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Smutober 2017

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Noire trudged up the winding, dirt path. A great, grey castle loomed ahead of her, the setting sun leaving looming shadows across the walls and parapets that dotted the structure. It was intimidating, the young maiden had only ever lived in her small village at the base of the large hill this impressive abode sat on. Never had she been out to other villages, and now she was walking right up to a mist foreboding place.

She was hardly the first though, other girls had been sent up throughout the years as part of an arrangement with the owner of the frightening place. Only the elders knew the reason, but it was rumored that the master of the castle seeked a bride, that the village would send eligible women over the years until one was found. Noire was simply the next on the list now that she was of age, but part of her was proud, even as she came up to the massive wooden doors. Maybe she'd be the one, whatever that meant or entailed.

Not that she ever showed anyone from her village that sense of excitement she held. Noire was stubborn in that regard.

Swallowing surprise and fear, she reached out and grabbed hold of the large iron knocker, giving a couple generous smacks against the hardwood door. The sound reverberated in the cool air and no reply came. She wondered if anyone was home, shifting uneasily as she waited. Minutes passed and when she was almost ready to knock again, loud creaks finally answered her previous calls and the large doors opened to reveal the interior.

A single person stood in the gothic styled hallway, a young girl around her age. Violet hair, loose fitting clothes, strange hair clips in her bangs, and a goofy grin were the immediate takeaway she got. Was it someone from her village, Noire wondered, though she didn't recognize them at all. Perhaps they had been here for a while…

“Ya just gonna stand there, girly? Or do I gotta start waving my arms around too?”

“Hello,” Noire blurted out as she snapped back into the present, eyes wide as the girl taunted her. “Sorry, lost in thought. Are you the ‘Count’? I was told to come here to see him…”

The girl giggled and chortled. “Heck yea, sh- he’s here. While I'm certainly not the Count I'll take ya to he- him . Name's Neptune, by the by!”

“I'm Noire, pleasure to meet you.”

She was lead inside, the doors closing behind her. They walked through winding passageways, candles and chandeliers lighting their path. It seemed like a never-ending maze, and with a sarcastic, spunky tour guide to boot.

“So, you here for the Count, you say? Must be the next girl to come of age, then! You're one of the prettiest yet, I gotta say.”

Noire beamed at the compliment, ego stroked thoroughly. “Well, they do say I'm the prettiest of all the girls in the village,” she boasted.

Suuuuure… ,” Neptune mumbled, just loud enough for the following girl to hear.

It ground her gears, but she sucked it up. They were soon entering what seemed like a grand study. There was a large desk, countless books, instruments of science and music alike. Noire was in awe, lost in the scene. So much so that when she turned to Neptune to ask a question, the short escort was gone. Suddenly the large room seemed frightening, with its low light and dark corners. The back of her mind slowly began to panic as the silence set in on her.

She was about to turn, leave this now intimidating room, but a body blocked her. Noire's eyes shot up, meeting a familiar purple gaze. The woman before her wore tight fitting clothes, long violet hair in two braids down her back, a sharp, warm grin aimed right at her. It was somewhat reassuring to not be alone, but who was this now?


“Ah, I do apologize, deary,” the woman said in a sultry tone. “I forget just how silent I am, especially around a beautiful woman like you… I am the Count, Count Nepula, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

The gaze if this woman had Noire's heart pounding. Was it fear, or something else? She'd never felt this sensation; it left her wanting more. This majestic woman as the Count… though the hair clips in her bangs were a bit strange.

Noire finally worked up the spirit to answer. “Mine as well, Count Nepula… though I'm at a loss for what to… well, say. I'm afraid I don't know much about you or this place, or really why I'm here.”

She giggled, a wide toothy smile across her face. Nepula seemed to have rather sharp looking teeth. “I keep reminding those elders of yours, seems they still forget to fill you girls in… Regardless, my life is rather strange, not many would deign to dwell with me, so I look for a wife.”

“A-A wife?”

“Is it really so odd to want the companionship of a woman? I swear, the people a century ago were much more welcoming,” she muttered. Nepula began to ease closer. “But, you will be spending a night with me so I can feel you, learn all about you, taste you.~”

Noire stood stiff as the Count leaned in, hand gently grasping her chin. She was enraptured by her beauty, her scent, her very aura was magnetic, like some sort of ancient, dark magic was pulling at her mind.

“Y-yes, Count Nepula…”

“Please, do call me by my actual name… Neptune.” As she finished speaking, the sweet words rolling of her silver tongue, she pulled Noire in, placing a kiss right upon her lips. Noire's heart skipped a beat. “Hopefully, if you're the one, you'll be calling it out for years to come.~”

Noire was left wanting another kiss, ignoring the similarities in names between the two ladies she'd met tonight. She found herself pushed back into a nearby chair, the soft cushions holding her as Neptune began to undress her. The young maiden didn't resist; she wanted it every bit as much as the Count. Even as her skirt came off, shoes tossed aside, her stocking clad legs visible in full, Noire felt her heart beating harder still. Whatever spell this was weaving about her, she accepted it in full.

Her panties were next, her shirt following, with her bra seconds behind. All that she was left with was her tight, black and blue leggings and the dark sleeves that had stood apart from her top. Neptune’s long braids swished from side to side has she knelt, inspecting her new partner’s nethers. She spread the soft, pink lower lips, getting a look at the tender insides, even inching in to get a good taste.

The young girl sucked in a quick gasp as the dexterous muscle touched her. She quivered as it explored her privates, pressing against the opening to deeper planes. Noire already felt like her mind was on fire, the sensations had her on edge and yet at ease. It was a conundrum that only drove her to wanting more, and was thankfully rewarded with what she desired.

Neptune’s mouth pressed against her woman’s pussy, tongue wriggling it's way inside. It pushed into her tight walls, forcing them open, only to dive deeper. The flavor and feel of the smooth flesh pleased Neptune. She moaned her approval of her, kissing and playing with Noire's clit.

“Is it good, my sweet?”

No longer quite the pure maiden, she let out a rather shameful sounding moan, nodding to Neptune. She couldn't manage actual words.

The Count chuckled. “Then let's see how that vitality of yours tastes.~”

Noire struggled to figure out what she meant as Neptune lifted her out of the chair and took her place, before being lowered back down on top. The Count’s bosom was her new pillow, her strong, gentle arms pulling her tight as her chin rested upon Noire's shoulder. Gradually, Neptune’s fingers worked their way down, soon to become the next thing to fill the girls achy, needy hole. Much like the tongue before them, they wound about, sliding deep inside Noire. They spread her, thrust into her weakest spots, took her on a ride she'd never felt before.

It wasn't long before her breath was ragged and labored. Her end was close, but Neptune had one thing left.

“I do apologize for coming on to you so abruptly. The truth is… I have certain dietary restrictions,” she whispered, her fangs finally coming into focus. “And at the highest of pleasure, blood tastes the sweetest.~”

A vampire, it made sense. Thoughts clicked into place: the dark atmosphere, the pull on her mind, the fact the Count had been around so many years without aging. Not that it mattered much, the truth was that these thoughts were like fading memories. Intangible, fleeting. Noire was in the now.

There was a brief feeling of fear as Noire felt the teeth sink into her neck, a twinge of pain running through her. It wasn't for long though, as in that moment an ecstasy filled her. A pleasure she could hardly comprehend. Even as blood trickled down her nape, Neptune sucking at the wound, she felt only pure, unfiltered bliss. Her body went rigid, legs bending out of reflex as a powerful current ran through her nerves.

She has experimented by herself in the past, felt what it was like, but Noire was truly being dumped straight into the deep end.

Against Neptune’s strong hold, her body spasmed, hips bucking as those strong fingers continued to thrust into her. A small spray of juices ejected from her privates, coating the back of her lover's hand. She was without control of her body and it couldn't have felt better.

The pleasure began to wane as the minutes passed. She was exhausted, breath gone from her lungs, mind numb, eyes hazy and unfocused. Neptune was still fang deep into her prospective wife's neck, relishing the last of the sweet, crimson blood before releasing her jaw. The wound quickly healed back up, a side effect of her vampiric power, though the toll had been taken.

Noire had passed out, tired and drained of more than just her energy.

It was fine like this, Neptune thought. In a tight, warm embrace, a comfy chair cushioning her, this was good. They could rest, and ought to. After all, there were many other things she wanted to try when the girl awoke.

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You can't help but be upset, not with that sheepish grin on his face. Astolfo fidgeted about on the bed, trying to hide his guilt.

“What else did you buy,” you ask the Servant. “You didn't get a bunch of sweets again, did you?”

“N-no, Master! Promise, no chocolate to be found!”

His hands pat his chest and legs, touching the clothes he'd went out and bought with your money. What little left you had had. Somehow, he'd gotten himself Rayshifted out of Chaldea, to a more modern time, and splurged your last bit of savings. All with the promise of paying you back, but he couldn't really do that now, could he?

“And how can I trust you? Plan to strip down for me?”

Astolfo blushed, shaking his head vigorously. “No, no! Big swear this time, no candy!” He couldn't meet your eyes when he spoke, the suspicion of guilt hadn't left.

He must lying, but where was he hiding it? Not in the tight black stockings and gloves he wore, they were so tight you would see them in an instant. Perhaps under the stripped tank top, whose straps threatened to fall off Astolfo’s shoulders. Or maybe in those dark blue, denim, mini shorts; they had a bit of pocket space. You couldn’t wait, you needed to know if he was lying.

It wasn't the first time. Astolfo sometimes told small ones, though he never hid big ones. You had told him he would pay if he did it again. Never how he would, simply that he had it coming.

“Keep still, Astolfo. I'm searching you, whether you like it or not.”

“M-Master, let's not get hasty now,” he sputtered.

“Don't make me use a command seal…”

He resigned himself with that threat on the table, sulking as you moved in. Astolfo knew your spells regenerated and fighting them was a moot endeavor. You get within reach, easily pinning his back to the bed as you search him.

You lift his tank top. Nothing under there, save his smooth, soft looking chest. Nothing hidden in his gloves or leggings, though you take notice how the press down on him, causing his skin to bulge a bit at the ends under the pressure. Had he always had such thick thighs? It was rather cute, you found yourself thinking, but your ‘mission’ was more important.

It would be weird, but his pants were next. He shuddered as you forced your fingers into his pockets. No luck in those, and Astolfo must have thought himself safe. Too bad you were going all the way. You undo the snap and buckle of his denim short shorts, shimmying them off against his protest. He writhed uncomfortably as you slid them off, his love for feminine clothing even further exposed as the frilly black panties became visible.

“Master, please. Isn't this a little too far…?” Astolfo asked, sheepishly covering his privates like an innocent maiden.

“I told you, if you're going to trick me again, no matter how small, you'll have to be punished,” he stated. “Now, this is going to be awkward for us both, but you brought this upon yourself.”

You brush aside his hands, feeling under the silky fabric of his underwear. Other than a firm bulge at the crotch, it seemed fine, but you realize there's another side. Astolfo squeaks as you flip him, push him onto his knees, and feel the back. There's something there that shouldn't be, and you yank the panties right off.

“Kyah!~” Astolfo cries out in embarrassment as his lie, and privates, are finally revealed.

A handful of chocolates fall from the band of his panties, they'd been pressed right against his skin by the elastic. It was an ingenious spot but nothing a dedicated person couldn't find. You're a bit angered, though not nearly as much as one would expect. From the start, Astolfo was rather obvious with what he was hiding, you had just needed to find it. Now the matter of punishment was on the table.

Perhaps the embarrassment of being stripped was enough. His tank top was uneven, only one arm strap hanging onto his shoulder. His pants were tossed aside, his girly panties pulled down to his ankles with his intimate areas exposed. Astolfo was rather feminine, from his soft skin, to slender frame, to his long, pink braid, and even his shy, flustered reactions. He was always unabashedly dressing in girl’s clothes wherever he went, but yet charismatic with both the male and female servants that also now resided in Chaldea. But he was also stubborn, despite all that, a simply stripping wouldn’t suffice.

At times thoughts wormed into your mind about him; never to any serious degree though. This was different though. That adoration and sense of companionship you felt for him was going gradually going beyond platonic as you stared at him, lost in your thoughts. You know what to do now, a thought surfacing that was too enticing to let go. Spinning him around, sitting him back down, you address him.

“Astolfo… I told you I’d not take any more of your foolery, didn’t I? As wonderful a companion as you’ve been, if I can’t trust you, what should I do? A Servant acting as such would warrant most Masters to sever their contract…”

While no doubt Astolfo knew you wouldn't ever sever the contract over such small things, the free-spirited paladin was alarmed all the same. He eyes were wide and his hands were clasped at his chest, pleading.

“Please, Master! I won't do it again, promise! I'll d-do anything to prove myself…!” He looked like he was about to start clinging to your legs like an upset child.

“Anything you say…? You've got a small debt to pay off, you know.” He had taken the bait. You wanted to shame him a bit, put him in his place, and this was the way to do it.

“Yes, yes, anything! I'll even do hard labor; I'm pretty strong, you know?” Astolfo flashed that silly, toothy grin of his, excited to earn his keep.

You began to unfasten your pants, his realization too slow to guess what was coming before you were able to free your member. Astolfo was without words; he was confused, but not repulsed. He was at a loss of what to do or what was even expected.

“Don't give me such a perplexed look, Astolfo. Is it so uncommon for a Servant and Master to do this? I know that there's some feeling going both ways, too.”

He chuckled nervously, playing with his braid as he spoke. “I-It’s just so sudden... Thrusting this on someone so quick could be seen as rather uncouth, and not to mention the implications of-”

“I'm not forcing you,” you said, cutting him off. “ That would be rather uncouth. This is but a trade of services, should you accept. Plus, what way to bond with your Master is better than this…?”

The unseen yet always present bond Masters and Servants had was undeniable. It guided both people, even connecting thoughts and dreams. In a way, both of you had known what the other desired for far before than this moment. All you had needed was a nudge, a catalyst, something to get the thoughts out and the desires rolling.

Astolfo was blushing. It was obvious that your words were working, his gears turning as he considered it.

“What… would you have me do, Master? Shall I use my hands, my feet, maybe my hair? I hear long hair is attractive to some people-”

Your place your hand on his head, the words coming from him trailing off as you pull his head close. He’s at just the right height, it seems obvious what to do to get the fun going.

“You like to run that little mouth of yours when you get excited. Seems you know just how to use it, so let’s get it working…”

He turns bright red, being so close to his Master’s cock has him fluttering. Astolfo begins to open his mouth, taking your already semi-rigid shaft inside. While he didn’t seem to know entirely what he was doing, instinct was enough. The nubile paladin licked at your head, learning the shape and curvature with his wet, oral muscle. You pull him tighter as you reach full mast, his dedicated motions already working wonders. His hot, tight mouth took you deeper, the back of his throat bumping into your cockhead as he began to reach his limit.

Stuffed full of hot meat, Astolfo looks up to you, looking for guidance. You give it in the form of a tight hold on his head, hands pressing down on the cute little bows in his hair, and taking charge in starting the motions. With his cute face around your cock, you begin to use it as you please. Pulling him off and then pushing back down, you establish the rhythm. Your cock feels lovely inside his tight maw and Astolfo seems to enjoy it as well.

As time goes, you let your efforts fall away and the paladin takes over. His slim, gloved arms wrap around you for leverage as he continues what you started. With your shaft slathered in his spit, he makes wet smacking sounds as he licks and sucks, taking you in and out. Somehow, he manages it all, working with almost professional expertise. Astolfo has you sucking in small gasps of air with each tongue poke against your tip. He looks like he’s begging for it, those hungry eyes staring straight into yours.

It makes you twinge, the need for release soon coming under that lustful gaze of his.

“Going to cover that pretty tongue of yours in a second,” you murmur. “open that hot little mouth of yours.”

He does as told, letting go with a wet smack, strands of saliva bridging the gap as you begin to stroke yourself to completion. Astolfo stretches out his tongue, holding it right under your head. Drips of precum fall out onto his buds, he can hardly sit still as you propel yourself the last of the way into your climax.

“You’ve been a bad boy, take this as your punishment…!”

He closes his eyes, mouth at the ready as you come. Your hips buck gently, groin tightening as your muscles pump it out of you. Hot sticky seed splatters across his mouth, coating it in white. Lips, teeth, it’s all fair game and smattered with a web work of cum. Astolfo’s tongue fights the urge to play with it, lest he let some miss. The young boy only finally gets a chance as you finish, a small pool of sperm now resting in his maw.

His eyes look so hazy as he tastes it, feels it, he’s lost in the experience. To share such a moment with his Master, to be the bearer of his seed, even if in such a way, felt like an honor to him. He swallowed every drop, licking his lips clean, looking straight back at you. Astolfo wanted more.

“You play such an innocent part, but you look like a slutty girl right now, Astolfo. You want more? I bet you do…”

“Yesh, mastah! Gif me more, please…” He words were slurred, mind foggy and driven by desire.

You grin, pushing him back down into the bed. This time though, you climb in with him, forcing him to the headboard. Grabbing hold of his tender thighs, fingers pressing down into them, you spread them wide. Astolfo squealed in excitement, panties dangling off on of his legs as he was left completely unprotected and uncovered.

His cock stood stiff against his belly, twitching with an eagerness that rivaled his own. Contrary to his feminine attributes, his endowment was not one of them. Maybe he wasn’t as sizable as you, but he was somewhat similar. The only big difference was how soft it looked despite its rigidity. If it was possible to have girly penis, he had one.

“Master... I’ve never really done this with anyone else, at least not that I can remember... Please be gentle.~”

It was true that memories from one experience as a Servant did not always transfer to another. If he had such an experience when summoned by another Master, he didn’t seem to know. Not that it mattered, he was your Servant, and as for his pleas… Gentle would only be in the situation for a small time. You lean in on Astolfo, bending his legs back towards his head, forcing his perky ass to stick out.

“Hold those legs of yours, spread your ass for me,” you command. “I know you’ve got the flexibility.”

“Of course, Master!” He was so excited, his tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth as he obeyed.

Astolfo worked those gloved hands over his legs, shimmying up to his butt. His fingers pulled and played at his backdoor, spreading his pucker open as much as he could. It wasn’t nearly to the size of what was about to intrude on him, but the display was rather adorable. You press your tip against his ass, easing into him. The paladin gasps with each tiny thrust, moaning as you force past the tight ring.

While difficult to get the initial foothold, his rear happily takes the rest of you. You slide past his walls, forcing them open, spreading him wider than he’s probably ever been. Astolfo squirms, barely able to keep his legs held in place. This is just the beginning though, he still has to endure the rest.

“Should’ve figured a girly butt like this would be nice and tight,” you tease.

He scoffs at your poor joke and you thrust in response, hilting inside his butt. The paladin mewls in an unbecoming way. You expected a paladin of Charlemagne to have more restraint, but he’s a bit too eager and happy to take you; you won’t let him live this down later. With your position secured, the young knight ready and willing, you begin to thrust. His whole body bounces with each hammer, your cock catching on the most sensitive spots as you do. Astolfo can’t stifle his sounds, his innocent appearance slowly crumbles as you pound away.

With his huffs and moans, it’s easy to see he likes this sort of thing. His tongue threatens to roll out of his mouth as he sounds his pleasure. It makes you want to see more.

“I can’t believe you’re enjoying your punishment, Astolfo. Just look at that expression of yours; where’s that proud paladin at? Have you no shame?”

He mumbled something incoherent. Something about wanting more.

“What’s that? You want something; my cum? Do tell me where you want it, tell me loud, and maybe I’ll give it to you.”

Your constant thrusting keeps him on edge, smacking his prostate is having a powerful effect.

“I-I…! I want you c-cum in my butt!”

You chuckle. “In your butt? Your tight, little, girly butt? Is that it?”

“Yes, M-Master! I’m my tight, l-little, girly butt! P-please…!” He’s almost shouting; Astolfo wants it.

With his outfit a mess, tank top almost falling off, panties bunched up around his ankle, shorts laying on the floor, he was ready for the last part of his shameful punishment.You adjust your ankle, press down into him harder than before and lay into the paladin. He’s hungry butt is the perfect sleeve, you take him as hard as you can. His own cock oozes precum, smacking against his chest with each, powerful motion.

Both of you are ready for the end, and it comes faster than you expect. Astolfo, in all his shame, gets off before you. The Servant groans loudly, muscles clenching tight. His unashamed cock twitches, jets of cum spraying out across his belly and top, staining the fabric. Milky, white cum pools in the creases on his stomach while his asshole clenches tight around you. In his final moment of insubordination, he doubles down on his disobedience.

You come, hard. Being a wizard gave you extra ‘vitality’ and you blow the last of it. His ass becomes the dumpster for your cum. Bliss fills your brain as your body expels the rest of your see. Astolfo’s bowels are rapidly filled with spunk, leaking out from around his stuffed hole, flooding deeper when it found nowhere else to go. His face was quite unbecoming now, his hands-free orgasm something he couldn’t cope with. He was left exhausted, faint of breath, even as you dumped the last bits of sperm inside him.

As you finished, pulling out of his ass and leaving the remnants of your punishment, he finally loses consciousness. You let him lie where he was, the embarrassment by being seen by any other the other Servants would be a step too far. It was a proper, just finale. Astolfo got what he needed, learned his lesson. No doubt he’d be more conscious of his decisions in the future.

Or maybe he’d do it on purpose. Either way, he’d get a stuffing.

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“Finally, we have a way for us to share our gratitude for you, 2B. I hope you do accept…,” Devola said excitedly to the often monotone YorHa unit.

Popola nodded. “You've done so much for us, of all people. We can't help but be in debt.”

“This is… unusual. Usually 9S does my maintenance… but it is acceptable.” 2B was curt, as per usual.

It felt odd, but the twins were always sincere. She was here because of her silent generosity. 2B was always helping the twins, 9S tagging along as well, never asking for anything in return. It didn't stop her from accepting rewards and gifts, but that was never a requirement for her to lend aid. She said it was to help the war effort, that it would make others more effect against the machines. The twins saw through it, they'd lived their share of years and knew a kind spirit when they saw it. Even if the battle-model android said otherwise.

