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Lost boys group chat

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Lost boys group chat


3:43pm, Monday


[ V has added- AgustD, Chimchim, Rapmonster, Mother, J-Hope, BabiKookie, J.eonghan, Scoups, Jisooschrist, Woozi, Hoshi, DK, Dino, verno, DivaBoo, junhi, THE8, Giantno, wonemo, JB, JR, Markie, JACKSON!!!, BamBam, young1, Yugyeom ]

[V has named the groupchat; Help ]

V: can someone tell me how to get home??? please???

Jisooschrist: Tae what is this?


Mother: Tae where are you? You can’t just ask where you are w/ no directions.


V: How the hell am I supposed to know?! That’s why im asking u




junhi: Hey is that jimin?


Chimchim: OMG JUN?! We haven’t talked since freshment year of high school!


junhi: Now we’re freshmen in college, sooo long! So dif too! I got a bf


Chimchim: NO WAY WHOOOOO!!!


THE8: me


V: wait jimin you know jun? an jun do you know minghao


wonemo: I can tell the only reason I’ll talk in this chat is to correct you idiot’s grammar.


Giantno: The only reason?


DivaBoo: lol mingyu rejected


verno: SEUNGKWAN?!




DivaBoo: wHat vernon? holy, like shit tae you know a lot of people


V: duh. Like duh


young1: Ok can I leave?


V: NO! I need help


AgustD: some fuck just ran passed my room yelling, “Where the fuck am I?!” and idky but that made my day


Woozi: you heard that too? I thought I was imagining that


AgustD: Nah I heard that


J-Hope: hey




J-Hope: Yoongi, you heard about the rap battle coming up?


AgustD: No what about it?


V: I found the library


V: This will be you’re 5th battle this year right? i wanna join!!!


J-Hope: taetae you have to rap


V: I know!!


AgustD: Hobi stop being nice, Tae no you can’t bc u suck. But Namjoon, JB, Hobi, and Vernon!


Rapmonster: Present


JB: Yup


J-Hope: Yeah?


verno: ai


AgustD: You should come over, we need to get started on it


verno: I mean im free im american, we always free


Jisooschrist: Hey- shut up


DivaBoo: guyyyyssssss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


DK: What do you want Boo




Giantno: Wonwoo, have you eaten today?


wonemo: What is eating when it’s time to study?


DivaBoo: Ok fine ignore me for ur bf i get it..


J.eonghan: HEy! Eat


Mother: not my child, but eat darling


JR: Agreeddd


Giantno: boo on ur way over, pick up the ones who wanna eat.


DivaBoo: How do you know I’m not taking the subway?


J-Hope: Boo, you take my car everywhere, even if you can just walk.


DivaBoo: u speak no lies


J-Hope: When I ever lie tho?


DivaBoo: All the time sweetie….


AgustD: Namjoon send me the fucking file containing all of ur mother fucking songs I need insiration


Chimchim: Yoongi don’t cuss!


Jisooschrist: Or ill make u + to the swear jar


Jisooschrist: i mean omg cookie and channie are in here. i swear to me


Dino: Wait ur allowed to swear?!


Giantno: Tae you can join me Seungcheol, Wonwoo, Markson and Jihoon if you wanna rap with us!




V: Ill do my best!


wonemo: *Seungcheol, Wonwoo, Markson, Jihoon and I


Giantno: sorry


Markie: Bboom Bboom by momoland is the only thing keeping me from loosing my shit


JR: Mark what’s wrong?


JACKSON!!!: Mark dont go rogue


Markie: I hate studying, ive been doing it for FOUR MOTHER FUCKING HOURS I AM AT MY LIMIT!

Woozi: same tho. music has me dying


THE8: tbh tho that’s ur own fault for taking xtra cred hoonie, i told u not to.


RM: black bear be life


Mother: tru


Mother: my children, i have pancakes, do you want some:?


V: si


junhi: That sentence makes me wanna cum, may i have some


Jisooschrist: HEYYYYY PG!!!


