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In Black Ink My Love May Still Shine Bright

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Betty moved through the threshold of Jughead's bedroom behind him and took note the lack of disarray one would normally assume the state of a teenage boys' room to be in.

She had spent very little time in his bedroom, even as kids. They would hang out at Archie's, Pickens' park, SweetWater, Jughead's tree house or in her backyard, but never, ever, at Jughead's house.

However, since he had moved back home she had been over several more time than she had in her youth. Not much had changed though, all of his trinkets, treasures, comics and books still riddled the few bookshelves, band and movie posters still clad the walls and his Star Wars bed sheets still occupied his bed. The newest addition was a desk, tucked under his window, clearly and lovingly painted by JB. His computer lay open on top, connected to his speakers, with soft familiar tunes trickling out:

"~If you breathe in,
Then I breathe in,
And slowly let go.

If you need it,
Then I need it,
And only we'll know.~"

Everything about his space screamed 'Jughead', it even smelled like him. As Betty stepped inside she noticed her open box of journals at the foot of his bed, 2 of her diaries on his nightstand, and one open on his bed, his notebook laying open next to it.

"Are you taking notes?!" Betty asked, shocked but not surprised at his dedication to the written word.

"You're lucky I'm not writing in the margins," Jughead replied with a smirk, moving to close both books.

He stacked them on top of the others next to his bed, then tugged his crown off and tossed it on top of the pastel books.

Betty's diaries were typical of any young girl. Pink or pastel coloured hardcovers with easily pickable locks, some had jewels, stickers or even gems stuck to them.

Jughead found that Betty wrote in her diaries like she was writing to someone. To a long-lost pen pal or more likely, herself; to her past, present or future self. Documenting very detailed events and feelings in dainty cursive handwriting.

Though she was honest and thorough, most of her entries still read like a story, article or book report. Each had a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Nothing was left incomplete, or fragmented, each was signed with her name and she even took the time to date each notation.

Reading her delicate confessions exposed the soft, creative and wildly curious creature that her tight ponytail, book smarts, and simple pastel cardigans too often hid.

Her mind had always searched outside the box, thinking about things that others would neglect. She was sharp, observant, and often predicted peoples reactions to events, much like a detective might. She had an innate ability to see the things that people tried to hide. But she also second-guessed herself, a lot, more than she ever should.

She would hypothesize something to be factual, but a few pages or entries later, she'd back tack, usually implying that something or rather someone (Alice) had encouraged her to see it another way: their way.

However, Jughead was pleased to see his name held in such high regard inside the pages. Being mentioned nearly as many times as Archie.

He would go on to read about her happiness, distress, her sadness, and confusion. Yet still, at the end of every entry, she would write some sort of silver lining. And excitingly enough, most silver lining entries included his name:


'Jug, Arch and I finally get to go to the Twilight without our parents!'

'Jughead and I were paired in Home Ec. this year, that'll be fun!'

'Jughead has been so helpful today, remember to bake him cookies!'

'I think I'm in love with Jughead'


He watched her briefly take in his space, admiring her graceful frame move around the room as he closed the door behind her.

Betty's heart pounded almost violently in her chest as she turned to catch Jughead latching the door, before pushing his long fingers through his thick hair, and rubbing the back of his neck. A classic 'anxious Jughead' tick, one which she had always found devastatingly charming.

They had been together multiple times now, countless...almost. But every time still elicited the same excitement as the first, and now, with their carnal knowledge, they chased after the same passion, fulfilling each other's needs while selfishly satisfying their own. Feeling Jughead's hesitancy and nerves only encouraged her further, reminding her without a doubt that nothing about them would ever be mundane. Her body's response to simple things like his hands running through his own hair where telltale signs of his deep and lasting effect on her.

"So, what inspired this?" He asked moving back to the side of his bed.

"I don't know. Reading your journals got me thinking..."


"Growing up, Family, Riverdale...You..."

Jughead nodded as he sat down, he took in his view from toe to tip, smirking as he caught her gaze.

"-I feel like you were cheated out of a lot of joy back then..." She continued, standing confidently in front of him, refusing to break eye contact.

"- And now, I want to make sure you achieve every goal, have every happiness, experience every pleasure..."

Jughead listened silently, he gnawed on his bottom lip slightly, his eyes glued to her deep greens, with his chest heaving slightly in anticipation as she continued.

"-I trust you, with every bit of myself. I want you to have everything you could ever possibly want. And I want to make sure you know that I'm yours."

"I know you're mine." He confessed quickly, as he patted the empty space next to him on his bed.

"Good, then let's explore all the ways I can be." Betty said as she straddled his lap, in one smooth and graceful motion.

Jughead kept his gaze fixed on hers, his eyes wide, brows knit tightly together as she took his jaw in her hands and pressed her lips to his in a soft chaste kiss.

