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Borderline Drifting

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Hi guys! I'm not dead surprisingly but I'm simply taking a break because I'm currently overwhelmed with school, college, and working, so my updates will be even slower I apologize, but namgi has been been climbing up my list and the idea for this AU was born soooo I hope you all like it! 

(Ps I was really excited so this is a complete first draft not edited I will come back later in the week to tweak it, but I couldn't keep this piece of art to myself so I hope u like it ;)


Namjoon patiently waits in the winding line, breathing out and feeling that distinct burning in his lungs. Warm bodies surround him - Scantily clad females, smoke, and rolls of money held in greedy palms.

“Stop being so tense hyung!” Jungkook says, throwing his arm over the older’s shoulder. Leather pants cling to the younger’s thighs and paired with an irresistibly sexy smirk - surely not so subtle gawks are directed in their way.

This had been what Namjoon wanted. No attention was what he had said and the younger had assured him so, but not everyone was immune to the other’s charms such as he.

“Stop drawing so much attention Jungkook!,” Namjoon replies back, shushing the older by slapping a palm over the other’s mouth. Once he sees the other acknowledges his command, he withdraws his hand.

“At least stop being so stiff Hyung,” Jungkook shakes Namjoon’s shoulders jokingly, “ You aren't gonna have any fun like that.”

“ I would be having more fun if someone didn’t dress me like this in sixty degree weather.” Namjoon gestures toward his body, pointing out the thin (and practically transparent ) t-shirt, and skinny jeans that were thankfully made a soft material. Before going he had thrown a fit against wearing leather pants. There was no way in hell he was wearing those since the only way a male could look good in those was forgoing underwear and nuh uh never - Namjoon refused to go commando. However, the compromise had been ultra ripped jeans with fishnets that complimented the exposed skin. Although not his usual choice of clothing Namjoon agreed because well… Jungkook did know everything when it came to fashion. Oh and don’t get him started on the choker.

Jungkook internally patted himself on the back. Namjoon looked absolutely fuckable right now even if the older didn't realize it. He most probably assumed that the heated gazes were directed at Jungkook instead of the older.

“So who are you going to be betting on?” Jungkook asks while discreetly sending pointed glares at the vultures who had their eyes locked onto Namjoon. Yes, Namjoon looked like a whole meal right now, but no way in hell was anyone going to partake in this feast without his consent.

Namjoon shrugs, pushing up the sleeves of his jacket - a habit he isn’t aware of, before scrolling through the lineup of racers. He would rather avoid pushing through the people until the actual match. The top of the page has profile photos of the most well known or “hot” racers. He scrolls right past them. There’s no thrill to being safe, so he instead clicks on the filter to search for new racers. There’s around 10 in tonight’s race in the outskirts of Seoul. One of them catches his eye. All blond hair and heated gaze and wow… hands is all Namjoon thinks when he clicks on the racer’s name to find more about him.

Name: Min Yoongi
Age: 25
Race Type: Non-magic competitive
Status: Alpha

Recently moved from Daegu. Up and coming rising star. 5:00. Seoul Track.

“I think I’m gonna go with Jin. What about you?”

“Min Yoongi.” Namjoon answers before speed walking to the booth. His footsteps disrupt the rocky unpaved ground.

“What?” Jungkook questions with wide eyes, trying to stop Namjoon, “Are you sure hyung? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of him. You’re gonna lose your money!”

Namjoon whirls around with a “hmpf” face, “ Jeon Jungkook, these are my credits and if you are dragging me into the suburbs you darn betcha I can spend them however I want.”

Jungkook sighs, giving up and lets Namjoon go first. Namjoon eagerly walks to the large booth where a male sits. “Welcome to the Sub Seo-Seoul Track, what can I help you with?”

“1,000 credits on Min Yoongi.” Namjoon says with a determined look on his face. He hears Jungkook make a choking sound from behind and sees how the booth boy…. Jimin (from his name tag) stares at him with wide eyes.

“Sir are you sure about that?” Jimin checks with Namjoon to make sure.

