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Soulmates are Forever

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Waverly traced the outline of Nicole’s body with her eyes. Nicole was within arms length of Waverly, and all Waverly wanted to do was run her fingertips against Nicole’s skin. Nicole wore black laced panties with the matching bra.

Did she wear that for me. Waverly blushed at the thought as she continued staring at her beautiful girlfriend. Nicole looked away shyly when she saw the expression Waverly had on her face. Waverly’s confidence was shaken; the person that she craved for months stood right in front of her with the same hungry look in her eyes.

Waverly felt her heart begin to race as Nicole looked directly into Waverly’s eyes. Waverly suddenly became extremely nervous, she knew that Nicole had a history of spending nights with a long list of beautiful women, and she became a little uneasy that she wouldn’t be able to live up to her expectations.

Nicole took a small step closer to her and Waverly took a step back.

“You okay Wave?” Nicole asked softly.

“Yeah, just uh – a little nervous, I’ve never been with a –” Waverly began explaining.

“Hey – we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do,” Nicole interrupted, holding onto Waverly’s hand.

Waverly nodded trying to get over her nervousness. Nicole let go of her hand and picked her backpack up off of the floor. She took her heels off and pulled a t-shirt out to cover up a bit. She continued to look through her backpack looking for sweatpants that she was sure she packed. Waverly stared at Nicole helplessly knowing that she didn’t want her clothed by any means.

You want her, Waverly said to herself trying to convince herself to get over her insecurities.

“Nicole,” Waverly said softly.

“Yeah give me a sec, just looking for –” Nicole said still filing through her backpack.

“Nicole Haught,” Waverly said in a more pressing tone.

Nicole turned around wondering what was so urgent. Waverly kissed Nicole hard, still tasting the hint of whiskey. She leaned her body against hers, guiding her towards the bed. Nicole laughed a bit when she was pushed gently on to the bed, but stopped when she realized what Waverly was doing. Waverly unbuttoned the dress she was wearing and pulled it off slowly enjoying the way Nicole’s eyes filled with lust as it fell to the floor. She stepped out of her heels and stared at the dress laying on the floor innocently. Waverly knew exactly what she was doing; she knew what kind of reaction she wanted to elicit from her girlfriend. 

“Baby,” Nicole said softly as she stared at Waverly’s body. Waverly stood in front of Nicole for a moment enjoying the attention her body was receiving before quickly climbing on top of Nicole and pressing her body against hers. Waverly instantly resented the shirt that Nicole decided to put on.

Waverly kissed Nicole, and placed Nicole’s hands on her back.

“I want to be yours Nicole,” she whispered.

Waverly wanted Nicole’s nails to ruin her back, the way they had earlier. She needed a reminder in the morning that she belonged to Nicole Haught, even if it was just for one night. Nicole happily obliged, she pressed her nails into Waverly’s skin as Waverly moved her hands up Nicole’s shirt. Nicole’s breaths quickly became labored; months of craving Waverly’s body were to blame for her inability to think clearly.

Waverly smiled when she realized that the smug face Nicole usually wore was completely erased. The thought of having control over when and how Nicole climaxed, made Waverly want to prolong it as long as she could. Waverly began to tease Nicole a bit, moaning softly into her ear as she slowly caressed her body. She loved the way Nicole’s body would squirm underneath hers when she did.

“You’re cruel,” Nicole said opening her eyes, figuring out exactly what Waverly was doing.

“You said you’d make it up to me,” Waverly answered. “This is exactly how I want you baby,” Waverly said before beginning to gyrate slowly against Nicole. Judging by Waverly’s expression, Nicole knew Waverly was finding a lot of pleasure in topping Nicole like this.

Waverly moved her hips rhythmically, and Nicole wasn’t sure how much more teasing she could take. “What are you thinking about baby?” Waverly asked noticing that Nicole’s face changed for a moment.

“God, so many things. Things that Wynonna would absolutely kill me for,” Nicole answered. Waverly was dying to know what those things were, but before she could ask, Nicole flipped them over determined to show Waverly what a real tease looked like.

Damn that’s hot, Waverly thought as she looked at Nicole towering over her. The look that filled Nicole’s eyes when she was on top of Waverly made something in the center of her stomach ache for Nicole’s touch. She felt pressure building in her core.

