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Breaking at the bridges

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Today model Connor Murphy was photographed with boyfriend of two years, Carl Edwards, who also doubles up as Murphy’s manager! Talk about a good work relationship!? The pair were spotted in a small café at Gatwick Airport, England. Murphy sporting an off brand baseball cap and sunglasses, in attempt to blend in to the crowds. In other photos the couple can be seen embracing before boarding the plane.

Whilst both Murphy and Edwards were unavailable to comment, a source close to the pair has confirmed that after finishing up on a shoot in New York, Murphy plans to return to his home town for a few days.

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@connorsmanbun: OML Connor in a baseball cap is my new sexuality!

@connormerphy: can we please talk about how connor is so unashamed of his sexuality ?? holding hands and not giving a f*ck about cameras !! IM SO PROUD OF MA SON


@connormurphyslaw: Okay but to everyone reblogging the photos of Connor at the airport yesterday have you noticed how unhappy he looks? He is clearly upset about something and probably doesn’t want that documented all over the internet! I’m not trying to be critical but please don’t support the invasion of celebrities’ privacy!


[Ohio, 8:37am]

Evan Hansen had long grown accustomed to seeing the face of his childhood best friend multiple times a day, in fact he suspected that the majority of America’s population had. Connor’s face seemed to appear in every advert, all the magazines and on every billboard, so ultimately it was pretty hard to avoid his broody appearance on a regular basis.

Therefore it came as no surprise to Evan when he saw a photo of Connor plastered on the front cover of a gossip magazine on his way to work that morning. The woman reading the magazine looked like she was in her early twenties, and her carefully manicured nails obscured the model’s face slightly, preventing Evan from taking in its entirety. The woman’s eyes were hungrily scanning what he assumed was yet another article about the most famous Murphy sibling.

The headline was of course about Connor’s sexuality, a largely personal affair that naturally most of the world seemed to know all about. A couple of years ago the news that Connor was out with another man would have shocked Evan, but nowadays it was practically general knowledge.

When Connor had ‘come out’ of the closet two years, his popularity had skyrocketed. Suddenly he was a ‘gay icon’ and his number of Instagram followers had tripled overnight. Evan, who had struggled just coming out to his close friends and family, couldn’t imagine what it must feel like to be thrown into the deep end in such a way, and all because of one photo.

He still remembered the way his phone had buzzed in his pocket, signalling that he had received a media message from Jared. At first he had ignored it, assuming that it was just another silly meme, but, later that day, when he finally opened the chat, he discovered that he couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead of some tasteless joke the photo was of Connor. The image itself was grainy however, there was no mistaking it, one of the men in the photo was his childhood best friend, the cheekbones and curly hair were too distinctive, not to mention the trademark black nail polish. You might be wondering what exactly was so special about this photo of Connor, after all he was a model, it was his job to appear in photos. The thing is Connor wasn’t the only boy in the image. That’s right, the boy Evan had known since he was two years old had his tongue down another man’s throat.

However, it wasn’t the fact it was Connor in the photo that shocked Evan the most, nor was it the presence of the other man. No, what amazed Evan was the fact that the screenshot of the article was from a national news website and whilst he knew Connor was famous, he wasn’t aware that the younger man’s private life was worthy of making the morning news. Clearly he had no understanding of how celebrity culture worked, because the next thing he knew Connor was everywhere, his name always seemed to be trending on twitter and he was appearing on what felt like every chat show out there. Evan just couldn’t quite comprehend why everyone adored the model so much, on several occasions he had lashed out at paparazzi and from what he could see Connor was a pretty withdrawn, antisocial guy, sure he was beautiful and all, but was he really all that special? His sister Zoe was a model too, and despite being the nicer and less outrageous of the two, she received nowhere near the level of attention that her brother did.

