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The male lead clutches at the female lead’s arm, pulling her in. The scene slows down, the music swelling. The guy leans down, head tilting, and the girl stares up at him, eyes wide, and--

And then a pretty woman tells him that it might rain tomorrow, the screen behind her showing little thunder clouds.

“I was watching that!” Taehyung says. He looks over, and sure enough, Jimin is grinning, the remote clutched in his tiny hand, standing at the edge of the couch. “They were gonna kiss!” Taehyung yells, lunging for Jimin and grabbing hold of him easily as Jimin laughs. “I’m missing the kiss!” He grapples with Jimin’s arms as Jimin shrieks, trying to hold the remote out of the way, and they both go crashing to the floor -- but Taehyung doesn’t even care. The drama is probably over, he’s missed the kiss, and now he just wants to smush Jimin’s face into the ground and sit on him until he begs for forgiveness.

Jimin’s wiggling, breathless with laughter as Taehyung shoves him over onto his belly. Weakly, he tries to throw Taehyung off, roll back over, but he's giggling too hard. His shorts ride up his thighs as Taehyung straddles them, keeping him down, and Taehyung -- Taehyung isn’t really thinking of anything. He’s got a mild annoyance, a little bit of seething anger, just a feeling pushing him on, his mind blank.

Because Jimin is like this when he wants attention. He’s purposely annoying, he’ll bother Taehyung and he won’t apologize. He’ll get pouty when he wants something and then smug when he's succeeded. Taehyung is the same, really -- they enable each other, feed into the best and worst parts of one another because they feel safe together.

Taehyung knows all of this, knows that by reacting he's giving Jimin what he wants, but it's really not that easy to just stop.


So Taehyung gets caught up in it. He sits on the backs of Jimin’s thighs, watching Jimin squirm beneath him, and he yanks Jimin’s shirt up, looks at the swell of Jimin’s ass in his shorts and-- and without really thinking about it, Taehyung just starts spanking him. He watches, watches his own hand connect, watches Jimin's ass jiggle a little through his shorts, and hits him harder, faster. It hurts his own hand, but not enough to stop him.

Jimin tries to cover his ass, reaching behind him with one hand. Taehyung grabs his wrist and presses it to Jimin's lower back, and Jimin whines.

And Taehyung isn’t thinking about anything, so when Jimin pants out, "Tae--Tae, stop, stop," he doesn't think to stop, or to keep going. It's not conscious -- he just keeps hitting. Smack, smack, smack. He can see a flush spreading down the back of Jimin's neck. Jimin's wrist twists in his grip. Taehyung is rocking with the force of the hits as he brings his hand down again and again onto Jimin’s ass. Or, no -- Jimin is rocking under him, moving against Taehyung’s hand, down -- up -- down -- up --

"Tae, Tae," Jimin whines, and when Taehyung realizes, it's too late. He catches onto the movement of Jimin’s hips and what it means, the way Jimin is pushing up into the spanking and down into the floor, getting more desperate, his tone climbing until his voice cracks. He’s shaking, shuddering, his breath hitching wetly, body tension-filled and then suddenly dropping, relaxing.

Taehyung stops. One hand still on Jimin's ass, his other around Jimin's wrist.

Jimin has his cheek pressed to the floor. His hips twitch a little, one last time, and Taehyung can't be sure, but his thoughts, which are just starting up again, turn to the image of Jimin's dick spurting out that last bit of come into his boxers.

Then Jimin is yanking his wrist out of Taehyung's slack grip and he's turning over to sit up and shove at Taehyung's chest. His face is pink and he's sweating and he says, "I told you to stop!"

"I didn't realize!" Taehyung says, feeling his own cheeks heat up.

"You're stupid!"

"You're stupid!"

"You hit me! A lot!"

"You liked it!"

Jimin's mouth snaps shut into a sour expression and Taehyung immediately feels bad.

"Sorry," Taehyung mumbles, softening his tone. "That was dumb."

Jimin frowns down at his own lap. "I'm all gross." Then he says, voice small but defiant, "I did like it."

Blinking, surprised, Taehyung says, "Oh."

"Yeah," Jimin says.

