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Soulmates are Forever

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Waverly was afraid of starting school in a big city. She wasn’t sure how she was going to fit in. Sure, she had been voted most popular in her small town. But this was different, the town of Purgatory was small and safe. Here, hundreds of people swarmed the campus, and it was difficult to meet people. She wondered how her sister Wynonna had managed to make friends so easily on this same campus. Waverly checked into her dorm room earlier that day, and planned to roam campus before the day was over. She hoped to make friends or at least meet new people, if Wynonna could do it then so could she.

On her stroll through campus, she couldn’t help but feel alone in such a huge place. She made sure to see where all the buildings with her classes were, so that she'd have no trouble on her first day of school. As she walked back towards the dorm room she noticed Wynonna’s best friend, Nicole Haught, with a large group of people huddled around her. Waverly had only seen pictures of the two when Wynonna had visited the homestead on holidays. Wynonna would boast about the parties, and the flock of girls that Nicole attracted without trying. Waverly didn’t give it much thought then, but did find Nicole extremely beautiful. But now, seeing her in person was different. Nicole was much taller than Waverly had imagined. Nicole was beautiful, and her smile was intoxicating.

Waverly couldn’t help but continue staring, she was drawn to Nicole. Nicole looked away from her friends and in Waverly’s direction. They made eye contact for a brief second. Suddenly, Waverly noticed she had been caught staring and bolted towards the dorm rooms. She didn't mean to it was instinctual. Staring at Nicole for a second longer would have ruined her. Those eyes.

She shut the door behind her and paced around her room going through what had happened out there. Nicole had her flustered with a look. She wondered if she could’ve avoided it, or done something different; maybe introduced herself. If she had introduced herself, she wouldn’t have been caught staring.

Nicole must think I’m weird. How could she not? If she knew I was Wynonna’s sister, it would have made sense, why I was staring, right? Waverly thought to herself.

Waverly was overthinking the whole encounter. Her mind was all over the place until she remembered that she had a meeting with the residence advisor. When she was younger she never had anything to herself, and Waverly decided to get a single dorm room. She wanted privacy, and something for herself – no roommates. Since she would have the room to herself, there was paperwork to be filled out. She gathered her thoughts and grabbed her room keys heading out the door.

Waverly lived on the second floor of the building, and the resident advisor’s office was on the first floor. As Waverly went down the steps, she thought about how she would introduce herself; reciting her introduction repeatedly in her head, “Hi I’m Waverly Earp, it’s nice to meet you.” She was determined to have a better encounter with the next person she laid eyes on.

She opened the door and recited eagerly, “Hi I’m – “
She had to stop herself because the resident advisor seemed a little preoccupied.

Waverly didn’t know what was more embarrassing, the fact that her advisor was Nicole Haught or that she walked in on Nicole with a girl on her lap kissing her uncontrollably. As Waverly stood frozen, Nicole looked up for a brief second and noticed the same girl that was staring at her outside, staring at her now.

Nicole broke up the steamy kiss and said, “hey, I should put a bell on you.” Waverly mortified, laughed slightly and explained profusely that she had a meeting with her. Nicole laughing said,” Is it 6:00 already?”

Waverly looked down at her watch.

It was 5:00.

Oh you’ve got to be kidding me she thought


Waverly wanted to be anywhere but there. Turning bright red, she apologized and tried to hurry out closing the door behind her. But Nicole chased her down the hall and caught up to her in the stairwell. She grabbed Waverly’s arm and tugged it lightly in her direction. Waverly turned around and found that Nicole was smiling gently in her direction. Waverly couldn’t help but smile back.

Nicole broke the silence and said, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay, you looked startled back there, you’re a runner huh?”

Typically, Waverly would have just laughed and walked away. But she felt like she needed to explain her behavior,” This has been the worst day, I can’t seem to get anything right. And I’ve managed to embarrass myself twice in front of you.”

Nicole laughed gently, and she told Waverly that everything was going to be okay, and reassured that she hadn’t embarrassed herself. Suddenly, Nicole remembered that her meeting was scheduled with an Earp.

She introduced herself, “I’m Nicole Haught, and you are...” with her hand outstretched toward Waverly.

“W-Waverly Earp” she said with a smile grabbing ahold of her hand.

Nicole quickly realized who she was talking to and said, “So you’re the popular Waves,” Waverly’s body shuddered as Nicole said her pet name, almost missing the second half of Nicole’s sentence, “well you’re definitely the sweetest Earp I’ve ever met, it’s really nice to finally meet you.” Waverly’s cheeks were filled with color, their hands were still holding onto each other, but neither seemed to notice or mind. Their eyes locked on one another.

God those eyes Waverly thought.

There was brief moment where everything bad that happened to Waverly that day seemed insignificant, but the moment was interrupted by the girl Nicole had in the office.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna head out, walk me back?” Nicole let go of Waverly’s hand and stuttered on her words. Placing a hand behind her neck, Waverly watched as Nicole’s hand left hers, and missed the contact.

“S-sure Shae, I’ll be there in a sec,” turning back towards Waverly she smiled and said “6:00, Waves?’

“6:00” Waverly answered.

As Waverly walked up a couple of steps, she turned around and caught a glimpse of Nicole staring at her.

“Nicole Haught,” Waverly whispered to herself heading to her room. The way the name rolled off her lips flustered Waverly.