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"Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof? Maybe you'll get a Quirk then!"


So he did.


It honestly wasn't that bad, Izuku decided, because he was facing away from the ground. He had heard the old adage "don't look down!" growing up whenever they someone was at a high altitude, so he had decided to face the sky as he fell to his inevitable death.


It was a much better thing to look at than the inside of your eyes or the plain old ground, he decided.


He slammed at full speed against the stone.


He knew nothing more.


Izuku's eyes slammed open, and the beautiful blue sky greeted him.


Pain wracking his whole body, Izuku sat up. "Psh, can't even kill yourself correctly, huh?" Izuku muttered, wincing as he brought his arm up to scratch his neck. "Looks like I really am good-for-nothing. Maybe I can get Kacc-" The name stuck in his throat. Kacchan was the one to send him off the roof in the first place.


Izuku slowly got up, legs wobbling as if he had only just learned how to walk. Sighing, as he had left his shoes on the roof, he made the painful trek up to the school's roof. Collecting his belongings, he left the building and headed home.


Leaving only the birds to find the incredible blood stain on the ground.



Walking down the streets of Musutafu, he noticed, to his confusion, a great crowd of people gathered around a single marketplace. Hearing the murmurs of people around him, he quickly gathered that it was a Villain attack. Making his way to the front of the crowd, his suspicions were confirmed.


Unfortunately, he also confirmed that Kacchan was being held hostage and being used as a weapon against the various Pro Heroes that had been gathered. He dimly heard Deatharms say that they could only wait until a Pro Hero with a compatible Quirk managed to get to the scene.


But by then, Kacchan would be dead.


Before he knew it, he was running towards the deadly combination, not hearing the crowd lurch behind him or the assembled Heroes cry out in shock. Not thinking, barely breathing despite his body being overworked, he took off his backpack and threw it at the mud-like villain. As it flew towards it, the backpack came undone, ejecting its contents. Izuku took this temporary distraction to launch himself at Kacchan.


He pushed him.


Izuku wasn't sure why he pushed Kacchan, but as he did, he felt a small heat gather against his palms. All at once, a hole was ripped into the center of the Villain as Kacchan suddenly flew backwards at an incredible speed, luckily crashing into a fruit stand.


Izuku stared in shock at Kacchan, then his hands. "H-How did I..." He muttered, but this was enough of a distraction for the Villain to suddenly engulf him.


"Dumbass!" He shouted, "You shouldn't have gotten distracted! The loss of that kid's regrettable, but I can make do with you as a flesh suit! Now sit back, this'll only take a few seconds!"


"Do not fear!" Came a familiar voice. "Why?! ..."




When it was all over and done with, Izuku was praised by the Pro Heroes for his impressive usage of such a powerful Quirk, but was also lightly scolded for not letting the Pro Heroes do their job. Kacchan was praised for remaining calm and was even praised for having such a powerful Quirk. Izuku bit his tongue, there was no reason for them to know that Kacchan had driven him to--


Well, they wouldn't have believed him, as he was alive and well.


And that was what was bothering Izuku as he walked home. He was alive and well, even though he clearly remembered jumping off the school's roof. He even had left his school supplies and shoes on the roof, and he had ended up on the ground as well. But if he had survived the jump, shouldn't he have had more than a few seconds of aching? He should have at least also gotten a couple broken limbs. And what was that weird thing with Kacchan just flying away from him...?


"Deku, you're mumbling." Came a rough voice from behind him, and Izuku jumped nearly ten feet in the air.


"K-Kacchan!" He squealed.


"Deku, you..." Kacchan began, "Why did you do it?"




"Why did you make me think you were Quirkless, you piece of shit?!"


Izuku's eyes widened. Did he have a Quirk...? It would explain the force, but what would that be...?


"Forget it, Deku." Kacchan turned away from him. "Listen, stay out of my way. I don't want to see you, and I don't want to hear you, and I especially don't want to be fucking saved by you, got it?" Without waiting for an answer, Kacchan stalked off.


Izuku sighed, and walked back to his house.


Come to think of it, he was feeling pretty tired...




The rain fell hard that night, and in the middle of the night, Izuku woke up coughing. Walking to the bathroom, he sipped a glass of water before going back to his room.


Illness overtook him that night, and he woke up not a few seconds after his fever reached a boiling pitch. Once he did, however, the fever died down, and he fell back to sleep.


He took no notice of the vomited blood on his sheets until he awoke the next morning.


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The next few days were... Interesting.


After Izuku got over his initial shock of his sheets being covered in blood and bile, he quickly pushed them into the washing machine and thought back to what could have possibly-


The Sludge Villain.


Which brought his thoughts to Kacchan.


Kacchan had been held longer by the Sludge Villain than Izuku had been, and if the Sludge Villain had had some sort of disease that made the victim sick enough to vomit up their heart...


Without a second thought, Izuku put on his shoes and rushed to Kacchan's house, where, sure enough, he found his parents in a state of disarray.


"Izuku?" Mr. Bakugou said, "You've come at a bad time... Katsuki is... Not doing well..."


"Katsuki!" Mrs. Bakugou wailed from another room.


"I understand, Mr. Bakugou." Izuku said, walking in, "B-But I think I have an idea of what to do... I-If Kacchan is willing..."


Mr. Bakugou looked, worried, towards his son's room, before taking Izuku aside. "To be honest, I'm not sure if it's a good idea." He sighed, "The boy takes too much after his mother... Mitsuki holds grudges very well, and if the way Katsuki's been talking about you is any indication..." Mr. Bakugou gave a sort of noise that showed how good of an idea it would to mix the powder keg of a sick Kacchan with the object of his ire.


"U-Understood..." Izuku stuttered. Did Kacchan really hate him that much? To be honest, he wasn't that surprised, but he was still hurt. "Th-Then at least let me make him some tea... I want to help...!"


Mr. Bakugou seemed to think it over, before sighing. "Sure. You remember where it is? It has been a few years since you were last over..."


"I-I think?" Izuku said, "J-Just tell me where the cabinet is."


Once Izuku got the necessary information, he made his way to the kitchen. Getting the tea, he slowly prepared it as he mentally prepared himself for what he was about to do. Though he wasn't sure what gave him this idea, he just knew that it would work.


Making sure that Mr. Bakugou wasn't looking into the kitchen, he quickly took a knife and nicked his finger, letting the blood slowly drip into the tea as it boiled. Washing the knife and sucking on his fingertip, he finished the tea and brought the cup to Mr. Bakugou, who was currently speaking to his wife.


"U-Um..." He said, catching their attention, "I-I know it's sudden, but-"


"Oh! Izuku!" Mrs. Bakugou interrupted him, "I'm afraid Katsuki can't play today. He's really sick, but he's fighting every step of the way. I don't know where he gets it from..."


"R-Right..." Izuku replied. He had an idea where. "W-Well, I made Kacchan some tea, so..."


"Oh, great!" Mrs. Bakugou said, "I'll let him know you'll be i-"


"N-No!" Izuku squeaked, and both of the Bakugous eyebrows raised. Shit. "I-I mean, I d-don't want to get sick, you know? I think it's a good idea for Kacchan to just... Get the tea from one of you!" He offered the cup to Mrs. Bakugou, who took it.


"...Okay." She said warily.


"Th-Thank you, I'll just be going now..."


"Thank you, Izuku. Say hi to your mother for me!"


With that, Izuku left the house as fast as he could.



"Masaru, it's Katsuki!" Mitsuki shouted, running into the living room.


"Mitsu, dear, your volume..." Masaru sighed, "What about Katsuki? Is he alright?"


"He's better than alright!" Mitsuki said, uncomprehending of the sudden turnaround, "His fever's gone, his breathing's stable... It's all fine! It's like he was never sick!"


Masaru blinked. "What?"



The next incident happened two days later, when Izuku returned to school. Apparently, the fight with the sludge villain had been widely broadcasted on the evening news, and currently everyone who had recognized him were now praising him for having such a cool and powerful Quirk, and were now saying that with a Quirk like that, he was a shoo-in for UA.


It was fake, and Izuku hated it. He almost started to cry, actually.


But the weird thing was how Ka- Bakugou was avoiding him as if he was the Horseman of the Plague. Izuku sighed for the third time that day as he stared at Ka- Bakugou (he really wanted to drop saying "Kacchan", but old habits died hard), and the girl next to him who had a sound echoing Quirk if he remembered correctly looked at him strangely.


When this newfound respect continued into the next day, and the day after that, Izuku realized that literally the only thing that had kept his life from being like this always was the fact that he just happened to be born without a Quirk.


Except he had a Quirk, apparently, he just didn't know what the criteria to activate it were.




The third incident came Tuesday evening, when he fell asleep in the bathtub.


He had filled up the bathtub with quite a lot of hot water, and this had soothed him to sleep.


He woke up at the bottom of the tub, totally submerged. Immediately, he surfaced, and spat out all the water that was in his mouth.


Except the water kept coming, in a steady stream that contained more water than what should have been in a human body of any size.


Izuku closed his mouth, and opened it again. When nothing happened, he thought about the odd torrent of water, and the liquid immediately came gushing out until Izuku shut his mouth again.


It was at this point that a sobbing Midoriya Inko crashed in through the door, holding her cell phone.


"I-Izuku!!!" Izuku's mom shouted, wrapping her arms around her wet son. "Micchan! You won't believe this, but Izuku's okay!" She sobbed into the phone. "I had thought the worst when I saw Izuku was at the bottom of the tub and he wasn't moving- What? Why didn't I call an ambulance? Micchan, you know how to do CPR, I would have had you guide me..." Her quavering voice faded as she walked to a different room.


Izuku paid it no mind. He had fallen asleep in the tub... He was at the bottom... His mom had found him at the bottom and was going to perform CPR... Judging by how cold the water had been when he woke up, it dawned on Izuku that he had drowned in the tub.


He had died.


Izuku immediately thought back to when he woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, then woke up in the morning with blood and vomit all over his sheets. Then he thought back to the day before that, when he had certainly hit the ground after jumping off of the school roof.


Had he died those times then?


If so, how did he get antibiotic blood and super-strength? And, just recently, how had he been shooting copious amounts of water out of his mouth?


This required analyzation. And luckily, Izuku was practically already a Pro at that.

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July 19th


It has been about a month since I first accessed my "Quirk", and I am currently still trying to make sense of it.


My current hypothesis is that whenever I experience what would have been a fatal accident, I don't actually die, I just pass out for about five seconds. After that period, I awaken with some sort of ability tangentially related to what would have killed me.


Of course, I need to test this hypothesis, and I also need to figure out whether or not I actually die. Although my initial guess last month was that I actually die, it doesn't explain my ensuing revival -- You would think I would have at least a couple broken bones by now but all I got from jumping off the school was a dull pain. Maybe it's regenerative?


Beyond that, it doesn't explain what I did for Kacc Bakugou, nor how I knew that I would be able to do this. Perhaps I have some sort of latent ability to stop other peoples' death?


Needs testing.



July 25th


It doesn't make sense.


An instinctive usage would make total sense, but that doesn't explain what happened that would have granted me the power to heal Ka Bakugou of his illnesses.


I really need to test this, because I'm running off of some potentially misguided hypothesis. Maybe I do die, but I then absorb the "flames of life" from some departed soul?


I've heard of children getting combinations of their parents' Quirks (Baka Bakugou has something similar), but that sounds really far-fetched.


Then again, so does suddenly waking up at 14 on the pavement with a Quirk that makes you unkillable.



August 6th


I managed to test my hypothesis.


I got bitten by a spider. Specifically, a red-backed spider.


It's kind of anticlimactic, really. You go with your mom on a trip, you stay at some sort of rustic inn, and in the middle of the night, you wake up to a highly venomous spider biting you in the jugular vein.


Unfortunately, I don't get some sort of power that lets me stick to surfaces or foretell danger or anything (which would have been valuable, seeing as I seem a lot more accident-prone lately -- I keep accidentally cutting myself on things).


I can create string now, though.


It's kind of lame, to be honest. It's not even prehensile or sticky or anything. It's just string.


I mean, I can make as many threads as possible, which is nice I guess, but it's pretty useless compared to the other ones I have.


Even my water jet (I need to come up with a better name, but it's still better than "projectile water vomiting") could probably be used in a fight. Oh well, maybe it's good for capturing villains.


Maybe I should test how strong it is.


On another note, am I becoming too blase towards the idea of my own death? To be fair, I don't think I've ever died once, and I seem unkillable, but just once I'd like to do something without the very real possibility of getting injured.



August 20


So apparently I can only have one ability active at a time.


To test this, I decided to start playing with the string and then shoot some water into the tub. When the water appeared, the string suddenly disintegrated.


I tested this again, though, and I cut the string off before shooting water, and it seems the string will stay so long as it's not physically attached to my body.


I nearly avoided dying again, though. I decided to go over to that beach nearby, and I tripped over a discarded microwave and almost fell into a fridge. Luckily, I activated my big hit (also needs a rename) and gave it a palm strike that sent it flying backwards. I fell into the sand instead.


After getting up and activating my antivirus blood just in case of any pathogens, I decided that, since no one else seemed to be doing something about this, I should clear up the beach. Who knows, I've been meaning to work out, maybe this'll be my opportunity.


I should also start dieting, as exercise is only half of a workout, and you need food for energy, but the right kind of food too. Maybe I can ask some dietitian online?


I know I bought some weights a long while back with mom's credit card, so maybe I can use those too...



Before Izuku knew it, eight months had passed, and it was time for the UA Entrance Exam. Despite his complete inexperience with Quirk usage, K-Bakugou's (he was getting better at replacing Bakugou's name in his mental filter, but every now and again he still slipped) ever-present distance, his beach cleanup regimen (he was almost done, he just had to figure out how to remove the trash itself), and just general nerves, Izuku was absolutely certain he was ready to go in there and be the greatest hero candidate UA had ever seen.


Of course, there was still the likely chance he'd end up falling underneath a train and end up becoming some sort of fucked-up teke teke caricature, so he decided to ask his mom to drive him to the school directly after he showered (he didn't take baths anymore - even though he didn't remember drowning, he still lived through it, and he didn't want to know if he could survive the same thing twice). It was a relatively quiet trip, with Izuku listening to music as he watched shapes fly by, but sometimes his mom would ask a question.


Before he knew it, there he was.


UA Academy.


Izuku breathed in, steeled his nerves, and took his first step.


He ended up tripping himself.


This is fine, he thought as he fell forward. This is totally fine-


He stopped falling.


Izuku blinked. A pretty face waved into his field of vision.


"Oh! Sorry about using my Quirk on you so liberally, but doesn't it seem like bad luck to trip before an exam?" With absolutely no trouble, the girl moved Izuku into a standing position and then touched her fingertips together. Izuku stopped floating, and landed softly on his feet. "Good luck in the exam! I bet you'll do great!"


And she was gone.


Though Izuku had died (he had returned to the first hypothesis he had, and had accepted he had died, though he still didn't understand why he had regenerated from all wounds upon revival) four times and almost died many more, he was still a shy, inexperienced fifteen-year-old. So one could absolutely forgive Izuku for immediately turning bright scarlet.




Cheeks still red, Izuku hurried into the entrance hall, took a number, sat down, and waited.


He knew that this was going to be the absolute best day ever.



This was the absolute worst day ever.


Forget when he had committed suicide and then gotten sick with some sort of fast-acting degenerative illness. Forget when he accidentally got stuck in that broken oven and had panicked for a solid fifteen minutes before he realized he could have just kicked the door open in all that time. Forget when he was nine and he failed to purchase All Might Poster n4023 Gold Variant (It was a limited edition collectible, Bakugou, what do you know?!). This was the worst day of his life.


First of all, he had tripped in front of that cute girl. That was crime one.


Second, that weird boy with the glasses called him out in front of an entire auditorium of people just for mumbling under his breath. Seriously? Was he that loud over Present Mic, the Voice Hero himself? How'd he even hear him?! The guy was across the room!


The third point just combined the two, as he had gone over to thank the cute girl, and the weird guy just started shouting about how he was some sort of analytical mastermind! Sure, Izuku may be analytical, but he was not a mastermind, he was a total dumbass when it came down to it!


Wait. Hold on.


Izuku shook his head and continued his search for any and all point robots. Herein was point four. After getting over the shock of the initial rush into the testing grounds, he had yet to find a single intact robot, the only one he had encountered was quickly destroyed by some cute French boy who could shoot lasers. He was going to finish the exam with zero points! This was officially the worst day ever!


Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and a shadow loomed over the testing hopefuls. Izuku looked up, and his jaw dropped almost comically.


It was a giant robot. The exact robot Present Mic had told everyone not to engage, as it was pointless (in both the sense that it was futile, and that it offered precisely zero points).


Well. This is reason five as to why this is the worst day of my life.


As Izuku stood stock still in shock, barely registering the movements of the other examinees, he could still hear a small plead for help. Izuku snapped to attention and looked to the source of the sound.


It was the nice girl who kept him from falling. She was trapped under some rubble, and judging by the slight green pallor of her face, she was probably slightly nauseous from overusing her Quirk. It would make sense; all Quirks had some limitation - Bakugou's explosions had an upper blast force limit, Izuku's mom could only move objects under a certain weight, and even Izuku himself had to die to get any abilities to actively use, and even then he could only use one at a time.


Snapping back to reality, Izuku noticed that the Robot was advancing towards the escaping students, and smashing the buildings around it as it went. The girl was in its trajectory.




The choice was obvious.


As Izuku took off, he failed to notice one Iida Tenya stop in his tracks. As he watched the shady, problematic kid from earlier rush towards the zero-point robot, he quickly assessed the situation: a boy he had labeled from the start as a troublemaker had rushed without a thought for some girl he barely knew. Tenya thought that he would do the same. At least, Tenya hoped.


Izuku didn't have any sort of strength-enhancing ability. Testing out his powers on the debris on the beach proved that his forceful blows did not, in fact, give him temporary strength, but instead imparted an incredible amount of kinetic energy into his kicks, punches, and palm strikes. So, thinking fast, Izuku headed into the trajectory of a piece of rubble, and kicked.


True to form, the rubble flew at the leg of the robot and tore a hole in its chassis. As sparks flew, Izuku quickly switched to the water jet. He had been working on improving the range and pressure behind the water itself, and it came out with the force of a shower hose, spraying onto the open circuitry. As smoke began to fly, Izuku took a piece of railing, tied a string to it, cut the string with a piece of glass, then aimed the makeshift harpoon and hit it with a palm strike, sending it flying into the malfunctioning robot.


Three minutes, Izuku thought as he grabbed onto the flying string, I guess I can go to Ketsubutsu if I fail this exam... I heard Ms. Joke teaches there, she's kinda cool. The railing pierced itself in the robot's main head, and Izuku trailed after it, like some kid hanging onto a demented kite. As Izuku swung towards the robot, he cocked his fist back and delivered the mother of all left hooks.


The robot didn't stand a chance.


Granted, it wasn't totally destroyed, but the goal wasn't to destroy the robot, it was instead to send it flying back so that it wouldn't harm the girl. However, it was clearly damaged from the impact, as well as the high velocity with which it sped into the buildings behind it.


Leaving Izuku falling at terminal velocity at the two minute mark.


"Huh, so I'm gonna die like this again." Izuku thought out loud. "Wonder what I'll get this time, maybe some sort of hyper-endurance? Maybe I'll be able to bounce like rubber. I'm kinda tired..." Izuku's musings were stopped when he noticed his descent halting. He felt a slight pressure on his arm, and when he looked, it was the girl again, on a floating piece of rubble, looking like absolute hell.


"R... Release..." She just managed to get out as she struggled to put her hands together, and just like that, they were both on the ground, Izuku totally exhausted on the pavement and the girl throwing up from overwhelming landsickness.


"Th-thanks..." Izuku panted out, mouth sort of dry, and he struggled to get up, "I've been wanting to tell you that... I... Shit how much longer... I wasted so much time... I need... Even a single... P-"


"TIME UP!!!"

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It had been a rough week.


