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When Your Blood Runs Cold (Vampire!Eridan x Sollux)

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Nothing ever seemed to go your way. It was always one thing after another, starting with your girlfriend dying unexpectedly. No one knew the cause of death, but for some unknown reason, her body was void of her blood. The Megido family had taken her death hard, but it was to be expected. You had taken her death worse than any of your friends, other than Equius, for some strange reason.

Then Mituna was attacked.

It came to a shock to everyone. Mituna was out skateboarding with Latula, as usual. According to Latula, Mituna had gone to the bathroom while she went to grab an ice cream cone for them to share. The Gemini had screamed loudly after a few minutes, and dropping the cone, his girlfriend rushed the the male’s bathroom. Mituna was lying unconsciously in a pool of his own blood. The police and ambulance were called, along with the Captor household. Mituna fell into a coma, and when he woke up two weeks later, he had no memory of what had happened, and his brain was fried. The doctor’s couldn’t explain it, but they could prescribe him with medication.

Similar attacks appeared across Alternia, but no one was punished for the act. It was hard to pin them down on one person, when the victims were usually alone and out of any surveillance camera ranges. Even Lieutenant Pyrope, the most skilled police investigator in all of Alternia, was stumped. None of it made any sense, and if anything, they needed to be stopped. No one knew what was happening.

Now you had an idea.

It was stupid. You made the one mistake anyone with two working brain cells knew not to make.

Go shopping at night, alone.

Now, you were regretting it. Hands carrying bags of food and Mituna’s pills, you had no way of defending yourself. Against who? The strange figure that was following you.

Sollux ===> Look behind you.

Oh hell no.

There’s no way in Hell that you’d do something as stupid as that. You were stupid to leave the safety of your house in the first place, but you’re not going to make another mistake.

Patte patte patte!

The footsteps behind you quickened, so on instinct, you quickened your pace as well. Your house was only a few blocks away, you were okay. All you need to do is get home. Get home and you’ll be safe. Safe. You need to get to safety.

“Goin’ somew-where?” You yelped, not noticing the figure had gotten so close to you. Before you could get away, two hands grabbed your arms, literally throwing you into the alley between two apartment buildings.

An audible CRACK rang out as your back collided with a brick wall, the contents of your bags landing unceremoniously around you. Your body crippled to the ground, hurting in places you didn’t even know could hurt. Groaning, you slowly rose to your hands and knees, your head hanging low. You had no idea where your glasses had landed, but that was the least of your worries.

“Ya lookin’ for these?’ You raised your head and squinted your eyes at the figure. All you could see was a tall, male stranger holding onto your 3D glasses. Though the darkness of the night muted every color that was normally so bright during the day, you could tell the stranger wore blue and purple striped pants, a scarf in the same colors, and had dark hair. You could faintly see a grin that stretched ear to ear, and his eyes...they….they glowed?

“Who are you?” you ask, trying to make out more of his features. He chuckled and began walking towards you, the heels of his boots clacking loudly against the concrete ground.

“Aren’t ya more w-worried of w-what I could do ta ya?” he snarled. You refused to move, thinking of how you could escape this maniac.

“Not nethetharily,” you retort, eyes flickering to the exit of the alley. The male continued to march towards you.

“So, yer a smartass, eh? I hate people like you!”

“And I hate thtalkerth.” The male bared his teeth, a snarl ripping out of his throat. Your face paled as your eyes grew wide, watching in alarm as the male moved in front of you with inhuman speed, his clawed hand wrapped around your throat. He lifted you with ease, bringing you towards him before slamming you against the wall. Colors flashed in front of your eyes as your head collided with the wall, a pained grunt escaping your lips. The male did it again and again until your head fell forward and your body grew limp. It took everything out of you to remain conscious.

“Still aw-wake, are ya? Yer ev-ven more stubborn than I thought, ya pathetic excuse for a human,” he spits. With every ounce of strength you had left, you raised your head and spit at him. The male wiped your saliva out of his eye, frowning darkly before sinisterly grinning. “I’m gunna have fun rippin’ you ta pieces.” Once more, he slams you against the wall, your world going black.

Sollux ===> Wake up.

You wake up.

And god, your head hurts like hell. It takes you exactly two seconds to realize that you’re chained by the wrists to a very cold wall in a very dark room.

Sollux ===> Freak the fuck out.

You freak the fuck out.

