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The Military Ball

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“If I was sitting in a bar, would you come up and sing to me like that?”  Claire asked Jake thoughtfully, not taking her eyes off of the television.

They were spending a rainy night in watching the movie Top Gun.  To be specific, Claire was watching it while Jake laughed and picked it apart.  He had come in and just wanted to be close to her so he tolerated the movie.  He had his head in her lap laying perpendicular to her, curled up in his massive king sized comforter.  She was stroking his hair absentmindedly as they watched.

“With that song?”  He looked up at her his eyes heavy with drowsiness.


“No, no I would not.”  He made a face, shaking his head.

“Wow, thanks.”  She chuckled.

“Well hold on, I can do better than that.  Ever hear the song called Bed?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

He sang the chorus of the song for her, looking up at her.

“Wanna put my fingers through your hair,
wrap me up in your legs,
and love you till your eyes roll back.
Then I’ma rock your body, turn you over,
Love is war. I’m your soldier.
Touchin’ you like it’s our first time.”

Claire swallowed hard as she watched him sing.  The combination of his voice and the words were like a drug that sent sparks shooting through her.  “Wow.  I think that song would definitely work some magic on me.”  She said, continuing to play with his hair as he laughed.

“What part did it for you?”  He asked impishly.

“You know what part.”  She said.

“I want to hear it.”  He flipped over and leaned up, his smile replaced with a sultry look.

“You’re my soldier.”  She said, her voice a whisper as he leaned toward her, his lips inches from hers.

“Damn right I am.”  He said, his voice low and husky.  He brushed his lips against hers and she closed her eyes, leaning into him.

He lay back down on her lap with a grin, “Maybe I’ll play it sometime.”

“Maybe you should.”

“In the boudoir.”

“I got that.”  She said with a giggle.

He laughed and settled in to her again grabbing her hand.  The movie progressed and Jake looked up at Claire as the love scene started.  He studied her for a minute or two before he made face and laughed, picking on her.

“Ooooh he’s so dreamy.  Take my breath awayyyyyyyyyy.”  He sang in terrible falsetto.

“You’re a mess.”  She said, shaking her head.

“You actually like this song?”  He looked up at her.

Claire got quiet and watched the movie, ignoring him.  He looked up and his mouth opened in surprise.

“You do?  You DO!  You love this cheesy shit!”

“It’s not cheesy.”  She said defensively.

“Maybe I should play THIS in the boudoir.”  He said kissing the back of her hand.

“Maybe you should, and maybe you’ll get the best sex of your life.”

“Oh no she di’in’t.”  Jake laughed as he sat up.

He looked at the screen thoughtfully and became quiet for a while.

Claire could see his wheels turning and kept glancing at him from time to time.

“So…”  He said hesistantly.

“More boudoir songs?”  She asked, teasing.


“What’s wrong, you look weird.”

“Thanks a lot.

“Not like that.  What’s up?”

“So there’s this Army ball thing and I try not to go to because Pooch and Cougar usually find me dates who end up leaving with other guys, or else they drag me around showing me to their friends and don’t listen to me, or—“

“Wait, what?”  Claire narrowed her eyes in confusion.

“Wanna go to the prom?”  He looked over and smiled sheepishly.

“The prom?”

“You know, dancing and stuff.  But I can’t dance I don’t think.”              

“English!  I’m so confused.”  Claire said, getting annoyed at the confusion.

“There is an Army ball coming up and I’d like to take you!  Oh my God!”  He said in frustration.

“Well I’d love to go!”  She snapped back, glaring at him.

“Don’t yell at me.”

“Don’t snap at me.”  She replied.

They turned to the screen again, watching the move for a few minutes.

“So, this ball.”  She spoke finally, turning to him.


“Is it a formal thing?”

“Yeah, I have to wear my dress greens.”  He shrugged.

“Dress greens?  Like a uniform?”

He nodded and grimaced, “I hate it.  The suits stiff and itchy and the shoes hurt.  I feel weird in suits.

“Oh really?”  She moved position on the couch and was laying with her head in his lap now facing him.


“I’ll bet you look handsome in a suit or formal uniform.”

“I guess.” He shrugged making a face.

“Damn it all for looking nice in a suit, it must be terrible.”

She looked up at him as she rubbed his stomach, lifting his shirt and stroking his warm lightly haired belly up to his chest.  She fingered his chest hair a little and watched for a reaction.  He seemed distant and she couldn’t figure out the sudden change of attitude.

He looked down finally and smiled, “Hello down there.”

“So I have to get a dress and all that stuff to dress up for my man?”


“Will Pooch and Jolene be going?”

“I think so.  Cougar and his woman of the month too I think.”  He wiggled and grunted at her fingers on his chest beginning to wiggle, “That tickles.”

“Sorry, that wasn’t my intention.”

She leaned up and kissed his stomach in apology, moving lower with each peck.

“Having fun, Miss Frisky?”  He chuckled, watching her, dry mouthed, as she moved lower.

She turned her attentions to his zipper and looked up at him provocatively as he adjusted his position on the couch, spreading his legs apart wider as she scooted off the couch and between his legs.  She undid his pants with one hand as the other smoothed up and down his thigh.

“Take my breath awayyyyyy.”  She sang to herself, teasing him with a laugh as she reached into his boxers.

“I’m sorry for mocking that song.”  He breathed, reaching for her hair as he rested his head on the back on the couch.