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Clouds and Silverlinings

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Arthur awoke in a sea of warmth and smiled to himself, his head ached a little when he moved it, but that was to be expected. He could always remain sleeping in this bed at Gwaine’s home, unlike in his own house until the worst passed. He pulled the warm body closer towards himself and thrusted his morning erection against a rather nice warm, soft arse. Arthur startled out of his sleep-warmed stupor when the body moaned and snuggled into his arms, grinding back against him.

Suddenly the body shot up and he was pushed onto his back. A gorgeous, sleep-tousled, Merlin squinted down at him.

“Arthur?” he asked, his voice rough with sleep.

Arthur propped himself up. “Merlin! Wh-what are you doing here?!”

Merlin raised an eyebrow at him. “I could ask you the same thing, this is my room.”

Raking his eyes over Merlin’s bare chest Arthur bit back a grin. “Merlin, why are you naked?”

Blushing a delightful shade of red that rushed from his face down to his chest, Merlin clutched the sheet to his chest as if in an effort to preserve his modesty.

“It’s my room!” he exclaimed, his voice raised an octave or two.

“You’re delicious when you blush, you know,” said Arthur.

Merlin huffed and turned his back to Arthur, swinging his legs off the bed.

“I didn’t think you were interested. You never came back.”

He proceeded to grab his shirt and stood to pull on some trousers.

Merlin, I’m sorry. I wanted to. But… well… I can’t see how this is going to work out for us, can you?” Arthur tried to explain. “My father. He would never allow it. If he… if he ever even suspected that I…”

Merlin turned to him, his expression sombre. “I understand. After all, it’s not even as if I have a penny to my name. But I hope to, one day.”

Arthur pulled Merlin back onto the bed they had unwittingly shared. He held Merlin’s face and looked at him, rubbing a thumb against the corner of his plush lips. He wanted Merlin so badly, he ached for him. But how could he? It was one thing to think such thoughts of loving another man. To have vivid dreams of what he would so dearly like to do, but quite another to actually enact them.

Merlin darted forward and pressed his lips to Arthur’s. “Stop thinking, Arthur. Let it happen.”

Arthur paused, closing his eyes and resting his forehead against Merlin’s. He could either do this and at least have the memories to feast on for the rest of his life, or he could leave and wonder if he had let happiness slip through his fingers forever. His hands trembled as he cradled Merlin’s face and kissed his nose and his cheeks before kissing his lips gently, prising Merlin's lips apart with his tongue. Merlin opened up to him willingly and Arthur felt as though their whole beings were merging into one.

Merlin pressed him into the covers and covered Arthur’s body with his, undulating fluidly above him as their kisses grew deeper and more desperate. Arthur clutched at the back of Merlin’s head and at his hip as Merlin kissed his way down Arthur's neck and chest, all the way to his navel, mapping him. Merlin sat up, straddling him and smiled down at Arthur.

“You are even more handsome and dashing than I dared imagine, Arthur,” he breathed, smoothing his thumbs over Arthur’s hip bones. He smoothed his hands up along the planes of his abdomen and back down to his groin and Arthur gasped and bucked up wildly. Merlin laughed delightedly and bent down to kiss his neck and spoke with a deep voice into his ear, “And so wanton and wicked. A harlot, just for me.”

Arthur scrabbled to push up Merlin’s shirt and grasped his bared flesh, pulling him down to thrust against him, skin-to-skin. Merlin lunged against him and moaned as their arousals rubbed against each other. “Off,” Arthur said, tugging Merlin’s shirt up and taking advantage of his momentary helplessness to bite at a nipple, leaving Merlin squirming and struggling to get the shirt over his head.

The shirt off, Merlin took Arthur and his erections in one hand and Arthur fell back to the bed. “Oh my.. Merlin!”

Merlin let go of their lengths in order to press himself against Arthur and kiss him with lips, teeth and tongue. He snaked his hand down between Arthur’s legs. Arthur swallowed and shuddered as Merlin’s clever fingers traced around his rim.

“Is this okay?” he asked.

Arthur nodded. “Yes, but I don’t know… I’ve never-”

Merlin quietened him with a kiss. “It’s okay. Me either. Turn over.” Arthur rolled himself over onto his front. “Let me take care of you,” Merlin whispered, pressing a kiss to each bump of his spine, pulling him onto his knees.

He parted Arthur’s cheeks with hands that weren’t entirely steady and cautiously gave his hole a quick lick. Arthur bucked in surprise, a sudden flare of heat shooting down his spine, straight to his cock. Merlin continued, lathing his rim with his tongue, he spat and worked his tongue inside him along with a long, slender finger, as Arthur moaned and shook, not sure his legs would hold him up. Merlin worked in another finger and spat several more times on Arthur's hole. He pulled both fingers out and Arthur whimpered at the loss. He heard Merlin spitting again and then felt a large blunt pressure at his hole. Arthur hung his head between his arms and pressed his forehead to the sheets. It hurt. He felt as though he was being slowly split in two as Merlin slowly pressed forward.

Finally he was all the way in and thrust back and forth experimentally, before hitting a spot that made Arthur forget the pain and thrash his head. “More,” he gasped. Merlin complied.

They didn’t last long before Arthur came over the sheets in pearly strings, pulling Merlin into orgasm with him.

Merlin collapsed on top of him and kissed the back of his ear and they drifted off to sleep together.