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The X-daughter

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“It says, definitely, that Melissa is not Emily's mother, but that they found striking genetic similarities between Emily and Melissa, so many that they ran a test against another sample that they already had,” Scully informed her confused family, while reading the results sent to her.

“What sample?” her mother asked.

“What are you trying to say?” Bill added.

Scully had about million other questions that she wanted answers to, but she had no one to ask.

“According to this…” she heard herself saying. “I am Emily’s mother.”

No one reacted, not visibly at least. The dreadful silence filled the house, as Scully turned the page in the report, read further and dropped the papers as if they were on fire. She gasped and that was it. Her whole world got turned upside down in a second.

“How…” Maggie went to her. “How is this possible?”

Scully just shook her head, unable to speak. Maggie gently led her to the couch and sat her down.

Bill had already picked up the papers and read through them. He wasn’t a doctor or a scientist, but he understood the results just the same.

“That son of a bitch has some explaining to do!” he said angrily.

“What do you mean?” Maggie turned to him, but Bill ignored her, focusing on his sister instead.

“What the hell did he do to you?” he demanded.

“Nothing,” Scully shook her head. “He never touched me. I was never pregnant, you know that! Something was done to me… To us… But I don’t understand… Why would they do this?”

“Dana?” Maggie was still clueless. “What are you talking about?”

“Mulder is the father!” Bill informed her, throwing the papers in rage. He started pacing, trying to calm down. Melissa’s secret pregnancy was a bizarre theory, but the truth turned out to be much more insane. He needed someone to blame, and who else but that-sorry-son-of-a-bitch?

“They wanted to test my sample,” Scully finally pulled herself together just enough to explain. “But there was a mix-up and they used Mulder’s instead. They are arranged by departments so ours were next to each other… Mom, both samples were a match.”

“Are you saying Emily is your and Fox’s daughter?” Maggie calmly asked for confirmation. She wasn’t all that surprised. After all, her daughter worked for the strangest section of the FBI and this maybe even wasn’t the weirdest thing that ever happened to her.

“Yeah,” Scully confirmed, bursting into tears. She felt betrayed and violated in a terrible way. “And they’ve sent this to him, too. He already knows…”

“Oh, honey,” Maggie hugged her and let her cry on her shoulder. “It’s going to be ok. You’ll figure this out, you always do.”

“He’ll hate me for this,” Scully sobbed. “It will change everything.”

“Who, Fox?” Maggie wondered. “He’d never hate you. You are friends. You’ll get through this.”

Bill approached them and placed his hand on Scully’s shoulder, a bit calmer now.

“I don’t know what to say,” he sighed regretfully.

It made Scully cry harder.

* * *

Mulder was just as upset as Scully’s brother. He already made a scene at the laboratory, yelling at everybody and demanding explanations. They repeated the tests on his insistence, but the results remained the same.

He had a child.

A little girl.

Mulder dedicated his life to finding his sister, not a daughter!

Men go through discoveries like this all the time. He was aware of that and he wasn’t a saint, so this happening to him wasn’t outside of the realm of possibilities. No, not at all.

But with Scully?!?

He was sure, damn sure, that he never slept with his partner!

He was damn sure she wasn’t pregnant!

So how the hell… !?

He dialled her number about ten times by now, but he always hung up before it started to ring. What was he supposed to say to her? What was he supposed to do?

Skinner sent him home when someone informed him that he’s been harassing lab workers, so he just sat on his couch, staring at the results as if he could erase them with the force of his will.

Scully’s ova, he suddenly remembered. He still had them and he never told her. She would never forgive him.

Not that it mattered at the moment.

This little girl mattered.


The X-child.

Mulder chuckled at the thought. In a weird, twisted way it somehow seemed fitted. Why would a child of his come into the world in a usual, normal way?

His heart suddenly filled with warmth and he was already proud of a kid that he’d never met.

Proud and worried and thousand other feelings that he couldn’t even begin to explain.

Once again, a little girl turned Mulder’s world upside-down and changed the course of his life forever. His sister did it by disappearing, while his daughter did it by appearing, in just as mysterious and unexplainable way…