Not only had Izuku had to lie about how, exactly, he had defeated the gigantic robot (the string he could chalk up to being crazy-prepared and the water to buying something from a vending machine, but the various impacts were something that couldn't just be explained away) when he recounted his story to his mom, but his mom had just started crying once he, in his frantic storytelling, had told her how he apparently developed a Quirk in the middle of saving a cute girl.


As it turned out, Izuku's mom was crying because not only had Izuku been a late bloomer in Quirk manifestation, but also because it was so powerful and the way it had awoken sounded like something from a romance. She then asked if Izuku had gotten his Quirk registration changed.


He had not, in fact. Which just added into the roughness of the week. Paperwork, no matter how streamlined, still sucked.


Finally, after seven entire days of anxious waiting (Izuku had yet to go down to the beach, but at one point he looked into trash removal services, so he was expecting things to be finished very soon), it happened.


"Iiiiizukuuu!!!!" Izuku's mom had cried, and as Izuku sped into the hallway (nearly crashing into the wall), he saw his mom shaking and on all fours, holding a letter. "It's for you!! It's from UA!"


And thus, Izuku had found himself sitting at his desk, lights totally off save for the desk lamp illuminating the solitary envelope. Izuku's nerves were in haywire; what if he failed, as he thought? What if he didn't fail, but he wasn't good enough for the hero course? What if they put him in support? What if he was general studies? Maybe they would make him the school mascot? What if he was ONLY the school mascot and they had him go to kindergarten for the rest of his life? What if it was a bomb?!


That last one made Izuku pause. How would death by explosion even affect him? The last times he had died, his body had been pretty much intact, but a bomb at such close range would likely eviscerate him and leave him a mess of limbs and ashes. And even if he did revive, what ability would that give him? Could he turn whatever he touched into a bomb? Could he make exploding bubbles? What if he just was able to make paper explode?


Izuku shook his head. Now was not the time for "potentially"s. Now was the time for definite action. With that in mind, he grabbed two corners of the envelope and tore it open.


A holographic projector fell onto the desk with a clatter, along with a note. Izuku read the note.


To play, press the center button. Then you shall know your results.

Principal Nedzu


That was straightforward. Izuku pressed the indicated button, and a screen lit up into existence.


It was All Might.


Izuku's jaw dropped. He hadn't seen All Might since the day he was saved from the Sludge Villain. What was he doing announcing exam results?


All Might stood motionless for a solid three minutes before an offscreen motion was made. "What? We're rolling?" He asked. "Ahem. Good Evening, Young Midoriya!" All Might boomed, "I am here! And I am delivering your test results! What? Camera two?" The angle changed, and All Might belatedly looked to the new camera. "Right then! To start with, Young Midoriya, your written portion was sufficient enough to pass!" (What All Might was not telling Izuku, but what I shall tell you now, is that Midoriya had, in fact, done pretty great) "You need brushing up in the areas pertaining to linguistics, but otherwise you are doing well enough! However, as you know, that is only half the battle!" A large scoreboard appeared behind All Might. "For your physical examination, you scored..."


The number hit zero, and, instead of going anywhere upwards, remained at zero, despite the drumroll that would insinuate otherwise.


"...Zero villain points!" All Might shouted after an awkwardly dramatic pause.


It was as Izuku feared. He h-


"That's not all, however!"




"I was a television show host in a past life; if I may direct your attention to this screen?!" All Might took out a remote and pressed a button, converting the gigantic zero into a shot of the cute girl he had saved and who he immediately knew to be Present Mic.


"Um... Present Mic?" The girl was saying.


"Hah? Yeah, female listener?"


"Um... During the exam, I-I'm sure you saw, but I was saved by this boy with really curly hair and freckles, kinda plain looking, but, well, he saved me from certain death, but he was talking about how he needed a single point, and I-I think he meant that he doesn't have any points?" If Izuku muttered, the girl could definitely ramble on. He felt a connection to her. "So, anyways, my point is, I just... I want to give him half of my points!"


Izuku blinked.


"Oh?" Present Mic said, "What if that means neither of you two get in?"


The girl faltered. "...Th-then give him all my points! It's better a boy who selflessly leaps to other peoples' defense than a girl who gets sick every time she uses her Quirk!"


Izuku blinked again, and this time, he found that he had teared up sometime during the exchange. A girl he had barely talked to, a really pretty girl, had done this? For him?


"Worry not, female listener!" Present Mic said, "You'll still be getting in! But we're not going to give the young man the points."


"What?! But-"


"Don't fret it! Things'll work out! Promise!" The screen paused.


"Young Midoriya," All Might said, "What you did for that young lady, that selflessness your actions inspired in her, was absolutely stunning. We almost never see it in these exams (I think)." He pressed another button, and the board lit up again, showcasing a list of names and two columns with numbers in them. "The physical examination was not simply graded on the amount of villains defeated; indeed, there was a second portion to this examination! Rescue points! And Young Midoriya, for your selfless acts, inspiring visage, and overall coolness factor, our panel of judges have decided to award to you..."


"Seventy rescue points! Though you still do not have any villain points, you are catapulted by the rescue points to overall seventh place!"


Izuku's jaw dropped. Did that mean...


"Young Midoriya, you still have a lot to learn. That is why I am here. Come."


Izuku's eyes welled up.




The tears flowed.


"Is your hero academia."


Izuku began to openly cry.


He had done it.



"You have your books, right? Pens? Ruler? Key? All that?"


"Yes, mom, I have it."


"You remembered your tissue? Sickness mask? Underwear?"




"Pfft, hahaha... Just messing with you, Izukkun."


Izuku smiled and put on his shoes. It was nice to hear his mom wory about him. "I'm off, then!" He opened the door.


"W-Wait, Izuku!" His mom said. Izuku turned towards her, and his eyes met Midoriya Inko's tired, yet loving gaze.


"I'm so proud of you. Go do your best at becoming Japan's number one hero."


With a swelling sense of happiness that not even a lightning bolt from the clear skies could burst, Izuku nodded. "Thank you, mom. Love you." And with that, Izuku ran down the steps of his apartment building and made his way to the streets.


Izuku looked at one of the giant screens playing the news; apparently, All Might had officially given a statement that he was going to be teaching at UA himself, and he was looking forward to teaching Heroics classes. Izuku thought back to the message. So that meant that All Might was going to be a teacher? What if he was his teacher? What if he was his HOMEROOM teacher? Izuku didn't know if he could handle the suspIzuku got hit by a car.


This was probably long overdue, Izuku thought to himself as he flew through the air in a perfect arc, It has been a while since anything really bad happened.


And with that, Izuku hit the street in such a way that his neck snapped perfectly, killing him instantly.


Five seconds later, Izuku woke up, yet he kept his eyes closed. His neck actually really hurt this time, and he waited for it dull down to a faint throb before he opened his eyes.


It was quite a sight. About three different people (one of them likely a Hero, considering her outfit) were all reprimandingwho he assumed to be the driver, who had run a red light. Not only that, they probably all believed that he had just gotten badly injured instead of died. Lucky for him, then; he hadn't made it public that his Quirk made him immortal, he was not starting now.


Slowly, he got up, to the sounds of surprise from some onlookers. Ignoring them, Izuku looked around and started to gather his things, which had scattered with the impact.


"Kid, you alright?!" A voice he recognized as Deatharms shouted, running over to him.


"Ugh," Izuku winced at the loudness of the man. Turns out he had a slight headache, too. "I'm fine... Wait, hold on..." Izuku cracked his neck. "Now I'm fine. Can you hand me my watch? I think it fell off..."


"Huh? Sure." Deatharms moved away, and by the time he had come back, Izuku had finished picking up his loose affects and placed them into the bag. "This All Might watch, right?"


"That's it, thank you, Deatharms." Izuku said, absentmindedly putting on the watch, "Sorry if I'm not the stuttering wreck I normally would be, I think I died."


"Really?" Deatharms replied with a bit of a chuckle, "Coulda fooled me, you're pretty active for a dead guy!"


"Guess I am, eheh..." Izuku sheepishly smiled, then looked at his watch.


His eyes bugged out.


"I'M LATE!!!" Izuku squealed, jumping to his feet. "I'm gonna miss my train!!!" And with that, he ran off to the station.


Deatharms blinked the guy's speed. "Fast lil' kid, ain't he?" He muttered.



Somehow, Izuku had made it in time for his train, and after an incident-free train ride, he was once again here.


UA Academy.


This was it. Izuku took a deep breath and took his first steps as a student of those hallowed halls.


It went a lot better. He didn't trip.


Pleased with his small success, Izuku made haste and went into the hallways. The class schedule he had gotten placed him in Class 1-A, and while he was happy that they at least considered him talented enough to be in the premier class of the year, he was worried. Bakugou was also pretty powerful, and he didn't know what he would do if either he or that weird glasses kid were in the same class. On the other hand, he wouldn't mind that girl being there too. Once he finally located the (comically oversized) door, he took another deep breath.


This was it. Again.


Izuku mentally crossed his fingers. Not Bakugou, not megane, yes nice girl, maybe that French kid?


Izuku opened the door.




"Haah? And what are you gonna do 'bout it, prep school?"


They were both here.





Aizawa Shouta was unamused with his current class of wannabe jokers.


Sure, they all probably knew what their Quirks were and how to count to ten and all that nonsense, but personality-wise? He hated them.


Except for that girl with the big hands. She just exuded some sort of calming energy.


"So, you think this is a game, huh?" He said, responding to the kid with the bright yellow hair. "Then how about this... Loser gets expelled."


A stunned silence fell over the twenty hopefuls. Good. Less of a headache this way.


"You'll find," He continued with no prompting, "That UA is known for encouraging free will. This extends to the teachers. In my case, I've decided to exercise this by making sure you understand exactly what you're good for. If you can't even show me any potential, you're good for nothing." He pulled up the list. "First trial is the fifty-meter dash. First up, Bakugou Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku."


As the students lined up, Aizawa made special note of Midoriya Izuku's actions. He (and everyone else with a tactical mindset) had noticed several odd things with Izuku's skillset, including (and especially) the jets of water from nowhere and the string without a source. Principal Nedzu had even analyzed the string and couldn't find any fabric it resembled. If Aizawa was kidding himself, he would say Midoriya Izuku had multiple Quirks.


But that was silly. There was logically a near-zero chance of that.


"3.12 seconds."


Scratch that. There was now a near-one hundred percent chance of that.



Izuku blinked as he found himself at the finish line. Was he faster now? Normally that would have taken him about eight seconds, but now he was at three?


If Izuku had time to think any more, he didn't get it; he noticed how some of the other students used their Quirks (the French kid using his laser as a propulsion system was genius, honestly, and he wondered if he could replicate it with the water jet), and he quickly began to come up with potential uses and counters to the Quirks being shown off. This conveniently distracted him from the mystery that was his newfound speed, and also, incidentally, from Bakugou's restrained anger.


The next few tests passed without any real event. A girl had used her Quirk to create a clamp in the grip test, and he had overhead another girl who was holding the grip in her hair about how she was jealous of a really tall (and, in Izuku's opinion, hunky) boy's six arms, whose grip strength was easily proportional to the amount of arms he held it in. The French guy really seemed to love his lasers, and Izuku thought he had seen him sparkle at one point or another.


Then came his turn in the softball pitch. Izuku took one look at it and knew what he was going to do. He took the ball. He tossed it upwards. He swung a punch at it.


"58.2 meters."


Izuku blinked. "What? I... I thought I..."


"...I've 'erased' your Quirk," Came a dull voice, and Izuku turned towards the source.


His homeroom teacher. Aizawa Shouta.


With glaring red eyes.


Izuku suddenly knew which Pro Hero he was.


"I'll be honest with you, I got suspicious of you during the actual entrance exam, but when you exhibited that speed earlier when you certainly hadn't had it during the exam... It confirmed my suspicions." Suddenly, Izuku felt a soft, yet strong, presence on his back, and he was drawn forward towards the totally-unwrapped teacher.


"...So that's who you are..." Izuku muttered, "You're the Erasing Hero, Eraserhead... You're an Underground Hero whose Quirk is to erase other peoples' Quirks just by looking at them..."


"You've heard of me. Good." Eraserhead replied. "The speed, the water, the string, the strength..." Eraserhead paused. "Your Quirk evolves to suit your need, doesn't it?"


Well, if that's what he wants to hear... "...Yes." Izuku replied. Eraserhead was pretty scary up close, like some sort of predatory cat, and Izuku really wanted to stop being in his clutches.


"Good, that's all I needed to know." Eraserhead sighed, and he closed his eyes. "I'm giving y-"


That was all Izuku heard before he passed out.



When Izuku woke up, he was on the ground, his classmates surrounding him. His head was on something soft, so someone likely had it in their lap.


"D-did someone get the license plate of that car?" Izuku made a weak attempt at a joke.


The kid with the gold hair (Kami-something? Kamoshide, probably) stifled a snicker, and was immediately slapped by a girl with extremely long earlobes.


"Dude, you good?" Asked a redheaded boy, Kirisame if he remembered correctly, "You sorta fell over moanin' and stuff."


"Yeah!" Said the cute girl from the exams, (Urameshiya? No, totally incorrect.) "You looked like you were in pain, so we dragged you over into the shade. You're currently on Shiozaki-san's lap."



"Eh?" Izuku turned his head, and he looked into the face of the girl with the prehensile green hair.


His brain caught up to him.


"Aii!!!" He screamed, jumping out of her lap, "S-s-s-s-s-sorry!!! I-I didn't mean to-"


"Oh, it's quite all right," Shiozaki replied, smiling serenely, "It's the least I could do for a classmate in need."


"If you're quite done," Eraserhead shouted flatly, "Midoriya needs to pitch his ball."


"What?!" Shouted glasses boy (Iino?), "But Aizawa-sensei! Midoriya-san is likely totally unable to-"


"Actually," Midoriya interrupted, kinda touched that this guy he thought disliked him at least cared for his well-being, "I'm feeling all right, at least enough to throw the ball..."


With that, Izuku walked over, and picked up the ball. He clenched his fist, and activated his kinetic energy impact ability (he really was shit at names, huh?). Throwing the ball in the other hand, he timed the punch just right.


"614.9 meters."


Now that was a pitch.



In the end, no one got expelled (to the relief of Hagakure, who was apparently totally invisible). He only barely avoided directly facing Bakugou's ire, lucky for him, although for the rest of the day all Bakugou could talk about was "shitty Deku" this and "Quirkless Deku" that. And, to top it all off, he apparently could now run at high speeds.


Besides the part where he got hit by a car and then passed out in front of his peers from what he assumed was the pain of every death at once, all in all it was a decent firs-




Izuku turned. It was the cute girl and the glasses boy, only now Izuku could place names to faces: Uraraka and Iida.


"Midoriya-san!" Iida shouted, "I must apologize to you for my conduct towards you before the entrance exam!" Iida bowed a perfect ninety degrees. "It was wrong of me to embarrass you in such a manner!"


"Pfft, I'm sure he forgives you!" Uraraka said, slapping Iida on the back (carefully not touching him with all five fingers, Izuku noted), "Isn't that right, Deku?"


Izuku twitched slightly at the painful nickname. Great. Bakugou had convinced the whole class that his name was "Deku". 


At Izuku's slight flinch, Uraraka frowned. "Huh? Isn't that your name?"


Izuku mutely shook his head. "No, that's just what K-" He stopped himself. "Bakugou. It's what Bakugou calls me."


Iida and Uraraka shared a glance. "So, it's a derogatory insult." Iida deadpanned, glasses glinting dangerously. Izuku suppressed a shiver.


"Well, I like it!" Uraraka said, in an almost defiant manner, "It gives a sort of 'can-do' vibe! Like "Dekiru!!!", y'know?" Uraraka swung her fist in a sort of "good luck!" motion, then paused. "Actually, then what is your name? Cause if it's not Deku..."


"Ah!" Izuku stammered. A girl was asking his name? "M-My name is Midoriya Izuku... Y-your's?"


"Uraraka Ochako!" Uraraka grinned.


"And I am Iida Tenya!" Iida shouted, extending his hand, "A pleasure to meet you!"


Izuku shook Iida's hand, and as Uraraka threw her arms around them, Izuku knew this was going to be a good school year.

Chapter Text

After the incident that was his first day, Izuku fell into a surprisingly normal rhythm. UA, despite its lofty reputation, was still ultimately just a high school, after all. The only real difference, he supposed, was that regular high schools didn't have their classes taught (and lunches served) by Pro Heroes.


However, despite his amazingly mundane studies, he really only felt it was a prologue to the true event at the end of the week. It was the event the entire class was talking about, what the entire school couldn't stop gossiping about.


All Might's class, Foundational Hero Studies.


There were several rumors. All Might was going to pit the Heroics classes against each other in a tournament of skill. All Might was going to have everyone introduce themselves and their Quirks. All Might was going to take the class with him on a patrol. Theories and spectulations ran wild, and Class 1-A was no different.


Speaking of Izuku's homeroom, he couldn't think of a more colorful group that he was a part of before (not a hard action, as he hadn't been part of a group before the Sludge Villain incident, and even then, he hadn't wanted to be around the people who had mistreated him for being apparently Quirkless). Seriously, he was actually included in his classmates' discussions, and it was almost surreal, being liked just for existing instead of for having a Quirk. In any event, he had quickly become good friends with Uraraka and Iida, and at least knew the names of Asui Tsuyu, Shiozaki Ibara, and Kouji Kouda (who he had befriended by showing him a couple of Cat's Cradles, the silent boy luckily not asking where he was getting the string).


However, even Izuku's newfound friendships couldn't curb his excitement for Friday.


It almost seemed like a dream. The class sat at their desks, waiting for All Might to arrive, when, like a trumpet on Judgement Day...


"Students! I am here!" Boomed All Might's voice, and everyone sat up straight.


The door slammed open, and All Might leaned forward at a forty-five degree angle, hanging in the doorframe.


"And I am coming through the door like a regular person!!!" All Might continued, striding into the room completely unlike a regular person.


"Woah, isn't that All Might's Silver-Age costume?!" Whispered a student's voice that Midoriya placed as Ashido Mina's.


"It is! That's so retro!" Replied Kirishima (not Kirisame, as he had thought) Eijirou.


All Might stood at the desk for a solid two minutes before moving again. "Students, as you have no doubt heard, I am your teacher for Foundational Hero Studies, All Might!" All Might took out a remote, "Before I can begin the class, I have something to present to you all!"


All Might pressed a button on the remote, and panels opened up in the walls, revealing several numbered briefcases.


"Each briefcase pertains to your student number, if you are unsure as to what your number is, then do not fear! For I have the list right here!" All Might continued, "As for what is contained in the briefcases, it is nothing more than your hero costumes, created faithfully from your initial design sketches sent in when you were accepted! Get changed and meet me at Grounds B for further instruction as to the actual class!" And with that, All Might stepped back and let the students converge on either the briefcases or him.


Izuku, though he desperately wanted to go to All Might and thank him for his actions a year back, eventually decided against it, and instead went for briefcase eighteen. While they had, in fact, sent in design ideas, his mom had been kind enough to make his suit for him. It was one of Izuku's older ideas, emulating All Might perhaps a little too much (okay, maybe a lot much; the teeth-patterned mask was kind of a huge giveaway when combined with the antennae), but he had been so moved that he had instead mailed it into UA to see if he could use it instead. It was allowed, as it turned out, so Izuku was now wearing a suit where his mother's love permeated every stitch. It felt nice.


It was also a little tight around his biceps; maybe he should send it in for a couple of tweaks.


Before long, Izuku was suited up and he and his fellow classmates were at Grounds B.


"Ah yes," All Might said, already there, "Now, you resemble the heroes you long to be!"


"Deku!" Uraraka said, slightly scaring Izuku from how suddenly she said the name, "Is that you?"


"Y-Yeah, Uraraka!" Izuku turned to her and took in her outfit.


"I love your costume! It's so cool, kinda like some sorta killer moon rabbit or something!" She said, practically radiating admiration, "I think they did pretty fine on my costume too, but I kinda wanna find the designer who did this and kick his ass - it's kinda tight around my butt."


Izuku's face immediately flared up. "U-Uraraka!"


"Yeah, honestly," Ashido Mina came over to them, having overheard the conversation, "Like, my chestline should not be this low! Then again, I think that was an error on my part. Not so good at drawing, you know?"


