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Monsters have hearts

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Wonderful how things work for one other. I have never been the lucky one on my family. Abusive father and boyfriend. Not so lucky. I had a really bad argument with my father and I decided that I will move on. I just want to live in peace at once.

Moving to Derry was a dream come true. I have heard of the history of it and I was so excited to see it myself. I moved into this little house a few days ago. Well the house in front of me a little bit scary. It was my last day of packing and I can finally lay down on my bed.


"Some time later"


The first though that rushed in my brim was to go to the grocery store to buy some things.

When I went back home I saw some movement inside the creepy house. I saw a.....a balloon?! How it it possible?! It slowly started to flew out of the window and approached me. I was a little terrified when it stopped in front of me.

Somehow it suddenly popped and a clown stood in front of me. It smiled down at me from an impressive being hand said nothing. Fear radiated off of me as he watched me with his blue eyes.

"Hiya (y/n). Don't'cha want a balloon?" When he said my name the worst though was in my mind. This is how I going to end. This creature will kill me immediately.

"How do you know my name? Who are you?" I said terrified from the sigh. He get closer and closer and I stepped to my house's porch and he suddenly pushed me through the dark and somehow I ended up in the sewers. It was dark and wet from the water. There was a huge tower of....children playthings and clothes.... What is going in here? And when I looked up I was terrified and almost fainted. There were floating bodies over the tower.

"I see you like my new invention (y/n)." He manically laughed and everything fade out.