good though. Are you falling for Chandler?”

“I like him a lot,” Adam nodded. “He’s sweet to me, affectionate, romantic. He likes to hold my hand and he makes me laugh. It’s the little things like that you know? Like I often feel myself smiling when I think of him.”

“I know about you mean,” Kurt smiled. “I’m really happy for you Adam.”

“I know you don’t like him,” Adam looked a little hurt. “Is it going to be okay for me to bring him to your wedding? We’re planning to stay with his family out there. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Of course it’s okay,” Kurt hid his hesitation by taking another bite of his sandwich. Adam was obviously happy with Chandler. He couldn’t tell him to leave his horrendous boyfriend at home.

“Maybe we should all get together before that and you two can try and smooth things over. Maybe dinner one night or bowling or something, like a double date?” Adam suggested.

“I’d have to check Sebastian’s roster at the hospital and let you know,” Kurt replied evasively. A double date with Chandler was the last thing he wanted. “I’m not sure Seb would really be into bowling.”

“When is Elliott playing again?” Adam checked. “We could all go see his band together. Are you still friends with Elliott? Can’t imagine he’s handling your marriage very well. That guy’s always been so into you.”

“There’s been a little friction between him and Sebastian,” Kurt admitted, correcting a typo on one of his slides.

“Are you sure you did the right thing marrying the doctor?” Adam sounded sceptical. “Elliott’s a good guy.”

“Elliott’s incredible,” Kurt admitted. “And I love him. I really do but the no kids thing is a deal breaker for me.”

“That’s all that stopped you?” Adam frowned a little.

“No,” Kurt shook his head. “Why does everyone keep questioning my motivation for marrying Sebastian? I love him. With him, there’s just something there that was missing with Elliott, missing with Blaine too. The butterflies you know? the excitement. It’s hard to explain. I feel like I’m the best version of myself when I’m with him. He makes me feel confident and worthy and loved. I haven’t felt any of that in so long or maybe ever. He’s affectionate and complimentary, protective and just possessive enough that I know he loves me. I want to be with him all the time, holding him, touching him, breathing him in, making him smile.”

Adam sighed enviously. “That’s some beautiful shit, right there. If that’s how things are for you, you definitely married the right man. Hold on to him.”

“I am,” Kurt smiled, eating the last bite of this sandwich. He saved the slides on his laptop and closed it. “I need to get to class. Good luck finding your air bnb.”

“Thanks,” Adam smiled. “Don’t forget to check with your husband to see when he’s free and get back to me.”

“Will do,” Kurt got up and dashed out the door to class. He hoped Adam would get distracted by his trip to The Hamptons and entirely forget his awful idea of a double date. Kurt really didn’t want to do it and doubted Chandler or Sebastian would want to either.


“I don’t know if I want you going out tonight without me looking like this,” It was Saturday evening and freshly showered for work and wrapped just in a towel, Sebastian held Kurt from behind, his arms wrapped around his middle, as he admired Kurt’s fully dressed reflection in the bedroom mirror. “You’re stunning. I hate the thought of all those horny, hot leeches out there leering at my man all night.”

“No one is going to be leering at me,” Kurt shook his head in amusement at his husband’s overactive imagination, showing him his wedding band for reassurance.

“If you think that’s a deterrent, it’s not,” Sebastian ran his hands down Kurt’s abs, letting one trail lower to cup the bulge in Kurt’s pants. “Not when you’re packing this.”

“You have nothing to worry about or be jealous of,” Kurt pushed forward against Seb’s hand with a breathless moan as he turned his head capturing Seb’s lips.

“You’re just too damn sexy,” Seb slid down the zipper of Kurt’s pants as he licked into his mouth hungrily. He slipped his hand inside relieved to find Kurt wearing underwear which he rarely did when they went out together. “I want to fuck you so bad right now, send you out to that bar, plugged and full of my cum, feeling me every time you move. Stinking of me, so no other man will want you.”

“Fuck,” Kurt growled, instantly aroused. “Yes let’s do that. I want to do that.” He unbuttoned his pants and turned in Seb’s arms, releasing Seb’s towel and stepping over it as it fell to the floor. He eyed Sebastian’s naked body hungrily before pushing him down onto their bed. Seb reached for lube from the side table as Kurt went to the toy drawer in his dresser, that they’d been yet to explore together. Kurt had stocked it up when he’d been single, though a lot of the goodies in there he’d been yet to sample. The butt plug he was selecting today was included in that.

“You’re not going to be too sore still for that, are you?” Sebastian dripped lube into his hand and used it to stroke himself as Kurt shook his head and sat the green tapered silicon plug on the side table. “It’s soft and only small, unlike you.” Kurt complimented his husband watching intently as Seb’s hand worked up and down his own long rigid length. Kurt swore in that moment that he’d married the sexiest man on the planet. Nothing could possibly be hotter than Sebastian like this.

“Are you just planning to stand there staring or are you going to get those pants off and get on this?” Sebastian groaned, twisting his wrist as he pointed his hard leaking cock at Kurt.

Kurt licked his lips, gnawing at the bottom one as he pushed his pants and boxer briefs to the floor and stepped from them. He approached Sebastian eagerly, reaching for a pillow and adjusting it beneath his husband’s head before straddling him. Seb clutched Kurt’s waist and it was Kurt who reached for the lube this time, coating his fingers then sliding two into his own ass as he leaned forward moaning and kissing at Seb’s neck.

“Tell me how that feels,” Seb rocked his his hips up, his trapped cock dragging against the underside of Kurt’s balls. “Is it good babe?”

“Not as good as when you do it,” Kurt pouted a little to boost Sebastian’s ego. “Your fingers are longer,” he elaborated. “You get deeper.”

“You love me deep in you huh?” Seb smirked smugly. “I love how hot and tight you always feel when I finger you. Those sweet breathy little gasps that escape you when ever I hit just the right spot inside you. You’re so fucking beautiful baby. I love you so fucking much.”