Nicole ran the tips of her fingers across Waverly’s ribcage before running a single hand behind Waverly’s back to unhook her bra without pulling it off just yet.  Nicole did it effortlessly. She placed both of her hands on Waverly’s hips to hold them in place before the real teasing began. Once she was positioned correctly she began kissing Waverly’s neck painfully slow. She bit it softly eliciting a sigh from her girlfriend. It wasn’t long before Nicole felt Waverly’s hips beginning to move towards her slowly. She blew on her neck and Waverly exhaled heavily, unable to hide the fact that everything Nicole was doing felt really good. Nicole held Waverly’s hips down, making sure that she wouldn’t find the friction she wanted. Nicole held onto her right hipbone and snaked the other hand in her hair, she tugged on her hair in order get Waverly to turn her head.

“What do you want baby?” Nicole whispered innocently into her ear.

Waverly had her eyes closed, but judging by Nicole’s voice she was sure that the Nicole had a smug look on her face. Waverly was flustered, and couldn’t believe that Nicole was torturing her just as much if not more.

Nicole kissed her way down Waverly’s body, looking up at Waverly before removing the bra that she unhooked before. Waverly watched Nicole stare at her, her eyes filled with desire. Waverly could get used to that look. She turned around playfully and threw the extra pillows off of the bed. She looked back at Nicole, who was biting her lip while staring at her. Nicole pressed her body onto Waverly’s back, she held Waverly’s hair with one hand as she filled Waverly’s back with soft kisses. Nicole took her time, pausing to run her tongue softly along the red lines that her nails made earlier. Every kiss that Nicole placed on her body made Waverly shiver, nobody had ever taken this much time on her body.

Waverly turned back around with open eyes. She watched as Nicole positioned herself on her body again. Waverly held onto Nicole’s waist and pushed her body down applying pressure to where she needed it most. When she did, Nicole instantly felt exactly how aroused her girlfriend was. Nicole’s smile grew twice as big and she looked away a bit shy.

“What?” Waverly asked a little intrigued that Nicole’s expression changed.

Nicole shook her head refusing to answer. “Tell me,” Waverly said pulling her face in closer to hers.

“Baby, you’re wet. Really fucking wet,” Nicole answered, the smug look returning.

Nicole slipped a hand down Waverly’s body, and she began playing with the lining of Waverly’s panties.

“Nicole,” Waverly whined upset that Nicole knew exactly what she wanted, and was still trying to tease her.

“Oh I’m sorry, you don’t like it when I tease?” Nicole asked, already knowing the answer.

“Well what do you like baby,” Nicole asked, knowing that Waverly couldn’t answer even if she wanted to. 

Nicole ran the outside of her hand across Waverly’s panties, careful not to apply too much pressure. 

“Do you like that?” Nicole asked innocently. 

Waverly’s body shuttered, and she nodded unable to speak. “Or this,” Nicole said slipping her hand inside her girlfriends panties and running a single finger through Waverly’s wet folds. Waverly had never wanted someone more than in that moment. She felt every cell in her body gravitating towards Nicole’s touch.

Waverly instantly regretted teasing Nicole at all. She felt her body hurting for a single touch from Nicole.

Gathering every bit of strength in her body Waverly struggled to mutter the word, “Neither.” She knew that the only way to beat Nicole was to outlast her teases by getting her off first.

Waverly straddled Nicole, and asked Nicole for her shirt. Nicole nodded, intrigued about what Waverly was planning to do with it. Nicole took off her shirt and gave it to Waverly. Waverly folded it neatly before asking Nicole to lean forward. Nicole obeyed and Waverly tied it over Nicole’s eyes blocking her eyesight completely.

“Blindfolds, are your thing?” Nicole teased, before becoming extremely silent.

She suddenly felt Waverly’s hands begin to touch her body. Waverly squeezed her girlfriend’s breasts before placing her mouth over her nipple. She loved the way it hardened at her touch. As much as she enjoyed it, Waverly knew exactly what she wanted, and continued her way down towards Nicole’s abdomen.

“I think blindfolds might be your thing,” Waverly shot back seeing first-hand how wet her girlfriend was. 

Nicole moaned lightly when she felt Waverly’s face between her thighs and her fingers beginning to play with her panties teasingly.

Waverly bit Nicole’s inner thigh, and loved the way Nicole’s back arched off the bed for a second. She breathed lightly on Nicole’s sex enjoying every second of having Nicole this worked up. Waverly slid Nicole’s panties down a bit without taking them off completely.

“Fuck Wave,” Nicole whined.

