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Feathers up

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Chapter one
The window closed clocking Hawk moth’s lair once again, yet another failed attempt at getting the miraculous he so craved. He was silent, hearing the hundreds of butterflies fluttering back to their feeding and resting places. He couldn’t feel angry; he was far too busy thinking. “Dark wings fall” he commands dropping his costume and releasing an exhausted Nooroo, the kwami landed on the floor with a plop. His master took a croissant out of his coat pocket and handed it to him to eat; Nooroo ate in silence as his master picked him up and placed him in his coat.
The master, Gabriel headed down the steps to a familiar painting on the wall. It was late at night so he had no concern of anyone seeing him, but he still looks behind him twice before opening the secret compartment. Even in the darkness he could see the small frame of his wife, her old fan, but the book was gone! Gabe kept his anger to a quiet growl to not wake anyone up, and decides to grab the last two things from there. They wouldn’t be safe there no more; he couldn’t lose the other two.
Gabe’s room was lit from the moonlight and nothing else, when Gabe walked inside. He placed the picture on his dresser closest to his bed, holding the fan in his other hand. He sat on the bed and tracing his finger over the designs on the brooch, a hollow yet heavy feeling in his gut took hold.
Nooroo didn’t like his master’s actions, but felt a twinge of sympathy for the man trapped in despair. “Master I know it’s not my place, but you must move on…” he pleads flying over to flutter in front of Gabe’s face.
There was no change in Gabe’s expression for a solid minute, and then he spoke. “they have gotten so much better at being hero’s, even more so once that fox joined the scene.” Nooroo sighed in defeat, his pleas gone unnoticed again.
Still Gabe spoke the truth. Ladybug, Chat noir and Volpina now were able to defeat akumantized victims as quickly as he was able to create them. He had tried sending more powerful ones, trickier, more destructive, more evil, but it was all in vain. Gabe’s grip tightened on the fan; “if only she was still here…” he trails off likely fighting off a wave of sadness. Suddenly he looks up with energy causing Nooroo to jump back in surprise. “Nooroo can your power work on this?” he asks referring to the item in his hand.
“My power can work on a miraculous, but the most you could get would be to communicate” Nooroo explains. Cocking his little head to the side, as Gabe ponders again for a moment “I don’t understand you wouldn’t have any control over them” Nooroo adds getting bumped down to the bed by Gabe quickly standing up.
He watched as Gabe shuffled through books underneath his desk than pulling out one with a simple black and white spiral on its cover. “if you place a frog in hot water he will jump out” Gabe starts “but place it in cold and slowly turn up the heat he will boil to death” Gabe looks at Nooroo with a childish glee.
Upon seeing Nooroo’s confusion he sighs “Instead of simply akumatizing some sad sap I’ll send a miraculous user of my choosing slowly into a hypnotized state and get him to join the Ladybug’s team, earn their trust. Than boom he takes their miraculous and hands them to me”. He raises his arms to the sky as he finishes, the moonlight behind him blackening his expression from Nooroo.
“Well? Could that work?” Gabe asks in slight irritation, Nooroo has no choice but to answer.
“That could work master”.
Nathaniel had just entered the classroom when the usual chaos began. Normally he arrived early to avoid it, but a certain blonde had caused all his coloured pencils to fall all over with her ridiculous bag. Who needed a bag that big anyway? Most ignored him as he headed to the back where his seat was, his friend and old crush: Marinette waved to him politely as he passed with a “good morning”. Her voice as beautiful as the bells to welcome those to her family’s bakery, he quickly shushed such thoughts.
After the akuma incident it was clear she wasn’t interested that way, and he had to accept that. He sat alone as he normally did, behind the giant that was Ivan. This way he could easily work on his art whenever class started to drag, he had one project he was working on. That being a manga styled comic based on the heroes of Paris. It had started out as a simple story of them fighting against akuma’s but had at some point transformed into something a tad more mature. It was a little bit after his own akuma moment where he found himself drawing Chat noir and random akuma’s in rather suggestive poses, usually with his own character.
Although said character seriously needed a redesign, the original was advertised as an akuma and was rather embarrassing. Marionette still played a role in the story, but was pushed into a being more of a background character as of late. The final character was Adrian, who Nath had started drawing in a rather immature fashion as a fat dork pawning after Marionette. The currant page was a fight scene based off the time Chat noir had taken down the police force doing a dance; (although this manga had it look quite differently) had he a bit of a crush on Chat? Not really, it was more of an enjoyment of drawing the cat man’s form or so he told himself.
No one could agree on what ladybug's and chat's features were, perhaps to avoid being recognized by ordinary people. He sighed to himself, how lucky it must be to have power like that?
Meanwhile a few seats down Alya groans in disgust as her hand comes out of her bag covered in sticky chocolate, “gross not again” she whines using a napkin to wipe it off. She glared daggers at a certain greedy Kwami hidden away in her bag.
