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"Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof? Maybe you'll get a Quirk then!"


So he did.


It honestly wasn't that bad, Izuku decided, because he was facing away from the ground. He had heard the old adage "don't look down!" growing up whenever they someone was at a high altitude, so he had decided to face the sky as he fell to his inevitable death.


It was a much better thing to look at than the inside of your eyes or the plain old ground, he decided.


He slammed at full speed against the stone.


He knew nothing more.


Izuku's eyes slammed open, and the beautiful blue sky greeted him.


Pain wracking his whole body, Izuku sat up. "Psh, can't even kill yourself correctly, huh?" Izuku muttered, wincing as he brought his arm up to scratch his neck. "Looks like I really am good-for-nothing. Maybe I can get Kacc-" The name stuck in his throat. Kacchan was the one to send him off the roof in the first place.


Izuku slowly got up, legs wobbling as if he had only just learned how to walk. Sighing, as he had left his shoes on the roof, he made the painful trek up to the school's roof. Collecting his belongings, he left the building and headed home.


Leaving only the birds to find the incredible blood stain on the ground.



Walking down the streets of Musutafu, he noticed, to his confusion, a great crowd of people gathered around a single marketplace. Hearing the murmurs of people around him, he quickly gathered that it was a Villain attack. Making his way to the front of the crowd, his suspicions were confirmed.


Unfortunately, he also confirmed that Kacchan was being held hostage and being used as a weapon against the various Pro Heroes that had been gathered. He dimly heard Deatharms say that they could only wait until a Pro Hero with a compatible Quirk managed to get to the scene.


But by then, Kacchan would be dead.


Before he knew it, he was running towards the deadly combination, not hearing the crowd lurch behind him or the assembled Heroes cry out in shock. Not thinking, barely breathing despite his body being overworked, he took off his backpack and threw it at the mud-like villain. As it flew towards it, the backpack came undone, ejecting its contents. Izuku took this temporary distraction to launch himself at Kacchan.


He pushed him.


Izuku wasn't sure why he pushed Kacchan, but as he did, he felt a small heat gather against his palms. All at once, a hole was ripped into the center of the Villain as Kacchan suddenly flew backwards at an incredible speed, luckily crashing into a fruit stand.


Izuku stared in shock at Kacchan, then his hands. "H-How did I..." He muttered, but this was enough of a distraction for the Villain to suddenly engulf him.


"Dumbass!" He shouted, "You shouldn't have gotten distracted! The loss of that kid's regrettable, but I can make do with you as a flesh suit! Now sit back, this'll only take a few seconds!"


"Do not fear!" Came a familiar voice. "Why?! ..."




When it was all over and done with, Izuku was praised by the Pro Heroes for his impressive usage of such a powerful Quirk, but was also lightly scolded for not letting the Pro Heroes do their job. Kacchan was praised for remaining calm and was even praised for having such a powerful Quirk. Izuku bit his tongue, there was no reason for them to know that Kacchan had driven him to--


Well, they wouldn't have believed him, as he was alive and well.


And that was what was bothering Izuku as he walked home. He was alive and well, even though he clearly remembered jumping off the school's roof. He even had left his school supplies and shoes on the roof, and he had ended up on the ground as well. But if he had survived the jump, shouldn't he have had more than a few seconds of aching? He should have at least also gotten a couple broken limbs. And what was that weird thing with Kacchan just flying away from him...?


"Deku, you're mumbling." Came a rough voice from behind him, and Izuku jumped nearly ten feet in the air.


"K-Kacchan!" He squealed.


"Deku, you..." Kacchan began, "Why did you do it?"




"Why did you make me think you were Quirkless, you piece of shit?!"


Izuku's eyes widened. Did he have a Quirk...? It would explain the force, but what would that be...?


"Forget it, Deku." Kacchan turned away from him. "Listen, stay out of my way. I don't want to see you, and I don't want to hear you, and I especially don't want to be fucking saved by you, got it?" Without waiting for an answer, Kacchan stalked off.


Izuku sighed, and walked back to his house.


Come to think of it, he was feeling pretty tired...




The rain fell hard that night, and in the middle of the night, Izuku woke up coughing. Walking to the bathroom, he sipped a glass of water before going back to his room.


Illness overtook him that night, and he woke up not a few seconds after his fever reached a boiling pitch. Once he did, however, the fever died down, and he fell back to sleep.


He took no notice of the vomited blood on his sheets until he awoke the next morning.