So, in their efforts to show their appreciation, the twins had offered to ‘service’ 2B. The exact methods were not mentioned but maintenance and downtime seemed a good choice. She didn't know that the androids were planning something completely different. Her expectations were brushed aside when she followed the twins into her room in the Resistance base. They tossed aside the pants, revealing what they hid beneath.

“We hope you like them, we weren't sure how to repay you.”

Sizable cocks, comparable in size, sprung free. They imitated human genitalia near perfectly and were no doubt something the twins picked up during their lives. The synthetic heads dripped with precum, ready for use. 2B was unsure how to react. She had the proper… interfaces, she was modeled after humanity, but never a reason to use them. Her mind searched for an answer; her pod was inconveniently outside. There were snippets of information in the YorHa database, bits and pieces on how these worked.

“Are they to your liking, 2B? We can alter them somewhat,” Devola asked.

“They are fine, I'm simply… figuring this out,” 2B responded, stepping closer to them. “I know only a bit, but this method seems efficient.”

She squatted down, thick thighs bending, ass sticking out somewhat as she reached eye level with their tools. It wasn't like 2B to stay still for long, she immediately grabbed hold of the twins’ cocks, having them stand on either side of her. Her mouth and tongue moved with utmost efficiency, lubricating and stroking their lengths. The twins groaned in unison, though feeling a bit frustrated.

They had meant to give 2B pleasure, not the other way around.

Regardless of how they intended for it to go, they were now at the mercy of the YorHa unit’s grip. 2B sucked gently, bobbing on one sister before switching to the other. She didn't let either of them feel neglected for attention and was satisfied whenever they groaned. While she was merely mimicking what she could learn, fellating the large pricks with false expertise, certain things began to evolve from it.

Her saliva production steadily increased, the loud, wet smacks and dripping spit increasing in time. 2B’s motions grew more exaggerated, broader, with twists and bursts of quick, powerful jerks. Even something as simple as taking them deeper into her throat had a stronger effect. They were both overflowing with precum now, the faint taste overwhelming 2B’s sensors.

“You seem like you've done this before, 2B. Perhaps with that cute 9S…?” Popola queried through her little moans.

“Not this, specifically,” 2B responded, not even bothering to deny that a relationship existed. “I'm simply learning as I go.”

Devola chuckled. “You're doing pretty well, I think. It feels fantastic…! Can't wait to see you covered.~”

Covered…? Sperm, cum. The words came into her head. Seed of man, it seemed interesting. How would it taste, feel, or smell? 2B was curious, she wanted to find out. Her motions grew more passionate and vigorous. She put her being into it, relishing the reactions she got from the sisters. Their little moans and gasps were enticing; they had to be close.

Pulling them side by side, 2B rapidly jerked them. Their joints became uneasy, twitching and weak. The YorHa android would soon find out what she wanted.

“2B…!” Devola was struggling to hold her composure. “You're too good at this, I don't think I can hold on.”

“Me neither,” Popola chimed in. “I can't wait to come!”

They wouldn't have to wait long. Within a few moments, they were moaning and clutching at their cocks. Their hips felt like gelatin, synthetic muscle spasming against their will.

2B opened wide as the torrent came. Large, sticky strings of spunk splattered her face. She was pleased by the hot, bitter taste, her tongue lapped at it, looking for more. Her mouth, and the area around it, was blasted with sperm. Even her eye band was stained, vision blocked as stray ropes smattered the fabric, forming zebra stripes as white and black met.

By the time the twins were empty, 2B was thoroughly covered. Cum dripped from her chin. She could hardly see out of her headband. Her sense of taste felt like it was overloading with the bitter, thick flavor. For some reason her breathing was haggard, she couldn’t explain the feeling. Mind mysteriously craving more, she gently sucked on the sisters’ tips, coaxing out what they had left; she even cleaned her face off, swallowing what she could.

“Jeez, 2B, you really drained us. Must be hungry...”

“You seem to like it; YorHa adding sexual desires all of a sudden? I wonder if 9S would be into this.~”

The Type B unit stood, taking a stance with her hips jutted out. She knew what she wanted and ignored the twins’ jokes. Taking hold of their semi-flaccid cocks, she guided them to the nearby bed, guiding them as she stripped off the rest of her outfit. If this was going to continue, 2B wanted to go the whole way. Double stuffed or nothing, she thought.

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People knew she was a bit obsessed at times. Her nickname was Hex Maniac, after all. She dabbled in the occult, sure, but that didn't mean she didn't fawn over other things. Hex was rather smitten to a young trainer, one who had only just recently started adventuring and yet beaten so many people, herself included. In her spare time, when she wasn't busy with her Pokémon, she brewed and tested all sort of compounds.

The ghost-type trainer wanted him to have eyes for her. Hex was making an aphrodisiac, one that would force the young man onto her, making him enact his deepest desire with her before making him madly in love. She thought she'd never make the perfect potion; none had quite the desired effect on her love to-be. One day she found the right potion, the right combination.

She had laced his drink; they had had a good few dates, mostly at her behest. Now they were taking the next step. All it took was one good sip and he had the eyes of a lustful man. It was good that they were in a private place, as her crush took no time in grabbing hold of her. Hex’s eyes went wide. His lips met hers, his hands grabbing at her butt.

“I just realized how big of a fool I’ve been,” he murmurs to her, feeling her up. “I’ve always teetered on the thought that I wanted you, but now it’s so apparent. I want you…”

Hex felt excited beyond words, she wholeheartedly accepted her love’s ‘sudden confession’. “Then take me, why don’t you?~”

He did just that. Hex was pulled over to the nearby couch, eased onto the cushions, and bent over the arm. Kneeling behind her, he pulled up her dress, folding the fabric over her rear and exposing her dark, purple thong and voluptuous ass. His hands grabbed hold of her cheeks, kneading and playing, even giving a friendly smack. She felt her breath already getting heavy, her nethers aching. She wanted him more than ever before.

The goth shuddered as he shimmied down her underwear, letting it dangle around her legs. She heard his pants unfasten, a hot, meaty cock come slapping down between her asscheeks. It was big, already dripping with precum while her own pussy got more than a little dewy with arousal. He rubbed his prick against her nethers, grinding the length between her buns.

“I want to take you right now, take your fine, fat ass for a ride,” he said, hunger in his voice.

She couldn’t wait anymore. “Take me then, fuck me! Make up for all the times we could have already had!”

His cockhead began to press down on her pucker. Her butthole resisted, her tight little hole gradually spread as his manhood intruded. Hex moaned as he broke past it, his thick meat sliding into her ass with an utmost urgency. She hissed through clenched teeth as he hilted, slapping her shapely rear enthusiastically. He didn’t wait to start either, not that she wanted him too.

Her lover thrust into her like an animal in heat. Hex’s ass jiggled as his hips slammed into her, generous slaps making them burn red. She loved this already. Having her perfect, tight asshole stuffed, butt played with, taken by the man she’d lusted for for so long. His cock stretched her so wide, massaged and grinding into her sensitive walls. It was heaven and only got better as he went faster.

“That’s it…! Harder, harder,” she cried out, moaning between every word.

He lifted up, changing his angle so he came down and into her butt with all the strength he could. His hands clutched her wide, thick hips, using her plush body as leverage to further ream her rear. Her lover was groaning, no doubt close to finishing inside her hot, tight ass. She couldn't wait to take it, let it fill her, let it leak out of her.

“God, I’m going to come so hard, I can feel it. Your ass is too good, Hexy!”

“Do it, don’t hold back! Dump your seed in me!~”

He did as asked. With a few last, thunderous thrusts into her soft, fat butt, he came. Sticky, thick cum flooded her colon, the torrent forcing itself deeper and deeper. It was heaven! She clenched her teeth, coming alongside him as he unloaded into her butthole. Hex felt like she was on fire, electricity coursing through her nerves as her body tightened up. The moment lasted only seconds yet seemed like an eternity.

Before she knew it, he was empty and she was out of breath. His cock slowly softened inside her, sliding free as they both marveled in the aftermath. Hex’s asshole was gaped, dripping with his viscous sperm. It rolled out of her in wads, dropping onto the cushions with wet smacks. She couldn’t have wished for anything more than this.

“Fuck, Hex. This ass is too good, I can’t believe I finally got to have a piece of it…”

“Well… who said it was a one-time deal? Let’s get to breeding this butt, baby.~”

Chapter Text

“Val...? I need you for a second! Come here, will you?”

Valentine almost fell right out of his chair. He was outside of her office, at his desk like usual, just working on papers and it was like she was yelling right in his ear. It was hard to get used to such a… demanding boss. As wonderful as Euda was to work for, it wasn't without it's downsides. Her every whim had to be catered to, which wasn't as bad as it seemed, but still enough that he grumbled sometimes.

He stood shakily, making sure his clothes and hair were in order as he often did and made his way in.

“There you are, Val,” Euda exclaimed happily, bent over her desk. “Get that bod in here, I need you to massage me. I'm all stiff from sitting…”

Val shifted a bit, a little embarrassed to be so close. It wasn't the first time or the last, but he was truthfully very modest. She seemed to like that though, often poking fun at it and his girlish looks, though only ever in jest. Euda seemed to truly appreciate those parts of him. He walked closer, going around to the back so he could properly administer the care she desired.

And stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her from behind.

Euda was truly attractive. With her stylish clothes, to her short hair (complete with her green streak of dye), and her forward personality, not to mention her classically voluptuous body, she was often in his thoughts in ways he wouldn't admit. Not that he needed to fantasize, Euda Ophis was always a step ahead. One such requirement of his job was catering to her whims, which apparently included giving her sex whenever she desired.

Not only was her rear stuck out from her pose over the desk, but her skirt was kicked up, panties dangling around her knees, and privates straight out in the open. His boss wore a rather lacy garter belt to boot, something that she knew he loved. Just looking at it and the stockings it was fastened to made his heart throb. Women's underwear was a blessed gift.

“What is it, Val? Don't like what you see?” She was already dewy with arousal, lips glistening in the light. Euda was truly a rather forward woman.

“N-no, Miss Euda… just… unprepared,” he stammered, pants already growing tight.

“Then drop trow, young man. Your boss needs a good massage, now.~”

He never dared to disappoint her, she was the boss as she had said. Undoing his belt, unfastening his pants, he let his own privates come uncovered. Val was still bashful, despite working for Euda several already. His manhood was hesitant to stand at attention, but a wink and a shake from her ass proved to be enough to lift it the rest of the way.

Val stepped up to his position, steadying himself as he pressed his prick up against her folds. He could feel the heat wafting off of her, already imagining the feeling of being balls deep inside her. The perverted thoughts wouldn't stop, so he made his move. Slowly, he began to push inside. Her slick, warm flesh accepted him, enveloping him completely. Euda enjoyed it a fair bit too.

“Ahhh… f-fuck! That's good…,” she moaned. “Keep going Val, get that cock inside me. Take me like the man you are.~”

Euda may be a stern employer, but she never passed on the flattery where it was due. She loved being taken by this cute stud; he was so hesitant, but so eager. Val tried his hardest at everything and that's what she loved most. No matter how he tried to hide it, Euda knew his desires, playing off them on her whims. Even now, she still goaded him, as his manhood slid deep inside her, as she bit down on her lip.

A long groan left her lips as he hilted. “God, Val… you're stuffing me so full! How is it? Worth coming in here to help?”

“O-of course, Miss Euda! You feel... as amazing as always,” he stuttered, trying to think of the right words to use.

Val was still rather inexperienced. His ‘bedside’ manner needed a bit to work, but with someone like Euda at the reigns, he'd learn quick. She was an equal opportunity lover, after all.

He took a second to get situated. Her pussy was so tight, gripping him at the base as if holding him for ransom. Val had no choice but to start slow, to loosen her up. If he went fast now, he'd come within a minute. His body quivered as he slid out, his sensitive head rubbing against her walls, before pushing back in. It had him holding his breath with each thrust, only finally letting his lungs breathe when he was back deep inside his boss.

Of course, it was Euda who would tell him to go faster.

“Go ahead and grab ‘the wheel’, Val. Give me that massage I-”

He was about to do as told; he was already grabbing hold of her hips, sinking his fingers into her soft skin. Fate had something else in mind. Euda’s phone began to vibrate loudly, reverberating through the hardwood desk. Val froze, waiting for her to answer.

“Who said you could stop? Keep going,” she said sternly as she looked at the phone's display. “Keep going unless I say otherwise.”

The young secretary was going to ask if she was sure, but she was already accepting the call. Euda was even putting it on speaker! He felt uneasy. What if they heard? Would it hurt Euda’s reputation? Val had doubts, yet proceeded as told. She could fix just about any problem, there was no need to worry.

“Maaaaggie! How are you? Doing good I ho- pe !” The end of her sentence was punctuated by a high note as Val began again.

“I'm doing well, Miss Ophis. Though now I wonder if that's the same for you.”

Euda was bright red. Both in embarrassment and arousal. “ Ohhh … yes, I'm just perfect. Just sewing up this dress, so you may hear the machine here n’ there…”

Val wondered if she was trying to cover for the meaty slaps. He was going strong enough that each piston had his hips smacking into her butt. While he wasn't the most experienced, he made sure to hammer home in the way Euda loved best. It was truthfully hard to resist going even quicker. Euda’s tight, hot hole was massaging him as well, making him hunger for more. The young Hispanic’s brain demanded he come, and fast.

Regardless, it had its effect on her. Euda was shaking, knees locking and bowing. It was taking all her effort to keep it herself in check as she continued her conversation.

“No… no, I understand, Maggie. I'm just, huahh... making sure we're all on the same pag- ah …!”

“Are you okay, Miss Ophis? You sound like you're straining…”

“I-It’s nothing at all. Just fighting with something rather hard ,” Euda said with a wink towards her dedicated secretary.

She smacked her ass with a free hand, signaling him to go harder. The designer couldn't wait any longer. Euda wanted to feel his hot cum inside her, wanted to come as hard as she could. They both felt excited, exhilarated, fucking right in front of someone. All it would take is the wrong sound or word and they would know. Val never thought he'd be in such a dangerous situation, but he found it to be rather erotic.

He gave it his all, as she (and he) wanted. His hands gripped her silky garter belt, the fabric becoming the fulcrum for which he'd rail her the rest of the way. Val truthfully loved the feel of the of the lingerie, he always had. The young man had thoughts regarding that but would never dare bring them to light.

“Miss Ophis… is rather noisy over there, should I call back?”

“N-no- ooooh … I apologize, I'll be done soon. Please keep going…!~”

Euda felt her dedicated employee bending over her, using that small build of his to give her as much as he could. She could hardly keep her composure, never mind keep track of where the conversation was at. All she could think about was the cock thrusting into her, the hot body of a handsome young man smacking into hers, and what the inevitable ending would feel like.

She knew she wouldn't be able to keep up the illusion when it came, and thankfully could predict it.

Val was groaning, her own moans barely stifled as it came. She fumbled with the phone, managing to hit the mute button as he came. He buried his face into her back to silence himself as he sunk himself balls deep into her cunt. Euda felt him shaking, spasming, and moaning as his seed began to full her. It felt heavenly. So hot, sticky, thick, it was always exceeding her standards.

She felt her own pleasure spill over. Her knees threatened to buckle, bolts of ecstasy firing up her spine. Euda’s nails dug into the desk as he came deep into her, his spunk already overflowing and oozing out from around her stuffed pussy. Whatever Maggie was saying was drowned out by her orgasm. It was little wonder why she had him do this every day.

Time passed, however long it happened to be, and they both finally began to recollect their senses. Val eased out of his boss, a small rush of sperm following his exit. It hit the carpet with a full thud. Euda was still quivering; as hot as her body felt, his cum felt hotter as it ran down her leg.

“Jeez, Val… always exceeding expectations, huh?” She sighed happily, her ache thoroughly ‘massaged’ away. “Who needs a masseuse when you're around?~”

Euda brushed her hair out of the way of her eyes, wiping the sweat from her brow. They glimmered a brilliant green, as they often did when she was so immensely satisfied. She wouldn't need another romp for a day or two after that.

“Miss Ophis? Are you there?”

She spun her head around, scrambling for the phone. Grasping it in a death grip, she smacked the unmute button.

“Sorry, sorry! Dropped my phone,” she lied.

“It's okay, you seem to be rather… full. Do you think we should go ahead with the plan?”

“You bet, Maggie. I'm rather stuffed , got my hands busy.” As for the second question, Euda quickly covered her tracks. “It sounds good, but send me an email about it. Just want to make sure it's all fine.”

“Okay, I'll do that before I leave the office. Nice talking to you, hope you aren't feeling stiff after all the work. Go get a massage! Ta-ta.~”

There was a click as the line disconnected, and she was gone. Euda spun around, lifting her legs up and sitting on the edge of her desk. She was still leaking cum, it was now dripping onto the surface of her furniture. Val saw a sly look on her face, slowly realizing what it meant.

“Ready for a ‘Round Two’, Val?” She asked, spreading her lips open for him to see his previous handiwork. Her canal gaped slightly, moving along with her heavy breath. “She said I could use a massage, you know?”

Today was going to be a physically tolling, yet pleasurable, day. He would no doubt regret having to catch up on work later, but some more fun couldn't hurt.

Chapter Text

Zelda trembled as the Great Fairy ruffled a hand through her hair. She had shrunk her body, standing just about twice her height now, but was still a giant to the young princess. The fairy was elegant, beautiful, graceful, a maiden in her own right. But she was also strong, her assistance needed in keeping Hyrule safe from Cia’s armies With her pride as a Hyrulian princess, she beseeched the fairy for aid and was thrilled to hear she would help.

There was one condition: a romp, a few hours of fun together. The dairy had been lonely for quite a time, and desired companionship. Zelda was confused at first, but felt honored all the same. It wasn’t quite the proposal she had expected, yet went along with it. She did not feel picky about her partners. Nonetheless, she was nervous.

“Relax, Princess. Do not think so hard, this is no battlefield. Give yourself not to instincts of war, but those of love.~”

She shrugged off her anxiety, collecting herself before gazing up into the fairy’s eyes. “My apologies… I suppose I am just unsure. What shall we… do?”

With a chuckle, the fairy began to shed her clothes. Her (comparatively) large breasts hung free, her wide, soft body fully exposed to the air. Not that she wore much to begin with. She didn’t shy away from exercising her magic, conjuring a sofa with a snap of her fingers. It was big enough for them both, and Zelda stood in awe of both the fairy’s body and her strength.

Her mind was spacing, only brought back as a pair of large, gentle hands began to remove her armor and garments. Zelda shyly helped, blushing as the rest of it was pulled away and set onto the floor. Even if she was getting into the mood, it was still embarrassing. Before she really knew what was happening, the fairy had her undressed and resting on her side on the cushions of the sofa. The Great Fairy slid in right behind her.

Zelda squirmed a bit, adjusting to the Great Fairy's large stature. She finally relaxed as her head settled onto her chest. The fairy’s bosom was of bigger bust that she had ever seen, her pillows as soft as feathers and large as watermelon. Perhaps this was normal to the fairy, but for the princess it was on a scale beyond her own.

“You’re so adorable, Princess Zelda. Like a perfect little girl, if only I had a whole day to play with you…,” the Great Fairy said, a bit somber. “Alas, just a few hours is all we have, so forgive me for being rather… forward .~”

A large arm worked its way across her chest, another down her back to her exposed privates. She let out a small moan as her breast was cupped, large tender fingers spreading her folds. The fairy was almost maternal in her manner, taking a soft, firm, yet dominant approach. Her hands did their best to calm Zelda, while also beginning to give her great pleasure.

Those fingers that spread and played with her begin to intrude. Zelda's arousal made it easy for a couple to slide inside, spreading her to her limit almost immediately. She was at the mercy of those thick fingers as they began to slowly thrust. A few sweet kisses were planted on the back of her head as they went, Zelda's fluids leaking from her stuffed hole.

“How is it, young princess? Is it to your liking?”

“Y-yes, Great Fairy…”

She gave a deep giggle; Zelda was being modest. “Good, good. Then I think we should take it a step further.~”

Zelda was guided up, lifted up and set down in the fairy's lap. She really did feel small now;  the Great Fairy's breasts hung right above her head, a warm smile hiding behind them. With ease the fairy conjured one more thing. It appeared around her waist, extending upwards to Zelda's navel. The princess felt her heart and nethers throb with a great need.

There was now a large strap-on pressing up against her belly. It looked like the perfect girth and length for the princess. The type of toy she'd love to have in her possession.

“Not too intimidating, I hope.”

Zelda could hardly take her eyes off it. “No… it looks perfect…!”

“Oh, that's just lovely to hear. I bet you can't wait, Zelda. Let me take the lead, now.”

The Great Fairy's hand grabbed Zelda by the thighs, lifting her up with ease. With utmost care she was positioned right above the imposing phallus. Holding onto the large arms of the fairy, the princess was lowered down onto the dildo. She gasped in happy surprise as it slid into her, filling her just how she had hoped. Not only that, but when it hilted her, she perfectly sat within the fairy's lap.

Everything was beyond expectations. And that was before the fairy began to move.

She lifted Zelda clean off of the strap-on, letting the head free if but for a few seconds before she was lowered back onto it. The fairy started with the same gentle care, as if handling a precious object, but soon began to speed up. Pleasure began to flood Zelda's mind as the false cock began to work its ‘magic’. It hit all the best spots, stretching and massaging her sensitive walls.

Only a few minutes passed and she was already moaning. Her sounds of pleasure echoed in the large room, the fairy smiling like a doting mother. Zelda's grip faltered every now and then, constantly grabbing at the Great Fairy's arms for support. The intensity of it was simply too strong to maintain her composure. That was even before the fairy went into high gear.

The Great Fairy began to go hard, fast. Zelda's thighs loudly smacked against hers, blending with her sounds of bliss. It was getting to be too much; she was getting fucked harder than she had ever imagined. She was a mess, her breath ragged and raspy, sweat running down her body, eyes and mind as hazy as could be. Her orgasm would be an amazing one when it hit within the next minute.

Knowing it was soon, the fairy put all her strength into five strong ‘thrusts’. Each coaxed a progressively louder sound from the princess, the last of which was a bellow that signaled an explosive orgasm. Zelda felt like gelatin, her whole body went slack as lighting traced through her body. A jet of juices shot out of her pussy, as she fell backwards into the Great Fairy's chest and ride out the rest of her climax in silent ecstasy. She felt hot as hell, exhausted, spent, her muscles refused to work despite not doing any of it.