"They certainly altered my costume," Shiozaki said, walking up to them in a plain white robe with a brown utility belt and sandals. "I remember that I requested that my costume be longer than this..." ("This" was actually a conscious design change by a woman designer: keeping in mind Shiozaki's required agility, she had shortened the hemline of the robe so that the girl wouldn't trip every time she needed to run.) "Hagakure-san, you're really all right with your design?"


"You kidding?" Said a pair of floating gloves, evidently Hagakure Tooru, "Fits perfectly! Maybe you guys just had shitty designers."


"Hagakure-chan, are you naked?" Asked Asui Tsuyu, putting a finger to her face.


"What? No." Hagakure sounded confused, "That'd be weird. I'm wearing a suit made from my own hair that gives it light-refractive properties once I put it on. It's really ingenious, isn't it?"


"Damn right!" Shouted Kirishima Eijirou, and Izuku had to tear his gaze away from the boy's rock-hard abs, "That's so cool!"


"Fellow students!" Came a familiar voice from a walking suit of armor, "We are getting off track!"


"Woah, Iida, is that you?" Izuku interrupted, kind of stunned by the mix of Medieval and Dieselpunk in Iida's costume. "You look so cool! Like a real knight!" Y'know, if knights drove motorcycles instead of rode horses.


"Ah, uh, you think so?" Iida stammered, rubbing his armored neck. "Th-thank you, I- Nevermind, please give your attention to All Might!"


"Thank you, Young Iida!" All Might said, having not moved an inch the entire time, "Now then, for our first class, we shall have a Trial of Battle!"




"Ah. Is that the correct term?" All Might cocked his head. "Nevertheless, I shall explain! This will take place within one of the buildings. One team of two will be guarding a nuclear weapon; these two will be Villains. The other team of two will be infiltrating the building in order to stop their nefarious plot; these two will be the Heroes! And how will I determine teams? Simple! For I have here..." He stepped aside to reveal a lottery machine. "A lottery machine! Teams will be decided randomly! Now, this is a timed trial, and if time runs out, the villain team automatically wins! If the heroes touch the nuclear weapon, then they win! That is not all, however!" All Might took out a roll of tape. "This is specially-branded capture tape; if a person is completely caught by the tape, they are then out; if either team is fully captured, then the opposing team wins! Any questions?!"


Iida's hand shot into the air at an alarming speed, and All Might selected him. "Sir! How are you going to be grading this?!"


"Simple, Young Iida! Remote viewing via camera! Not only that, but we will be giving each of you wireless communicators to further help you in your endeavors!" (Todoroki Shouto's uncovered eye twitched, but no one save Aoyama Yuuga noticed) "If this is all, then I shall now pull the teams!"


In the end, Izuku got Team C, with Shouji Mezou, the boy with the six arms. Izuku had never actually talked with Shouji before, but from what he could tell he was a rather serious fellow, so maybe they could make it through unscathed. He actually felt sorry for Sero Hanta, though, as he had been teamed up with Bakugou in Team G.


"Now that we are all in teams," All Might said, pulling out a box with orbs in them, "I shall now randomly decide who is in what position for the first match!" And then, grabbing two balls at random, he threw them into a box behind him (where was he getting these things?). "And so, match one shall be..."




Oh no.


Oh no, no, no, no, NO.


"Team G as the Hero Team, and Team C as the Villain Team!"


Izuku wanted to curse whichever deity (Izanami, Bishamon, even Akkorokamui if he had to) was fucking with him now.



"Midoriya?" Said Mezou, very much worried even though his face wouldn't show it (not helped at all by the mask), "Are you alright?"


"Y-Yeah..." Midoriya said, staring off into space away from Mezou, "I'm totally fine. Totally calm. Y'know, I've been wondering how it would feel to die from an explosion. That sounds good, right? Maybe I'll die and I'll get sent to the afterlife and then the Enma will be like 'You lived a good life, you get to be reincarnated,' and then I'll come back as a baby. I wonder how that would be-"


"Breathe," Mezou found himself saying, patting Midoriya on the back awkwardly. Midoriya was an enigma, he decided as the much-smaller boy quelled his mumbling under the apparently soothing touch of his second right hand. "You were totally catatonic until I got you moving again. Is there something wrong?"


"N- It's fine." Midoriya said, turning away.


"Are you sure? You can trust me." Mezou said, "I'm all ears."


When Midoriya turned to Mezou and saw that he had shifted all six of his arms into ears, Midoriya looked startled before laughing quietly. "That was a terrible joke."


"It was, but it's best one I've got offhand." And with that, the ears were hands, to Midoriya's laughing groans.


"Man, you're so bad at this!" Midoriya laughed (it was a cute laugh if Mezou was being honest). Midoriya sighed. "It's just... Okay, fine, it's Bakugou."


Mezou blinked. "Bakugou Katsuki?"


"Yeah, we were... Childhood friends. Or at least, I thought we were." Midoriya looked out the window. "Problem is, I was a late bloomer - I didn't get my Quirk till a lot later in my life, and Bakugou got his pretty much as soon as he could read. All his life, he's been told that he was the best of the best, and me, well, when the doctors told my mom that I was Quirkless..."


Mezou flinched. "He started bullying you?"


"That's... One way of putting it. We sorta stopped being friends around seven, when he beat me up for protecting a kid from his gang."


Mezou winced, absently glad that the communicators had to be manually activated to allow access for All Might - this was some seriously heavy stuff that he didn't think Midoriya was ready for just anyone to hear. "You went to someone about it, right?"


"That's the thing - I didn't."


Mezou blinked, and so did his third and fourth eyes. "Come again?"


"The fucked up thing is, I still looked up to him. We'd known each other practically since birth, and I- He- He was perfect, in every way, and I was just... Useless, Quirkless Deku. Did you know that's how I got that nickname originally? If you read "Izuku" with different kanji, you get "deku", as in a wooden puppet. It was a reminder that I was nothing but a stone beneath him."


Mezou found his hands had reformed and were now clenching into fists. "You aren't."


"Pfft, I know that." Midoriya said, sitting down and leaning against a column. "Now, at least. I got my Quirk recently, like I said. You know how Aizawa-sensei sa- how Aizawa-sensei had me confirm that my Quirk reacts to things and evolves to counter them?"


Mezou blinked. He hadn't, actually, but he supposed it was during that episode during the softball toss. "Vaguely."


"Well, you remember the Sludge Villain attack? I sorta, uh, awoke it during that. I was the kid who pushed that other kid out of the villain's body with a single shove."


Mezou blinked again. "Wait, that was you? They wouldn't stop talking about you on the news for three days!"


"Oh, you watch the news, nice." Midoriya muttered, then said louder, "Bakugou was the kid who was captured, and later, he told me about how he was so mad that I had had a Quirk this whole time and never told him. Probably thought that I had lied to him this whole time to make him look bad or something."


Mezou felt his growing ire towards the ash blond return. "How self-centered can you get?"


"It wasn't all bad. But, I, I guess, uh..." Midoriya stuttered, then paused and took a deep breath, "Earlierthatdayhetoldmetokillmyself."


Mezou felt a void appear in his stomach. "Repeat that. Slower."


Midoriya grimaced. "Bakugou. He, uh, told me to jump off the school's roof. Before the incident happened."


Right. That was it. Mezou was going to find Bakugou and risk the third-degree burns it would give him to snap the little asshole into six pieces.


Midoriya must have sensed Mezou's mounting wrath, and waved his hands in some sort of placating manner. "I-I obviously didn't go through with it! It's just- That, combined with his general attitude towards me, and the way he sorta avoided me afterwards for pretty much the next year... I just, I can't imagine how much he must hate me."


"Probably as much as I hate him now." Mezou muttered.


Midoriya gave a weak laugh, but sobered up quickly enough. "So, uh, the thing is- Bakugou's more likely to come after me than he is to work with Sero. So it's probably best if I leave you here to guard the weapon while I-"


"No." Mezou immediately shot him down. "You are not going to sacrifice youself for that little piece of shit."


"Shouji, please," Midoriya said, "Bakugou is already going to come after me anyways, and he's pretty strong regardless. If I can lure him away from you, all you would have to do is take on Sero, and if I remember correctly, his Quirk is probably no match for your general physical strength."


Mezou thought it over. While he certainly didn't like the idea of Midoriya being alone with Bakugou in any capacity, he could still see the strategy behind it. "Fine, we'll do it. But how do you know he's coming after you?"


"Please," Midoriya rolled his eyes, "A school-sanctioned event to legally beat me up? He's probably been dreaming of this the moment we entered middle school."


"I am liking this plan less and less." And hating Bakugou more and more.


"We are about to begin!" Came All Might's voice suddenly, and Shouji grew extra ears in anticipation. Midoriya moved to the door.


"We're talking about this later." Mezou found himself saying to Midoriya.


"...I'd kinda like that." Midoriya replied, not looking at Mezou. Mezou took that as a confirmation that they would, indeed, talk about it - Mezou didn't like saying things he didn't mean.


"If both teams are ready, then..."



Chapter Text

As Sero Hanta aimed his elbow, he gave another rough sigh. All those minutes of trying to strategize with Bakugou, and it just kept on devolving into some weird rant about how "Deku had some nerve thinking he was hot shit just 'cause he's got a Quirk now". Honestly, he had thought that Bakugou was kind of a cool dude, but after all that ranting, he was just kind of tired of him. So, it came as no surprise to Hanta when Bakugou just charged right on into the building without even considering what Sero would be doing.


At least Bakugou had told Hanta to stay out of it. He was glad to do so, honestly. He was absolutely one-hundred percent certain Bakugou was just going to hunt down and doggedly pursue poor Midoriya. At least the green-haired boy was fast.


Closing one of his eyes, he aimed and fired a line of tape up to the roof of the building. When it got to the third floor, he cut the line of tape and fired from the other elbow, also stopping and sticking to the third floor. Hanta continued like this for what must have been three minutes before he managed to put together a long rope made of his own tape. If all he had to do was touch the weapon, then he could easily just sneak up past the two. Midoriya could only run fast and had that weird mega punch ability, and Shouji just had extra arms. They couldn't quite react to what they didn't see coming.


Hanta grinned as he lowered the visor on his helmet. He began to climb up the rope of tape. Around the second floor, he noticed that the window his foot was on was shaking, and Hanta figured that Bakugou must have found Midoriya. Giving a small prayer to the Lucky Gods for Midoriya to at least survive the exercise, Hanta gained footing on the windowsill and shot more tape up, giving him extra line and passage to the fifth floor, the top floor.


After climbing to the floor and confirming that the window he had chosen to ascend to was not, in fact, the one closest to the weapon, he climbed up to the roof and made his way over to the appropriate side. He had seen a vague figure he could easily guess to be Shouji (due to the sheer size of the boy), but he couldn't quite make out what he was doing due to the combination of the light casting shadows and his own tinted visor. Putting some tape on the edge of the roof, he tied the other end around his waist and made his way down. Shouji wouldn't see him coming. He reached the window.


Shouji was standing right there, looking directly at him.


Hanta stared at Shouji. Shouji stared at Hanta. Neither moved. Slowly, Shouji opened the window.


"Are you going to get in here and let me capture you, or am I going to have to do this the hard way?" Shouji quirked his eyebrow.


"I think I'd prefer to come in there and capture you," Hanta replied casually as he swung in. "How'd you know which window I was at?"


"My Quirk, Dupli-Arms," Shouji said, unfolding his six arms so that they resembled a fleshy spider web, "Allows me to turn the end of each arm into a body part. Six ears make for incredible surveillance." To prove his point, he turned two arms into ears and four into eyes. He then formed them into hands and folded his front two arms.


"What? Man, that's cool," Hanta groaned, putting his hands to his head, "My stealthy tape maneuvers never stood a chance!" Hanta paused, and grinned. Not that Shouji could see it. "Then again, there's more than one kind of stealth!" He shouted as he shot his tape over Shouji's shoulders directly at the weapon that had been moved to the middle of the room. The tape had managed to make contact before Shouji grabbed it and pulled on it, launching Hanta towards him. Hanta's eyes widened as Shouji readied a three-handed left hook.


That's when the floor exploded with enough force to throw both boys and the weapon to the walls.



Several Minutes Earlier...


Izuku's head spun with stratagems and tactics as he made his way down the winding, monochromatic hallways. This wasn't some trash on the beach that he was trying to find, nor was it an errant point robot he was hoping to come across so that he could be accepted into school.


This was Bakugou. Sure, Bakugou made his life hell for the most part and was an inconsolable jerk when he wasn't lording himself over Izuku, but he was still incredibly powerful. In this weather, Explosion had no weaknesses. Izuku wasn't quite sure if his water spout was useful for this sort of thing or not, but it would likely interact with the explosions and create steam and make things generally worse for Izuku and then Izuku would die of steam burns and then the jig would be up and-


Breathe. Breathe, Izuku.


Izuku thought about what he knew about Bakugou's fighting style. Bakugou tended to lead with a right hook. Right, fair. However, if he could remember the layout of the building correctly, Bakugou would be coming from around a corner where it would be incredibly awkward to swing his right fist - a right turn, from Bakugou's perspective, that would force him to use his left hand. Therefore, Izuku would have the defensive advantage.


Of course, there a major problem: Izuku wasn't sure where Bakugou even was in the building. Bakugou was just as likely to be hiding around a left turn to ambush with a right hook as he was to just jump out from a right turn. Not only that, Bakugou had the instincts of a killer whale and power beyond that, so Izuku would have to counter all of that-


"DEKU!!!!!!!!" Bakugou screamed, jumping out from a corner on Izuku's left. Bakugou had made a right turn, his left arm already swinging with incredible force at Izuku's head. Having planned for this possibility not seconds ago, Izuku reached up, grabbed Bakugou's arm, then used the momentum to flip Bakugou over his shoulder, slamming him into the ground.


"Bakugou..." Izuku said, "Normally, you begin with a right hook, but since there's only one ground entrance to the building, and I knew you would be hounding me singlemindedly, I knew you would have to come from behind a left corner, forcing you to use a left hook!" It made more sense in his mind, but whatever. "I used the environment and your own personality against you!" Seeing Bakugou's eyes glare at him with such intensity made Izuku slightly tense up, but despite his fear he readied himself in a battle pose. "Uraraka-san said that Deku sounds like 'Dekiru' once... Bakugou, I am no longer the Deku that can't do anything without help! I am now the Deku that proclaims 'I can do it!'."


Izuku sincerely hoped that Uraraka was listening.



"Hey, All Might?" Ochako said, pulling on All Might's cape, "Can you turn on the sound? I kinda wanna hear what they're saying..."


"Hm?" All Might said, looking at Ochako, "Young lady, I am afraid that the only communicators I could buy that were not blatantly obvious are closed-circuit! Which means that the only people who can hear them is me if I so choose!"


"Man, all this high-tech gear and they can't even invest in surround sound?" Ochako overheard someone (Kaminari Denki, if she was right) whisper.


"Hey, look, Sero stopped climbing!" Hagakure Tooru said, apparently pointing, "But why? He's not even at the third floor yet!"


"Forget Sero, Haga-chan!" Ashido Mina replied, "Look at Bakugou and Midoriya!"



Izuku dodged Bakugou's third lunge, this one exploding with slightly less force than his last one.


Izuku really hadn't thought this through. He was still trying to predict where Bakugou would come from when Bakugou himself had interrupted Izuku, after all.


Izuku saw Bakugou's knee coming directly towards his face, and dropped low to the ground. Suddenly remembering the capture tape, he unraveled some of it and slung it around Bakugou's leg. Bakugou, obviously realizing what Izuku was trying to do, brought his leg down and kicked Izuku in the head. Izuku, recoiling from the pain, rolled off to the side, dropping the tape.


"You're the Deku that 'can do it'?" Bakugou said, picking up the tape, "Give me a fuckin' break! You're still the same useless piece of shit you were when we were kids! Getting a Quirk didn't make you fucking invincible, Deku!" With a blast, the tape went up in flames. "In fact, I don't know why I thought things would be different! I left you alone that year 'cause I thought you would finally get serious, but look at you! You're still a total fucking Deku!"


Izuku blinked, partially to clear the ringing pain wracking his skull and partially to process Bakugou's words. Was Bakugou... critiquing him?


"But I gotta say..." Bakugou said, advancing on Izuku. Izuku scrambled to get to his feet. "I'm actually glad you didn't jump off that roof..." Bakugou's hands began to spark. "Because that means I get to beat the shit out of you right here and now!" And with that, Bakugou lunged at Izuku, swinging his right arm. Izuku instinctively grabbed it and flipped Bakugou again, only this time, Izuku felt incredible pressure, force, and heat on his back that threw him down the hallway.


"How's that for your pwecious wight hoowk, Deku?!" Came Bakugou's taunting shout from where he stood, "Didn't you think I would have planned for that, now that you oh-so-kindly explained my own fucking fighting style to me?!"


Izuku couldn't think of anything else to do. Activating his high speed ability, he ran down the hallway, away from Bakugou. At least he could keep Bakugou busy until time ran out.





"Man..." Kaminari Denki said, looking somewhat queasy, "Bakugou is... Intense..."


"Intense?!" Jirou Kyouka shouted from next to him, "He's a raving lunatic! Look at him, he's just beating Midoriya to death!"


At everyone else's quiet murmurs of agreement and disapproval of Bakugou Katsuki's actions, Shiozaki Ibara approached Toshinori. "Mr. All Might..." Shiozaki Ibara said, "I do not wish to be seen as a 'party-pooper', but could you please cease this battle? I fear for the worst for Midoriya-kun if this goes on any longer..."


Privately, Toshinori agreed. This was far too much for Midoriya Izuku. However...


"Young Bakugou," Toshinori said into the microphone, turning on his line and allowing him access to Bakugou Katsuki's earpiece, "I am giving you a verbal warning. If you continue to act in this manner, I will stop the exercise and give you detention. Am I clear?"


"Detention?!" Satou Rikidou shouted, "Dude should be suspended for doing that!"


"Am I clear, Young Bakugou?" Toshinori repeated into the microphone.


"...Yeah, yeah." At this, Toshinori let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding.


"Very well. So long as you understand the consequences, I shall let the exercise continue."



Izuku ran into the room at the end of the hallway, a large atrium with two large pillars and windows that let in large amounts of light. Unfortunately, besides the window, there was no other escape route. He was a cornered rat.


"Oh, Deku..." And here's my cat, then. "Guess what?" Slowly, Izuku turned around to face Bakugou, who seemed to be deliberately walking slowly down the hallway. "My gauntlets aren't just a weird design quirk, you know; I had them specifically designed to collect my sweat. I did this so that I would not only have a way to cover my range problems, but also so that I could have a strong attack when I would logically be tired out from fighting..." Bakugou pointed an arm at Izuku, and Izuku could barely make out the sparse light glint off the barrel embedded into the grenade-like design.






"So," Bakugou continued, grinning widely as he wrapped his finger around the seemingly-decorative pin on the gauntlet, "Guess what'll happen if I pull this pin, firing all my collected, explosive sweat?!"



"All Might!!!" Uraraka Ochako shouted, "I don't know what that's going to do, but it's obviously not good!"


I agree. "Young Bakugou!" Toshinori shouted into the microphone, "If you continue like this..."


"Pfft, don't worry, All Might!" Came Bakugou Katsuki's heated, almost excited shout, "He won't die if I don't hit him!"


Bakugou Katsuki pulled the pin. There was a flash of light, the ground shook, and the feed cut off.


"What?!" Kaminari Denki shouted, "What the fuck happened?! Where are they!"


"Obviously, the explosion was strong enough to overheat the cameras, or something!" Came Jirou Kyouka's panicked reply.


"Jesus!" Kirishima Eijirou shouted (to Shiozaki Ibara's disappointed look, which quickly turned to a gasp at his next statement), "Look at Sero and Shouji!"



Hanta groaned as he stirred against the wall. He hadn't been knocked unconscious, but everything still hurt. From what he could tell, there was now a huge hole where the floor should have been, the weapon was against another wall (intact, from what he could tell), he could distantly hear Bakugou's shouting from inside the hole, and Shouji was just standing up.


