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The Outcasts

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Alfred stared up at the looming grey building before him. 'Rock bottom Lane' even the name sounded dismal. This large and ugly stack of bricks, was the school he'd been forced to attend. Although Alfred could tell it'd be more accurate to call this place a prison rather than a school. 'Rock bottom' (yeah, it was really called that). was renowned for taking in the most Dangerous, rebellious and generally messed up Pupils from across the globe.
It was based far of in an island of the coast of Scotland, and besides the school it's only inhabitants were members of a tiny fishing village.
Reluctantly, Alfred remembered the moment that sealed his fate, and caused his parents to send him to the abysmal Prison.


For most of his life Alfred had been a god boy, a little boisterousness, yes but he had good intentions. That was until high-school, when a couple of bullies decided to make his life a living hell, all because he was gay. He built up a huge resentment to them, and he felt there was not a single person to turn to, even his parents were homophobic (They just dismissed his sexuality as a phase, a way to rebel) and so, the hatred inside Alfred grew little by little.

Let it be known, that from an early age, Alfred always had a slight anger problem, usually he was fine, but when he snapped, he lost all restraint.
So one day, the American was walking home, when he was stopped by the bullies, tormenting him again.

"Stupid faggot." They laughed, throwing his bag in the air, making the contents spill on the floor, books and pieces of paper scattered everywhere. Alfred felt the anger inside him rising, he'd had enough of this; He'd never done anything to them, so why, it wasn't fair! He clenched his fists so hard he could feel his knuckles turning white. That just made them laugh more.

"You gonna cry, gay boy?" The leader said, a confident grin spreading across his face as he swaggered over, flanked by his cronies. "Ugh, your do disgusting, maybe I should teach you a lesson?"
The leader of the gang raised his fist to punch the american, but Alfred, livid with anger beat him to it. With new found strength, the teen's fist collided with his tormentors nose with a satisfying 'crunch'. The rage seemed to take over every fiber in Alfred's being, and without even realizing it, he was punching his bully again, and again, and again.
Alfred can't remember a lot after that, but he knew the details from the police report; 'He'd managed to beat them up using a stick of the floor, most of them where unconscious, there were several broken bones'.
The American couldn't say he regretted finally getting his revenge, but then the police got involved in the incident, and a whole host of other people, from physiologists to lawyers. It seemed like everyone wanted to have  chance to demonise the 'psycho gay kid'. Eventually it was decided that Alfred was 'dangerous' and should go to a 'safe' environment. So that's how ended up at rock bottom lane boarding school, feeling betrayed by his parents who let him go, and nervous about entering this scary new school, that was rumored to harbor the future murderess of the world.


" Well then, lets get going!" Betty, Alfred's guidance officer chimed snapping him out of his flashback and back to his gloomy reality (not that his thoughts were much brighter).

" Man, this place looks so gloomy! I don't see why I have to stay here!" Alfred complained to Betty for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, but as always, the middle-aged guidance councilor reacted in the same way;

"Honey, your troubled, this is the best place for you," She said shaking her head, and smiling at him sympathetically. He hated that pitying look, but he didn't want to snap at the lady for just doing her job.

"'Troubled'? whatever." Alfred grumbled, as he followed her across the desolate grounds of the school into the building School was full of long winding corridors, with mis-matched brick walls covered in graffiti, the place looked abysmal.

" Well Alfred, this is the headmaster's office, I'll be leaving now" Betty smiled before leaning closer and whispering to him. " Good luck" and turning on her heel, she left the vicinity as quickly as she could, her sensible medium-heeled shoes clacking against the cold, hard that moment on, The American teen was left by himself in front of the intimidating large wooden doors. Gathering his courage, he entered. Before he'd even properly registered what had happened, or took in the room, something hard and painful collided with his face, knocking him to the floor.

"Dude! What the hell!" Alfred yelled. He'd been at this school for like what? fifteen minutes and people were already throwing things at him? not cool..

