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the sea whispers your name

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The blonde haired male fell to the deck with a loud thump, groan getting washed away by a soft chuckle from above him. An arm was extended toward him a second later, and the boy on the floor propped himself up on his elbows.

“Okay that wasn't fair.” He nodded his head toward the two swords hanging from the hips of the purple haired pirate which only made him laugh more.

“I’ll fight you with one hand behind my back if it makes you feel better.” Playfully tucking an arm behind him, the purple haired boy grabbed his hand and easily pulled him up.

“Kaoru, Adonis,” they both turned around jerkily to stare up at tall framed man waltzing down the stairs of the ship. “Didn't I tell you to go into town?”

“Captain,” Adonis placed his hands on his hips and smiled as wide as he always did —which was quite small— “Kaoru lost in a spar so he's ‘bout to go.”

Kaoru huffed indignantly, flicking strands of sweaty blonde hair away from his eyes. The captain smirked, releasing a hearty laugh and then approaching them slowly. Kaoru shrunk under his gaze for a moment, even after knowing the captain for as long as he did, he still remained ominous and unknown.

“As expected, he always was more bark.” The captain’s obsidian hair gleamed in the direct sunlight and he reached over for one of Adonis’s swords. “No wonder my best swordsman won.” He held the long sword up into the air, observing the shine of the metal and taking a deep breath. “If you're not back by sunset, we’re leaving you for the authorities.”

The captain held out the sword towards Kaoru, pointing it close to his chest and staring hard into his eyes. Kaoru tensed up slightly, holding his gaze for a while. The captain liked to play more than anyone would guess from first glance, and Kaoru has always been worried of messing up. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a head of gray hair appear around the corner, and a growl immediately following.

“Rei, you’re taking so long,” the infamous tough voice of the first mate Koga Oogami pierced the crew’s ears and Adonis took back his sword as the captain spun around while holding it out dangerously close to his face. “If we’re going to go anywhere we need you to overlook it.” Koga raised his eyes to look at Kaoru and he raised an eyebrow.

Koga was the only person who could get away with calling the captain by his first name and being a smart ass. Nobody really knew when the captain and Koga met, but upon speculation it seems like they’ve never known a life without each other. The time wasn’t exactly sweet, they were constantly at each other’s throats, but when shit came down to shit, they wouldn’t let either of them fall.

“Okay, I’m going.” Kaoru mumbled under his breath, ducking away from the conversation and rushing across the deck towards the dock, and he nearly tripped over the side into the ocean at the sound of the Captain yelling over at him.

“Sunset! Or you rot!”



The edge of the threat only lasted about fifteen minutes, because Kaoru got very distracted walking by a pub and spotting several gorgeous ladies. He ended up taking a seat at the very open walled bar and began sweet talking the women there. He had quite the knack for it, he always knew what to say, and he rarely had ill intentions. Perhaps growing up with sisters prepared him for how to properly treat a lady.

His time of relaxation went on for hours, the drinks in his system growing by the hour. He was rather good with his liquor, another perk from his life as a pirate, but the amount he drank was ridiculous. Kaoru smiled from his stool, an arm around a short framed woman’s waist and his shoulder resting on a rather giggly woman’s shoulder. He hardly remembered what they were talking about because the spontaneous interruption in the whole bar.

A woman was pushed to the floor, letting out a loud scream, and several men mumbled at the scene. Kaoru was the only man to stand up from his spot, eyes following the dark haired man who had thrown the woman as well as broken a glass on the table in front of her. Whoever he was, he wasn’t happy, and he didn’t have the decency to apologize for his foul language, actions or thoughts.

“Are you alright darling?” Kaoru helped her up from the floor, somehow managing with his very intoxicated system, and she gratefully held onto him as she got to her feet. She huffed, shaking his head slowly as she dusted off her knee length dress.

“I’m fine, thank you mister.” She looked up at him, cheeks instantly becoming rosy and she cleared her throat. “Oh, that man is just so horrid.” She tucked a piece of her brown hair behind her ear and took a small breath. It was clear she was very very overwhelmed. “He goes around touching and saying unpleasant things,” she shivered at the thought, rubbing her hands on her arms and then taking a step back from Kaoru. “He thinks just because his family has money he can do whatever he wants, he wreaks havoc is what he does.”

She definitely had a lot to say on the topic. Maybe it was the alcohol but Kaoru had honestly zoned out, he admitted that was not a very gentlemanly thing to do but all he could think about was money. He was by no means materialistic, quite the opposite really. He loathed anyone that had money, particularly if they abused their power and never gave to those in need. As someone who grew up with almost nothing, he’s seen injustice and lived it first hand.

“S-shall I repay you?” The woman cooed, reaching her hand up and stroking Kaoru’s cheek with her delicate and warm palm. Her voice was velvet, aimed to tug at his heartstrings. She even went as far as to press herself against his chest, fitting against him almost perfectly, and Kaoru looked down at her.

“Where does that man live?” He watched as she deflated, obviously taken aback, and she blinked a couple times.

“Why he lives up the hill… you truly can’t miss the enormous mansion.” She was a bit embarrassed now, leaning away from him and fixing her dress to show less skin. “I can’t imagine what you’d do with that information mister.” When she looked up, he was wobbly jogging towards the front of the bar and waving his hand at her in an urgent goodbye.

“Thank you! You appear like a goddess! I’ll bring you back something almost as beautiful as you!”

She had no idea what he was on about, but his sweet talk made up for his rejection of her, and she found herself swooning.


