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Deadly Fun || McKirk-Tober Day #1


“Ya know, when you said we’d be backpacking Europe, breaking and entering wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.”


Jim rolled his eyes at his best friend’s grumbling as a fond smile played along his lips. When he’d first pitched the idea to his friend, he’d talked it up as a vacation of sorts. A well deserved, long overdue vacation for two overworked wizards.


Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as he expected to convince Bones to go along.  


He delayed responding by opting instead to hold his wand up higher in an effort to see more of the dark, decaying corridor. “'Breaking and entering’, Bones, would imply that we had to break something in order to enter.” He stepped over a pile of broken stone and edged closer to inspect a frayed and faded tapestry. He held up a finger to emphasize his next comment. “Which we didn’t do, by the way!”


The mixed sound of stone grinding against the floor and Bones’ muttered curse echoed from behind him; it was the only warning he had before he felt the warm presence of Bones’ body at his back.


“While that may be true, it also means ‘trespassing’; which is something that we are doing,” Bones spoke lowly, his breath ghosting over the side of Jim’s neck.


Jim swallowed at the sensation and tried to suppress the shudder that ran down his spine.


What he didn’t say was that after years of pining, this was going to be his way of finally seducing the older wizard. He had everything planned out - the best pubs with the best booze, scenic walks, the continuous renting of only one room at each place they stay…


“No one’s been here in years, Bones. We’re fine,” he managed to reply in a steady voice.


Okay, admittedly, the castle excursion wasn’t planned. But, come on! Was he honestly supposed to not go visit the dilapidated structure after being told about it?


And it’s not like Bones was actually going to tell him no…


Bones snorted, the soft sound coming out so much louder in the silence of the castle, before backing away and moving down the corridor. “I’ll believe that once we’re out of here.”


Jim quirked his brow and watched his friend’s tall frame walk away further into the castle. “Ya know, for someone who really wants to get out of here – the exits are the other way!”


The answering 'Shut up!’ had him smirking and following suit.


They spent the next half hour picking their way carefully through the first level of the ruins before finally stumbling upon a flight of stairs covered in a tangle of vines and bathed in moonlight. Flicking his wrist, Jim extinguished his wand and looked over his shoulder at Bones. He quirked a brow at his friend’s look of puzzlement. “Problem, Bones?”


Bones shook his head slightly before extinguishing his own wand and tucking it into his back pocket. “S'nothing. Just the sight of Mother Nature reclaiming things has always given me the creeps.”


Jim tipped his head at the comment. “Can’t really disagree with that,” he replied, jogging up a few steps. At the middle he turned around and gave the older man a charming smile. “You coming, old man?”


With a roll of his eyes, Bones started up the steps after him. Pleased at the action, Jim turned around an -


He rolled his eyes and stared up at the broken ceiling with a sigh, planting his hands on his hips. “Ha ha, Bones. Very funny. Now cancel the hex.”


“What hex?”


He sighed again, about to open his mouth for a sardonic reply when Bones spoke once more. “Oh god…”


Jim’s head snapped down, only to be greeted with the sight of Bones staring in horror at his feet. When he glanced down himself, his eyes widened at the sight of the vines slowly winding themselves around his lower legs.


And Bones’ legs.


“Shit, shit, SHIT!”


Devil’s snare.


He’d learned about the nasty plant back in school, but he’d never seen it in person.


Until now…


In a blind panic, the two began tugging on their legs in an attempt to break out of the plant’s hold. An action that turned out to be fruitless. Instead of loosening it’s hold, the vines only wound themselves tighter. In no time at all, Jim’s lower legs were all but fused to the floor and several tendrils had begun to creep up his thighs. With the next rough tug, Jim toppled backwards, landing hard on the plant-covered steps. His panic only increased, his chest heaving, as the plant wasted no time in creeping up over his body, tying him to the steps.




His eyes darted up to see Bones, who’s lower half was now encompassed by the plant, reaching out helplessly.


But his eyes…


Jim’s heart hammered more at the sight. In all the years that he’d known the older man, he’d never seen them like this.


So fearful.


“Bones!” He thrashed against the restraining vines. “Bones!”






“Jim, you need to calm down!” Bones was fighting now to grab his wand through the tangle of vines around his hips.


Calm down????? Calm down?????


The plant was now creeping up around his neck and head.


“’ones!” Jim’s lungs heaved in quick hitches as his voice rasped out the name.


No. No. No.




“Jim, hang on!”


He wheezed as tried his best to stay focused on Bones, blinking hard in an effort to rid himself of the dark spots starting to dance across his field of vision.






It was the last thing he heard before everything went white.




Post-A/N: Devil’s Snare. Devil’s Snare. It’s deadly fun, but will sulk in the sun!

Whoops this went to a place! Jim, I love you dearly…but it had to be done for the fic and I am very very sorry about that my dear adorable space dork

Now, you may be wondering why I picked Devil’s Snare as a theme??? The answer is that I hit a wall on ideas for this series. I originally kept thinking of monsters (like werewolves, vampires, mummies…) and then I added in non-monster ideas since I could only think of so many popular Halloween monsters. Weeks were spent swapping themes and this one made the cut since I was able to come up with a plot and still wanted to write said plot when it came around. I did come up with other ideas recently to use instead, but by then this was already written sooooo *shrugs*

I also had no intention of starting off this challenge thing with this fic, but I did a random draw for the order of the fics and this one was picked to go first :p