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Blood Royal

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Tenzin displayed the map on the table yet again, as if it would tell him any new information. “We’ve checked all the benders in Republic City. Every single omega. And yet the records still show that a blood royal was born here, in Republic City, over twenty years ago, and hasn’t left or been mated.”

Korra sighed, disinterested. “Tenzin, we should just give up on it. We already have the seven strongest bending omegas in the whole city signed up as marriage prospects, we should just go with that.” She was pushing a small pen around via a tiny whirlwind on the desk, scribbling her name into the expensive fine oak. Tenzin watched with a frown but said nothing: this was just one example typical of her indulged behavior.

“We can’t just ‘go with that’ Korra.” The master airbender explained for the tenth time that day, feeling himself grow more grey hairs by the minute. He pinched the bridge of his nose; his pupil could sometimes show promise, but mostly the overwhelming arrogance of having been essentially worshipped from the time she was a pup revealed her nature as impulsive, entitled, and unapologetic. In other words: the polar opposite of his father, the previous incarnation.

When the last Avatar had died, the world collectively held its breath. Aang’s legacy of peace was tenuous, built on strands of relationships now aging and dying themselves, so there was little binding the ties of nations together. And when fewer and fewer benders were born each year, to less and less fertile omegas, the remaining members of the White Lotus gathered together and made a solemn vow; to guard not only the Avatar, but the lineage of bending itself, so that the world could remain in balance.

And so, when Korra presented as not only a strong, nearly-fully-formed Avatar at the age of four, but also a virile, confident alpha, the world rejoiced once more, and the festivals were countless. An Alpha Avatar hadn’t been seen since Kyoshi, and the tradition followed that the fertility of the Alpha of All Alphas would bless the world. It was assumed that with Korra, bending would gradually return to the lines of families who had previously held it, and the scarcity of omegas would decrease, rising back to normal numbers.

It was quite a lot to place on the shoulders of a four year-old.

Understandably, the White Lotus was deeply conscious of the role Korra had yet to play, and lavished her with attention, coddling her environment to meet her specific wants, and, as she aged, surrounding her with pliant, available omegas of all bending types. Which meant, of course, that as part of her rebellion against the smothering bonds of the White Lotus’ protection, Korra hardly paid them any attention at all, much to everyone’s despair, preferring the company of a beta male boyfriend for some time until that relationship fizzled; likely due to the fact that it was formed on a rebellious pretext and not largely based in real emotions. Still, with Korra now single, the efforts had renewed.

Lately, as the Avatar neared the end of her airbending training and had matured into a young adult, focus had shifted amongst her guardians, from allowing Korra to select her desired mate from an attentive, devoted group of omegas referred to as ‘marriage prospects’, to matching the young Avatar up, possibly against her will if necessary, to ensure the future of the bending world. Many who had raised her (including Tenzin, the airbender who now took full control of her guardianship as she came to her maturity in his care) felt she would never concede to a forced match, so the effort was made to involve her in the hunt for an exceedingly fertile omega in the hopes that she would find the process stimulating and encourage her to…do her duty. The ideal candidate was a genetic rarity, often referred to in these days of drought as a ‘blood royal’, for their high status as desired mates. A ‘blood royal’ omega was usually able to be identified at birth, and higher echelons of society quickly snapped them up with marriage contracts, a fact which had been eternally frustrating in the White Lotus’ efforts in other cities to find an eligible omega, but here, in Republic City, they stood a fighting chance.

That is, if the Avatar would show the slightest amount of interest.

“You know as well as I that an omega with blood royal lineage is the most desirable marriage candidate for the Avatar, let alone any alpha. Korra, I wish you would pay attention when I’m talking to you.”

The Avatar sighed heartily, looking very put upon. “I know Tenzin. ‘Blood royal’ lineage means the omega will be more fertile, and because I’m the first alpha Avatar in three hundred years…”

“It’s very important for you to sire at least one pup.” Tenzin supplied. “Not only that, but, as we have discussed many times, this particular variant of omega has a heritable link to strong bending abilities. As you know, my mother, Katara, was a blood royal, and my lineage is responsible for bringing airbending back into the United Republic.” He fluffed with pride, ever so-slightly, before knitting his eyebrows back together to regard Korra with a more serious note. “And it is the entire reason we moved you from the more secure location in the Southern Water Tribe here to the extremely-exposed-and-quite-frankly-indefensible location in Republic City-“

“It’s where your family lives.” Korra pointed out, bored. She was already looking out the windows. Again. One could only hope she wouldn’t decide to start cracking the glass with hot and cold water, as she did the last time she got bored and cooped up.