He’s right to do so. No sane person bets that much unless they were rich and certainly not on a new racer. Well, Namjoon reasoned, he had earned the credits fair and square so he can spend it however he wants.

“Yeah and leave it under anonymous.”

Jimin nods his head as Namjoon hands over 2 gold and black bills to him.

“I’ll be back to collect my money or at least a part of it after the race.” Namjoon says cheekily.

Credits were a form of money double the value of regular paper money earned from either a high paying job or sports competition.

“200 credits on Kim Seokjin.” Jungkook says before handing over two bronze and gold bills.

The boy wordlessly nods his head and hands both Jungkook and Namjoon their betting tickets that they would need to receive their money if the person they bet on won either first or second.

“And here I thought you wouldn’t want participate in the betting at all because of your morals or whatever.” Jungkook teases, “... then you go and bet 1000 on a scrub?”

“I was a scrub once too you brat, don't disgrace the name. Whose money are you even betting with again? That's right - mine so shhhhhh,” Namjoon says cutely while dragging Jungkook over to a little stand where someone was selling drinks.

“ How much for a lemonade with a dash vodka drink?” Namjoon asks the guy operating the stand, opening his wallet to retrieve some money.

“ Make that 2, but put more vodka than lemonade it mine.” Jungkook adds while back hugging Namjoon. Ughhhh - so huggable.

“Usually 8$ a cup but for the cutie and you 10$.” The guy shamelessly flirts while preparing their drinks.

Namjoon blushes and hands over the 15$, “Keep the change and thank you.”

Namjoon takes careful sips of the drink, letting the minuscule burn warm his throat. They make their way to the stands and since it's still a little early not many people are there - most higher up in hopes to get a better view.

The brisk winds encourage Namjoon to snuggle up against Jungkook. He instinctively wraps his arms around the older and retrieves the viewing glasses from where it hangs on the v neck of his white shirt.

The viewing glasses allow Jungkook to spectate the whole race while sitting. There's a drone that follows each racer from above and a camera on the inside of each car, so people can choose either. Namjoon however doesn't need it even if he slides the glasses on. He doesn't like to show off he has magic - a natural born one. The elder likes to blend in and only uses it when he's racing.

Of course there are two types of racing : magical and non-magical and underneath those two - competitive and casual.

Jungkook had convinced Namjoon to come along as a sort of pre-birthday celebration. Namjoon tended to overwork to provide for both him and Jungkook. Jungkook appreciates that- he does, but it saddens him to never see Namjoon with someone else romantically. His hyung, although very sexual, perverted, and open naturally, would rather not be the one to make the first move and that's where Jungkook comes in.

“So why exactly did you bet a grand on this?” Jungkook asks, hoping to gauge Namjoon reaction.

“ One word, Jeon Jungkook.” Namjoon says coyly while his voice drops, “.... hands…”

“No….” Jungkook says dramatically.

“Oh, yes.” Namjoon replies, voice laced with happiness.

“So you're telling me, you invested the credits you got from racing because you liked the guy’s hands?”

“Yes.” Namjoon says shamelessly, “ Plus I know what it feels like to have someone invest that much even if you’re a beginner.”

Jungkook admired Namjoon - he thought deeper and cared so much about people even if he didn't know them on a personal level

“So, hand kink?” Jungkook teases.

“For this guy’s most definitely. Plus his face - don't even get me started.” Namjoon groans. Darn the man for looking absolutely sinful with his tousled blonde hair and smirk that could bring Namjoon to his knees (not that he would really need to be asked to).

They settled down after that, waiting for the race to begin.

The racers were all lined up now, settled, and waiting for the rush. Some were standing outside their cars talking to fans, getting them all to bet more and more. It was a money making business after all.

“We should go down there hyung!” Jungkook eagerly suggested.

Namjoon but his lip, weighing the pros and cons. What if someone recognized him? There was really only one person he wanted to talk to.

Mind made up, he allowed Jungkook to pull him through the throngs of people with a slow fire churning in his gut.