"Sero!" Shouji shouted, "Are you alright?!"


"Yeah!" Hanta replied, "What the fuck was that?!"


"You tell me!" Shouji retuned. "I swear, if that piece of garbage Bakugou as so much as singed Midoriya's hair-"


"Wow, protective much?" Hanta interrupted as he slowly made his way to where Shouji was, "Bakugou wouldn't do that, would he?"


"You'd be surprised," Shouji gruffly replied, holding out one of his hands, "At what he's already done."


"Hm?" Hanta replied taking the hand and crossing the gap, "What do you mean?"


Shouji seemed about to reply when Hanta heard a crumbling sound. By Shouji's head turn, he heard it as well. Both looked slowly to the weapon, which was in the shadow of a piece of rubble about to fall from the ceiling.


At once, Shouji jumped to push the weapon out of the way. Hanta, cursing under his breath, wrapped some tape around Shouji's leg. Shouji reached the weapon the moment the debris fell from the ceiling, and Hanta pulled Shouji back once the weapon was out of the way. The debris grazed Shouji's hair fringe.


Shouji looked at Hanta. Hanta returned Shouji's look. The two began to chuckle.


"TIME IS UP!" They suddenly heard in their earpieces, knocking them to the ground with how loud it was.



Izuku was up against the wall, literally and figuratively. Bakugou had him cornered, and Izuku didn't want to push him away using the impact ability for fear of rupturing his childhood "friend"'s organs.


"It's over, Deku..." Bakugou said, "I don't know how you managed to dodge that, but this time, there's nowhere to run."


"TIME IS UP!" Came All Might's shout from Bakugou's earpiece, knocking Bakugou off balance. Izuku, despite being grateful for the interruption, was also glad he had lost the earpiece in the explosion that had occurred.


Contrary to what Bakugou believed, you see, he had, indeed, hit Izuku with the blast, and Izuku did, in fact die. However, the blast was so strong that when Izuku revived, it was still going on, and Izuku automatically unleashed his newest power, which had, apparently, killed him again, destroying the earpiece. Luckily, Bakugou was too busy looking between his gauntlet and the gigantic hole in the roof to notice Midoriya's resurrection in the corner, but he had not ignored Midoriya's attempt to escape down the hallway again.


All Might's voice continued to shout, and Midoriya almost missed his declaration: "THE VILLAIN TEAM WINS!"


Bakugou's jaw dropped to the ground.

Chapter Text

Bakugou didn't move. Izuku didn't move. Both were frozen in place. Numbly, Izuku registered All Might's words. His team had won, due to time running out.


Izuku had won.


Izuku flinched as a piece of debris fell from the ceiling some few feet away. Right, he thought, Maybe it's more like Shouji-kun won. Idly, he noted that Bakugou was totally unbothered by the falling rubble, and was still totally unmoving.


Suddenly, Izuku felt a large, extremely warm hand on his shoulder. "Young Midoriya, it is time to hear the results of your exercise. Would you like a blanket to cover up?" Came the soft, yet undeniably firm voice of All Might. It was then that Izuku realized that his costume had been eviscerated from the waist-up (Midoriya Inko, being the thoughtful mother she was, had prepared for the possibility of explosions in Izuku's chosen line of work and had purchased blast-retardant fabric; unfortunately, the store she purchased from had only so much of the material in the color she wanted).


Izuku suddenly realized he was effectively half-naked in front of All Might himself. He gave a slightly panicked squeak, turned bright red, and shook his head so hard it was a wonder it didn't fall off. With a single fluid motion, a baby blue blanket was draped over Izuku's shoulders. It was ridiculously soft, all things considered.


"Get going, young Midoriya, and please wait with the other students," All Might told Izuku, and as Izuku turned away, he could have sworn All Might had said, "As for you, Young Bakugou, there will be consequences for disobeying a direct order and you will be spending-"


Izuku didn't hear any more; he was moving down the hallway and, following his memory, managed to find his way out of the maze-like corridors. Exiting into the light, he made his way to the designated surveillance building, where he was suddenly accosted by a soft body.


"Dekuuuu!!!!" Cried Uraraka, hugging Izuku tightly and nearly cutting off his circulation, "You're alright!"


"Hey, Uraraka!" Kirishima said, "Let the guy breathe!"


"I can't help it! You saw him fighting Bakugou!" Uraraka returned, letting go of Izuku. As Izuku took a deep breath, Uraraka pointed to Kirishima, "Deku deserves all the hugs he can get for putting up with that!"


"That may be, kero, but Midoriya-chan has been through quite the beatdown." Said Asui as she put a finger on her cheek, "If anything, he should at least go to the nurses' office."


"Hey, that's right!" Said a very tall (and, if Izuku was honest, rugged) boy, "Yo, Midoriya, you should really go get your injuries checked out! Bakugou hit you directly in the back with one of those explosions of his!"


"Wh-" Izuku suddenly remembered that no one here knew about his immortality, and were, in fact, genuinely worried about injuries that had surely healed after that ridiculously huge blast. It was a weird feeling, having someone other than his mom worry over his general health. "Guys, I-I think I'm fine, really, my mom got this nice shock-proof fabric-"


"Your mom made your costume?" A punkish girl interrupted, "Cute." Normally, this would have been an insult, but Izuku couldn't detect any real ill-will.


Kouda approached Izuku and tapped the blanket wrapped around Izuku's shoulders. It was the quiet boy's way of asking about why he had the thing on him in the first place. "Oh, the heat from the big explosion ripped up part of my costume," Izuku replied after figuring out what Kouda had meant, "I'm gonna have to send the costume in for repairs, probably get the fabric replaced for something else."


There were a couple more questions in peoples' eyes, but the class fell totally silent, and when Izuku turned around, he understood why.


Bakugou had walked in.


Bakugou gave a sweeping glance around the totally silent class (who returned the glance with mixed looks of distaste and apprehension), before his eyes fell on Izuku. Izuku felt his body flinch, and the two stared at each other before Bakugou simply walked past Izuku and leaned against the far wall.


Kirishima walked over to Bakugou and tried to strike up a conversation, but Bakugou was totally unresponsive and kept on staring directly at Izuku. It honestly creeped Izuku out. Suddenly, two very strong arms grabbed Izuku from behind and whirled him around, and Izuku found himself looking into the face of Shouji Mezou.


"Midoriya! Are you hurt? What did that asshole do?!" A sort of strangled noise came from Bakugou's direction, but luckily Shouji seemed to choose to ignore it. "That blast was strong enough to take out the entire fifth floor!"


"We'll find out, Shouji, calm down!" Sero Hanta said, slightly behind Shouji. "Let Midoriya go, though, he's been through enough. Also, he should fix his blanket, it's kinda, uh..." Sero gave a slight pink blush, and Izuku was aware that the sudden movement had displaced the blanket. With a mortified squeak, he realized he was now effectively showing his body to not one, but two handsome boys, and immediately covered up (but not without a wolf-whistle from either Hagakure Tooru or Ashido Mina, and dear Izanagi he wanted to die permanently).


Luckily for Izuku's sanity, All Might returned at that moment and pulled out a remote. Quieting down the class, he pressed a button and began playing various highlights, two of which were Izuku's initial counter against Bakugou's left hook and Bakugou's wide-scale blast. At the sight of the latter, Izuku gave a slight sigh of relief that the cameras had cut off then; he didn't want to explain suddenly reviving from being atomized.


When it was over, All Might turned to the class. "All right!" He intoned, "Considering these points, who here can tell me precisely who I should declare the Most Valuable Player in this first trial of battle?!" After a second's pause, a single hand rose. "Yes, young Yaoyorozu!"


"Sero Hanta, All Might-sensei." Yaoyorozu Momo answered promptly, with no hesitation.


All Might didn't move.


"When you consider Bakugou Katsuki's actions," The way Yaoyozoru said Bakugou's name with a detatched sneer was not lost on Midoriya, "It is clear that he made no attempt to even work with his teammate, and instead acted on a personal grudge against Midoriya Izuku to seek him out, completely ignoring the entire purpose of the exercise. Not only that, that wide-scale blast put not only Midoriya at risk, but also Shouji Mezou, Sero Hanta, and the nuclear weapon, and should not have been used in an indoors setting to begin with."


All Might was motionless.


"Midoriya's actions, while noble, were also not without flaws either." Yaoyorozu continued, "He seemed to seek out Bakugou in an attempt to neutralize him and distract him from taking on Shouji. This strategy, while admirable on paper, was too dependent on the target, and likely would never have worked on anyone besides Bakugou. Not only that, he recklessly put himself in harm's way and indirectly caused the aforementioned wide-scale blast." Izuku thought that last part was a bit harsh, but he supposed it was fair.


All Might remained still.


"Compared to the first two, Shouji did not do much. He played a defensive role well, and even attempted to keep the weapon out of harms' way, yet in doing so failed to consider the danger of actually being hit by debris - it was very lucky that Sero's Quirk was what it was, otherwise Shouji would be in the medical ward for a broken spine, or worse." Shouji blushed at the criticism, but said nothing.


A fly landed on All Might's maybe-corpse, decided the poor man was still alive, and flew off.


"Which brings me to Sero Hanta." Yaoyorozu said, not even pausing in her miniature lecture, "Of the four, he did the best independently: he focused on the goal; when his initial attempt failed, he tried an alternative method; and he saved Shouji from injury despite the two being on alternate sides. My only criticism of his overall performance is that he seems to perform better on the defensive, and as such, his strategy seemed to function more on the premise of misdirection." Sero gave an embarrassed chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head.


All Might blinked, the first motion from the man in five minutes. "That- That is absolutely correct..."


"We, as hero students, must not only consider our strategies, but also the ramifications of our actions and how to overcome new, unforeseen obstacles." Yaoyorozu finished, turning to the totally silent class, "This is why we are here: to learn, to grow, and to become excellent heroes!"


It was then that Izuku remembered that Yaoyorozu was a student admitted through special recommendations, and this was likely the reason: Yaoyorozu Momo had the intelligence and decisive thinking of a goddess.


"R-Right..." All Might said from his place next to the lottery boxes, "I-I couldn't have said it better myself... W-Well then, shall we begin the next battle?"


"Ah, All Might-sensei..." Shiozaki raised her hand. "Shouldn't Midoriya-san go to the nurse? He has been through an awful lot, and that kick to the head should have at least given him a concussion..." Shiozaki gave a worried look to Izuku.


"Wha- I-I'm fine, Shiozaki!" Izuku said, smiling in an attempt to appease the Christian, "Besides, I kinda wanna watch the fights, you know? It'll help me see more of everyone's Quirks!" Shiozaki didn't seem happy with that, but she at least dropped the subject, which relieved Izuku somewhat.


"If that is all..." All Might said (and was that a glint of worry in his shadowed eyes, or was Izuku imagining that?), "Then I shall call the next battle!"



Battle #2


Villain Team (E): Shiozaki Ibara and Aoyama Yuuga


Ibara clasped her hands and turned away from the weapon she was supposed to be guarding. With a bit of willpower, she had her vine-like hair weave into the floor beneath her and emerge around the weapon, encasing it like a cocoon. Detaching the vines, she sighed and turned to admire her handiwork.


Unfortunately, Aoyama Yuuga was standing in the light, and the sparkles coming from the boy's incredibly shiny armor and general presence nearly blinded her. "What do you think..." He said, "Of Midoriya Izuku?"


Ibara blinked. This is sudden. "Midoriya-san is a fine boy. I wish he would look after himself, though." She replied evenly.


"I see, I see..." Aoyama said, turning away from the window where Ibara belatedly realized he was admiring his reflection in. "I think he has a crush on you."


It was a good thing that Shiozaki's hair wasn't attached to the vines around the weapon, because her hair tensed up at the thought. "Wh-what are you saying, Aoyama-san?!"


"Ufufufu~" Aoyama chuckled, "It's not a bad thing, mademoiselle. After all, he seems to have a crush on half the class anyways. I mean, I expected him to have a crush on me, because, well..." Aoyama bent over backwards in a way that his breastplate really shouldn't have allowed for. "Look at moi~ However, he's obviously the type to not simply choose a single personne~"


"...I don't appreciate you saying such things about Midoriya-san." Ibara replied in a dark tone that surprised herself.


"Ufufu~" Aoyama straightened up and shrugged, "It was simply a thought, mademoiselle. I believe that I shall seek out the enemy, as my Quirk is the absolute best for offense. Au revoir, ma belle~" And with that, All Might called time, and Ibara was alone.



Hero Team (B): Asui Tsuyu and Todoroki Shouto


"Asui..." Shouto said, "Your Quirk gives you the general weaknesses and strengths of an average frog, yes?"


"Kero?" Asui croaked, looking at him, "That's correct, yes."


"I see..." Shouto said, "Then you're vulnerable to the cold?"


"Todoroki-chan," Asui said, visage totally unreadable, "What are you planning?"


"Asui-chan, so that I don't accidentally put you out of commission, could you stand as far back as you like when time is called?" Shouto requested, "I'm going to freeze the building."


"Ah, I see, kero." Asui nodded. "Very well."


"START!" All Might's voice boomed, and immediately, a wave of frost emitted from Shouto's right foot. Asui, true to her word, gave a great leap backwards at the same time. Before the minute was up, the entire building was a citadel of ice.


"I will be right back," Shouto said, and, getting Asui's shivering "K-K-K-Kero..." in response, made his way into the building, past Aoyama Yuuga's shivering and frozen form (were his sparkles frozen in mid-twinkle?), and all the way to the fifth floor bomb room, where he found Shiozaki Ibara with her feet frozen to the floor and a huge ball of vines behind her. Considering he couldn't see the weapon, he supposed it was within the vines. As Shouto walked forward, Shiozaki, shivering profusely, moved her hair into a sort of attacking position.


"That won't do you any good," Shouto said, stopping right next to Shiozaki, "And we both know it. Now then, unless you wish to be frozen further..." It was a surprisingly harsh statement from him, sure, but they were acting. She was a villain, if only for this exercise.


With an incredible shiver, Shiozaki dropped her hair, and Shouto walked up to the vine ball. Touching it with his right hand, he froze the foliage even further, encasing it in an incredible layer of ice, before touching it with his left hand and melting the ice around the entire building. The vines, not able to stand up to the rapid changes in temperature and general erosion, shattered into pieces, and Shouto touched the weapon.


"HERO TEAM WINS!" All Might shouted in their earpieces, and Shouto turned around to see Shiozaki's vines just scant centimeters from his body.


She had been attempting to capture him the whole time. Well played.



"Todoroki's so powerful..." Izuku whispered.


Bakugou said nothing, and instead, his vacant stare seemed to get even more empty.


Todoroki Shouto got MVP.



Battle #3


Villain Team (D): Satou Rikidou and Hagakure Tooru


"Alright, Satou, I'm going to go on ahead!" Tooru said, holding her fingers out in a peace sign, "You wanna guard the weapon?"


"Huh?" Satou replied, "Hagakure-san, don't you wanna guard the weapon? A great defense is a good offense, after all..."


"Well, yeah!" Tooru said, "That's why I'm going to go ahead! Hello, invisible girl? I can just sneak up on them!"


"But..." Satou sputtered, "You're tiny!"


"Yeah, so?" Tooru said, "Doesn't mean I can't take care of myself! I'm a big girl, I braid my own hair and everything! I got past those entrance robots, didn't I?"


"Oh yeah, I was wondering how you did that..." Satou muttered, putting his hand on his chin in thought.


"What do you mean you wondered?! I pulled you out of the way of that big robot!" Tooru couldn't believe it. Satou didn't remember that vital moment?!


"To be fair, I was pretty out of it..." Satou said sheepishly, "My Quirk kinda makes me stupid when I overuse it..."


"Oh..." Tooru nodded in understanding, "Okay... So, I'm gonna go ahead?"


"Huh? Oh sure..." Satou said, and Tooru began to remove her gloves and shoes. Suddenly, she got a wicked idea.


"Pervert!" She said, pointing (not that Satou could see it), "Don't watch me undress! T-Turn around!"


"Wh- Oh!!" Satou blushed and turned around. A second later, he said, "Wait, you're wearing a suit anyways!"


Tooru stuck her tongue out at him and skipped out the door.



Hero Team (H): Jirou Kyouka and Ojiro Mashirao


Mashirao watched as Jirou lifted her earlobe and stabbed it into the wall. After a brief second, the pointed upwards. "I'm hearing movement from the floor above us, but it's only one set of footprints. Judging by the footfalls, it's likely to be Hagakure, as she's much smaller than Satou."


"Wow, you got all that from a single listen?" Mashirao said, amazed, "That's really cool..."


"Heh, I guess..." Jirou said, obviously pleased with herself. After a second, she looked over Mashirao's shoulder, "She's behind you, but I can't precisely tell where."


Someone swore behind Mashirao, and he turned around to see no one there. Taking a stance, Mashirao concentrated. "Jirou, I want you to go up and get to the weapon."




"A good defense is a great offense, Jirou!" Mashirao said, "I'm going to protect you as you ascend, but I'll be fending off Hagakure at the same time! It'll have to be you!"


"...R-Right." Jirou said, obviously unsure.


"I'll be right behind you," Mashirao said, looking over his shoulder and giving her a thumbs up, "Don't worry."


Jirou gulped and nodded, before she stabbed her earlobe into the wall and shattered it. Jumping through the hole, she ran down the adjacent hallway.


Mashirao blinked. He didn't know she could do that. But now was not the time to worry about that; Hagakure was coming for him. He took his stance and waited.


And waited.


It was after five minutes and All Might finally shouting "VILLAIN TEAM WINS!" that he realized he'd been had.


Hagakure won MVP.

Chapter Text

Battle #4


Villain Team (F): Tokoyami Fumikage and Uraraka Ochako














"I will go on ahead."


"Hey!" Uraraka Ochako shouted, but it was no matter and of great insignificance. For this gambit to succeed against such powerful adversairies, it required a vanguard of pure blackness, a legion of Hell's own rakshasa, a- Oh, he was floating.


"Release." Uraraka Ochako whispered, and Fumikage alighted softly on his feet. "Tokoyami, at least listen to my plan!"


"I have no reason to, really..." Fumikage growled. He idly hoped these were the correct descriptives for dialogue.


"But why?" Uraraka Ochako breathed.


"Because," Fumikage bemoaned, "I have a creature of pure darkness dwelling within me, aching to be released, and I must keep it in check by becoming the ultimate in offensive ability."


"...So... Your Quirk is some weird possession thing?" Uraraka Ochako roared.


"Hey, nice to meet ya." Dark Shadow crowed, emerging from its sheath within the recesses of Fumikage's sanctum. "I'm Dark Shadow, Fumichan's Quirk." It extrapolated, to Fumikage's noises of offended consternation, "Did you know Fumichan thinks like the protagonist of some bad fanfiction?"


"Really?" Uraraka Ochako sang, "What kind?"


"Enough!" Fumikage shouted, willing Dark Shadow away. He was not blushing, either. "I am going to go on ahead - my 'Dark Shadow' is perfect for indoor operations, as that is where it shines the brightest..."


"Dude," Uraraka Ochako said, "You lost me."



Hero Team (I): Ashido Mina and Yaoyorozu Momo


"So, how do you wanna do this?" Mina said, stretching and turning to Yaoyorozu, only to see her staring intently at the provided capture tape. Mina watched as Yaoyorozu unclipped a book from her back, flipped to a page, unrolled some of the tape, then formed a small wooden object out of her hand. Ripping a piece of the capture tape off, Yaoyorozu struck the match she had made on the ground, lighting it. Yaoyorozu then set fire to the tape.


"Y-Yaoyorozu!" Mina shouted, "What is this?!" She said, only to be met with mumbling from the girl. What the hell?! Mina thought this Yaoyorozu chick was smart! Why was she burning up the tape?!


"I see..." Yaoyorozu said, standing up. Yaoyorozu then faced Mina and unclipped her top.


"WHOA!!!" Mina said, turning away, "Yao-chan, w-we've only just met, what the hell are ya-"


"What?" Yaoyorozu said, the sound of clipping her outfit back together reaching Mina's ears, "You saw me back in the changing room. Besides, I turned away from the cameras, it's not like I flashed all of our classmates. Here, I managed to examine the material the tape's made of and I made extra. Take some." Mina turned back to Yaoyorozu, who indeed had an entire new roll of tape in her hand.