You begin yanking at the chains with all your strength, screaming for help at the top of your lungs. The chains only clinked together, not giving way. Grunting, you stagger to your feet and pull as hard as you can against the chains to no avail. This goes on for a solid ten minutes before you collapse on the floor, exhausted.

“Help,” you whisper, tears sliding down your cheeks. The chill of the chains sent shivers down your spine. Curling up, you continued to shiver and to cry silently, wondering how the hell you got yourself in this situation.

Maybe you should’ve waited until the morning to do your shopping. Maybe you should’ve asked your dad to drive you. Maybe you should’ve brought a weapon. Maybe-

The door creaked open, the light momentarily blinding you. When your vision returned, the first thing you saw was the same figure that had attacked you.

“You...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!” you screamed, lunging forward. The chains on your wrists yanked you back, but that didn’t stop you from trying to get to your kidnapper. He stared at you, expressionless.

“Are ya done yet?” he asks once you stop for air. You snarl at him, your bicolored eyes blazing in anger. He throws you something, the plastic skidding against the cold floor. Cautiously, you snatch the object up, slamming your glasses on your face. There you go, now you can see properly.

“You are going to let me go tho I can go home,” you demand. The male chuckles darkly, striding over to you with such grace that shouldn’t be humanly possible.

“Funny, I thought I heard ya tryin’ ta tell me what ta do,” he chuckles. He sighs when your heartbeat quickens. “Such a beautiful sound...Surely ya w-wouldn’t mind if I had a little taste?”

“Wha-” Your own scream cuts you off as the male sinks his teeth into your neck, your blood gushing into his mouth. You struggle to get away, but he pins you against the wall, stripping away any chance of escape. Tears fall from your eyes as you go still helplessly, just waiting for this monster to stop feeding from you.

Eridan ===> Stop feeding.

Now, why would you do that?

This human’s blood tastes so sweet, almost like that ember, sticky substance you once knew. What was it called again? Honey? Yes, honey. So nice and sweet and warm…

The taste of his blood prevents you from letting him go. The sweetness keeps you drawn in, continuing to drain him of this precious liquid. But wait. If he runs out, where else could you get more? The thought alone makes you frown and pull away, lightly licking your lips. The human crumbles to the ground, the wound on his neck bleeding heavily. You watch him for a moment before kneeling, running your tongue along the two puncture holes in his neck. With a sniff, you turned and walked gracefully out of the room, slamming the door shut. His wounds were sure to be healed by now, but that was the least of your concern.

“Ah, Eridan. Did ye feed well?” You looked up at your father. Of course, you hadn’t heard him enter. Perhaps he simply was there the whole time, waiting for you to exit the spare room. Nonetheless, he was here, and he was waiting for your answer.

“Yes sir,” you reply, fighting a smirk. He must’ve noticed your attempt to hide your smirk, but said nothing.

“And the human? How is he fairing?” he questioned. You shrugged and began walking passed him to your room.

“I couldn’t care less.” Dualscar frowned, you could feel it. It’s not like he cared about the human, either, but you could tell he was curious. It was, afterall, his job. He reported every human that resided in the hotel to Her Imperious Condescension, aka the big bitch who owns the place. You roll your eyes at the thought.

Though, you couldn’t exactly disagree with her.

You haven’t been a vampire long; a year or two at most. Everything was still new to you, but it was clear the rules The Condesce set in place was more or less for not only your safety, but the others’ as well. Humans were becoming more clever with their weapons of mass destruction, and if word got out that vampires weren’t just a myth, the whole lot of you would be burned to a crisp. Literally.

The day you became a vampire was as clear as a memory from when you were a babe. All you remember was that you had just moved to a major city (what was it called? Derse? Yeah, Derse) with your dad, Dualscar, and your older brother, Cronus, from Scotland. It was nothing special; your family just needed a change of scenery. If you focused, really focused, you could remember your family being attacked by rogue vampires. No amount of military training could prepare the three of you for it, and even if it did, it would’ve been all for naught. The pain was long forgotten, but you faintly remember being in said pain for quite some time. You honestly don’t remember if you were curled up in pain for hours, days, weeks, or even mere minutes.

You sigh.

The past is the past, and nothing you could’ve done would’ve changed the outcome. All you could do is deal with drinking blood to survive, avoid the sunlight, and try not to go near garlic or silver.

A smile graces your lips as you open the door, thinking about silver and blood.