They sat there like that. The Great Fairy wiped the sweat from Zelda's brow, massaged her body, and planted small smooches all over until she recovered. She lifted the princess off her massive dildo once she was better; loud, wet sounds signaled its retreat from her intimate place before finally falling out.

“Thank you…, G-Great Fairy… that was b-better than I could have hoped…”

She huffed, a sly look on her face.

“You speak like hours have passed, Princess Zelda. We've not even spent a half, yet,” she whispered, leaning in close. “I have so much more in store, lots of loving to be had.~”

Perhaps Zelda had bit off a bit not than she could chew. Who knew what this massive beauty had in mind? She would be dead tired by the end, but no doubt it would be one of the best times to ever be had.

Chapter Text

The young witch swore quietly to herself as a plume of dust powdered her face. Head deep into the bookshelf, she rummaged in the back for what she was after. There hadn't been anyone down her for years, and the last person had no doubt been her mother. In a way that annoyed her, more just the thought of that pompous woman and the words she always spouted.

“Give up your soul, overflow with power,” Jessicka mumbled mockingly. “Like I'd give up my soul to some smelly demon over a piddling sum of power. Who needs the magic of the damned when I can create them myself…”

Jessicka was as smug and self-assured as they came. While that gave her all the confidence in the world, it didn't help her learn from her mistakes. Sure, searching for a tome that has spells to raise an army of the undead sounded good, but the inexperienced witch never much considered the consequences of her actions. Not that she cared, she laughed loudly as she found the book she needed, jeering towards her absent mother.

She jumped from the ladder, wiping off a thick layer of grime from the book. Jessicka wasn't the cleanest herself, but she would have taken better care of her all-powerful book. If she had any, that is.

This would be the first of them, she swore, a strong start to her godly, magic arsenal. She need only flip it up, learn the spells and incantations, and then summon everything and anything she could want. That boisterous train of thought was dangerous, these books weren't just sitting around waiting to be taken. Jessicka had passed what few barriers there were with ease, but who said the ended outside of the book?

Hubris unending, the witch flung the book open, a wild grin on her face. “Totally going to show you now, mom! You won't be able to lord over me after I-.”

She barely had a chance to defend herself as a pulse of sickly, green energy nearly threw her across the room. The tome was ripped from her hands as her boots skidded across the ground. Jessicka’s nose and eyes were flooded with massive quantities of dust as the whole room was whipped into a dirty storm. All she could pick out was a ghastly glow in the center; it grew brighter as the dirt settled and the scene grew clearer.

“Yo, what gives? This isn't cool…”

The tome hovered above the ground, pages held open by some unknown force. A pair of eyes watched from the paper, watching Jessicka intently. Was this some bound familiar? A defense mechanism? Whatever it was, it was in her way. She buried her knuckles into her hips, frowning, pouting as she tried to figure it out.

“Hey, get out of my book, you gnarly bum,” she chided, bravado in every word. “That belongs to me, Jessicka Albright, the best damn witch there is!”

She was taken a bit off guard as a deep, vibrating voice answered back.

“Albright, familiar name… Matters not, defense priority. Commencing deterrence: non-lethal.” For a magic creation it sounded awfully robotic.

A brilliant emerald sigil scrawled itself across the ground, lines and symbols crossing and dotting inside it. It was illuminating the room in an eerie way. Dark, green tentacles began to slither out as a thick, low-lying smoke billowed out. They made their way towards her, but she was already prepared before they reached her.

It was a basic, but strong spell. Circles dotted the air around her, her own sigils lining the centers. Deep purple bolts of energy fired from them, smashing into the tentacles. They kicked up debris as they landed. She heard a sound, of what sounded like a direct hit, and was eager to see the results as things cleared out again.

Jessicka was more than a bit disappointed.

“Fuck… This isn't cool...”

They were unscathed, moving closer still. She fired another round of blasts but the result was the same. Jessicka stepped back slowly, running out of room within seconds. Their advance never halted and soon they were upon her. Wrapping around her ankles, winding up her body, they began to drag her back to the book. The witch felt herself being lifted; she fought as much as she could, but without any success.

She was leveled with the book, forced to look it in whatever part of it could be called its eyes.

“Hey, dude… how about you, like, let me go? Bygone be bygones, and all that stuff?”

It thrummed in thought, if but for a half second. “Bargaining? Interesting, futile. Defense, purpose; punishment, inevitable.”

She was sure now that it was a familiar, bound to the book. Conversation could work, but this one was too primitive, too stubborn. Like a dumb animal that acted on instinct.

“This isn't the rad, army of the damned outcome I wanted,” she mumbled as the grip around her abdomen tightened.

The tentacles began to glow with a green aura, some sort of magic filling the appendages. Jessicka felt it course into her. It was manipulating her, she felt it. Her body was growing hot, aching in a way she didn't expect. This damn familiar was screwing with her; it was forcing arousal onto her. This was something she couldn't fight. The witch's breath grew heavy, her nethers throbbing with a bizarre need. She felt her thoughts twisting, desires welling up that had hardly been the first thing in her mind.

“That bitch would set a trap like this,” Jessicka cursed. “She's harshing my mood without even being here…”

It was inevitable, as the book has said. She couldn't fight her desire, accepting it as it began to drown out her other thoughts. Jessicka wasn't even bothered as they tore away he pants. Her pussy was already staining her panties, and they too were ripped away. The tentacles, as tight as they were, felt oddly warm and enticing. They slowly moved into place, still holding her aloft.

She felt them probing her, feeling her out. The smallest of pressure made her gasp, her sensitivity was beyond human measure, and it never ended. Jessicka wanted it, to feel it inside, she hated how it teased her. Her mind was begging for it, but she would never voice that. Pride was a strong suit of hers.

Jessicka wouldn't have to wait long. The first of the tentacles began to slide inside. Her folds were pushed open, her canal slowly stuff as the fake phallus intruded. She groaned loudly through clenched teeth as it stuffed her, spreading her private place wide. It worked deeper and deeper with every second, slow but unrelenting in its advance until it could go no further.

The odd familiar didn't give her time to adjust either. It began to thrust without regard, working her hole with an expertise it shouldn't have had. She could feel it spinning, squirming, rubbing against every inch of her deep, secret place. Pleasure assaulted her unrelentingly, Jessicka couldn't see it getting better than this, but it would.

A second tentacle began to make its move. It tested another place, one she didn't expect. Her butt was being pushed against, her pucker slathered with an odd liquid was made her anxious and willing. She knew what was coming, voicing her complaints loudly.

“Don't you get cheeky, punk! I'll blast your ass without a second thought if you-!”

Apparently the familiar could be annoyed. Before she could finish her threat a third, thick tendril shoved itself into her mouth. She felt like gagging as it forced it's way down her throat, but her reflex was suppressed by whatever odd magic it was weaving. Jessicka's throat bulged as it made another home inside her, slowly breaking her will once again.

Her esophagus felt stretched, stuffed, but oddly warm. It felt pleasant in a way she couldn't anticipate or even describe. Just good, really good. She wasn't a stranger to oral olay, per se, yet this level of intrusion was something the witch had never considered. Even as it began to thrust in and out of her throat, as if it were her pussy, she felt a sense of elation that scrubbed away her remaining resistance.

Jessicka wanted more. She didn't care where or how. Neither did the book.

It had played with her back door long enough, it was more than ready to meet the fate her other two holes had. She felt it pressing in, pushing aside her tight ring of muscles until it could finally worm its way inside. This was the only time it was overtly gentle, it made countless tiny thrusts to work deeper. Jessicka felt it pass through her colon, into her intestine, going deeper still until some unknown barrier was reached. The witch was thoroughly filled, to say the least.

She was allowed a bit of time to adjust before the real show began. Simultaneously, each tentacle moved. Jessicka's stifled moans could barely be heard as she had every orifice fucked. Her whole body felt hot, in a constant state of agonizing pleasure, with no end in sight. The witch couldn't climax and was held in limbo on the edge as her body was ravaged. It now made more sense why her mother had made this defense like she did.

As time passed at an unknown pace, it became almost torturous. The tentacles thrusted and retreated in tandem, insuring unrelenting stimulation from every end. Her body had long gone slack, arms and legs now held up by extra appendages. She was in the verge of begging, breaking that pride of hers for the sweet release she now craved. Not that she would ever get the words out with her mouth stuffed shut.

However, the book seemed to sense her mind breaking down. It had already been going at a respectable speed, but doubled in an instance, at the very cusp of her impending climax. Jessicka wasn't just pushed into her orgasm; she was catapulted miles past it. This was much in part to the copious amounts of viscous fluids pumped into her.

She would later theorize at it was the build-up of magical energies, ejected as a semi-physical substance or perhaps some component that had once created the familiar burned away to create the spell. Regardless of its origin, it simultaneously numbed her nerve and lit them ablaze. Her whole body was threatening to overfill, her nethers already leaking with wads of the hot discharge.

Jessicka's eyes fluttered, her moans of bliss snatched away by a throatful of tentacle and pseudo-spunk. She came harder than she had in a long time, her muscles bucking against the bonds that held them. It was another small hell, being locked in that state of ecstasy for what felt like minutes until it finally began to dwindle and fade.

“Subject: punished. Ending activity.”

The book set her onto the floor in a surprisingly gentle manner, pulling itself free from her well-used holes and leaving them to leak its juices. While the room had once been alight with magic, the bright green glow eventually faded and vanished back into the book; the tome hit the floor seconds later, kicking up another plume of dust.

Jessicka took a few minutes go collect herself, as well as her discarded clothing. She stumbled to her feet, carefully picking up the book as to not let the pages open again. Her lust drunk mind could barely think, but she knew well enough that a second attempt was foolish.

“What a brutal spell; mom really is crazy…,” she mumbled, stuffing the book under her arm. “I'll figure this wicked tome out… eventually.”

The young witch had no real way of knowing if the familiar was gone, had burnt itself out, or if it lurked inside for another surprise reaming. She'd hold onto it until she figured it out. Maybe it would take a few tries to crack it but… they'd leave her feeling good after. Not that Jessicka would ever admit to it.

She simply ran off, the only evidence left behind being the missing tome, rapidly vanishing fluids, and a bit of her pride. The latter would return in time.

Chapter Text

“It's so nice to meet a kindred spirit,” Celica said excitedly. “With all these people around, even ones I know, I can't help but feel isolated in a way.”

“I feel the same, and we have so much in common. This strange place feels more like a home now.” Lyn sat across from her as they shared words and drinks. “It's sad to hear though that you're ‘lonely’ in other ways…”

Celica blushed a bright red. “You remind me too soon… I've done alright on my own, so to speak.”

Lyn readjusted her position in the chair. “Have you ever thought of… asking another woman? I don't mean to pry.”

“O-oh… it's alright; the thought has crossed my mind once or twice. Sonya is a rather stunning woman, and the Whitewings are all wonderful ladies… but I could never have the courage to ask such a thing, even if they too felt similar feelings.”

Lyn leaned in close, her own cheeks a bit rosy. “I've had a bit of experience… if you don't mind a proposition. I can help you build some experience and courage… if you'd have me.”

They felt a strange sort of kinship. Both their histories and repressed desires were aligned. Neither could resist the pull they suddenly felt as they learned about each other.

“I… I-I find it hard to say no, Miss Lyndis. While you are n-no doubt my superior in many ways, that you would-”

She was silenced by a firm, soft hand grabbing her chin and plush lips meeting with hers. Her eyes went wide; Lyn had taken her first kiss, and with such boldness too. The priestess was taken off guard but soon warmed to the tender embrace. Celica mimicked her companion, parting her lips, letting their tongues touch as she was taken by the strong, beautiful woman.

“Was that so hard?” Lyn asked with a sly smile. “I can teach you a thing or two, you know… give you that confidence to ask.~”

The priestess couldn't manage a single word, but she wanted to learn and experience all she could. A night with Lyndis, her first time, it would be beyond compare. All she could do was nod and blush ever brighter. She was guided closer, put to kneel before her senior as she brushed aside her dress.

“Those cute lips of yours and that slender tongue… I can't help but wonder what they would feel like pressed up against me. Can you?”

The plainswoman pulled aside her panties, spreading her folds as if to invite her junior closer. Celica was nervous, but interested. She knelt down, getting within inches of the pretty ‘flower’. It glistened with arousal, an almost unperceivable, mature musk egging her on, and with utmost, perhaps excessive, caution, the priestess leaned in.

She kissed the tender flesh of Lyn’s nethers, getting a full taste and feel for another woman's unmentionables. Celica found the scent intriguing, the warmth inviting. It wasn't long before she was burying her face into them, beginning to probe the swordswoman’s inner places.

“That's it, my young princess,” Lyn murmured, lust bending her words into what would normally be unbecoming of her. “Get a good taste of that puss, work that tongue in there.~”

Celica felt a small thrill in being goaded, feeling the passion they both had for one another. Their pent-up desires were coming to bear as the young heir pushed her dexterous muscle deep into Lyn’s snatch. The flavor was interesting, the texture even more so. She could feel the smooth walls tighten and pulse around her, as if trying to grip her intruding tongue as it searched the deep canal.

As she explored, nose nuzzling the plainswoman’s clit, Lyn moaned loudly as she pressed against a rather particular spot, and once more as Celica hit it a second time.

“Oh my…! Right there, Celica! Hit that spot until I come.~”

Lyn’s reactions were exciting in their own way, the priestess was more than happy to continue. She began to thrust her tongue in and out, pressing in as close as she could as she smacked that vulnerable place. A hand soon grasped her head, grinding her into Lyn’s clit and smattering juices across her face. The doting look the swordswoman had had was now one of sheer lust.

She was biting her lip, nostrils flaring as she took long, ragged huffs of air. The need in her eyes was nothing like anything Celica had ever seen. The princess wanted to see more of that look, see what happened as she came, and redoubled her efforts.

Lyn's sounds of pleasure grew higher as time passed. Her body gradually tightened, her hold on Celica strengthening as she pushed her in deeper. The priestess was almost having trouble breathing, her nose was pressed down so tightly. She was somewhat thankful when her companion came in a sudden, but dramatic, moment.

The plainswoman’s back arched as lighting ran through her nerves. She twitched, grip finally faltering as she let out one, long moan. Her eyes went unfocused, rolling off to the side as her brain was addled by pleasure. It was a wonderful experience that carried on for what felt like a whole minute before dwindling away.

Celica was finally let free, her mouth and lips soaked with her senior’s arousal. She was a bit tried for breath as well, sighing heavily as Lyn found her composure.

“And you said you've never been with a woman…! My, my, perhaps I should move on to something a bit more advanced; just follow my lead.~”

Without a say in the matter, Celica was stripped down. Her modest size had her a bit flustered in front of the mature swordswoman. She was glad to be taken under Lyn’s wing, at least, as she was taken to the floor in an intimate embrace. Their breasts pressed together as the priestess struggled to adapt, her nethers already shamefully soaked. All sorts of scenarios ran through her head, but she couldn't predict one of them.

Lyn pressed her pussy against Celica’s, making her suck in a short gasp of air. With her hips and legs perfectly angled, she could touch perfectly. The sheer heat of them combined was arousing, the erotic nature of the union even more so, but the motions that followed were another surprise.

A smile beaming down at her junior, Lyn began to grind their sexes together. Celica was along for the ride, the sound, sight, and feeling if it more than wonderful. Their moistened skin led to loud, wet smacks and schlicks as she went, clits bumping and rubbing together. She couldn't stop her voice from sounding out. Her lips betrayed her and let the moans escape, to which Lyn grew ever more excited.

“It's rather unorthodox, but you seem to enjoy it well enough!” Lyn teased, putting extra force into her ministrations. “Imagine Sonya’s thighs crossing with yours, or Est’s small body pressing so tightly into yours…! Think of what it would be like to ride it out with them.~”

Celica’s mind played those fantasies out, her innocent, pure demeanor stripped away in the face of eroticism. It served to heighten what she was feeling, what untold pleasure Lyn was giving her. She could hardly focus her eyes, her thoughts were being drowned out. The dreams in her mind felt so real, so could practically see them right in front of her, and couldn’t stop the bliss it brought her.

Like Lyn before her, her voice climbed octaves with each thrust against her. Her clit was overly stimulated to the point it almost ached, she was blind to her approaching climax. It came to her without warning, though the plainswoman was well aware of its arrival. As it came, Celica’s eyes grew a tad teary, hands clasped tightly at her chest, Lyn leaned in for another sweet kiss.

The priestess couldn’t fully reciprocate, as a long, soft moan broke from her lungs, but she no doubt appreciated the embrace of Lyndis’ lips. Her hips quivered, body breaking out in a wild heat. She felt the air leave her lungs as her climax hit its peak, leaving her to settle down in a tired, peaceful rest.

“You’re just as cute when you come, Celica,” Lyn cooed as she kissed her junior’s cheek. “But there’s still so much to show you, I can’t wait to see that face over and over again!~”

Chapter Text

Space was a lonely place, even for the most famous of people. Samus may have been a six foot, Amazonian-esque woman, but her long, perilous missions kept her away from having any sane companions. For the most part, she wasn't concerned. She was accustomed to going solo, and never needed anyone to help with anything. There was one issue though, one she never spoke of.

Most every being had urges, desires, things they couldn't help but want. In Samus’ case, these were of an intimate nature.

Without a partner, the bounty hunter had learned to make do. Among collecting certain ‘toys’, over the years, Samus had gradually added undocumented changes to her ships. Those changes were for when she had urges she couldn’t satisfy otherwise. Which, unfortunately, was happening more and more.


Samus, with her muscular, toned body stripped free on confining clothing, laid in her bed. She had tried toys, her own fingers, nothing was working. Her sex was dripping wet, sweat beading all over her body from the exertion. It was a frustrating feeling, but she had a solution.

With a simple voice command, she started a hidden mechanism. Robotic devices descended from the ceiling. Clamps grabbed her arms and legs, positioning her face first into the duvet, ass sticking straight up. A large, formidable phallus emerged, smacking down between her tight cheeks, making her quiver in anticipation. Samus made it fully automated for a reason: to be taken as roughly as possible.

The sizable dildo began to press against her pucker, unrelenting in its programming. She moaned into sheets as it broke down her body’s resistance. It gradually spread her open, forcing its way inside. Samus felt it slide in inch by inch, never slowing or stopping, forcing her tight ass to spread to its design until it was buried to the hilt.

She gasped for breath, trying to adjust, but she must have been feeling rather horny when she’d designed this as it didn’t give her that chance. With cold precision, it began to thrust into her with incredible force. Her body bounced, pushed into the bed with each motion. Samus grit her teeth, grunting as the pleasure coursed through her.

It made full use of the length it had, eight inches of rubber cock smacking into the deepest parts of her butthole. The machine even spun the shaft, playing with the angle; not a single spot of her sensitive rear would remain untouched. Despite the rather rough loving the machine was giving her, the hunter felt nothing but joy. What she couldn’t give herself she had delivered unto her: tough, forceful sex that had her on the verge of crying out for more.

As time passed, the pattern changed. It became even rough, faster, stronger. Samus’ pleasure grew proportionally. She couldn’t hold back her moans, her begging, her desire for more. Though the machine couldn’t hear her, it did just that. It soon had her almost delirious, words losing meaning as she slurred them. Her mind was drifting off, eyes no longer truly seeing anything as it was all drowned out.

Samus had wished to climax, and she would. At the height of it all, the machine entered its final cycle. The speed dropped but the force doubled for a few, final thrusts to force her into the bliss she wanted. Not just content to have a standard finish, she had given it something else when it was built. As those lasts blows came, so did the thick, rich cum it had stored.

While synthetic, it was as close as could be to the real thing. It flooded her bowels, hot and messy, flowing ever deeper as she finally came. Her body shook, muscles fighting the cuffs that held her limbs, brain flickering as ecstasy washed over her. She felt it all, the massive cock in her ass, the liter of pseudo-sperm dumping into her, the lightning arcing through her nerves, and it was all too much.

Samus blanked out, all input stopping in the sudden, climatic moment. For how long she was out, she didn’t know. All she knew was what she woke too.

The machine had released her as programmed, her body splayed across the bed. Her ass was gaping, leaking spunk out onto the sheets, while her muscles ached something good. It was heavenly and exhausting. Samus felt fully pleased, wishing for more if it didn’t take such a toll. She would need to sleep first, let her body rest, and the program would be waiting for her when she awoke.

Chapter Text

“These are so… interesting, Siv! So this is how you keep things clean when I’m not around.~”

Sivia sighed, somewhat bothered by the young hunter’s excitement. Her eyes were running over the small rubber circle, fingers exploring its texture. Jahna Davola was her name, an easily excited, blonde novice who had come into Sivia’s tutelage only a few months ago. She was nosy, helplessly overconfident, from a strangely rich family, and yet always eager to please. When she wasn’t showing off on hunts, she was trying to get on her tutor’s good side.

Not that Sivia didn’t like her; Jahna was simply a bit too enthusiastic for her to handle sometimes. Given her nature to roam and impress, the expert hunter often found herself with little time alone, and even when she had that she couldn’t be certain she truly was. It didn’t take long for her apprentice to figure out some of the more intimate secrets of her teacher. On a personal night off, after a hunt with a certain breed of Deviljho, Sivia had been spied relieving some stress.

Jahna, contrary to what most would do, had intruded without a second thought. Her youth and the inevitable curiosities that came with it soon redefined their relationship. Time and events had since passed, and now the young huntress had self-assigned herself to easing Sivia’s tensions. How she went about it changed all the time, and her teacher couldn’t help but enjoy it.

In this case, the huntress was reclined in a chair, wearing just her casuals. Her pants had been eased down, her cock hanging free in the open. Jahna was nestled in close, arms resting on her teacher’s legs, beaming brightly at rubber she was holding.

“So, this goes overtop…? And it holds all your stuff when it comes? I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

“Well, I have an… ‘acquaintance’ that makes them for me. I prefer things clean most of the time, but you know that already.”

“Sure do!” She said with a wink. “I can’t wait to try them out!”

Sivia sighed again, she’d long ago stopped trying to crossroad the girl. “Just be careful, pull too hard and they tear. The tip can stretch, though.”