My family is not the Avatar.” Tenzin had to stop himself from shouting. “Air Temple Island is a lovely place for children, but it is hardly the best location for the world’s only master of all elements, especially since bending birth rates are on the steepest decline they’ve been in decades and Equalists are determined to see bending die out all together.”

Korra huffed, and she rolled her eyes, but further protest was not forthcoming, and for that he was grateful. 

“Now,” Tenzin drew his finger on the map to circle Future Industries, a complex of buildings and towers that dominated much of Republic City’s skyline. “The one remaining possibility is the daughter of Hiroshi Sato, the last unmated omega in the city, and heir to the Future Industries fortune." He tapped the name, considering. "I’m told the girl is considered the finest beauty of her age.” He inclined his brows at Korra, hopefully.

“How can she be? She’s an unmated omega in the biggest city in the world, in a time when omegas are scarcer than spirits.” Korra snorted, unconcerned. She saw beautiful women every day, of course, and most of them were naked or in various stages of undress, blushing at the mere sight of the Avatar, so one could forgive her for not being overly enthused with physical aesthetic. Her ego was definitely not helping, however.

“And besides,” she continued, dribbling a small ball of fire on her knuckles like a toy. “Isn’t she a non-bender? I thought we checked already.”

“Non-benders can still carry bending pups, it’s just not quite as common. If the Sato girl is a blood royal, your genetics would be possibly be enough to balance the scales.” Tenzin reached out with a quick blast of wind to both extinguish the fire and rap Korra’s knuckles. “May I remind you that, as you said it yourself so bluntly just a second ago: ‘omegas are scarcer than spirits’? Beggars may not be choosers, Korra.”

She stiffened, affronted, and snarled. “I’m not begging for any omega to take my knot. It’s you and the White Lotus who are so concerned about my lineage that you won’t even let me be a real Avatar. I don’t even want pups, let alone some non-bender’s brats.” Crossing her arms like a spoilt teenager, instead of the master of all elements that she aspired to be, Korra huffed dramatically, blowing a hair away from her face.

“I know you don’t,” Tenzin replied, not unkindly. The responsibility was a heavy burden, and he knew it all too well: even with four airbending pups of his own, the fate of the Air Nation would always be on his shoulders. “But the fact of the matter is: in order to let you ‘be a real Avatar’ and leave the protection of the White Lotus, we need to be sure that you have established a strong bending lineage. Otherwise, if something were to happen to you….Spirits, Korra, it took long enough for you to be born after my father died, and with bending birth rates what they are, it could be decades or not at all that another Avatar is born. You want your freedom to do as you please, and I understand that, but you must ensure that the world remains in balance, and to do that, you need to bring the benders back to the world.”

There was no verbal response, but the airbender knew he’d gotten through to her. One minute her shoulders were hunched and the next she had straightened, looking renewed. That was one of the nicer things about Korra: she was quick to rise to a challenge, if it meant proving herself as the Avatar. “Well, let’s go meet her then,” Korra proposed, confidently. “I’m sure Mr. Sato has a steep bride price in mind, but that’s fine.”

Ahem.” Tenzin cleared his throat, looking worriedly at the list of accounts under the map. “It’s not fine, actually. Mr. Sato is the wealthiest man in Republic City, if not the entire surrounding Earth Kingdom territories, and his only daughter, an omega, no less, will undoubtably be a prize he should be supremely unwilling to part with. It will require careful negotiation and strategy to get him to agree to-“

But the Avatar was gone.

Tenzin gaped at the place where she’d been only seconds before, and then at the shoji doors, which were still ajar and rattling, slightly, as if a hurricane wind had passed. “Korra!” He yelled after her, but it was useless.

