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transformers prime :new element

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Evening fell as a black and white car drove across the pavement. A girl could be seen from inside the car from any onlookers. She stared, with her cyan eyes, at the passing landscape out the opened car window. Her raven-black hair was caught in the rushing wind and was thrown back by the force. Her fingers clutched the fabric of her red and black Lolita dress as a woman, who was just as pale as her, glanced at her with sincere look.

"You wanna talk about it sweetie?" Her mom asked with concern lacing her voice.

She pondered it for a couple of seconds before replying.

"No." She replied softly and quietly, barely audible.

"I understand you're-" Her mother started, but she stopped as she saw the glare coming from her daughter from the rear view mirror.

"I'm not in the mood mom. He's gone, let me mourn." She turned her head back towards the window once more.

She watched her surroundings as the car passed by a sign saying Jasper, Nevada, her new home. It looked like it didn't have much to offer comparing to her old home.

"Will you at least try to make friends here?" Her mother asked hopefully, looking her daughter from the rear view mirror.

"I'll try, I guess" The girl answered half-heartedly.

She briefly glanced at her mother to give her a small contented, yet tired smile. Almost an half an hour passed before, they drove up to a small two story house. Her mother parked in front of the driveway. Opening the car door, her mother exited the vehicle. She walked around the other side to open the door for her daughter, allowing her exit just as quickly as her mother.

"So this is it, our new home." Her daughter looked over the house. It was painted a dusty bronze color with dull white framed windows. The front lawn was just exposed dirt and dead grass. The metal chain linked fence was slightly rusted and its bottom curled back. The garage door had white paint peeling off of it.

She pulled out her cell phone and equipped her headphones. Switching on the music, she walked through the creaky gate with her mom. Her mother inserted the key in the door lock, twisting the knob, and opening the door for themselves. They entered their new home. The first thing that she noticed was that the walls were a milky white color. The wooden floors were covered in boxes ranging from big to small. Boxes stacked upon another. Realization hit her, the unpacking and the moving of furniture would sap most of their energy. The lifted her headphones from her head noticing something else. Other people were unpacking their stuff for them. Her mother walked over to them with her average cheerful smile and began talking to one of them. After briefly consulting the people, Yuki's mother walked back over to her astonished daughter.

"Strange, huh, how people do things for you after paying them a little extra?" Her mother cheekily commented as she stood back next to Yuki.

"They're like insects. Kinda just waiting for someone stronger to slater them." Her daughter stated in a cold, hush angry tone. Her stern eyes subtly stared holes into the busy people.

"Yuki! You shouldn't say things like that!" Her mother shouted causing Yuki to flinch. Yuki was surprised by her mother sudden harsh tone. She meekly glanced at her mom.

"...S-Sorry. I just..." Words failed Yuki, but her mother did not need to hear everything to understand what she was going to say.

"I know, I know, but getting angry isn't going to change what happened. You need to accept that he's-" She didn't get the chance to finish her sentence, before Yuki bolted up stairs. Rubbing her eyes already streaming tears down her cheeks, she entered a room where there was already boxes of her stuff in it. She loudly closed the door and ran on top of her naked queen sized Tie Sheer Bed Canopy. The bed had its gold curtains loosely hanging down from the poles. Yuki laid in the center of her bed, her hair fanned out wide, as she sobbed. Her body shook from her quick gasping. Tears stung her eyes and dampen the bed.

Her father, Draco, died three weeks ago. She recalls some of the incident, but her memory was a bit fuzzy. All she remembered was the sudden burning heat and her father's head being gone the next second. Ice surrounded her body, protecting her. After what happened it all became very fuzzy. Yuki couldn't remember a single thing after that. Though she remembered what happened before that. Earlier that day, her father made her a gift. He gave it to her and she adored it. An now Yuki kept it on her ever since.

Her mother expects her to move on from him. 'You're father wouldn't want you to mourn over him for too long.' 'Yuki please move on! It's only going to become worse if you don't let him go!'. But she didn't want to move on. He was taken away from her too soon. Something took him away from her and she would find out who. Yuki pleaded for the police to search for the person who did it, but they kept reassuring her that they were doing everything they can. With little to no leads and evidence, they were unable to find the culprit. What was worse was that her mother and her dad's police force did couldn't have an open casket, because her father's head was gone.