“Gotcha, Siv! Let’s get you going then.~”

The young hunter set the condom aside, wrapping her hands around the meaty cock in front of her. She pushed her face up against it, stroking and licking it gleefully. Jahna tasted the salt of sweat on her teacher’s skin, its scent, even the residual heat from their hunt just an hour or so ago. It made her vibrate with excitement, mind rushed with a hundred thoughts. Her strongest was to get a better taste.

She wrapped her lips around the tip, sucking gently until Sivia’s muscles began to bristle. Jahna could feel the blood rushing in, the already impressive member growing in size. There was soon more than a handful of stiff dick and her mouth gravitated to the juicy looking orbs that had hid behind it. Sivia’s jewels seemed plump, full of seed, but no doubt ached.

Her teacher watched as she took them into her mouth, letting her warm, wet maw. Jahna’s diligent tongue slathered Sivia’s tongue in saliva, massaging them to the best of her ability. She watched for approval, going about her work with eyes peering upwards. Any acknowledgment gave her thrills, and thankfully she learned bedroom skills rather quickly.

With all the partners she had had, Jahna gave head better than anyone else. Her soft lips and firm grip were like a slice of heaven. Even just looking at her, looking down at the  hopeful, anxious girl, a fat prick resting on her face and her eyes peering out from around it even as precum dribbled out onto her skin, made her nethers throb. She gave a small smile, anything more seemed excessive, and her reaction was rather cute.

Jahna blushed at the sign, heart fluttering. She couldn't wait for the main course. Her lips let her fellow hunter’s balls free, leaving them flush with heat and sticky with spit. Grabbing the rubber, she leaned back and began to try putting it on for the first time. Fitting it over her teacher’s cockhead, she began to unroll in down the rest of the member. The transparent purple looked enticing wrapped around that stiff phallus, it fully encompassed it, down to the very base.

Everything was ready, or at least seemed to be, but Jahna still looked for direction.

“Want me to go, teacher ?”

Sivia disliked being called that, or any variation of it. It wasn't her choice to take on a student, and she knew her ‘pupil’ was looking to get a rise out of her.

“You're already got a face-full of cock waiting for you. Better start sucking before I give you a hands-on lesson…, slut.”

The words still felt weird to her, the stoic hunter had never once thought she'd be doling them out, but Jahna loved them. Even if they felt forced. She was truly a submissive girl, when she wasn't insubordinate. Sivia had long found out about her desire to being scolded and degraded. For someone who only had a passing interest of sex at the best of times, and hardly playing a dominant party at that, it was still new for Sivia.

“Yes, teacher.~”

Her teacher clicked her tongue and, as Jahna began to go down onto her, grabbed hold of her head. Sivia took a firm grip, gradually forcing her pupil down her length. She sputtered a bit, loud squelches coming from her throat as it was forced to make way. Even if it was a bit of a challenge, her senior was hardly small, Jahna did her best.

She could feel the thick cock nudge all the way down, inch by inch, until her nose was squashed against her fellow hunter’s belly. The hand ground her face into Sivia’s crotch, forcing spit to roll out from her lips like a sloppy kiss. Jahna felt the domineering force, her airway struggling to get more than a meager amount of oxygen, and felt absolute glee. Despite her body’s instincts she let herself be held down to the very edge, until she knew she could go no more.

Tapping out, Jahna was allowed a breath of air. She gasped as she cleared the wide head, countless strings of spit connecting her to the prick that was just deep in her throat.

“How was it, Jahna?” Sivia chided, rubbing her well-lubed member across her student’s face. “Enjoy choking on my fat, rubbered cock? I bet you want more, you little whore.”

“Y-yes, Miss Amisum! Please sully my throat more!” She begged, spying the reservoir tip beading up with translucent precum. “Inflate that condom in my throat, teach’!”

“How shameless of you…”

Sivia didn’t let her respond. She brought her other hand into play, weaving her fingers through the pretty blonde hair, and forced her back down onto her. Jahna took it all with ease this time, feeling the rubber at the very back of her throat within an instant. The young woman thought she’d have a second to prepare, but wasn’t even given that. Her companion began to thrust in and out of her mouth, using her maw as her own personal toy.

Jahna was left gurgling as she was used, spit running free from her lips and dripping down onto her clothes. Those thick, juicy orbs she had been so in awe with slap against her chin, further smearing the saliva across her fair skin. She could do nothing but let it happen, have her throat fucked until it was warm and loose. It only made her aroused, beyond anything she could bear. Her hands, no longer needed, began to slide down to her own nethers.

Under her casuals, she felt her sopping wet pussy, felt how hot it felt. It was soaked beyond reason. Jahna had no shame, and slid her fingers inside, thrusting without care. She began to moan, her sounds muffled by the dick down her throat. The girl didn’t care what anyone thought in the moment, being facefucked like a piece of meat, talked down to by her superior, it was a high like no other and it was no surprise to either party involved that she’d be so shameless as to finished first.

Her cunt ached so badly that even the smallest of touches brought imcomparable pleasure. Thrusting deep inside, she made sure to hit each spot that she loved the most, pressing and massaging them until she was on the edge. She didn’t have the dignity to wait for her senior to come, Jahna went into hers without a second thought.

Mid-action, her face still smacking down against Sivia’s groin, she felt that bliss she wanted. Jahna groaned low and deep, her back locking up tight. She shoved her fingers as deep as they could go, juices squirting out of her pussy and across the floor. Her mind blanked and she surrendered herself to her climax, but her insubordination didn’t end there.

Sivia could feel that her back wasn’t the only spot to tense up, her pupil’s throat did so too. It was tighter and hotter than before, squeezing down around her shaft in an instant. The level of pleasure was intense, she couldn’t halt her own climax from coming. She clenched her teeth and pushed in as deep as could manage, breath held as she came.

She felt her balls throb and pulse, her cum rushing out of her. Her purple rubber, sitting tight around her cock and surrounded by Jahna’s throat, began to fill. Sivia’s hot, thick seed began to balloon the tip. It continued to fill, grow, a swirling, milky-white mass of sperm swelling inside the submissive girl’s esophagus until it hardly had any room left. Only then did Sivia run dry, having loosed her entire load.

Sivia waited until her friend had returned to her senses before moving again.

“How was that, you hopeless cock lover?” She asked as she grinded against the girl’s pretty little face. “I saw you getting off to it, so don’t try to trick me.”

She couldn’t speak, not with a prick and a swollen condom full of cum in her throat. Jahna only nodded, eyes fluttering.

“Good, now pull off of me. You seem to have the energy, after getting off on your own time.”

Jahna did as told. She began to ease off, the first inch or so easy to manage, but soon the condom began to catch. The massive orb of seed was wedged in tight. Her eyes watered up, having to put real force in to manage it. Before she knew it she was halfway, and exhausted. This was her punishment though, she had no choice. When her lungs could finally get a full breath, her teacher’s cock finally coming free, she began to cough and the filled reservoir finally slid out.

She had a look of awe as it came sliding from her mouth. At least a cup of cum sat inside that ballooned tip. Jahna felt like touching it, tasting it, eating what was inside. Her nethers began to ache again, her appetite only temporarily whetted. Nuzzling it was all she could do, letting the sheer heat and mass weigh down on her face, her tongue licking at it longingly.

“Gods, you’re really reprehensible. You that much of a cumslut? Here…” Sivia pulled the condom off, letting the load of sperm even out inside the rubber. “Hold this in your mouth. No popping it or untying it.”

Sivia tied the end, placing the tail end between Jahna’s lips. Her student pressed her mouth together, holding it as told. She felt like such a toy, a whore. Jahna still wanted more, but didn’t dare ask.

“I know that look… let’s get that ass in bed. I’ll have you holding a half-dozen of those before the night is over.”

Her words got the most excited expression Sivia could have imagined and it excited her too. Having another person around wasn’t so bad, Jahna had a lot to learn but the experienced hunter was learning alongside her.

Chapter Text

Uraraka gasped as he pulled her down onto the edge of the bed. His hands explored her hero outfit, touching the soft fabric that clung so tightly to her skin. It made her bristle with excitement; she loved doing follow-ups with people she had saved. Men and women alike were always appreciative of their hero, and she liked these the most.

The ones who wanted to show their thanks in an intimate way.

She chuckled as he grew aroused, his hands were feeling things he liked. Her thick thighs often got that reaction, especially with her outfit on. Uraraka let the man get his fill, watching as his erection grow until he was at full-mast. He watched as she stood, sitting in his lap so that his manhood stuck out between her legs. Uravity rubbed up against him, letting her thighs and ass do all the talking.

Her horny ‘rescuee’ was pleased, to say the least. His cock was dripping precum all over her leggings, every squeeze of her legs coaxing more. She could feel him shifting about uneasily, wanting to take the lead but too chivalrous to do so. He didn't dare take control away from his rescuer. Uraraka would humor him though, she relinquished her reign and let him have a go.

She wouldn't regret it.

His hands gripped her hips tight, fingers pressing in as he began to lift her. Uravity, as he kept calling her despite her insisting on names, took away gravity on herself. He seemed thrilled, his goal of thrusting into her thighs now a real reality. She felt his lust as he used her soft legs to get off, the energy behind his motions and felt pleasure herself.

The sensitive insides of her legs were being thoroughly massaged, stimulated by his prick, and she continued to tighten her grip. It must have been too much, as he was lost to the pleasure before long. Her weightless body was too perfect and his climax came without warning.

She was left in awe as his seed began to spurt from his tip. It fell onto her thighs with an oddly intriguing weight, crisscrossing the black mesh with milky ropes of cum until it was a web of cum. Uraraka could feel the wet seed through her uniform, the heat radiating out from it. Part of her wondered if this was his Quirk, a ridiculous vitality. From the massive smattering of spunk across her legs, and his still stiff cock protruding from between her thighs, it seemed that way.

He refused to let it be a ‘one and done’ scenario. With the promise of paying for repairs, the man let his desires take hold and he lifted her into the air. She found her legs lifted back, spread, almost over her head, her ass sticking out as she was put into a full-nelson. Uraraka was speechless, even as the crotch of her leggings were torn away.

People said she had a great ass, that it was plush and perfectly round; this man was a fan as well.

She felt him pressing his manhood against her backdoor, bullying her tight hole until it began to give way. Uraraka moaned as her pushed his way inside, inching deeper with every second until he was buried to the hilt. He was stretching her out, forcing her colon to open wide. This sudden, passionate moment of his had her reeling in pleasure, she didn’t object to any of it and welcomed it all.

With a moment allowed for her to adjust, he began to thrust into her weightless body. He went fast and hard, never tiring as went. Her legs spread wide, she could see his cock sliding in and out, his balls slapping into her cheeks. She couldn’t stop the moans from escaping her lungs, the pleasure she had as he reamed her fat ass.

Before long she was a mess, tongue hanging out, pussy soaking wet, sweat beading up across her skin. It was worth checking up on this man she had rescued. Uraraka was forced higher and higher, until neither could hold back any more. The young hero was forced into her climax, teeth clenched as she groaned out her orgasm.

To double down, her ‘intruder’ began to hammer into her. He stiffened up, bottoming out until he reached his own finish. While she was still in the midst of coming, he began to shoot his cum deep into her. His hold tightened, pushing the girl further down, scrunching up her small body until he was as deep as could be. Uraraka felt every strand of it coating her colon, leaking out from around her stretched butthole; she was on the verge of passing out.

It was a brief visit to heaven, having her ass ruined and sullied, having what felt an endless stream of seed pumped into her. Though it inevitably ended, his prick growing soft and slipping from her gaping ass. Uraraka got to watch, still full-nelsoned, as cum dripped from her rear. How she even got here was lost to her, mind delirious with pleasure.

She was ready for some rest, but a rising heat pressing against her nether signaled another round. This had to be the man’s Quirk; Uraraka could go another two or so.

Chapter Text

Among the Gerudo, men were rarely born. Being an almost exclusively female tribe, the desert dwellers prided themselves in their self-sufficiency and strength compared to the other peoples of Hyrule. For the most part, there was only a little squabbling within the tribe and most everyone was happy. However, there was one issue that often plagued the Gerudo.

Being a place with of majority of women, certain urges cropped up with surprising frequency. While most of the women sought to sate these alone or with their fellow sisters, others could find no such release in these manners. Nabooru, proud and prideful leader of the Gerudo, was one such woman.

The company of her fellow tribeswomen and her own personal attempts proved to be quite inadequate. Her sense of release was far too fleeting, and no amount of it could satisfy her. So, she found her own way, one that only a rare few chose. For among the Gerudo, it was common practice to take a ‘temporary husband’, from among the men of nearby villages and towns, for the purpose of childbearing, and it was difficult for one of the tribe to conceive, requiring long and hard sessions of ‘courtship’.

Knowing this, when it came time to finally indulge in her desires, Nabooru would pick a town and invite all the young, hopeful men to a long night in the inn. It was mutually beneficial, both sides got to act out their urges and both would leave fully satisfied. The women keeping said men in check were no doubt thankful to have her visit.

And for one such town, tonight was that night. Nabooru came in with her dark, vibrant skin radiating in the sun, fiery red hair flowing behind her, toned, tough body on display for all. She easily gained a small gathering of men and escorted them to the room where it would all happen. When the Gerudo dropped her halter, her pants, and the rest of her garb, there was an immediate response.

She was a beauty that towered over all the other men, her nude form more than enough to make their members stiff at a glance. They were practically salivating over her by the time she beckoned them to join her on the bed. None of them hesitated, approaching as she directed them to the places she wanted. Nabooru wanted to take them all at once, but even a dozen men was too much.

As ready as they were, she offered up her holes to them. One man laid beneath her, sliding his way into her backdoor. Another took the front, enjoying her pussy in all its glory. And yet another two had the honor of her personal attention, her hands and mouth satisfying them both. It was unfortunate that the remaining men would have to wait, but none minded.

They watched as she was thrust into, her large frame bouncing as her excited parters laid into her. Nabooru could feel every inch of them inside her, even feel her sensitive insides squished between their cocks. Despite her relatively tall stature they fit in perfectly, and that applied to the two in her grasp. She could feel them perfectly teasing the back of her throat as she sucked and stroked, switching off at her own heart’s content. Strands of saliva coated her lips, dripping onto her clavicle and smearing their pricks in equal volume.

It was no surprise her elegant form and technique had them on a short trigger. Before long they were firing off, one after the other. Her ass was the first to get creamed, seed ejecting deep into her bowels, followed by a sizable filling of her pussy to the point it rolled out from her folds. Not to let the other two wait, she forced them to climax with rough, fast strokes, letting their cum coat her face and mouth until it was a milky-white mess.

That was just the first set of men too. Another group soon replaced the spent men, forcing their ways into her messy orifices for some sloppy seconds. They didn’t mind, she was still tight as could be. Nabooru was now groaning in pleasure and approval, finally getting what she’d longed for. Having these young, enthusiastic men to help was heaven and all their vitality would be enough to satisfy her fully.

Time and time again they dumped their cum inside her, the mess across her face growing still. Her holes were gaped and leaking sperm across her tanned skin and onto the sheets. Nabooru’s thirst for spunk gradually quenched, load after load swallowed down her throat. She was having orgasm after orgasm by the time they were nearing the end, her moans filling the room and overshadowing those of the men. It was heaven, however brief it was.

Each man had at least three goes before finally calling it quits, even they couldn’t keep up with her sexual appetite. She was the best lay they’d probably ever get and not even one of them alone would be enough for her, but by the time every man had gotten their fill, the Gerudo had finally reached her own end. It had been well worth it for all involved.

She smiled to them all, spreading her holes open to show them the fruit of their efforts before letting them leave. Nabooru showed them her cum-filled cunt, her gaped leaky ass, all the while licking at whatever strands of spunk still clung to her lips. After they were gone, the satisfied woman fell back into the sheets, exhausted in the best of ways. It would be awhile before she needed to make another ‘run’.

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To be the perfect mother was a dream of hers, Galko couldn't help but wish for it. She was still relatively young and had much to learn, but this was what she'd desired since childhood. Now she was an adult though, and dreams of that age tend to change. Galko still wanted to be the best she could, as a mother and as a wife, and began to see that there was more to it that what she had once thought.

Not to mention certain new urges as she came of age. It became apparent that she'd have to learn certain things ahead of time. Galko decided to pull aside fellow classmates of hers; ones who would misconstrued her reasons or speak of it to others. All for the purpose of learning, of course.


“S-something breast related?” The boy stammered.

Galko huffed. “Yes! I hear you guys always talking about my bust, so clearly there are specific things I can use them for in bed.”

“W-well…,” he stammered, thinking long and hard. “There's one thing I can think of…”

“You better show me!” She exclaimed pinning him to the wall.

They were outside, behind the school where no one could see or hear them. Galko could do her extra learning without interruption, kneeling to undo his belt and zipper. She was enthused to see he was already hard, though not particularly surprised. With her curvy figure, golden blonde hair, and tanned skin, everyone did a double take with her.

And this lucky man was getting more than just a close look. He was still nervous, though; it was Galko who had approached him, after all.

“Looks like you're more than happy to see me.” She grabbed hold of him, stroking until precum began to bead up on his tip. “So, what's the thing? Tell me, please.~”

Galko nonchalantly popped his shaft into her mouth, bobbing gingerly. She wanted to get him ready for whatever was in store, letting her hot, wet tongue getting him partially lubed up, but her efforts were double edged. He could hardly get the words out, not until she finally back off.

“T-that was a little too good,” he mumbled, collecting himself, he had to own up to her. “So… What the guys like to about is… b-boobjobs…”

“A tit-fuck?” She queried, intrigued at the idea. “I suppose I do have the size for it and I’ve yet to attempt one…let’s try it out! Tell me how it works.”

“I… think it would work best right now i-if you undid a few buttons and… let me slid in…” He felt horribly embarrassed, cock throbbing as Galko listened intently.

“Ah, a stealthy one? Sounds fun.~” She said with a wink. Her hands hurriedly undid the buttons on her sweater and the shirt underneath, leaving a small space between the fabric for his prick to fit. “Now let's get the started fast, this little extra lesson can’t last too long. We’ve got classes soon.~”

Galko grabbed his hips, pulling him right up close. His manhood bumped up against her breasts, and he was hesitant to make his own move. She would no doubt do it herself if he dawdled, so with a hand at the base to aim, he plunged into the hole in her clothes. He shuddered as he felt her warm, soft chest surrounded his cock. Any movement felt a quiver up his spine, Galko’s fatty bosom was wonderful.

She cooed, finding his expression cute. The blonde pulled her shoulders in, arms smushing her breasts together until it was tight around his twitching manhood. Galko signaled him to take the lead, relegating to watch and observe how he reacted. He finally got his courage and grabbed hold of her shoulders.

With her hopeful eyes watching, he began to thrust. Her chest was as good as he could have imagined, they bounced and squeezed around his shaft as he went, seeming to tighten as she pushed them tighter. He could feel sweat beginning to form on her skin as his motions warmed them, his own pre mixing and smearing about. She even seemed to be getting into it, her cheeks were flush, breath heavy with arousal.

Her bosom was like the softest pillows, as hot as a furnace. She was kneeling right in front of him, her chest open for his own eager, aching dick to fit in, letting him work away his stress. Galko knew she wouldn't really get off, but his own excitement seemed to flow into her. Part of her couldn’t wait, she could almost feel the same pressure that his loins must have felt.

She could even feel his release, the tight knot that was deep inside, waiting to burst.. Eventually he couldn’t hold on, using her bosom in such a way was beyond any of his dirtiest dreams. When it came he pressed in, almost reached her sternum as he came. Galko gasped as she felt it flow, hot spurts of sperm smearing her skin, stuck between her breasts until it squeezed out from between. It stained her shirt, even soaking into her sweater, leaving sticky, white patches behind. He moaned, letting his load out, every squeeze of his muscles another piece of heaven, until he was spent and empty.

He pulled out, leaving behind a messy, seed soaked hole. Galko could feel it, he could see it, the spunk leaking out from the space between her clothes. For a moment he worried if he’d done something wrong, but her satisfied smile said otherwise.

“My, my! You had a lot saved up! Look at it, it’s almost like you came ‘inside’ me. It’s all leaking out, so sticky and thick!~”

“S-sorry for staining your clothes…”

She giggled. “I have a spare set, but I think we’ll have to break class here. Our actual classes are soon, and I’ve gotten all the extra lessons on this matter that I’ll need for now.”

Galko buttoned her shirt back up, leaving his seed planted deep between her breasts. She bid him farewell, leaving him without words and scrambling to straighten his own clothing out. The heat and texture of his cum was quite pleasurable. Perhaps she’d leave it like this until after school, let herself fully experience having her chest all sticky and messy and let the thrill of hiding it from her classmates fill her. They’d never know her space between her boobs was stuffed with thick, rich seed.

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Amos and Alex were as close as twins could be, looking younger than they truly were. They confided most anything in each other, even as they grew older and different desires took root in them. Only 20 years of age, neither of them really knew much of the world but desired so much from it. One such thing was a partner, someone to spend time with, and they were both determined to help each other.

They tried looking all over, helped each other find dates and arrange for things, but to no avail. On one strange night though, and the details escaped them of how it even came to be, they were approached. Someone knew of their searching, a beauty of a woman they'd never seen before, and she wanted them. Her words were like honey dripping from her silver tongue, both siblings entranced by them.

Halla was her name. A night of bliss is what she offered to them both. It was a strange, sudden deal, one they would almost immediately accept. There was one issue though. Under her elegant gown they could see a slightly distended belly. This woman was expecting; maybe five months was left until that time, but they were worried all the same.

“Don't worry, my sweets,” she had cooed. “We all have our desires, and to injure me or my precious passenger you'd have to do quite a number. Nothing of which would happen during a simple night of pleasure.~”

She wiped away any fears, a true succubus if there had ever been one. With both in tow, hands locked together, Halla escorted the twins off to a private place to enjoy themselves.


The room was almost as elegant as the woman who owned it. Halla strode in with such confidence that the connection was impossible to see. Her dark skin glowed in the light, her curves so much more readily visible. Amos could barely keep his hands off her, Alex stared in nervous excitement. Halla beckoned the two to follow her, whispering sweet nothing's as she dragged them to the large, king-sized bed.