Kurt groaned, scissoring his fingers as Seb dragged his nails up Kurt’s back, removing his shirt to eventually plant his hands in Kurt’s hair and drag him down against him for deep lust filled kisses.

Kurt whimpered as his fingers were pulled free from his hole. He used his lubed hand instead to grip Sebastian and direct him straight to where he most needed him, impaling himself slowly.

Sebastian whined, his eyes rolling back in his head as he was encased in Kurt’s torturous tight heat. 48 hours of Kurt being too sore to take him had Sebastian practically gagging for it. “Ugh! Baby,” he groaned, his nails digging into Kurt’s ass cheeks as he fought against his orgasm.

Thankfully for Sebastian, who was right on the verge of embarrassing himself, Kurt took it slow. They had time after all, before Seb had to be at work and Kurt had to meet Jason and there was definitely no better way to spend it. Matilda was out of the house. Charlotte and Elijah had been elated to baby sit and decided to take her and Eddie to see a movie. Kurt had thought they’d said the Lion King but as he marvelled in the ecstasy of fucking himself slow and deep on Sebastian’s rock hard dick, he couldn’t quite remember his own name let alone an insignificant detail like a movie title.

Sweat beaded on Kurt’s skin as he moved, working himself and his beloved partner beneath him into a wild frenzy, not even giving a shit that they were both going to need to shower again before they could continue on with their plans for the night.

Their love was rhythmic and graceful, addicting and so fucking erotic. Their eyes locked together, their fingers and mouths exploring with passion and heat as the pressure slowly built up within them both.

“No ones here babe,” Kurt teased Sebastian’s nipples, clawing at his chest as he rode him. “Let me hear you. Say my name. Please say my name.”

“Kurt! Holy fucking hell, Kurt!” Sebastian howled, rapidly pistoning his hips up into Kurt, the sound of sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin filling the room as Seb filled Kurt’s willing body over and over.

“Sebastian,” Kurt panted out breathlessly, lost for words as Seb’s engorged throbbing cock battered his prostate on repeat. “I’m close, shit, so close.” He guided Sebastian’s hand to his hard needy dick pleading with lust blown eyes for Seb to finish him off.

“So fucking beautiful,” Seb growled, gripping Kurt’s leaking cock in a tight fist. He jerked him rapidly, matching the pace of their love making. “Come on Kurt. Blow for me Gorgeous. Let me see you cum.”

Kurt shuddered, his movements becoming erratic then ceasing entirely. He planted himself down hard on his husband’s length cursing as he exploded in his hand in hard rapid spurts. In response Sebastian flipped Kurt over, his back hitting the mattress with a heavy thud, without Seb even leaving his body. Seb moved fast. He thrust deep, lost completely in the pleasure Kurt’s body provided. Edging ever closer as Kurt clenched deliciously around him.

“You’re mine,” he growled possessively, pounding steadily into Kurt. “Remember that when every man at that bar is lusting after you tonight. You are MINE.”

Sebastian came then, hard, deep inside the only man he’d ever really loved. “Mine,” he repeated, collapsing over Kurt, his body limp.

“All yours,” Kurt panted smiling up at him, then finding his lips to kiss him softly. “Only yours baby. Fuck, that was so hot.”

“You’re amazing,” Sebastian agreed, clinging to Kurt, not ready yet to leave the comfort of his lover’s body. “When we have the time I plan on exploring that drawer with you. What else have you got over there?” He rose reaching the butt plug from the side table.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Kurt smirked, bracing himself for Seb to pull out.

“Clench for me,” Seb advised, his softening cock slipping easily from Kurt’s body. He lubed the plug quickly, carefully sliding it in. “I’m going to be hard all fucking night tonight, picturing this.” He groaned, running his fingers lazily over the base of the plug. “You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Take the night off and come out with me?” Kurt wrapped his legs around Seb’s back and pulled him back on top of him. “I’ll wear the Versace jeans and blow you in the bathroom.”

“Ugh,” Seb groaned, his dick twitching with want but unable to do its thing again so soon. “You are pure evil. I adore you but I can’t miss work. Not tonight. Saturday’s are always crazy.”

“Boo,” Kurt pouted, pushing Seb off him and climbing clumsily from the bed. “Better get ready again then don’t want to keep Jason waiting.”

“Tell him, he lays a hand on you he’s dead,” Seb stood, raking a hand over Kurt’s bare ass as he passed him to go to the bathroom.

“It’s not me his hands are interested in,” Kurt followed Seb into the shower. “You need to keep yours to yourself right now too Mister,” he warned, turning on the water. “NO messing around or we’ll both be late.”

“Yes sir,” Seb smirked, reaching for Kurt’s shower gel for the second time in less than an hour. That sex had been totally worth another shower though. He so loved this man.


“Are you sure this is a good idea,” Jason sat opposite Kurt poking at the remainder of his fettuccine carbonara with his fork. He looked terrified.

“Come on Jase. When has seeing a band ever been a bad idea?” Kurt sipped a Diet Coke. “Just relax. We’ll finish eating, go to the bar, have a few drinks, dance. Ell’s going to be pretty occupied up there on stage. You won’t even have to talk to him unless you really want to.”

“I think I want to,” Jase fidgeted nervously in his seat. “It’s been so long though. Is he still super hot? Do you think he’ll even remember me?”

“He remembers you,” Kurt assured the man. “And yes don’t tell Seb I said so but he’s definitely still hot as fuck. Now stop worrying. Be confident. You look great and he’s going to be so pleased that you’re there.”

“He’ll be pleased that you’re there,” Jason replied insecurely with a shake of his head. “Why aren’t you two together? He’s always had a crush on you.”

“Because I’m married to your boss,” Kurt reminded Jason, picking the last cherry tomato from his Cobb salad and popping it in his mouth. “Ell’s not for me.”