As he sank heavily into her kiss, his hands landed on the tops of her thighs. He pushed his fingers under the pleats of her skirt, settling them dangerously high up. Feeling her roll her hips forward on his lap slightly clouded his brain and intensified their kiss almost instantly as he ran his tongue slowly with hers.

"I was really not expecting this..." He breathed as he pulled back for their impassioned kiss.

"Now you're just repeating yourself, Forsythe" She cooed as she kissed him again, glazing her tongue across his lower lip before sinking her teeth in gently.

With a moan he fully met her eagerness, kissing her hard, claiming her mouth again and again in between small gasps of each others' breath. His hips raised up to meet her as he slid his hands up from her thighs to rest on the thick fabric covering her hips.

Keeping his lips moving at an unrelenting pace Jughead gently rocked her hips back and forth on his lap, meeting her every movement with his own, generating quiet whines from Betty as she ground her hips down harder. She pushed her fingers through his ink black tresses, gripping in lightly, and pulling him deeper into her kiss.

"I want to rip this thing off of you, but I also want to keep you in it forever" He confessed against her lips, gripping two fists of her skirt fabric.

"You can't rip it, I paid good money for this" She replied quickly with a smirk.

"Not even a little?" Jughead pouted quietly, dropping his eyes to the small space in between their chests. He pulled the fabric towards his body with a small jerk, before pushing her hips down and back with a slow roll of his hips against her.

"Not even a little..." She whispered.

"You're sure?" He murmured, pulling Betty forward on his lap again, his fingers buried deep in the thick blue and yellow fabric. Jughead nuzzled into the slope of her neck, biting down on her delicate skin, as he waited for her retort.

Jughead knew he would've had a hell of a time ripping the thing, her uniform was just that: a thick, polyester, costume-like uniform. Not the soft delicate shit he had imagined it to be.

But, he loved that Betty thought he could, and might. And the slight change in her very confident tone and stare encouraged him to push her, just a little.

"I'm sure," Betty replied in a quiet breathy plea, his lips and tongue ghosting across her throat.

"What if I can't help myself?" He asked in a low whisper, pulling her forward once again, growling when she swayed her hips and pushed back against him. Betty shuttered at the low tone his voice took, basking in the low throaty groan that escaped him as she continued to eagerly meet ever push, pull and sway of his hips against hers.

Truly, Betty wanted him to rip it. She loved nothing more than when Jughead took exactly what he wanted. She also liked the rebellious thought of it all, but she had spent her own money on her uniform. Since Alice disapproved for her joining the RiverVixens in the first place, her mother wasn't about to flip the bill for something she thought was a tasteless waste of time. So, Betty saved and pooled together her babysitting money just to buy it.

"Juggie...It was 100 dollars..." She pleaded weakly as he nipped and kissed up the length of her neck.

"Mmm...I'll try to control my urges" He assured, his breath light against the shell of her ear.

Betty shivered at the fervid timbre of his voice, pulling him back to her lips again, by her tight grip on his hair, before kissing him soundly.

"Just resist your urge to rip it. Give in to the rest." She suggested, pulling at his bottom lip with her teeth and kissing him hungrily.

Jughead groaned as Betty skillfully snuck her hand in between their bodies. She cupped her hand against his stiff bulge before gently kneading her palm and fingers over the light fabric of his sweatpants, erupting a low growl from deep in his throat. He gripped into the flair of her hips as she continued to move her hand slowly against him.

"Holy Fuck..." He muttered.

She captured his mouth again in a rush of passion soaked kisses, catching each strangled breath and moan to escape him.

"-p-please...slow down..." He said in a whiny whisper against her lips.

Betty chuckled lightly "Sorry..."

"Don't be, it's're just...amazing..." He mumbled as she slowed her spread, which really didn't help any.

If anything it just made him hyper-aware of how well she could read him. Betty's slowed movements made him ultra sensitive to the delicate but firm grip she had on him, and now he felt her completely, feeling her match her hands' rhythm with the swirl of her hips, a thrilling combination that nearly unraveled him right then and there.

With his eyes squeezed shut, Jughead dropped his head back with a low moan, before breathing in a few very deliberate and calculated breaths. He lightly wrapped his fingers around her wrist, and pulled her hand from in between their bodies, dropping her wrist over his shoulder.

"-if you keep that up, it'll all be over too quickly" He clarified, knowing that her tenacity would defiantly be his undoing.

He was determined to savour as much of this exchange as he could, knowing that it likely took a lot of her courage to come here like this, completely and utterly offering herself.

Betty came to his house in the sole pursuit of pleasure, her own but more specifically: his. The delicious thought had fumbled him at the starting gate but now (having recovered from his initial shock and amazement) he wanted to enjoy her. He wanted to enjoy this almost iconic vision, but more importantly, he wanted to keep that confident look in her beautiful green eyes as long possible.

