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Smutober #1 Sex Machine feat: Genos x Reader

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You had just finished cleaning the apartment when Genos came home. He had told you before he left that he was going to be getting some upgrades to his body.


He didn't say what, though.


“Hello, (Y/N). Is Master here?” You shook your head no.


“I think he went to the grocery store. Why is everything okay?” You removed the rubber gloves and apron before walking over to him.


“Yes, I just wanted to show you the new upgrade I got.” He pulled you toward him and planted a hot rough kiss against your lips. He started running his hands all over your body, quickly unbuttoning your shirt in the process.


“Genos,” you moaned as he started kissing down your chest. He gently picked you up and laid you down on the floor. He started to rub his metal hands up your legs, pushing the fabric of your skirt all the way up.


You noticed that his hands, which usually caused goosebumps to spread along your skin, felt heavier than usual.


“(Y/N), I want to show you something.” His fingers made his way to your panties, pulling the this fabric down to your thighs. “Get ready.”


Before you could respond you heard a loud buzzing noise and Genos began to run his finger against your opening. You jumped in surprise. The buzzing sound actually came from Genos’s finger.


“Oh G-God!” You moaned out, clawing the floor, your back arching as an incredible sensation erupted through your body. Genos finally devoted all his attention to your clit.


He smiled softly down at you, watching the way you squirmed underneath him.


You couldn't form a single coherent thought, the only thing on your mind was pleasure.


“(Y/N), what do you think? Do you like the first part of my upgrade?” You couldn't answer him. You could only cry out as your orgasm shook your entire body.


You laid there on the floor, breathing heavily and covered in sweat.


“Wait,” you shakily sat up and looked at him. “That was only the first part? What is the second?”


“Turn around and get on your knees.” Genos said softly. You shuddered at the way his voice sounded, low and full of authority but still soft and sweet.


You happily obliged, your legs still suffering from occasional tremors. Your breath was starting to speed up, but you quickly calmed it. You didn't want Genos to think you were anything other than excited.


You heard the cyborg get closer to you and you pushed yourself eagerly against him.


“I-I’m ready for the next part, Genos.” You practically begged for it, your head against the floor, your ass up in the air.


“Okay, (Y/N).” You heard the sound of mechanical pieces whirring and scraping together. When the noise stopped, you finally looked up and saw what should've been Genos’s pointer and middle fingers, there was a smooth eight inch rod. In place of a thumb, there was an odd motor like device.


You didn't understand the purpose of this until the motor started running and the rod began to stab forward repeatedly. The motor stopped and Genos brought the rod toward your waiting entrance. You gasped at the sudden chill but relaxed and the cold ebbed away.


“I'll start out slow for you.” He whispered as he brought the tip of the rod flush against you. You heard the motor start up and the rod pushed into you.


“Ah!” You cried out, arching your back even more. A few seconds passed before the rod went back into you, a slow and steady rhythm that was making you go crazy.


It wasn't enough.


“Ge-Genos,” you moaned out. “Faster.” He didn't say anything but the rod began to go a lot faster, causing your moans to become even louder. “Oh, y-yes. That's ah-ah-amazing!” You arched your back even more, your body shaking uncontrollably, as Genos’s rod continued to pound into you.


The rod continued to pound into you and you started to feel your orgasm coming. You pushed your ass against the rod, feeling it go deeper than ever. Tears stung your eyes and you we're moaning constantly and incoherently, until finally you cried Genos name out in a huge wave of euphoria as your body clenched with your orgasm.


Genos pulled the rod away and shut the motor off, grabbing a towel from the small table to wipe it down.


You heard the mechanical noise again and you looked dup at Genos, who was flexing his hand.


“I-I really like your upgrades.” You said softly. He smiled down at you, laying on his back next to you.


“I’m glad.” He said with a smile.