“Never would have imagined you and our Dr Seb together,” Jason observed, spinning the last of his pasta onto his fork. “You were always so fun while Sebastian, he’s totally great with the kids and so knowledgeable. I’m learning heaps from him but he’s so serious and business like. I can’t imagine how that even translates in the bedroom. Pretty vanilla I’m guessing. Can’t be very exciting.”

“I think the Sebastian you know is very different from the one I know. I’ve seen his professionalism at work. I’m so proud of what he does but get him out of that doctor’s coat and he’s a very different man. He’s out going, a little reckless, romantic and adorable. He makes me feel loved. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.” Kurt ate as he spoke.

“The sex though...,” Jase looked at Kurt sympathetically.

“Mind blowing,” Kurt boasted with a smirk. “Can’t get enough.”

“Well now I’m jealous,” Jase pouted. “I haven’t had mind-blowing since... since well, Elliott. Sebastian though really?” He looked sceptical. “Really?”

“Really,” Kurt nodded emphatically. “Best I ever had.”

“Now you’re just bragging,”Jason sniggered, still looking a little disbelieving. “Sorry about Blaine though.”

“Water under the bridge,” Kurt shrugged, taking his last bite of salad. “I’m better off without him. I have Sebastian now and he have Matilda. I’m really happy.”

“You done?” Jason checked. “Guess we should get this over with.”

“You’re going to have fun,” Kurt assured him enthusiastically.

The pair paid their bill and exited the diner. Laughter and conversation flowing as they walked the short distance to the busy bar.

“It’s packed,” Jase looked to Kurt with concern as they stepped inside. “I didn’t expect that.”

“They’re pretty popular,” Kurt yelled over the noise. He took Jason’s hand and led him through the crowd to the bar. “What are you drinking?” He asked.

“Just a beer,” Jason smiled, taking in the rowdy atmosphere. “This is kinda cool.”

“Do you want to go out back and say hi?” Kurt checked, snapping his fingers to get the busy bar man’s attention.

“Can we even do that?” Jason asked sceptically as Kurt ordered a beer, a Jager bomb and a Long Island iced tea.

“Of course we can,” Kurt nodded waiting for their drinks. “I do it all the time.”

“What are you drinking?” Jason picked up his beer watching Kurt as he dropped a shot glass of liqueur into a glass of something carbonated.

“Jagermeister and red bull,” Kurt explained, drinking the entire glass straight down then picking up his Long Island iced tea. “Do you want one?”

“I think I’m good,” Jason narrowed his eyes, sipping his beer. “I’m going to pace myself a little.”

“Maybe later then,” Kurt grinned, his drink quickly rushing to his head as he followed it almost instantly with a long gulp of the second cocktail. “Let’s go see your man then.”

Kurt lead Jason out back. After some friendly banter with security they were soon knocking at the change room door.

“Fuck off, we still have 15 minutes,” Kurt heard Elliott call through the door.

“That’s no way to speak to your best friend,” Kurt poked his head around the door with a cheeky grin. “Especially when I come bearing gifts.”

“You bought me a present?” Elliott smiled sceptically getting up from the sofa. “You better come in then.”

“I brought you a present,” Kurt corrected. He stepped inside, dragging a very nervous Jason behind him. “Surprise!!!”

“Well fuck me,” Elliott gasped, looking Jason up and down. “Fuck.”

“Ummm hi?” Jason waved weakly at Elliott, hiding mostly behind Kurt.

“Yeah,” Elliott nodded, his eyes wide. “Yeah, hi.”

“You look good,” Jason ventured cautiously. “And you’re still with these guys,” he gestured to Toady and Gino. “That’s great.”

“We do okay,” Elliott nodded. “What are you up to? I mean you look great. Your sweater, I love it.”

Kurt grinned at the awkwardness, sipping his drink as he stole Elliott’s chair. He chatted to Gino and Toady while the stilted conversation between Jason and Elliott continued.

“I work for Kurt’s husband,” Jason explained vaguely. “Can I hug you? I feel like I’d really like to hug you.” He sat his beer down on the grimy table to his right.

“Sure,” Elliott stepped closer to his ex-lover. Their brief embrace was clumsy.

“It’s good to see you,” Jason smiled, inhaling deeply before stepping back. Elliott smelled so good. Elliott had always smelt good and he looked incredible, even hotter than Jason remembered. Fuck how Jase missed him.

“We have to go on in a few minutes,” Elliott almost looked disappointed. “If Kurt’s ball and chain doesn’t have him on curfew maybe we could catch up after the set. I’ll shout you a fluffy duck,” he smirked. “You always loved those.”

Jason blushed and nodded as Elliott turned to Kurt. “Where is Doctor Douche Bag anyway? Does he know you’re here with me?”

“Sebastian,” Kurt bitched glared at Elliott, “is at work, gallantly saving children’s lives.”

“Oh yeah,” Elliott rolled his eyes bitterly. “He’s a regular Mother Fucking Teresa.”

“Woah,” Kurt got to his feet. “Don’t.”

“Don’t?” Elliott glared back. “Like I don’t know what his game was the other night. Inviting me for dinner with your in-laws. We could hear everything Kurt. Sound echoed in that house like you wouldn’t believe. He won. He didn’t have to rub it in my face.”

Kurt looked back at Elliott mortified. Recalling the things Sebastian had said about Elliott during their encounter. He didn’t know what to say.

“You married a narcissistic cock,” Elliott sneered angrily. He was so hurt. “You think you’re happy now but it’s not going to last. This time Kurt when it crashes don’t come running to me. You can just fuck off. Get out! I need to finish getting ready.”

“I... sorry...” Kurt replied weakly, standing with his drink in hand and heading for the door as Toady and Gino watched on sympathetic but silent.

“Bye,” Jason eyed Elliott with confusion as Kurt stepped out into the hall. Jase had no idea what anyone was talking about or about what Sebastian may have done or said to offend Elliott and he didn’t ask. There was no way he wanted to be caught in the middle of it.