“Given our age difference and my little belly bump, I do apologize in advance if certain… words slip out,” she said with a smile, slowly unzipping her dress. “When you're expecting, certain urges crop up that I never would have expected.~”

She punctuated her statement by dropping her gown. Her breasts, heavy and no doubt swollen with milk, swung free. Halla’s wide hips, thick thighs, and even her round belly looked perfect in every way. Sitting on the edge, she beckoned them to sit on either side, but only once they were ready.

“Now, off with those restraining clothes. You darlings can't be getting all hot and bothered in such things. Unless, you're both shy to see each other?”

They shuffled nervously, nail hit squarely in the head.

“A bit,” answered Alex.

Halla chuckled. “No need to be, we're all adult here. It's not like it's anything you haven't seen before, you'll forget all about it by next week. Now, come along, or I'll strip you both down myself.”

They could already tell she had an appetite. Neither wanted to deny her, or themselves, what they wanted and hurriedly removed and tossed aside their clothes. Alex hid her modest breasts, a tad embarrassed to be right next to such an endowed woman. Amos was less ashamed, though his anxiousness had kept his manhood rather slack. The twins were rather inexperienced, Halla could already tell.

“My, my! You both look wonderful, adorable. I could eat you up, or out,” she said with a wink. “Let's begin, shall we? Come on up, join Momma Halla on the bed, now.~”

She crawled to the head of the bed, lying down onto the numerous pillow that lined it as the twins followed. Halla help her figure with such strength, any pose or position she took was exquisite, spreading her legs was as good as any. With a finger on her lip, she spread her pussy as they drew closer. They could see the glistening dew of arousal of her pink folds, the hungry look in her eyes.

“Y-you look wonderful, Miss Halla,” Amos blurted out. Alex nodded in agreement, eyes never leaving the spectacle as she crawled up.

“Don't I always?~” She giggled at her little joke. “Now… how shall we start this off… Alex seems pretty keen on my tender petals down here.”

The young woman snapped to attention, her name pulling her away from all her thoughts. “Maybe a little…”

“Modest in many ways, I see. Don't be shy, now; explore it all you want. A touch, a taste, all to your content while I deal with your brother here.”

“C-can I h-have you… touch me?” He asked boldly, before she'd even began to ask him.

“Oh, babe, I'll do all that and more. Come up so Halla can get a good look.”


Alex drew in while her brother was handled. Halla was spreading her legs for her, letting her get right into it. She'd never been with another woman, and even though she had her own set, it was odd to look at them from such an angle. Her fingers began to probe, spreading and feeling out the flower in front of her. The pink, tender petals looked pretty, the deep canal in the center just as much so.

The girl needed to explore more than just this. Fingers weren't enough.

She pressed her face up against Halla’s awaiting pussy without a second thought, letting her tongue roll out against it. With her nose pressed up against her lover's clit, a well-kept bush of hair just above, she pushed her dexterous muscle in deep. The salt of sweat and bitter fluids clung to her bids, the heat buffeting her in waves.

It was tight inside, for sure. There were what felt like endless, pulsing walls trying to grab onto her as she explored. She tried to learn the layout, letting her tongue intrude while she heard Halla cooing to her brother. Alex felt herself blushing, arousal and jealousy filling her. Part of her wanted to be the one acknowledged and coddled. This beautiful goddess surely had enough love for them both.

The girl figured she'd just need to draw it to her. Pulling out, juices smattering her mouth from being pressed so tight, she lowered her gaze. There was that pucker, that tight backdoor, that had always intrigued her. She had always had an interest there; she may as well start now.

Her tongue began to push against it, fight its resistance. She traced the rim, kissed it, probed it, and pampered it until it began to ever so slightly give. Alex took her advantage, thrusting the tip of her muscle inside, working until she could go deeper still. The taste was odd, but addicting like every other part of Halla, and by the time she'd got her fill of it, Alex was all the way inside.

She could feel Halla quiver from the invasion.

“Like momma’s butthole, Alex? It's been so long since I've had a proper rimming, you know… Please, keep going till you have your fill.”

Alex left, to say some brief words. “Thank you, Miss Valharn…”

“Halla will do fine, darling, but don't let that tongue idle for too long. Else you'll have to worship my hole again to let it in again.~”

She couldn't let that happen, as wonderful as the other option was. Alex shoved her tongue back inside, enjoying it while her brother had his own fun times.


Amos knelt next to her, unable to form proper words. He watched as her hands caressed him nethers, plump lips leaving a trail of kisses all around. Little spikes of pleasure jumped through his body, heat gathering in his loins as her actions bore fruit. Part of him wanted to ask more of her, but he couldn't find the courage. She was intimidating in her beauty and grace, though as kind a person as could be.

“You feel so pent up,” she murmured, lips sucking at his jewels. “So firm and full, it's a good thing mommy's here.~”

Her words made his body ache, cock beginning to swell as blood filled it. She truly was a maternal woman, no doubt even more so with that passenger in her belly. It was thrilling, exciting to have such attention from her. Amos wanted again to ask more of her, but as her soft lips wrapped around his erect manhood, he lost them again.

Halla hummed happily as she took him to the base, feeling his shaft fill her mouth and press against the back of her throat. She could taste the bittersweet precum oozing from his tip, her tongue methodically coaxing out more and more. He was perfect in size, just right to fit into any place she could have him, but she needed to get those thoughts rolling. Amos was still too shy.

“Amos, you're so big, just how mom likes,” Halla said with a kind smile. “You must have been saving up though, you feel so stiff. Want mommy to ease your burdens?”

“Y-yes, Miss Halla,” he stammered.

“Come now, no need to be so formal,” she whispered, wrapping a hand around his waist. Amos felt a finger pushing up against his butt, going rigid. “Want momma to massage your button, get you all warmed up?”

He quivered, struggling for words. “P-Please do, m-... mommy.”

She grinned, heart fluttering to here him say it. Halla did to him what she was feeling Alex do to her in that moment. Her slender figure gently eased inside his butt, moving with all the care in the world. It wasn't hard to slide in, find the firm little spot where his prostate hid. With a loving touch, she began to press against it and circle it with her finger until she got the response she wanted.

He gasped in response, muscles bristling as she poked him. Each press made a small bit of precum squirt from his tip, made him feel like gelatin. She knew just how to do it, and even for his first time he couldn't imagine it getting better than this. Halla smiled as she did it, kissing his cock and crotch until he was on the edge. Amos’ head was filled with thoughts now, his nervousness fading away as she massaged his prostate.

He wanted to come right there, but she relented just before he could. His cock throbbed, pre dripping all over her nape. In this way, she was being a bit mean, but he understood why.

She wanted to move to the next step.


“Come here, Alex, darling,” she murmured, letting her hold in the brother free. “You've been so kind to me down there, let's have you two switch.~”

The twins reluctantly did so. They had been so content in what she'd first asked if them that they hadn't thought of what else they wanted. Amos had seen his sister tongue deep in Halla’s ass; Alex had seen her brother deep throated and probed to the edge. Never had they thought of having sex beside each other, or even having the same partner, but they were reveling in it.

Alex crawled up to her lover's side, her brother moving to change positions. She knew just what he was going to do, but her attention was taken up by the glowing, radiant woman.


“Have you ever kissed another girl?” she asked. “It's very different from kissing a boy.”

Alex felt embarrassed; she hadn't, simply shaking her head in response.

“Well, lie down her next to me, let me pamper you a bit.~”

The young woman did as told, lying on her side next to Halla. Her brother was starting to do his thing, so the dark beauty couldn't turn, but she did the next best thing. She firmly, carefully grabbed Alex's chin, guiding the young girl to her lips. It was surprising, thrilling, their mouths meeting in the blink of an eye.

Alex hardly knew this woman, only enough to make it this far, but she couldn't believe the passion behind the embrace. Their lips matched exquisitely, Halla’s tongue pushing between their union and into her partner's mouth. The tension Alex had was gone, she gave herself to her partner, let her show her how a girl felt. She was soft, sweet, and tender as could be.

Though it wasn't just a kiss Halla desired. She pulled Alex closer and hugged her tight as her hands began to descend. The younger woman felt her own sensitive nethers explored, strong, determined fingers playing with her clit and probing her canal. Alex moaned almost immediately; she had long been wet and those digits felt heavenly to have inside.

It wasn't long before she was gritting her teeth, a trio of fingers thrusting into her little, tight cunt. She was held close like a young babe, coddled and cooed to as her body twitched in pleasure.

“How is it? Tell mommy how it is to have all those fingers deep inside.”

“It f-feels amazing, mommy,” she answered between gasps. Alex had given herself to the dynamic at hand. “Please give me more…!”

Halla laughed happily. “You still want it in your precious flower? Or maybe somewhere else…? I saw how much you used your tongue earlier.~”

“U-uh… S-somewhere else,” she stammered, her desires caught easily by her mommy's watchful eyes. “I want them in my butt, p-please!”

“Oh, so polite! I just might have to then; you've been such a good girl after all.”

Halla's fingers slide out of the girl's pussy, dripping and sticky with juices. They were just the right kind for what was needed. The trio of fingers slathered her backdoor ,massaging and easing away all the tension it had. Alex felt her pucker give way in easily half the time her mommy's had, the fingers pushing and stretching her open. Those digits had felt normal I'm her other hole, but here they felt so big.

Alex felt so full!

She had tears beading up in her eyes, the pleasure so strong as to bring all sorts of emotions to bear. Moans came from her throat unbarred, her body gently bouncing as Halla thrust into her butt. Wet, juicy sounds came from her gaping pucker as those fingers played with it and made their way inside and out. It was all just too much, even a free hand of Halla's was groping at her chest, kisses planted all along her neck and nape.

The young girl could barely tell what was happening with her, unable to keep track of what her brother had been doing. All she had previously picked out was bit words and sounds, but she could see what he was doing now.


While his sister was being taken care if, Amos was left to his own devices. His cock we throbbing something awful, every aspect of Halla pleasing to look at to the point that he wanted to just grind up against her. From her large, heavy breasts, to her belly, and down to her thighs. He knew she wouldn't be pleased, that she'd scold him. Amos wanted inside, anyway.

He spread open her flower, pink petals showing as Halla opened up to him. She was absolutely soaked, her canal winking at him in time with her heavy, lustful breathing. Halla was just with his sister, feeling her up and kissing her all over. Just like she'd done to him. All that attention made him a bit anxious; Amos began to push his manhood into her.

“That's it, baby. Mommy's feeling so horny,” she spoke, trying to boost his confidence with dirty words. “Get all the way inside! And don't be worried about going hard, my little one and I are strong.”

Halla rubbed her belly as she spoke. The swollen stomach seemed enticing in a way, a sort of sexual visage that only made her more attractive. Amos sighed as he made it inside this hot mother, her walls pulsing around him. She was tight, wet, warm, a perfect balance of sensations. He slid all the way in to the hilt, his belly bumping against hers gently. It made him tremble with excitement, to touch it, his hands massaged the baby bulge until he was fully satisfied.

Her skin was so soft, silvery stretch marks highlighting her dark skin. Amos held onto those wide hips of hers, thumbs still touching her belly, thrusting slowly.

Halla's body jiggled as his hips smacked against her. She almost had to hold her breasts with her arm, they bounced with such bravado that they ached. It was worth it though to have his fat cock stuffing her, to have it stretching her baby hole open and massaging the tender membranes inside. Moans finally began to exit her own mouth, though stifled as her lips pecked at Alex's body.

“That's it, keeping going, Amos. Your dick feels so good; how does it feel inside mommy?”

“You're s-so tight, momma. Your pussy won't let go, it's like it wants to kiss me all over…!”

She chuckled. “That's because I want to kiss you all over.~”

The look on her face, the tender affection her eyes had, it made Amos flutter. His brain felt so light, his inhibitions fade. He began to thrust harder, grinding against her pussy with each press until her juices were leaking out from around his prick. It was ecstasy.

He wanted to come right then and there, dump his seed into her already impregnated womb. Amos wanted to see the look on her face when she came, help this mommy whet her sexual appetite. His hips thrust with such force that Halla's whole body slid back into the headboard. She was close to finishing, as was Alex, and he as well.

It was all coming down to a single, climactic end.


Halla was on the edge, her libido raging out of control as her pussy was stuffed. She had Alex at her beck and call, only a few thrusts of her fingers would have the butt-loving girl coming. The same could be said about Amos, she couldn't well keep herself in check as he fucked her tight hole.

“Alex, look at your horny brother. He's stuffing my baby hole so tight, just think of all that cum he's going to shoot. And Amos, look at your slutty sister, she's got so many fingers in her ass,” she whispered loudly to them. “Mommy's so lucky to have you guys, but you better ask before you finish. You need permission.~”

They just wanted to come. They wanted it bad, but she had them both at their mercy. They couldn't stand waiting, breaking down to her demands in an instant.

“Make me come, m-mommy, I wanna come,” Alex shouted without shame. “Bury your fingers in my butt!”

Amos wasn't far behind. “Can I come too? I want to pump you full of sperm…!”

“You're both such sweet babes, come for mommy!”

Halla loved the reactions they had, the odd innocence of the situation. She too wanted to join them, and would. When any of them looked back at this night, none would remember who was the first to go. It was simply all a blur of pleasure and hot, sticky juices.

Alex felt her body tense up, hands clasped at her chest as Halla’s fingers buried themselves to the knuckle inside her tight, little butt, pushing against all the tender spots Alex had. She felt pleasure arcing through her body, muscles pulling taut until they unwound and a welcome exhaustion set in.

Amos already had a tightness in his chest and loins. He hurriedly, sloppily thrusts until it came undone and his muscles finally loosened. The young man leaned in over her, letting his abdomen rest against her belly. His spunk flooded Halla's pussy, every single drop he had unloaded within seconds. It leaked out as his member quivered, a low groaned escaping his throat. This was the best finish he could have dreamed of.

For Halla, a sense of calm came over her. She knew she was coming, from a combination of the young man's efforts and her own elation, but it was a serene climax. Her body grew slack, warm, and wet with sweat. It was one of the most blissful orgasms she'd ever had, one of clarity and peace. Yet, it had something else unexpected, all the stimulation and maternal thoughts must have had an effect.

As they all calmed, Alex having her butt gaped, Amos finally leaving Halla’s messy hole, they saw what it was. Their mommy's breasts were leaking milk. It was only a few small lines of hot dairy, but it was there nonetheless. Without even being told, they came up close, each taking a teet into their mouths. Halla blushed, huffing as they sucked on her nipples, milk flowing out from her glands.

“Oh my, I didn't know you both were so thirsty,” Halla mused, feeling a bit weary. “Drink up; momma’s milk will make you strong and healthy.”

The twins groped her bosom, squeezing with lips and hands to get out every drop of her rich dairy. Halla pet their heads as they drank their fill, she herself was in love with the feeling of finally draining her breasts. All that milk had had her aching, feeling needy, and now it was all melting away as they drained the last of it. Both looked tired, groggy, ready for a nap after the romp and bellyful of warm mother’s milk.

“Such cute kids, you made mommy proud. Rest now, we’ll have some more fun in the morning.~”

They let their exhaustion take them, her chest and belly making perfect places to rest their heads. Only an hour or so ago they would have never thought of this happening, but here they were, with a wonderful doting woman resting alongside them, the most heavenly of experiences fresh on their minds as they dozed off. Whatever awaited the twins in the morning was no doubt going to be just as wonderful and they’d wait anxiously for it in their dreams.

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“What do you mean, ‘Why are you wearing stockings with tights?’, dummy?” the girl chided. “I'm feeling cold, that's all you need to worry about, now get back to work warming me up. I'm freezing!”

Kaoruko was passionate young woman, always trying her hardest, yet also a bit of a spitfire. She did things her way and she went all in most every time. Usually this just applied to her aspirations and hobbies, such as her Gunpla, but it seemed to apply to her bedroom interests too. You found this out only recently.

She had a shapely body, with wide hips, thick curves, and a nice, fat ass to match. Her hair was always worn up in twin tails and often wore tights, which you never complained about. Part of you always wondered why she didn't put on something warmer during the winter, though it would prevent this from happening.

To help warm up her butt, she used you as the heater. Kaoruko, after questioning your question, raised up her rear and brought it right down on top of your face. Her soft cheeks pushed tight against your skin, rising and following with her breath. You can almost feel the texture of her supple butt through the taut, linen tights. The line of her panties was visible through the stretched fabric, to the point that you see the design on them.

“Good, cushion,” she said mockingly. “You just love being my perverted little seat, huh? I can already see your pathetic boner tenting your pants.”

She was right, you were a huge pervert. Your manhood was already swelling, your pants barely holding it back. It was a minor concern compared to concentrating on Kaoruko’s fat ass smushed against you. Even if you weren't the one concerned, she was. Kaoruko unzipped your pants, letting your dick spring free. The cool air gave you chills. You could sense her disappointment in you as her feet began to bully your cock.

“God, how depraved as you? It's only growing bigger!” She bounced her butt against you, showing her frustration.

With little bumps and smacks, she tried to put your shameful erection in its place. Instead, it grew bigger, precum oozing out as it reached its full length. She saw it wasn't working and began to grind her heels against you. Kaoruko would put you into submission if it was the last thing she did. Every inch of your shaft was assaulted, even your sensitive jewels weren't safe from her. Yet none of it worked; your arousal had only grown.

“What the hell is wrong with your dick, it seems to like this… how hopeless. Maybe I'll just grace you with a finish, a nasty footjob for a nasty man.~”

The Gunpla pilot smashed your prick between the soles of her feet. Stroking your length roughly, you can finally feel the texture of her stockings. They feel soft and oddly pleasing, though admittedly not much different to the tights that encompassed her sizable rear. Kaoruko began to drag her hips back and forth in time with her feet; she was going to grind your face, too. You'd never thought of something like this before, never imagined it.

It felt heavenly.

“I wonder how hard you're going to come. A filthy man like you, getting off like this, I bet you'd dump a huge one. Better show me just how much you appreciate this!”

You knew you would. With her tough attitude and equally tough jerking, it wouldn't be long. Being under her delicious ass alone had begun to make you form a knot in your loins. Her bullying had only made it worse. It threatened with every passing second to come undone until you couldn't hold it back anymore.

Your body jerks slightly with each spasm, hot seed squirting from your tip and landing across Kaoruko’s feet. She gasped in surprise as the load keeps coming, thoroughly glazing her stockings, but not slowing one bit. You would be drained dry whether you wanted it or not. Her motions make you weary, your brain overloading with stimuli even as your orgasm ended.

Kaoruko scoffed at the mess, peeling off her sullied clothes and tossing them aside. “You ruined by stockings, you oaf. I'm going to have you make up for it, right this instant.”

She finally lifts herself off of you, kneeling as she inched her tights down, panties following in turn. Her privates begin to come into view, but stop short. All you're getting to see is her butthole, pretty pink and as tight as could be, though that's only have the picture. Kaoruko’s glorious butt is on display, as perfectly pear shaped as could be. Her ass is visible restrained by the semi-elastic fabric, her fatty cheeks squeezed by the hemline and spilling out around the edge.

“Don't just sit there, lout, get that mouth going. If you love my ass so much, you may as well better start worshiping it.” Her voice was stern and serious, she meant it.

Far be it from you to keep a lady waiting, a thick goddess of Gunpla no less. You made your approach, finally able to touch with your hands. Caressing her cushy buns, pressing into them, you reaffirm your appreciation for them. Those silky-smooth mounds, leading into equally enticing thighs, deserve some attention and you do the best you can. With the due diligence she deserves, you start into her.

You press your face square into her cheeks, kissing at her pucker, licking it as ordered. The addicting taste of sweat and skin fill your palette, spurring to go further. Eventually all your rimming and prodding pay off, her back door opens just enough to get in and you double down on your worship. Your hands grab her cheeks, squeezing and kneading them, pressing and pulling as you work away at eating out that ass of hers.

Every so often you back away to gauge her reactions. Kaoruko hides it well, but you can see her cheeks blushing, a small whimper coming out of her as you opened her cheeks and dove back in. Your tongue-fucking had her on edge. She toted herself around all high and mighty, but with just a tongue poking inside her, Kaoruko’s facade was slipping. No doubt she'd hide it to the best of her abilities, and you'd play along.

All for her sake, you assure yourself, and… maybe yourself too.

“That's it, you closeted pervert, eat my fat ass,” Kaoruko moaned, grabbing and shoving you deeper. “Fuck my hole with your tongue till I come! Give me a nice little orgasm and I’ll let you touch me more.~”

The idea of going even further is already plenty for you. You grab her hips, pulling yourself in to tongue her butthole as well as you can. Smothered by her shapely butt, you thrust as deep as you could, kissing and rimming whenever it fit. Kaoruko began to shake and quiver, panting as her asshole was pleasured so intently. She continued to taunt you and call you names, doing everything but begging for more, even though you knew she wanted it.

You were so concentrated that you missed the signs, the fact that you were doing too good a job. She told you to stop but you didn’t hear. Kaoruko suddenly began to tremble, moaning loudly as her muscles squeezed tight. Her pucker tried to clamp down around your intruding tongue, to no avail. That was when you knew, but you didn’t stop rimming until she had calmed, her little climax drifting off.

Had she not then pulled you away, you would have continued until the end of time. She frowned at you, the look of angry approval plastered across her cute face.

“I told you to stop, you hopeless man… but you did well. I will let you choose what we do next, that much I can do for you, provided it is acceptable.”

She stared at you expectantly. You figured out what you wanted in an instant, something to make the night last till dawn came. Hopefully, you’d have the tables turned by the that time, she’d be the one wanting more.

Chapter Text

“J-jinkies!” Velma stuttered as she grabbed hold of the idol, lifting it from it’s pedestal. “What is this feeling?”

She was alone, having split-up from the group to search ground quicker. Luckily for her, she’d found the idol they were looking to recapture, unluckily it wasn’t just any other idol. Just grabbing it made her entire body tingle and grow warm, fingers locking their grip against her will. Velma couldn’t drop it, no matter how hard she tried. Part of her wished she’d had someone else with her, but that wasn’t the case.

