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Soulmates are Forever

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Waverly walked away quickly, she could feel herself getting angrier by the second. She tried to slow her breathing to keep herself from getting more upset. But Shae's words echoed in her mind, and the thought of her with Nicole, like that, made her absolutely furious.

Nicole stared at Shae harshly and said, “After the party, you and me are done.”

She grabbed the blankets on the floor and pushed past Shae, before angrily turning around to stare at her one last time, “I mean it.” Nicole chased after a surprisingly fast Waverly. She spotted her walking towards the campus parking lot. Nicole ran quickly to catch up to her.

Waverly heard Nicole’s footsteps behind her and turned around. “Hey! you should consider joining track, you get away pretty quickly,” Nicole said trying to lighten the mood. Waverly smiled at Nicole who had come after her.

“I just wanted to explain what happened back there,” Nicole said referring to the ‘date’ Shae mentioned.

“Nicole do you like me at all? You always make me feel so special so I’m pretty sure you do, but you never say anything,” Waverly said bluntly looking into Nicole’s eyes. She waited for a response, but Nicole just stared at Waverly blankly. Nicole bowed her head searching for the right words that could explain why she couldn’t answer the question.

“Or maybe you don’t,” Waverly said in a hurt voice, she took a step back thinking that she must’ve been imagining it all. “You know what, I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t just ask that really stupid question,” Waverly said shaking her head and beginning to walk away. Her face was bright red, she never felt embarrassment quite like this before.

“Waverly, stop.” Nicole said tugging on her jacket to bring the small girl in closer towards her. “I don’t like Shae or any other girl, but things are so complicated that I just can’t –” Nicole’s voice broke a little as she tried to explain her reasons. Nicole was referring to her mom’s constant obsession with her life. “All I know is you make me so happy and that I can’t imagine–” Nicole stopped to think about the words that she was about to say, she knew it was selfish to ask Waverly to stay. Whether she asked Waverly to be her girlfriend or went along with her mom’s plans, she knew she was going to end up hurting Waverly regardless.

Either I will hurt her or my mom will, Nicole thought. The thought of Waverly hurting at all made her feel awful. Nicole decided it was best to keep the three little words that she was dying to say to Waverly from tumbling out of her mouth.

Nicole’s face was tense, she hated that she couldn’t be with Waverly; not until she stood up to her mom at least. Waverly noticed that Nicole’s typically sweet eyes were gone, “Hey – I don’t wanna make things more complicated for you baby,” Waverly said, gently placing a hand on Nicole’s face trying to comfort her. Waverly hugged Nicole tightly, she put aside her feelings because all she wanted to do was put a smile back on Nicole’s face. Waverly felt relieved when Nicole sighed heavily and her body relaxed in her arms. Waverly pulled away for a second and held onto both of Nicole’s hands. She stood on her tippy toes to reach Nicole’s face. She kissed Nicole’s cheek softly, and said, “I’ll always be here.” 

“See, there it is,” Waverly said pointing at Nicole’s dimpled smile.

Waverly’s voice soothed Nicole. Nicole knew she had a tendency to be self-destructive and push people away, but the more Nicole fought Waverly, the more Waverly would bring her in closer. She was unlike anyone she ever met.

“You’re amazing,” Nicole said.

“Yeah?” Waverly responded her face glowing up. Waverly blushed and turned away. “In that case, walk me back to my room?” Nicole nodded and reached out for Waverly’s hand.


Nicole was expected to ballroom dance with her parents at their upcoming anniversary party. But she found that nearly impossible considering she felt like an idiot when she danced. She joked about it to Waverly as they sat on the bleachers the next day after track practice.

“Oh, and I have to pick up my dress or my mom will freak out,” Nicole said rolling her eyes. Waverly had all kinds of thoughts about what Nicole looked like in the dress. She bit her lip lightly to make sure that all those thoughts stayed inside her head.