Yoongi unbuckled his seatbelt after stilling the car. This was his first race in the big leagues. If he made enough of a name for himself he had a shot at the major competitions. It was all about patience. He built a name for himself in daegu as “Agust” . Now they had added a D to his name which was ridiculous really but since he was still only a small fry what could he do.

“Get the people to like you- the more they do, the higher the chance you’ll rise up in the ranks.” That's what Jimin had told him. Big cities worked that way. It was about the money and skill. If you wanted to compete as a living that's all there was to it, so he took a deep breath and finished off his bottle of water before pulling on his gloves.

People loved him. He needed to remember that. He was the shit. People fed off of the arrogance. He was in control.

There were people, so many. There were the rich, the sluts, the ones looking for someone to take home, and to his surprise, a few experienced racers who came to support their hoobaes.

“Meet Agust D guys,” Taehyung shouted, hyping up the crowd. He was one of the regular racers. Great, but not amazing;however, the people loved him and that was the selling point.

Yoongi let the smirk cross over on his face, eyes smoldering. He knew how to play the game. Guys and girls crossed the short distance and suddenly they were right up against him, throwing provocative smiles and begging begging begging for his attention. He was in control.

Even if he was new, there was a decent amount of people. Surely not as much as star racer Kim Seokjin, but a viable amount nonetheless.

“You're really hot.” Yoongi looked to his left where a male was standing. He was around his height with black hair and green contacts and legs that would look great wrapped around his hips.

The complement stroked his ego. His smile got a tad more devilish and eyes more wild. Yoongi has had one night stands before whether it be guys or girls. Seoul definitely has definitely raised his standards. “I know.”

“How bout you show me your car after the race,” the male said while nonetheless discreet as he cupped his hand over Yoongi’s crotch.

“Ye-” Yoongi starts before Jimin calls out his name. Yoongi tells the male he’ll be right back before walking the little distance to where Jimin stands. The male is bouncing on his heels, restless, and gesturing Yoongi to just hurry up.

“Here.” Jimin shoves two black and gold bills into his hand. “Your first bet.”

“No fucking way.” Yoongi says, staring at the two bills in amazement. Credits were a symbol of power and wealth. In the racing world you only received credits if you were one of the best.

The Sub-Seoul Circuit crew had a tradition for new racers - they kept 100% of their first ever bet.

Who in the world would have the wealth to bet so much? And such big bills? 100s credit bills were uncommon. 500 credit bills were rare as hell.

“Couldn't tell if they were together or not but hyung, the one who bet on you? Easily the most attractive person I've seen here in weeks. There's good looking people then there's him and his brother. They're models. They have to be. The guy even handed over 1000 credits like it was no big deal.”

1000 credits was a symbol of status. “You said it was guy?” Yoongi licks his lips, hands shaking as he slips the 2 bills into his jacket pocket.

“Yeah. Don't know where he is though. He seemed pretty confident you were gonna win.”

“Name?” Yoongi crosses and uncrossed his arms unable to keep still - too eager to meet this mysterious donor.

“Don't got one. Left it under anonymous.” Jimin frowns, “Sorry hyung.”

The warning signal sounded - an explosion of neon pink, lime, and lightning drifting in the sky. The wind blew it to the east before settling on the roaring mass. People went wild.

“Don't be cuz, ” Yoongi smirks, “ gives me a reason to win this thing.”

This was gonna be exciting.
“Sorry we couldn’t meet your guy hyung,” Jungkook clings to Namjoon’s arm. He smiles and ruffles the younger’s artfully styled hair. “Don’t worry ‘bout it. Might see him after the match if he wins.”

They decided to stay close to the sides of unpaved road where the racers would be starting and ending. The course was a long 12 mile loop they would need to go round twice with sharp turns and curves that demanded drifts that even made Namjoon shiver thinking bout it. He thinks about the feeling - how the car would literally run off of his magic. There was no pedal or regular brake (just an emergency one in case). The race depended entirely on magic control - the frequency, amplitude, and rate. He imagines himself behind the wheel, when the adrenaline is the most high - pumping and pounding through his veins, ears popping from the rubber tires against rubble and disrupt gravel as he expertly turns the wheel just right - maximizing the speed to almost dangerous levels of precision. The pebbles would hit the car underneath and against the car’s shiny black coating - a giant dust cloud running in the wind.