The young alpha had already reached the courtyard where Naga, her polar bear-dog was kept. She greeted her exuberant pet/best friend, shoving a wet tongue aside as she scrabbled for her saddle. Dodging a wagging, delighted tail, she slung the saddle over her companion’s back, hopping aboard a moment later. The great white beast howled and set off at a blistering pace, thundering past a retinue of unpleasantly-shocked-looking White Lotus guards. There were some shouts and waving, but Korra merely ducked her head and urged Naga on, down the temple steps, and across the training fields. They pulled up to the docks just in time to skid aboard the ferry just as it began to chug away.

“Good girl, Naga!” Korra praised, as the ferry passengers and conductor regarded her in shock and alarm at her sudden arrival. “Nothing to worry about folks,” she called out, jauntily. “Just the Avatar and her companion, going into the city.” For the first time, alone, she added in her head, feeling triumphant as the nearest passengers edged farther away from Naga’s panting, drooling shadow.

Arriving on the city docks, she coaxed Naga past a crowd of gawking onlookers, galloping down the street as they headed for the Future Industries complex. She had to dodge several Satomobiles, which was annoying and checked her speed, but she was too exhilarated by the prospect of being out in the city, without a guard, for the first time ever. The sights, the sounds, the smells….Air Temple island was a desert compared to this cacophony of lights and music, laughter and angry shouts, mostly directed at her.

She had almost completely forgotten the reason for her headlong dash in the first place: she was just too dazed with the fact that her escape had worked, and now here she was, free of her pen. Why even go to Future Industries at all? She could just keep going with Naga forever, see all that the city had to offer and-


A small vehicle slammed into Naga’s side, sending the animal careening to the ground with a yelp, and Korra went tumbling after her to land on her rear with a sharp gasp. Their collision had not knocked over the metal vehicle, however, and the rider was unharmed, standing astride their contraption in the street. The rider was wearing a tight cap and goggles, and the vehicle appeared to be a stylish little moped, the latest in personal transport. Korra had only seen one before in a pro-bending magazine Bolin had left at the training grounds. Still, the pain in her bottom and the complaining grumble from Naga had her leaping to her feet in a fury, determined to see the owner of the ‘ped in a world of pain, novelty or no novelty. “Hey!” She snarled out.

“Oh I am so sorry!” The rider had run to reach her and was kneeling beside Naga’s head, looking at the polar bear dog for injury as best they could while Naga tried to deliver a few tongue licks. “I didn’t see you!”

“How could you not see me?!” Korra exclaimed, still heated. “I was riding a giant white p-“

But the next words died with a whimper. The rider stood, removed the helmet and goggles in one smooth motion, tossing out a glossy black mane, and the action revealed the owner of the cycle as the most unspeakably attractive woman Korra had ever even seen, even in her privileged role as the Alpha of all Alphas. Several seconds slowed into an eternity as her eyes bulged comically and her breath became short.

A thicket of dark lashes framed emerald eyes, with a purple-grey shadow to their lids. High, aristocratic cheekbones with an embarrassed flush, like rose petals on the surface of a bowl of cream, only making them more lovely. Lips as dark as heart’s blood, drawn in concern. A gloriously long arch of neck: pale as milk and twice as drinkable, and even more so as it was unblemished by a scar. Unmarked.

Scent hit her: waves of a smokey, orange blossom-in-the-summer-night smell. A bonfire, stolen-kisses-amid-sparks smell. A smell of grease and acidic paint and almond-y oil, and, underneath it all, pounding like a heartbeat, was the unmistakable, irresistible aroma of something more, something that begged to be taken, claimed, filled. An omega, but not just any omega. An omega whose scent was more lovely, more luscious, and more heady than any she had yet encountered. There was something incredible about this woman, something that called to her even more than her obvious beauty. Her scent was a wildfire that had taken the dry tinder of Korra’s confident, arrogant tongue and set it ablaze.

The alpha’s nostrils flared, and words became impossible to manage, tripping out in fits and starts. “I was…I- wow. Ahem.”

The object of her sudden lust didn’t seem to notice the obvious change in her demeanor… or, perhaps more likely, she did and was too politely well-bred to remark upon it, which was thankful. She drew closer and brushed Korra’s body down, sending shockwaves of arousal through the young alpha.