Nicole wasn’t one to curse a lot, so hearing her whine profanities followed by her name was gratifying for Waverly. Nicole’s deeper toned voice set off an instinctual need inside of Waverly. She leaned forward and began placing soft kisses against Nicole’s sex, trying to figure out exactly what Nicole liked. Her tongue quickly learned which spots seemed to drive her girlfriend crazy. Nicole tightened her legs around Waverly’s face when Waverly rubbed her thumb against the outside of Nicole’s entrance.

Maybe it was the blindfold that left everything to imagination for Nicole or the fact that Waverly was doing everything perfectly, regardless Nicole was nearly losing her mind.

Nicole shuttered when she no longer felt her girlfriend’s tongue pressed against her, Waverly kissed Nicole’s neck on her way up, she asked, lust in her voice, “You taste so good, open your mouth for me baby.”

Nicole obeyed and Waverly pressed two fingers against her tongue. Nicole ran her tongue against Waverly’s fingers quickly, doing anything to feel Waverly’s touch again. She felt Waverly’s palm moving down her body.

“Oh my God –” Nicole muttered in anticipation.

Waverly slid the two fingers into Nicole, pushing them in and out of her at relatively slow pace. She saw Nicole’s hips moving towards her. Waverly paused, her fingers still inside her girlfriend. “Baby,” Nicole whined again, practically begging Waverly to continue.

Waverly was planning to, but first she wanted Nicole to know that she was in charge. Waverly kissed her girlfriend’s neck sucking on her pulse point until she noticed it getting a darker shade. Mine, she whispered softly.

Without missing a beat, Waverly went back to what she was doing, speeding up the pace of her fingers inside of Nicole. Nicole’s body was grinding against Waverly’s hand. Waverly kept the same rhythm until Nicole’s body accustomed itself to Waverly’s movements, at which point she’d switch it up to prolong Nicole’s orgasm. 

Nicole took her blindfold off, unable to handle this seemingly endless teasing. She looked at Waverly who was shamelessly proud of how much she had turned Nicole on. 

She has the same ego, Nicole thought. Knowing exactly what she had to do to get what she wanted. 

Nicole grabbed Waverly’s neck, and pulled their faces together. “Does it feel good, to see me like this. Losing my mind over every single one of your touches.” Waverly immediately felt her heart beating faster.

“Yeah.” Waverly answered in a breathier tone.

“Baby, I love the way that you fu–.” Nicole finished her sentence in Waverly’s ear. She hoped that saying it would inspire Waverly to stop torturing her.

Waverly quickly began hitting every spot she learned drove Nicole crazy, relentlessly. She slid two fingers in and out of her girlfriend twice before curling her fingers on the third stroke making sure to hit her girlfriends g-spot, before repeating the pattern. It was the flawless execution that drove Nicole crazy. Waverly didn’t slow down or falter. Nicole felt her breaths becoming more shallow, almost like she could feel the actual air that filled her lungs. She felt her back arching off the bed and her toes beginning to curl in anticipation. “Wave, I’m gonna –” Nicole said before Waverly interrupted running her free hand into her hair, “I know, god you feel so good baby.”

Nicole’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she shut her eyes. Waverly felt the walls surrounding her fingers get tighter. Waverly watched as her girlfriend’s body began to spasm involuntarily underneath her. She was sure she’d never seen a more beautiful sight.

Nicole opened her eyes, her mind still passively catching up to her body.

Waverly attempted to continue to touch Nicole. She wanted to continue making Nicole feel this incredible. But every time she did Nicole’s body would shutter, too sensitive to be touched.

After a brief moment, Nicole regained her composure. Lay down Nicole said in a more authoritative tone.

Waverly obeyed, and Nicole immediately began working herself down her girlfriend’s body. She squeezed her breasts, before taking each of them into her mouth. 

“I’m about to show you exactly what you made me feel, baby,” Nicole said before moving a little lower.

“But in order to do that, I’m gonna need you to do what I say. When you feel like your about to orgasm, I need you to pull on my hair.”

Waverly nodded vigorously as she waited for Nicole to begin. She removed Waverly’s panties, instantly loving what she saw.

Nicole grabbed Waverly’s waist, pulling her closer to her mouth. She dug her nails into Waverly’s back as she began moving her tongue in circles around her girlfriend’s clit.