" You must knock before you enter, insolent boy." A voice boomed, the american raised his eyes, to see the culprit; An intimidating middle aged man, with a waxy complexion and a scary look in his eyes. He had a portly build and was a ugly mixture of fat and muscle.
Judging by the mortarboard on his head, Alfred was guessing this guy was the principle.

"I'm sorry I didn't knock, but jeez- It doesn't mean you can throw books at me! That's uncalled for!" The angered teen whined while getting to his feet.

"Let's set something's straight here, Mr Jones, I am the headmaster and you shall address me as such. While your here, you'll do as I say, and only what I say, You are at the mercy of the teachers here, understand!" The Headmaster said, keeping his voice deadly and low, ready to snap at any moment.

Alfred, not one to be bossed around, was about to argue, but the sight of the cane that hung menacingly from the Headmasters belt buckle, stopped him from speaking up. Instead he settled for the safer option of just nodding. Seriously! It was 1990, were people still using those things?

Much to Alfred's annoyance, the intimidating man seemed as if he was going to start lecturing him again, but luck was on Alfred's side today (for once) and a knock on the door interrupted the man's speech before it had begun.

"Come in!" The headmaster bellowed, the irritated look still etched onto his face.
In through the large wooden doors, came what was quiet possibly the strangest boy Alfred had ever seen; He had abnormally thick eyebrows, that in an odd way seemed to suit him, his hair was blonde, but was streaked with flashes of red and blue that seemed deliberately gaudy giving him a punk-ish look. But the most noticble thing about the boy was his eyes; They where a striking acid green colour, that burned with contempt, and irritation. He was very attractive, in a bad boy sort of way.

"Kirkland, what did you do this time? Ah I see, you dyed your hair again- a clear violation of school rules" The headmaster snarled, his voice was angry, but Alfred noted it also seemed to be laced with.. excitment? did this man enjoy scolding kids in general, or just this Kirkland boy?

"Well, obviously" Kirkland Drawled lazily, glaring at the head he extended his arm for the cane "Let's just get this over with, shall we? I have better things to do with my time."
The Headmaster scowled, clearly angered by the boy's arrogant attitude.
Alfred wasn't sure if the English boy was brave or stupid.

The headteacher meanwhile, was unhooking his cane from his belt, slowly, in a threatening manner, but he stopped mid-way, and smirked. The sight almost made Alfred sick- there was something disturbing about the way that man smiled, his pale sweaty lips pulled tightly over a row of yellowing teeth.

"Well Kirkland, since you think this is a waste of time, I have a job for you for the rest of the day." The man said, his voice dripping with venom " You can look after that new boy, show him round, make sure he's in once piece by the end of the day, okay? I know how much you love meeting new people"

"Yes sir." Arthur grumbled acidly, glaring over at Alfred, Keeping a new kid in one piece sounded like a lot of work, but it was better than being beaten, even though he acted tough, The Brit wasn't the biggest fan of the dreaded cane. Too bad the headmaster seemed to like hitting him with it so often. Bastard.

"You may leave, Kirkland, Jones" The headmaster said, his eyes beady black eyes lingering on the two of that, Alfred left, with 'Kirkland' in tow, both boys feeling extremely curious about the other. The American was the first to speak, breaking the awkward silence as he walked with Arthur to his room. " So, dude, what's your full name?" He asked, attempting to smile, despite not really feeling like it.

"My name's Arthur Kirkland, not 'dude'" The Brit said pursing his lips in slight irritation. "And you?"

"Me? I'm Alfred, Alfred F. Jones!" Alfred declared, Arthur only nodded in reply, and he could feel the awkward silence setting in again, so he decided to at least try and keep the conversation going. "So.. uhh are you the school rebel or what? speaking to the Principle like that?"

Arthur smirked in response. " I think you'll find, I'm considered a gentleman by this school's standards.. Well you'll see for yourself soon enough.. Prepare to meet your classmates, Jones, remember, these are 'the most messed up kids around'" Arthur said, as the two approached the dormitory door. The Brit pulled it open, grimacing.