“Drink after?” Elliott pleaded with his eyes.

Jason nodded. “Good luck out there,” he smiled softly.

“Thanks,” Elliott winked, watching Jason as he followed Kurt from the room. Elliott was so angry with Kurt, or more accurately with Sebastian right now yet so extremely grateful to see Jason again, to have hugged him, felt him so close once more. Jason had always felt so right in Elliott’s arms. He wasn’t Kurt but Ell had always regretted letting him go. He wondered if he had any chance of winning him back.

With his drink almost finished Kurt headed to the bar with Jason in tow. He felt humiliated and pissed off. He hated being pushed and pulled between his husband and his best friend. It wasn’t fair. “Another beer?” He asked Jason as he threw back the last of his second drink and ordered another.

“I’m good,” Jason raised his still almost full glass, eyeing Kurt with concern. “Are you?”

“I fucking hate men,” Kurt growled as the bar man sat his drink on the bar. “Why couldn’t I have been straight? You’re bi right? Honestly, find yourself a good woman and never look at another man ever again.”

“I think I want Elliott back,” Jason mused, completely distracting Kurt. “He looked so good and he smelled so good. Hugging him was like coming home.”

“What the Fuck?” Kurt frowned, stifling a moan. He turned from Jason quickly as some sleaze ball behind him grabbed his ass, forcing the butt plug that Seb had left inside him to shift. “Back off,” he warned the douche bag severely. “My husband will kick your ass.”

“Might have almost been worth it Sweetheart,” the guy licked his lips before stepping away disappointed.

“Ewww,” Kurt scrunched his nose, turning back to Jason as Elliott and the boys took the stage at the back of the room. Jase was just standing there his eyes fixed on Elliott as if the hundreds of other people in the room never existed. Kurt felt Jason sigh, as he picked up his previously neglected cocktail and took a long drink.

“Let’s go dance,” Kurt suggested, tugging at Jason with one hand as he carried his drink in the other. Kurt pushed his way through the crowd close to the edge of the stage. He drank and danced with Jason as Elliott sang, feeling rapidly woozy.

“I don’t feel so good,” Kurt swayed, stumbling a little as the band ended their third song. He gripped Jason’s hips for stability, his voice slurred.

“You need to slow down on the drinks,” Jason advised, removing Kurt’s hands from his body. Jason had never been attracted to Kurt plus he liked his job and wasn’t going to risk it by getting too close to his very possessive boss’s husband.

“No,” Kurt protested, as the room spun around him and his vision blurred. “I don’t feel right. Not goo...” his voice trailed off

“What do you mean?” Jason gasped, catching Kurt just before his semi conscious body hit the floor, knocking over a girl dancing beside them.

“The fuck!” Elliott dropped his microphone and jumped from the stage, scattering people to get to Kurt as the fallen girl, with the help of her date, clambered back to her feet looking pissed. “What happened?” Ell yelled at Jason hysterically. “Is he conscious?”

“He said he didn’t feel good,” Jason flinched at Elliott’s tone as he lowered Kurt’s now still, limp body to the floor, then checking his breathing and pulse. “He was on his third drink in less than 30 minutes.”

“Everyone step back,” Elliott screamed fiercely, “Someone call an ambulance.”

“Done,” the bar man called across the now silent room. “Can we get everyone out of here please? Bars closed.” The crowd dispersed quickly as he crossed the floor to where Kurt lay lifeless.

“I’ve drunk with Kurt a million times,” Elliott, rolled his friend onto his side, ensuring his airway was clear. “Three drinks isn’t going to do this to him. He can drink a whole bottle of Tequila and still fuck like a rockstar. I know he’d never take anything but could he have been drugged?”

“There was one dude that grabbed his ass at the bar. I dunno,” Jason shrugged, trying to keep calm. Trying not to be jealous now that it had been confirmed that Kurt and Elliott had slept together. “I’ll call Sebastian,” Jason offered knowing Seb wouldn’t take this news well but that he had to be informed none the less. “He’s working tonight. He can meet the ambulance when it arrives at the hospital.”

“Fuck,” Elliott fought back tears, kneeling over Kurt on the timber floor as Jace stepped aside to make the call. Kurt looked so small, so vulnerable. It broke Elliott’s heart. “You keep breathing Baby,” he urged Kurt, stroking his hair tenderly. “Just keep breathing. Matilda and Seb need you. I need you. Fuck off can’t be the last words I say to you.”

“Anything we can do?” Toady and Gino, stood with the bar man, watching on helplessly as other staff members busied themselves, clearing glasses and furniture for the paramedics once they arrived.

“Maybe just get all our gear packed up yeah? I’m going to the hospital with Kurt,” Elliott took Kurt’s hand, checking his pulse as he’d seen Jason do. He had no medical training or anything to compare it to but it was there so that had to be good.

“Sure,” Gino nodded stepping back up with Toady onto the stage. “Should we cover him in a blanket or something? Keep him warm.”

Elliott nodded taking off his own jacket and laying it selflessly over his friend. “It’s okay baby. It’s okay,” he kissed Kurt’s forehead protectively, stroked his soft hair again. “The ambulance is on its way sweetheart. Hang in there. I’ve got you. You’re going to be okay.

Chapter Text

Sebastian waited anxiously outside the ER entrance, in the ambulance bay. Full of dread, he paced, so fucking afraid. Wringing his hands, he fought off a panic attack, fought back tears, fought his anger and the urge to just destroy everything in sight. He had to remain calm, cool, collected. He was Dr Sebastian Hummel-Smythe and this was his place of employment where people respected him, looked up to him even. Most of all though, right now Kurt was
in trouble and he needed Seb to be strong. Sebastian would be of no use to him or anyone if he lost his shit.

