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People will tell you that nobody can know for sure what makes dragon eggs appear.

They always appear around people, and when they hatch, the young child inside immediately gets attached to the person who had the dragon appear to them. This isn’t like imprinting, though. It is perfectly possible for a dragon to hate the person too.

Truth of the matter is, what some people already theorized, that dragons are born from wishes.

Often not even conscious wishes. It can be a strong, unspoken desire that summons an egg. Obviously not as simple as wishing for chocolate cake - but for example if you are starving, and you wish so that you will never be hungry again, and your wish is strong enough - you might end up being blessed by a dragon whose power is to make food for you.

The dragon who appears always has an answer to the wish that summoned them.

Wishes are not always benign though, and humans even less often benign. Dragons are often mistreated, sold as slaves.

So often dragons hide who they are. Either they band together, secluding from humanity, or try to reveal their powers less and less.

It’s hard to tell if someone is a dragon, when they do not have their horns and wings show. Even humans can do magic, and as long as a dragon can keep their horns and wings hidden, they can stay safe. Sure, their ears are pointed, but it’s not that obviously pointy to be a dead giveaway, and there are many creatures who have pointed ears.

Dragons can identify each other with instinct though.


There were rumours that King Enji Todoroki’s youngest was a dragon.

Nobody could prove it, though. The king adamantly denied that his son was a dragon - surely, he looked like the King and the Queen a lot, didn’t he? And he had their powers.

He was the strongest child, so obviously he became the heir.

A dragon can’t be a heir now can he?

Nobody dared to ask about the burn mark on the boy’s face, and how the Queen withdrew from public into a faraway tower.

Nobody dared to point out how fiercely did Enji Todoroki wish for a powerful son.

Maybe, just maybe, Enji Todoroki’s wish was strong enough that it caused a dragon egg to appear, as if some higher power had taken notice of his fierce desire.

The youngest child was a quiet boy, rarely seen outside of the castle.

And sometimes, sometimes people swore they saw wings made of fire and ice move behind him, and there were horns made from pure elements, before they disappeared.

People never talked about this.

Prince Shouto Todoroki was human. King Enji Todoroki had said so, countless times.


Dragons were still not terribly common. It would be rare for two to appear around the same time, in the same small town.

But it happened.

Two eggs, only with a few months of difference, appeared in the same town.

One was for the guard of the town, including the nearby mines - she was getting older and older, and she wasn’t as strong as she used to be. She wished so hard that there would be someone strong to protect the town, possibly helping sometimes trapped miners too.

The boy who was born had wild blond hair just like she did, and bright red eyes, and made explosions appear in his bare hands.

The other egg appeared to an old woman, who stayed alone - her family either died or moved far away, and she wished for company, so from the egg hatched a small boy with bright green eyes and messy green hair, and freckles all across his skin.

For a while it wasn’t apparent if he’d even have a power, but one time, one time the blond boy was trying hard to help demolish a building that was way too old, and way too dangerous - but he was still young, and he was starting to shake, wings trembling, and horns manifested too.

And the green haired boy just stepped closer, tilting his head.

“I think… I think I can help you.”

“Huuuuh? I don’t need yo--- what.”

The green haired boy’s wings were not easy to see - it was like they were almost invisible, but the way they moved, it was like looking at hot air tremble around him - his horns small, almost as curly as his own hair.

Then the blond boy felt something rush over him.

“Try to blow it up now, Kacchan!”

He couldn’t pronounce Katsuki well, and it somehow stuck.

And Katsuki, the blond dragon raised his hands, and demolished the building just one more explosion.

Then the supporting, strengthening aura was gone.

“What was that, Deku?!”

His name was Izuku, but Katsuki always called him Deku, because he seemed so useless - and Izuku just smiled.

“Dunno. What do you think I just did?”


Two wishes. One from a wish to protect, and one from the need for support.

So the town had two dragons, and they kept quiet for a while.

Of course, all good things come to an end one day.

As they have to.


Eventually the wishers die.

The dragons remain, but wishers die, especially as one of them was on the front line of duty all the time, and the other was already very old.