Velma was under the mercy of this object’s odd magic. It wasn’t just making her hot and flustered, it was pulling at her mind too. The idol uncovered desires and urges, thrust them to the forefront of her mind. She tried to fight it, tried to banish them, but to no avail. No level of fighting could stop it, every attempt was worked around in an instant to the point that it was like a whole other self was emerging.

Like a worm wriggling through her brain, she felt a strange sense of separation slowly coming over her. Her usually shy, somewhat nerdy demeanor was flung into the back of her mind, forced to watch as her personal desires took control. Even then, they were molded to whatever this idol wished. She watched as ‘she’ walked off, idol in tow, spending the next few hours buying clothing, accessories, and other items she wouldn’t ever dream of owning. Velma saw as her attire was discarded, her own hands pulling them off only to put on the debaucherous outfit that ‘she’ had purchased.

Standing in front of the mirror, she could see the confident look on her face. It was almost alien in how prideful it was, nothing like how she normally was. But then again, nothing of this image was normal.

Velma was wearing boots that stopped just short of her knees, laced tight to the point that her thick calves wanted to spill out. Ripped stockings continued the rest of the way up her legs, pressing in almost as tight as the boots, until it reached her waist. She wore shorts so short that they would be better qualified as a thong; they left nothing to the imagination, Velma could see her thick upper legs and fat ass spilling out. Her arms wore bangles and spiked bracelets, a strange punkish vibe compared to her normal tastes. It was there that she saw the rest of her clothing, or lack thereof.

Her chest was barely held in place, her large bust threatening to fall out of the small halter top. The rest of her front was bare, her small pooch of a belly free to see by anyone. Velma saw a piercing in her belly button, and tracing her gaze up, a tight studded collar around her neck. Looking at it all, it was horribly slutty; a word she’d never thought she’d use to describe herself. Despite all that, she felt at ease, in love with her new look.

Velma thought it all made sense, it finally clicked it her mind. She was free to dress however she pleased; her shy, anxious persona gone and replaced with her hidden, true self. Now, finally fine with her new place, all she wanted to do was show herself off and embrace her new lot of life. Maybe she’d even sway another to see her side…


Meanwhile, for the last few hours, the gang had convened and found that Velma was missing. They couldn’t contact her or find any trace of where they’d gone. Once again, they split up, but with the goal of finding their friend. Daphne thought it safe to go off by herself and she couldn’t be more wrong.

While checking a supply closet, a place far too familiar a place to find a missing group member, she heard the door shut behind her. Daphne spun around to see who it was and was thoroughly surprised. There was Velma, at least it looked just like her, standing in a commanding pose with a smug grin. Her attire was… something else.

“V-Velma! You scared me… what are you wearing? You look a bit on the skimpy side…”

Velma giggled, striding closer. Each strong step made her body jiggle, her hips swaying as she drew in. She grabbed Daphne by the hips, a peep escaping her lips as she was drawn into a sloppy, lustful kiss. The redhead tried to break free, more alarmed than anything, though was only let free was Velma deigned to do so.

“Daph… how are you doing?” She murmured, pushing her friend up against the wall. Her grip tightened. “I wanted to get some alone time with you, ya know? You’ve been on my mind a lot.~”

She wasn’t sure how to respond. “I-I’m doing okay… we’ve been worried about you, Velma. But, what are you wearing, y-you’re acting so-”

Daphne was cut off as a knee press up against her crotch. Her friend planted another sloppy kiss, forcing her tongue inside this time. It bullied her own, pushing it aside as she explored. Velma was in control, nothing Daph could do would change that. Instead she let whatever was driving her friend run its course. Though it was hard to, a hand soon slid down the back of her pants, groping her butt.

Velma broke her kiss, leaving a helping of her spit behind. “I’ve finally realized how much a fool I’ve been, hiding all my feelings. After all, you’ve always been such a tease, Daphne. Tall, slim, you’ve got that elegant, prim look that I can’t help but look at. I want to make you mine, and I will all thanks to this.~”

She jostled a small, slim looking totem on her hip. It was tied to a loop on her jeans, looking rather out of place but somehow… ‘magnetic’. Daphne felt her fingers aching to touch it… to touch Velma. What were these thoughts? They felt so good, the ideas now perforating her ‘sane’ thoughts were arousing. Just how her nerdy friend had said to have liked her, Daphne felt the same deep down. That plush, soft body, those thick curves of hers, they were just as attractive.

“Velma…! Th-This is so unlike you! I-I… I don’t know about this, it’s so sudden…”

“Shhh,” the domineering woman whispered, placing a finger on Daphne’s lips. “Just do as I say and you can feel liberated, pleased. Just. Like. Me.~”

Daphne let her take the lead, surrendering as her cheeks grew flush. She let an anxious whimper escape as Velma began to ease her skimpy pants down. The redhead could see the lacy thong underneath, hugging her privates tight even as it grew visibly wet. With a tug on the strings at her waist, Velma let those fall away too. Her pussy glistened with arousal, a tasteful looking tuft of hair decorating her pubic mound.

“First step, Daph… kneel.”

She did as told, kneeling down to see that their heights matched up perfectly. Those juicy folds were eye level, dripping with dew. Daphne had a thought to dive in, instinctively fighting it until a set of hands gently took hold of her head. The redhead peered upwards to see a sly grin on her friend’s face.

“Second step, please me to completion.”

Daphne knew what that meant, and complied with only a brief second of thought. She let those hands take her in, let them smother her in pussy. Her tongue and lips did their work, sucking, kissing, licking at those tender folds to her heart’s content. Velma moaned, her body sensitive beyond measure; each action from her eager friend had her quivering and wanting more.

Her hands guided Daphne in deeper, letting her search for what she no doubt wanted. Once she found tight hole, Velma knew instantly. The redhead’s tongue pressed in, forcing her canal open even as it tried to tighten. She thrust it in, inhibitions long gone, tasting and massaging the deepest spots she could as her nose was buried into Velma’s tuft of hair.

She continued to peer up as she pleased her companion, happy to see a look of approval in Velma’s eyes. It spurred her to try harder, to go further. Daphne began to rub that small nub with her nose, bumping and grinding the nerd’s clit into it had her weak at the knees. Perhaps she was doing better than her friend had hoped, her voice certain seemed to show that.

“S-shit, Daph! That’s it, right there! Gonna come if you keep it up…!”

With that thick tongue stretching her, massaging all those deep places, the sudden stimulation of her outer nerves was almost too much. Velma felt a knot in her chest, a deep need for release. She began to rub her friend’s face into her, doing a bit of grinding herself. Her moist cunt slathered her juices all over, leaving a messy trail all across Daphne’s face.

Not that that would be all that stained her pretty, little face.

Soon Velma was at the edge, voice climbing ever higher. Her moans echoed in the closet they were using for their depraved display. It was a surprise that no one had found them. Her climax was close, they both knew it, and she did her best to make it as great a high as she could. When it came, it was evident that it had all payed off.

“Th-that’s it! You’re so good at eating puss, Daph! I’m coming!”

Velma pulled her friend so tight that it threatened to cut of the redhead’s air. She let out a deep groan, thrusting her hips involuntarily. Her whole body was finally unwinding, muscles clenching and firing in tandem. It was the bliss she’d been wanting since she’d given into the idol, what Daphne would soon desire too, but she wasn’t the only one to get something out of this moment. A hot jet of juices sprayed the redhead’s face, coating her mouth and lips, dribbling down her chin.

She was let free as the rush ended, a face full of sticky fluids. The display left Daphne woozy, her heart desired the same feeling Velma was having. She was left to her thoughts as the nerdy girl found her composure, contemplating what she’d dress up in, how she’d make use of them.

Who she’d proposition.

Her mind was awakened to the sexual desires and she no longer had reason to hold back. Together with Velma, they’d act out every erotic act they could ever want, together, alone, or with a group of their choosing. Pleasure was king, now.

Chapter Text

Life was rather easy, despite living on the border of Nohr and Hoshido. Even with growing tensions, your Norhian town and home remained calm. Sure, some of the neighbors had their quirks, but that was thought to be a given. Otherwise, day to day life was simple.

You woke up each morning, made breakfast, tended to the garden, and went to buy or trade for whatever needed restocking. Despite being a jack-of-all-trades handyman, you didn't need work much for money. There was no need, given who lived with you. She made most of the bank in this household.

Charlotte was a fierce, loving woman, as strong as they came. She scoured the border as a guard, one-handing a massive axe that no doubt scared off more foes than it struck down. It was hard work but she brought in a fair share of coin, something she was particularly in love with. Sometimes it was to the point you questioned her decisions.

Originally, she'd only ever approached you due to you a minor lineage of nobility. One so small that you hardly ever saw the wealth she thought you would have. Despite that, Charlotte had warmed up to you, attracted to things more important than what amount money you had and looked forward to every time she came home from her patrols.

She most often arrived home hot and sweaty, the exertion of hiking and carrying her gear taking its toll. All she wanted to do was relax with you, and by relax she meant something more intimate. Charlotte wasn't just hot and bothered from working, but by looking to vent her frustrations and exhaustion with the person she loved most.

It never grew old, as Charlotte was always willing to try new things. Even when they fell into someone odd areas.


“You'd like to do it like that today? I won't object, but it certainly was a hot day today.”

She was always eager, even if she didn't show it. Anything new was exciting, despite that it wasn't at the top of her list. Charlotte began to undress, not that she wore much. Just a simple top and bottom, with a bare stomach; she hated the heat. Her toned body glistened with sweat, skin as vibrant as ever as her ample assets came free of their cloth barrier. Her scent was in the air, an arousing smell that only got stronger as her day carried on.

Some would say it was pheromones of some kind, and you wouldn't doubt it. That was probably why you wanted to try a certain something today, on the hottest day of the week. You didn't want to leave her waiting though as you thought things over.

Peeling away your own clothes, she giggled and blushed to see you were already ready. You'd been thinking about it all day and couldn't help yourself. She was finally here and ready to go, your brain finally acting out what you had been imagining all day. With your cock stiff and ready, Charlotte lifted up an arm, her hold locks of hair shifting and falling from her shoulder.

“Like this, honey?” Neither of you were fully sure how to go about it.

Her armpit was the target of your attention today, the smooth sweaty spot revealed as she lifted her arm. It wasn't too surprising given her alluring musk; smell had never been big for you until she waltzed into your life and now you felt like getting your fill. You pressed your face into her pit, kissing and licking at her salty skin.

Charlotte giggled, her sensitive nerves tickled by your odd intrusion. “Oh my, slow down there, sweetie. I enjoy the appreciation of my body, but don't hurt yourself.~”

You apologized before burying yourself back in. Her scent was so strong, the taste of sweat just as much so. It was hard not to get lost. Perhaps people would find it weird, but nothing about love was normal or rational.

Nor was it clean.

Waiting for the main course had you aching. You had Charlotte kneel as you made your move. Manhood in hand, you rub your tip into her armpit, mixing precum into her sweat. Her smooth skin feels heavenly, it makes chills run up your spine. Charlotte seems to like it too. She huffs, blushing as you touch her in such a lewd way. No doubt the hot shaft feels nice and would only feel better when she let her arm back down.

“I think you’re more than ready for the next part. How does using my pit as a makeshift, tight hole sound?”

It sounds wonderful. She winks as she lowers her arm, hugging it tight to her body so that it squeezes your length. The pressure makes you tremble, you can’t wait. With the force expected of someone so pent up, you being to thrust into the space in the pit of her arm. You grip her shoulder to steady yourself as you go, each push making lewd squelches as fluids mix between her skin.

You can see your cockhead peeking in and out of the other side, wet with sweat and pre. The tight, hot space is better than you could imagine, it was worth all the waiting. Your pace builds faster and faster, moans beginning to break from your throat. It pains you a bit that Charlotte can’t get off like this, but she seems to enjoy it quite a lot. Her breath is getting short, raspy, her arousal from just your touching is enough to excite her.

If only you weren’t so horny, you’d try to make it last, but your need for release to too great. You race for your end, her armpit taking you there faster than you could have hoped. It came barreling into you, your orgasm hitting you like a train. You bury your cock into Charlotte’s pit, making sure it didn’t stick all the way through as you began to unload.

Hot, thick cum shot from your tip. The space between her arm filled quickly, small drops oozing out from between the gaps. Your brain feels so light, so relieved. This was everything you’d dreamed of, and more. This high had been more than worth it, even as it dwindled and your reserves ran dry.

You were both gasping for breath, holding your positions until you grew soft and had to back away. Charlotte lifted her arm, strands of cum bridging between her side and forearm, wads dripping down her skin. She cooed, astonished and pleased at just how much there was.

“Why can’t you make this much all the time, honey? You’ll have to make up for it. I won’t let you sleep tonight until you do.~”

It looked like your deep, deep desires had awoken some of her own. You’d be the one drained of stamina tonight.

Chapter Text

Being nearly polar opposites in personality, despite technically being the same person. The lance wielding Artoria and her Alter counterpart never seemed to agree on much. They had to share the same place, though Chaldea would never be a big enough place for the two of them to live. Only one thing kept their toleration of each other in check, and that was their Master.

As Servants, they were sworn via contract to obey the one who summoned them. To go against them was taboo and could lead to their own dispelling. It wasn’t just that that kept them in check but their trust and loyalty from countless battles that kept them from fighting. It even had them come together, despite how strange it was to see, to solve common problems.

Sometimes of an intimate issue.


You awaken to see two tall, mature women standing over you. Their attire is all you need to see to know who they are. With their ample, and barely restrained, bosoms and blonde hair, you knew. Both elder Artorias were looking down at you, interrupting your pleasant dreams. Alter scowled while her other smiled, looking as if they had something they needed.

“Master, we’ve been… talking. We see how you’ve been looking at us, how restrained you’ve been as of late.” Artoria said sweetly.

“It’s affecting your decisions, we can’t have that,” Alter chimed in. “So, we’re here to force some relief onto you.”

That was an odd way of putting it, but it was true that you had no choice. Especially as they began to disrobe and yank away your own clothing. Their breasts hung free, the tight fabric no longer holding them back, thighs as firm and thick as ever. You were already stiff, male anatomy and its behavior you explained, but they didn’t care. Alter climbed onto the bed with you, straddling over your face, while Artoria kneeled at your feet.

It seemed they had their own goals for helping you ‘relieve’ your stress.

“I refuse to let this be one-sided, Master,” Alter murmured. Her fingers spread open her folds, revealing the tender, pink skin underneath. “My other finds pleasure in pleasing, I’m sure you do too. Take care of me while she takes care of you.”

Without any other words, she planted her crotch into your face. You could see up her abdomen, face peeking out from behind her breasts and peering down at you. Just her expression was enough to put you in your place. It was a hell of a thing to wake up to in the middle of the night. Not that you’d complain. Doing as told, you begin to lick and suck at her nethers while Artoria made her move.

While Alter had a domineering maternal stance, the ‘good’ one was kinder, sweeter. She laid down near your legs, chest pressing against your thigh. You couldn’t see her, not with a face full of pussy, but you could guess just from what you were feeling. A tongue lapped at your head, lips sucking and kissing. Her wet mouth began to go down on you, making you quiver as the hot orifice surrounded you.

“I can feel your tension, Master,” she whispered. “Let me ease you of that burden.”

Her head bobbed, fingers stroking in time. Your legs feel restless as you’re pinned down by these mature women. Yet you know you can’t slack, Alter wouldn’t have it. As Artoria blows, you lick her ‘evil’ counterpart, not sure which is arousing you more.

Alter’s juices drip and smear across your face as she twists and grinds her hips. She hides her pleasure, but her rosy cheeks give it away. You can see her anxious movements and hear the deep huffs of her breath. Her composure stays intact, for now. Not that you’re as calm or collected.

Artoria was slobbering spit across your member. Perhaps from the mental link Masters and Servants share, she knew you beforehand that you liked this. She moans and makes a general mess with long, exaggerated motions. Slowly bringing your pleasure higher and higher, you can feel her lapping at the precum that’s no doubt welling up in large amount. Part of you wishes this wasn’t the first time, maybe you could make something regular of this.

Your hands grab hold of Alter’s hips as you fully get into the mood. Her soft thighs squeeze gentle around your head as you bury yourself deeper into her tasty cunt. She tastes wonderfully, her juices leading you to explore higher climes. You push your tongue deep into her canal, a gasp breaking from the woman’s lips, letting you know you’ve hit the right spot.

She struggles to keep her posture as you bully that sensitive spot, rubbing your nose into her clit as you do so. Her yellow eyes glisten, fading in and out as pleasure assaults her. Alter didn’t think you’d be this good; before long her large bust is heaving, breath ragged. It certainly didn’t help her that you were fighting your own arousal, hot air escaping your mouth as Artoria continues to tend to your manhood.

The lancer jerks you roughly, motions perfect in pacing and strength. They retain their mature grace, but you know she wants to finish you off. Artoria begins to add her bobbing in, taking you to the base and back to the head. Her pattern has you on edge within seconds, knees flexing involuntarily as your nerves slowly overload.

Save Artoria, everyone is at their edge and, in an instant, reach it before too long. Alter, despite her reserved appearance, is the first to go. Her thighs tighten up around your head, a cascade of juices smattering your face as her body twitches and spasms. She can’t stop the low, heavy moans, nor the look of bliss on her face.

It’s a lovely sight to see, one that’s burned into your mind as Artoria spares no mercy. Your hips buck as the tight knot in your loins gives way. Each twitch of your muscles, each burst of pleasure, sends another strand of cum into the lancer’s mouth. You hear her swallowing loudly, gulping down almost every drop. Even amongst the flood of stimuli, you can tell she’s saving a bit.

“Come, my other; you too should partake of our Master’s ‘essence’.”

You watch as the kinder of the two hugs Alter from behind, tilting her head so that their lips meet. It didn’t take a genius to tell that Artoria was swapping the seed she’d just harvested, forcing it into her counterpart’s mouth. The taste must have been pleasing, as soon the two were making out and leaving you out of the equation.

Breaking them apart would be hard, you felt exhausted and just wanted to sleep now. But, when two busty women are making out in your bed, it’s best to ask for an invitation. They’d want to have more fun before the night was done, and your sleep schedule would pay for it. It would be a regret worth having.

Chapter Text

“My, my… no need to be so nervous, Matthew. I don't bite.~”

Those were tall words from the seductress who had approached him at his friend’s party, taken him away, undressed him and pulled him into bed with her. All in exchange for espionage, she said. Halla promised to teach him all sorts of things if he gave her information. It had seemed like a jest, but it clearly wasn’t.

He’d only turned 18 earlier this year; he’d never been with a woman like this before. Matt laid on his side, spooned by the mature, black beauty. Her large breasts pressed into his back, her head resting on her shoulder as she whispered sweet words into his ears. Halla’s hand rubbed his thigh, gradually reaching over to his manhood.

“S-Sorry…,” he stuttered. Matt was still soft, his anxiety overriding his arousal.

She chuckled softly. “Hush, I’ll take care of it.~”

Her gentle hands caressed his loins, lovingly squeezing and pulling. Matt shuddered, his nerves tingling as she worked her magic. Blood began to flow, his cock gradually growing erect under her watchful eye. She didn’t just stop there though, she continued to massage him until precum began to well up on his tip. It dripped onto the sheets, a thumb spreading it about, playing with it.

“Now look at that… I knew you were excited.” Halla kissed his neck, fondling his jewels as she continued. “I know you’re rather new to this, so we’ll start simple. A lovely, little handjob for a handsome, young man.~”

There wasn’t much for him to say, and he wouldn’t be saying much as she began to stroke. Her fingers held him firmly, putting the perfect amount of pressure around his dick. She kissed and whispered kind words, giggling as he winced and gasped from the pleasure. Matt could hardly sit still, it was like electricity running up his nerves. Part of him worried if he’d last, if he could satisfy this woman’s tastes, though she seemed like she’d get her fill regardless.

“How is it, Matthew? How does a woman’s touch feel?”

“G-good… but, maybe t-too good…!”

“Ho…? A bit of a short fuse? It’s okay, honey, don’t feel ashamed,” she assured. “Everyone starts somewhere, even I did. Just don’t hold it in, it’s not healthy.”

Matt felt like he’d come regardless; her fervid motions pushed him closer and closer. She went faster with each second. Halla hugged him tight, her thick body squishing hard into him. He could hardly lie still, Halla was like a ravenous, sexual monster, hungry for pleasure itself. There was no way to resist her.

When it came, it came fast. She chuckled as Matt’s hips trembled, muscles fighting her grip. His cock shot rope after rope of sticky spunk across the sheets. Halla cooed, happy to see him having so much fun, draining him of every drop. Her hand jerked until he was fully spent, a tiny pool of spunk resting in the sheets. It was sizable for such a young lad, Halla thought; such a virile boy would leave so much fun to be had.

Left panting, Matt’s body went slack. He fell back into her, her arms wrapping around him in a loving embrace. She patted his head, hugging him and snuggling up against him. Her hands were a bit dirty, so she cleaned them off, licked away his seed right next to him.

“Wasn’t so bad was it? We’re just getting started too; however many times until you’re ready to pay up on your end.~”

It had been wonderful. The thought of doing it again, doing even more, was amazing. He was tempted to keep going forever, keeping asking her for sexual meet-ups until the end of time. No doubt it wouldn’t work, but he’d at least try.

Chapter Text

Haruka prided her shinobi arts around puppets and potions. It wasn’t easy building and creating so many things, countless tests and trials awaited every one. The puppets were simple; one only needed to see how they moved and how they reacted. For her potions and poisons, that was another matter. She had made ones to electrocute, freeze, poison, burn, charm, and countless ones after that. Finding willing subjects was difficult and often came down to self-testing.

She used weaker versions so as to not cause damage, but anything could happen. The results could rarely be predicted, coming down to trial and error. Something though, the mistakes turned out to be rather interesting or enjoyable. Such as the experiment Haruka was trying on this night.


Haruka swirled the concoction about, checking the color and viscosity. It was to be a poison, of sorts. One that didn’t kill but immobilized its victim. She had a feeling something had gone wrong but had no idea if or how it had. Only one way would tell and that was to drink it herself.

Bracing herself she let the vial empty out into her mouth, the bitter fluid making her almost cough. She forced it down, feeling it tingle and roll across her esophagus. It was warm, her stomach heating as it hit, making her body grow flush as it worked its way through her.