But this was only normal racing - non magical. It remained on it’s prime base level - all instinct and skill - accuracy and short breaths. There were more controls - 1st gear, 2nd, etc. Most still used the old school model - of course they did it was more efficient and showcased your skills and if you really wanted to pull in the fanatics - the demonic shift stick model.

Namjoon raced casually and occasionally competitive, but that was very rarely. People got too annoying, too childish and salty over races and matches. Namjoon was definitely not about that life. He got a decent amount of money from even casual racing. Jungkook of course always begged him to compete competitively and he did absolutely for one race only since it fell on the younger’s birth month and he always gave the prize money to him as well as a trip somewhere for the both of them. Last year it had been a week in Switzerland, the year before Poland, and before that Hawaii.

The loud starting cannon blasted, shocking him out of his thoughts. Namjoon put on the viewing glasses, but didn’t turn them on. He could see fine. His eyes glowed a soft sherbert, pupils contracting and expanding at certain moments as his magic awakened, allowing him to view the race and in particular a certain blonde haired racer.

The older drove a classic black and white Zenvo TS1. Only a madman would - everyone knew the prototype and first models caught on fire despite the drastic planning put into it which means that the other was good with his hands. He would’ve had to customize more than half of his car and still keep it in shape. Namjoon admired that plus the sleek exterior made him shiver. The car was - is a beauty with a beast handling it.

The racer was approaching the first tight turn, a hairpin - u turn, that left enough room for drifting. Most would risk the few short seconds added on than to attempt such a feat. It would be so so so close. The driver would need to hold the curve before shift gears and brake and time it just right before allowing physics to run its course. If they executed it correctly it would cut off a decent amount of seconds and allow them to speed up even more since the next couple miles was straightforward.

He crushed the cup in his hands he hd completely forgotten about - liquid sloshing with stra drops landing on his hands. Namjoon chugged the rest down where the vodka had laid in wait. It flowed down, warming and burning before his mouth dried as he honed in on the turn. Kim Seokjin pulled off the drift with as much finesse as he had expected. You weren’t number one for nothing. The next two raced decided not to risk it and slowed down before turning and hitting the gas in hopes of shedding off a few seconds.

His heart pounded.

Yoongi saw his opportunity - Namjoon hypothesized. He could see how the older was ready to put everything on the line to get at least second. The racer was reckless and wild, refusing to slow down until the last possible moment.

He had to turn the wheel just write or the friction wouldn’t be enough to hold the car. There was a lot more to lose than just the race.

Namjoon’s eyebrows furrowed, lips pursed, head craning forward as if he could get any closer. His palms tightly gripped Jungkook’s wrist. The car drifted perfectly - A monster roared in Namjoon. He knew he had been right - almost like he had mathematically formulated the exact moment and speed he would’ve needed to achieve for the move to pull through.

It was getting way too hot. His blood sung, rushing to the apples of his cheeks and tip of his nose. He couldn’t feel the cold.

The car’s engine emitted a growl as it surpassed the two in front. Gravel and dust partially enshrouded the car.

Yoongi floored it. He was right on Seokjin tail. And so it went on - a power struggle for everyone else but the two. They were head to head the rest of the match - neck and neck.

Inevitably the senior racer crossed the finish line first. Even if they were both skilled, Jin knew the track like the back of his hand. Yoongi had given him a run for his money.

The crowd went wild.

After everyone crossed the line. Half of the crowd went to gather their winnings while the other half stayed behind in hopes of speaking to their favorite racer.

Yoongi had stepped out of his car. Silent and prowling. Sweat glistened on his face. Cat-like eyes warded off everyone else as he only gave a nod of acknowledgement to Seokjin before retreating to the booth and conversing with Jimin.