The dragon boys didn’t give much thought to it - they were teenagers (or at least looked like such. Dragons don’t age like normal humans, their physical age, their actual age and their maturity levels were three different things, not to mention power levels, so if you ever ask a dragon about their age, be prepared to hear a lot of confusing answers), and never thought that this would cause such a change in their lives.

They mourned.

One of them angry and screaming, the other weeping silently.

They never would have dreamt that this would change their lives.


You see… there are people nearby. People who would kidnap, and enslave dragons. Sell them, or use them for their powers, or as attractions.

You see… we do not wish for harm to come for you. But we can’t fight powerful foes, and Katsuki, as powerful as you are, with or without Izuku’s support… sooner or later this town would fall. So we can’t risk it.

So please.


See the world.

Be happy and safe.

And please… take care of each other.


“That’s so much bullshit.”

“They do have a point, though… if we’d stay, it’d just be…”

“Shut up! Why are you following me around anyway?”

“Well, Kacchan, there aren’t any other paths yet… but… I guess I could take another one? Not like I have a specific destination, but…”

“And what would you do?! Stupid Deku, your power isn’t good for fighting on your own!”

“I can use a sword! And fly with my wings. That’s good.”

“You are ridiculous.”

“Sooo does that mean you want me to stay around you?”

“When the hell have I ever said that?!”


They knew they were nearing the King’s castle, but not like they had any idea where else to go. They might as well could check out the castle couldn’t they?

It was in the neighbouring forest, when they saw the prince.

Obviously they had heard about the youngest prince. The heir with the two-coloured hair and mismatched eyes, and the burn mark nobody guessed where it came from. Even if they suspected the King, nobody would have voiced that.

And the way he looked at the two young dragons, their eyes locked, they knew.

They knew.

“’re a dragon.”


“Shut up! You see it too, right? You know it too! He’s a dragon! The Prince is a fucking dragon!”

Shouto Todoroki had gotten off his horse, taking a few steps towards them, a curious light in his eyes.

“So you say… I’m a dragon?”

“Of course you fucking are! How come you not even know?!”

“It’s not that I…” He started, stopped, and just shook his head. “I just couldn’t be sure.”


Shouto Todoroki had lived a much different life than the peaceful one the two dragons from the small town had.

“You have these powers because you are my son, and both me and your mother are powerful. Do not pay attention to the rumours.”


Shouto was younger, and he was crouching on the ground, his fire-ice looking, weird things moving around him. They looked like wings but...

“You are not a dragon, or anything of the sort” The King’s voice was stern. “You are my son and you are human. Those things around you are just an extension of your powers that you did not get control over yet.”

So Shouto agreed.

What else was there to say?


His mother, the Queen… she was distant and cold and beautiful, and Shouto…

“I tried! I tried, tried, tried so hard, but why do you look like him you aren’t even our child why, why were you born looking so much like him, why, why why, it makes no sense, why…”

Then Shouto’s face was burnt.

Dragons are sturdier. They heal faster, it’s harder to injure them.

For some reason, Shouto’s face didn’t heal.

The King sighed, and the Queen left, to a closed-off tower.

Shouto’s siblings sometimes went to visit her. Shouto never did.

He never mentioned to his father, that what was his mother told him.

I’m not her son either way, so why would she want me to visit her?


“Dragon? Huh, huh? The prince is a dragon? Have you heard that, boys?”

“Must be worth a looot of money on the black market, hehe…”

“And the other two as well... c’mon boys…”

The men from the shadows were moving around the three dragons, weapons readied.

They had heard about dragons being valuable.

They never heard more about them, and never met ones before.

They had no idea what kind of powers could they control.

And they forgot why Shouto Todoroki was the heir.

And even when they would have, they could have had no idea about Izuku, this boy with the green eyes, and the air moving around him, and what could his powers do to the heir’s powers.


“Holy fucking hell you basically froze half of the forest.”

Even Shouto was looking at the spectacle around them, and the bandits frozen in ice.

“I never could do anything this big…”

Izuku looked sheepish.

“Sorry… I think it was me. I had no idea about how powerful you are, so… uh… sorry.”

Shouto looked at the bandits, and walked closer.

“I do not wish to have anyone’s blood on our hands” He said in a level voice. “If you stay quiet about what you saw here today, my father will not know about this incident. Needless to say, if my father finds out… well. I don’t have to go into details now, do I?”