The ending bell couldn’t have come any sooner, the usual duo of Marinette and Adrian running out first with the others following close behind. All except Nath, who was adding the final touches to a drawing he planned to use for the cover of the manga. He realized how late it had become when the teacher turns the lights off on him to get his attention, he apologies and scampers to the schools exit. It had gotten quite dark outside, the winter cold making him shiver. He could always head back inside and wait for his mum to finish work and ride home with her. He decides against asking to be let back in by the janitor, seeing as that man wouldn’t likely. He was the last akuma victim actually, he turned into some crazy villain bent on ‘cleaning up’ Ladybug’s act. Something silly like that, the memory helping Nat not focuses on the dropping temperature for a while.
He had almost reached his doorstep when a sudden cold wind stole away his cover drawing from his frozen hand. “Crap” he curses stumbling after the paper, fighting to get it as the wind blew in every direction making it hard to catch. He flings himself on the paper once it lands on the ground, he grins in triumph picking the slightly wet paper in his coat pocket. Nat is about to walk back when his hand touches something else hidden in the snow, he pulls it out and brushes it off. A metal and fabric fan pin is in his hand, its peacock feathers standing out to him. Maybe he wanted to draw it, or it didn’t feel right to leave something so pretty in the snow, either way he brings the item inside. Not noticing the butterfly symbol disrupting the fan’s normal pattern.
Nath held the fan in front of him, transfixed with the detail on it. If you turned it back and forth slowly an image might appear. Something whispers to him. If he was relaxed while turning it he could almost catch a glimpse of it. He couldn’t explain why he wanted to see the image so much; he didn’t even notice the text in his phone saying his mom wouldn’t be home until very late. Back and forth he turned the fan in his hands, concentrating on finding the image within the fan. He found it difficult to see in the dark house, so he made his way to his bedroom ignoring the dinner plate on the kitchen counter. He flipped on the light and instinctively covered and rubbed his eyes at the strain as his eyes adjusted. What was he doing again? He looks around his room confused, he had blacked out for a bit there. Seeing nothing out of place he concludes he must have been tired from the day, he places the fan underneath his pillow out of reflex and goes to get ready for bed, not feeling hungry enough for dinner.
Nath didn’t get a great sleep during the night, his mind was swarmed with strange dreams he couldn’t remember once he woke. They felt incredibly good but left a hollow feeling once he awoke, he uses a dream journal to try and record what they meant, but all he could manage was a few doodles. Once morning came he feels drowsy and sick, he was lucky it was Saturday and he could try and sleep in. His mother knocks on the door “Nath you feeling alright buddy? You didn’t eat your dinner” she calls then simply lets herself in. upon seeing her son she sighs, placing a hand on his forehead. She brushes away the red hair to reveal a very pale Nathanial with his eyes looking glassy. “Oh dear, I told you to bring a coat yesterday” she scolds with a worried expression, “You take it easy today, I’ll bring you up some soup and crackers in a bit” she adds bringing the blankets he had kicked off back on him to keep him warm. She also leaves for a moment to get a wet towel to put on his head, “okay buddy?” she questions when he doesn’t respond. Nat groans and nods his head weakly, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep. His mom gives a gentle pat to his head in a motherly fashion and then leaves with a quiet goodbye. As the door closes Nat feels a surge of energy that bolts him into sitting up on the bed, “you don’t look very good” a small squeaky voice comes from somewhere. “Who said that?” he asks in almost a whisper, the cold making him woozy again. The voice giggles “I’m under here silly, I’m a kwami”.
Nat pulled out the fan from under his pillow, wondering if maybe the cold was making him hear things but the voice starts up again. “It’s nice to meet you Nat, my name is Duusu” the fan stated appearing to glow from the sunlight filtering through the window. Then suddenly grew so bright Nat had to shut his eyes, opening them to see a tiny bird with a large head floating in front of him. “What the hell?” he cries jumping back and slipping off the bed ungracefully. “Nathanial are you ok?” the bird questions flying over to Nat struggling to free himself from the blanket. “What? How do you know my name?” Nath questions back, looking back at the pin still in his hand then back at the bird. “I was chosen to grant you the power of the peacock, will you accept me?” She explains.
“Like with Ladybug, and Chat Noir?”
“Yes just like them, only way cooler”
Their conversation goes like that for a while, Nath hardly believing his ears as Duusu explained what she could do and how the two of them would work together. “This is awesome, when can we start?” Nath stands up too quickly and dizziness makes him fall back on the bed soon after. “you’ll have to wait until you’re not sick anymore, but we can see how you look in costume” Duusu offers with a cute giggle.
“Feathers up” Nat says confidently feeling the pin he had just placed on the inside of his jacket glow with incredible energy, had he any knowledge of the miraculous history he would have found the purple mixing with the blues and greens alarming. Duusu doesn’t seem to notice either as she flies into the pin with a shout of glee. His hands trace over his arms as if he was painting the latex (leather?)That appeared over them, large feathers of the peacock sprout with a shake from his hips; lastly his hand holds a proper fan open and covers his face. He snaps it closed reveling a teal mask to hide his identity and of course strikes a pose that’s would have been powerful had it not been coming from a humanized puppy. “Whoa” Nat gasps checking himself out in the full length mirror; “now that’s a much better shade of green” Duusu complimented now sounding from inside his head. Nat can’t help himself as he opens the window and jumps down “I’ll rest later” he claims to his new friend who giggled but didn’t argue.
