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the light of morning (sears away the lies)

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When Rapunzel opened his eyes, the hair pooling around him was dark as night.

Instantly, panic swamped him.  He shot upright with a gasp, scrambling to tug his hair over one shoulder as though he could hide it from Wild, who-–

Who was already up and out of bed.  Rapunzel was alone.

Memory caught up then, and Rapunzel slowly exhaled, his entire body slumping.  There was no point in hiding his black hair and black eyes, no point in sneaking into Wild's library to dig through books of magic, no point in casting spells on himself.  No point in lying anymore, because Wild knew.

Wild knew, and still his gaze had been full of love, desperate and all-consuming.

But Wild wasn't here now.

Rapunzel pressed a hand to his chest, urging his runaway heart to slow.  Blood-sama and Ishuca-san are still here, he reminded himself.  He's probably talking with them about the Temple's barrier even now.  He doesn't need to lie in bed waiting for me to wake up.

Rapunzel wasn't anxious.  He wasn't.  After everything that had happened last night–-all the lies and deceptions, all the chaos and betrayal, the fighting, the misunderstanding, and finally, the truth, all these truths-–he and Wild had retired to bed and talked more still, talked until dawn had begun to claw at the pitch-black sky.  Together they'd cleared the air, poured out their souls.  No more lying, no more hiding.  So Rapunzel wasn't anxious about waking up alone; if he just walked out of this room, Wild would be waiting for him, hair newly trimmed and eyes newly open.

Rapunzel got out of bed, pulled on fresh clothes, slid his feet into sandals, and stepped out of the bedroom.  He walked slowly, keeping his footsteps light and quiet, and as he went down the hall he could hear voices.  Ishuca, Blood.  Wild.

At the end of the hall he paused, waited until the conversation faded away.  Then he took a deep breath, trying to reassure himself.  If everything has changed, it has only changed for the better, he told himself.  I only care for him all the more; have faith that he feels the same.

And so, after one more deep breath, Rapunzel stepped into the room.  "Wild," he said.  Just his name, nothing else.

Wild twisted around to face him.  His expression instantly went soft.  "Rapunzel," he breathed, his voice raw with love.  "Good morning."