"...Yao-chan," Mina said, "After this, we are sending out for a new costume from the Support companies."


"Oh? Is this about how much skin my costume covers?" Yaoyorozu said, looking at her costume thoughtfully, "I had actually asked for less, you see-"


"What?!" Mina shouted. Just who was this chick?! "Yao-chan, you really need someone to give you an idea on how a costume is supposed to work! It's supposed to fit your Quirk, yeah, but you also need it to be stylish and at least real clothing! I'll help you design it, too!"


"..." Yaoyorozu looked thoughtful. "Thank you, Ashido-san. I will consider your offer. In the meantime, here's what I'm going to suggest for our course of action..."


A minute later, Mina ventured into the building alone, with Yaoyorozu acting as a sort of mission control. Making her way up the stairs, she found her way unobstructed until halfway down the third floor hallway.


"So..." Tokoyami said, facing away from her, "You came... Ashido Mina..."


"Wh- How'd you know it was me?!" Mina said, totally flabbergasted.


"Yaoyorozu Momo wears heels." Tokoyami replied, "It's rather unnecessary."


"Yeah, we're working on fixing that..." Mina said sheepishly.


"I understand, and I wish you luck in your endeavors." Tokoyami said, turning around, "However, your path ends here, hero! Come, 'Dark Shadow'!" He shouted, and suddenly, a giant dark claw swung out of Tokoyami's cloak. Reacting instinctively, Mina coated her hand in acid and flung it at the claw. The claw retracted as soon as the acid made contact, and a bird-like apparition floated out of Tokoyami's cloak, nursing the acid burn.


"It will heal," Tokoyami said, "But you must go after Ashido!"


Mina, seeing her chance, coated her feet in a more viscous acid and began to skate towards Tokoyami, unraveling the tape as she went. Throwing some more acid at Dark Shadow, she watched it pull back. Mina skidded to a halt and threw the tape with a good pitch, hitting Tokoyami in the face.


Dark Shadow, in response, tore up the tape.


"Oops..." Mina said, "Did not think that through..."


And thus, Dark Shadow charged at Ashido Mina.



Yaoyorozu Momo was on the third floor when she checked in on Ashido. "Ashido-san, come in. What's happening?"


"Waaah!!!!" Came the cry from Ashido directly into Momo's earpiece, "I'm being chased!"


"What?!" Momo replied, "Should I abandon the plan and come over?!"


"No, nonono, it's a really good- BACK!" There was the sound of a liquid hitting a solid, and a slight sizzling sound as well, "Well, I mean, I don't think we planned on a shadow demon possessing Tokoyami, so-"


"Shadow demon?" Momo interrupted Ashido. "Ashido, can you tell if it's avoiding lights?"


"Uh..." There was a wet skidding sound, and silence, until, "Yeah! It's trying to avoid the windows when it's not attacking me!"


"I see..." Momo said, pulling out the Yaoyopedia and flipping through it. "...Ashido-san, do you have sunglasses?"



Mina listened to the new plan with some trepidation, but the more she listened, the more she decided that she liked it. Coating her feet in the slipperiest acid she could make, she turned around and raced towards Dark Shadow. As she approached it, she coated her arms in acid, and cocked one of her arms back. In response, Dark Shadow reared up, raising its claw in a counter-cross. Getting closer to the weird shadow demon, Mina dropped to her legs, and let her inertia and the slippery slime she had coated her arms in slide her under the legless demon.


Hearing Dark Shadow's noises of confusion, Mina followed the trail of shadow back to Tokoyami, Dark Shadow hot on her trail. Tokoyami viewed her with some form of surprise, but he simply took a battle-ready stance.


Looking behind her and seeing Dark Shadow loom behind her, Mina talked into her communicator. "Now, Yao-chan!!!"


An unbearably bright light suddenly beamed through the windows, and Mina cursed her lack of foresight to bring the matching sunglasses she had for this costume. Squinting in the sudden light, she saw Dark Shadow shrink magnificently, and Mina crashed into the stunned Tokoyami.


Acting quickly, Mina took out the replicated copy tape and wrapped it around Tokoyami. "Hah! Captured you!" She said, getting off of him. She closed her eyes and shielded them with her arm. "Dunno what's making all this light though... What did Yao-chan do?"


A couple of minutes later, All Might's voice shouted "HERO TEAM WINS!", and the light went out.



Four minutes earlier...


Momo took the remote control she had crafted to work specifically for this precise object out of her stomach. Reforming her clothes, she panted; this had taken a bit of a toll on her, and she was feeling slightly tired. Nevertheless, she continued her climb up this building's stairwell, having positioned the device so that it wouldn't fall over without her support.


Reaching the rooftop, Momo heard in her ear Ashido's "Now, Yao-chan!!!" Pressing the button on the remote, the gigantic LED flashlight she had created and rigged lit up, bombarding the entire side of the Battle Trial's building with a white light whose surface area was greatly amplified by the concave lens she was using.


Working quickly, Momo created a harpoon gun using the fat in her chest, and fired it at the ledge above the window. Making a strong sling, she tied the other end of the line to a post and ziplined down to the window. Momo braced for impact.


Momo crashed through the glass window and hit Uraraka Ochako in the process, knocking her into the weapon, which thankfully didn't collapse. Momo winced at the amount of light she was beaming into the building and quickly made sunglasses. Noticing that Uraraka's collision had caused the weapon to start floating aimlessly, Momo ran over to Uraraka, quickly took out the capture tape and tied it around Uraraka's arm, and then pressed Uraraka's hand to her stomach.


Immediately, Momo began to float, and she reached for the weapon when it floated out of her reach. Attempting to move gave her no additional air, and Momo began to float away from the weapon. Time was running out, and Momo didn't know what to do. If only she knew how to make a rocket or a booster jet-




Momo didn't know how to make a rocket offhand, but she knew how to get good propulsion. Momo instantly created a small cannon in her hands. Twisting herself so that she was facing away from the weapon, Momo pulled the string, and was hit by the recoil of her miniature cannon, launching her at the weapon. She missed it, luckily, but she managed to touch her hand to it.


"HERO TEAM WINS!" All Might shouted, and Momo quickly recreated the remote she had made for the flashlight and pressed it, turning it off.


MVP: Yaoyorozu Momo



Battle #5


Villain Team (A): Kouda Kouji and Iida Tenya


"I... Am very unused to playing the villain..." Tenya said, concealing his nervousness, "But if it is what is required of me, then I suppose shall do my part..."


Kouda said nothing, and was indeed whispering to a rat on the ground. After the rat... saluted?... to Kouda, it scampered off, and Kouda looked to Tenya.


"I-" Tenya was about to ask why Kouda was talking to a rat, but decided not to. "Kouda-san, you spend time around Midoriya-san, right?"


Kouda thought for a bit (or at least it looked like he was thinking) and nodded. He needn't have, honestly; both Tenya and Kouda were indeed friends with Midoriya, though they had never interacted themselves.


"Well, do you think Midoriya-san felt this kind of nervousness when he went?" Tenya said, "After all, we are at this school to become heroes! Yet... Is it all right to act as a villain?"


Kouda put his hand to his mouth in a sign of thinking, then walked over to Tenya and patted the boy on the shoulder. Kouda gave a rocky smile that inwardly made Tenya's heart melt and erased his doubts. He could do this, and Kouda's thumbs up just assured him further.


"Yes, you're right..." Tenya said, unable to suppress his own smile, "This is a test to see if we, as Heroes, can act undercover as Villains if need be..." Tenya stood at attention (missing Kouda's look that conveyed No, not quite, where did you get that from), "In that case, I shall be a model Villain!"



Hero Team (J):  Kirishima Eijirou and Kaminari Denki


Things could be going better, in Eijirou's opinion.


First, there was the matter of Bakugou. Eijirou had honestly thought the dude was cool, he was a passionate dude, and that was absolutely manly. However, Bakugou apparently had something against Midoriya, and this was apparently the explanation for his beatdown during the trial. Bakugou also still couldn't compute that, for all his fighting, he had still lost, and hadn't even responded to anything besides really large shows of power, like Todoroki's glaciation of the entire building and Yaoyorozu's giant flashlight. Bakugou was a sore loser, and that was decidedly un-manly.


Second, Eijirou didn't want to fight his opponents. Kouda was one of the nicest people in the entire class, and probably the entire school, and it was adorable watching him learn string tricks from Midoriya, who seemed to be able to procure the threads from nowhere (If Eijirou didn't know better, he'd have said that Midoriya's Quirk was making string). Similarly, Iida, though kind of a stickler for rules even to his own detriment, was super passionate, ultimately helpful, and generally nice, in his own robotic way. Eijirou hoped that being assigned to the Villain Team wouldn't be too hard on either of them.


"So, how do ya wanna do this?" Kaminari said, cracking his neck.


"Huh?" Eijirou looked at Kaminari, and, as a challenge, also cracked his neck as well as his knuckles and his arms. "Ain't it obvious? Our Quirks are perfect for direct combat! We go in there, run down the place, get the weapon, and we win!"


"Yeah, I like that!!" Kaminari said, and he held out his fist. Eijirou fistbumped Kaminari. "Whoo!! I'm stoked! Let's go!" Kaminari said, and Eijirou grinned at the boy's enthusiasm.


And thus, the two went through the hallways of the building. Everything was totally silent, save for the occasional rat running along the corner of the hall.


"Yuck..." Kaminari said, "All these rats... Did you know UA had a rat problem?"


"Not really?" Eijirou returned, "I mean, I heard that the principal was a sentient rat or something..."


"Whoa, really?" Kaminari turned to Eijirou, "I thought the principal was a bear! You saw him, right?"


"If you're going by the ears, that doesn't make sense," Eijirou said, "Cause those are definitely tanuki ears. I should know, I went to middle school with a kid with a tanuki Quirk."


"Really? Cool!!!" Kaminari said, "Could he like, shapeshift or something? Could he control sand? Was he good with money?"


"Uh..." Eijirou stopped to think. "If I remember correctly, he could transform leaves into other objects temporarily."


"What? That's cool! Probably useful, too!" Kaminari said, "Maybe we'll see him soon or something, you know?"


"Doubt it, I think he's in another school..." Eijirou said, looking out the window. On the windowsill, however, he noticed another rat. "...Hey, Kaminari? Is that rat watching us?"


"Huh?" Kaminari looked at the rat on the window, who was indeed staring at the two. "...Yeah, that's creepy." Kaminari looked away and immediately squeaked, drawing Eijirou's attention away from the rat's weirdly-smug face. "Dude, look!"


They were surrounded.


By rats.


All of them, ready to pounce.


Eijirou instinctively hardened his skin while electric sparks danced across Kaminari's hands. A large rat with an ear that looked as if it had been chewed by bugs stood on its hind legs. With a small cry, the rat pointed with its weird little hand-paw and the legion of rodents descended upon the duo. 


"Wah! Take this!" Kaminari shouted, and sent out an electrical impulse that didn't affect Eijirou too much, but indeed affected the rats extremely well, forcing a great amount of them down, convulsing but very much alive. "H-How'd'ya like that?!" Kaminari slurred, the voltage used in that shockwave having impaired his brain somewhat, "Th-There's plenny more where that came fr'm!"


What Kaminari didn't see, but what Eijirou saw, was a glint at the end of the dark hallway, and a massive form speeding down the corridor; indeed, Eijirou jumped back from the accelerated form of Kouda Kouji, who used his inertia to deliver the God of all Right Crosses directly into Kaminari's face. Eijirou and the still-conscious rats watched, slack-jawed, as Kouda jabbed Kaminari's head and uppercutted his stomach, then grabbed Kaminari's hair and kneed him in the face before delivering a powerful right hook. Shaking himself out of his stupor, Eijirou took advantage of the rats' distraction and backed away, fleeing to the upstairs as Kouda showed Kaminari exactly how he had gotten into UA in the first place.


Making his way to the weapon room, Eijirou saw a lone figure sitting dramatically in the light. Combined with the setting sun and the wind blowing from the nearby broken window, it felt like a scene out of a Western.


"So, you've arrived, Hero..." Said Iida, rising out of his sitting position, "I expected as much, but to come alone... You must have experienced casualties."


"Yeah, turns out Kouda's a real beast if you hurt animals in front of him." Eijirou shrugged. Iida gave a small laugh; Eijirou wondered exactly how much of it was out of discomfort. He did that sometimes, laughed when he felt uncomfortable about things.


"Yes, I expected as much..." Iida said, turning around, "No matter! N-Now, Hero, we shall settle this... Like true men!"


Eijirou sucked in a breath. That was the coolest thing he had ever heard, ignoring the obvious waves of self-doubt coming off of Iida. "Hell yes! Let's go for it!" Eijirou said, hardening his body and slamming his fists together, creating sparks. As he rushed at Iida like a juggernaut, Iida's engines began to rev. Iida dashed at Eijirou, and Eijirou held out his arm in an attempt to clothesline the larger boy-


Iida appeared on the other side of the tied-up Eijirou.


"E-eh?" Eijirou blinked.


"VILLAIN TEAM WINS!!!" Shouted All Might.


"I apologize, Kirishima-san!" Iida said, immediately bowing in apology and quickly removing the capture tape, "It was a dirty trick to play, but I was acting the role of a Villain, and so-"


"Dude, no hard feelings!" Eijirou laughed. He was kinda bummed that he had lost so easily, but Iida was super smart and fast, of course he'd be able to do this. "You knew exactly what to say to get me to charge right at you! I didn't even know you could run that fast!"


"Yes, well..." Iida looked away, "I suppose, seeing Midoriya-san move so quickly has awakened a bit of a competitive streak in myself..."


"Yeah, dude's incredible, huh?" Eijirou said, "So manly, for such a little guy, too!" Eijirou cracked his fingers. "C'mon, let's go see who got MVP! I bet it's you!"


"I highly doubt it, Kirishima-san!" Iida said, walking back with Eijirou out of the room. "It is surely Kouda-san! He is a wonderful motivator and, apparently, an expert brawler!"


So it was with great surprise that Iida accepted MVP for incredible efficiency and not losing his absolute shit and sending a classmate to the infirmary with a busted face over a rat.



"I don't get it..." Recovery Girl said.


"Hm?" Izuku said, sitting in the infirmary, as he had promised Shiozaki.


"Judging from what you told me, you should at least be showing signs of a concussion, multiple lacerations, fourth-degree burns, something of that nature..." Recovery Girl listed off symptoms that Izuku clearly lacked. "Yet you don't even have a seasonal allergy! What's going on here?!"


"Um..." Izuku stuttered, suddenly aware that his cover was about to be blown sky high. "...Lucky?"


Recovery Girl stared at Izuku in the eyes, and Izuku was never more afraid of an old woman half his height. "...Luck. I see." Recovery Girl sighed, and rolled back in her chair. Taking out a piece of candy, she gave it to Izuku, who took it with as much of a calmness as he could muster. "I don't suppose you'll believe me if I told you that we have total confidentiality, considering I am a licensed doctor on top of a hero?"


Izuku looked away and plopped the candy in his mouth. He took it back out, removed the wrapper, then put the candy itself in his mouth.


"Right... Just, if you're going to be this lucky," Recovery Girl sighed again, resigned, "At least don't make more work for me. I would ask you to escort young Kaminari back to your classroom, but he's still unconscious and I would like to monitor him. At least that Kouda kid was apologetic..."


"Yes, th-thank you, Recovery Girl." Izuku said, excusing himself. Once he was halfway down the hallway, he gave a sigh of relief - that was close. If he hadn't had the convenient excuse of that piece of candy, he may have actually told Recovery Girl about his Quirk.


Izuku paused on that outside of his homeroom. He really needed to name his Quirk, but he had extremely bad taste in names - All Might Junior came to mind.


As Izuku pushed open the door to his homeroom, he was met with a selection of cheering, to his surprise.


"Midoriya, you're back!" Said Kirishima Eijirou, "Man, we were all just discussing our battles, and you know what? I wanna just say that you're probably one of the manliest dudes I've ever met! Taking on Bakugou like that, man, that's so cool of you!"


"He got his ass handed to him, though..." Jirou Kyouka said next to him, "But when the fight began, he did pretty well. I'm Jirou, by the way." She turned to Midoriya and held out her hand. Midoriya shook it as that rugged boy from earlier came up.


"I'm Satou Rikidou!" Satou said, "If you want, I can give you some tips on how to brawl! You probably would have lasted longer, I bet!"


"Satou-san, do not be rude!" Shiozaki said, coming up behind him.


"Eh? But I'm just saying-"


Shiozaki gave Satou a look, and he fell silent. Smiling, Shiozaki looked to Midoriya. "I suppose Recovery Girl healed you up then?"


Immediately, Izuku started to sweat. "Uh, y-yeah! R-Recovery Girl's great! One kiss, and my injuries were healed!"


"That's so cool!" Kirishima said, leaning in (conveniently ignoring Izuku's blush), "...Eh, wait, what about Kaminari?"


"That's, uh..." Izuku stepped back, "K-Kaminari's still out of it, so Recovery Girl can't heal him as effectively. Her Quirk relies on the patient retaining at least some semblance of consciousness to work at full strength... Although, that begs the question: is she able to use her Quirk on comatose patients? Is she a licensed surgeon on top of being a doctor? If so, does she have an assistant on call to replace her should her line of work call her away from UA? What are their qualifications?" Izuku rambled, mostly to himself, before he looked up and caught everyone's staring. "A-Ah, I-I'm sorry, I just tend to, uh-"


"Haha, man, don't worry about it!" Kirishima slung his (incredibly muscular) arm around Izuku's shoulders. "It's good to see you thinking at full speed, after that kick to the head!"


"Yeah, Deku!" Uraraka said, walking over, "It's great seeing you up and rambling! It wouldn't be a day without you mumbling!"


Izuku squeaked and covered his mouth. "D-Do I really do it that much?! Oh my god, you should have told me, I would have-"


"Continued, because that's who you are, and we love you for it." Shouji interrupted firmly, to everyone's vague murmurs of agreement. Izuku blushed over the general sense of acceptance. Out of the corner of his eye, however, he saw motion: Bakugou surreptitiously making his way out of the room.



Bakugou was storming out down the path away from UA when Izuku managed to catch up to him.


"Bakugou!" Izuku shouted, and Bakugou stopped in his tracks. When Bakugou didn't turn around, Izuku figured this was as good as it was going to get. "I-I have something to tell you!"


"...What?" Bakugou distantly replied.


Izuku inhaled through his nose. He really, truly, did not want to reveal it like this, but... "It's about my Quirk."


"What?" Bakugou's voice rose, but he still didn't turn around. "What about your fucking Quirk?! Are you gonna tell me about how you lied to me all those years? Those fucking ten years, you lied to me just to make me look bad?!"


"Wh- No!" Izuku shouted. What the fuck is he talking about?! "I-It's, I didn't know I had a Quirk until the Sludge Villain!"


"...Explain. And then never mention that fucking day again."


"I-" Izuku gulped. "Wh-when you told me to jump off the school roof in middle school, I... I... I did."


There it was.


Bakugou said nothing.


"I jumped off the school roof, and I hit the ground, and I... I died." There's no going back now. "I-I died, and I, uh... I came back. To life. And, uh, I can't stop dying. I think my luck's actually gotten worse? Uh, b-but more importantly, that's how I got that strong push ability... So, uh, th-thank you for that? I mean, it's kinda, uh, weird to thank you for telling me to kill myself, so, uh, um-"


"Deku. Shut up."


Izuku looked at Bakugou for the first time in minutes to see that Bakugou had finally turned around and faced him. Bakugou had also stepped forwards, but unlike the close proximity that Kirishima had with him earlier, Izuku felt nothing but trepidation about Bakugou's new position.


"You..." Bakugou said, eyes darkened, "Who in the fuck would believe the bullshit you just spouted?!"


Well. This is interesting.