When you had first tried blood, you were both mortified and amazed by the taste. You had always known blood to smell, and, on accident, taste, like copper, but this time, it tasted like the sweetest, purest forms of sugar. Unable to control yourself, you had drank every drop of the girl’s blood. You could barely remember her face, but her name haunted you.

Aradia Megido.

Her name was everywhere in the news, and the moment your father heard about her, he had stormed towards you and chewed your ear off, but it wasn’t as bad since it was your first time feeding.

That’s when The Condesce found the three of you. She had offered rooms in her hotel for vamps. You were a bit skeptical, thinking back to a movie long forgotten, but you were quite certain it was about a hotel for monsters. The Batter Witch had laughed that off, explaining that instead of just keeping vampires safe (because vampires didn’t get along with other monsters, apparently), the hotel lures in humans for the growing family to feed on. Granted, not every human was used as food, but there was a good number that never left the glorious hotel.

Speaking of the glorious hotel, you should probably mention the interior. Each room was decorated in the finest silks and velvets, only in brilliant fuchsia, royal violet, and majestic blue-violet, a color for the Peixes, Amporas, and Makaras, the three strongest vampire families known in the area, not that any human would know that. The engraved mirrors always shone, not a speck of dust on their surface. Your mirror was personally your favorite. A seahorse, your favorite animal, was engraved on the top, your Zodiac sign engraved under it. The mirror always showed your best sides, no matter how disheveled you looked that day.

Why would a vampire be able to see his own reflection, one would ask?

Simple. Back in the day, mirrors were made with silver, and thus, prevented vampires to one, go near them, and two, prevented vampires from catching sight of their reflection. That’s what you read, anyways. It was nice knowing the explanation behind all of it, and it was better knowing you could prove those stupid vampire romance novels off.

You never liked Twilight, anyways.

“Hey, Dan.” You turned to see your brother leaning against your doorframe, his arms crossed. Where you played as the Scottish hipster, he played as a 60’s greaser. The look suited him, although he should really bathe everyday, just as you do. You have no problem with one gelling their hair, as you do, but it only looks nice if they bothered to bathe more than once a week. But for some odd, unexplainable reason, both males and females were drawn to him. You frowned at the thought.

“May I help ye?” Cronus winced. Man, you didn’t mean to sound so cold.

“Just checkin’ on my precious baby brother,” he says, pulling out a cigarette and his favorite lighter. Your frown deepens.

“W-Why does ev-veryone just assume I’m some precious snowflake w-who must be protected at all costs?” you spit. Cronus chuckles, lighting his cigarette.

“W-vell, because it’s true. You’re the only one betw-veen the three of us w-vho has nev-wer gotten laid, and a little bird told me that you actually managed to bring a human home.” You roll your eyes and pull out a novel you’ve read numerous times already: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. A classic.

“So w-what? He’s nothin’ but a meal to me.” Cronus’s eyebrows shoot to his hairline, the older Ampora nearly dropping his cigarette.

“‘He?’” your older brother repeats. You shrug, sitting on your bed and leaning back onto the plump pillows. Cronus comes in and sits backwards on your desk’s chair. “Man, Dan,” he chuckles, shaking his head slightly, “I didn’t know-v you w-vere gay.” You sputtered, bolting upright.

“W-What?!” you squeak, your cheeks a dark red. Cronus laughs at your expression. “I’m not gay! He’s just some human I happened to find last night!”

“W-vhat does his blood taste like?” Cronus asks with a shit-eating grin, completely ignoring your weak attempts at explaining yourself. You give him a nasty glare, which he also ignores.

“W-What’s it to ye?” You turn back to your book, hoping he would just go away.

“I’m just curious, is all,” he says. From how he gets comfortable in the chair, all hope for him leaving is lost. Sighing through your nose, you place your book next to your thigh.

“First of all, he’s mine,” you growl, ignoring the grin that grows on his stupid face. “Secondly, if ye or anyone else touch him, I’ll kill ye all, and ye know-w I w-will. Thirdly, his blood tastes like honey.”

“Honey?” Cronus repeats. You nod. “Damn, hav-wen’t had that in a w-vhile.” Your brother whistles, but soon looks thoughtful. “Actually, I think I had some blood that tasted like honey, but that w-vas about a year ago. Nev-wer knew-v the guy’s name or anythin, but I’m pretty sure I took more than w-vas needed. It just tasted so good.” Thinking back to the sweetness of the human’s blood, your mouth began to water. You could just barely taste it on your tongue, leaving you to want more.

