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Goodbye to Happytown

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Let me start by saying this; Tantio, you really overannalyzed those questions! Seriously, you came up with stuff I wouldn't have thought of in a million years! Good on you. Now, it was pretty much obvious who you guys (and girls) wanted from the beginning; so Nick Wilde it is!

Now, I'm probably gonna spend two or three days making the prologue, which will end with a pretty important vote in itself, so this next question is solely for laughs.

Which fox has the highest sex appeal? This isn't about you choosing the fox you'd sleep with, (cough, number two! cough) this question is about who is most likely to walk into a bar and walk out with someone. Choose!

1, Nick Wilde; With a silver tongue and a red coat, he's like a skinny, sexy version of Santa Claws!

2, Krystal; Let's admit it, everyone's a bit furry for Krystal, she's the vixen with the magic touch!

3, Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox; She could slap those cuffs on Sly anytime with that getup!

4, Robin of Loxley Hood; Master archer and Cupid's goto guy for sick days, he'll pierce the heart of any lady in sight!