What was worst is her mother trying desperately to make her forget, to pretend it didn't happen. She searched and planned to transfer us here. Getting everything packed and paying a little extra to speed up the process, we left New York City and traveled all the way to Jasper, Nevada.

A chill went up her spine as ice spread out from where her hands were. The air became chilled, prickling at her skin.

"Fuck." She cursed in her head.

She took a deep, shaky breath. As she tried hard to calm down, each breath was cold and slow. Each singular breath calmed her fury, pain, and sadness. She took another deep breath before murmuring something.

"I wish I could control it better." Yuki meekly wished quietly.

Soft knocks came from the door. "Sweetie, are you okay?" Her mother asked with concern lacing her voice.

Yuki took a soft deep breath before replying. "I'm fine mom I just needed a minute. Uh, hay, is my motorcycle here yet? I wanna go out." She asked, quickly changing the subject

"Your motorcycle, right, well I think I saw it in the garage. Yuki if you are going for a ride, try and make it quick. You will need to put away your clothes and personal belongings." Her mother answered through the door.

Yuki lifted herself off the bed and opened the door. Her mother stood in front of the door with a half concerned and stern face.

"I got it mom I'll be back before bedtime, promise." Yuki stated. Her mother sighed and gave her a quick fine before walking back downstairs with her daughter right behind her.

Her mother turned back to Yuki just as she was about to enter the garage. "And make sure you are wearing your helmet securely. Oh, you better not stop for any strangers and do not leave the town." She ordered.

"I got it mom." She slightly whined at her mother's constant squawking about being safe. Quickly walking towards her bike, she put on her helmet and got on her Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle.

She first opened the garage. Then rode her motorcycle out on the streets. A minute barely passed when a bright red car, with bullhorns as its ornament, drove towards her. She swerved her bike to the left, drifting pass the car. The car grazed her tail end of her bike before still proceeding to drive. She harshly stopped in the middle of the street to stare at the road that red car drove down. Anger was boiling up in her. Yuki could have seriously gotten hurt due to that idiot's driving. What made it worse was that he didn't bother stopping to see if she was alright and even apologize.

She revved her engine, deciding to drive after the jerk, and drove after him without thinking twice. Taking a sharp right right, Yuki followed after the driver. Her bike roared after him and her temper was just as riled up. Ice spread from the handles to small front window.

Before she knew it, they were both outside of Jasper. The desert scenery transformed into slightly humid forest. The trees were far apart from each other, and the grass took on a sickly green color. The car slowed to stop when it off road. Yuki slowed her motorcycle to a stop too. She took of her helmet and placed on her bike. Then she got off her vehicle and walked it towards some wooden fences to it lean on them.

Jogging after the car, she noticed a large open area within the forest. What was odd was the soft blue glow coming from the ground. Yuki momentarily looked away to put all her attention on the car she chased after. It was parked before the blue glow. Finally she was going to give the driver a piece of her mind when the red car started shifting. She froze in place. Time seemed to slow, letting her see the transformation of the car in full detail. Time eventually resumed back to normal when the car fully turned into a robot looking thing.

Her eyes glowed in the light, her heart raced until finally she screamed. She fell on her butt as the robot seemed to notice her. It looked shocked. Why was it shocked?! She was supposed to be the one freaking out here.

"Oh, Ratchet won't let me hear the end of this when he finds out." The red robot complained.

"What the hell? How is this possible?" She questioned in a panicked voice. The more scared she felt, the more the ice spread beneath her. It was becoming a large slippery patch of ice. Her necklace began glowing in sync with the other crystals down in the quarry like area.

"W-Whoa! Calm down! I ain't going to hurt ya." The red robot assured her. He took a pause to examine her. "And when can humans do that?"

"They can't. Only I-" Yuki instantly shut her mouth when she realized what she almost said. She shook her head in disbelief.