Mother: if you want some tell me and start heading over


V: omw


Mother: tae pick up some pb&j sOMEONE ATE IT ALLL


J-Hope: me…


BamBam: any u heard closer by Lemaitre?


V: omg that song is so good and idk what it’s sayin!!


Hoshi: me af tho


J.eonghan: There’s our lovely cute sweet alpha


Hoshi: ….. What do you need?


J.eonghan: who said i wanted anything other then to greet my child?


[ Dino has changed J.eonghan’s name to fakemum ]




[ fakemum has changed Dino’s name to 전한의 아기 ]


전한의 아기: noooooo plz no


fakemum: liars need to get punished


fakemum: cheolie change my name back


SCoups: im so sorry


[ SCoups has changed fakemum’s name to Mum ]


전한의 아기: uuughhhhhh i am sorry mummmmm


Mum: good


Mother: i have 4,000 pancakes


Giantno: why do u have so many?


Mother: my heat is in a week and the kitchen is paying 4 it.


RM: he stress cooks.


RM: jin you’ll be fine, you’ll have the apartment to yourself and I swear I won’t come home until jimin and jk confirm ur heat is over, we’re bffs i’d nev do that to you


Mother: no i’m just sad i won’t get to see my babies


BabiKookie: Don’t worry to much, i need the break


Mother: :’(


RM: you made him cry kookie!


Mother: im crying over 4,000 pancakes what is my life?!?!?!


BabiKookie: i didn’t mean it mean! I just though mayby you would want a break from me too, i know i get to be to much


Mother: Kookie noooooooooo you’re amazing


BabiKookie: plz dont lie


Yugyeom: jk no u r


BabiKookie: jin im on ur stair well


BamBam: smooth af


BamBam: yugyeom ur name is so lame


Yugyeom: I like it….


junhi: guys hurry up and get here, i want to eat those pancakes, i wanna cheat on ming 4 them


THE8: wow


Woozi: yoongi says to save us some, bc the rap battle on friday we need to take every minute getting ready


RM: ill be there l8r tonight


Woozi: kk


Mum: if your grades suffer from this no more staying up late or doing rap battles


AgustD: I am a grown ass man


Mother: :|


AgustD: that is afraid of Kim Seokjin, my grades won’t suffer praise Jesus


Jisooschrist: *jisoos


verno: stfu josh


Jisooschrist: I dedicate my life to my lord and savior Jisoos Christ and this is the thanks I get?!


verno: did i fucking as 4 ur crusty ass memes


DivaBoo: he uses memes as much as minghao and jun fuck


THE8: that’s a lot…..


DivaBoo: wanna know what they have in common?


verno: i smell a roast


DivaBoo: no one wants to hear about either of them


DK: seungkwan ur just jelly u haven’t had a fuck in a year


verno: damn, that long?!


DivaBoo: actually longer im dying someone needs to fuck me rn


verno: ok ill do it


DivaBoo: omg ahhh DivaBoo.exe has shut down


[ DivaBoo Has left the chat ]

[ verno has added DivaBoo to the chat ]


DivaBoo: jisoo is it to late for me to become a nun?


Jisooschrist: for you? Yes


DivaBoo: I’ll have you know I am a virgin.


Jisooschrist: doubtful


DivaBoo: boi fite me


JACKSON!!!: I have the pop corn


Markie: Jackson I’m lonely will you pleaseeee come get me i want pancakes so baaddd


JACKSON!!!: yeah I was going to get you anyway


[ J-Hope has taken a screenshot of the chat. ]


J-Hope: I am a slut for yaoi.


JACKSON!!!: do i wanna know?


AgustD: NO!!

Woozi: NO!

junhi: i fucking love yaoi, speaking of dick sucking, ming wanna come suck mine?


THE8: No you said you would cheat on me for pancakes


junhi: I didn’t mean it mean it


THE8: still hurt


junhi: i would never ever think of giving my families name to a pancake


THE8: eh?


junhi: I asked your parents they’re ok with it… i was gonna take you on a date, but i couldn’t keep it in.