“Well it’s your lucky day babe, I’m great at dancing,” Waverly said proudly. “But I’m sweaty,” Nicole whined. Waverly stood up and held her hand out for Nicole. Nicole smiled at Waverly, and followed her as they walked down the bleachers. Once they were on the field, Waverly bowed in front of Nicole and held her hand out dramatically. Waverly spun her around one time before pulling her in closer.

Nicole had on a t-shirt and running shorts, yet somehow Waverly still managed to make her feel like a princess. She loved the feeling of being in Waverly’s arms. “See easy,” Waverly teased trying to encourage the taller girl.

“With you here, yeah. The problem is, I’m not sure what to do with my uncoordinated limbs after this,” Nicole said trying to explain herself better. Nicole sat on down on the grass and Waverly sat next to her. The lights on the field turned off, and the only light coming through was from the sky. There was a brief moment of silence. There was an electric feel that was pulling the two of them closer. They could both feel it, like something special was about to happen.

Nicole turned to face Waverly. “You were right last night,” Nicole said.

“About what?” Waverly asked a little intrigued.

Nicole tucked the loose strands of hair behind Waverly’s ear and whispered “I like you so much Waverly Earp.” The words made Waverly’s body numb, and her heart beat sped up a bit. Waverly waited months to hear those words again, she heard them for the first time the night they met.

You’re so pretty and I like you so much, replayed in Waverly’s mind constantly since that night. Only Nicole wasn’t drunk this time, and they knew each other better than they did that night.

I like you so much more, Waverly thought. She desperately wanted to say it out loud, but Nicole’s words caught her off guard and left her speechless. Enough time passed that saying it would seem somewhat forced. Nicole took a deep breath, a little embarrassed that she had put her feelings out there.

“I can give you lessons – for the dancing, I mean,” Waverly blurted trying to fill the awkward silence. “Yup, that’d be great,” Nicole responded quickly, glad that they both decided not to talk about Nicole’s little announcement.

They arranged the dancing lessons and agreed to go to the loft to have a little more room to practice. Waverly teased Nicole about how stiff her body seemed to be while they danced.

“Nicole relax, dancing is supposed to be fun,” Waverly teased.

“I thought I was relaxed?” Nicole responded.

“Look just follow me, I’ll lead.”

She grabbed Nicole’s waist and tried to get her body to follow along. But Nicole’s body wouldn’t cooperate. Nicole stepped on Waverly a couple of times, and every time Waverly would smile and say that it was okay before Nicole got the chance to apologize.

After an hour of practicing, Waverly tried to think of why Nicole couldn’t pick up the steps.

“Oh my god, you have a problem with me leading,” Waverly said remembering their constant battle for control. Nicole shrugged, but she was pretty certain that Waverly right.

Waverly wrapped her arms around Nicole’s neck. “Now close your eyes and follow the beat of the music. You lead and I’ll follow this time.”

Nicole obeyed, and they made more progress.

“You’re getting better,” Waverly said grabbing a water bottle from her bag. 

“Ha-ha, pretty and funny I see.”

“Just keep practicing, you’ll get it. Trust me once you learn to dance, you’ll be able to sweep any girl you want off of her feet.” Waverly said as she walked out of the room.

You’re the only girl I wanna sweep off her feet, Nicole thought. Nicole was more motivated to learn to dance now. She practiced everyday, hoping that she’d get to dance with Waverly one day.

When Waverly showed up to teach Nicole a couple days later, she was impressed that Nicole was a lot lighter on her feet. The way Nicole held her while they danced, made her feel all gooey inside.

“Hey, so I was thinking about going to your parents’ party,” Waverly mentioned before heading out.

Nicole felt her body get cold. Mainly because she still wasn’t entirely sure what her mother was playing at when she invited Waverly, and she didn’t want to subject Waverly to any kind of pain. Nicole’s disposition changed, she looked nervous.

Waverly noticed immediately, “I don’t have to go, your right, it would be weird.”