Jared’s caption attached to the message asked whether or not Evan remembered Connor, which was, in Evan’s humble opinion, a stupid question. Of course he remembered Connor, the two had been best friends since birth, they had practically lived at each other’s house during every holiday and when they were seven Connor had given Evan a friendship bracelet that he’d made himself. Evan could still remember how insistent the other boy had been that they would be best friends forever, in hindsight he thought Connor had probably had a pretty severe fear of abandonment, not that he himself was in any position to start judging others for their mental instabilities. Unfortunately, the promises that we make don’t always last forever, and Evan had scarcely seen his so called best friend since the other boy was scouted at fourteen by a modelling agency and then whisked off to Japan for some family Gap shoot. For a while they had both attempted to keep in contact, but, eventually the distance had got the better of their relationship and before either of them knew it they hadn’t seen one another for seven years.

At least he liked to tell himself that the distance is what had broken them apart...

He was snapped out of his thoughts when the woman, who had been holding the magazine with Connor’s face on it, coughed loudly, seemingly to get his attention.

He pulled his ear phones out and tried to make eye contact with her to see what it was she wanted.

“Did you want this?” she asked kindly.

Evan frowned, why would he want the magazine?

The woman must have sensed his confusion because she proceeded to explain herself.

“It’s just I’m about to get off and you’ve been staring at the front cover for the last twenty minutes,” she chuckled.

Evan blushed furiously.

“O-Oh god, sorry! That must have seemed really creepy,” he stammered, stumbling over his words.

The woman’s smile didn’t falter, she insisted that she hadn’t found him creepy at all and then handed him the magazine before heading over to the open doors of the bus and jumping out.

Evan hastily stuffed the copy of ‘ModelBehaviour’ into his backpack, he didn’t like to read on the bus in case he got too distracted and missed his stop, speaking of which it was the next one. He slowly rose from his seat and made his way to the exit, he preferred to stand up a stop early to prevent anxiety about missing it.

When he finally arrived he hopped off and quickly embarked on the five minute journey from the bus stop to the Flower Shop he worked at, ‘Feeling Bloom’. His friend Jared had come up with the name after finishing business school and deciding to open a shop. Evan had no idea why exactly the graduate had decided on a flower shop, but somehow it had taken off and was now constantly swamped with orders. He was also particularly grateful for the fact that his friend had started his own business because it gave Evan an easy way into the working world, when Jared had offered him a job working in the back of the shop, with the promise of no social interaction, he had jumped at the opportunity, He now spent every day arranging all different types of flowers for various occasions. Furthermore, whilst he didn’t exactly like to brag per say, he had become something of an expert on plants and the different meanings behind roses and dandelions etc.

The only downside to working for Jared was the teasing, over the years the shorter boy had come up with a rather extensive range of insults and jokes, whether they be about Evan’s sexuality, anxiety or just his general existence. From the outside Jared’s behaviour might just appear to be unnecessarily cruel, but, Evan knew that it was all a mask for the other boy’s own insecurities. Also, Jared was actually pretty understanding when it came to the fact that Evan preferred not to interact with customers, which was why he was surprised when the manager asked him to complete a delivery later that day.

Evan was in the backroom, putting together a wedding bouquet when the brown haired boy stuck his head around the doorway.

“Evannnn,” Jared called, dragging out the end of the name.

Evan raised a suspicious eyebrow.

“What?” he asked nervously.

“Could you please do me a massive favour? Michael is out sick and I really need someone to make this delivery today,” he explained, gesturing to a large bunch of welcome home flowers that Evan had put together the day before.

Evan was shaking his head before Jared had even finished his sentence.

“No. Nope,” he insisted.

Jared sighed.

“Please Ev, it’s not like you don’t know the family” he whined.

Evan looked at Jared in confusion. Knew the family? What family? He rarely got the names of the people he made flowers for and so had no idea what on earth his boss was on about.

“The Murphys,” Jared scoffed, rolling his eyes at Evan’s confusion.

Evan was practically gaping at this point.

“Yeah Mrs Murphy ordered some flowers yesterday for Connor’s return tomorrow and she wants them delivered today!” he explained.