Waverly’s hips instinctively began moving towards Nicole’s face. Nicole looked up to see Waverly’s face. She looks so good like that, she thought as she continued pleasing her. She noticed that Waverly was trying her best to be quiet, she bit down on her knuckle and had her other hand gripping the bed sheets. Nicole reached for Waverly’s hand that she was using to suppress her moans and placed it on her head, she wanted to hear everything Waverly was feeling. Waverly began moaning louder, and Nicole couldn’t help but love every single noise that came out of her girlfriend’s mouth.

Waverly’s ran her fingers through Nicole’s hair, pushing her face gently into the places that needed a little more pressure. Nicole flattened her tongue and ran it through Waverly’s sex.  Waverly’s grip on Nicole’s hair grew tighter as Nicole began teasing Waverly’s entrance. Nicole slipped her tongue inside of her girlfriend, and just as she expected Waverly’s moans became a lot breathier and desperate. Waverly shoved her head into the pillow; the hand tangled in Nicole’s hair demanding her girlfriend to continue doing exactly what she was doing. She knew if Nicole kept it up, she would find herself coming sooner than she expected.

Nicole dug her nails into Waverly back a little deeper, while simultaneously flicking her talented tongue inside her girlfriend.

Waverly pulled Nicole’s hair back seconds later. 

Through gasps Waverly explained, “ Y-you um said um to pull when –”

Nicole smiled, as she laid next to Waverly. She kissed Waverly before pining her tongue against her girlfriends. Waverly bit Nicole’s bottom lip in response to all the frustration she was feeling in her core. She tore the skin on the inside of her girlfriend’s lip and ran her tongue against the small cut. Yeah I guess I deserved that, Nicole thought as she picked her small girlfriend and placed her directly on top of her. Waverly looked extremely comfortable in that position.

She began grinding underneath her, and Waverly began moaning softly. Waverly felt herself dripping all over her girlfriend. Nicole held onto Waverly’s hips moving them and trying to guide her. It wasn’t long before Waverly was the one moving all on her own, to the pace she wanted.

She placed a hand against Nicole’s chest as she rode her girlfriend.

“Does that feel good baby?” Nicole asked knowing the answer. Waverly nodded unable to put what she was feeling into words.

“I want you to finish all over me,” Nicole said pulling her down harder towards her body. Waverly pressed her mouth to Nicole’s ear, so her girlfriend could hear exactly what she was doing to her. 

Nicole didn’t plan to orgasm again, but something about the way that Waverly moved her body against hers made it impossible. God the way she moans for me, Nicole thought.

Waverly could feel her girlfriend getting wet, and the thought of that made her continue to grind into her the way she was. 

“Fuck, baby,” Nicole said almost breathless.

Nicole’s voice made Waverly begin to thrust faster involuntarily, searching for a sweet release.

God you feel so good, she whispered one last time before they both found themselves getting off at the same time. Their bodies perfectly in synch as they began contracting uncontrollably and went past the edge of ecstasy. They rode out their orgasms together, until Waverly’s body slowly relaxed into Nicole’s. Their lungs still struggling to find air.

Waverly was surprised at how natural everything felt with Nicole. She might’ve had no idea what she was doing, but being with Nicole felt familiar.

Waverly rolled off of Nicole, not yet sure of what this meant. She knew that the feelings she had for Nicole were intensified by ten, but she wasn’t sure what she’d do if Nicole didn’t want her anymore. She sat up on the edge of the bed for a second before she pointed at the shirt on the floor that they had used as a blindfold and asked Nicole if she could borrow it.

“It’s yours,” Nicole answered, willing to give Waverly everything she owned after what they just did.

Waverly smiled and threw it on while she walked to the bathroom. She rinsed her face, trying to get rid of the rosiness in her face. She leaned her back against the bathroom wall, trying to piece together how she was going to tell Nicole everything she was feeling without scaring her away.

When she returned, Nicole was laying in bed with sweatpants and an extra shirt from her backpack. She gave Waverly a dimpled smile, and patted the spot next to her on the bed conveying that she wanted her to come be her little spoon. Waverly smiled and curled up next to her in bed.

“Nicole, that was amazing. At least for me, it was –” Waverly began explaining.

Nicole kissed the back of Waverly’s neck gently and pulled her body in closer to hers in hopes that it would show Waverly what she was feeling – knowing that words couldn’t do justice to how she felt. It wasn’t long before Waverly drifted off to sleep, in the arms of the girl she was sure she was in love with.