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He shows no mercy and takes no prisoners.

Narushige and Touji are his first victims.  Then he moves on to Kazuhi, Miya, Akiichi, and the rest of the Sanome Prince's Guard.  Hakubi.  Sae.  Kuro.  Everyone who is in arm's reach is at risk.  Some try to escape; they all fail.

He's inflicting himself on Wato-san, whose scarred face twitches as though he's about to expire, when Rakan at last steps in.  "Chigusa," he says, a hint of exasperation in his voice, "Wato-san looks like he's about to have an aneurysm."

Obediently, Chigusa lets go, allowing Wato-san to stumble away with a dazed expression.  "But Rakan," Chigusa says, "we're leaving.  We have to say goodbye to everyone."  And then, as though to prove his point, he pounces on Narushige again, this time getting Kou as well.

Rakan sighs and tugs sharply on Chigusa's sleeve.  "Yes, and we've already said goodbye to everyone.  Besides, we'll see them again soon," he says firmly.  "So I think that’s enough hugging for one day."