"What the fuck are you talking about?! You died?! What the fuck?! You just fucking, died and came back to life, like some sort of phoenix?! You want me to just believe that you fucking died cause, what, I told you to jump off a building?! Obviously, you didn't fucking die, cause you're standing right here, shitstick! You've always been pathetic garbage, but this is a new low, you fucking Deku! And you think- you think you can take on the kids in this school?!"


What? When did I-


"Don't fucking play dumb!" Deku flinched as he realized he had said his last thought out loud. "You study peoples' Quirks as a hobby, you've seen our classmates! That half-and-half-looking asshole and vinehead and that fucking flashlight girl! They're all so- so powerful and I, I just- You come to me and- I- Aargh!!!!" Bakugou picked up a rock and threw it into the trees, blowing it up. "Deku, I don't care about where you fucking got your Quirk, or how you've been hiding it, or what the fuck ever else, but know this!" Bakugou got uncomfortably close and poked Izuku's chest. "I. Will. Be the best Hero in the world. And you? You'll be nothing. You got that?!" Bakugou swiftly turned around and screamed, "FUCK!" as he stormed off into the sunset.


"B... Bakugou..." Izuku whispered, putting a hand to where Bakugou had poked his chest, slightly singing the fabric.



"Could you hear anything?" Shouji Mezou asked Jirou Kyouka, his ears shifting into mouths and eyes.


"No," Jirou sighed, retracting her earlobe from the glass she had stabbed it into, "What do you think they were talking about?"


"Obviously," Ochako said, "It was the fated battle between men! A declaration of rivalry!"


"...Fated... Battle?" Ashido Mina looked at Ochako warily.


"Somehow, I don't think it's as simple as that, kero..." Tsuyu croaked.

Chapter Text

"Pardon me, what can y-!"




"Oh my goodness, are you okay?!"


"I'm fine..." Izuku said, rubbing his head even though it had been his ass he had fallen on. Taking the offered (perfectly manicured) hand, he stood up and found his hand in a vice grip.


"Great, now that we've established that..." The reporter grinned, holding a mic to his face, "Zetsukuma Junko for News 94! What can you tell me about having All Might as a teacher?"


It occurred to Izuku that this was, in hindsight, something he should have prepared for. After all, he had checked the hero forums last night and found some of his yearmates (or at least, who he assumed to be his yearmates - he had no idea who "BattleFist39" or "MidnightHurricane" were) raving about All Might's teaching abilities. And in this age of information, forums were bound to have scoop-hungry reporters circling like buzzards.


"Uh..." Izuku's mind drew a total blank, but suddenly he found himself yanked backwards into another person.


"Izu-cha~n!" Said the surprisingly cheery voice of Jirou Kyouka, "What're ya doin' in that bimbo's hands? Ain't she a lil' too o~ld?"


"O-old?!" Zetsukuma stamped her foot, clearly offended by Jirou's statement.


"Yeah, ya hag!" Jirou said, pulling Izuku through UA's gates, "And don't let me catch ya hangin' onto Izu-chan again!" Once they were out of sight of the reporters, Jirou finally let go of Izuku. "Phew..." She said in her normal tone of voice, "Sorry, Midoriya, for doing all that, but you were obviously uncomfortable, and that bitch was just, ugh."


"Oh... Uh, thanks?" Midoriya said, unsure of what just happened.


"Don't mention it." Jirou shrugged. She looked at him. "Seriously, don't. It's not that you aren't a catch, but I'm not into boys."


"O-oh... Uh, nice?" Midoriya asked, "I, uh, wasn't gonna, um... Uh, any girl catch your eye?"


Jirou's face flared up, but she quickly collected herself. "...Yaoyorozu." She stated, and then pulled open the door. Midoriya followed her to find a small group of people gathered around Yaoyorozu's desk.


"I was thinking of an open back," Yaoyorozu said, drawing on a piece of paper, "So that-"


"But you'll be wearing a crop top!" Ashido said, pointing to a different section, "If you're wearing a backless outfit, there's nothing preventing your boobs from slipping out!" Izuku's face heated at the mere mention of the concept, but he said nothing as he walked up to today's commotion.


"Ashido Mina, I have concerns about the patterns and colors you've chosen." Tokoyami Fumikage said, holding up his own swatch of palettes.


"We'll burn that bridge when we get there," Kaminari Denki said, waving off Tokoyami's sputtered "Cross!", "What I'm saying is that her boots shouldn't cover her legs so much. Your Quirk relies on flesh, right?"


"Fat," Yaoyorozu said, scribbling something in the margins of the paper, "My Quirk relies on my body's lipids to create objects."


"So, kinda like poop?" Sero Hanta threw out from across the room, only to be met by Jirou's enraged punch.


"Disgusting," Shiozaki sniffed, "Yaoyorozu-san, may I recommend a cloak? That way, you can cover yourself if you accidentally shred your clothes."


"That makes sense..." Yaoyorozu mumbled, "But in that scenario, is my regular outfit not usable?"


"Not in the slightest." "No." "You kidding?" Tokoyami, Ashido, and Kaminari chorused.


"Uh, Yaoyorozu..." Izuku spoke up, having walked up to the group during the entire exchange, "Why not put zippers on the outfit, so that you have detachable parts?"


"Well, see, we thought about that..." Kaminari said, "But we eventually threw it out cause it would require a lot of flexibility to reach those zippers."


"Yeah. Plus, what if it catches in the middle of battle?" Ashido shrugged. "Why not just give her shorts to begin with?"


"So y'see, what we're arguing about right now," Kaminari continued without missing a beat, "Is the top. We can't just have her shred her top whenever she makes like, I dunno, a blanket, but we can't deny the possibility of her doing that."


"What about just an opening in the back, then?" Izuku offered, "Not a totally backless thing, but it's still connected in the back at the top and bottom, so that there's an open space in the middle?"


"But then where would that top bit go, then?" Tokoyami wondered.


Izuku looked at their design so far. It was simple design: gloves, crop top, shorts, flat-soled boots that went up to her knees, utility belt...


"...Does the crop top need cleavage?" He wondered aloud, and they all looked at the design.


"...Kaminari Denki." Tokoyami growled.


"Hey, I didn't suggest that!" Kaminari's voice pitched up.


"...I apologize..." Shiozaki said, blushing, "I was working under what I'd seen of heroes like Ryukyuu amd Uwabami, and..."


"It's alright, Shiozaki-san," Yaoyorozu smiled, "I truly didn't see anything wrong with it, either..."


"Well, maybe if it covered her neck," Izuku continued, "And didn't cover her arms, then maybe..." Izuku trailed off as he realized that he was effectively commandeering the whole design process, and he drew his hand back as if it were electrocuted. "Ah, s-sorry! Got carried away there, aha... Uh..."


"No, no, thank you, Midoriya-san..." Yaoyorozu smiled, "This'll surely help with the design process... It makes sense, too, so I'll try to incorporate your ideas."


"Ah, you don't have to-" Izuku assured Yaoyorozu.


"No, no, I insist! You're such a great help, Midoriya-san!" Yaoyorozu said.


"Alright, now that that's settled..." Tokoyami sighed, "Ashido Mina, your pattern ideas are atrocious."


"You wanna take this outside you tengu-looking motherfucker?!"


"I'd prefer it," Aizawa said, walking into the room, looking even more frazzled than usual, "If you would take it to your desks, instead. Homeroom will now begin."


Immediately, everyone was in their seat, staring directly ahead.


"Alright. Now then..." Aizawa sighed roughly, "I really have no choice, but I'd like to get this out of the way..."


The class gulped with anticipation. What sick exercise would Aizawa inflict upon-


"We need a class representative."




"Basically, here's the deal: I don't care how you do it, we just need one," Aizawa said, walking over to his sleeping bag (which Izuku was certain he had seen Bakugou purchasing at one point) and getting in. "So get it done before the period's over, alright?" And so Aizawa was asleep.


The entire class immediately sprang into an uproar, or at least the most quiet uproar they could manage, with every student, from Aoyama to Asui Tsuyu, totally ready to take on the position of representative of Hero Course Class 1-A.


"I think that I would like to be class president," Aoyama sparkled, "After all, the position was positively made for me, non?"


"Humility is an important virtue," Shiozaki said, "Even so, I believe I would be the best fit for the position..."


"Actually, can I be class president?" Ojiro Mashirao raised his hand, "It'd be nice to have a responsibility like that."


"Please, you got tricked by me and Hagakure!" Satou Rikidou said, "Speaking of, it should definitely be Hagakure, y'know?"


"Nah, I don't wanna do it. Too much pressure!" Hagakure said, "Besides, Ashido could probably do it!"


"Yeah!" Ashido cheered, but not too loudly, "I'd love a leader position like that! Let me do it!"


"As if!" Bakugou sneered, a bit too loudly, "I should be class pres, because I'm obviously the best!"


"If you're the best, then how did Deku outsmart you?" Uraraka smugly giggled, and she high-fived Shouji, "No offense, Deku."


"None taken, Uraraka," Izuku smiled.


"What'd you say, round-face?!"


"Bring it on, napalm-breath!"


"Classmates!" Iida said, standing up, "Why do we not simply hold a democratic election?!"


"Because people would just vote for themselves?" Kaminari suggested, "We don't really know each other well, so..."


"Then that is for all the better!" Iida replied, "Because then the person with the most votes is definitely the correct choice to lead us!"


"Okay!" Uraraka said, turning away from her heated staring match with Bakugou (who happened to blink the minute her eyes broke contact, rendering the match as a tie), "So, everyone then write down your choices for class rep and the persons with the top two votes will be president and vice-president!"


Kouda quickly made a small origami box, and everyone wrote their choices for class president. For Izuku, it was an easy choice: Iida Tenya, as the boy seemed like he would surely enjoy such an activity. In fact, Izuku thought as the votes were being tallied, there's no way that anyone but Iida will be president.



"Cheer up, class pres!" Uraraka said as she sipped her juice, "If you won that means people believe in you!"


"I understand that, Uraraka..." Izuku moaned from inside his arms, "It's just, what do I do as class president? I don't know the first thing about leading a classroom, I'm used to being told what to do. I've never even had a pet, or a potted plant, or anything, how can people expect me to be a good class representative? And not even getting into my duties, do I just, what, get everyone to- Uh, sorry..." He noticed he was mumbling and quickly shut up.


"Why should you apologize?" Iida said, "It is precisely the reason that you question so many things that I voted for you. There is no doubt in my mind that you would be an excellent leader."


Izuku blinked. "You... voted for me?" Izuku asked.


"So did I!" Uraraka said, "Who'd you vote for?"


Izuku was startled. He had actually gotten four votes - who were the other two? "Uh, Iida?" When Iida looked at him, Izuku realized it sounded like he was asking for Iida's attention. "I-I mean, I voted for you, Iida! Y-You just seem like the type to really want the job, and, well, you'd probably be much better at it than I am, so, uh..." Izuku trailed off, red in the face.


"Um... R-Right..." Iida flushed, stuffing a whole onigiri into his mouth.


And so, the table dissolved into relative silence.


That is, of course, until the intruder alert began to sound.



In the end, Izuku abdicated the position to Iida. Aizawa didn't particularly care, and everyone agreed that it was probably a good idea - after all, Izuku was particularly skittish in front of large groups. Izuku agreed, but also thought it was a little unfair; he was getting better at public speaking, surely, and was also working on being more fearless.


Being virtually unkillable was a valuable trait in regards to that last bit.


Nonetheless, the week sped by again, and suddenly, it was Thursday.


"Midoriya-kun!" Yaoyorozu said, calling him over, "Has the support company sent you your repaired suit?"


"Ah?" Izuku said. This is sudden. "No, they haven't... I'm thinking of just wearing my gym uniform to tomorrow's Hero Studies exercise, honestly."


"Hm..." Yaoyorozu thought, "You said the fabric that survived was blastproof?" She asked, pulling out her phone.


"Y... Yes?" Izuku said, wondering exactly what Yaoyorozu was doing.


"Do you know what your measurements are, Midoriya-kun?" Yaoyorozu asked him nonchalantly, taking out a piece of notepaper and writing down several complex chemical compounds.


"Wha- N-No, not really..." Izuku stuttered, having an idea of what Yaoyorozu was doing.


"Hm, that'll make it complete guesswork then..." Yaoyorozu hummed, and then, without warning, she stood up and grabbed Izuku's biceps.


"Eep! Yaoyorozu-san!" Izuku squeaked, attracting the attention of Iida, Jirou, and Ashido.


"Hm, your biceps are surprisingly large for someone of your build..." Yaoyorozu hummed, totally unconcerned with the scene she was making, "So it wasn't my imagination that you found your sleeves slightly tight last Friday?"


"Wh- Yaoyorozu-san, how did you-"


"You were pulling on the sleeves," Yaoyorozu said, writing down some numbers and question marks, "Which indicated discomfort according to the tightness. Now then, if you'll excuse m-"


"Ah, Y-Yaoyorozu-san, you don't have to, uh, make me a new costume..." Izuku stopped her.


"Oh? Is this about my Quirk?" Yaoyorozu blinked. "Don't worry, I'll go to the restroom to do so-"


"Nonono, I mean, that makes sense, do that, but, just," Izuku sighed, "You don't, have to do this for me. I'll get my costume in due time."


"Hm?" Yaoyorozu looked confused. "But I want to do it; it wouldn't be fair for everyone else to be fully equipped while you're left struggling. Besides, I wanted to thank you for your input on my new costume. You're such a good help, and I've already given gifts to the others who have helped me, so..." She trailed off.


"I-" Izuku almost felt like crying. "Th- Thank you, Yaoyorozu-san... I... I'd like that, actually... Uh, th-the new costume, that is."


Yaoyorozu smiled. "Wonderful, I'll get on making it during lunch!"


"Fellow students!" Iida cried, "Please get into your seats! Homeroom is about to begin!"


And Thursday passed as such, and it was, once again, Friday.


This particular Friday, however, would prove to be Izuku's worst Friday to date.


Not that he would know.

Chapter Text

Toshinori landed, knocking Trapezius Head Gear out and releasing the hostages immediately.


"Whoops! My bad!" He boomed, looking at the villain's unconscious body. "But I suppose I was in the right place at the right time, then?"


"I'd say, All Might!" Air Jet said as the family reunited, "Good thing, too; my Quirk isn't good with hostage situations, so all I could really do was stall for time until someone else arrived..."


"It's quite alright, Air Jet-san!" Toshinori grinned, "But for now, I must be off! After all..." And with a mighty bound, he leaped into the air, shouting, "I am on my way to work!"


While he was mid-bound, Toshinori thought about how wonderful it was that he was back in Japan. After all, though he had built up an image in America as well as the epitome of a classic superhero, he always had a fondness for Japan's streets. After all, they were where he grew up.


Speaking of growing up, he was absolutely thrilled that he had gotten the open teaching position. It seemed that, ever since his own mentor's retirement from teaching (and Toshinori here had to suppress a shudder from the sheer memory of Gran Torino's teaching style), UA simply couldn't find a suitable Foundational Hero Studies teacher that lasted more than three years (a record held by his predecessor, the impossibly strong Daiyama Sakura, who had retired to live the rest of her life out with her wife and son), which is how he had gotten his position as the teacher of a new generation.


And what a generation! Toshinori thought as he landed on a roof, knocked out a sniper that police were having trouble with, and leaped off again, waving to the police. If I do indeed find my successor among these fledgling heroes, they would indeed become the absolute pinnacle of heroism! Not just a symbol of peace, but a symbol of hope! Toshinori almost wanted to cheer, but it likely would draw odd looks from anyone who happened to be looking up, so he held back.

The question remained, though: who would be his successor?



"Alright, today for your Foundational Hero Studies class, it'll be a joint effort." Aizawa drawled from the front of the classroom.


"Huh? Where's All Might-sensei?" Ashido immediately whispered.


"I don't know... Hey, do you think he's alright?" Sero replied.


"I know! He's probably caught up in traffic!" Hagakure said.


"But then, wouldn't he just try and run here?" Kirishima wondered.


"I think-"


"Quiet." Aizawa commanded, activating his Quirk to increase his intimidation factor. The class instantly calmed down, and Aizawa deactivated his Quirk, his hair flopping back down. "Anyways, I'll be accompanying you, due to recent security concerns, where we'll meet up with All Might and our guest lecturer." Aizawa pressed a button, and their hero costumes protruded from the wall. "Take your costume and meet me outside. Or don't, and fail. Whatever." With that, Aizawa walked to the door and stopped. "Oh, and Yaoyorozu? Midoriya?" At this, Izuku sat straight up.


"Y-Yes, sir?" Izuku asked.


"Even though your official uniform still isn't back from the support company, you're allowed to use the replica that Yaoyorozu made for you." When Aizawa said no further, Izuku nodded. Apparently satisfied with that response, Aizawa then turned to address Yaoyorozu. "Yaoyorozu, after going over your design with the Support course teachers, we've decided to let you use your new design today in a test run. Afterwards, however, you'll have to give your costume to the Support course so that they can analyze it and see if they can make sure it's feasibly combat-ready. Am I clear?"


"Yes, Aizawa-sensei!" Yaoyorozu said, "I understand."


"Good. Get dressed." Aizawa left.


"Midoriya-kun, I'll be waiting for you outside of the girl's bathroom when you're ready for your new costume," Yaoyorozu said, taking out a notebook, "It will be done in about two minutes, so please don't worry about time."


"Thank you again, Yaoyorozu-san," Izuku said, grateful.


"Oh, no, thank you!" Yaoyorozu said as she walked out, "After all, you've been such a good friend, I almost feel like we've known each other for years!"


Izuku blinked. It actually had felt like years that he'd known everyone, despite it being two weeks, at the very most (save Bakugou, but Izuku rarely counted him anymore).


After the couple minutes had passed (Izuku passing the time by playing with some string), Izuku got his costume, changed, and found himself outside, standing with the rest of his friends in front of a bus.


"Deku!!!" Uraraka said, grabbing his hand and grinning, luckily ignoring Izuku's immediate blush over her grabbing his hand, "You look so good! Is it all blastproof now?"


"And waterproof, as well," Yaoyorozu said, walking up behind Izuku in her new outfit, "I tried not to deviate from the original design too much, but I also decided to give Midoriya-kun goggles, in case his mask gets shredded somehow and he wants to protect his eyes."


"Ooh, thinking ahead, huh, Yaomomo? That's smart thinking!" Uraraka said, "And your new outfit looks great, too! I love the shorts, and the boots, and your cloak, and the color, and- oh, it's all just great! It's so much better than your last one!"


"I... Thank you." Yaoyorozu blushed, then said, "Yaomomo?"


"Hm? Don't you like it?" Uraraka tilted her head, "I thought I would give you a nickname, but if you don't want me to, I can just-"


"No, no, I like it!" Yaoyorozu said, waving her hands, "I've just... Never been given such a cute nickname before."


Uraraka turned an interesting shade of pink before turning away. "R-Right! Ahaha! Shall we get going?!"


"Fellow students!" Iida cried, already next to the bus, "Please enter the bus in double file so that you may find your seats easily!"


"Man, calm down, prez..." Kaminari said, as relaxed as his costume.




The whole point was moot, as it wasn't even that kind of seating on the bus anyways. Iida was inconsolable the whole rest of the drive.


"Sooo, Deku," Uraraka said from her seat next to Izuku, "What do you think is gonna happen today?"


Before Izuku could answer, Kirishima butted in from his seat directly across from Izuku. "Ain't it obvious? We're gonna go on patrol! Why else would they call in a third guy?"


"Yahoo, man!" Kaminari cheered, "If that's the case, I'm totally stoked!"


"Stoked? Yahoo?" Jirou muttered, just loud enough to be heard, "What century are you living in?"


"Hey! Class rep, Jirou's making fun of me!" Kaminari whined to Iida, who was still crying.


"Oh, please, I didn't mean it," Jirou rolled her eyes, "You're honestly hard to hate, you know that."


"Yeah, yeah..." Kaminari said, and he turned to look out his window.


As Izuku watched this scene with faint amusement (after all, Kaminari and Jirou's little episodes were a daily thing and never resulted in either party's feelings hurt), he heard a croaking voice next to him. "Midoriya-chan."


Izuku looked to his left to see Asui. "Oh, hello, Asui-san." He greeted her.