He really didn’t.


Shouto Todoroki took the two dragons back to the castle.

Obviously they didn’t say they were dragons.

“I ran into some bandits, and they helped me chase them off” Shouto said, without blinking. “I invited them as a sign of gratitude. I hope it is no problem, father.”

It wasn’t.


“I can’t believe we are in the castle, can you believe it, Kacchan? I’m so nervous.”

Katsuki didn’t answer, just looked out of their window to some knights training outside.

“There’s no way the King doesn’t know, right?”


Katsuki turned back, eyes narrowing.

“About IcyHot.”

“...are you referring to the Prince?!”

“Whatever. About what he is. If he was able to grow up here, and grow up mostly as human… he had to hatch here, right? It’s safe to say it’s possible his egg appeared to the King, or… someone here. He has to know what he is.”

“So if… the Prince isn’t sure, it means…”

“It means they are trying to keep it a secret from him deliberately. I mean us being born is mostly the same with humans, with memories fading about it with time.”

“Yeah, I don’t really remember coming out of the egg anymore either.”

“That’s the point. He doesn’t remember it being different, so… he can only have his own suspicions and the rumours talking about it.”

“Why would the King keep it a secret?”

Katsuki clicked his tongue, annoyed, and Izuku’s eyes widened.

“...of course. A dragon can’t inherit the throne.”



That night, the Prince sneaked into their room, and sat down to a chair.

“Talk. Please.”

So through the days, they were going through the castle, sometimes even trained with Shouto. At nights, he would sneak into their room, and they would tell him what they know.

“Not like we know much about why are we the way we are” Izuku muttered.

“Is it true that we are born because of wishes?” Shouto pressed.

Katsuki shrugged.

“Seems to be the case with us. What do you think? Whose wish you think you would be?”

“My father” Shouto didn’t need to hesitate, or think about it. “My siblings they had… talked about him wanting to have the heir to have a bigger power than he has. He wanted that more than anything.”

“Sounds like a powerful wish alright” Katsuki leaned forward. “It may be just strong enough to effectively create you.”

Shouto looked down, and Izuku stood up, walking closer to him, putting one hesitant hand over Shouto’s shoulder.

“You know… just because he wished for you, if you don’t want to… you could find your own way.”

Shouto looked up, right into Izuku’s eyes, and Izuku swallowed.

“I mean… however we come to life… our life is still ours. The ones whose wishes we were born from… they are gone. But we are here, our powers remaining. We are not tied to the ones who wished us into existence.”

The Prince just looked at him, and just raised a hand, putting over Izuku’s hand.

“Thank you.”


“Wow that was really fucking touching yesterday, Deku.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“All the handholding and shit. What, aiming for the second throne next to him when he becomes king? Careful then, Deku, dragons can’t be consorts.”

“...what are you getting at, Kacchan?”

“Oh you know exactly what am I getting at. He looked at you like you hung the goddamn moon and he just saw it the first time or whatever.”

A small thought was forming in Izuku’s head.

“...Kacchan are you jealous?”

“What the hell would I be jealous for?”

Izuku slowly shook his head.

“Kacchan, you are ridiculous.”

“I’ll show you ridiculous you little shit!”

Before Izuku could have reacted, Katsuki yanked him in for a kiss.


“Have you heard the legend of All Might?”

Shouto asked the other two one night.

“The strongest dragon ever existing” Katsuki shrugged. “Legend says he was born because humanity collectively wished for a hero.”

“Born from a collective wish… it always made me wonder if there is something to it, or not” Izuku shook his head. “I mean… All Might exists, everyone knows, but whether he is a dragon, or not… nobody knows. I mean with that power nobody can doubt he is a dragon, but…”

“My father… I think he knows more about All Might than he lets on. He says sometimes things like… well, he isn’t pleased how much people rely on him, and things. Think about him before they think about their King, despite being much harder to reach, or find.”


Izuku noticed during training one day, the way Katsuki twisted around Shouto’s body, slamming him to the ground, and grinning, effectively straddling him, his hair messy, his face absolutely delighted.

“Being like that is a good look on you, IcyHot.”

“Is it now?”