“Are you okay?” The ravishing omega asked in an anguished tone. “Did I hurt you? Oh I’m such an idiot!”

Korra managed to jerk herself from a kind of hazy stupor staring at the omega’s unmarked neck, and felt herself producing arousal pheromones without the ability to stop it. She clenched her teeth and pretended to dust her pant legs off, hoping to wave away the obvious scent, as well as her stiffening clit, which was even now threatening to extend further and tent her pants. “Ah, no, don’t worry. It’s-it’s okay, my teammates hit me harder than that every day in practice.”

Green eyes widened and the stranger looked her up and down, as if assessing something. “Wait, I recognize you! You’re the Avatar! I’ve seen you in the newspaper...and you play for the Fire Ferrets, too!”

Korra preened. Now this was familiar territory. She could handle any omega who fawned over the Avatar, but her face fell flat when she realized this girl wasn’t leaning in to catch more of her scent, wasn’t showing submissive behavior that she was used to. The lack of readable emotion beyond friendliness and polite embarrassment in her eyes was unnerving, and it was throwing the young Avatar off guard. “Yeah, that’s me.” She offered, still blinking.

“Oh I’m so embarrassed,” The omega put a gloved hand to her face but aside from the gesture, and the pretty blush that briefly colored her cheeks, she didn’t appear overly stricken. Korra on the other hand was practically panting every time the strange girl looked at her, which she did now, offering her hand. “My name’s Asami.”

Asami. She stared down at the supple skin covering her fingers until she remembered she was supposed to shake them. The name had whispered into her ear like a promise and she almost wilted. Keep it together, damn it. You’re not a pup anymore. The straining in her pants threatened to prove otherwise.

“Let me make this up to you somehow.” Asami was saying, smoothly. “Um…how about I take you to dinner? Tomorrow night, eight o’clock, Kuang’s Cuisine.” She grinned with a gorgeous twist of her lips, and turned on one heel, as if she considered the matter settled.

Korra sputtered, her mind racing. Is she asking me on a date? To the most expensive restaurant in town? Holy shit, I was not prepared for this. Say something, say something, stupid! “Uh Kuang’s? I may be the Avatar but I don’t really have any clothes nice enough for a place that classy.” She gave a wry chuckle, indicating her mud-splattered outfit. “More of a casual kinda girl.”

Asami had the grace to laugh. “I like it, actually.” Her smile tugged at everything in Korra, demanding that those lips be kissed and kissed properly until they swelled and puffed. “Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll take care of that. All you need to do is show up.”

She walked to her moped and retrieved her helmet and goggles, resettling them on her head. “So, it’s a date?” The omega asked, her voice a lilting suggestion that Korra was helpless to resist.

Fuck yes, are you kidding me- Don’t sound too eager, don’t sound too eager, you’re an alpha, damn it, act like it.

“Uh yeah, I guess so. I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Korra tried for smooth, but it was a half-stuttered attempt that even one of Tenzin’s children could have seen right through. A dumb smile was spreading heedless across her face.

“See you then.” Asami replied over her shoulder with a plum-colored wink, and she kicked the bike into gear, roaring off down the street. Korra stared after her, lovestruck. She had to blink several times before the street and its other citizens returned to her eyes, for all she could see was Asami, and all she could hear were the words ‘It’s a date’. A hazy spell settled over her eyes and she grinned wider than Naga.

Of course, then the sirens had erupted everywhere.

The metal-bending police had shown up looking for her, and the rest had been a chaotic confusion through the city streets as she and Naga tried to dodge them, without success. Lin Beifong had been furious with her for escaping and causing so many wrecks and pile-ups. She cringed under the other alpha’s snarls but she lowered her head in deference all the same, glaring at the table in front of her. She didn’t like it, but Lin was top dog in Republic City, and she knew better than to challenge her, howl as her own alpha might. The chief paced in front of her in the cell for a few hours, blistering her with an acid tongue about pedestrian traffic and disrupting the peace, so much so that the young Avatar felt thoroughly chastened by the time Tenzin arrived on a gust of air, spreading his hands to diffuse the tension as the beta promised Lin he would safely see her back to the island and keep her there.