Evan’s head was reeling, he walked past the Murphy’s house every day on his way home, but had not stepped into the threshold itself for over six years. The thought of doing so made him feel slightly nauseous, but then again Jared had said Connor wouldn’t be home until tomorrow, so maybe he would be able to drop the flowers off without encountering the model. But wait, what if Connor had decided to come home early, then Cynthia would be angry that the her son had arrived before the flowers, and then she might shout at Evan!

He knew he must have gotten lost in his thoughts because the next thing he knew Jared was clicking his fingers in front of his face.

Evan stared at his friend, the panic must have been evident in his eyes because Jared’s face softened.

“Look Ev if it’s too much I can-” he started to say, but Evan cut him off.

“No I’ll do it!” he said firmly, shocked by the sudden confidence in his own voice.

After all it was just a delivery, what’s the worst thing that could happen.

A few hours later he was starting to regret his own assertiveness, he had been lingering outside the Murphy’s gate for almost ten minutes and was yet to make any movement that would open it. In one hand he was holding on to a large bouquet of flowers and he was fiddling with the bottom of his hoodie with the other.

The last time he had stepped inside this house- actually no, he didn’t want to think about that.

He took a deep breath and was about to open the gate when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He jumped and whirled around, nearly dropping the flowers.

“Oh my goodness I’m so sorry, it’s just you were blocking the gate!”

He recognised her just from the soft, kind voice. It was Zoe Murphy.

He opened his mouth to speak, but found he couldn’t summon any words.

Zoe studied his face before a look of realisation dawned on her own.

“Holy shit! Evan?” she gasped, breaking into a wide smile. “What are you doing here?”

Evan awkwardly waved the flowers, hoping they would serve as a suitable explanation.

Fortunately, Zoe seemed to understand.

“Oh do you work for that flower shop?”

Evan nodded, he wasn’t sure if he should just hand the flowers to Zoe, or go and knock on the door.

Zoe must have developed some sort of mind reading ability, because she opened the gate and beckoned for Evan to follow her. He quickly followed her up the driveway, but stopped when he reached the doorway, unsure as to whether he should invade the privacy of the house. From his spot at the door he could hear Zoe calling for her mother in the kitchen. He heard his own name mentioned in their conversation, and before he knew it someone had flung their arms around him, the red hair told him it was Cynthia. He tried to reciprocate the hug, which was difficult considering he was still holding the flowers.

Eventually the woman pulled away, she was beaming at him. He gave her a nervous smile.

“Evan it’s been so long!” she gasped, it was at this moment that she spotted the flowers.

“Oh they’re gorgeous!” she exclaimed, before taking them of a very relieved Evan.

She carefully placed them on a small table before turning back around.

“Evan would you like to come inside?” she asked eagerly. “I’m afraid Connor won’t be back until tomorrow, but it would be lovely to catch up with you!”

Evan stuttered out something about having to be home for dinner.

Unfortunately this did nothing to deter Cynthia.

“Well then you simply have to come over tomorrow for Connor’s welcome home dinner!” she replied happily.

He was about to come up with an excuse, but Cynthia looked so excited that he really didn’t want to take that away.

“U-uh what time?” he stammered.

“Well if you get here at seven that would be just perfect! In fact Zoe here could pick you up, if you need a ride?” she suggested.

Evan didn’t really know what he could say to that so he just nodded.

Zoe shot him a reassuring smile.

“You still live in the same house right?” she asked.

Again Evan just nodded.

“Did you want to maybe swap numbers?” she offered.

“Oh mine is the same,” he said before he could stop himself.

“You’ve had the same number for seven years?” she chuckled, causing Evan to blush.

Still giggling, she wrote her number down on a scrap piece of paper and handed it over to him.

“Text me your number, I’m not sure I still have it,” she explained, causing Evan’s blush to deepen, of course Zoe didn’t have his number anymore!

He nodded for what felt like the hundredth time that afternoon, before awkwardly waving and muttering a goodbye.

As a he walked home his stomach began to fill with dread. He hadn’t seen Connor in years, and the other boy was famous now, he probably didn’t want to waste his time on ordinary people like Evan. God tomorrow was going to be a disaster.