"Why am I telling you thi-..." Yuki noticed a huge purple spiky ship hovering in the sky. It descended closer to ground, until it just stopped over the treeline. A group of black and purple robots jumped out of the ship and landed on the solid ground. They stared at the two.

"Uh, robot guy, wh-what are those?" Yuki asked in fear.

With her fear flooding her mind and body, the ice spread even further; covering some of the trees behind her. The red robot growled at the sight of the other robots.

"Arcee I may need th't backup." The robot declared after he brought up his hand to the right side of his head. Yuki wondered who he was talking to for a moment.

"You!" The robot pointed to Yuki, causing her to flinch. "You have to leave. It's going to get dangerous."

"How the hell am I supposed to do that? If you hadn't noticed there's a ton of them and I'm the size of an ant compared to them! They'd squish me before I could even flinch!" She yelled.

"Well then how did you get here-" Before he could finish, the purple robots started shooting at them with lasers from their arms.

He quickly picked up yuki, causing her to scream. He transformed free his arm into a blaster, shooting said purple robots. Running to cover, he hunched down behind a bundle of trees. The red robot would peek out from the trees to shoot a couple shots almost every five seconds, but the purple robots were covering him with their lasers. Yuki was actually surprised that he has not gotten shot yet.

"Hey, robot guy, mind telling me what's going on." Yuki asked.

"First thing, my name is Cliffjumper, nice to meet you. Second thing, I am trying not to get my hide shot at by these Decepticons." Cliffjumper explained.

"Ok cliff, my name is Yuki, the girl you almost crashed into!"

Cliffjumper took a pause from his shooting to stare at her, until realization hit him.

"Oh, OH! I am so sorry. I was in a rush and I had to- dang so sorry." Cliffjumper apologized with all the sincerity he could muster.

Yuki looked at him for a moment and then took a deep sigh. She really wanted to be mad but…

"I am an idiot."

Cliffjumper looked at her questionably until a laser bullet shot through the tree next to his head.

"Slag! Yuki stay here!" Cliffjumper ordered. He placed her down, then ran toward the Decepticons. "Come at me Decepticreeps!"

Yuki peered over the broken tree to see Cliffjumper charge at the Decepticons. He manage to get through the barrage of lasers to punch one in the face. Grabbing the blaster arm of nearest one, he punched it in both the face and chest before letting it go to kick it away. When he was regaining his footing, the third Decepticon manage to land a sharp right hook on the side of his head, breaking off his small silver horn. The hit sent him flying forwards toward another one to get punched in the stomach area. Cliffjumper let out a pained cry. Yuki stared at Cliffjumper in shock. She couldn't just stand here and see him possibly die. He fell to the ground, cradling his stomach. The started Decepticons surrounding him and began laughing at him.

"We expected more from you Cliffjumper, but everybot eventually falls." One of the Decepticons commented with a mocking voice.

Gathering all the courage within herself, she ran out there and went in front of Cliffjumper by weaving through the legs of the Decepticons. She extended her arms out at full length, defending him

She shouted to the top of her lungs. "You won't hurt Cliffjumper anymore!" Her hair was flowing with the rising winds. Snow started to fall.

"Yuki, you were supposed to stay put." Cliffjumper manage to choke out.

Silence fell amongst themselves, before the Decepticons laughed. "You are just a puny flesh bag! What are you going to do?"

The snow turned into a blizzard as Yuki's anger rose. Ice spread a bit further until Yuki shouted with as much fury as freezing Arctic.

"You will leave us alone!" As her words seemed to rock the very earth more ice spread out. Before the Decepticons could let out another sound, they almost immediately became encased in thick ice. The ship that once hovered over the treeline started leaving.

Cliffjumper slowly stood back up, only gawking at the Decepticons, who were encased in ice. Yuki was breathing rapidly from the amount of energy she had used.

"wh….*huff* that was something." Yuki breathed out. She fell to her knees as the once violent winds calmed down to soft breezes.

"The actual slag! That was more than something. That was...That was… I don't know what that was." Cliffjumper exasperated.

"Wish I could help with explaining this, but I am not really sure myself." Yuki weakly confessed as something blue opened.