“No, you should. I would have asked you to come with me, but I kinda got forced to go with Shae.”

Nicole noticed that Waverly’s smile faded completely when she realized that Nicole was still planning to go with Shae. “Our parents arranged it a long time ago, but I won’t go with her, I mean if you don’t want me to,” Nicole explained trying her best not to hurt Waverly.

“Are you kidding, that’s sooo great! You and Shae are perfect together - I want you to sweep Shae off her feet. You and I are just having fun anyways.” It was getting increasingly harder for Waverly to hide her feelings. She knew she had to get out of there as soon as possible.

Nicole looked down at her phone for a second trying to use it as buffer. She couldn’t pretend that the words that came out of Waverly’s mouth didn’t hurt her.

“I should go though, it’s getting late,” Waverly said trying to get out of the room.

Instead of keeping it to herself, Nicole let out, “Hey Wave – for what it’s worth, I’m not just having fun with you.” Waverly shut the door behind her refusing to think about what Nicole said.


The day of Nicole’s parents’ anniversary party, Waverly was going back in fourth about whether or not she was going to attend. A small part of knew it was a bad idea, but a bigger part of her couldn’t help but wonder what Nicole looked like in that dress. Imagining Nicole in a beautiful dress was enough to get her out of bed and fixing her hair. She pulled out the dress that she bought for the occasion from the closet. She laid the dress out on the bed, still unsure of whether she would actually go. 

Halfway through getting ready, Waverly stopped to stare in the mirror. Oh God, what are you doing?  Waverly said under her breath.

She bargained with herself, coming to an agreement that if she got a sign of some sort by the time she finished her curling her hair then she would go. There was no sign, none at all. She sat down on the bed for a moment still struggling with the decision.

Nicole is your sign, Waverly thought. Finally, she got up and put on the dress. She knew she looked good. She wore a long sleeved black lace dress that draped over her body perfectly. The lace exposed how tone Waverly's body was. There was a deep v-cut that highlighted her back beautifully. Waverly touched up her makeup and looked at herself in the mirror one last time. She grabbed her keys and the invitation from the desk drawer. She headed out the door, and drove to the venue that turned out to be a beautiful lake house. The mailbox said Haught, and Waverly immediately realized that Nicole’s family owned the property.

Waverly was a little intimidated by the size of the property, she knew that Nicole’s family had money, but never imagined it on this scale. If this was the size of the lake house then she couldn’t even imagine what their actual home looked like. She stayed in the driveway for a bit trying to get over her fear of walking in to see Nicole all over Shae, still debating whether she should turn back. She knew that she couldn’t blame Nicole if she was pursuing Shae, after all, she was the one that suggested Nicole try to get her back.

Eventually gathering enough courage, she walked in through the gate that connected the front yard to the back yard. It was a spacious property, that was decorated extravagantly. Tables with beautiful centerpieces were spread across the backyard. There was a dance floor installed for the night, and the twinkle lights hanging lit up the place completely.

Waverly noticed Nicole immediately.

She looks amazing in that dress, Waverly said smiling and making eye contact with Nicole.

Nicole was wearing a beautiful velvet colored dress. The dress had a slit along the side that exposed Nicole's legs. The straps of Nicole's dress highlighted how toned her arms truly were. Nicole was standing at the bar next to a handsome boy, drinking a whiskey sour. Waverly noticed that she seemed to attract his attention as well. Nicole’s cousin nudged her and said, “Please, please tell me she’s not family.” Nicole looked at him harshly for a second, but didn’t respond. Instead she walked over towards Waverly, unable to keep her eyes off of her even if she tried. 

Shae was tied up helping Nicole’s mom with something and missed Waverly’s entrance. Nicole smiled at Waverly as she got closer.

“Hey stranger, you look – absolutely stunning” she said politely.

“Yeah?” Waverly said smiling widely at the thought that Nicole admitted she looked pretty.

“Yeah, I’m so glad you came,” she said putting her drink down on a nearby table.

