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You're the Best Part

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Yoongi is jostled awake by a dip in the mattress beside him and a heavy weight settling over his hips and back. Even in his daze, the sudden heat is suffocating but the presence of another body crowding his space becomes much more apparent as he floats nearer to consciousness, until his dreams slip away from him completely. Still, he keeps his eyes closed, eyelids glued to one another with exhaustion from the night prior (or was it just hours before), and he wonders briefly who in their goddamn mind would even dare disrupt his slumber. Then,

“Yoongi, wake uuuup. We need to get goiiiing.”

The sound is soft, whispered into his ear, but the voice twinkles all the same. The all too familiar lilt, the lips almost brushing the tiny hairs on his cheek, the smile he knows that comes along with it. He should be mad. He should be annoyed. He should ignore the hand on the small of his back and the tingling sensation the touch always sparks on his skin. He shouldn’t feel like smiling at the sound of that sing-song voice, especially after only, what, four hours of sleep? And yet Yoongi wants to anyway.

He grunts an affirmation that he’s awake but doesn’t move to get up. Now that he knows who the person next to him is (honestly, who else would it be), the heat that was too much just a while ago has turned into comfortable warmth and Yoongi snuggles in closer. There’s a chuckle and a couple of soft pats on his bum.

“You fell asleep on my bed again, Yoongi,” Seokjin says, just slightly teasing. “Our kids tired you out too much, harabeoji?”

At this time of day all Yoongi can do is grunt, really, so that’s what he does again. He doesn’t even comment on the fact that Seokjin is older than him (only by three months, but still ), making him a grandpa too. He just buries his nose further into those wide shoulders, heart doing silly flips at the mention of their kids.

Ever since Seokjin brought two sugar gliders into their home two months ago, Yoongi and Seokjin had entered into some kind of unspoken agreement. Seokjin takes care of them once they wake up when darkness blankets the city until he goes to bed a little after midnight. Then, when Yoongi returns to the dorms at 2 am, it would be his turn to bond with them, provide company and make sure they don’t accidentally fly into containers they can’t climb out off, until the sky lightens and the baby gliders snooze off in his palm or his pillow or wherever their energy runs out.

Seokjin starts humming a tune, a children’s song mothers sing to their infants to lull them to sleep, and rubs his back in a slow up-down motion. Yoongi wants to laugh. Is Seokjin trying to wake him up or get him back to sleep? Apparently, it’s the latter because Yoongi wakes up again after what seemed to him like a minute but is actually half an hour later to Seokjin’s fluffy sweater in his face.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Seokjin’s voice is so soft Yoongi thinks he’s hearing silk.

“Are the kids asleep?” is the first thing Yoongi asks when he leans far enough from Seokjin’s shoulders to speak properly. He sounds like there are boulders crashing against one another in his throat and it’s louder than he intended. He stills and eyes the cage near Seokjin’s TV set. No movement, no strange crying. Whew.

“Don’t worry. You tired them out, too,” Seokjin whispers as he sits up and looks down at Yoongi.

Seokjin had pulled open his dark window curtains to let the morning light filter in and from Yoongi’s position, he looks absolutely ethereal. Soft, white light highlight the strands of his hair, giving him an almost radiant halo, and Yoongi has to blink twice, thrice, several times to remind himself that this person in front of him is real and that this is not another dream.

Yoongi and Seokjin never explicitly talked about it, they just kind of fell into this pattern of alternately taking care of the babies . Some days, he and Seokjin would crowd near the door of the cage and Seokjin would talk to the gliders like they could understand him. Yoongi would look at his roommate’s profile, beautiful and soft and strong and caring all at the same time, and wonder when reality would wrench him away from this reverie. It never did and Yoongi was glad for it.

“I think Odeng likes me too much,” Yoongi says, trying to dislodge the rock still stuck in his throat. “Wouldn’t let go of my hand last night. Eomuk was practically pulling him back into their cage.”