THE8: you’re offering to mate me?!!?!?!?


junhi: have been since i met u

[ J-Hope has taken a screenshot of the chat ]


J-Hope: awwww


BabiKookie: do uou bitches want fucking pancakes or not, bc jin isn’t letting us eat until everyone get here’


J-Hope: so mean to your hyung!


junhi: we’re coming.


junhi: and so is minghao

Jisooschrist: you fucking pervert! also jungkook watch your tongue!


THE8: that's what i told jun a bit ago


Jisooschrist: you know what?!


[ Jisooschrist has removed THE8 and junhi from the groupchat ]


Jisooschrist: doing the work of christ


BabiKookie: Get ur asses over here and stop texting, this omega fucking wants pancakes.

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Lost boys group chat




11:20am, Tuesday


GROUP CHAT: unnamed

[ JACKSON!!! Has added THE8 and junhi to the chat ]


AgustD: we have had no fucking sleep i am slowly dying


Woozi: omg no sleep club


J.eonghan: omg jihoon not getting enough sleep can make you have an early heat hoonie


Woozi: it’s fine


AgustD: any ways he got his big brother to defend him


Woozi: omg yoongi! Shhhhh


Hoshi: you’re brothers?!


Woozi: yeah how else would an alpha and omega be able to house together without being mated?


Hoshi: i didn’t think of thatt


AgustD: don’t ever procreate


Mother: yoongi dont be mean!


Mother: but it is kind of common sense…


Hoshi: *-*


Hoshi: T-T


Woozi: hey stop being mean to Soonyoung!


Hoshi: :) :)


Woozi: Don't get ur hopes up. I just don't wanna hear us talk about such a stupid topic anymore


Hoshi: eh?!  I see how it is!  


junhi: pls shut up Hoshi


Hoshi: I am ur hyung!!


verno: shut it




AgustD: yo!!


AgustD: who has a goodvoice i can use?! Jihoon is sick so I won't let him sing. He can't risk hurting himself


Jisooschrist: i dont like to toot my own horn


DivaBoo: good bc u suck.  Hyung i can come over rn if you want me to sing?




THE8: Vernon stfu


verno: sorry Ming


THE8: ugh. I hate everything


junhi: even me?!  ;P


THE8: you've made my day hell Jun


junhi: ;P how would that be?  ;P


wonemo: that is to much usage of the ‘;P’ as lit king you are no longer allowed to use it for today


junhi: speaking of today. What'd I do that? Made ur day sooooooooo bad?


THE8: you were to rough! I'm a fragile being!


junhi: not what u were saying last night


Jisooschrist: as chat innocence moderator i refuse to let this line of convo continue!


[ Young1 has changed wonemo’s name to Lit King ]


Young1: yo yo yo!  Wazzup bitches?!


Markie: at least someone is in a good mood


Markie: I'm slowly dying


Markie: I hate everything


JACKSON!!!: can I tell them?!


JR: tell us what?!?!?


JACKSON!!!: imma do it


Markie: if you do I'll kick you.




Markie: ffs


Markie: you're sleeping outside


전한의 아기: lol


전한의 아기: So how are you guys today?


Giantno: have you guys ever heard of the concrete bird?!!?!?!


Lit King: no not again. It’s to sad Gyu


Young1: tbh im actually interested in this…


Giantno: here’s the news article ;


THE8: Omg that’s so saddddddd :’’’(


AgustD: Tag yourself I’m Nigel


[ Young1 has changed AgustD’s name to Nigel ]


Young1: I take being able to name everyone.


verno: I can deal w/ that.


verno: also anyone heard lip & hip?