Chafing under Tenzin’s guiding hand on her shoulder, she stuck an impudent glance back the chief, who only curled a lip at her insolence. It seemed the Beifong woman was done hectoring her for now, but it was a narrow escape. Tenzin sighed when he caught the gesture, deep and long-suffering.

“Korra, I’ve talked to you before about this kind of-“

“Tenzin, I know you’re upset with me for going off without a guard.” Korra interrupted, impatiently. “And I know I caused a lot of traffic jams, but I’m going to go back into the city again. Tomorrow night. I have a date.”

“A date.” The airbending master repeated, nonplussed.

“Yes, a date.” Korra’s face softened as she beamed. “With the prettiest omega I’ve ever seen. Her name’s Asami.”

Tenzin’s face crinkled. “How did you manage to get a….well, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I don’t think it’s best that you leave the island for a while, Korra, I gave Lin my word. There are plenty of other lovely omegas waiting for you back home, should you so choose, and it’s much safer there than to allow you unescorted in the City.” He turned, clearly expecting her to follow, but she dug in her heels.

“Not like this one. I’m going on that date, Tenzin.” She folded her arms.

He didn’t turn around, but his chin inclined back towards her slightly. “You’re interested in her? You haven’t shown a hint of interest in anyone since-“

“Since Mako, I know.” The name of her ex made her grin bitterly, but she continued. “I know I don’t generally go for the marriage prospect omegas, mostly because you’ve been lecturing me constantly about my duty as the Avatar and to benders, but this is different. She’s different. I want to….um... court her.”

At the mention of the old-fashioned term, she blushed, hesitantly, but the words made Tenzin’s shoulders loosen, and he turned back to face her, a slow, knowing smile spreading across his long, angular face.

“Well, that is new.” He studied her. “Are you sure it isn’t that she’s in heat or something of that nature?”

Korra’s flush deepened to an embarrassing red. “Tenzin, for crying out, it’s not a heat thing.” She kicked her foot harshly against the marble of the courthouse steps, feeling stung for having ever said anything.

“It would be okay if it was,” Tenzin persisted, albeit gently. “Korra, I may be old in your eyes but I do understand biological urge-“

“Okay no, nope, we are not discussing urges.” Korra waved her hands savagely, backing away down the steps. “We are not doing that. All I’m saying is, I’m going back in to the city to meet Asami tomorrow, and I’m not taking a guard, because that would be weird. And I don’t want her to think I’m weird. That’s it. End of talk.”

She stalked away, down the steps and past Tenzin, who smiled bemusedly after her, seeing a younger version of himself in the seething young Avatar’s obvious discomfiture. This side of his pupil was new, and surprisingly endearing. He found himself inwardly already acquiescing to her demands, but decided to put up a good bluster for a few hours anyway. No harm in making sure the Avatar knew this was a favor.


Kuang’s Cuisine was situated in Republic City’s classy entertainment district, close to the golden dome of the pro-bending arena, and it was absolutely decked out in opulence, resplendent against the setting sun as she arrived for her date, a few minutes early.

Korra felt like a bug on the wall in her Water Tribe gear, conscious of several dozen eyes upon her as she was escorted to the changing room by an obsequious beta manservant. Once inside, he briskly clapped his hands and two female betas rushed out to help the Avatar change, their pleasant faces deferentially neutral. They helped her into a sleek bespoke suit, cut with a flatteringly feminine vest in Southern tribal colors, and finished with a fetching blazer. She looked, she reflected as she examined herself in the mirror, dashing, if not a bit unrefined with her hairstyle. As if reading her mind, the manservant returned and made to fix her hair, clucking a bit, but she grabbed his wrist with a punishing grip and growled, releasing her alpha scent to make him quail.

“The hair stays.” She cautioned, and he nodded quickly, swallowing.

She declined an escort, wanting to appear smooth, and negotiated her way through the restraint by smell, following the irresistible trail of omega. Arriving at the table, she found Asami already seated, and she looked up from her menu, smiling with those rich red lips. She was dressed in a blood-colored gown with an alluring keyhole right at her breasts, and her hair was done up with a golden clasp that only brought the shine of her black mane out to sparkle against it. Korra’s clit jumped and she forced a grin that she hoped wasn’t as wolfish as she felt.

