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From: Yoongi Min []
To: Jimin Park []
Date: January 7
Subject: good luck

good luck jiminnie 
dont overthink 




Jimin Park, America’s newest sweetheart, caught the world’s attention tonight when he broke the US men’s record for Horizontal Bar with a near perfect score. The 15-year-old qualifies for three artistic gymnastic events: Floor Exercise, Vault, and of course, the Horizontal Bar.

Extract from “London 2012 Olympic Qualifiers: Our Personal Favorites”, Huffington Post


…it’s easy to see how Jimin Park—a Korean-American, New Jersey native, and one of the youngest Olympians to compete in the 2012 London Games—qualified for a spot on the US Men’s Gymnastic Team. 

Extract from “Keep an eye on Jimin Park”, NYTimes 


SB: People out in the crowd are curious Jimin, what exactly were you telling yourself up there? 
JP: "Don’t overthink it." [He laughs.]

Jimin Park, US Team (Men’s Gymnastics), to NBC News after breaking the US men’s record for the Horizontal bar.



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flora @zigzagssi AH!! My baby boy has done it! RT: “Jimin Park qualifies for 2012 London Olympics -” 


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katt @gorgeousss UM!? That representation though??? RT: “20 Asian American Athletes Representing U.S. at 2012 Olympics -

gracelee @leegrace77 WAIT??? JIMIN PARK IS KOREAN-AMERICAN? @gdracofan YURI! DID YOU KNOW THIS??? 

Yur Girl. Yuri @gdracofan @leegrace77 yep! and if he medals he’ll be the first korean-american to do so since Sammy Lee in 1948

gracelee @leegrace77 @gdracofan GOOOOOO JIMIN!!!!!!! #jiminparkforGOLD #London2012










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From: Jimin Park []
To: Yoongi Min []
Date: January 13
Subject: Re: good luck

Thanks Hyung! <3 



When I first met Jimin Park he was in the middle of eating his lunch—nothing unusual there. Other than the fact it was 9:50 in the morning. The plucky teenager smiled through his mouthful of spinach and baked chicken, and graciously offered me the seat adjacent to him at the bar in his hotel suite.

After swallowing his bite and dabbing politely at the corners of his mouth he apologized for the state in which he had to conduct the interview. It was then that I learned that Park had been up since four in the morning with press interviews, conferences, morning shows, and sponsor events. This was the first bite the poor kid had since five A.M. 

He assured me he was happy to be here and even offered me a bite of his salad. The sweetheart. 

We talked about his family, his coach, the qualifiers, his favorite apparatus (floor exercise), his least favorite apparatus (still rings). We talked friendship, favorite ice-cream flavor (strawberry), Marvel or DC (Marvel), and of course, the Olympics. 

His maturity and polite mannerisms would have come as a shock to me if I hadn’t slaved away over the numerous interviews he’d already participated in, but still, it was a bit unexpected to meet with such a well-rounded and well-spoken teenager. (When I was fifteen I was setting off fire crackers in my neighbor’s lawn.)  

I asked Park about how he handles the amount of pressure he must be facing as he enters the Olympics, one of the youngest competitors this year. 

He replied by smiling,“I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by a incredibly supportive team. My coach, my parents, my school, my best friend—there’s no pressure to be the best. Just to do my best.” 

New Jersey native, Park discovered his love for gymnastics in the second grade after watching a couple of girls in his class perform cartwheels on the school lawn.
“They weren’t cartwheels exactly,” Park remembers, laughing into his salad, “But I remember thinking it looked really cool. And that I could probably make friends if I learned how to do that.” Park and his family had just moved back from Busan, South Korea after his father, Jihyung Park, received a position to teach at the Princeton University. 

“I didn’t have any friends at the time. And all I wanted was to fit in.” Park remarked busy rearranging grapes in his salad.

“Did it help you fit in?” I asked.

“No,” He laughed, “But I made friends anyway.” 

“Any you still keep in touch with them to this day?” 

“Of course.” 

 Extract from “A Brief Encounter with Jimin Park on His Way to Olympic Gold”,




“I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by a incredibly supportive team. My coach, my parents, my school, my best friend—there’s no pressure to be the best. Just to do my best.” -Jimin Park [x]
#this precious boy #be rooting for you in the games! #*i’ll be #jimin park #London2012 #taylor talks 
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to all you nasties fetishizing a fucking 15-year-old, you’re all fucking pedos and gross
#this has been a psa #jimin park
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-Info: Jimin Park arriving at London City Airport
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 From: Yoongi Min []
To: Jimin Park []
Date: July 27
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: i found this meme…

if you think youre gonna tip, step harder.
stick that landing


From: Jimin Park []
To: Yoongi Min []
Date: July 27
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: i found this meme…

Awwww Hyung! You DO care! <3


From: Yoongi Min []
To: Jimin Park []
Date: July 27
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: i found this meme…




LM: …here we have the flag in the hands of Mariel Zagunis, she’s won two gold medals in saber fencing, one in Athens and the other in Beijing…The first American to ever win gold in fencing. 
KK: A truly remarkable woman indeed...
LM: Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms, keeping things fairly formal with the blazers and ascots…there’s Jenn Suhr, America’s number one pole vaulter since 2006 talking with Michael Phelps, the men’s swimming team’s gold medal hopeful.
KK: Speaking of gold medal hopefuls, I see Jimin Park…our youngest American qualifier for this year’s games. 
LM: It’ll be interesting if he can maintain his score for the Horizontal Bar that got him all this attention in the first place.
KK: I’d like to see him break it.  