Sebastian just couldn’t fathom how this had even happened to Kurt tonight. He should have been there with him, protecting him. Kurt had asked him to go but like a fucking moron he’d repeated mistakes from the past and chosen work instead. As if work had been more important than Kurt. As if the well-being of any stranger's child mattered more than his beloved husband. When in reality nothing mattered more than Kurt...or Matilda. Sebastian was so furious with himself, with his priorities. He’d finally found somebody to love, somebody so fucking special and so right for him but now he might lose him because he was too busy, wiping strange kid’s snotty noses to care for him.

Twenty nine lonely, miserable fucking years it had taken Sebastian to finally find happiness, to find real true love, to be with Kurt Hummel and to make him Kurt Hummel-Smythe and it could all be taken away in just the blink of an eye. Sebastian’s eyes welled with tears. This just couldn’t be happening. Not to him, not to his Kurt. Not now, not so soon after they’d finally found each other.

Unconscious that’s what Jason had told him. Shallow breathing, slow weak pulse. Kurt had been drinking, too much, too quickly. They’d been dancing and he’d just collapsed, his head hitting the floor hard. None of that sounded good. Kurt didn’t do drugs so some sick, twisted, mother fucker must have slipped him something. What kind of evil asshole would do such a thing? Sebastian prayed that the paramedics would get to Kurt quickly, that they’d be competent in their jobs, that they’d assess him for a head injury in addition to treating the overdose. Both could be fatal conditions. Sebastian knew that. He’d seen people die from head trauma. He’d seen them die from drug overdoses but Kurt couldn’t fucking die. He just couldn’t. Sebastian needed him, Matilda needed him. His family and his many friends needed him. Kurt was so loved. Seriously this couldn’t be happening right now.

The only thing currently bringing Sebastian comfort was knowing Kurt hadn’t been alone. He had Jason with him. Jason with enough basic medical training to know what signs of decline to look for. Jason who could more than adequately administer CPR and resuscitate Kurt if the worst happened, who could if necessary keep his man’s beautiful, loving heart beating and his blood adequately oxygenated until help arrived.

It wasn’t just Jason though, Elliott was there too... Fucking Elliott...and the more Sebastian thought about it the more he believed that this was all that mother fucker’s fault. Kurt wouldn’t even have been in that Hell’s Kitchen bar if it weren’t for that asshole and his shitty band, if Elliott hadn’t been mooning over Kurt so emphatically that Kurt felt it necessary to try and find him a love of his own just to get some distance between them. Elliott, who seriously needed to learn boundaries and stop being the third party in their marriage. It had gotten beyond a joke now. It had put Kurt’s life at risk. Elliott had put Kurt’s life at risk. Sebastian was furious. He paced again, back and forward across the asphalt, fuming.

Sebastian checked the time on his phone. It had been seventeen minutes since Jason had called. What was taking so long? Rationally he knew it would take at least that long for the ambulance to make it from the bar to the hospital through traffic, not to mention the precious time it would take to reach Kurt initially but in his current state of near panic, rationality wasn’t really entering into Seb’s equation. He needed Kurt here now, to see him for himself, to know he was okay, to get him through this.

“They just radioed through they are about twelve minutes out,” Calum approached Sebastian outside looking sympathetic. “They gave him multiple doses of Flumazenil. He’s conscious, vitals improving, on oxygen of course and possibly concussed. He’s going to feel pretty damn awful for a day or two but he should be okay Sebastian.”

Sebastian burst into tears of relief. “So it was fucking Rohypnol?” He asked, grinding his teeth together and shaking his head in anger. Tears streaked his cheeks

“Would seem so,” Calum nodded calmly. “Sadly, slipped into his drink he wouldn’t even have noticed it and mixed with alcohol it’s effects would have been significantly magnified. He’s lucky he only lost consciousness it could have been fatal. It’s a good thing he wasn’t alone.”

“He’s never going out alone without me ever again,” Sebastian replied protectively. “It’s taken me all my life to find him. Fuck I love him. I won’t lose him now.”

“This could be them,” Calum looked hopeful as an ambulance pulled in. “I know you’re anxious to see him but give us room to work, yeah?”

“No,” Sebastian protested, following close behind Calum. “I’m going to be the lead on this. I need to get him through it.”

“That is not happening,” Calum frowned at Seb. “Even if you were the most qualified to treat this patient, which you aren’t, he’s your husband and treating family in this hospital is strictly against protocol. Now step back Sebastian. Let me do my job. Let my staff do their jobs. He’ll get the best care and we’ll have you with him as soon as possible, I promise.

“Fine,” Sebastian reluctantly nodded, wiping away any residual tears and pulling himself together with deep breaths. He stood back watching anxiously as Calum opened the ambulance doors.

Elliott emerged first. He approached Sebastian, looking apprehensive. “He’s okay. He was roofied. I’m so fucking sorry but they treated him and he’s conscious now. He’s going to be okay.”

“How did you let this happen?” Sebastian roared angrily, furious tears welling in his eyes. “Some fucking friend you are! He was only there because of you! I could have fucking lost him. Do you realise that?”

“You need to calm down,” Elliott flew back at Sebastian. “I’ve had about e-fucking-nough of you and your holier than thou fucking attitude. Kurt was out with Jason, your friend, co-worker, whatever, not with me. I didn’t invite him. I didn’t even know he was coming out tonight. I was up on the stage singing when he collapsed and I have been with him every second since to make sure he’s okay. I did nothing fucking wrong and you’re only blaming me to relieve your own guilt. You and I both know that the only reason that your husband was at that bar tonight was because your pathetic, jealous ass is so insecure about my friendship with him that he felt he had to set me up with my ex to appease you.”

“That’s bullshit,” Sebastian stepped angrily into Elliott’s space. “Why the fuck would I be jealous of you? He chose me. He married me.”

“Maybe but I know you’ve seen the way he still looks at me, the way he seeks me out,” Elliott offered snidely, turning to walk away, so done with Sebastian’s sanctimonious bullshit. “I’m sure it reminds you that it wasn’t so long ago that is my name he was screaming in ecstasy as I fucked him into that mattress you sleep on every night.”