“Nicole, why don’t you introduce me to your beautiful friend,” her cousin interrupted extending his hand.

“No,” Nicole responded coldly.

“I mean, not now cause right now I kinda need to talk to her, alone” Nicole said as she pulled Waverly over to the side.

Nicole and Waverly flirted back and fourth for a couple of minutes before Shae appeared. “Baby, your mom wants a picture of us.” “Oh, well who let you in,” she said meanly to Waverly. Shae pulled Nicole away.

Nicole looked back at Waverly who tried her absolute best to hide how much she hated the thought of Shae and Nicole spending any time together.

“Go, I’ll be fine,” Waverly said pushing Nicole away.

“I will be right back, I promise. Oh and Wave – avoid my mom’s side of the family.” 

Waverly nodded and looked for a place to sit down. As soon as Waverly sat down she immediately felt eyes gravitate towards her. Nicole’s family members were curious about whether Waverly was Nicole’s newest girlfriend. She watched Nicole take pictures with Shae. Something about the way Shae held Nicole in the pictures made her uncontrollably jealous. And a jealous Waverly was known to be reckless. Nicole’s cousin that attempted to introduce himself before, noticed Waverly sitting alone.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to save you from being bombarded by nosy family members,” he said as he sat down next to Waverly. “I do have to ask though, are you and Nic a thing?”

Waverly watched as Shae played with Nicole's fingers, before turning around to look at Nicole's cousin. “Not at all,” Waverly answered playing with end of his tie. 

“Well in that case, can I get you a drink?” he asked flirtatiously.

“Yeah that’d be great.” Waverly answered smiling at the boy. 

Nicole was looking at the entire interaction from afar. She waited until her cousin left the table to approach Waverly again.

“He has a girlfriend ya know,” Nicole said pointing at him.

“Apparently everyone who I like seems to,” Waverly responded defensively. “Plus look at him, he’s the most charming Haught I’ve ever met,” Waverly continued.

Her cousin reappeared with two drinks, one in each hand. Nicole grabbed the drink he placed in front of Waverly before Waverly could grab ahold of it and drank it straight. “She’s underage moron,” she said as she walked away from the table.

Waverly managed to make Nicole just as jealous as she was. Something about seeing Nicole just as jealous made her more attractive to Waverly. All they both wanted was time alone with one another. Nicole paced back and fourth before heading inside of the house. Shae followed Nicole inside. 

“Hey babe, where are we going” she said sneaking up behind Nicole in the living room.

“Shae, I meant it when I said we were done.” 

“I know baby, but you said we’re done after the party,” 

“Don't,” Nicole said trying to push away Shae’s advances.

Shae grabbed onto Nicole’s waist, and puled her in. “Come on baby, one more time for old times sakes?” “We can go upstairs, think about it,” Shae said lowering her voice the way she did when she wanted to fool around with Nicole.

Nicole was tempted to take Shae up on her offer. A beautiful girl was asking her to go upstairs with her. Nicole was single, and didn't owe anything to anyone. She was pissed off enough about Waverly and her cousin hitting it off, to actually do it too. But the thought of hurting Waverly wouldn’t leave her mind.

Waverly looked around for Nicole, suddenly Nicole’s mom approached her. “She’s inside honey,” she said pointing towards the house.

Shae and Nicole’s mom originally planned to have Waverly walk in on the two.

Waverly walked towards the empty house, looking for Nicole.

Waverly overhead part of their conversation. “Nicole come upstairs with me, I think I remember exactly how to make you happy. Over and over again. Stop messing around with that Earp girl, everyone except for you seems to know we’re meant to be.”

Waverly felt an ache in the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t entirely sure how ended up in this situation. She was in the middle of nowhere, chasing after someone that had her whole future planned out.

The dress Waverly had on seemed tighter somehow, like it was suffocating her. Waverly was prepared to have her heart broken. Shae kissed Nicole’s shoulders and worked her way up to her neck. “Just kiss me Nicole, I know you want to,” she half-whispered. Shae leaned in to kiss Nicole, and Nicole turned her head to avoid the kiss.