Extract from NBCUniversal’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony 


DK: Only fifteen years old and qualifying for three Olympic events.
MG: He’s got to be feeling the pressure.
DK: Jimin Park will be one worth looking out for, for sure.

Extract from Foxtel’s coverage, Day 1 of the London 2012 Olympics 


WE: We saw Park win silver for Team USA for Floor Exercise just three days ago, which isn’t even his best event. 
RT: An honest to God break out star, no one saw it coming. 
WE: Now the world knows to keep an eye on Jimin Park 
RT: It’ll be interesting to see how he handles himself on the Vault, another event he qualified for

Extract from CTV Olympics’ coverage, Day 3 of the London 2012 Olympics  


GMM: Stepping up to the bar we have Jimin Park, fifteen-year-old Korean-American gymnast from New Jersey. Such a bright kid, already has two medals under his belt.
IJ: We’ve been waiting for this moment since qualifications Geoff, this is the event where Park broke the world record. 
GMM: Here we go

Extract from BBC News’ coverage, Day 7 of the London 2012 Olympics 


FR: …He needs the dismount…And he’s got it! 
CC: He stuck that landing! That’s got to put him above Fabian Hambüchen! 
FR: Look at that smile [laughter] You won’t see better…Here comes Rivas with a pat on the back. 
CC: The crowd is on their feet…Jaws have dropped with this performance
FR: It’s got to be sixteen and plenty, he needs sixteen-point-four to beat Hambücen, and sixteen-point-four-three-three if he wants to beat his own personal best…
CC: Park, with a sixteen-point-five-six-six! He takes the gold! 
FR: I don’t know what this arena had done if he hadn’t! [laugher] 

Extract from NBCUniversal’s Coverage, Day 7 of the London 2012 Olympics 



15-year-old gymnast wins 3 medals at London -

Jimin Park is the first Korean-American to win gold in years -

Team USA’s Golden Boy: Jimin Park -



Fox News @FoxNews Jimin Park goes home with three medals for Team USA  - [x]


Vic jo @onetwostp two silvers and a gold!! my baby is P A C K I N G !!!!!!!!


dead @fool98v look at him!!! look at Rivas swinging him around mY SMALL SON 


ass cakes @jamesrow10 @bladeeer I’M DEAD RT: @DailyMail “Watch Jimin Park hug his parents after being told his score -

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myg @shootingguard95 @parkj RT: “Watch Jimin Park destroy his competition at the 2012 London Olympic Games -” told ya so 

Jimin Park @parkj @shootingguard95 thank you h. >>


Epke Zonderland @epkez RT: @DutchNews “Jimin Park breekt wereldrecord in de 2012 Londen Games - "” Iemand raadde mij aan om de beelden te bekijken. Ze zeiden dat je in zijn routine de invloed van mijn oude werk kon terug zien. Ik voel me vereerd een inspiratiebron te zijn voor dit jonge talent.

Epke Zonderland @epkez #CongratsongoldJiminPark


maggiemoo @maggiemoohoo UM??? DID EPKE ZONDERLAND JUST RECOGNIZE MY SON??? #CongratsongoldJiminPark 


Brittany (Jimin) Park @fuckyou99 who tf is @shootingguard95??? ?


Jimin Park @parkj All this would not have been possible without my amazing team and family and friends. Thank you all. I am truly humbled. #thankyou #London2012 #isteppedhardhyung #andstuckthelanding


dude @gennygreen #CongratsongoldJiminPark #andsilver #ohandanothersilver











anonymous asked: hi, would you be able to tel me what Jimin’s tags on his latest tweet mean? thx! 

hi anon! So Jimin’s tags: #isteppedhardhyung #andistuckthelanding are kind of unknown to all of us atm
I know that the term “hyung” is a korean term used by a younger male to an older male who is usually someone close. Like a brother or a friend. Jimin doesn’t have any siblings so we can assume it’s a friend.
As for the rest of the message…???? ? I’m not sure lol it’s probably him replying to something his Hyung said to him earlier (something private) about sticking his landing? idk
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! 
#katie talks #jiminnie #who’da thought i’d get into sports cuz of some fucker in a leotard?? 
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amANDA @bithcc UM YA’LL?? RT: @Buzzfeed “Jimin Park gets adorable minimalist text tattoo -” 


RingDingDongGirl @marieKayte @zigzagssi “step harder” didn’t he tweet something like that before??? Was he giving us a hint??? 

flora @zigzagssi @marieKayte it was “i stepped hard hyung” GAH! Who’s “hyung”???? I nEED TO KNOW NOW 


Tucker Tow @barbieface thank god he got it on his wrist and not on his ass like @zachcor when he won gold 

i hate god @puppycakes @barbieface lol 



Jimin Park (born October 13, 1997, in Busan, South Korea) is an Korean-American artistic gymnast. He is an Olympic gold medalist in Men’s Horizontal Bar and also a two-time silver medalist for Floor Exercise and Vault. He is known for breaking the Men’s Gymnastic record for the Horizontal Bar in the London 2012 Games. He holds the record for the Horizontal Bar as well as being the youngest American gymnast to win gold. His gymnastics skills were praised by International Gymnast Magazine as a "combination of tremendous difficulty, supreme consistency and extraordinary elegance of performance.” He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.


Early Life 
2012 Olympics
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From: Yoongi Min []
To: Jimin Park []
Date: September 2
Subject: [no subject]

"combination of tremendous difficulty, supreme consistency and extraordinary elegance of performance.”
show off