“Fuck you,” Sebastian sneered, his nostrils flared, eyes wide and fists clenched at his sides in anger

“Oh such fucking gratitude,” Elliott paused to scoff sarcastically. “Honestly you don’t need to thank me asshole, for being by his side tonight, for helping to save his life while your ugly neglectful ass was working. I love Kurt. I’m his best friend, his person, the one constant in his life. Men, they come and go. Undoubtedly you will too but I’ll always be there, the one by his side picking up the pieces. I did it after Blaine. I will after you too. I’ll do anything for Kurt.” Elliott stated his truth bluntly. “You have your fun Sebastian while it lasts. Kurt and I are endgame and I can guarantee that I’ll still be around long after you’re nothing but a distant miserable memory.” Elliott stormed off inside, leaving Sebastian, trembling with rage, mouth agape. Ell felt horribly guilty. He hadn’t meant to lose his temper especially when Sebastian was a little right. If it hadn’t been for him Kurt wouldn’t even had been in that bar. If they hadn’t argued Kurt might not have ordered the drink that some douche bag had spiked. If it weren’t for Elliott, Kurt would be probably be at home in bed, perfectly fine, not in the hospital ER, being treated for a drug overdose.

As Sebastian watched Elliott disappear inside, he noticed the ambulance was now gone. He’d been so furious just at the sight of Elliott that hadn’t even noticed Kurt exit the ambulance and be wheeled inside.

He rushed into the busy ER. “Kurt Hummel-Smythe?” He checked with the duty nurse as he passed by the desk.

“13,” she responded, pointing in the direction of cubicle 13. “You can’t go in there though.”

Sebastian ignored her. “Seb,” he heard Kurt murmur as he approached, his husband’s voice weak, gravelly and desperate. “Seb please.”

“Shh,” Calum who was tending Kurt behind the closed curtain, attempted to calm him while checking his vitals, pulse, blood pressure, pupil dilation... “Sebastian is right out there. Let’s just take a second to get you settled then you can see him.”

“Sebastian?” Kurt repeated.

“I’m here baby,” Seb announced assuringly, slipping without invitation between the curtains to Kurt’s side, teary again.

“You need to wait Seb,” Calum frowned at his colleague as Seb sat on the edge of Kurt’s bed and took Kurt’s hand, holding it tight, stroking Kurt’s soft skin with his thumb. “You fucking scared me,” he blurted at his husband, ignoring his boss. “Fuck Kurt. You need to be more careful babe. What would I have done? What would Matilda have done if anything happened to you? We love you. We need you Kurt.”

“I’m fine,” Kurt weakly lifted his oxygen mask, his voice scratchy from all the induced vomiting in the ambulance. He attempted to smile as he squeezed Seb’s hand. He was exhausted though and it didn’t reach his eyes.

“I’m not,” Sebastian was shaking, his body excessively sweating from the anxiety of almost losing the person he loved most. “I was terrified. I thought I’d lost you. You’re never going out without me again. You hear me, never again.”

“You need to step out Sebastian,” Calum spoke firmly before turning to Kurt. “I’m afraid we are going to need to get you out of your clothing and into this high fashion item,” Calum offered up a hospital gown. “You can leave your socks on if necessary but I’m afraid everything else will have to go. We have multiple tests we need to run.” He rattled off a list to his intern which included blood and urine tests and a CT of Kurt’s brain just to be safe. “This is my intern, Patricia. She will help you change.”

“Jesus Cal, I’m a god damn surgeon. Let me do it,” Seb protested, not moving from Kurt’s side.

“You’re a paediatric surgeon Seb. We discussed this outside,” Calum was becoming frustrated. “It’s against protocol to treat family and even it wasn’t you’re way too emotional to provide quality care. Now go and get a cup of coffee, take that other guy out there thats wearing a hole in our tile with his pacing, both of you calm down and come back in half an hour, by then we’ll be done.”

“Can he stay?” Kurt piped up weakly before Sebastian could object again. He pulled Seb close by the lapel of his doctor’s coat nuzzling his nose into Seb’s cheek to whisper. “The plug is still in.”

“Oh,” Sebastian grimaced, with the threat to Kurt’s life he’d forgotten all about sending Kurt out tonight plugged up. “Right, um. So? We’ll need to deal with that,” he responded with a grin. “Don’t worry babe. The guys around here have dealt with much worse.”

Kurt looked exasperated, embarrassed, exhausted, desperate. “Don’t tell everyone,” he pleaded quietly through gritted teeth. “Can’t you? You do it.”

“Um,” Sebastian nodded, getting up he turned to Calum, whispering discreetly to him.

Calum sighed heavily, shaking his head as he looked between the pair unamused while Kurt blushed furiously. “You can help him change and then you’re out of here,” he rolled his eyes. “I don’t want to see you again after that until he’s up in the ward.”

“Ward?” Kurt questioned as Seb nodded his agreement.

“Yes,” Dr Calum replied, clearing the cubicle of other staff. “We’ll be keeping you at least 24 hours for observation, maybe longer if tests show anything.”

“But Matilda?” Kurt looked anxiously at his husband as Calum left too.

“She’s fine with my parents,” Sebastian assured him with a soft smile. “I’ll call them while you’re having your tests. Get them to bring her in the morning.”

“They can’t bring her here,” Kurt shook his head adamantly as Seb began to help him undress, removing his shirt carefully around his tubes and wires. “They brought her here when her parents died. I don’t want her to see another parent like this. It will scare her.”

“You’re not going to die baby and I think she’ll be just as scared at home knowing you’ve been hurt. Plus she did fine when she was here with her wrist,” Seb was feeling so shaken as he thoroughly washed his hands. He couldn’t help feeling that having his family all together in one room even a hospital room would return his equilibrium.

“I’m too tired to argue,” Kurt sighed, as Sebastian removed his shoes and sat them aside.