A very drunk Kaoru had broken into the mansion at the top of the hill. He was questioning the security when he remembered he didn’t enter through a door. He had actually stumbled into the side of the mansion to catch his breath and recover his balance when he caught sight of the large window propped open. What a wonderful turn of events.

Kaoru climbed his way in, expecting to be confronted by a very alarmed maid or an angry cook armed with a frying pan, but it was empty. He was a bit suspicious the beautiful lady in the pub gave him wrong directions, but how many large mansions on the hill could there be in such a small town?

He supposed the horrible man lived in this big lonely house by himself. It would serve him right, to have no one there for him after he’s terrorized such innocent people. Kaoru wasn’t a big believer in second chances, believing some mistakes are too big to be forgiven.

The blonde boy hummed to himself as he walked into bedrooms, strutting in and opening up drawers and jewelry boxes. His pockets were beginning to get heavy with valuables, and he couldn’t wait to sell them in other towns and receive a handsome profit. His crew members definitely loved the treasure and mischief Kaoru seemed to always walk into.

Speaking of walking, Kaoru went straight into a room at the very end of a very long isolated hallway. So far he’s passed a very large library, a few guest rooms and a room full of paintings he found quite unsettling. Kaoru swung the door open, stepping in with clunky steps due to his gold filled pockets and his high boots. He looked around at the pale walls, pale curtains blowing in the wind, blue haired boy laying in bed and the open window. Kaoru did a double take, eyes going wide and body freezing.

Okay so somebody was in this house. He watched as the blue haired boy turned his head to curiously look at him though he didn’t seem to panic or assume anything.

“Who are you?” his voice was small, airy like a cloud. Kaoru was scared it would get blown away if he moved too quickly. The blonde looked back at the door, pressing his back against it and letting it close. The boy in the bed seemed very distant, a little emotionless at least.

“Oh, well, I’m Kaoru Hakaze.” He didn’t feel there any immediate risk by telling this quiet boy his name. He didn’t seem eager to get him in trouble or even scream the he was in danger. The blue haired boy shifted in his bed, taking a good look at Kaoru and his eyes lingering on his sword.

“Are you a friend of my uncle?” He could only assume his uncle was the man he came to rob, and Kaoru had to try and think fast. Should he lie to this very nice boy he’s just met? Should he tell him the truth and risk being turned in for a bounty?

“How about I ask you a question first and then I answer,” Kaoru wandered closer to the bed and smiled softly. “Kind of like a game. A question for a question.” He watched as the blue haired boy lit up, nodding his head excitedly and absentmindedly giggling.

“I haven’t played a game in a long time,” he readjusted his pillows so he could sit up comfortably, and he stared at Kaoru with eager eyes. “What’s your question Mr.Hazake?”

“Just Kaoru is fine, our ages can’t possibly be that far apart,” He brought a hand up to his face and began to stroke at his chin in thought. Though it was more to entertain the sparkly eyed boy. “What’s your name?”

“Kanata Shinkai!” His voice wasn’t incredibly loud, but Kaoru could tell he was excited, and so he also felt himself get a bit bouncy. “And, Kaoru how old are you?” he seemed to drop the whole uncle’s friend think quickly, and Kaoru wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“Kanata, it fits you,” He casually sat down on the edge of the bed and turned his head so he could look at him. “I’m nineteen, I guess I’ll also return that question.” He heard Kanata softly gasp behind him, and he bit at his bottom lip to stop him from smiling.

“I’m nineteen also! It’s been a long time since i’ve talked to someone my age!” Kanata brought his hands together in front of his face, absolutely beaming, “It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to anyone actually.” Kaoru frowned at the statement, tilting his head to the side.

“What do you mean? This is a giant house, don’t a lot of people live here?” He watched Kanata drop his hands and begin picking at a loose string on the blanket.

“Oh, well, I’ve been in this room for six years all alone.”

“Six years?!” Kaoru stood up from his spot, voice heavy with surprise, and the cyan haired boy nodded very slowly. “How can you live like that? Are you… are you sick?”

“That’s what auntie told me… she said there’s something wrong with my head.” Kanata turned to look out the window and stared at the great big ocean staring back at him. “Being born into wealth, I never liked any of the extravagant gifts I got, I never wanted anything. She said I was ungrateful and I was crazy for not wanting all the money we have.” Kanata pointed towards the window and smiled very softly, as if it was just the shell of one. “I’m not allowed to leave until I learn to embrace all the wealth, but I don’t want that… I just want a friend, I want to run through the sand, I want to see the ocean up close…”

“The ocean?”

“I’ve always loved it as a kid, I love marine biology.” Kanata looked back at Kaoru and the blonde almost crumpled at the sight of his sad green eyes. “I’ve read all the books about it in the library over ten times, and one nice maid used to fetch me books from town about species in the sea… but she got caught and I never saw her again.” his fingers twitched a bit, and he swallowed the lump in his throat. “She was my only friend, I’ve been alone ever since…” Kanata looked at Kaoru for a prolonged second and smiled as warmly as he could manage. “I sound crazy huh? Wanting to chase after the sea instead of wearing fancy clothes and going to balls and courting fancy ladies and-”

“Get up Kanata, I’m taking you to the ocean.”

“I beg your pardon?” Kanata’s eyes widened, nearly squealing as Kaoru threw his blankets off of him and shoved his arms underneath his legs. Kanata flushed deeply, not used to anyone touching him and imagining himself trying to walk after six years only ended in failure.

“You’re not crazy, I am taking you to the sea and I promise I’ll bring you back.”

Kanata thought for a dangerous second that he didn’t want to come back, but he held his tongue.

“Take me to the sea, Kaoru.”