“Hyung we’re geniuses!” Jungkook said, bouncing, unable to keep still.

“It was a stroke of luck and instinct Kook,” Namjoon said, pulling the other closer who back hugged him because dang nabbit he was cold as hell now that the adrenaline wore off.

“Maybe for you it was Mr. Hand and car kink,” Jungkook teased.

“Jeon Jungkook!” Namjoon whisper yelled before turning around and playfully slapping Jungkook on the shoulder and chest, “We do not kinkshame in this family!” The younger was slowly retreating due to his hits, “... and don’t you dare stop hugging either I need warmth you brat. I didn’t raise you to be treated like this.”

Jungkook smirked, but nonetheless kept his arms around the older. They chatted until it was their turn.

“Hey guys!” Jimin said, greeting them enthusiastically. “Here are your winnings. Congratulations.” Namjoon handed them both two cream envelopes.

They both took out their money. Namjoon was pulling out the 4 black and gold bills, didn’t notice the small piece of plastic until it was too late and it fell clattering to the floor. Namjoon bent down to pick it up.

“What’s this?” Namjoon voiced out loud. It was similar to hotel key cards.

There was barely anyone else left - only them and a few others. “That’s a one time key card to Yoongi’s garage or room I have no idea.” Jimin informed him with a knowing glint. “He told me to give it to his mysterious donor, but it’s up to you whether or not you go - no pressure.”

Namjoon but his lip, unsure.

“Go hyung, I can drive myself.” Jungkook encouraged him. Namjoon was still hesitant, so the younger gave his hyung the keys to his car since Namjoon had a tendency to lose things. “You’re fine. Plus - you’re not the only one who got such a blatant invitation.” Jungkook holds up a keycard of his own.

“Alright. Okay. Be home before noon tomorrow though.” Namjoon says before heading off in the direction of the private garages.

“Only if you do too!” Jungkook says.


Yoongi pulls his keys out of his car and exits to screams and lots of bodies close - too close for how high he is on adrenaline right now. He needs to get a move on if he plans on meeting the mysterious male that even Jimin called attractive. Of course, he gives a nod of acknowledgement to Jin - he respects the hierarchy here and knows that he had singlehandedly climbed up nearer to the top with this match. He wasn’t some back country racer.

He was competition.

He hurries to the small room they provide for new transfers - a small condo like room that opens into a connected garage. Needless to say he worked damn hard to get the position. Grabbing some clothes, he rushes to the bathroom and works to get rid of the lingering sweat under the water. He dries himself off before throwing on a loose white t-shirt and jeans.

Yoongi runs to the bathroom in search of those really nice towels they had given to him as a gift. He hears gentle knocks against the door it opens.
Yoongi lazily walks out, drying his hair and ready to confront either a rich businessman, mafia lord, senior in racing, but this guys beats it all. The male is nervously fidgeting, looking around the apartment, but unsure if he should venture in. Yoongi takes the opportunity to run his eyes (and hopefully hands later) over his body. Soft peachy hair frames a soft tan face with strong brows and soft looking skin. Fuck. Yoongi was weak for soft things, but who knew the guy could be a complete top in bed but look like the littlest sub outside. He would look beautiful falling apart because of Yoongi.

Jeans that hug his legs and holes with fishnets that hug thick thighs. By god this guy knows how to accentuate every figure of his body.

The guy finally notices Yoongi’s stare and blushes before finally returning the same gaze.

Yoongi decides to break out his daegu accent, knowing that it drives his partners crazy. “I’m assuming you’re the one Jimin was talking about,” He licks his lips, “... and he certainly was not wrong… If you look like this I can only hope Jin gave in also…”

Namjoon bites his lip, answering, “I guess?” He’s flustered. The racer is shorter than he expected, but Namjoon imagines that if he wanted to, he could easily shove Namjoon against the wall and take what he wanted, whenever, and however and oh Namjoon would be more than willing to let that happen. He was already feeling the simmers from the race and just seeing him aroused Namjoon slightly (immensely). The other’s gaze made him feel vulnerable.