The way Shouto moved was almost hard to follow, ice and fire flaring up, and when the explosion of colours and opposing temperatures slowed down, Shouto was the one kneeling over Katsuki, pressing both of his wrists down, his wings and horns released.

“I think I prefer this one.”


“Should it be my turn to be jealous, then?”

“The fuck are you talking about.”

“Training. Today. You know exactly what am I talking about.”

Katsuki growled, turning away.

Izuku continued.

“I… mean. I like him too.”

“I don’t fucking like him. Or you.”


To be honest, for a while, they had ran out of things to say about dragons, so lately, it was mostly Shouto who was talking. Things he had learnt, not only about their species, but the world, that Izuku and Katsuki had barely known outside of telltale stories in their small town.

But this time, this night, when Shouto went over, it was Izuku who kissed him first, but Katsuki was not far behind.


“Father, we are leaving.”

The King’s eyes narrowed.

“What for?”

“Research. Besides, isn’t it a good idea to get to know my future land in person? One day, I will rule this kingdom, won’t I? I can’t be a distant, aloof King. It would be a negative impact on our family, would it not?”

So in the end, the King let him go.

Don’t pay attention to the rumours, he said, firmly. Not to use your powers too much. You are out there to get to know the Kingdom, not to scare them.

Obviously, Shouto knew, that if more people would see his wings and horns, the truth would get out.

But that was a different matter entirely.


“Are we your bodyguards now I guess?”

Izuku looked way too eager as they went on Shouto’s two sides, and Shouto chuckled.

“As good excuse as any isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. One day you’ll have to go back, though” Katsuki said, in a foul mood.

“Would I? Maybe I’ll run to another kingdom.”

“And you’d fucking expect us to run after you?”

“Would you?”

“I would!”

“Shut the fuck up Deku, nobody asked you!”

“That means so would Kacchan.”


In one of the small towns, they saw another dragon.

He was with travellers, he was on chains, his hands and legs chained together, his neck collared and also chained out. Messy purple hair covered his face, as he hung his face down, and townsfolk turned away while people around him laughed, and sometimes threw some bread or something his way.

“What is happening there?”

Shouto asked the innkeeper they stayed with, and he shuddered.

“Dragon hunters. They keep that one with themselves to identify other dragons, so they can sell those. Not like we can… fight against them. I feel sorry for poor creature, but…”


“Don’t! Are you insane?!”

The other two couldn’t stop Izuku from walking up to the dragon hunters, and the chained dragon.

“Hey kid, don’t go too close to him! He might bite!”

“Is he really a dragon?” Izuku pulled up his most innocent face. “I had never seen one before!”

The dragon slowly looked up, eyes as purple as his hair, and they locked eyes.

He knew the dragon knew. Obviously he knew.

“Sure he is!”

“Why are you keeping him chained up?”

“Eh, it’s like keeping a dog, you know kid. He’d run off, and he needs to learn his place haha.”

The dragon was silent, and didn’t look away.

“His hair is messy. Can I fix him up? Kids here are scared of coming this way.”


“It’s like dogs isn’t it?” Izuku smiled, an innocent smile, pushing down his rage. “The more rugged a dog looks, the more menacing it is. Scares townsfolk.”

“What the fu--”

“Let the kid do whatever” Another one of the dragon hunters spoke up. “Hey! Hurt the kid, and you’re not getting food for a week.”

“Great! I’ll be back in a bit!”

Sure enough, he quickly rushed back, with brush and scissors - the dragon’s hair was a complete mess, and he needed a haircut.

“What are you doing?”

The dragon’s voice was soft, and barely audible, and Izuku just kept working on his hair.

“Helping you.”

The dragon’s purple eyes looked like he was staring into his soul, unblinking.

“You know what I do, right?”

Izuku smiled, running his fingers through his purple hair, getting rid of all the knots slowly, as painlessly as he could.

“You didn’t say anything about me yet, did you?”


Next day, it was Shouto who walked up to the hunters, and they struggled to their feet, and the dragon just looked at him.

“Here I thought we had laws against holding dragons as slaves, or selling them.”

“I uh… you see…”

“Screw it” Another hunter snapped, yanking on the purple dragon’s chain. “We are all curious about that, right? Whatever might as well go full in. So tell me, is our dear Prince a dragon?”