“I’m goin’ for a w-walk,” you announce, standing. Cronus watches you leave your room in silence, but you could care less. You just need to get some water to wash out the taste of blood. On your way out, you run into one of the few human butlers The Condesce allows in the hotel.

“Good day, sir!” Xefros says, bowing quickly to you. Your lip twitches downwards, but you remain poised.

“Xefros, I’m feelin’ quite parched. Fetch me a glass of w-water,” you demand, watching as he flinches. He’s your age, if you didn’t count the two years of immortality on your side, but he appears to be no older than thirteen. Humans aged weird, you concluded. The thought struck you as strange seeing as you were human not so long ago, and you have yet to grow out of the looking-like-a-kid phase. There were countless times you had considered turning him into a vampire, but you knew the Queen Bitch wouldn’t allow it, but the reasons were beyond you. Xefros was an excellent butler, and a talent like that would go to waste if a vampire broke the rules and drained him of his liquid life source.

His best friend, however, could go. It was no secret that Dammek was plotting to exploit the world of vampires to the rest of the world, and eventually get rid of the race. The stupid human had no idea what he was getting into, nor what he was doing by wrapping Xefros into all of this. As long as one vampire (meaning you) was kind to Xefros, he was on your side, much to Dammek’s anger.

However, you had other things to worry about than the Head of Security and the butler plotting against you all.

Xefros bows again and rushes off to fetch your glass of water. Making sure no human or vampire were around, you slipped a one-hundred dollar bill in the butler’s cart. Of course, Xefros would know it was you who slipped it there, but he was smart enough to keep quiet about it.

Before long, the butler gently pushed the glass of water in your hand, his face flushed from speed walking to you.

“Here you go, sir,” he says, breathless. You flash him a small smile before taking a sip. The water did its job and washed the remaining taste of blood down your throat. Pulling the glass away with a small sigh, you nod to Xefros.

“Good job. Now-w, I w-would like to discuss a v-very serious matter with ye. W-Walk w-with me,” you say, already walking down the hallway. The human scurries to catch up, pushing his cart ahead of him. You frown, but ignore it.

Eridan ===> Get down to business.

You get down to business.

You also fight the urge to sing a song, but what specific song was beyond you. All you know is that there should be something to continue off of ‘get down to business.’ You decide to ask Xefros about that later, if you remember.

Xefros stays silent, waiting for you to speak first. You mentally applaud him for that, and for how squeaky clean the floors are. The squeaking of your shoes on the glistening floor begins to freak you out for some reason. You just don’t like that noise, and you doubt you ever have. Nevertheless, he did a good job cleaning, as always.

“I hav-ve a human in room four-thirteen. Ye are not to enter that room under any circumstance, unless I hav-ve giv-ven you permission,” you say, keeping your gaze in front of you. Xefros gives you a curious look, but nods quickly.

“Yes, sir!”

The atmosphere grows dense as you relay a question in your mind. You have considered asking him this for quite a while, and though The Condesce would not agree at first, you are certain you can sway her mind. It is silent before you slightly turn your chin towards the human.

“W-Would ye like to become a v-vampire?” Xefros’s head snaps towards you, his rust-colored eyes wide in shock. His mouth slacks open before closing, repeating the process a few times. “Do not keep me w-waitin’. I am a v-very busy man, and I do not hav-ve all day,” you say, a warning lingering in the air.

Xefros ===> Answer.

Your name is Xefros Tritoh, and you honestly have no idea how to respond to what the son of one of the most powerful vampires had just asked you.

This goes against everything the Tetrarch has been plotting. Every test he has put you through, every plan he has made, every piece of information he had gathered and shared with a group of people that are apart of a rebellion-in-progress. The Tetrarch reminds you everyday to not trust these monsters, including Eridan Ampora. He also reminds you that you’re one of the weakest humans in the rebellion, but you don’t pay much attention to that.

Eridan gives you an impatient look, a deep frown on his face.

Oh, right. You’re supposed to respond, unless you want to become his next meal. The thought sends the fear of god into you, and you pale in response. You have everything at stake. You have two options: leave the life you once knew and grow stronger as an immortal vampire, or decline and take place in a rebellion, where one thousand things could go terribly wrong. Either way, your life will be cut short.

Licking your lips, you open your mouth to give your final response.


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