“Thanks for supporting me!” Yoongi says with a happier voice and smile. Namjoon was confused.

“Just what I thought,” Most men would have that look in their eyes - as if they wanted to take Yoongi exactly where he was because of his small stature and attention, so Yoongi instead lets his gaze turn to what people would call bedroom eyes - all fire and desire.

Namjoon breaks eye contact and looks to the right, biting his lip.

“Come here.” Yoongi’s voice rumbles as he crooks a finger and sits down on the sofa. A feeling of intense satisfaction emerges when he see that Namjoon immediately begins to close the distance, sock clad feet gliding against the floor. He spreads his legs. “Sit.” Yoongi sees hesitation and reluctance flood across the other’s features. They both knew where exactly he was implying.

“I don’t think….” Namjoon whispers.

Yoongi fixes him with a stare- dominance and command urging the other to follow his command. He sees how the other debates with himself before giving in, straddling him as he pulls Namjoon closer til there’s barely any room left.

“Omega….” Yoongi buries his nose in the other’s neck, inhaling the sweet smell of hazelnut and reveling in the minute whimper Namjoon emits while clutching onto his shirt. “A-alpha….” The sweet waves of pleasure come from how Yoongi gently noses the other’s scent gland before beginning to lay soft kisses, mouthing at his neck and finally giving a hard suck. Namjoon lets out a loud moan, knowing how inevitably a beautiful blue purple bruise will bloom.

Once Yoongi’s inner alpha is satisfied he runs his fingers through the other’s hair and coddles him until he comes back - crystal clear orange hair and shy smiles.

“I think it's only fair I get your name since you obviously know mine.” Yoongi states, taking a subtle sniff of the other’s scent, a low growl emitting from his chest. By god if every omega in Seoul was like this he was going to die an early death.

“Kim Namjoon.”

“Hmmm…. and what exactly prompted you to bet so much money on me? I didn't expect someone like you to be the one who put a grand of credits on the line.” Yoongi states. Omegas were the most truthful if they felt safe or desired by an alpha and Namjoon was at least one of these. Yoongi didn't do shit like this for money and it was his job to get it across. Such a large amount of money meant that the investor wanted some …. favors.

“I… well…Gut instinct?” Namjoon fidgets unawaringly, accidently stimulating Yoongi’s crotch to which the other stills Namjoon with his hands on his hips.

He analyzes the other, feline eyes critically observing, “So you're telling me you beg 2000 dollars on a new racer because of your gut instinct.”

“Yes? And well…” Namjoon's Voice trails off, a mere whisper that Yoongi can't catch.

“What did you say?” Yoongi gently prompts fingers running over the smooth skin under Namjoon’s top. He grins - the other barely even registers it.

“Your hands…”

Yoongi looks at the other confused before it clicks and he barely holds back his alpha from throwing the other on his bed and edging him until there's tears in his eyes and he's begging for Yoongi to let him come.

“What,” Yoongi's voice is raspy, barely concealed lust and power that drips from his voice, “...were you hoping to catch my attention omega? Did you think money was gonna get you on my good side? Were you thinking of my hands taking you apart before you begged me to take you right here right now?”

Namjoon closes his eyes, leaning forward before he's practically curled up in Yoongi's lap - whimpering, dick hard from the sheer amount of pheromones the other was emitting - ready to present himself - fall to his knees in an instant if Yoongi so much as breathed it.

“Tell me omega,” Yoongi says maliciously, voice dripping with arrogance, “... what do you want? Do you want my mouth? My hands?...” his hands travel to the other’s ass before squeezing, “or my dick in your pretty lil hole.” Oh it would be camera worthy Yoongi thinks. The low and dimming fluorescent lights don't do the other justice.

“Hands…” Namjoon manages to squeeze out from his lungs. His mind is lost in a haze. It's been awhile since he last allowed himself to partake in bodily pleasures, so everything he wouldn't usually felt doubled.