"Uh, what's that?" Yuki wondered

"My back-up." Cliffjumper answered

"Just great." Yuki groaned and panted as her body started to give she must have used a majority of her energy. She would pass out at this rate.

"You okay there? It looks like you are about ready to pass out." He commented as he kneeled down and hovered his hand over her. Suddenly they both heard loud thuds coming from the other side of the quarry. Cliffjumper took off his attention from Yuki to his back-up. A red and blue robot stood in front while, a small and blue robot, giant green robot, a yellow and black robot, and white and red robot came up behind him.

"I used a lot of calor-" Yuki looked to her left to see more robots. "And my life gets better each second." She said sarcastically.

"Whoa Cliff, what happened here?" The small blue robot asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you what actually happened." Cliffjumper responded

"Wow Cliff, no faith in your team. That's just sad." The yellow and black robot lightly commented.

"I gotta agree with the bee colored robot. It is kinda sad Cliffjumper." Yuki agreed with a chuckle.

"Shush you. You will have to come with us." Cliffjumper stated before picking her back up in his hand. He momentarily searched for his horn, finding it nearly buried in the snow. He then started walking towards his team.

"Huh? What no! Put me down right now!"

"Wait, Cliffjumper is that a human! How do you let a human see you, let alone interact with you!" Ratchet scolded Cliffjumper.

"I am a she and have a name, jerk." The wind started blowing again but still was soft.

The red and blue robot was about to intervene, but was cut off by the white and red robot.

"And a rude one nonetheless. Great! Just wonderful!" Ratchet retorted

"You're the one who just called me human. It's she or he, not human, you bucket of bolts!" Ice spread over Cliffjumper hand. He yelped and tried to break his hand free from its ice imprisonment. Though in the process, he involuntarily dropped Yuki. In a panic, Cliff caught Yuki in his other hand.

Ratchet gasped. "By the Allspark."

"Okay you both need to...chill." Cliffjumper joked, making almost everyone groan.

"Please put me down." Yuki stated in a more calm and pleasant manner.

"Everyone please listen." The red and blue robot finally spoke up. "We need to go back to base. Standing out in the open like this is unwise. And sorry young one, but you will have to come with us."

"What no! I have to-." She smirked as an idea popped up in her head. Looking down, she estimated that she could possibly jump from here without any injury. Yuki first stood up then hopped off of Cliffjumper's hand. She managed to land in a snow pile, feet first. Regaining her composure, she quickly scattered off running towards the fence.

"Yuki! Come back here!" Cliffjumper shouted. He was about to go after her, but the pink and blue robot placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Wait for Optimus, Cliff. What are your orders Prime?" Arcee asked.

"Cliffjumper go back to base and have Ratchet patch you up. Bumblebee, Arcee-." Optimus turned to Arcee and Bumblebee. "Go after our young friend. If the Decepticons believe she is allied with us they may go after her."

Both Arcee and Bumblebee nodded before transforming into their vehicle form and driving after the girl.

"Bulkhead and I will stay here in the quarry and try and gather as many Energon Crystal as we can. Ratchet activate the Ground Bridge when I call for it." Optimus ordered.

"Understood Optimus. Come on Cliffjumper, let's get that horn melded back on." Ratchet said.

"Promise me you won't make this unnecessarily painful." Cliffjumper pleaded as he walked into the Ground Bridge with Ratchet.

"Nope." Ratchet simply answered.

Cliffjumper prayed. "Primus help me."

Jasper, Nevada roads

Yuki rode the black, dusty pavement on her motorcycle as her helmet loosely clung to her head. The sunset could be seen above the small town. It gave the town a more peaceful look. So far she was the only one on the long stretch of road. But soon that was not case when she started hearing car engines behind her. When Yuki took a glance behind her, she saw two dark purple cars racing after her. She turned her attention back on the road and instantly sped up.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" She cursed in her head as she tried loosing the cars.

The purple cars sped up too, easily closing the gap between them.

"Why is this crazy shit happening to me?! How do I even lose them?" Yuki tried thinking up of a plan. Obviously she can't go home, not now. She will just have to lose them in town.