He ran his hands up her back, his fingers finding the small zipper on the back of her vest. Jughead unzipped it slowly, watching Betty's heady gaze flicker between his lips and eyes as he slowly reached the bottom. He then slipped the thick threads over her head with a helpful lift from Betty's arms.

Jughead's eyes raked over the white cotton of her turtleneck, the tight fabric exposing her already taut nipples, and a visible lack of a bra restraint.

"-And no bra?!" Jughead gasped.

Betty licked her lips with a smile and shrugged. She took his hand in hers and pressed his palm to her breast.

"I thought you'd like that" She whispered through a moan, feeling him squeeze lightly.

"You know me too well" He growled, cupping both breasts before gently trailing his fingers over her firm peaks through the soft white fabric.

Betty's head dropped back with a shaky moan, and she gripping onto his biceps while he palmed her. Jughead's movements made her delirious as he circled the pads of his thumbs around both stiff pearls at once.

Watching his hands work her into a panting mess, Jughead slipped one up under her shirt. He ran his fingers across the smooth underside of her breast and up to her nipple, rolling it gently between his fingers and thumb.

"t-that f-feels so good" She whispered, as Jughead's other hand moved around to her back, his palm in between her shoulder blades, pressing her chest closer to himself. Jughead hummed his reply, too absorbed to form a decent thought, let alone words.

Betty's mind was swimming in a pool of overwhelming desire as she dropped her fingers to the hem of his tshirt. She pawed at the well-worn fabric before tugging the treads up and over his head, tousling his wild waves in every direction.

She then quickly grabbed the hem of her turtleneck and pulled off, tossing it clear across the room, seconds before Jughead's hands resumed purchase, continuing his slow assault on her soft handfuls.

He kissed her firmly catching her moans of approval in between their lips, while Betty involuntarily rocked her hips against his stiff groin, almost aggressively now, desperate and aching to create more friction.

Unhurried, they kissed lazily, sliding across each other's lips, smoothly pushing and pulling at one another in an almost rhythmical entanglement.

Jughead ran a hand down, quickly pushing under the pleats of her shirt, his thumb running up the inside of her thighs. He tried to push away the fabric separating them but found her skirt and shorts to be one fused garment.

"Is this all one piece?" He questioned with a laugh, his hands fumbling under her skirt, trying to find access to her skin.

"Yea, I didn't really think that one through..."

"Don't worry about it. I'll figure something out" He said with a knowing smile.

Jughead kissed her again as his hands found the small zipper at the base of her spine and quickly undid it before he wrapped his arms around her waist and shoulder blades and swiftly rolled her onto her back

With their lips still inches apart he hovered above her, holding himself up on his forearm. He kissed her tenaciously as his free hand slipped in between her thighs, nudging them open further as he laid his body along the soft curve of her side.

He watched himself trail his hand up to her up to her center, reveling in the quick thrust her hips made towards his hand. The sound of her pleading moan almost forced him to stay put, to stay right where he knew she wanted him most, but he bypassed her southern space, and smoothed his hand up her stomach, through the valley between her breasts and up her throat. He paused there a moment, watching Betty's eyes flutter closed, her breath catching before his palm came to rest on the side of her neck, his fingers buried in the soft blonde hair at her nape, and thumb firmly on her jaw, roughly guiding and angling her face towards his.

Betty inched forward and captured his swollen lips with her own, groaning as Jughead shamelessly rolled his hips into her, pressing his stiffness against her leg.

As they kissed languidly he moved his hand back down her body, dipping it into the waistband of her skirt. He pushed his hand under the soft fabric of her damp panties, finding her thoroughly soaked with anticipation. He shuttered her name and a few choice profanities quietly, as he slid his fingers into her slick velvet folds.

Betty replied keenly, moaning his name as she thrust herself against his hand again, the constricting fabric keeping his fingers exactly where she needed them. Jughead leisurely slid 2 fingers through her wetness before applying tantalizingly slow circles to her clit, falling effortlessly into the rhythm of her bucking hips.

With one hand gripping tightly around his wrist and the other digging into his bicep, Betty felt herself tumbling rapidly towards her climax, her skin thrumming as Jughead skillfully enticed her to the point of bursting.

"...Yes!...Juggie..." She breathed through a mumble, as Jughead continued to read her body like brail.

Listening to every sinful moan to escape her, and watching every unabashed thrust towards him she made, he instinctively matched his speed and slick movements to her desires. He coaxed her pleasure from deep within her, as he buried his face in the slope of her neck. And with his breath and secret words of devotion in her ear, she came, quickly and surprisingly.

Between gasps of his name and moans of approval, she rode out her wave, thighs trembling, writhing under his touch as he continued his rhythmic and confined movements between her thighs.