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The Eternal Rain

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It's raining outside today.

Just like yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

For now, it's not a storm. Just a light drizzle. It's sort of nice, in a way. The sound against the glass is comforting background noise in class. Miss Channing's droning is a bit boring, and the pitter-patter is something that makes it a little better.

It rains every day here. Nobody knows why. No one particularly cares, either. It's just rain, and despite the mild inconvenience, it's not all bad. It's kind of comforting to know that our sky is just as emotional as the rest of us.

The teens in the room aren't listening to the lesson, just the rain. It's their own sort of music. It's like every day the sky can play a new song for them all.

The rain makes people sad, though. They have to look out their windows and see the rain. Why no sun? No light? It's depressing, no matter how comforting the rain may be. There aren't many sources of happiness among the children in the classroom. Just like there's no sun outside the window. There is no light, no happiness, no sun.

But what the children never seem to realize is that they can make their own Sun.