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Murphy's Law

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He couldn’t believe after everything good that had happen today, where he had finally ended up. The bust that morning had gone down without any problems or injuries. They had all gotten their paperwork and reports done by lunch, which had been record time for team seven.

He had asked Ezra to cover for him if anyone asked when he didn't show up right away at Chris's for the New Year's Eve gathering. It was a tradition the team started only last year when they had almost lost Nathan and JD to an arms dealer who had rather blown-up the building with himself in it than to be captured. So the last day of the old and the first day of the new year the seven of them celebrated together at Chris's house with lots of food, football, movies, drinking, poker and even sometimes a horse back ride.

He had explained to Ezra that the thing he had wanted to get Chris for Christmas but thought he couldn't had become available again. And that he was going to pick it up before he once more lost the chance.

Ezra after hearing all the details assured his friend he would cover his absence until he arrived and not let on about the surprise that he would be bringing.

Now four hours later, less than 5 miles from Larabee's driveway, Vin sat disgusted on the side of the road.

“You thought that was just all might funny didn't ya, getting my bandanna out of my back pocket?” Vin said, looking into the trailer the breeder had let him borrow, and that his jeep had been pulling before it blew a tire. His stare met that of the 1 year old, pure black Arabian devil that had just taken a plug out of his backside and left a hole in his jeans to boot in its attempt to get at his favorite bandanna that had been sticking out. Said bandanna was currently waving like a flag from the little colts teeth as he pranced back and forth.

“Well I ain't got no jack and even if I did there ain't a spare tire,” Vin said out loud as he stood up, rubbing his backside as he did. Luckily the snow they had on Christmas day had melted away and the last two days it had been cold and clear. The ground at least hadn't been soggy or muddy when he fell after jumping back from the shock of the bite.

A tug of war ensued when Vin walked up into the trailer and grabbed the bandanna from the colt who was reluctant to release it. Vin gave the animal an affectionate rub behind the ears, knowing the colt had only wanted to play.

“Well fella, what say you and I try to walk some of the way to your new owner's, or at least up to where the road breaks high before going back down around the mountain. We should be able to call Chris for some help,” Vin replied sadly as he untied the lead rope from the trailer wall hating that he wouldn't be able to completely surprise Chris since he would need to explain the need of heavy jack because of the trailer.

Making sure the lead was securely hooked to the colts halter and zipping his heavy leather jacket up to help keep him warm Vin took a quick look up toward the sky and figured that they had about an hour and a half of good light left. That should be enough to reach the area he needed to call and there was a little line shack right on the side of the road there to offer some protection from the cold when the sun dropped as they waited for help to arrive.

The colt was happy to follow the man who had given him sweet apple treats when they first met. He walked contently, keeping his eyes open for that fun toy he had grabbed earlier in hope that he could snatch it again.