"I-- I'm glad?" Taehyung tries, and when Jimin rolls his eyes, blush spreading further, Taehyung grins. "I didn't know you were into that."

"It's not like I knew, either!" Jimin says, but Taehyung is pretty sure he's lying. The words sound a little stiff.

Taehyung collapses onto the floor a little, spreading out and staring at the ceiling. After a moment, Jimin does too.

"I've got jizz in my pants," Jimin mumbles. His voice is a little rough, a little croaky. It occurs to Taehyung, distantly, that this is what Jimin sounds like after you spank him. After you spank him until he comes. He’s not sure what to do with that.

"Then go clean up."

"I'm tired," Jimin mumbles. "Hey. Kim Taehyung. Hey. Pay attention to me."

Lazily, Taehyung turns to look at Jimin. Jimin doesn't meet his eyes, though. He stares off to the side, cheeks still pink.

"Hey. Park Jimin. Hey," Taehyung says, and when Jimin finally looks at him, "What did you like about it?"

"Ugh," Jimin says. "Never mind, don't pay attention to me."

"Is it because it hurt?" Taehyung wonders. "But you hate it when I pinch you."

"It's-- different. I don't know."


"A different pain?" Jimin makes a face. "A different place?" He pauses, and then mumbles, "And I don't hate it when you pinch me."

"You cried! That one time!"

"I almost cried this time! I can cry and come at the same time, it's not that hard!"

Taehyung blinks, and Jimin blinks, and then Taehyung giggles. "Hard," he says.

"Oh my god," Jimin says, but he's giggling too, and Taehyung turns fully onto his side so he can put his arm over Jimin's chest and cuddle him closer.

“Has anyone else ever spanked you before?” Taehyung wonders aloud, curious.

“In a sexual way? No.” Jimin turns and tucks his face into Taehyung’s chest.

“So I’m your first!” Taehyung says. He feels warm at the thought. It’s meaningless in a societal kind of way, but meaningful personally. He likes being the one that Jimin messes around with, experiments with, messes up and makes up with.

“You were my first anyway,” Jimin mumbles.

“I want to be all of your firsts,” Taehyung explains. “Also, some of your lasts.”

Jimin peers up at him, narrow-eyed. “That sounds ominous.”

“Well,” Taehyung says, “When we get married, I kinda hope we’ll stay married.”

Jimin laughs. “Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself?”

Taehyung just blinks innocently at him.

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I’m going to divorce you and take all your money.”

“You can take all my money while we’re married.”

“Where's the fun in that?”

“Well, being married to me, for one.”

“I guess if you insist.” Jimin’s smiling, though, and he reaches up to tangle his fingers with Taehyung’s.

“I do,” Taehyung says. Then he pouts. “I missed the end of my drama.”

“Sorry,” Jimin says, not sounding sorry. “You're recording it anyway.”

“It's not about that,” Taehyung grumbles.

“Here,” Jimin says, squeezing Taehyung’s hand. “I'll give you a blow-by-blow reenactment.” He pushes himself up, crawls a little awkwardly until he’s sitting on Taehyung’s stomach, and leans down expectantly.

“Blow,” Taehyung whispers, giggling.

“Shut up,” Jimin whispers back, and Taehyung puckers his lips for Jimin to kiss, barely able to keep them from curving into a smile.

Jimin gives him a quick peck. And then another, and another, until they’re kissing slow and soft and Taehyung is pressing his fingers up under Jimin’s shirt, into the warm, soft skin of his waist.

Then Jimin pulls away, tugging at Taehyung’s bottom lip with his teeth before he lets go and sits up. “I gotta go clean up. I'm gonna be all crusty and shit.”

“The romance,” Taehyung bemoans.

“It's dead,” Jimin says, clambering to his feet.

“We’ve gotta revive it,” Taehyung says. “Here, I'll massage your ass in the shower.”

“I'm not falling for that again,” Jimin says, walking away without looking back at Taehyung, who scrambles after him.

“Jimin-ah!” Taehyung whines. “Wait! I'm pretty sure the drama didn't end like this!”

“Too bad,” Jimin calls back. “You don’t get the drama ending. You’re just stuck with me.”

And, well, if Jimin puts it like that, Taehyung finds that he doesn’t mind so much.