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Just 24 hours ago Mike had been living a normal, boring life.
Just 24 hours ago he had been sitting at the table, eating breakfast with his family.
And just 24 hours ago his parents had been alive.
Now he was sitting in his room, his back against the wall, sobbing as his grandmother softly knocked on the door, begging for him to let her in.
His parents were gone, he would never see them again or hear their voices.
Mike wished he had been with them, he wished he had died too because he couldn’t handle this pain. He didn’t know how he could ever live a single day without them in his life, it felt impossible.
When the sobs had died down to sniffles and he could finally breathe normally again, he slowly got up and opened the door where his grandmother was still waiting, patiently.
He didn’t even look at her, instead he just walked over to his bed and sat down on it, wiping at his eyes.
His grandmother sat down next to him, lovingly stroking his back.
“I know this isn’t a good time, but I need to tell you something Michael”
“Are you going to die too?”
He asked in a quiet, frightened voice. He knew his grandmother was sick, she had been for a while.
Dad said she was only getting sicker and sicker.
“No not yet”
She said and Mike sighed in relief. He couldn’t lose her too, if grammy died then he would be alone.
The thought made his stomach turn and he didn’t even want to begin to imagine what would happen the day his grandma left him too.
“I thought it would be best if you heard this from me and not someone else”
His grandmother seemed to be struggling with finding the right words, which scared him. What was happening?
“Your dad, he’s not- “
She interrupted herself and Mike felt his heart start to beat faster in his chest.
“My dad is not what?”
“He’s not your dad”
Mike must have heard that wrong. His dad wasn’t his dad? That was just not possible. He had heard the stories about a million times, of how his parents met and fell in love before deciding to have a kid together. He also knew that his mother would never cheat on his father. They loved each other.
It seemed like grammy knew exactly what he was thinking about.
“They lied in their stories. Your dad met your mom when she was already 5 months pregnant”
Mike didn’t answer her. He couldn’t find the words.
He had been awake for less than an hour and he had not only lost his parents but found out that in a way his life had been a lie.
Grammy pleaded as he started to get up from the bed.
“I need to get some fresh air”
Mike mumbled before leaving his grandmother alone in his room.

His grandmother threw her arms around him as he entered through the door, and she hugged him so tightly that he could barely breathe.
“I thought I’d lost you too”
She said which caused him to feel an immense guilt over leaving the house not to return until hours later.
At first, he had just been walking, waiting for it all to sink in, but then eventually he ended up going to Trevor’s house.
His best friend had recently gotten his hands on a new video game and what started as just trying the game had ended up being hours of the boys playing together.
Mike had completely forgotten about the events of today but now it all came crashing down on him again.
“I’m sorry. I just went to Trevor’s house”
“Never disappear like that again. Never”
She lightly scolded while releasing the boy.
“I promise”

Mike clutched the photo tightly in his hand as he stared at the man with his arm over his mother’s shoulders. The man that was apparently his father.
Without really wanting to he located a few similarities between the man’s face and his own.
He turned the picture around and on the back, someone had written ‘Nina and Harvey’ with a heart next to it.
He turned the picture around again and studied the young version of his mother and his biological father, they looked so happy.
“What happened between them?”
Mike asked and his grandmother sighed. If it was one thing that was clear, it was that she did not like Harvey Specter.
“Your mother was madly in love with Harvey. She wanted to marry him and build a family with him, but Harvey broke her heart. He never loved her, he cheated on her and then he left when he found out about you”
Mike frowned, his real dad sounded like a total douche. It sounds like his mother was really lucky to find his dad, someone who treated her right.

The next morning when Mike made his way down the stairs, he was met by the smell of coffee and his grandmother cleaning up in the living room.
She rarely drank coffee herself so it would often mean that she was expecting a guest.
“Who’s coming?”
He asked, thinking that it would be one of his grandmother’s friends.
“Harvey Specter is coming by”
Mike froze in place, why was he coming by? Mike didn’t want anything to do with him, not after learning what kind of person he was.
Suddenly his grandmother adapted the same struggling expression she had yesterday when she told him about the man. It looked like things were just getting worse.
“I want to see if he’s willing to take custody over you”
Mike exploded, she wanted to just dump him over to a douche stranger? Father or not, he was still a douche.
“I’m not going to stay with him!”
“Michael. He might not be the best man in the world, but he is your father and it’s better than ending up in the foster system”
Mike couldn’t believe his ears, how could his grandmother do this to him? How could she just throw him out as if he was nothing but trash?
“I want to stay with you”
“You can’t”
“Why? Because you’re not technically my grandmother? Well that’s bullshit!”
He couldn’t even remember the last time he yelled at his grammy like this, and he could see a mixture of shock and exasperation on her face.
“No because I’m sick, Michael and I might not be around for much longer”
All his anger disappeared at her words. His dad had warned him over and over again about the fact that his grandmother could leave them soon, but grammy had never admitted it herself.
She always kept insisting that she was fine.
Mike opened his mouth to apologize but was interrupted by the doorbell ringing and his grandmother walked past him.
He sat down on the couch as he heard the door open.
“Mr. Specter”
He heard his grandmother say in an ice-cold tone.