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Campfire Confessions

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Everyone was tired from the day's flogging, Quirks resting now like they hadn't been able to for what felt like eons, but no one was sleepy. It was one of those cases where your body was painfully on the edge of wakefulness, but your mind was still running. Besides, how often did you get to go camping with all your friends? Granted, this wasn't your usual camping experience. It was plus ultra camping! You snickered to yourself at the thought, opening another granola bar from your pack.

“Sooo...” Uraraka gazed about the fire, mischief flickering in her eyes. “Anybody got any crushes?”

Most everyone else kept their usual demeanor – although Hagakure had the advantage by being invisible. Asui barely even rolled her eyes. You, Queen of Composure-Keeping, immediately choked on your granola bar. Yaoyorozu, sitting on your left, simultaneously passed you a water bottle and answered Uraraka with dry humor.

“As if any boy in this class is worth having a crush over,” you nodded in silent, false agreement as you hurriedly chugged your water. Hopefully the conversation will just naturally move on without them pressing you any further on the subject. Your feelings lay too close to the surface for you to pretend otherwise.

“Oh, c'mon, like you and Iida aren't gonna end up together by the end of the season,” Ashido teased, gunning a finger at the now blushing Vice President. “Midokun's kinda cute. Dontcha think, Ocha-chan?”

“W-what?” the pink on the original questioner's face matched the color of her hero costume. “N-no, I don't...!”

You grinned to yourself, relaxing. More than likely, Ashido would end the conversation here. No one wanted to reveal her own crush, they all just wanted to tease the others about their love-lives. Or lack thereof.

“Jirou, what about you and Kaminari?” Uraraka spoke up desperately, her wide grin a mixture of wild-eyed wishing and natural girlish teasing.

The purple-haired girl glared ferociously back, “What about him? He's an idiot.”

“Yeah, but you two seem pretty, y'know, compatible...”

“He's a freaking Pikachu! We've got nothing in common!” Jirou crossed her arms and looked away, scowling. She sat further away from the fire, but you could still see her cheeks turning faintly red. If her ears were plugged into her boots, you bet you'd hear her heart racing. You smiled to yourself, finishing off your granola and water, figuring you were safe by now...

“Don't think you're getting out of this,” Ashido wagged a finger at you, grinning ear to ear. “Only, we all know who you like.”

You sputtered hard, spitting out crumbs and liquid alike, “What?” you asked weakly, rubbing at your mouth. “I don't...”

“Oh please,” Uraraka rolled her eyes, grinning. “Like we can't tell.”

“It's all over your face,” Yaoyorozu murmured teasingly, sipping from her own bottle.

“And you look at him constantly,” Jirou was glad to join in, now she wasn't the target.

“I...!” you hid your face in your hands. “I don't...!”

“He looks at you too,” Hagakure mentioned slyly. You looked up at her, well vaguely in her direction, with wide eyes.

“He doesn't!” you denied quickly, face prickling with the heat captured in it. Oops.

Five gleaming eyes and matching mischievous grins beamed at you from the dark, lit by flickers from the campfire. You gulped thickly. You might as well have just admitted it. They knew how to manipulate you, though, dammit.

“Okay, guys, stop teasing her,” Asui leapt to your defense calmly. “She doesn't have to tell us anything she doesn't want to.” Somehow, that was even more tempting to respond to than anything else. Words immediately leapt to your throat about the feelings you had been squashing down and trying desperately to ignore and hide for ages.