The mature shinobi was ready to brace for a fall, figuring it was a paralytic. However, it never came. She still felt hot, almost unbearably so, but it never hit. Was it a dud then? Perhaps she’d had messed up. Haruka stood up and went to her table, looking to find out what went wrong.

That’s when it hit.

Her top suddenly felt tight. She panicked a bit, wondering if it was messing with her lungs, but found out soon what it was. Haruka’s clothes were suddenly too small. The large sweater she loved to wear seemed to be slowly stretching out. It wasn’t that her clothes had shrunk, Haruka now realized it was she who was growing. Specifically, her breasts.

She already had a large bust, any further was excessive; Haruka lifted her sweater to see directly, amazed to see they’d swelled by almost 25%. The shinobi could see them growing larger still, having to pull up a chair as they began to strain her back, letting rest across the tabletop. Her eyes and hands went all across them, each touch making her gasp and jiggle.

Haruka watched as they expanded to double her normal size, nipples inverting as they did. Her whole chest felt hot, like she was being given a thorough massage. It was oddly pleasant, and while unintended, it certainly would incapacitate a person. Though it seemed there were other effects coming into play. They were now super sensitive, a dull ache beginning to emerge from her bosom.

She needed to touch them, squeeze them, knead them, and find out exactly this concoction had done. Her chest felt so full, and not in the sense of bust size. Haruka’s fingers pinched her areolas, rolling them until her nipples reemerged from between them. Every second it took to do had her squirming, it felt so good that she couldn't let her exploration end there. The shinobi cupped her expanded bosom, playing with them to her heart's content.

Haruka only faltered once she figured out why they had grown.

Streams of milk began to squirt from her teats, forming little puddles on the table. Each squeeze brought more and more, spraying out across her fingers and hands, a feeling of relief and pleasure filling her mind. The shinobi couldn’t stop, she craved to go further. With eager massaging and kneading, her milk began to coat the table. It pooled up around her breasts, the warm liquid making her tremble in excitement.

It seemed to never end, continuing throughout the night until nothing was left. Once it finally had, she had returned to her original, yet still large, chest size. The table was covered in her milk, dripping off the edges and onto the floor. Haruka had gotten a bit passionate about it, she’d be spending a lot time having to clean it all up, but it was well worth it.

She’d be sure to record how to make this. Perhaps for another night alone, or to prank Mirai whenever she got obnoxious. Either way, it was worth testing this fortunate mistake.

Chapter Text

“Come now, Penelo,” Fran spoke softly. “Were you not the one who said that you would prove your worth?”

The young Rabanastran had wanted nothing more to join the sky pirate crew. It was everything she'd dreamed of, and even Vaan was joining. They seemed to resist her though, despite her dedication. If that idiot friend of hers was in, why couldn't she be? Penelo vowed to show she would be worth it, even though the exact method of doing so was slipping her mind.

It was Fran who had suggested it, the way for her to finally fit in. Penelo was a skilled healer, her magic had already been seen as above whatever stands they had held her to. They only needed to see her skills out if combat, which was reasonable. Not all wounds could be so easily mended, after all, nor was she in the position to object after it began.

“That's right!” Balthier said with a boisterous voice. “The young lady wants to pull her weight, so we'll have her do so.”

She couldn't talk even if she wanted to. Not with her face in Balthier's crotch and a cock in her mouth. He looked down at her with that smug smile of his as she bobbed, saliva dripping from the corner of her lips. Penelo knew he was right; she’d boasted she could do it, no matter what it was. Though she thought being a healer meant using her magic, not her mouth.

This wasn’t the first time she’d done it, and it wouldn’t be the last. The crew members were one by one being accustomed to their new stress reliever. Vaan and Ashe were still unaware, leaving Basch, Fran, and Balthier as the ones who were in the know. They usually took turns, but Basch was beginning to make his move. While her head was busy, her rear was free.

“I keep saying it, but your crew has odd rules, Balthier.”

“Are you abstaining today, then?”

“Gods, no. When in Rabanastre, as they say…”

He undid the zipper on her outfit, pulling it down until her cunt was exposed. His manhood began to ease into her tight hole, stretching it wide and far. Penelo faltered but for a second as he hilted in her canal, slapping her perky butt until she moaned. It didn’t take much these days to get her aroused, she’d gotten used to these little sessions and was beginning to enjoy them far more than before.

Penelo still found it hard to concentrate when she was being stuffed from both ends. The pace never matched, with her rear ‘invader’ often setting the new speed. Not that she minded, they all filled her perfectly, her body quivering from the pleasure of their thick dicks opening her holes. With both of them situated, Penelo found herself taking the backseat as they both took hold and thrusted into her.

“You certain you want to wait, Fran?” Balthier asked, turning a head to the tall woman watching it all.

She shook her head. “I prefer to go about it alone, I will take her later.”

“Suit yourself.”

With that done, they both began to hammer into her. Her throat and pussy were fucked rough and hard. She felt the force reverberate through her small body, the sound of them smacking into her filling the room. Penelo’s moans were muffled by the meat in her mouth. They manhandled her, had their way with her, her heart fluttering with every second.

They didn’t slow or take it easy on her; they sated their urges using her svelte, soft body until their stress was gone. Penelo took load after load of cum, pussy overflowing, belly filling. Being in touch with the aether and its magic gave them vitality beyond most. Their seed eventually came to coat her face, lips, ass, back, it must have been three or four loads from each man before they swapped and repeated.

In the end, Penelo had her own share of orgasms. Being treated so rough and filled so full, for so many times now, had had a pronounced affect on her. Her body was constantly twitching, spasming. She kept coming until they’d had their fill, leaving her sticky holes gaping and letting her collapse to the floor. Penelo leaked from both ends, cum pooling under her as she drifted off. This was heaven.

“So, Captain Basch, how does joining our crew for good sound?”

Basch laughed. “It’s getting more tempting with every day. The little lady makes a solid case; I do hope we can enlist her ‘care’ in future days.”

“That and more, friend. Just you wait and see.”

Chapter Text

UA had taught Tsuyu so many things, prepared her for so much, and yet she was still learning years after graduation. Her life in the academy seemed so long ago, but so close. It had prepared her for so much and she was constantly reminded of it. From her job as a hero to her everyday life, she was left thinking about it and the people she knew.

Though there were some things that they hadn't prepared her for. Like, love and romance, and all the intimate actions that came with it.

She felt vulnerable, in a way, sitting on the edge of the bed as her beloved came in. Tsuyu had on a light green, lacy set of underwear. Her thighs were hugged tight by a matching set of stockings, the color mixing perfectly with her eyes and hair as the low lighting left a glow over the room. The hero felt a bit uneasy, nervous. It wasn't her first time, but it was the first for something so personal.

“Is it to your liking? Kero?” Tsuyu asked, legs fidgeting as she waited for an answer.

He assured her it was, putting emphasis on how lovely she looked. Her cheeks turned bright red, eyes shifting away. Taking off his clothes and sitting down next to her, he wrapped his fingers around Tsuyu’s. His other pulled her in for a kiss, the heat if his lips making her shudder. Their tongues danced, and for having such a short tongue compared to hers, he did wonderfully.

Tsuyu let her eyes close, concentrating on their embrace as they fell into the bed together. Their hands explored each other’s bodies, tongues still entwined. His hands once again met hers as the kissed, rolling her over, breaking to their lock to peer down at her. She felt his cock pressing down against her privates, precum staining her panties.

The frog-like girl looked down at it, eyes growing wide and eager. She slid off her fancy underwear, her wetter nethers ready to take him. Tsuyu gasped as he pushed in, easing until her waist bumped in hers. He smiled, asking if she was ready.

“K-kero… I’m ready.”

He began to thrust, her thin body sliding across the sheets with each motion. She felt immediate pleasure, his manhood stretching her tight hole to the brim. Every piston made her light up, mind glowing with bliss. Tsuyu couldn’t feel better, having her beloved deep inside her private place.

She couldn’t stop her moans as they began to come. His arms grasped her hips, rubbing and squeezing. Tsuyu was almost alarmed as he leaned in to kiss at her nape and shoulders. Squirming, she could hardly hold it all in. He did all he could to heighten her experience, to make this night last forever in her memory.

And he was doing beyond any expectations.

Before long she was on the edge, his thick cock taking her to heaven. She shuddered, trembled, and cried out as she finally came. He had taken her past the edge, and Tsuyu’s face was a matching mess. Her cheeks were red as a tomato, tongue hanging out of the corner of her mouth, hot, raspy breath escaping as her body spasmed.

It only sent her further as he too joined her. She felt his seed fill her womb, spill out, squeeze out of her stuffed pussy. The viscous fluid was so sticky, so hot, it combined with her orgasm so perfectly. Her mind spaced, time lost meaning, it was ecstasy. Tsuyu wasn’t surprised to later hear that she’d passed out then and there.

She only partially knew as she came to, her lover snuggled up next to her. His arms were wrapped around her, grasping her tight. He peered her eyes, thanking her, whispering sweet words. This was a perfect night, nothing would top it for as long as she could foresee. Tsuyu felt exhausted though, letting her drowsiness take her off to sleep.

Maybe there’d be more passionate moments in the morning.

Chapter Text

You approach your quarry. The Russian weightlifter squirms against her restraints, arms behind her back as she rests in the bed. She sees you smirking, blushing and looking away. Zarya was a strong woman, but a hopeless submissive. Your hands graze her nethers, making her shrink away and shudder. Her large, broad body was firm yet soft to the touch, a perfect layer of fat over top hard muscle.

“How is it, my pet,” you chide. “Are you ready to serve?”

Not allowed to speak, she nods instead.

“Good, let’s get that mouth of yours to work then.”

She watches as you crawl over top of her, pressing your thighs against her head. Pulling aside your panties, spreading your folds, you weave your other hand through her hot pink hair. It takes her a second to understand, but when that look of understanding hit her, you pulled her face right into your nethers.

Zarya put her luscious lips to use, kissing and licking at your pussy. There’s a strange affection to it, strong and caring. She put her all into it, her dexterous tongue exploring every inch of your intimate area. You pull her tighter, forcing her face deep into your wet cunt, making her delve deep inside.

Your sigh in relief as her large, oral muscle pushed in deep. It stretches you open, stimulates the best of places. She looks up to you in approval, that cute face buried halfway under your crotch. You give a sly grin, taunting her with words and actions. Zarya blushes further, clearly aroused by it.

In your building lust, you grind against her face. The juices of your arousal smear across Zarya’s mouth and nose, her tongue licking at them as they come. You can feel your pleasure rising, your need for satisfaction growing with each moment. Your grip tightens on her cropped hair, handling her rough and hard, you wanted to get her to take you there.

She tries her best, to her credit. Zarya works that tongue as good as she can, your moans growing higher and higher. Your climax was coming fast, you could feel it approaching. When it does finally reach you, you put your weight on top of her the air escaping your lungs as you embrace your end.

Lightning arcs through your body, nerves alight as your orgasm finally comes. You look down at Zarya’s face, grinning as a small rush of fluids coats it. This is heaven, double over. It lasts for almost a minute; a perfect, long-drawn orgasm was what the Russian’s efforts had wrought.

When it finally dwindled and came to an end, you look down at her once more. She looks like she’s itching to have the next turn for release. You insult her reactions, but you know you’ll enjoy it to. It was time to put her in her place in yet another way.

Chapter Text

Sivia worked with an odd eagerness. Hands slathered with lube, she coated the large phallus, as well as her own backdoor, thoroughly. It wasn’t often she felt such strong urges, nor that she’d go so far to satisfy them, but here she was. When she was ready, she stepped back to double check her preparations. In front of her was a masterfully crafted toy, one made to resemble that of a Zinogre’s phallus.

This large, weighty fake cock had been in impulse buy long ago. Sivia wasn’t much for replicas of the monsters she fought, or even for copies of their dicks, but this scaled down dildo had been enticing. She’d waited for the right time to use it, when her libido had reached a peak and a knotted cock like this would work perfectly. Just looking at it filled her with a dull restlessness.

She began to move into place, kneeling with her butt pressing up against the toy. The huntress could feel the sheer size of it: a full eight inches in length, almost two at the widest. It would be a challenge, but a rewarding one. Sivia began to push the pointed tip against her butthole, a hungry undertone to her motions.

Her pucker resisted the intrusion. It slowly gave though, each push yielding ground into it finally began to slide inside. She gasped as the first inch went in, already beginning to stretch her the way she wanted. Sivia felt at ease, it was going better than expected.

Or so she thought.

As she began to lower down the rest of the length, the difficulty, as well as the pleasure, grew. Her tight ring was forced further and further as the width grew. It was wonderful; she felt like it was filling her full, and she was only halfway. The last part would be tough though, it expanded rapidly towards the base.

She groaned through grit teeth as she forced her weight onto it. It expanded her poor ass beyond anything she’d felt before. There was a slight pain, but the pleasure was overwhelming, slowly making a mess of the composed hunter. Her mouth was hanging open, a small line of saliva starting to drip from her lips. Sivia wanted more, to take it further. With the biggest challenge coming up, she would.

The large, thick knot was all that was left. It almost double the width, a bulbous ball that she’d have to slip past her ass.

Sivia moaned loudly as she pushed it in. It was horribly slow going, her asshole gradually parting to take it all. Her brain was filled with the sole desire to fit it inside, her reward the constant pleasure it would bring. With her resolve, Sivia would make it. She brought her full strength and weight down, a soft sound escaping her throat as she felt it pop in.

Her butt hit the floor with a loud slap, her butthole filled with one hundred cubic inches of cock. She could feel every bump, groove, and texture the Zinogre cock had. Sivia had no idea if this was accurate, and had no intention of ever finding out for herself, but it was wonderful beyond words. With one of her hands she grabbed the base, lightly pull and pushing, quivering as her stuffed colon sent satisfaction up her body.

It didn’t take long for her to loosen up, to fuck herself with that large knot. She began to bounce, feeling it pop in and out of her sphincter. Sivia moaned, her ass a true center of pleasure. The huntress put her whole spirit into it, her butt stretching and filling to the peak. The hunter could barely keep herself in check, she simply raised and dropped her weight with abandon.

Were someone watching her shameful display, they wouldn’t fault her for reaching her end so fast. The ecstasy was simply too much, Sivia couldn’t control herself. She had an urge to sate, and it would be a heavenly experience.

As she reached it, her braids bouncing, body rippling, she felt it fill her: the heaven of relief. She moaned into the cool air, body trembling as her nerves lit up. It was everything she’d wanted and more, the brief twenty seconds of heaven worth all the time it took to reach. Sivia was left thoroughly pleased and satisfied.

She lifted off the Zinogre cock, feeling her ass gap as the massive dildo left her stretched butt. It would be a bit before it tightened back up, perhaps a nap was all she needed and she could have another round when she woke back up. There was nothing else that had to be done that day, Sivia would have all the time she needed.

Chapter Text

The lithe demon cursed and sputtered as the vines wrapped around her body. Etna was hoping to raise this rare creature and sell its valuable eggs for a boatload of Hel. What she didn’t think about was how to get those eggs. This wasn’t a bird or a reptile that made a nest, it was looking to place them somewhere different. She was finding out where that was as it pinned her down, perky ass straight up into the air. Her tight shorts were pulled away, yanked off by a tentacle to expose her tender privates.

An odd fluid was slathered about her nethers, squirted across her pussy in copious amounts. It was easy to guess what it was, especially as her body began to grow hot and bothered. Her tail smacked against the tendrils, to no avail, and Etna gave up on escape. She knew a pleasurable experience was better than none.

As her arousal grew, the juices plastered across her rear doing their job, the creature made its move. A thick tentacle squirmed past her folds, deep into her canal. It poked at her hidden spots, knocking on the door of her womb. It alarmed her, Etna knew that spot wasn’t known for being elastic, but the demonic beast knew this.

Another stream of gooey juices was sprayed inside of her. It was warm, coating every inch of her, making her body work in ways she didn’t expect. She felt the tendril poking inside her, opening her intimate place. Etna was surprised in more ways than one. Not only was it poking through her cervix, but it felt… good.

It squirmed about, forcing it open further, making way for what was to come. Etna cursed at it again, more out of pride than actual frustration. She was enjoying this and wouldn’t dare admit it. Though she’d be long to forget it once the eggs started to make their way.

Her eyes went wide as they slid up the length of the tendril. She could feel the bulge, each one making its way inside her. They slide in, past the opening of her womb, plopping out into her secret place. Etna felt them jostling about as they filled her, breath becoming faint and raspy. The demon’s mind was overflowing with pleasure, belly gently growing.

Etna felt so full, so wonderful. It was little wonder that she began to climax, body shaking gently in the grip of the monster that held her. Her tailed wrapped around the tentacle that was intruding into her, squeezing tightly. The svelte demoness eventually grew quiet, moans dying off as it ended.

The creature left her alone, slinking off. She had a cute baby belly, stuffed full of soft, round eggs. Her dreams of turning a massive profit was one step closer, though in a way she never expected. Perhaps laying these eggs would lead to another wonderful time for Etna, though she’d be sure to do it before anyone saw this pronounced tummy of hers.

Chapter Text

“Nepgear, my sweet little sister, don't feel shy. I'm sure you'll come to enjoy this, especially with that extra equipment down there.”

“Why so you keep calling me a little sister…,” she mumbled as she hugged Vert tight.

“Because I'm the best older sister anyone could have, of course.~”

The Leanbox CPU said it with such confidence, despite being in the nude and despite holding Nepgear’s own body tightly to her bosom. She swore it was like a dream, from the situation to how she was… equipped. Nepgear had a rigid, sizable cock extending from her nethers, pressing into Vert’s side. A gently hand stroked it, making her quiver. It wasn't exactly what sisters actually did, but after so much goading Nepgear was finally sucked into the situation. She was embarrassed, but interested all the same.

“Come, Nepgear, let it all out,” Vert said with a lusty look. “In the visual novels I play, this is exactly how they do it.~”

“I don't think works of fiction are the best basis for this sort of real-life situation…”

Despite her reservations, it was happening. Vert was stroking her, massaging her, making her feel calm and loved. It was almost too good to be real. From the warm body, to the firm hand, to the sweet words and pleasure, Nepgear was overwhelmed. She felt her loins growing tight as time passed and the CPU slowly increased her speed.

Nepgear let out little moans, cheeks flush with embarrassment. Vert’s hands were skilled, despite her supposed lack of experience. The candidate couldn’t believe just video games gave her this much skill. It had her in a tizzy in no time, much to Vert’s surprise. To have her ‘little sister’ worked up so much was wonderful and no doubt taking her precious Nepgear to the end would be even more so.

She stroked harder and harder, precum dripping out onto her belly. Nepgear’s face was buried between her breasts, heavy breath buffeting her skin. Vert knew that young woman was close, knew that she’d need to drain every last drop. It was her duty as the eldest to help her siblings out if need be.

“I can tell you’re close, Nepgear. Let it all out for big sis.~”

Not that she’d have a choice. Nepgear back to quiver and quake soon enough. Her hips bucked up against Vert, strands of hot sticky, cum coating jetting out across the CPU’s skin. She cooed sweet words into the candidate’s ears, never slowing or giving Nepgear a chance to come down. Vert milked every drop out of her ‘sibling’, only stopping once the flow did, and even then she tried to get a bit extra from Nepgear.

The candidate was short of breath, barely able to catch it as she finally calmed and came down from her climax. SHe was impressed by her own vitality, snuggling in close to Vert as exhaustion came over her.

“Gosh, Vert… with something like that, I think… I really will become your younger sis-”


A sharp alarm woke Vert from her sleep, face covered with indentations from her keyboard. She suddenly realized what was happening, how her wonderful, though sinful, dream had been cut short just of the best part. Vert cursed her luck, slowly rising to prepare for the day’s events. Maybe she’d see Nepgear if she was lucky, despite how embarrassing a dream she’d just had.

Chapter Text

You couldn't see a thing, the blindfold and rope working together to keep you immobile. Struggle as you might, the bindings on your limbs hold you in a kneeling position as they crisscross your naked body. Your mouth was gagged too, leaving your sense of feeling and hearing as the only two reliable senses left to you as she walks around you.

Peri’s heels click against the floor as she surveys you, the sound of the crop slapping across her palm joining in. You can only imagine what she's wearing; the enthusiastic killer no doubt was wearing thigh-high, leather boots, a tight corset, and gloves of some kind. It made sense that she'd be a natural dom, her unique personality fit in a bit too well. All that was left for you to think about was what she had in store for you.

“I told ya I'd get my fun, my summoner.  Couldn't let our previous time together be the last.~”

That raspy, voice, always sounding to be on the verge of giggling, was another signature thing about Peri. That, and her perpetual bloodlust. You hope that it's only regular lust that's driving her; being at her mercy in this situation was already a risky bet as is.

“Don't be like that, my lovey-wovey. I see that look, Peri will be nice to you,” she said in an uncharacteristically soft voice. “I'll only draw a little blood, if any.”

She giggles, bringing the crop down against your back. It stings, but isn't too painful. The loud smack it makes brings an intrigued gasp from her, and Peri begins to smack you in other places. Your arms, thighs, and even your feet are hit until they burn red. You had always heard that pain and pleasure weren't far apart, and that becomes obvious as you feel yourself getting a rise out of it.

Your dick, which had already been shamefully exposed, begins to fill and enlarge. It soon stands on end, as red and hot as your assaulted skin. Peri notices quickly, laughing as she pulls in close.

“I didn't know you my summoner was a little piggy, too.” You feel her chest pushing into your back as she looks down at your erection. “Everyone looks at Peri funny, but I think they should be giving you the looks.”

She walks around to your front, the crop trailing across your skin as she goes. It comes down to rest against your manhood, just the slightest of touch being enough to make you quiver. Peri plays with it, lifting and pushing it about, bullying it thoroughly but never touching it directly. Your shaft is aching, tip dribbling precum. This felt far too good. Though, perhaps she's too into her character; you worry slightly that your member won't survive the encounter.

Peri chuckles as she inches her boot into your crotch, the tip nestled underneath your balls. She jostled them lightly, making you tremble as an odd sense of elation fills your body. All your worries slowly melt away as the need for release comes. You'd beg for it if you could, but moving or talking is still out of the question. The retainer seems to notice, taunting you without a wasted moment.