"I'd prefer it if my friends called me Tsuyu, kero," Asui said.


"Oh, uh, sure, As-" At Asui's deadpan stare (or was it her regular stare?), "Uh, Tsuyu-san?"


"Good enough." As-Tsuyu shrugged. "Here's the deal: I tend to say precisely what's on my mind. I'm self-aware to know that, at least, kero."




"Your Quirk is reminiscent of All Might's." A-Tsuyu stated plainly.


"It is?" Izuku said, blinking. He wasn't quite sure exactly how string creation and water shooting was reminiscent of All Might, but- Oh, wait. Tsuyu had never seen those aspects of his Quirk.


"Nah, Tsuyu," Kirishima said, "See, Midoriya's got the speed and the impact, sure, but have you ever seen him pick up anything heavier than fifty pounds?" He shrugged. "It's similar, yeah, but until Midoriya picks up an oven, I'm not convinced it's totally "reminiscent"."


"Ah, I see. Then my mistake, Midoriya-chan," Tsuyu nodded.


"I-It's alright, A-Uh, Tsuyu-san," Izuku said, somewhat uneasy now that his Quirk was the center of attention.


"I mean, don't get me wrong, Midoriya's Quirk is pretty cool, and it's even kinda flashy, too!" Kirishima said, hardening his arm, "I'm kinda jealous, y'know? Compared to Midoriya, my Quirk ain't nearly as impressive. I'm hard as diamonds, but I'm not as shiny, you know?"


"Well, all that glitters ain't gold, Kirishima!" Ashido said from her seat next to him, "After all, Bakugou's Quirk is flashy, and he's a total jackass!"


"What'd you say, raccoon-face?!" Bakugou shouted from the back of the bus, where he was sitting alone.


"She said that your personality is totally reminiscent of a moldy turd encased in sewer sludge," Kaminari yelled back, to everyone's laughter.


"What was that, you loquacious piece of shit?!"


"He said that you suck," Shouji stated.




As the laughter pealed around him, Izuku blinked as he realized that, for once in recent memory (that he observed; it's very likely they were doing this to Bakugou on a daily basis), everyone on the bus absolutely detested Bakugou's general attitude, and were gladly taking the piss out of him. It was... Nice.


"Calm down, we're here." Aizawa woke up just as the bus came to a stop. "We're still on school grounds, mind you, but because our campus is so extensive, we have several facilities that can only be reached in a timely manner by vehicle. Everyone off."


Once everyone was outside an enormous building topped with a geodesic dome, Aizawa pulled open the doors, revealing...


...The Universal Studios Japan?


It was a stunning space, with several different areas, all separated by paths that came to a nexus at a beautiful fountain plaza. And standing at the top of the staircase was none other than the famous rescue Hero, Number 13.


"Hello there, future heroes!" Number 13 said, waving their suit-covered arm, "Welcome to this facility of my own design! I've thought out and created each and every single one of these sub-areas, each one designed to help you with your rescue skills! From fires, to shipwrecks, to landslides, to even getting lost in the forest!"


"Woah..." Izuku breathed, almost as starstruck by the facility as he was by Number 13.


"Now, I initially wanted to call it the "Ultimate Space for Jams"..." Number 13 laughed, managing to look sheepish through their pitch-black helmet, "But eventually, we decided on a more fitting name! The "Unforseen Situation Joint"! Otherwise known as USJ!"


"...So, it is Universal Studios Japan..." Izuku heard Kirishima mutter. The other students took this as a chance to start talking among themselves, and Aizawa made his way over to Number 13.


"Hey, Thirteen..." Izuku managed to hear Aizawa whisper, but just barely, "Where's All Might?"


"He's not with you?" Number 13 asked back, "Then he's probably just running late."


Aizawa gave a rough sigh. "I know I gave him a cell phone, why doesn't he ever just text us in these scenarios..." Turning back to his class, Aizawa shouted, "Listen up! This is Thirteen's facility, so you better show complete respect towards their policies and rules! If you don't, you'll probably die."


Izuku was less concerned about that than he'd like.


"Ah, yes, you see, I have just one or two things to tell you!" Number 13 said, holding up two fingers. They held up a third one. "Or, maybe three? Or four? Five? No, six, or perhaps seven? Or maybe..."


They... Keep adding numbers... Izuku thought, a bit surprised about how much of a dork Number 13 was.


"Ah, yes!" Number 13 said, holding up one finger, "This is the most important thing I wish to impart upon you today! You are to use your Quirks to help people, yes? That is what rescue work, a vital aspect of heroism, requires of you!"


"Yeah!" Uraraka said, "I think it'd be swell to be a rescue hero!"


"Ah, that's so nice, miss," Number 13 sounded pleased, "But I want to stress this one point, and I cannot stress this enough: your Quirks can be used to harm as well as help."




"Take, for example, my Quirk, Black Hole," Number 13 continued, "It's an incredibly volatile Quirk that will, guaranteed, spaghettify and atomize any form of matter that gets in its way. As such, it's better for clearing debris in Hero work than it is apprehending villains. After all, what were to happen if I used it against a human being?"


The silence gained an uncomfortable aura to it.


"I see you understand my point." Number 13 nodded, "Even a non-physical Quirk, like, say, Brainwashing, can have disastrous effects when abused. That being said, I doubt any of you would ever harm your fellow students that badly!"


As the class gave a bit of nervous laughter, Izuku's eyes darted to Bakugou, who seemed a bit aggravated at Number 13's speech. When Bakugou's eyes turned towards Izuku's and met his, Izuku immediately averted his gaze towards the fountain plaz- wait, hold on.


The fountain's water supply was cutting in and out.


"Um, Number 13-sensei?" Izuku said, "Is the fountain supposed to do that?"


"Hm?" Number 13 turned around and looked, and so did Aizawa, "What do you mea-" They stopped.


There was a purple-black microcosm of smoke, swirling above the now-defunct fountain.


As Izuku stared, a feeling of total dread filled the pit of his stomach, one not unlike the one he felt when he was facing Bakugou. As the entire group watched, a hand reached out and grabbed the smoke (or, at least, four fingers did - there was a distinct lack of thumb) and pulled it away, like one would a curtain.


A single red eye, the rest of the face covered by another hand, glared out at them.


Izuku watched in horror as the smoke slowly expanded, taking on glowing yellow eyes as transient as the smoke itself. A man shambled out - a man covered in hands, all gripping him in various places, as if it was their last act before the rest of their bodies ceased to exist. Behind him stood an enormous behemoth of a man, skin the same blackish-blue color as a particularly bad bruise, bulging eyes made all the more gruesome by the exposed brain above the beast's sharp, toothy beak.


"Wh-Who are they..." Hagakure whispered, though Izuku knew she knew the answer as well as he did.


"...Villains..." Izuku said quietly, terrified to the core as more villains poured out of the smoke, every one a villain that he was certain he had seen been arrested in the previous year, all from different parts of Japan. There was Kirigami from Hokkaido (captured by Native during one of his fundraisers for the Ainu museum), Medusa from Okinawa (brought to justice by a joint effort between Hound Dog and Ectoplasm), and even Mako (imprisoned after an impressive fight with Selkie), among countless others, each one as deadly as the last.


"Huh? Only two?" The man covered in hands said, his incredibly raspy voice almost whining, "Kurogiri, are you sure that intel was correct? Where's All Might?"


"Shigaraki Tomura," Kurogiri said, mostly reforming into a smaller, more coherent blob of mist (not smoke, apparently), "It appears that All Might is simply running late, and that is why he is not here."


"Really? Is that it?" Shigaraki Tomura said, scratching his neck with his fingers, "Ah, man, and we assembled such a huge party... The boss isn't even here..." Shigaraki Tomura scratched at his neck, and scratched, and scratched, and as tension built up between this surreal standoff that couldn't be happening between Izuku and his classmates and teachers versus this legion of villains, Shigaraki Tomura stopped scratching. "I suppose it's alright, I guess..." He said, "After all... We have a whole squad of minibosses to kill here, now, don't we?"


At the villain's jeering cries, Izuku tensed up. Though he knew he was immortal, he knew his classmates weren't, and beyond that, Izuku had the feeling that the villains would capture him the moment he resurrected and would hold him for ransom, or even worse, try to experiment on him and try to recreate his Quirk, or maybe even kick his Quirk into overdrive using that Trigger stuff he had read about and-


"Breathe slowly, Midoriya," Izuku heard Ojiro Mashirao's voice call out to him, a hand rubbing his back, "You need to relax. Panicking won't do you any good."


"No, it won't." Aizawa agreed, having put his goggles on and unraveled his bindings. "Thirteen, I'm counting on you to get the kids out of here."


"What?!" Kirishima, Ashido, and Kaminari shouted.


"It's too dangerous," Aizawa said, "You all wouldn't stand a chance against even one of these villains, much less ten. Even I can see Yaksha and Unagihime among them, and those two alone could take down all twenty of you."


There was some sustained murmurs, but other than that, the students agreed.


"Thirteen, while you're running, call for help using the radio," Aizawa said, "Kaminari, see if you can call for help using your Quirk; you know Morse Code, right?"


"Y-Yes, sensei," Kaminari said, clearly surprised that Aizawa remembered his obscure hobby, and he immediately began transmitting a slight electromagnetic wavelength to try and attract attention from UA proper.


"Me..." Aizawa said, getting ready to leap, "I'm going to hold them off."


"What?! But, sensei, they outnumber you a hundred to one!" Izuku shouted, "There's no way..." He trailed off as Aizawa threw his binding around the welcoming arch and held tight.


"Don't worry, Midoriya," Aizawa said, "I'm thirty-one. I've picked up some tricks here and there." And with that, Eraserhead flew into battle.


Izuku stood, transfixed, as he watched Eraserhead move. The man was as fluid as oil and as cunning as ten ravens. What he lacked in power, he made up for in speed, managing to dispatch Gatling Knuckle and Medusa in mere seconds and moving on to Caineghis, Archdark, Seth, and others, knocking them out with incredible precision and holding them at bay by virtue of his goggles hiding exactly where Eraserhead was looking.


"Midoriya-kun! Let's go!" Izuku heard Number 13 shout, and Izuku had to tear his gaze away from watching Eraserhead use a wrapped-up Dragon Fang to mercilessly beat Ink Blot and Yaksha to turn around and bolt. "Kaminari-kun, can you reach the school?" Number 13 asked as they ran.


"No!" Kaminari shouted, "It's like there's someone with an interference Quirk among them!"


Interference... Interference... Izuku wondered, What villain in the past year had a Quirk that could interfere with radio waves? Think, Izuku, thi-


"I think not."


Izuku skidded to a halt and looked at the towering pillar of mist before him - Kurogiri.


"My name is Kurogiri," Kurogiri said, surprisingly polite despite trying to kill them, "And my current task is to separate you all and scatter you to the four winds!" And with that, Izuku suddenly found himself choking on black mist. It was a chaotic storm of darkness, and he could barely see anything. Thinking quickly, Izuku put his new goggles on, just in case he got a face-full of dirt and was blinded totally.


"Deku!" Uraraka shouted, grabbing onto him, "Is that you?!"


Izuku would have answered, had he not suddenly found himself crashing into water, Uraraka separating from him from the impact. Opening his eyes after bracing for impact, Izuku drew back as Mako came swimming at him, mouth wide open, ready to tear him to pieces.


Hm. Maybe I'll come back with shark skin? Izuku idly wondered, and stopped swimming for a brief second.


Suddenly, Mako was kicked in the face by Asui Tsuyu.


"Tsuyu?!" Midoriya shouted, getting a mouthful of water.


"Midoriya." Tsuyu said, totally unbothered by her surroundings. At once, she shot out her tongue and wrapped it around Izuku's waist. Tsuyu then leaped out of the water, pulling Izuku with her out of the small lake and onto the nearby sinking boat; they were in the shipwreck zone.


"Forgive me for saving you second, Midoriya-chan," Tsuyu said, "But Uraraka-chan was closer to me when we arrived.




"R-Right here, Deku..." Uraraka said from her position against the wall, "Good thing Tsuyu-hon was here, huh?"


"Yeah..." Izuku said, looking over the railing of the boat to see that, not only was Mako still gazing hungrily at him, but so was Diver Down, and Triton, and Black Lagoon, and Captain Tenille, and even Sirena, among at least a dozen others, all capable warriors on land and even fiercer combatants in water.


"I think, kero," Tsuyu said, poking her cheek, "That we're in deep, huh?"


Izuku couldn't agree more.

Chapter Text

“Is everyone alright?” Rikidou said, letting go of Shiozaki, “Sorry for just grabbing you like that, Shiozaki-san.”


“It’s quite alright, Satou-san,” Shiozaki said, straightening her robe, “Thank you.”


“We’re fine over here!” Shouji called out, Sero emerging from the flesh-cave Shouji’s arms had made. The two made their way towards Rikidou.


“Ditto!” Ashido shouted, jumping out from her place in a heavily blushing Iida’s arms. She rushed over, Iida following her.


“Yo, has anyone seen Thirteen?” Rikidou asked as the six students reconverged.


“Yeah, I think he’s attacking Kuruguru or something,” Sero said, pointing to Thirteen attempting to suck up the aforementioned villain using his Quirk. “Attempting” was the key word here - it seemed that Kurogiri had a limitless supply of mist, and was somehow maintaining distance from Thirteen through this manner.


“Okay, even I can see that this is a stalemate,” Ashido said, turning away from the spectacle, “So, we need to do something.”


“Like what, though?” Shouji’s second left arm said, “Aizawa-sensei said that our top priority should be to evacuate.”


“And just leave Number Thirteen here? Unacceptable!” Iida managed to shout and whisper at the same time.


“I feel as though Kurogiri is planning something,” Shiozaki said, still watching the duo’s fight, “After all, his mist was powerful enough to scatter us throughout USJ…”


“Wh- How do you know everyone else is in USJ?” Ashido said, “For all we know, Kurogibli could have kidnapped them and smuggled them off to some secret lair!”


Suddenly, an enormous glacier arose out of the Landslide Zone. All six students looked at the mountain of ice, then slowly turned back to each other.


“So, everyone’s still here, I guess…” Sero said slowly, “So I guess just sneaking out is out of the question.”


“...But that doesn’t leave blitzing out,” Shouji muttered.


“What was that?” Ashido said.


“It has to be Iida!” Shouji continued, turning to Iida. “Iida, your Quirk was made for this!”


“M-Made for what?” Iida said, obviously confused.


“Of course!” Sero realized, hitting his hand with a fist, “Class prez, if you manage to escape, you’ll be able to just run back to the school and get help! You’re, like, the overall fastest in the school!”


“Well, I do think Midoriya-kun is faster than I am-” Iida began to protest.


“But Midoriya-san isn’t here, Iida-san…” Shiozaki said, “So it has to be you.”


“We’ll try and cover you,” Rikidou said, “So get ready to run!”


“V-Very well…” Iida said, still unsure but obviously up to the task, “If you all are placing your faith in me… Then I shall try to live up to your expectations!”


“Yeah! You can do it, Emergency Exit!” Sero said, slapping Iida on the back as Iida got into a sprinting position.


“I shall be off!” Iida shouted, and before Rikidou could reply, Iida was running off, speeding past Kurogiri and Thirteen’s deadlock. This, of course, caught the attention of Kurogiri.


I won’t let you escape!” Kurogiri shouted, and broke his concentration to attempt to move towards Iida; the only result, however, was him being drawn closer to the void of Thirteen’s Black Hole.


“I think you mean that I won’t let you escape!” Thirteen said triumphantly, “Iida-kun! Get going and get help! I’ll hold him off!”


As Iida reached the doors and began to pry them loose (Rikidou should have thought about the electric doors requiring electricity), Rikidou felt a hand tug on his costume. Turning, he saw Shiozaki shakily pointing at something.


“Number Thirteen! Look out!” Shouji shouted, and Rikidou turned to see that Shouji’s warning came too late.


A portal made of black mist was tearing up Thirteen’s suit, using their own Black Hole against them. Rikidou’s blood ran cold as he watched the Black Hole’s strength decrease significantly as Thirteen went down, suit in tatters, revealing a dark black void underneath the thick fabric.


Rikidou was almost glad that the suit’s remains didn’t reveal any of the wounds Thirteen surely had; he probably would have thrown up an organ.


“Number Thirteen…” Sero whispered.


Now then…” Kurogiri said, turning towards Iida. Ashido suddenly straightened up and whispered into Sero’s ear. “To dispose of you!


A band of tape shot forward and hit the only solid part of Kurogiri’s body - the metal collar that covered what appeared to be the back of Kurogiri’s neck. Kurogiri turned towards Sero, the tape sticking to even more of his collar.


“So, I was right!” Ashido said, her hands dripping with acid, “That collar is a target! I bet his whole body’s physically focused on that thing - no one’s just made of mist!” Ashido threw the acid at Kurogiri’s collar, who warped the acid onto the pavement below him. This didn’t stop Ashido, who began to skate on the floor using slime, with Sero on her back providing more tape. “Shouji, is everyone still in the compound, like we thought?”


“As if that iceberg isn't enough proof; I’ve already checked,” Shouji confirmed, his arms already shifting back from ears. Rikidou realized that while he was paralyzed with fear, Ashido, Sero, and Shouji had been working on a counter-tactic. “All twenty students are still within USJ, including us. There’s one in the fire zone, three in the shipwreck, two in landslide, two in city, us six, one that’s just hiding and shivering, three in the mountains, and I’m getting some footsteps that match the weight of our smaller classmates in the storm area, so that’s all of us.”


“Then, they’re all safe?” Shiozaki asked.


“I wouldn’t say that…” Shouji replied, “Kurogiri is clearly capable of killing us. So then, why would he simply rely on scattering?”


Rikidou, Shiozaki, and Shouji digested this. They all knew they answer - further ambush.


“Go, Iida!” Ashido cheered, and Rikidou looked to see that Kurogiri was physically taped to the ground, having been distracted with trying to swat down Ashido that he neglected Sero entirely. During this time, Iida had been pulling the doors apart with all his might, and at last, he had pried them open. “Make sure to get Recovery Girl, too - Thirteen might still be alive!”


I refuse!” Kurogiri shouted, sending mist towards Iida. Suddenly, green vines entwined themselves around his collar and slammed him into the ground. “What?!


“I won’t allow you to hurt my friends!” Shiozaki shouted, her hands clasped hard in prayer and her hair already detaching from her scalp, “Unfortunately, I am a holy woman, and I don’t wish to beat anyone senseless… So, uh…” She looked to Rikidou. Rikidou understood.


In a flash, Rikidou felt his thoughts go numb - he had poured down his throat the required five grams of sugar needed for his muscle growth, and he took the vines from Shouji’s hands, and with a one and a two, the Villain was swung in the opposite direction, towards the big city.


“Run, Iida!” Shouji shouted, “We’ll hold them back if they get past Aizawa-sensei!”


Rikidou wasn’t sure what Iida said in response, but he was sure it wouldn’t matter - the class president was fast. Running wouldn’t be a problem - even he knew that.



“Alriiiiight, what a bounty!” Cheered an ox-headed Villain - Gouzu, if Shouto had to give him a name, “Boys, ready to cash in?! We get to kill some kids and get paid! What’s easier than this!”


“Practically anything else, I’d think.” Shouto said as he flash-froze the ground in front of him, creating an enormous glacier that encased every villain up to their necks in ice.


“W-Wow…” Came a soft voice behind him. Shouto flinched because he hadn’t realized he was there. “It’s one thing to see it from a distance, and another up close…” Turning around, Shouto realized that he had almost frozen Kouda Kouji, who had been incredibly silent up until this point.


In fact, Shouto was certain he had never even heard Kouda Kouji speak until now, even after Kouda Kouji’s interactions with Midoriya Izuku.


“Kouda-san,” Shouto addressed Kouda Kouji, “I’ve frozen all the villains in this area. Do you wish to go ahead and try to see if there’s a way to regroup with our scattered classmates?”


Startled by the direct addressing, Kouda Kouji nodded furiously and ran off, a lot quicker than Shouto would have guessed for a boy of his size.