“I can’t,” she said taking a step back. Shae walked away extremely annoyed that the things that used to work on Nicole before weren’t enough to get her back. Waverly smiled and pressed her back against the wall relieved. She watched Nicole walk towards the kitchen. Nicole sat on the counter and sighed heavily thinking about the conversation she had with Shae.

Shae stormed out of the house and Nicole’s mom was nearby. “So, how was it? I sent Waverly in there.” 

“Respectfully ma’am, your daughter is an idiot,” Shae responded.

“Goodness, do I have to do everything myself?” Nicole’s mom said as she rolled her eyes. “Look just get her to dance with you tonight, hold her real close. Can you at least do that?” Shae nodded and walked towards the bar to get a drink.

Meanwhile, Waverly contemplated following Nicole into the kitchen. Screw it, she muttered under her breath as she walked towards the kitchen. Nicole looked up, and was pleasantly surprised when she saw Waverly. “Wave –” Nicole said softly. Before Nicole could say anything else Waverly was standing in front of her kissing her so hard that she had to use a hand to holder face in place. Nicole didn’t fight Waverly at all or attempt to pull away, she kissed her back passionately. Waverly liked the way Nicole’s lips tasted, there was a hint of whiskey that Waverly loved.

Nicole looked like she was about to say something. “Don’t you dare,” Waverly said covering Nicole’s mouth to keep her from saying something that would stop what was about to happen. They heard the door open and a waiter walk in. Nicole hopped off the counter quickly and carried the small girl towards the pantry closet. Waverly had her arms wrapped around Nicole’s neck. Nicole put Waverly down and Waverly turned to lock the door behind them. When Waverly faced the door, Nicole moved Waverly’s hair out of the way and noticed how much the v-cut dress exposed of her back. 

God, you’re beautiful, Nicole said in deeper toned voice.

Nicole’s voice and the fact that she could her body feel her so close to her, made her pulse quicken. Waverly turned around to kiss Nicole again, this time running her fingers through her hair, something about the way Waverly pulled on her hair drove her crazy. Nicole dug her nails into Waverly’s back to keep her hands from going where they really wanted to go. Waverly shuttered at the pressure and light pain that Nicole's nails were creating. Waverly grabbed one of Nicole’s hands and ran it up her inner thigh. She looked up at Nicole innocently before saying, “I want you,” Nicole nodded, ready to do whatever Waverly asked of her. The alarm on Nicole's phone started ringing on top of the kitchen counter, it was 9 o’clock and time for Nicole to dance with her parents. “Crap, I have to go dance,” Nicole said trying to quickly fix her hair.

“We literally have the worst timing,” Waverly said, noticeably upset that they had to stop.

Nicole kissed Waverly’s forehead softly, “I’ll make it up to you baby, I promise.”

When they walked outside, the guests all stared at them. Nicole’s hair was messier than before, and Waverly’s back had Nicole’s nail marks imprinted on it.

After Nicole danced with her parents, Shae gave Nicole a rose and cut in to dance with her. Waverly bit her tongue the entire time. Seeing Shae and Nicole together drove her to the brink of insanity. She watched Nicole dance with Shae. 

Does she have to hold Nicole so close, she said under her breath.

Nicole’s mom appeared behind Waverly, “My daughter looks beautiful doesn’t she?”

“Yeah, she really does,” Waverly said cooly. “Congratulations, you look beautiful as well,” Waverly said looking up at Nicole’s mom.

“Listen Waverly, I want my daughter to be happy.”

“I do too,” Waverly interrupted defensively.

“Good, then you understand why I’m going to ask you to stay away from her. Look how wonderful they look together,” her mom said pointing at Nicole and Shae. “I'm sorry but you’re just not good enough for Nicole sweetheart.”

