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CedricHarry: Microfic Meme

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Back to back with Cedric, Harry felt alive and held his wand tight, as the dueling started.



Cedric's at the grave and mourns, they had just started to fall for each other, it wasn't supposed to end this way.



Harry really wished he hadn't agreed to Cedric's idea of flying across an ocean on just their brooms.



Cedric's name was called, and Harry found himself saying, "I volunteer".


First Kiss

There's a soft warmth in the press of the lips, and Cedric catches Harry's involuntary sigh in his mouth.



"Promise?" he asked, and instinctively it seemed Harry held his hand, light blushes gracing both their cheeks, and everything felt right.



Harry caught Cedric's reassuring smile as he held his godson in his arms.



Harry lost himself in the feel of Cedric's arms, the nightmare becoming a fading memory.



There was an unrestrained moan, Cedric looked up and smiled around Harry.


Unrequited Love

Falling for the boy who saved your life, well there are worse thing that could have happened.