“Hands what?,” Yoongi hisses.

“Hands please sir,” Namjoon remembers from somewhere that most alpha males liked to be addressed as so. It brought as much pleasure to them as much as it did for Namjoon. Namjoon thrived on it. He loved to be humiliated and taken control of. Something else rested on the tip of his tongue though, unsure if he should set it free.

Yoongi seems to sense it however. Alpha, immediately noticing even the smallest pause and reluctance. He yanks Namjoon’s head back - just hard enough to get his point across. The omega releases a moan, a wild flush overtaking his face. Mouth open and gaping, eyes glazed, neck bared in submission. Yoongi brings his lips to the omega’s ear, lips grazing the outer shell of his ear. His lips lightly move,teasing with each word and breath.“I don't think that's what you really wanna call me now is it?”

“N-n-no… d-daddy.” Namjoon gasps out, tears beginning to gather, afraid of disappointing. It gathers - heavy in his chest.

Yoongi let out a groan. Fuck. He was trying to kill Yoongi he's sure of it. No omega should be this perfect. It's simply illegal.

“Good boy. You're such a good boy for daddy aren't you.” Yoongi watches in amazement at how responsive Namjoon is - how he practically glows under praise. His eyes are a vivid orange - beautiful. “Before this goes any further, I need to know that you consent Namjoon. Tell me that you want this.” Yoongi was not about to take an omega non consensually. Omegas should be respected.

“Yes. Yes I want this.” Namjoon mutters through sheer will.

“Okay. Okay. How about we take this to my bedroom yeah? Do you think you can wrap your legs around my waist.” Yoongi effortless carries Namjoon to his room, laying the other down on his bed. Thank god for alpha strength.

Yoongi grabs some lube from his drawer before returning to Namjoon who's flushed and out of breath and the moonlight filtering through the window definitely does him justice. To think this man is willing to let Yoongi have complete control over him.

Yoongi peppers wet kisses and hickies down the others neck, marking him up and leaving a trail of moddled violets and sapphires and ingniting moans that rumble and whines that escape between thick lips that look like they were made for sucking dick honestly - he means that in the politest way possible. He sheds the others clothes on his path teases the other’s cock, leaking and pitiful from how hard he is - how affected he is from a few simple touches not that Yoongi is faring much better.

“Please please please,” Namjoon begs, overwhelmed, “I need you.”

Yoongi smiles, putting a decent amount of lube on his fingers before teasing his rim, going in circles before Namjoon beg beg begs and how could Yoongi deny someone who’s pleading so brokenly that it arouses him to the point of orgasm.

He enters one finger, pumping his finger in and out while the other hand plays with his nipples until tears gather and his eyes are like the stars. He adds another finger. Fuck he's still so tight but now moans are falling unwittingly from the omega’s mouth. Yoongi isn't ashamed to say he knows how to use his fingers. Now all that's left is to find the perfect spot. He adds the third finger, in and out, angling every which way until a moan that has Yoongi on the brink of orgasminf escapes Namjoon. His pheromones are so potent that once he orgasims Yoongi is sure he will too.

“I'm…. I’m gonna come.” Namjoon states, looking at Yoongi, pleading.

Yoongi immediately stops, stilling his fingers to which Namjoon looks like he's about to cry dear gods. A sadistic part of him roars to life. “Ask nicely and I might let you come.”

“Please. C-can I come?”

“Try Again baby boy.” Yoongi observes and waits til he sees the other give in.

“Please. Can I come d-daddy?”

“Yes.” Yoongi states, resuming - flexing and curling his fingers just the right way so that Namjoon clenches on his fingers, hoping to feel him even deeper. He smashes his lips against Namjoon, swallowing the other’s cry. They’re as supple as he guessed.

He's not letting this omega escape from his grasp.

Namjoon cums and breaks underneath him- Yoongi watches in awe and cuddles the omega whispering what a good boy , you did so good, rest. Before Namjoon drifts off, Yoongi opens a bottle of water on his nightstand and holds it up to the other’s lips, allowing the liquid to rehydrate his body.