“You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve fantasised about this,” Seb smirked softly, as Kurt raised his hips from the bed to allow Seb to remove his pants. “Minus the drugs of course.”

“Pervert,” Kurt shook his head, his eyes falling closed with weariness as Seb slipped off his underwear and reached for paper towels.

“Roll carefully onto your side honey,” Sebastian spoke lovingly, helping Kurt gently onto his side. He ran his hand tenderly down Kurt’s bare back and over his ass. He may be at work and he was a professional but this was still his gorgeous husband. “Bear down Baby,” he suggested softly. With paper towel ready in his other hand, He slid his fingers into Kurt’s ass crack, gripping the end of the plug. He twisted gently, mostly just to tease then slowly slid it out, willing away his erection as he watched his earlier release leak from Kurt’s body.

“Fuck,” he groaned, quickly disposing of the silicon plug, his breathing becoming laboured as he quietly wished he was using his tongue rather than paper to clean Kurt. Even in his state Kurt was still so super hot.

“You can’t be turned on by this,” Kurt whispered judgmentally, rolling over to face him again.

“Shut up,” Seb blushed a little. “You’re my husband. You’re beautiful and I love you.”

“I love you too,” Kurt’s head dropped back into the pillow.

“We just need to get this gown on you sweetheart,” Sebastian picked up the ugly hospital gown that Calum had left behind and awkwardly put it on Kurt.

“Is Ell still here?” Kurt asked as Seb straightened the gown and pulled blankets up around him.

“You warm enough?” Seb fussed, deliberately ignoring Kurt’s question. “I can get you another blanket.”

“I’m fine,” Kurt’s eyes dropped closed again.

“You need to stay awake baby,” Seb tenderly stroked Kurt’s hair, placing a soft kiss to his forehead. “They need to run tests hun. Get you hydrated. I’m going to go now before Cal kicks my ass. I have a few patients I need to look in on anyway. I love you.”

Kurt nodded slowly, attempting to smile. “Love you,” he murmured barely. Seb kissed his forehead again then paused for a moment to take in his beauty, his vulnerability. Lying there depleted Kurt looked so small. It broke Seb’s heart knowing how close he’d come to losing this precious human. He knew as he washed his hands again that he never wanted to let Kurt out of his sight ever again.

“Call for me once he’s settled,” Sebastian addressed Patricia as he stepped out from behind Kurt’s privacy curtains. “And you better take damn good care of him. That man is my world.”

“I always take good care of all my patients,” Patricia frowned at Sebastian’s insinuation that she may be less than competent, as she joined Calum in tending to Kurt. “Go take care of yours.”

Sebastian said nothing, instead just turning to glare at Elliott who remained anxiously outside Kurt’s cubicle. “You should go home,” Seb suggested. “You’ve done enough.”

“Grow up,” Elliott spat back unmoving. “I’m here for Kurt, not you. I’m not going anywhere.”

Seb groaned softly in frustration. “They’re taking Kurt for tests. Your stubborn ass can’t stay here clogging up the hallway. Come this way.”

Elliott eyed Sebastian dubiously.

“There’s a visitors lounge around the corner. It has a tv, magazines, coffee, vending machine, a comfy sofa you can nap on. You can wait in there.”

“Right,” Elliott nodded following Sebastian around the corner.

Sebastian opened the door and turned on the light. “Make yourself comfortable,” he grumbled before leaving Elliott to head off to his office.

Inside, Sebastian closed the door. He flopped down in the nearest chair sighing heavily. Shaking with his face buried in his hands he sobbed. He sobbed for Kurt, over his hateful fight with Elliott that ran on repeat through his head. Were the cruel things Elliott said true? Was Elliott right about his marriage? Was it doomed to fail? Was it Elliott that Kurt really wanted? He had asked for him after Seb had changed him into the hospital gown, like Sebastian being there for him wasn’t enough. Sebastian felt so confused. He wanted to go home, to his apartment, not Kurt’s place, to get some perspective, to breathe and reboot.

He had patients to attend to first though and by the time his shift was over he would be expected to return to Kurt in the ward, if Kurt even wanted him to. Elliott was here after all. Let him do it. Then there was the whole issue of Matilda. Sebastian needed to call Titus. It was 1am. He knew his brother would be asleep but he needed to let his family know what had happened and make sure his daughter was cared for.

“Someone better be dead,” Titus yawned as he answered. “Do you know what time it is bro?”

“Kurt was roofied,” Sebastian responded sadly. “He’s been admitted here.”

“Oh fuck Seb. I’m so sorry dude. Is he okay? Fuck,” Titus was horribly concerned.

“He lost consciousness for a bit but they brought him around. They’re running a few tests but he should be fine.”

“Shouldn’t you be with him?” Titus sounded a little confused.

“Apparently I’m a liability in my current emotional state,” Sebastian replied sarcastically. “Besides he has Elliott here if he needs support.”

“I like that guy,” Sebastian could hear the smile in Titus’s voice. “You and Kurt have a good friend there.”

“He’s not my friend,” Sebastian responded too quickly.

“Kurt’s not into him, if that’s what you think,” Titus advised Sebastian. “My dear brother, Kurt is so besotted with you. I wish Regina looked at me the way Kurt looks at you. I wish we had loud wild bathroom sex like you guys, probably not with the whole family listening though. Kurt loves you Sebastian. Trust me. I’m so jealous of your marriage.”

“I not worried about Elliott,” Sebastian lied, not wanting to appear weak to his brother. “Mostly I’m just calling because I wanted to ask if you guys can take care of Matilda tomorrow. I want to stay here with Kurt and it’s no place for a kid to hang around all day.”

“Of course, we can watch her,” Titus assured Sebastian. “Do you want us to tell her what’s going on? Maybe bring her in for a visit?”

“Perhaps tell her daddy is in hospital but he’s fine,” Seb sounded unsure. “Kurt said he doesn’t want her here. This is where her parents died but if she wants to see him then I think it might reassure her. I’ll leave it up to your judgement.”