When she made it onto the town's streets, Yuki started making sharp and random turns, until she saw a place to hide out, a fast food restaurant, Ko burger. She quickly pulled over, turning her engine off. She hopped off her motorcycle walked with it to hide behind the restaurant's dumpster.

Arcee and Bumblebee followed after the Decepticons who were following Yuki, but it seemed that they lost her. Arcee commed Bumblebee.

"It seems like the Decepticons lost track of her. Do you see anything Bee?" Arcee asked.

"Nope. Should we split up Arcee to cover more ground?" Bumblebee asked.

"Sounds like a plan. You go right, I will take the left. Whoever spots Miss Ice Queen first coms the other." Arcee explained.

"Got it. I will keep you updated." Bumblebee confirmed.

They both parted ways when they drove up to the intersection. They actively avoided the Decepticons, making sure they stayed under their radar, until finally Arcee saw a black and red dress and a familiar looking motorcycle drive into the back of a fast food restaurant. She could only assume who it was. Slowing to a stop, she parked right in front of the entrance to the back. Arcee deactivated her hologram, to not raise any suspicions. Parked there, she waited patiently for Yuki. She was about to com Bumblebee when suddenly a boy came out of the restaurant, talking on his phone.

He had raven black hair, a grey shirt, red sneakers and was lanky in build. He was casually walking over to his bike. He crouched down to start unlocking the lock. The boy held his phone in between his cheek and shoulder, so can use both his hands.

"Hey mom, yeah, I just got off." He said into the phone. "No, I'm not going to the dance." He rolled his eyes at the mere thought of going. Yuki peered over the dumpster to see if the coast was clear. Only guessing that she lost them, she began slowly moving out of her hiding spot.

"Experience suggests I should never cut a rug." He continued "Unless I'm stowing carpet."

Yuki paused at the sound of a voice around the corner. She crouched down next to her motorcycle. At this point she couldn't take any chances of exposing her position.

"Be careful? Seriously? This is Jasper." The boy explained to his mom over the phone. Once his bike was unchained from the bike rack, he finally turned his head to see Arcee in her vehicle form. His eyes glistened at the sight of the magnificent motorcycle.

"I love you" He whispered. The boy was brought out of his daze by his mom responding. "Oh, yeah, seriously love you mom. Bye." He hung up his phone and put it in his front pocket. He treaded over to the motorcycle, leaving his bike on the bike rack.

"Hello, beautiful." He complimented as he placed his hand on her leather seat. The boy lightly and smoothly glided down the seat, really feeling the quality of the vehicle. A content smile spread across his face. Arcee resisted shivering from the unpleasant interaction

"Where have you been all my life?" He asked already knowing that his question will never be answered.

Arcee mentally cringed. Looking around, the boy wanted to know what it would be like to sit on a piece of art like this motorcycle, so after making sure the owner of this vehicle is not coming back, he hopped on. He then gripped the handles firmly.

"Nice, it may take a few Ko paychecks, but I am gonna own a ride like you someday." The boy explained. A smile was plastered wide across his face.

Yuki was still crouched besides her motorcycle as she witnessed what is unfolding before her. She would never thought that she would see someone so in love with motorcycle until right now. She was tempted to laugh, but couldn't bring herself to spoil his moment.

Yuki decided to get ready to drive off. But first she wanted to meet mystery guy, following her mother's request to make friends.

"Uh hi. Why are you talking to your motorcycle?" Yuki meekly asked. Trying desperately to make an gentle smile.

"Oh-this is-I mean-I." The boy stuttered as he gestured between him and the motorcycle. "This isn't mine. I wish it was, but it isn't. Uh, my name is Jack, Jack Darby. Your's?"

"My names Yuki, Yuki Hamasaki nice to meet you" Yuki said. She extended her hand out to let him shake it. Her eyes momentarily looked down see Jack shake hands with her, but also noticed the mirrors move on the motorcycle. Not only did that freak her out, but in the reflection she noticed the same car that was chasing after her slowly drove to a stop.

Arcee silently cursed simultaneously with Yuki."Frag." "Fuck."