Shouto and the chained dragon locked eyes. Behind Shouto, Katsuki and Izuku slowly walked up behind him, and the dragon’s eyes flickered between the three of them.

Katsuki slowly raised a finger, pointing at himself.

“No” The dragon replied, and raised a hand, pointing at Katsuki. “He is, though.”

Katsuki grinned, a vicious grin, and in the next moment, there were wings and horns, as he pushed himself towards the hunters.

Shouto didn’t release his own horns and wings, and nobody noticed the air moving weirdly around Izuku. They were too occupied with Katsuki and his explosions, after all.


The dragon’s name was Hitoshi, and nobody had any idea what to do with him, so the innkeeper spoke up.

“I heard there being a… place. Only heard from my father, that once they came and took in a young dragon who was mistreated. They keep it very low-key, so humans won’t look for them, but… I might get some way to contact him from my father’s memoirs.”

And soon enough, a female dragon arrived by the name of Momo, and a harsh glare, which softened as she saw the other dragons.

“I figure your status as a dragon is a secret.”

“I’d appreciate if it would stay so” Shouto replied. “And Katsuki is the only one out of the three of us who revealed himself to humans, so…”

“Understood. If you need help, though… you know where to reach us. Not like we can count on humans forever.”

“Uh, question” Izuku raised a hand. “We are searching for All Might.”

Momo smiled.

“Ah. Him. He is basically who founded our organization, to help out dragons, but he is mostly withdrawn, and lets us, the officers to do what we deem is right. I can point the way to him, though. Then you’ll understand.”


They found All Might in a distant town, hidden in one of the mountains, and it had multiple surprises.

For one, he wasn’t a dragon.

“Ah, I get why people would think that” All Might scratched his head - scrawny, way too scrawny, a far cry from his much bigger, stronger shape from earlier, when he scared off the wildlife. “But no. I just have a bit more magic than usual, I guess, albeit it is wearing me out. That’s why I started the dragon-saving thing, but let the dragons do their thing. I just gave them a small push, and they are doing spectacularly don’t they?”

“And you are way too eager to talk about it” A lazy voice talked from the next room.

“Oh, Aizawa. But you should know that these young men have secrets of their own.”

The man called Aizawa walked in, long, black hair, and many belts and scarves.

And he was a dragon.

“Just because they keep their secret, it doesn’t mean they’ll keep yours.”


It was hard to tell what was the relationship between Aizawa and All Might, why were they even around each other. All Might was quick and happy, talking a lot, eager to help out the three young dragons with information he knew.

Aizawa on the other hand was barely seen, usually wrapped up in blankets, sleeping.

“Aizawa, we are going hiking! Come with us!”

“I’ll pass.”

“No you won’t!”

Sometimes All Might would turn into his big form, throwing Aizawa over his shoulder, and leading the way.

Izuku looked up at the tired-looking dragon.

“Mr Aizawa, were you born from All Might’s wish?”

“I wasn’t.”


“None of your buisness, is it? Whatever brought us here, it doesn’t mean anything on the long run. We usually outlive the ones who wished for us, don’t we?”

Katsuki poked Izuku on the side.

“Look at that, Deku, you said the same profound shit when you made IcyHot fall for you.”


“I think I will go back.”

Shouto said it one day, and the other two looked at him.

“Not because of my father’s wish. Not because of what he planned for me. But I think… I could be a king.”

“What about being what you are, though?” Katsuki raised his eyebrows.

“What do you mean?”

“Dragons can’t be kings.”

“Well then I’ll just have to make so that I can be a king and a dragon. And if I get there… maybe I can do more to ensure the dragons will be treated well. My father might have laws in place, but he can’t enforce it completely. I have to figure out a way to do it.”

“Quite a big plan” Izuku mused. “Won’t be easy.”

“I know. That’s why I’d… like to have you two to… have my back.”

“You do know we are not your damn bodyguards, do you?” Katsuki snapped.

“I know. And that’s not how I meant it. More like… on my side?”

“Are you proposing to us?”

“Talk about big plans…”

“You didn’t say no.”

Indeed, they didn’t.