Sighing, Shouto walked calmly up to a Villain - he mentally named this one Kunekune - and stared him in the face. “Hey,” He said, “Why were you hired to kill us?”



Denki squealed as he dodged a swipe from a villain with a lion Quirk.


“Oi, Kaminari,” Jirou drawled as she swung her machete, hitting a villain with the broad side and knocking her out, “Are you gonna keep running or stand and fight? I’m sure Yaoyorozu can make a weapon for you easy.”


“It certainly seems like it would be easy,” Yaoyorozu absently replied, knocking villains to the ground left and right using her staff, “After all, your battle style does seem to lend well to hit-and-run tactics.”


Battle style?! ” Denki screeched, narrowly avoiding a kanobo. What was with these girls?! “I’m running for my life!”


“Pheh,” Jirou scoffed ( scoffed! ) as she stabbed her earlobe into the ground and shattered it, tripping up a bunch of villains into each other, “Aren’t you a man? What kind of man doesn’t fight?”


“A smart one!” Denki shot back, “I’ve never used my Quirk against another person! What if I electrocute myself?!”


“Then I’ll create a lightning rod,” Yaoyorozu said as she threw her cloak over a villain’s face and hit them several times in succession. She did all this while a new cloak sprang out of the open segment in her outfit’s back. “There’s no way to know until you try, Kaminari-san!”


“Yeah,” Jirou said, and the next think Denki knew, he was kicked into the very muscular chest of a Villain, “So go fetch.”


“Jirou, you traitoooor!!!” Denki screamed, and he instinctively grabbed onto the villain’s pecs and let loose a discharge of electricity. At once, the two were surrounded in lightning. Denki blinked. “Oh, hey. I’m unaffected. I guess you can use me as a stun-gun, then.”


Yaoyorozu threw a weighted net and caught a pair of villains. “Seems like a good idea, so long as none of the villains we face have electricity-type Quirks.”


Denki wanted to make a Pokemon joke, he sorely wanted to, but this was not the time. He instead settled for grabbing an incoming whip and sending an electric charge through that.



Fumikage tsked as he gazed upwards. “Well, this simply won’t do.” He elucidated.


He was absolutely certain these were the correct words.


“Hey!” Shouted some reprobate villain, “Pay attention! Because Full Force is gonna kill ya! Ain’t that right, Centerfold?!”


Suddenly, Full Force was suplexed into the ground by some phantom force, as if an invisible demon had arisen from Avici to-


“Tokoyami-kun! I’m here to rescue you!”


Oh, it was just Hagakure Tooru.


Fumikage stilled. Wait, Hagakure doesn’t know, he thought. “Hagakure-san, stay back!” He called out to Hagakure.


“Why?” Hagakure asked, already beating the stuffing out of an antagonist that Fumikage assumed was Centerfold, “Did a Villain turn you into a bomb or something?”


Fumikage blinked. He hadn’t considered that anyone could have a Quirk that devilish. “N-No, it is simply a burden that could harm you if I even so much as speak of it!”


“What, are you a secret crown prince to some kingdom?” Hagakure asked, her voice laden with sarcasm as she ventured ever closer.


“Hagakure-san-” Fumikage started, before Dark Shadow emerged from the depths and lunged at Hagakure, “W-Watch out!” Fumikage watched in stunned discontent as Dark Shadow lunged at Hagakure’s last known position.

Chapter Text

Tsuyu stared at the plethora of villains. The villains stared back. Tsuyu focused on a particularly snake-like villain, who stared at her. The two remained unmoving until the villain looked away. Tsuyu allowed herself a small smile. “Midoriya-chan,” she said, turning back to Uraraka and Midoriya, who were discussing something, “The villains aren’t doing anything.”


“They- er- they aren’t?” Midoriya asked, looking over the railing on the ship.


“If I may make a guess,” Tsuyu continued, putting a finger on her cheek in thought, “I would say that they don’t actually know what our Quirks are or what they do. After all, if their purpose was to kill me, why would they put me in the watery area?” Tsuyu pointed at the domed building covered in flame decals. “My Quirk gives me the strengths and weaknesses of a frog, so I’m more at a disadvantage in hot areas because I dry out.”


“Hey, yeah…” Uraraka said. Making a fist, she shattered one of the windows (Tsuyu was happy to see that her hand was gloved) and grabbed one of the shards of glass. “Here, my Quirk removes gravity from an object. If what you’re saying is right, Tsuyu-hon…” Uraraka then touched the glass with her fingertips, making it float. She then sent it over the water and released it. Tsuyu, Uraraka, and Midoriya watched as a couple villains swam a few centimeters further than they would need to for an ordinary shard of glass.


“So, they don’t know our Quirks.” Tsuyu nodded. “But then again, we don’t know Midoriya-chan’s Quirk either, do we?” She turned to Midoriya, who immediately began visibly sweating.


“M-Me?” He stammered, suddenly looking like he would rather be in the water still, “Y-You know my Quirk, Asui-”


“Tsuyu, kero.”


“...R-Right, Tsuyu-san. Uh, y-you heard Aizawa-sensei, it’s a reactive Quirk that gives me powers as I need them.” Midoriya explained, shifting his eyes away from her. Interesting.


“Like the strings, Midoriya-chan?” Tsuyu asked, and Midoriya flinched. Very interesting. “I’ve seen you make those strings, Midoriya-chan, and I know that those aren’t part of a momentum-based Quirk, like your speed or your kinetic energy.”


“Hey, that makes sense!” Uraraka said in an epiphanic tone, “You had that really strong string back in the entrance exam, too, but you didn’t have that really good speed!” Oh, so they were exam mates. Tsuyu wondered who else was in their arena - she only recognized Kaminari from hers.


Midoriya started to tremble. “I-I-”


“Man, I’m tired of waiting!” Shouted someone from the water, and suddenly an enormous blade of water cut into the ship. The ship began to rumble as it slowly started sinking.


“Shit!” Midoriya swore, and Tsuyu felt her eyebrows rise into her hair. She didn’t know that he swore. “Tsuyu-san, Uraraka-san, I promise I’ll tell you guys about it afterwards, but right now, we have a huge problem! Unless we do something now, we’re really gonna be in trouble! Uraraka-san, your Quirk is low gravity, right?”


“Zero gravity, actually,” Uraraka replied, “But virtually the same, yes!”


“Alright… Then…” Midoriya proceeded to grab a shattered board and just managed to rip it out of the floor. Tsuyu felt impressed. “I have an idea!”


Within minutes (it was lucky the ship was sinking so slowly), there was a huge pile of debris and miscellaneous objects like bottles and lamps from the interior of the ship. Midoriya, working quickly, generated some string from his hands and loosely tied the objects into a huge ball.


“Alright, Uraraka-san’s gonna float me and the ball into the air, and the moment that she releases her Quirk, I’ll use my kinetic energy ability to spike it into the water. If I’m right, not only will the ball explode like a shrapnel grenade, it’ll create a whirlpool that’ll suck them in, with the string naturally tangling them up like seaweed at a beach!”


“Interesting…” Tsuyu said, “But what about us? Won’t we be trapped in the pull as well?”


“Not exactly…” Midoriya turned to her, “Because that’s where you come in! The water is your territory, and if you’re able to grab me with your tongue and leap far enough away from the whirlpool, and we can just swim to safety!”


“I see…” Tsuyu nodded. Made sense. “But what if it doesn’t work?”


“...” Midoriya looked like he wanted to say something, but he looked like he was physically holding himself back. Tsuyu didn’t need him to, though - she fully understood the risk.


“Very well,” Tsuyu said. She then coughed up some mucus and spit on the string, to Midoriya’s slight disgust. “My mucus is slightly toxic. Not enough to kill, but enough for a light stinging sensation. It’ll help detail them a little, I think.”


“Uh… Thanks.” Midoriya said. He turned to Uraraka. “Ready?”


Uraraka cracked her knuckles. “As I’ll ever be.” She touched the ball with her fingers, then Midoriya, floating them both up. “Although, Tsuyu-hon,” She said after a minute, “I do worry what’ll happen if this doesn’t work.”


“The villains seem pretty confused, though, so we’re good on that end.” Tsuyu said. Seeing Midoriya’s wave, Tsuyu said, “Go.”


“Release!” Uraraka whispered, turning off her Quirk, “I hope this works. I have someone I’d like to dinner.”


“Oh?” Tsuyu said, grabbing Uraraka around the waist and preparing to jump. “Perhaps Midoriya-chan?”


“What?! N-No, I m-”


“COMET…” Came a loud scream, “SPIIIIKE!!!!!!” And with that, the ball exploded into the water with extreme prejudice.


“There it is.” Tsuyu jumped, holding the gobsmacked Uraraka in her arms and shooting her tongue with pinpoint accuracy, wrapping it around Midoriya’s waist. Flinging him towards the other side of the ship, where there were few currents, Tsuyu could only think about how cool that whole thing was.



“Fuck! Why the hell do these strings sting so much?! It’s like we’re in a jellyfish bloom!”


“Ow- What the- Is this glass?! Are you kidding me?! This really isn’t worth it!”



Toshinori gave a forced smile as Principal Nedzu continued to talk and talk and talk. He loved the administrator like one would a pet dog (if their pet dog were also potentially a small bear or a large rat), but goodness him, he had a class to get to. Speaking of…


It really is odd that Aizawa has yet to contact me… Toshinori thought, Considering he is the one who gave me a cell phone in the first place… Not to mention, Hirooki has yet to call me either… Just what is going on…


Suddenly, the door slammed open. “Pardon me for intruding!” Shouted a particularly out-of-breath Iida Tenya, still in his hero costume. Were they back already? “But All Might-san! Principal Nedzu-san! There’s huge trouble!”


“Calm down, young Iida,” Principal Nedzu said, hopping off the couch, “What seems to be the matter?”


“Villains!” Iida Tenya shouted, causing Toshinori and Principal Nedzu to freeze. “They’ve invaded USJ! They’ve taken out Number Thirteen-san, and Aizawa-sensei is currently fighting them off! There’s almost a hundred villains there, and they’ve blocked off all communication! The rest of my class is also trapped in USJ, and they sent me due to my Quirk being the best for marathon running!”


“Even counting young Midoriya?”


Iida Tenya shook his head, “One of the villains has a warping Quirk that allowed him to scatter us like sand in the wind! I was the nearest to the door, and I am unsure as to where in USJ Midoriya-san is!”


“Oh dear…” Principal Nedzu said, “This is extremely serious, young Iida.” He turned to Toshinori. “All Might, you go on ahead. Either capture them or simply stall their departure; so long as you buy us time, you can do whatever you wish. Young Iida.”




“Come with me.” Principal Nedzu left the room, with Iida Tenya following him. “We’re going to raise the alarm.”



Fumikage watched in frozen horror as Dark Shadow leapt at Hagakure’s location. That horror turned to relief as Dark Shadow missed Hagakure’s rain-soaked outline by a good hair and smashed a building behind her, burying a villain under rubble.


“Oh… Wow…” Hagakure said, probably awestruck.


“I-I do apologize-”






“That was awesome, Tokoyami! I didn’t know you could make Dark Shadow do that! Your control must be really precise!”




“It’s power and speed and precision are so good! What’s it’s range, then? It’s strong, so it’s gotta be a close-range type, right? Is its staying power any good? It’s probably a B if it’s so strong. Oh, but what about its developmental potential? Is it-”


“Hagakure-san!” Fumikage interrupted her, throwing a rock at a Villain with discreet toad-like properties, “This is truly not the time for this! I need to tell you something about my Quirk, but first we must remove ourselves from this situation!”


“Pfft, easy!” Hagakure said in a teasing manner. With almost no effort, she picked up Fumikage in a bridal carry, to his shock and Dark Shadow’s amusement. “Get outta the way!” She shouted, barrelling down an alleyway past the buried (yet still alive, if the moans meant anything) villain.


As they made their way through the rainy city, Tokoyami extrapolated. “You see, my Quirk is more of a curse than anything, a demonic possession-”


“An evil spirit that yet stands beside and fights for and with you?” Hagakure interrupted, clearly amused. “Hm, left or right?”


“Left.” They continued running. “You are partially correct- that is how he acts in the sunlight, when shadows are at their weakest. However, in the umbral abyss of darkness, he becomes a raging demon on par with the fiercest of daitengu, the wildest of yamanba, and the most savage of all the rakshasa in the hell of needles! It is in this lightless oblivion that he controls me, not the other way around!”


“So, why not walk the road of twilight?” Hagakure asked. “Also, do we risk going through the door and coming out the other side, or do we make this upcoming right?”


“Right, there may be some villains lying in wait in the buildings.”


“Good plan.”


“Now, Hagakure-san, I must ask you to keep this most darkest of secrets, as I fear what this information could do in the hands of, say, Bakugou-”


“Man, no one likes him, huh? I think he’s kinda hot.”




“Hot-tempered, that is! Ahaha, got ya! But yeah, my lips are sealed.”


“You are an imp, do you know that? Make this left. Also, what did you mean by ‘road of twilight’?”


“Oh, man. So, there’s this kid named Sora, right? And he’s just an island boy who dreams of adventure…”



Shigaraki Tomura watched as his mook party members struggled against the midboss. Really, he didn’t know why he thought this would go as he planned out. It was simple. Stupidly simple. Mind-numbly simple! And yet, it all went wrong the minute All Might didn’t show up.


That stupid All Might! He should have just waited. Time-sensitive events were the worst, he knew, but today he was reminded that escort missions were even worse than that, because some of the party members were getting antsy over the fact that they couldn’t kill the generics, and then All Might wasn’t even there in the first place, and-and-


Tomura scratched his neck, taking off some dried-up skin. The Noumu behind him watched him. At least they still had their max-level dps-tank hybrid. He really would have to thank Sensei for the great gift of this Noumu, because apparently some of his higher-level units were complete nimrods, if that gigantic glacier, those explosions, that huge Discharge attack, the calls for backup from the fire zone, the huge geyser from the shipwreck zone, and even the fight before him was any indication.


How hard was it to kill a bunch of kids so weak they didn’t even constitute as Stage One Midbosses?!


Tomura continued to scratch and gritted his teeth and growled and stared at the scene and - hold on.


There was a pattern.


He still had a chance.


He grinned and stopped scratching.


At once, Eraserhead was before him. Tomura reached out to him and watched as his hand came in contact with Eraserhead’s neck. Just as he predicted, Eraserhead’s hair swept up in a sort of phantom force as his Quirk failed to activate.


“I see… So I was right…” Tomura chuckled and his grin grew wider. Eraserhead ripped Tomura’s hand off and the two began to trade blows. “Eraserhead, your goggles… You pride yourself on them, hm~? They’re used to hide where you’re looking, so you can handle crowds easier, ri~ght?”


“...What are you getting at?” Eraserhead growled.


“I’m saying, you can’t be keeping eye contact at all times. There have to be times where you blink.” Eraserhead tsked. Perfect. “Those intervals are when your Quirk stops working, and your hair flops back down. And that interval…” Tomura grabbed the bindings flying around them and disintegrated them the moment Eraserhead blinked. “Has been steadily increasing for the past few minutes!


Eraserhead swore and kicked some dirt up. Tomura couldn’t see, but he could make out a huge figure leap in front of him. Excellent.


The dirt settled, and Eraserhead found himself staring up at a massive behemoth of a monster.


“Say hello…” Tomura paused, and grinned through Father, “To Noumu.”



Ochako was carried up to shore, totally soaked. Looking to her right, she saw that Tsuyu and Midoriya had also made it. Looking back, she saw that the villains were all fighting and entangled, and the ones that weren’t were trying to keep their brethren from sinking after getting knocked out by debris. She gave a relieved sigh; they had won this one.


Then she looked down at her hand and found it grabbing Tsuyu’s shirt in a very risque manner. She immediately let go, blushing extremely heavily.


“We don’t talk about this?” Ochako whispered to Tsuyu.


“Sure, kero.” Tsuyu replied.


Midoriya made it to shore, finally. He coughed up some water and kneeled in the shallows. Looking forward, he gasped in shock. “Guys, get down!” He yell-whispered, and the three sank so that they were stomach-level in the water. Ochako followed Midoriya’s gaze, and gasped at the sight.


The giant monster was pinning Aizawa-sensei down, face first in the concrete.


“Pitiful,” Said the periwinkle-haired man standing above him, “And you call yourself a hero? It took me seconds to figure out how to defeat you. A waste of a midboss, I’d say.”


Shigaraki Tomura.” Said Kurogiri, materializing behind Shigaraki Tomura. Ochako blinked, shocked by his appearance. “I deeply apologize, but a student has escaped.


“...What?” Shigaraki said in a dangerous tone that put Ochako’s skin on edge.


Apparently Kurogiri either had gold balls or was more powerful than he appeared, as he continued without hesitation. “One of the faster students managed to escape my grasp.” Ochako sighed in relief - that was clearly Iida. “I have taken out Number 13-” She heard Midoriya let out a horrified gasp. “But I was held back by a combination of four other students-


What her classmates did, exactly, Ochako didn’t hear, because Shigaraki had grabbed the metal plate holding Kurogiri together and brought him close to his face. Ochako noted that he had his pinky out, like she did sometimes.


“You let.” Shigaraki gritted out. “One of those mooks. Escape?!”


Shigaraki Tomura,” Kurogiri said, “You know very well that if you dispose of me, you will be easily captured, Noumu or not. Let me go this instant.


“You… You…!!! ” Shigaraki growled, and threw Kurogiri back a few centimeters. “Mrgrgrgrgrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!” He began to scratch furiously at his neck with both hands. “Are you kidding me?! This is game over! Reinforcements will arrive, and half of our units are down! The one cleric I brought is OOC, and none of my strats will work because they have Snipe, and Ectoplasm, and Midnight, and Present Mic, and Recovery Girl, and that fucking Principal! AaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Suddenly, as easily as it started, it stopped. Shigaraki Tomura was totally calm. “I guess it’s fine,” He said in an eerie monotone, “If it truly is game over, then we might as well go out in style. And let’s start…”


Ochako blinked, and Shigaraki was gone.


A small “kero?” was heard, and Ochako turned to Ts


She froze.


Shigaraki Tomura was right there.


“...With killing this Golden Slime right here.”


Uraraka Ochako didn’t know what, exactly, Shigaraki Tomura’s Quirk was, but if he was this fast, and if her hunch was correct in that he only needed to touch his victims, then things just took the worst possible turn.


With one fluid motion, Shigaraki grabbed Tsuyu’s face.


Nothing happened.


“...What?” Shigaraki said. Slowly he turned around. Ochako followed his gaze, and saw that Aizawa-sensei, despite all odds, was gazing at Shigaraki with his Quirk active, nullifying whatever the hell Shigaraki’s Quirk was.


“Are you still alive?” Shigaraki said in an exasperated monotone as he dropped Tsuyu unceremoniously in the water. “Noumu?”


With not even a sound, Noumu crushed Aizawa-sensei’s face into the ground.


Shigaraki turned back around. “Let’s try this again.”


“Y-” Suddenly, Midoriya jumped out of the water. “You get away from her!” He shouted, throwing a fist at Shigaraki. Ochako instantly knew what Midoriya was trying to do: his kinetic energy thing that he had been using since before the school year! This was sure to-


Midoriya’s fist met a wall of organic black-blue, like one would find on an infected wound. Surprisingly, it remained in place, despite taking the whole punch.


It was Noumu.


Noumu took Midoriya’s face, and in its gigantic hands, Midoriya’s entire head was engulfed in its grip.


“I am getting…” Shigaraki droned in an icy fury, “Pretty fucking sick and tired of you kids. Noumu…”


Noumu’s grip tightened, and Midoriya’s body went frighteningly still. Ochako felt a pit grow in her stomach.




Suddenly, at that exact moment, the doors to the USJ exploded, drawing Ochako, Tsuyu, Kurogiri, Shigaraki, everyone’s attention due to the echoing sound.


There, in the afternoon light, stood the silhouette of All Might.


“Ah, All Might, then…” Shigaraki mumbled, “Looks like death shall not be taking me after all… What a great NG+...”


Ochako almost didn’t pay attention to that - her attention was drawn to the scariest sight she had ever seen in her entire life, bar none.


All Might’s complete lack of a smile.