“Like it that much? Beg as best as you can, and maybe Peri will help you out.”

You nod, making muffled sounds through the gag. It’s not much, but apparently it’s plenty for the lancer. She begins to roughly handle your package, stroking (or at least as close to it) your length with the crop as she grinds her foot against you. The pleasure is ridiculous, yet the pressure keeps building inside of you. Your cock is being ground into submission in one of the most shameful ways possible, and it couldn’t be more thrilling. All you can do is quiver and shake as she does you over.

Even as your reach your peak, it isn’t over. Your climax comes without warning, apparently a boot and crop is enough to finish you. Peri gasps as your cock ejects strands of hot cum across the black leather, pooling and dripping down the side. By the time your mind finally calms, your orgasm gone and done, her foot is covered in seed. She quivers a bit herself, impressed at how much you had stored up for her, but she knows you were in the wrong.

“My, my… aren’t you a deal breaker? Can’t have you going off like that without Peri’s permission; looks like your time isn’t up yet. Time to start part two.~”

She could have anything in mind; your manhood has already shrunk, shamed by her words. Hopefully, you can perform again, disappointing her a second time is out of the question. Peri was best to have appeased, lest her blood thirst come back.

Chapter Text

It wasn't too big a surprise to see that someone was famous as Cleopatra herself could be summoned. Anyone with that much beauty and influence would no doubt leave a long, lasting impression on history and their soul would linger. The summoner was only briefly surprised, since he had just defeated her in battle only to bring her back. He had thought her to be vengeful, but she was enamored with him.

She didn't waste long in bedding him once she learned of his other ‘demonic’ exploits. Her arm could change between human and snake with ease, and Cleo used it to pull him right into bed. The ancient pharaoh’s body lived to its reputation: she was as mature as could be, plush in the best of ways, her attire fitting for Egyptian royalty.

Her voice was sultry, deep, and feminine; her laughs and giggles enticing and wonderful. She drew him in, offering herself up as they undressed. Cleo spread her lower lips for her summoner, reclining back into the pillows as his manhood grew to its full size. The new master made his approach, pushing into her as his hands grasped at her wide hips. His cock was taken with ease, sliding deep into her tight, wet hole.

Cleopatra voiced her immediate pleasure, goading him to lay into her. She groaned as her thrusted, her walls twitching and squeezing as he went. Her summoner was as enthusiastic as she was eager, already looking like he would sate every bit of her desire. He hammered into her, watching as her body bounced and jiggled. Watching it in motion was as good as at rest; he wanted to keep going as long as he could.

He grabbed hold of her breasts, changing his hold from her soft waist to her large bosom. The summoner used it to further his force, change his angle, making her moans climb higher and higher. She was growing red, flush, her breath short and rough. Her body began to act on instinct, arms changing into snakes and coiling around his body.

She followed his rhythm, using her serpent limbs to pull and push in time. It heightened their ecstasy, doubled and redoubled their pleasure. Neither would last much longer at this rate, and they would both soon reach their end. He groaned as he hilted deep inside her, his seed emptying out into her womb. Cleopatra felt her own pleasure spill over, body shaking gently as she too joined him in climax.

They rode it out together as his seed leaked from her pussy. It stained the sheets, pooling around the indentation her thick body was making until he had nothing left. With his reserves gone, he pulled out, leaving a sticky, sloppy mess behind. Cleo wasn’t done though, she yanked him close, hugging him tight as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

Cleo told him she’d be needing regular care if he was to be her summoner. Both in terms of health and mana, but in bed as well. She insisted it was the best way to earn her trust and love. The bed part was probably more relevant to the latter.

Chapter Text

He watched in terror as his comrades went stiff, collapsing around him one by one. His legs also felt stiff, both from fear and whatever odd magic that was at work. The monstrous creature behind it all simply laughed, unfazed by them or their actions. She moved in close, pushing him down into a chair and coiling around him. All he could do was turn his head or talk, nothing to break him free or fight back; he was completely at her mercy.

“You fools are all the same,” she hissed quietly. “It's been almost 500 years since the last time your group ever came close to capturing me. What happened to all the challenge? All the vibrato? Now it's all young pups who whimper and cower at the sight of my true form.”

Her voice had changed with her form. The Gorgon had an otherworldly rasp, a deep vibration in her throat that chilled him. It awoke a sort of natural fear inside him, proving to him that what he had learned about her was true. She was a demon, a ruiner of mankind hiding amongst them. Just the thought of this monster hiding amongst humanity made him boil over.

“You may feast on me t-today, beast, b-but we'll win in the end and save humans from ever feeding your hunger again.”

She chuckled, pulling her face in front of his.

The fancy blindfold hid her eyes, but she seemed to see just fine. Perhaps the head of snakes had something to do with it, but it didn't explain how her magic had worked without eye contact.

“Eat people? Is that what they're telling you these days? To be fair, my sisters used to do that, Medusa especially, but I honestly can't remember when I last devoured a human soul.” She was intimidating, but there wasn't a single hint of deceit in her voice. “To be honest, I thought it was going to be all the sex. Something about polluting the gene pool, perhaps? Though I suppose that would only attract fetishists…”

He was taken aback. She had definite feminine charms to her, perhaps in another life he'd find them attractive by sight alone. The thought of the creature having sex with anyone was… almost appalling, despite the interesting intricacies it must entail. Though the wholehearted admission of it brought into question his original accusation. Did she really not eat humans?

“Y-you can't trick me, demon!”

She sighed. “Demon? I can see why you may come to that conclusion, but I'd think a Grecian cult to actually do its homework. I'm a Gorgon, not some modern demon or fiend. See the hair? The tail? Are you really so dense as to not comprehend what's right in front if you?”

With all her taunts, he couldn't muster a single word to defend himself. One by one she was shooting down his words, proving him wrong time and again. What truly confused him was the ‘Grecian’ part. He had learned of this all at church, a Christian church. His look of confusion must have been wildly apparent as she began to speak again.

“So, they really just send young fools at me now? I honestly feel a bit bad. You're not even here of your own true conviction; just a brainwashed child thrust before the lion, given only a stick to fight with,” she murmured, twirling his pistol in her fingers. It was hardly a stick, though perhaps it was compared to her. “I guess I don't have any real reason to kill you then, but it's a real killjoy. Anything passionate would have been fine… but, perhaps I could tempt you in… something else?”

She pressed her body up against his, smiling a toothy grin. Her breasts pushed against his chest, her body warmer than he could have imagined. Did she really mean to seduce him? He knew he was stronger than that, he could never give in, he thought. His body would betray him though; his manhood grew tight in his trousers, wanting to break free of the cloth cage. The Gorgon notices almost immediately, no doubt to some sort of heat sensing organ.

“My, my, you talked tough, but look at you now. Tits are tits, you know? I've found in my long life that humans may fear my appearance at first, but as soon as the clothing comes off you're all so eager.” Her hands gently grasped his head, letting her move in behind him. “I mean, have you seen those people on the internet? They fetishize my kind, thinking I'm a myth; I bet they'd happily jump into bed with me.~”

He didn't doubt it but he remained as composed as could be. The young man had always been devout, saving himself for that special person he knew he'd one day find. Though it was looking decreasingly likely as time passed. She slowly slid a hand down his chest, bangles jingling as it went right into his pants. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft, gauging his size.

“You're a big one! With the know-how, you could please any lady with this.”

“I-I'm saving myself!” He blurted out. “F-for someone special.”

“Oh? In this day and age? That's commendable in a way, but how do you know I'm not that special someone...?” The gorgon said with a sly smile, fangs showing as she planted a kiss on his nape. “But where are my manners… I have you by the base and I don't even know your name.~”


“I won’t tell you my full name, but Euda will do, and don’t be so shy, Henry. Nervous men are troublesome in bed, I’d hate for all this effort to go to waste.”

Wasted effort? Would she kill him like the rest?

“P-Please don’t hurt me!” Henry blurted out.

“Hurt you? I’d maybe leave you paralyzed for an hour, but I assure you that without direct eye contact that it is non-lethal. Now, stop whining and get yourself ready; I’m losing my patience.”

Euda must have been annoyed, as she wasted no time in spinning around and stripping off his clothes. All he could do was watch as she exposed his shameful erection, nestling her face in close. Her hair rustled, the snakes looking this way and that, brushing against his skin as her mouth opened wide.

A long, thick, forked tongue unfurled from her mouth, wrapping around his cock. The muscles spiraled around his shaft, coating it with warm saliva. It squeezed and stroked with a dexterity impossible for a human to mimic. Euda’s tail, the snake-like lower half of her body, tightened around him, holding in place so she could do as she pleased. She was eager to see him already beading up with precum, the tip of her muscle playing with the head of his manhood.

“You talked big on chastity, but your body has different ideas.~”

Henry remained silent, not giving in to her taunts. She was truthfully doing too good; his body would be trembling if it could. Her throat let out purrs and groans as she took him into her mouth, the odd sounds strangely aroused him further. Euda bobbed on his entire length, throat bulging whenever she reached his base. It would seem that her snake-like features lent themselves well.

Deep, wet sounds began to emerge, his cock churning her deepest places. She let her spit run from the edges of her mouth, rhythm growing purposefully sloppy. Her grip around his body and dick both grew tighter, her motions stronger. Henry was left in a constant state of pleasure, slowly losing the mental battle. More and more of him wanted to give in as his body grew closer to climax.

“Don’t be holding back. I can feel how close you are, how stiff you’re getting. Just let it out, and I’ll be out of your hair.” The serpentine hair seemed to bristle at the mention of her last word, like some sort of self-aware entity.

Though it wasn’t like she was giving Henry a choice, he was forced closer and closer to the shame he feared. Everything was going as she wanted, and had been since the beginning. All he could do was watch and experience the ride the gorgon was taking him on. She redoubled her efforts before long, wrapping as much of her tongue and body around him as she could. Her whole body pulsed, muscles twitching and tightening.

He had no other options, he realized far too late. HIs body began to overflow with pleasure, his muscles spasming. Henry felt the cum rushing from his aching balls, splattering the inside of her mouth. She licked and sucked, coaxing every drop he had. Euda moaned happily, drinking up his seed, and his essence. It wasn’t apparent, but she was siphoning a small portion to feed the hunger she had beyond just for sperm. The gorgon had him held high in ecstasy, not letting him down till he was tired and drained dry.

Left without the energy to move, she uncoiled from around him. His body was limp, a deep sleep taking over him. She laughed, licking her lips as she left him behind, tail waving through the air. The whole situation had been worth the trouble. Even though she’d have rather been without the encounter, it payed off. Perhaps she’d track him down later, and forcefully propose a part two.

Chapter Text

“Master, are you finally awake?”

You gradually come to, the familiar walls of Chaldea greeting you as you awake. It wasn't just the locale welcoming you back, but one of your Servants as well. Altera, a fearsome woman, knelt on the edge of your bed. Your mind is reminded of what had last happened, why you were suddenly here.

There had been some sort of fight, which was hardly uncommon. Altera had activated her Noble Phantasm, and that was the last you remember. Your mana must have run dry, exhaustion taking you then and there. She must have taken you back to you room to recover.

And to dress up.

She wasn't wearing her normal attire. Altera was dressed like a nurse, from top to bottom. Her headdress was adorable, her short skirt ironically intriguing despite wearing less normally. It was hard to take your eyes off her, and she could tell. The ‘destroyer of civilizations’ was blushing an awful large amount.

“M-master, is something wrong? Is my attire... not to your liking? I heard that those that care for others dress like this at times…”

You shake your head; you were merely surprised, not put off. She was cute when off balance, though. It's tempting to see what else she learned while you were out. Giving in, you ask.

“Oh… well, I looked up massage techniques. These hands are better for breaking, not soothing, but I wanted to be of more use. A-and I did research on parlors themselves… they are quite a bit more intimate than I thought.”

Her cheeks turn bright red. She must be thinking of something completely different than what you are. You ask if she'd be willing to give you a massage, it would be rude not to after she went to all the work.

“Y-yes! I'd be honored, Master.”

Altera slides in closer, her hands beginning to put her new knowledge to work. Having your mana drained often left you sore, but you already feel relief as she starts. Her hands, which she claimed were good for nothing else, are amazing. Your stiff muscles relax under her dutiful attention, working across your body with expertise. It has you sighing happily, feeling as though sleep could again take you.

She sees all her effort was worth it, smiling that small smile. Altera was far kinder than she gave herself credit for. While she did her routine, it was heaven. It brought up the question of why she was so embarrassed, beyond just going outside her comfort zone, but you found that out rather soon.

Altera began to hesitate as she prepared for something new. Her hands began to move down your body and, when your realized where they were going, you went stiff in two distinct ways. She slid her fingers under the fabric of your pants, wrapping around your manhood. It didn't take much to work you up; you were already as relaxed as could be.

You finally figure out what sort of ‘massage’ parlor she had seen, wondering how she'd stumbled upon it.

“I-is this wrong, Master? The source seemed credible but…” She grew silent, though her hand remained around your growing cock.

It wasn't unwelcome. With how beautiful Altera was, it has crossed your mind a few times, but to suddenly be thrown into a fantasy-like moment was a bit jarring. You admit to her that this probably wasn't what most places did, yet you welcomed the idea. She seemed too embarrassed she'd die, slowly warming up to the idea despite her error.

“That's good… I must say that I have thought of becoming closer. Perhaps it's part of being a Servant, but I don't regret it either… if you'll have me.”

You nod; it would be an honor.

She smiles, easing off your pants as she begins to give her all. Her slender fingers stroke your length, soft and warm. Altera tries to hide her own self-interest, cheeks growing hotter with every second. You yourself get more into the scenario as time passes; having her dressed so nicely and her hands touching you in such an intimate way is like a dream come true.

Part of you wonders if it could get any better, but it soon does. Removing her skirt, Altera reveals she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She straddles your hips, pressing her nethers up against yours. It was already going places you had never thought, even when she had first began turning this innocent massage into something more.

“Are you ready, Master? It’s time for the main ‘massage’.”

You couldn’t be more ready. She begins to lower herself onto you, her slim, strong body encompassing your prick in totality. Altera is as wonderful inside as she is outside, her tight, wet walls closing in around you. Her mouth lets out little moans as she adjusts and works to fully accommodate you. There was a look of profound satisfaction in her eyes, no doubt a dream of her own coming true.

Altera doesn’t say much more; your nurse begins to bounce on your shaft. Her hands grip your sides, her whole body getting into the rhythm. She coos, uncharacteristically loving in her mannerisms, truly a softy at heart. It’s no surprise that she can keep her composure while your own fades away. The pace she takes is like one a warrior of her caliber would take: fast yet methodical.

Her hips hit yours with loud slaps, her soft thighs and butt smacking into you. You think she’d be a little more careful given your condition, but neither of you care much. Just the feeling of being connected, sharing yourselves in such an intimate manner is worth any actual repercussion. The pleasure simply builds and builds as time goes, her heavy breath beginning to fill the room. Altera never broke a sweat in combat, for her to here stood to show how out of place it was for her.

Neither of you would last much longer. This had been such a sudden thing, Altera hadn’t had a chance to prepare either.

“I’m… unfortunately close, Master. Battle suits me more than love, I have much less experience in the latter.” She said softly through her gasps.

You reassure her; you wouldn’t last much longer either. She giggles, redoubling her efforts. Altera tries to take you both to the end, as if it were some sort of race. Moans and pants fill teh room, both parties approaching their ends at a rapid rate. It would come hard and fast, like diving into a refreshing, cool lake.

Your hips buck gently as you come, your entire load of cum shooting up inside your Servant. The pleasure was unreal, you felt like passing out right then and there. Altera comes shortly into your own climax, her body twitching and dripping with sweat. Her walls latch tight to your cock, as if aiming to milk you dry. You watch as your seed begins to leak from around her stuffed pussy, streaming down into the sheets as your both ride out the heavenly bliss.

When it finally came to an end, you felt even more exhausted than before but relieved in more ways than one. Alter lifts off, wads of sperm falling from her privates as she lays beside you. She wraps an arm around you, snuggling in as she too finds exhaustion taking her. This side of her is strange, but most certainly welcomed.

“Perhaps learning all that was worth it, Master… I enjoyed it, as I think you did too. Let’s try it another time, when we aren’t so tired.~”

Chapter Text

Lah giggled as her trick came to fruition. She was a prankster to her core, watching as her friend tripped into a nearby pile of leaves. However she had managed to trip a Shadow Siren was beyond anyone's say, but if anyone could, it would be her. The ghost floated over to her fellow immaterial person, helping Vivian up.

“You should have seen your face, Vivi!” She said with a laugh. “I can never get enough of it.”

Vivian was flustered, but mostly unfazed. “I'm getting used to this, sadly… What are we even doing here, anyway?”

“Playing tricks of course! Halloween is the best day there is for them!”

Vivian couldn't argue with that. Lah was always enthusiastic, but she was contagious tonight. Though she worried that boundaries might be crossed. The ghost was already eager on a normal day, could cross boundaries at times, and was even likelier now. She just hoped she could steer Lah a bit.

“So, where should we go first, Lah?” If Vivian could control where they went, she could curb her friend early on.

The ghost took only a second to think before immediately darting off.

“This way!” She exclaimed, immediately phasing through the wall of a nearby house.

Vivian almost shouted in surprise, fidgeting as she decided what to do. She could head inside as well, and maybe get Lah out, but home invasion wasn't at the top of her list on crimes she wanted to commit. The idea of some poor soul getting scared to death was worse, though. Collecting her strength and courage, she slipped in through a crack in a window to peruse her excited friend.

She sunk into the shadows, going from room to room, watching for her companion. Lah wasn't anywhere to be found, at least at first. When Vivian heard quiet snickering, she knew she was close. The ghost was in the bedroom, hovering above the bed and stating down at the man in it. They were thankfully fast asleep, unable to hear the quiet laughter.

“Vivi…! Vivi, look!” Lah exclaimed, pointing at the sleeping person’s form. “I’ve already found something fun!”

“L-Let’s try not to scare someone to death, Lah,” the Siren insisted. “Let’s find someone who’s awake.”

The ghost scoffed. “We won’t wake him up, we’ll do something better.~”

As she spoke, she began to pull the sheets off the bed’s occupant, revealing what exactly she meant. Whatever dream the guy was having was a happy one, his pants were tented high. It made Vivian blush, but steel herself.

“You can’t be serious… Lah, this is going a bit far…”

“Shush, now. You’re the one who wants to do harmless stuff, and this is as harmless as it gets: we give him a happy finish and he gets to clean up a mess when he wakes up!~”

In terms of damage done, this was truthfully a small case. The sexual nature of it was rather embarrassing, while also intriguing, and it was rather harmless. Vivian felt stumped, stuck between turning it down or appeasing her friend in an effort to slow the night’s nonsense. When it came down to it, this was a night out for Lah and this was a chance to keep things relatively tame.

“F-Fine, but we do this quick, got it?”

Lah laughed once again. “Sure, sure… more time to prank more people, then!”

She coaxed off the man’s pants, partially impressed he was still asleep. His cock stood stiff, already dribbling with precum; his dream really was a strong one. Vivian hovered up to the bed, both ladies taking their place on either side. The Sirin truthfully didn’t have much experience in this matter, but it would probably be simple if the other party was unaware.

“What should we do…?” The exact details were lost to Vivian.

“You’ve been running your mouth all night about my ideas, so you’ve got the honors. Better put it to use, as I’ll be the support.”

This was Vivian fate, so be it. She lowered down to the imposing phallus, apprehensive of her approach. The Sirin saw Lah nod as she opened her mouth, slowly taking it into her maw. Contrary to what people may think, Vivian’s mouth was quite wet and warm, her saliva already beginning to work its way across his surface.

Her tongue slathered it all over, lowering her head onto his manhood. The perk of being somewhat immaterial in nature meant she could take it all without effort. His cock tasted of salty sweat, his semi-sweet precum mixing in as his arousal grew. Vivian was surprised at how heavy a sleeper this man was, though also thankful. If she got caught she’d likely die of shame.

Lah meanwhile couldn’t help but feel a bit of excitement in watching. She may have been a spirit, but she still had needs. The ghost leaned in, mouth encompassing the man's undoubtedly aching sack. Much like her friend’s, her insides were unseemingly warm and soft, no matter which way they came into contact. Suckling on the tasty orbs, she hoped to get a piece of the action herself while watching over Vivian.

She would stop to give hints, to help with the pace. Her gentle hands guiding her friend as best as they could. The man was soon squirming in his sleep, still in his deep slumber. It would be a mystery as to whether he would sleep through the whole thing. With Lah’s hands and Vivian’s mouth, it was surprise he was lasting this long at all.

Without any sort of way to guess, they were at a loss as to when his finish was coming. There was no warning, save the gentle bucking of his hips. Vivian sputtered as hot, sticky cum flooded her mouth. It rapidly overfilled, spilling from her lips and across the man’s crotch. Whoever this man was, they had pulled their own sort of prank. Even Lah was alarmed at the sheer vitality he had, seed soon coated her face as it dripped down from her friend.

Vivian swallowed some of it out of instinct, even as the flow slowed and died out. The bitter taste filled her buds, strangely addicting in its own right, but she couldn’t take it all. Thankfully, her friend took up the challenge. Lah pulled her off the spent, softening cock, her lips meeting the Siren’s. She stole a good portion of the seed, gulping it down even as some of it dripped down her chin.

Only once it was all gone did they get a chance to breath and see their handiwork. True to what Lah had said, they’d made a mess. Even in drinking down a sizable amount of his spunk, the man was coated in it. He’d have to clean a lot when he awoke and they didn’t want to be here when he did. Vivian, more flustered by the kiss than anything else, was the first to slink off. She made her exit the same way she’d came in, rushing far away from the home as the ghost followed.

“See, Vivi?” The spectre called out. “I know you had fun, and it was a harmless prank. Just like you wanted.”

Vivian was was more preoccupied with how that kiss had felt, slowly cleaning up her messy face. “S-sure…”

“Don’t be so down, we’ve got all sorts of people to prank!” She said with pizzazz, smacking her lips as the last of the sperm went down her throat. “Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a second serving.~”

Lah rushed off again, leaving Vivian to organize her thoughts and give chase once more. Tonight was going to be a massively long night.