“He is going to be okay right?” Titus sounded worried. “We love him, even Dad likes him. You did good Seb. He’s a great guy. I have no idea what he sees in you.”

“He’s the best,” Sebastian answered fondly. “The absolute best. I love him so much.”

“Then go be with him,” Titus suggested, yawning again. “And let me sleep. I’ll call mum and dad in the morning and let them know what happened. Don’t worry about Matilda we’ve got her covered.”

“I love you Bro,” Sebastian smiled softly with relief. “Thank you. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes with Kurt.”

“Love you too Dude. Have you called his family yet?” Titus checked.

“I’m waiting for morning,” Sebastian reasoned. “His dad has a bad heart. A 1am call saying his son is in hospital following a non consensual drug over dose wouldn’t be good for him.”

“You could be right,” Titus agreed. “You take care of you too though. okay? Stay hydrated. Don’t forget to eat and sleep when you can.”

“Yes mother,” Sebastian chuckled. “Goodnight Titus. Tell Tilly Daddy Seb loves her. Thanks again.”

“It’s so cute how she calls you that. Night bro,” Titus ended the call.

Sebastian tucked his phone into his pocket and rose from the chair. He went to the bathroom and washed his face. He looked pale and stressed as he examined his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He needed to go back down to the ER, tend to some patients, make sure his interns weren’t killing anyone. They were pretty competent thankfully but night shift was always when the most mistakes happened. Staff were tired, and patients too, often making them difficult to deal with. They couldn’t be left unsupervised for too long.

Sebastian straightened his clothes, changed into a clean doctor’s coat and headed back to the ER. He hoped the crazy would distract him from Kurt’s predicament for a while. The evening was busy, a couple of cases of croup, an asthma attack, one poor child that had fallen from his bunk bed, broken an arm and lacerated his head, a minor car accident victim and a few high fevers with vomiting. The latter were never a favourite of Sebastian’s because his shoes always suffered. Tonight was no exception.

“Go change your shoes and you can head upstairs to see your husband,” Calum interrupted as Sebastian filled in the chart for the latest child to vomit on him.

“His friend, Elliott is the lounge. Can you send him up first? I need a shower. I feel gross,” Sebastian returned the chart to the end of the bed.

“The gentleman from the ambulance?” Cal asked. “Sure. Kurt’s been asking for you though.”

“Is he okay?” Sebastian stepped from the vomiting child’s cubicle out into the hallway.

“CT was clear, kidney function is good with hydration and sleep he should be as good as new and ready to go home on Monday. He was very lucky,” Calum smiled reassuringly.

“I’m the lucky one to have him,” Seb smiled back. “Now if you’ll excuse me I need to shower ASAP. Get this stench off me.” Sebastian saw Calum head for the visitor’s lounge as he departed the ER for his office to clean up. Why was he a paediatrician again? Sometimes this job totally sucked balls. It was lucky he had a strong stomach.

By the time Sebastian was showered and changed the sun was rising outside and he was feeling beyond weary, wanting nothing more than to nestle up to Kurt in his tiny hospital bed and nap. As he approached Kurt’s room, he heard chattering and laughing. From the corridor he could see Elliott propped up on the edge of Kurt’s bed. He looked liked he belonged there hand in hand with Kurt, who for the record should be resting.

Sebastian had reached his limit for the day. He was emotionally and physically done. He’d assumed Elliott would be gone by now. That was why he’d had Calum send him up while he showered, so he wouldn’t have to see him and yet there he was being over familiar with Sebastian’s husband once again without any objection from Kurt. With a heavy sigh Sebastian turned around and walked away. Not angry, he told himself, not furious, just defeated. He took the elevator down to the ground floor and went outside for air. A panic attack rapidly bearing down on him as he raced to his car.

He unlocked it remotely, struggling to get inside as he trembled, battling for breath. He sat back in the driver’s seat, pulling on his seat belt and tried to focus on his breathing, attempting to change his rapid shallow breaths into longer deeper ones, attempting to turn off the voices in his head that told him his marriage was a farce and that Kurt should be with Elliott, that Matilda was never going to be his daughter legally.

Tears welled in Sebastian’s eyes. He needed to stop fucking crying all the time. He never used to cry constantly. He hated how vulnerable loving Kurt had made him. He hated how Elliott Gilbert kept encroaching on his marriage and how his husband never stopped him, never even saw a problem with their way too familiar friendship. It hurt. He didn’t want to hurt. Pain was for the weak. He wasn’t weak.

Sebastian swatted away the tears. Gripping the steering wheel tight he closed his eyes and focussed on his breathing, gradually slowing it down. These panic attacks were becoming more frequent, too frequent. He huffed, turning his key in the ignition and starting his car. He headed for home.

He glanced around once inside. His apartment was exactly as he and Matilda had left it the other day. He went to the fridge for water. Really he wanted coffee or more accurately he wanted whisky but now wasn’t the time for either. It was 7am, he’d been awake 23 hours straight. He needed sleep.

He opened his water, sipping it as he made his way to his bedroom. It had been so long since he’d slept in his own bed. The bed, he’d decided was going into the master bedroom of their new house after Elliott’s not so eloquent reminder of how tainted Kurt’s bed was. Seb drank more water before sealing the bottle and sitting it by his bed. He sat down on the edge kicking off his shoes, picking up the photo from his bedside. He really needed to call Hunter soon. It had been so long. He looked beyond Hunter now though, at Kurt. 18 year old Kurt, carefree, smiling. He wished he’d loved that Kurt, before Blaine Anderson, before Elliott Gilbert.

He placed the photo face on his bedside table. He removed his phone from his pocket and placed it on top, standing to remove his jeans and hoodie. He left them discarded on the floor carelessly, closed his blinds and slipped under his covers. He was so exhausted, drained, depleted that his brain did not even register the constant buzzing of his phone as he rapidly fell into a heavy dreamless sleep.