Yoongi goes to get a towel and wets it before returning to delicately clean the other’s body. His face is buried in Yoongi's pillow probably seeking comfort in the scent. He lets out a soft chuckle before going to clean himself off and changing into suitable pajamas and grabbing a shirt for Namjoon. He slips it over the other barely waking him up.

Coming to Seoul was the best fucking idea he ever had.

Namjoon wakes up in an unfamiliar bed. Instead of panicking he tries to remember the night. Touches and kisses and commands. He blushes, pressing a finger against one of the many bruises and reveling in the pleasurable pain. Call him a masochist but he loves the feeling.

His phone rings from where his pants lie neatly folded on the work table in the room. He’s reluctant to leave alp- no Yoongi because of the warmth emitting from the other, but it could be an emergency so go he must.

He tries to make as minimal movement as possible as to not disrupt the other.

Incoming call: Jaebae -3-

Oh god no. If this is because of what he thinks it is he is gonna throttle the other for disrupting the most comfortable sleep he has had in awhile.

Namjoon locates the door to the living room, hoping to let the other catch some more sleep.

He unlocks the screen before lifting it up to his ear, “ I swear to god Jae you better have a darn good reason to be calling me on my day off.”


Yoongi wakes up after his body recognizes that the heat source he had went to sleep with is no longer there. His heart pounds. He hadn't gotten anything but a name from the other and who knew how many Kim Namjoons there were in Seoul. He hears murmurs from outside the bedroom door and is about to go investigate, but the door to his room opens and Namjoon comes back in carefully closing the door.

“I take it you're leaving right now.” Yoongi states. He doesn't want that.

Namjoon smiles sadly, looking sorry, “Yeah. A problem at work unfortunately. They need me.”

Yoongi slinks forward, arm pulling Namjoon closer, so that their bodies are as close as they were last night. “And what if I need you here?”

“I think I can come back later.” Namjoon laughs, eyes forming crescents as he smiles, “that is if you want me to.”

“Yeah and I can take you for a spin in my car?” Yoongi suggests.

“Hmmmm… I might just take you up on your offer.” Namjoon says.

“Do you mind me leaving from your garage to get my backup bag? I'm pretty sure I parked round here.”

“You have a spare bag in your car for work?” Yoongi asks while opening the garage door. Sure enough a car was parked a lil ways away. Namjoon had his keys in his hand as he went to get the bag and came back.

Namjoon began to strip in the living room. “Not gonna look away?” He teases.

“Gotta admire my artwork.” Yoongi replies right back, licking his lips. He allowed his eyes to roam over the patches of love bites splattered over tan skin.

Namjoon pulls out a pair of causal pants and white button up before putting them on and finishing it off with his work jacket. #9921was embroidered on the back of the black jacket as well as a red heart underneath where a name tag was supposed to be.
Dr./Gen. Kim Namjoon.

His phone started to vibrate in his pocket, probably texts rushing him to get there faster.

“I gotta go, but I'll see you later. I can show you ‘round Seoul yeah?” Namjoon offers with stats in his eyes.

“Yeah.” Yoongi agrees, mind still trying to figure out Namjoon’s job. He knew that the jacket labels were important.

Namjoon gives him a quick kiss on his cheek before leaving.

Army? No. Namjoon was too soft for that. Yoongi threw their dirty clothes in the washer. It came to him.

The heart. Seoul operated on a completely different system than Daegu. Magic and non- magics mingled with no judgement. The city had an elite group of professors/ enforcers that well… kept the city in peace while teaching on the subject of magic so that natural borns and wielders would become skilled in the art. They operated on the card system. The highest ranking personnel bore either a heart, spade, clover, or clubs. Black meant you were a team member. Red meant you were the leader.

The heart was the highest rank.

It clicked.

Yoongi had spent the night bringing the most powerful man in Seoul to tears.


so yup that's the basis I'm working on and the AU - give a lil (or long) comment if you want me to continue it ;) thanks for reading!