Seokjin smiles at that, eyes crinkling in the corners. “Yeah, I think he does. He tried crawling into your shirt earlier. Very adamantly, I might add.”

“Is that what it was?” Yoongi vaguely remembers a tickly sensation and what felt like tiny paws digging into his shoulders but it only lasted a second before his mind shut down again to make up for another tiring day. “Huh. I should probably stop feeding him every time he jumps into my pockets. He’s getting too used to it.”

“Probably,” Seokjin agrees.

They stay quiet for a moment and Yoongi closes his eyes, listens to the telltale sounds of the rest of the dorm waking up. A shower is turned on somewhere, heavy footsteps here, Jimin’s full-bodied laugh there. He should probably get up as well, but Seokjin’s bed is so warm and Seokjin’s fingers in his hand feels so nice that he doesn’t want to move, doesn’t want to break the spell that only early mornings in their shared room bring.

The one thing that changed since Eomuk and Odeng entered their lives was that Yoongi had taken to sleeping on Seokjin’s bed. His excuse was that by the time the joeys were safely placed in their cage, Yoongi’s body was too tired and mind too numb to drag his feet all the way to his own on the other side of the room. Seokjin’s bed was always just right there , big and inviting, with enough space to accommodate a curled up Yoongi if he only pressed his body close to Seokjin’s. The morning after he dozed off in Seokjin’s bed for the first time, he found himself wrapped in long arms, Seokjin’s even exhales spreading heat on the back of his neck. They were spooning and Yoongi, predictably, found that he didn’t mind it, not one bit. Seokjin didn’t say anything either and it kept happening over and over, both waking up with their bodies flushed closer and closer with each incident. Before they knew it, Jungkook had claimed Yoongi’s abandoned bed, saying they both looked quite contented to share Seokjin’s anyway.

“I just realized,” Seokjin suddenly but quietly breathes, fingers slotting between Yoongi’s own, eyes directed towards the cage. “I’ve never properly thanked you. It’s been months and you haven’t complained once.”

Yoongi shrugs and says, “It’s part of the roommate code and I’m your roommate.” A pause. “Good thing they’re cute or else...”

Seokjin laughs lightly, his other hand covering his mouth. “God, you’re so weak to cute things. Is that why you adore Jimin so much?”

Yoongi snorts. “I like Hoseok more,” he corrects Seokjin easily. I like you best, though . But he keeps that thought to himself, the thought almost drowned out by a traitorous thumping in his chest that he’s sure Seokjin can hear in the relative silence.

“Mm. Thank you, though. I mean it.” Seokjin is looking at him now and Yoongi feels this overwhelming need to close the space between them, but he doesn't. He just looks back at Seokjin, curls his fingers around crooked ones. “I thought you'd want to change rooms or something. I- I just want to thank you. So, um. Thanks.”

Yoongi smiles a little and squeezes Seokjin’s hand. Seokjin squeezes back. They gaze at each other, expressions giving away the words they’re still too shy to admit out loud, until they hear Jungkook grumble from the entryway and they have to untangle themselves from one another, effectively ending that morning magic.

“Jin hyung,” Jungkook whines, pouts actually, rubbing his right eye with his fist like a child and looking so much younger than his twenty years. “I'm hungry.”

Seokjin sighs as he gets up from the bed and shuffles to Jungkook’s sleepy form. “Aish you big baby. What would you do without me.” He turns their maknae towards the stairs but calls back to the direction of his bed, “You better get ready soon, Yoongi. We still have to go to rehearsals.”

Later that week, they’re shooting their special comeback stage and Eomuk and Odeng are finally revealed to their fans. When a game asks them to name the strength of their roommate, Yoongi jokes he has sugar gliders! Their fans laugh, their members laugh, Seokjin laughs.

But as Yoongi climbs into Seokjin’s bed after a long day of recording, fitting his body into the spaces Seokjin has reserved for him, he knows the best part about Seokjin is Seokjin. His smile, his warmth, his strength, his kindness. Just Seokjin. The cute sugar gliders are just a bonus.