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Left all alone

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Hoseok where r u?


I know you’re seeing my messages.


Hoseok (seen 7pm)


Namjoon throws his phone on the couch, before it bounces on it, and falls of the edge, hitting the floor with a loud thud. He hugs his knees closer to himself, tears threatening to fall out. His phone buzzes with notification.

And there is this hope, this feeling telling him it is Hoseok. He gets the courage, just gets something, the part of him wishing it was Hoseok, that part tugs at his heart. Telling him to stand, to see, to confirm if he is being right or not.

But he doesn’t want the last piece of hope to crumble. He doesn’t want all the pieces he collected to be destroyed, to be nothing more than puzzles on the floor. That must be set together again. No! he doesn’t want anyone.

His hands hesitate, his heart is pounding loud and fast. He breathes out, and gets his phone. Holds it really tight- and turns it on, he presses the messages box, and is met by a few messages from his group of friends, and another unknown number.

Unknown + 82  XX XXXX  

(video Attached.)

The last hope he had crumbles down to nothing but pieces of dust. None existent, just the love life he pictured when he was little. To take care and be taken care of. But now? What is he doing? Why did it happen to him?

He feels the tears he was holding in burst out. They go down his chin, and fall on his phone screen. He presses the video he got, although it was a bit foggy, and hard to see. He heard the voices.

“Hoseok-ah stop.” He heard, the loud laugh that remind Namjoon of windshield, and the next voice belong to none other than Hoseok himself.

“No—you’re the cutest person ever,” Hoseok says, Namjoon stares wide-eyed at the screen. He rubs his eyes with the back of his hand. And replay the video again.

He is met by Hoseok, and Seokjin. They are both laughing and having fun. And Namjoon is a bit taken back at how close they were, but he was kind of used to it already, Hoseok has always been like that. And Seokjin and Namjoon are really close friends’

So, he didn’t’ think weirdly of it. Instead, he kept on watching as they fooled around. When Seokjin said something with that he must go. Hoseok lets him, instead he sits down and takes up his phone.

The girl Seokjin changed shift with, came in from the back door. And smiled as she saw Hoseok, she sat on his lap. “Hoseok, you were playing again, why? Do you other than me?” she mumbles.

Hoseok lets out a laugh, before kissing her temple and Namjoon rubbed his eyes, and replayed the scene again. And again. And another time.

And he doesn’t know that all those times, it felt like something pierced through his fragile heart. The worst part was that Hoseok kissed her mumbling something with ‘I love you’

Namjoon throws his phone somewhere. He hears the loud thud echoing through his empty apartment. He tugs at his hair, as he burst into tears.

“Why me!” he shouts, and kicks and cries. But no, there is no one to help him. There is no one here to comfort him, because he needed it, right? The only reason is because Hoseok thought he wasn’t good enough… right?


Namjoon’s mother comes a while after his break down. She sees her son laying on the floor, dried tears smeared all over his face as he is sniffing. He hugs his knees closer, and hopes and prey she would leave him right now.

That she wouldn’t bring it up later either, because he needs a bit time to be alone.