“You look very snazzy.” Asami complimented, eyes running up and down Korra’s be-suited form. There was an arch to her brow that was unconsciously seductive.

“You look gorgeous.” Korra breathed, unable to be subtle, and she was heartened by Asami’s gentle laugh. “Sorry, I thought I was early; were you waiting long?”

“Not at all.” Asami’s smile was coy. “I don’t know if you noticed, but I tend to travel kinda fast.”

“Yeah I remember.” Korra grinned, feeling gradually more confident. She faked a grimace. “My rear end is still pretty sore about it.”

“Ooof.” Asami’s playful expression was only making her prettier in the gauzy light of the lanterns. “To say nothing of your ego, I’m sure.”

“Oh no, the ego’s intact.” She felt her lips tug upwards at the corners. The flirting was a new feeling, as if she was on equal footing for once, instead of commanding and directing the entire encounter. She reveled in it. “Getting bigger by the minute to be seen with such a pretty omega.” She teased back, and Asami’s eyes shot to her crotch. Oh damn it. She flushed, realizing too late the second meaning behind her words. “Uhm, ah…my ego that is.” She coughed. “Should we order?”

“Sure.” Asami’s smile was unreadable. “I’ve taken the liberty of picking out a few appetizers and some complimenting sake, but you should pick out your main course. I recommend the prawn soup.” She beckoned over a hovering waiter with a slender finger. After they’d each selected their entrees, the server departed, bowing deeply as he did so.

“Very good, Miss Sato.”

“Wait…” Korra’s mind reeled, trying to place the name. When she did, her whole body straightened and she gasped, apprehensive. “Not, Sato as in Hiroshi Sato? Inventor of the Satomobile? Are you related to him?”

“Yeah, he’s my father.” Asami’s eyes glittered as she sipped from her sake cup. And that would make you the blood royal, Korra’s mind finished, racing as her clothes became suddenly uncomfortably hot. She pulled at the neck of her shirt, loosening it, and gulped. Spirits, Asami is the blood royal. Won’t Tenzin be pleased? Regardless of her thoughts of her mentor, her cock was swelling now, thinking of the deeply sexual, entirely-breeding-related implications of the woman sitting next to her in the booth, and she crossed her legs, trying to will it down.

“Are you okay?” Asami questioned, looking at her in askance. “You kind of went all white just now.”

“You’re Hiroshi Sato’s daughter.” Korra processed slowly, feeling like her mind was stuck in molasses.

“Yes…?” The omega’s head cocked to one side, and a mild frown appeared on her features. “Is there some kind of a problem with that?”

“No!” Korra hastened to say, waving her hands to try and dispel the notion. “It’s just…uh…I didn’t think I’d ever meet the daughter of a captain of industry.” She joked lamely, feeling stupid, and clenched against a pulse in her crotch as her cock threatened again.

“You’re the last person I’d assume would be intimidated by my father.” Her date was looking bemused, running her finger around the edge of her drink. “After all, the Avatar is definitely a bigger name here in the city than a wealthy industrialist.”

Korra highly doubted that. Non-bender though he was, Sato’s inventions dominated every street, home and business in Republic City, and the man was considered half a god by some, completely infallible by others. Satomobiles were omnipresent, and ubiquitous enough that the fortune amassed from their sale would be far more than significant; vast, even. Even the combined wealth of the White Lotus wouldn’t be anything but a drop in the bucket compared to Hiroshi’s billions. Her heart sank. How could she propose to court the blood royal daughter of the city’s richest man? She was foolish to run out before Tenzin could explain how he proposed to ‘delicately’ convince Mr. Sato to forgo the traditional bride price. Now she was here with his daughter, on a date, and she had no way of proceeding.

“I’m not intimidated, just impressed, is all.” She countered, finally. “It’s not every day you meet a pretty omega trying to run you over with her moped...and find out later that her dad invented it.”

Asami’s laugh was uproarious and infectious. Korra joined in, and, feeling bold, put her hand over hers on the table, letting her fingers rest against the omega’s. The touch was electric, and forced her eyes into Asami’s, drowning in those flytrap-green depths. She cleared her throat. “There is another reason I know your father’s name,” she admitted finally. Something about those mossy eyes made her honest.

