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Soulmates are Forever

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As soon as she walked into her room, Waverly called Wynonna. Of course her sister didn’t answer the phone. She was probably out on some crazy wild adventure, while Waverly was a tangled mess.

Why can’t people just pick up the phone, I mean why have phones at all if you're not going to pick up when your sister needs you, Waverly thought.

Her phone began ringing an hour later, it was Wynonna. Waverly answered the phone glad that she had someone to talk to.

“Babygirl, is everything okay?” The voice was familiar and made Waverly smile. “How's Haught treating you?” Wynonna said teasingly.

Oh my god did she really just say that Waverly thought.

“What? What do you mean?” Waverly asked nervously.

“Nicole, she texted me that she met you? Said that you were pretty charming.” Wynonna responded playfully noticing her sister’s nervousness.

“Yeah I mean she’s great too, she’s Haught.” Waverly chuckled then noticed what she had said and hid her face with her hand. She didn’t know why she hid, it’s not like Wynonna could see her. “I meant she’s Haught like her last name, but she is also very pretty –” she tried to explain.

Wynonna interrupted, “Babygirl, you be careful with Haught. If those walls could talk, well let’s just say we’d be needing a demolition crew.” Wynonna never held back, not a single thought. “I get it Nicole is a very simple girl, her parent’s are loaded with cash, she’s sweet, and loyal, but she has her own demons too.”

Waverly couldn’t get a single word out, she thought about her next words. “Wynonna, I don’t know anybody on campus. Nicole is my friend okay. You should get it, you were her best friend, and she never hooked up with you.”  Waverly felt bad because lied. She didn’t just want Nicole to be her friend, she wanted more, a whole lot more.

“hey – Nicole could have done much worse than me.” Wynonna answered defensively. “And you could do so much worse than Nicole.” Wynonna couldn’t deny that Nicole had always been there for Wynonna and saved her from some dangerous situations. After all, Nicole was her most loyal friend.

The moment was interrupted when Waverly heard a beer bottle break in the background.

“Waves, I gotta run Doc and Dolls are – well they’re dumb. I love you, and I’ll tell Nicole to look out for you.” Wynonna said as she hung up. 

Waverly thought about what Wynonna had said. Nicole was a sweetheart, but she was a sweetheart with an incredibly beautiful girlfriend. And that thought made Waverly sad, so she decided to push the thoughts of Nicole out of her mind completely. 

Waverly showed up to the meeting at 6 o’clock sharp. Bouncing down the steps towards the office, she couldn’t contain her smile. Her smile grew when Nicole opened the door without her knocking. It seemed Nicole had been waiting for 6:00 just as much as she had. As Nicole opened the door, Waverly was able to smell the scent of the beautiful girl in front of her. Vanilla dipped donuts, the scent was Waverly’s favorite. It intoxicated her and blurred her senses.

“Waves” Nicole said softly. The smile on Nicole’s face was sweet, and made Waverly feel so warm.

Waverly couldn’t explain the rush that flowed through her entire body. She knew then that Nicole Haught was going to be the end of her. Waverly realized then that she was in deep trouble if she didn’t get a handle on all of these feelings. Nicole gestured that Waverly have a seat. Nicole explained the housing situation, as Waverly nodded. But Waverly wasn’t listening, she couldn’t. The same way she couldn’t help her eyes from wandering to Nicole’s soft pink lips. Waverly knew that her eyes were going there, which made the situation worse. Although she was aware, she still couldn’t control what was going on. Waverly wasn’t used to this feeling, she was used to guys throwing themselves at her. She was the popular girl in high school, a cheerleader. Dozens of eyes had unintentionally wandered on to her lips. She had always been in control, but here she was staring at Nicole like she was the sun.

“Any questions…” Nicole interrupted Waverly’s thoughts brushing a finger along the line of her lips. Waverly was caught staring at her lips, and quickly answered, “Nope, no, where do I sign.”

Nicole chuckled, flattered by Waverly’s fascination with her lips.

“Here” she pointed at the paper.

“Hey Waves, there’s a party a couple of my friends are throwing at a loft. Maybe it can turn your bad day around, want to come?” 

Without hesitation Waverly answered “Go with you?” 

Nicole smiled and said softly, “W-well with a group of friends, but yeah go with me?”

The eyes Nicole looked at Waverly with were impossible to turn down, “Parties, that’s my jam,” Waverly quipped.

“Awesome,” Nicole smiled, writing something onto a piece of paper.

Room 117 at 10.

“That’s my room number, we can go from here and come back together.”

Walking Waverly to the door, their hands met when they both reached for the door handle. The touch was damn near electric. Something within Waverly knew that she had to have met Nicole Haught in another time or another life. Because these feelings didn’t feel brand new, they felt like they had been there all her life. Getting into her room, she shut the door and pressed her back against it. “Breathe Waverly, it’s just a girl.”


Waverly couldn’t find what to wear. She wanted Nicole to notice her, she needed to get a little more control in whatever this relationship was. “She has a girlfriend,” Waverly whispered to herself. Waverly wanted the thoughts of Nicole kissing her out of her mind. She stared at her outfit in the mirror, she knew she looked great. The way the black jeans clung onto her body, hugging all the right places, made her realize that she would definitely be grabbing all sort of people’s attention at the party. She threw on a ripped light blue jean jacket over her beige colored crop top. She shifted her attention to her watch. 10:15. 

“Shoot, I’m running late” she said, applying lipstick as she walked down the steps. She ran into Nicole on the stair case.

“Waves, I was just coming up to ask if you still wanted to go to the party, “she said not yet noticing what Waverly was wearing.

“You know where I live?” Waverly smiled noticing that Nicole was now staring her body.

“Wow.” Nicole’s eyes widened. “I-I mean, yeah, residence advisor, remember?” Nicole answered now unable to keep her eyes off of Waverly’s lips.

“Oh, right” Waverly smiled. “We should get going, your car or mine?”

“Mine.” Nicole answered. “Pretty girls like you should be driven. Everywhere.” Nicole looked at the ground realizing what she had just said.

Waverly smiled pausing to notice that Nicole was wearing jeans, boots, and a t-shirt with rolled up sleeves that showed off her biceps.

Somewhere in their conversation Shae had managed to enter the staircase.

That girl has the worst timing Waverly thought.

Shae managed to break the moment again. This time noticing that Waverly was taken with Nicole. Teasingly asking “She looks great doesn’t she?” then planting a steamy kiss on Nicole. As the kiss ended Shae bit Nicole’s bottom lip, pausing to make direct eye contact with Waverly and say, “Mine.”

How dare she kiss Nicole and say mine, Nicole doesn’t belong to anyone, Waverly thought to herself.

Waverly looked away slightly angry that Shae had the nerve to kiss Nicole in front of her. She had never felt jealously like this, not when she found out Champ, her ex boyfriend and longest relationship, had cheated on her. This was different, Nicole was supposed to be her friend, so how could watching someone else kiss her make her blood boil. Waverly had to control these feelings, or she could ruin her friendship with the beautiful girl. Instead she chose to play it cool, and thought of happier things. Like the way Nicole had stared at her before Shae interrupted, or the way her sweet scent drove her wild. 

Stop. Nicole is your friend Waverly, she's just a girl she thought as she walked into Nicole's car.