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Ryuunosuke Gets an Aquarium

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Ryuunosuke arrived at 221B Baker Street, carrying several items, mostly in cloth bags, but there was a large, clear glass jar that had a fish swimming around inside in one hand. He was struggling to keep the front door open, but once his companion used his foot as a door stopper, Ryuunosuke hurried into the building.

“I’ll put this in the office, then come back for the tank!” Ryuunosuke said, running up the stairs.

Sherlock and Iris poked their heads out from the door to their flat just in time for Ryuunosuke to breeze past. Sherlock and Iris turned their heads to watch Ryuunosuke escape upstairs.

Susato looked up from the papers she was going through as Ryuunosuke burst into the office and set his things down. Her eyes widened as she saw how much stuff he had with him, but as she looked at the very live creature swimming around in the jar, she stood up and put her hands on her hips.


Ryuunosuke flinched a little bit, but he didn’t actually stop to even turn around to look at her.

“Sorry, Susato-san! Can’t stop to chat. He’s waiting for me downstairs.”


He didn’t stop to explain. He then ran out of the office, and she could hear the thudding of his footsteps as he headed back to the entry way.

Susato followed him, prepared to give him a piece of her mind about spending money irresponsibly. They didn’t have the funds for a pet! Or all the bells and whistles that goes with having an aquarium! And did he really expect that little fish to be happy in such a jar - ?

When she reached the bottom of the steps, her eyes widened as she saw who Ryuunosuke had brought home.

Prosecutor Barok van Zieks stood in the hall, carrying an empty but very large glass fish tank.

“Okay, I think I should take the end that goes up the stairs first?” Ryuunosuke suggested, reaching out to take an end of the tank.

“I’m pretty sure I can carry it up myself,” Barok said.

“But - !”

“And wouldn’t your height difference perhaps make it difficult for you to help him carry it up?” Sherlock piped in.

Ryuunosuke slumped his shoulders and gave Sherlock a look.

“Why’d you have to go and say something like that?” Ryuunosuke asked.

“I’d be tall enough to help, however,” Sherlock said, an odd smirk on his face.

Barok’s expression didn’t change from his usual scowl, but he was certainly scowling. Susato didn’t think she could read his face well, but she did know the man didn’t like Sherlock very much.

“No thank you. But if you all could get out of the way, I can carry it up.”

“Ah, right, right. It’ll be the only door at the top of the stairs,” Ryuunosuke said, moving out of Barok’s way. Susato quickly stepped off of the steps, and Iris and Sherlock disappeared back into their flat for the moment.

Barok then effortlessly carried the tank up the steps and disappeared up to her and Ryuunosuke’s quarters.

Susato was rather impressed with the man’s physical strength. She had recently discovered the exact weight of a wine bottle, and considering the man could throw it over his shoulder simply by gripping the rims of the bottle opening with two fingers….

She turned to Ryuunosuke and put her hands on her hips again.

“And just how did you pay for all of this? And how did you get the prosecutor to help you carry it?”

“Eh? W-well, he, uh … actually is the one who paid for it,” Ryuunosuke said, starting to blush. “We, uh, had crossed paths! And ended up walking the same patch of sidewalk for a while, and I, uh, I had paused to look at the aquarium stuff and confessed that I wish I could afford them…. And, uh…. I talked about the anemone I already had and how it was just in a bowl of water right now…. And he decided to help out with it.”

Susato furrowed her brow, not sure how much of that she actually believed. She looked back up the stairs, but Barok had not re-emerged. Sherlock and Iris had, however, now descending the stairs to join them in the hallway.

Sherlock had a rather smug look on his face as he clenched his pipe between his teeth.

“So it was a coincidence you two crossed paths?” Sherlock asked.

“Y-yes, yes it was,” Ryuunosuke said. “I, uh, should go up and help him find a place to put the tank.”

Ryuunosuke then hurried up the stairs, his feet going “thump thump thump” and they heard the office door close behind him upstairs.

Sherlock chuckled to himself.

“Good, good…. I hope it goes well for them,” Sherlock said.

“Eh? You mean the aquarium?” Iris asked.

Sherlock chuckled to himself some more, then looked to Susato.

“Why don’t you help us with a little experiment Iris and I are working on in the meantime? They might be a while.” Sherlock said.

“Oh! Yes, of course!” Susato said, taken by surprise. But that was quite the opportunity! To help with an experiment that Holmes-sama and Iris-chan were working on!

While Sherlock kept Susato busy, Barok and Ryuunosuke worked on making the aquarium fit in the office.

“This place is a mess,” Barok commented. Ryuunosuke laughed nervously. “You really need a bigger living space. Especially if you want to keep … everything that is on that bookshelf over there.”

Barok gestured toward all the knicknacks and the daruma doll that Ryuunosuke kept on the shelves among the law books.

“Yeah….” Ryuunosuke agreed.

“I don’t have time today, but I could have a maid come here to clean up sometime.”

“Eh!? I, uh, I’m not sure how I would explain that to Susato-san,” Ryuunosuke said.

“Then just tell me when she’s not here.”

“Uh…. We both live here so, uh….. I’m not sure when that would be.”

“Ah. That makes sense. You are siblings after all, correct?”

“Eh!?!?!? What makes you think that!?”

“Your faces look alike. Particularly when you have similar expressions on your faces. And you two act like you’re related.”

“Y-you think so?” He did think of her like a little sister sometimes, though first and foremost he thought of her as the best legal assistant in both Japan and England….

“Yes. You bicker just like siblings would.”

“Ah….” Had he really been bickering that much with Susato in front of Barok?

Barok was focusing on the aquarium now, so Ryuunosuke let the subject go.

“It’ll need to be filled with sea water now, so we better go get it,” Barok said. “It’s not good for the fish to be in such small quarters for too long.”

“Right,” Ryuunosuke said.

But before they actually left the room to go get sea water, Barok leaned down and pressed a kiss against the top of Ryuunosuke’s head and left the room first. Ryuunosuke smiled a little bit, then followed him down.

Within a few hours, they had gotten Ryuunosuke’s aquarium all set up, and Ryuunosuke got to rest by sitting in Barok’s lap as they drank tea.

At least, they did that until they heard a loud explosion down in Sherlock’s flat.