Elsewhere Marionette had just finished getting a hot chocolate with Alya when an explosion sent what remained of her cup to the snowy ground, “I have to go” both girls yelled at the same time running off in different directions. The nearby chocolate shop was in flames with people screaming and running out of harm’s way. From these flames the newest akuma revealed himself; he looked like a chef made entirely of chocolate, wearing a pair of waffle cones like sunglasses. So no more or less ridiculous then the norm, “I am the chocolatier” he cries with an evil laugh. He blasts some coworkers with mounds of melted chocolate; they scream and scramble to get the hot sweet chocolate off.
“What a waste of perfectly good sweets” calls Ladybug using her yo-yo to wrap around the chocolatier's arm and pulling it away from the people.
“Let me guess, you burned a batch again?” Volpina joined in landing in front of the Akuma giving him a wack with her flute. The akuma screamed in anger and pulled his arm free taking Ladybug’s balance with it. The red hero lands with a splat in a puddle of chocolate, distracting Volpina long enough for chocolatier to blast her with the now free chocolate cannon.
“Oh come on, again?!” she complains wiping the smears off her face, the blast had sent her flying into a nearby wall, but she was far too annoyed to feel any pain. Ladybug had wiped some of the chocolate off her costume but her attention was on the akuma, mainly the stirring stick he held within the cannon. That must be where the akuma is. She uses her yo-yo to swing an innocent citizen out of harm’s way. Next she grabs Volpina by the hand as the cannon fired away at her with a steady stream of liquid goodness, “what’s the matter Volpina? Chocolate not your thing?” she teases to which Volpina rolls her eyes. But gives a warm smile at the same time, knowing Ladybug didn’t mean any harm by it.
Up above the battle Paon Bleu had just landed on the rooftop, almost running past as he’s having a blast with this new speed and agility. He lies on his stomach to watch the scene taking place down below, “I see the girls are here, but where’s Chat?” he asks aloud.
“Just coming in fur-shionly late” a purr comes from beside him. Had Paon’s mask not been there the world would have seen Paon’s face turn as red as his hair, there standing beside him proudly was the Chat Noir. Looking even more amazing up close, he was too star struck to hear Chat ask him a question the first time; Paon stutters an apology in embarrassment.
Chat chuckles “I asked who you were, haven’t seen you around before” he asks for the second time. “I’m uh...” Paon begins only for Chat to cut him off, “hold that thought my lady needs me” and with that he pounces down into the action below. The chocolatier had Ladybug in a sticky situation, literally held in place by a wad of caramel, “thought I could only do milk chocolate my dear?” the akuma chirped making a grab for her earrings.
“Don’t fur-get about me!”
The akuma looks up seconds before Chat smacks him with a well-placed kick to the jaw. Chat lands with a superhero pose and smiles towards the girls “not a real sweetheart is he?” he remarks freeing Ladybug using a Cataclysm.
“Nice to see you too kitty, Akuma’s in his spoon” Ladybug says pointing to the akuma, the akuma cracked his jaw back in place and prepares to fire his cannon again.
Volpina uses her flutes illusion power to summon copies of the three heroes which fool the akuma into firing at the fakes instead, giving Ladybug the perfect opportunity to snatch the spoon from his hand. Ladybug smirked, cracking the spoon in two by throwing it to the ground.
“No more evil doing for you little akuma”
The chocolatier transforms back into a normal chocolate maker with the most stereotypical mustache on his face. “I am sorry ladybug, I was so angry at my co-worker dropping my latest work on the floor”. Volpina helps him up and brings him to said employee to apologise and make up like the grown men that they were. Ladybug throws her yo-yo in the air to finish the job and clean up the mess that had been made.
With the akuma now a butterfly Ladybug compliments her teams good work, Chat begins to get their attention to point out the figure on the roof but when he looks back the roof is empty. “Where did he go?”
Paon flew back into his bedroom and transformed back before the momentum had ceased, causing him to crash into his closet on the other side. “That was absolutely amazing” Nat breathes as the adrenaline wears off, the flu’s symptoms coming back full force. Duusu flying out of the pin and into a pile of art supplies in the corner. The two laugh at their not so graceful landing, “you should get some rest Nat, I’ll go find something to fuel up with”.
Nat wants to tell it that he’s not even that tired but suddenly feels his eye lids shutting seconds after hearing Duusu speak. Nat’s mother comes in baseball bat in hand to find the source of the noise, the bat drops upon seeing the cause being her son. Not noticing a little bird flies out the open door planning to raid the kitchen for all it was worth.
“What am I going to do with you?”