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but we can stay here and love away the fear

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the warmth of sirius' chest. his hair, soft and as black as the sky outside their window. the quiet snoring and quiet ruffle of the bed sheets when they move their feet.
the soft pitter patter of the rain against the glass. the empty room as james and peter left for christmas, and since remus couldn't go back this one, sirius decided to stay with him

"padfoot" a hushed whisper, as loving as the hand caressing the other boy's cheek, slowly getting strands of hair out of the way. it always reminded him of spilled ink across white paper

a low grumble.

"i love you"


moony was messed up. that was no secret. judged by people, severely punished by his own father, spending one night a month away from everyone so he wouldn't end up killing them all

his father could call him slurs, the witches and wizards could give him loathing looks for being cursed, the world could come crashing down for all he cared.


his fears stopped existing when sirius was there to hold him.