“Let me guess,” Asami sighed and the fingers withdrew as she examined her food, looking suddenly morose. “You’ve heard about me, also.”

Korra saw no point in lying. “Well, yes.” She spread her hands. “I don’t know if you know this, but I’m basically forced to be aware of every omega in the city, because of the whole…um…thing with me being the first alpha Avatar in a long time. So Tenzin told me about you.” She caught Asami’s gaze once more, guiltily. “I just didn’t know that you were…you.”

“A blood royal, you mean?” Asami’s eyes were distant and her smile was bitter. “And I bet you’re wondering why I’m out on a date with you, instead of happily mated off with some wealthy alpha?”

Korra nodded, helplessly. That had been exactly what she was thinking.

The omega sighed and her eyes dropped. “It’s complicated.” She offered, at last. “My father has a lot of…expectations, and I try to live up to them, but he also allows me my freedom.” She sniffed. “At least, somewhat.”

“I know how that feels.” The alpha looked down at her plate; although the arrangement was ornate, the shrimp still smelled delicious. She picked up her spoon, savoring her first sip of broth. “Even though I’m the Avatar, I don’t really get any freedom either. Everyone just wants me to mate so I can sire more benders, and they don’t really care about me as a person. Avatar Aang got to run around the whole world with his friends, and he was almost half my age when he stopped the Fire Lord…but there were more benders then. The White Lotus thinks if they lost me to some adventure, then the world would lose its bending.” She grunted, stirring her soup, still feeling the weight of old, angry wounds.

Asami was looking at her with a sudden genuine understanding, and it softened her even in the wake of hardened memories. “I completely understand. My father wants me to find a mate for...different reasons, but I feel like I can be so much more than that, more than just some alpha’s broodmare.” She huffed and then reddened, realizing what she’d said. “Not that you…that we…oh no.” She put her lovely head in her hands.

Now it was Korra’s turn to grin and chuckle. “It’s okay, I get it.” Once again, their fingers met across the table, and Asami’s shy smile warmed her from the inside out.

“Would you like to go for a carriage ride after this?” She suggested, her eyes hopeful.

“I’d love to,” Korra assured her, her inner alpha giving a surge of optimism.

Inside the carriage, the darkness made her bold, and she pulled Asami’s warm weight against her chest. The omega sighed contentedly, and her fingers came up to stroke at the opening of Korra’s shirt, dipping into her clavicle and running just barely at the edge of where her breasts began their obvious swell. “You look really cute in this suit.” Asami praised, and heat rose to Korra’s thighs. “But why didn’t you let the servants fix your hair with the clasp I got you?”

The alpha squirmed, feeling completely inadequate to express her gratitude without also rebuffing the omega. “Um, it’s just…this hairstyle is all I have left of my Water Tribe life, my heritage before I was the Avatar. I know it’s silly, but…it makes me think of my mom.” She stroked one of her ponytails self-consciously, avoiding Asami’s lantern-lit eyes, glowing pale jade.

“It’s not silly at all.” A warm, pale hand cupped her face and she turned helplessly back to the raven-haired woman, drawn in as if by a spell. Asami hesitated for a moment, ducking her eyes, and then looked up at Korra again, biting her lip a little. “My mother died when I was very young. I understand how it feels to want just a piece of her with me...”

They were moving closer, inexorably, and Korra was helpless to keep her eyes off of Asami’s red, red lips, where her tongue darted out to moisten them, forcing the alpha to bite back a moan. She mimicked the action, unconsciously, her mouth feeling dry and her lips cracked like the shifting sands of the desert. Asami was looking from her mouth to her eyes, and there was a signal there, an invitation. Korra took it, gasping into the kiss as she dipped her head to meet Asami’s lifted lips.

The melding, heated fire forge that was Asami’s mouth was a burning, dissolving rush, like the heart of a volcano. Korra threaded her hands through the silky black hair she’d longed to touch all night and slipped her tongue between the omega’s parted lips; sliding to tease her, flickering against her lips to encourage her, plunging in to force her to moan. She caught the omega’s tongue in her mouth, questing almost shyly, and she sucked it, making the other girl fist the material of her blazer and cling to her like a limpet. They parted several times for air but each time fell back, sinking deep into the kiss like boots into fresh snowfall, and, just as easily, they were floundering, struggling against each other.

