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nothing is meant to be

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There's no such thing as fate, nothing is meant to be.”
(500) Days of Summer



“I can’t be part of it this time,” Tatsumaki said after raising her hand at the S-Class heroes meeting. Most of them didn’t really process what she’d just said because they were so shocked at her actually waiting for permission to speak. That was… odd.

“You don’t want to be part of the mission, Ms. Tatsumaki?” Sitch asked frowning. The Tornado of Terror wasn’t one to avoid work like that.

“Not really,” Tatsumaki answered him. She was working hard not to look around at her colleagues’ faces and see something that would make her (regrettably) double back. “I do want to work, I just don’t think I’ll be able to for a while, at least. Of course, if you guys would have me at a desk job bossing people around, I’d love that. But I don’t think I can be in the field for at least seven months.”

Now, Tatsumaki liked the sound of her own voice, everyone knew that. She could talk and talk and talk forever, usually throwing insults at everyone considered vulnerable at the moment, but as she spoke, King watched her go a few shades of red on the cheeks and neck, as if she was giving away too much information.

And maybe she was, because Puri-Puri Prisioner, just a few seats down from King, let out a dramatically surprised gasp and Bang, who sat in front of her, only hummed in understanding.

“Oh, my goodness, Tatsu!” Puri-Puri exclaimed, sparks all over him as he put both hands on his chin delightedly. “You’re pregnant?!”

He tried to make it sound like a question, but it was clear that he was sure of it. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she really had been saying by keeping out of the field. Now the blush on her cheeks was evident, and almost shyly, Tatsumaki nodded.

“You know I don’t like to be called Tatsu,” she said and Puri-Puri dismissed her with a hand gesture.

“Who cares, girl? I’m throwing you a baby shower, that’s what matter! Did you tell your sister yet?”

“No,” Tatsumaki said, and this time she looked around shooting daggers at her fellow heroes. “I’ll talk to her today, so I’d really appreciate if you all keep it quiet.”

“You don’t need to worry about me running my mouth, that’s for sure,” Atomic Samurai said. “I don’t really give a shit.”

“Thank you,” Tatsumaki replied with a forced smile at him. Genos guessed that what she really wanted to do was throw him against a wall, and in a normal day that was exactly what she would do. He wondered if being pregnant made her go soft and if he could take advantage of that.

At the head of the table, Sitch sweated profusely. Tatsumaki was easily one of his top 3 heroes and without her in the case the world was at serious risk.

“How far are you in this pregnancy, Ms. Tatsumaki?” he asked carefully. “Are you sure you can’t fight.”

“I’d like to fight, believe me,” she answered with a serious nod. “But for some reason I’m unable to control my powers properly, and it would probably be dangerous to go out to a fight like this.”

That was serious. That was really serious, and they were really screwed without her. Sitch reached for the glass of water with trembling fingers and realized that he was pooling his shirt with sweat. It was rather deplorable.

“It’s not like you guys are actually going to be destroyed without me,” Tatsumaki tried, not sounding very convincing. Who did she want to fool after all? They couldn’t last a minute in the field without her. But… “You have… Silver Fang, King, Dog Fetish and Kid Thingy… shit, I already forgot your names.”

Bang sighed. Metal Bat tried not to look offended. Across from Sitch, someone scoffed, drawing all the attention. Tatsumaki’s stomach went a little colder for a moment and her eyes widened when they met his. Yeah, there was him too, with his metal disciple, fresh into S-Class after putting to shame that pain in the ass Amai Mask.

“And you have Baldy and Tin Man, what a better duo, right?” she said. Somehow Tatsumaki sounded a little more convincing than when she talked about the others. Maybe because she had grown to know them a little better after that Saitama guy started dating her sister.

“Gee, Tornado, thanks,” Genos said narrowing his eyes at her. “I’m curious about something, though. How could you get pregnant if you repeal all men?”

They barely blinked before Genos became modern art on the Heroes Complex’s wall. Pregnant or not, he really had to watch his mouth around her.