Waverly stayed silent. Nicole looked over her shoulder and noticed her mom talking to Waverly. She stopped dancing and walked directly towards her; Nicole’s mom had already disappeared by the time she reached the table. 

“Wave— what’d she say to you,”

“Nothing, I just think that I may have overstayed my welcome,”

“Where are you going, I’ll go with you?”

“No, Nicole. You're meant to be with her,” she said pointing at Shae.

Nicole was sad that Waverly couldn’t even look at her.  Waverly stood up and wiped the tears away before they fell down her face, she didn’t want Nicole to see her cry. She walked towards the front of the house, and found Nicole’s dad leaning against the giant oak tree smoking a cigar.

“Waverly, is it?” he asked putting the cigar out and approaching the small girl. Nicole’s dad was a very tall man, and had Nicole’s kind eyes.

“It is.”

“It’s so nice to finally meet you,” he said politely. Waverly smiled widely, “Yeah it’s nice to meet you too.” Waverly was slightly surprised that Nicole’s dad was a lot nicer than her mom had been.

“Ah-ha, so that’s the smile my daughter tells me so much about,” he said.

Waverly blushed, she was flattered that Nicole told her dad about her. “Listen, I’ve seen Nic in and out of relationships over time. And she’s never looked at a girl the way she looks at you Miss Waverly,” he said.

“Don’t you break her heart,” he said when he noticed his daughter run through the gate desperately looking for Waverly.

“Wave, seriously I’m telling coach to recruit you Monday morning,” Nicole said.

Her dad kissed Nicole on the forehead. “Well I better distract your mom so she doesn’t come looking for you,” her dad said before heading back.

Once they were alone, Nicole got closer to Waverly. “Ya know, we never actually got to dance,” Nicole said as she pulled out her phone.

She set it on the floor, it was loud enough for both of them to hear. Nicole grabbed Waverly’s hand and spun her around twice before holding her between her arms. Waverly was slightly impressed with this super smooth Nicole. She placed a hand on her chest and another around her neck. It wasn’t long before she tucked her head into her shoulder. Being with Waverly always felt right, and they both tuned out the world for a moment. Waverly looked up at Nicole as the song was reaching its end.

“Be my girlfriend, for tonight?” Waverly said softly in her ear.

“Wave –”

“Please don’t stay here with Shae. Come with me instead?”

Nicole disappeared, and Waverly wasn’t sure if she had scared Nicole away. She sat for a moment not knowing whether she should leave. Nicole had to get past her mom to get her things. Nicole’s dad knew exactly what was going on and tried to hide his growing smile.

“Nicole, where are you going?” her mom asked.

“Home, mom.”

Nicole’s mom stood there a bit confused while Shae swallowed hard, unable to accept that Nicole really ditched her for Waverly.

Nicole reappeared with a backpack flung over one of her shoulders, “Where you go, I go.” Nicole said with a smile on her face. "Plus, I did promise to make it up to you," Nicole said. Waverly grabbed onto Nicole's hand excited to finish what they began earlier that night.

The drive back seemed endless. Nicole told Waverly to pull over at the next hotel. With their fingers intertwined, the both of them were equally excited as they were nervous to spend the night together. Nicole checked them in and they kissed on the elevator on their way to the room. Waverly unlocked the hotel room. She couldn't keep her hands off of Nicole, not when she looked like that. She watched Nicole’s eyes fill with desire as she pushed her against the wall. Nicole tried to slow down because she wanted to make sure that Waverly really wanted to. Instead of responding Waverly turned Nicole around and pulled Nicole’s dress zipper down. Waverly kissed Nicole’s shoulders softly and traced her fingers along Nicole’s spine.

Nicole turned around. “Baby, are you sure?”

Waverly nodded. “I lo- like you, Nicole.” Waverly almost let the words slip out. "Well, I like you, too." Nicole responded.

She brought the straps holding Nicole’s dress in place down. Waverly bit her lip as she stared at Nicole’s body.