Korra wanted so many things at once that she ached. Her cock strained against her pants, pushing for attention, but she almost wanted to ignore it, to keep kissing forever, and the sensation was strange to her. With any other omega, she’d be imperiously forcing their heads down to worship at the altar of the Avatar, getting the most of the supplication of their mouths before she sent them away, but with Asami, although her length was throbbing against the thin inseam of her shorts, there was a hesitancy to her urges. She was desperate for any kind of touch but too afraid of the idea of possible, never-before-experienced rejection to demand it; after all, the blood royal could easily push her away and have her pick of any other dates. Not only that but, strangely enough, she wasn’t sure she wanted Asami to suck her off, to submit totally like that. She, Korra, the Avatar, the Alpha of all Alphas…she wanted to worship at the altar herself, to feel the omega’s quivering thighs part for her in desire, before she asked for anything for her own needs. This was a completely new emotion to the Avatar: no one before would have ever even been able to consider saying no to her, and never before had anyone else’s pleasure seemed more important than her own. So she waited, hands helplessly bunching in Asami’s hair and stroking her sides, peppering her jaw with kisses, unsure of what she wanted to happen.

At last, Asami broke away, and her eyes were all pupil. She laid a delicate hand on Korra’s thigh, so close to her aching cock that she felt the flesh jump involuntarily, and wet her lips again, looking as conflicted as Korra felt. “I…we…kissing you is amazing but-“

“We need to stop.” Korra supplied for her, letting her hands still on her sides to avoid further inflaming the omega. “I know you don’t want to rut on the first date, and…um…neither do I.”

Yes you do, her traitorous cock whispered to her. She wants it too. The young alpha crossed her legs firmly, trying to cool her ardor. Shut up, she mentally hissed to her groin. I control you, not the other way around…. but she wasn’t entirely sure about that. Something about this particular omega was making it very hard (pun intended) to manage her usual level of command over her body’s urges.

“You know, I kind of do.” Asami’s laugh was sultry, and her half-lidded eyes and kiss-swollen lips didn’t help with the seduction of her image. Korra swallowed, willing herself not to touch her again, but Asami made the move for her, grabbing one of her hands and brushing a kiss to her knuckles. “But you’re right; I’m not ready for that yet, no matter what my body wants. Is that okay?” Her eyes raised from Korra’s hand so sweetly, so innocently, that the Avatar felt herself melt.

“Of course,” she assured the omega, gazing helplessly back at her. “Whatever you want, Asami, I’m not going to pressure you.”

Asami’s smile set her insides to a fuzzy, golden glow, but it did nothing to soften her cock, strangely enough. The omega settled her head back down on Korra’s chest, and her sigh tore through the young Avatar like a knife through parchment. “I feel so safe with you.” She whispered.

The rest of the ride in the carriage was a blur, as far as Korra was concerned. The white heat of Asami’s body against her chest, and the lancing, lingering burn of her kiss as they parted so Korra could catch the ferry back to the island…that was all she remembered as she stared, lovestruck, out the window back toward the glittering lights of Republic City as the ferry chugged slowly away from the docks. She’d never felt this way before. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends and teammates all about it.


Asami watched the progress of the water as the ferry moved slowly towards the island, shrinking from her view. Her thin shoulders straightened as she felt, rather than saw, a dark form approach from the shadows of an alleyway, where a long, black Satomobile waited.

“Is it done, then?” Her father asked, from behind her, his voice quiet to avoid being overheard. As usual, his presence made her stand taller, square her back firmer, and try to raise herself to his esteem.

She nodded, resolutely. She'd felt strangely after the kiss, but now, with the slightly-stifling-yet-comforting reassurance of her role and her father's expectations, she could ignore that in favor of doing whatever she needed to earn his praise. “It’s as good as. The Avatar will be putty in my hands within days.” She smiled, feral through her teeth, and Hiroshi gave her an approving pat on the back.

“Excellent work, as usual. Amon will be pleased. Now, come, we have a meeting.” He beckoned, and she turned, following him into the shadows.