junhi: ffs everyone has heard lip & hip


Jisooschrist: tis a sinful bop



Mum: ok i get lip & hip is good, but curious by hayley kiyoko is a BOP


verno: that’s an english song




Nigel: who tf puts “asf” it’s AF


BabiKookie: ffs omg didn’t we have this fight the other day


Nigel: well v obs you didn’t learn anything from it


Mother: no fighting im not in the mood


Nigel: who pissed in your cheerios


Mother: watch it min yoongi


Nigel: Sorry mother


Woozi: Yoongi it’s 12:30 we had a 10 min break lets get back at this


DK: heyyyyyyyyyyyy


DivaBoo: heyyyyyyyyyy


Hoshi: heyyyyyyyyyyyy


Woozi: oh gods


[ Woozi and Nigel has muted the chat ]


Hoshi: I see how it is. DK, Boo let's make our own chat


DK: yeah for only awesome ppl! BOOSEOKSOON!!!


Lit King: guess you guys can’t make that chat then


DivaBoo: you know i’m just sitting here, bbq sauce on my titties, not wanting this abuse.


[ Lit King has kicked DivaBoo out of the chat ]


Lit King: No need to thank me


DK: rude


[ DK has added DivaBoo to the chat ]


DivaBoo: First off, fuck you.


Jisooschrist: language


Mother: Took the words right out my mouth


Mother: I actually have a joke that would go good right here


[ Rapmonster has kicked Mother out of the chat ]


Rapmonster: your welcome


V: betrayed by your own mate


Rapmonster: you know just bc you guys say we’re a couple doesn’t ever mean that we actually are one right?


V: father likes to pretend he isn’t our father


Chimchim: very true


Rapmonster: Stop saying i’m ur dad! Like it’s disrespectful to your real fathers


JR: im not even in your pack and I can tell youre v obs the pack dad


Chimchim: see! Thx jinyoung


{Private chat between AgustD and Chimchim}


AgustD: You have been eating, right?


Chimchim: Im a grown omega!


Chimchim: but no


AgustD: i s2g if you don’t eat I will come over and make you eat!


Chimchim: notm hungry ;P

Yoongi growls, shocking his brother who was so absorbed in his work he probably wouldn’t have noticed it if it didn’t come from his gentle and caring brother. Yoongi stands up and says, “Jihoon, keep working if you like, but I’ve somewhere to be, so I don’t blame you if you want to go and hang with someone. I’ll be back sometime around 9 so don’t worry about me.”


He grabs Jihoon’s head, giving a small gentle peck to his forehead, before making his way to the door.


Jihoon stares after him, blank look on his face. He looks at the time 12:57am where is his brother going that he’ll be gone for so long? He sighs and turns back to work, best not to question his older brother.


Yoongi wasn’t joking, he takes health very seriously, especially after his brother… best not to go places like that. Yoongi is a pessimist at heart. He’s always been. When he was younger his brain would jump to worst conclusions, but as he got older he developed a way not to do that.

In AA they tell you to fake it until you make it, and that’s just what Yoongi decided to do.

Yoongi gets on a bus and rides over to Jimin’s apartment. Yoongi and Jihoon live with Hoseok, but he had work today and took his car. Yoongi hates public transportation with a burning passion, but his hatred won't sway his care for his friends.

People stare at him weird. He gets why. Since he's an alpha, he should be tall and tan and manly. But if Yoongi were to be honest, he's kind of the opposite. He's shorter than the average alpha, but still taller then Jimin (in his books that's all that matters) he barely goes outside, so he's kind of pale. Of course, when he and Jihoon go out with friends to the beach, they both get tanned (Yoongi more so) but since they both hate people, they stay inside unless necessary. And as for manly, well… he loves basketball, but hates being active. What can he say? He loves sleep!


Yoongi looks at his phone, and decides to unmute the group chat.


1:00pm, Tuesday


GROUP CHAT: unnamed


[ Nigel has unmuted the chat ]






Nigel: please don't talk about him that way


Chimchim: that's what I've been saying for like the past five minutes!!


Nigel: you guys are idiots…


[ Woozi has unmuted the chat ]


Woozi: I mean it's a no brainer! I have the best ass


Nigel: omg… Jihoon! Don't join in on this!


DivaBoo: no, like ok have you seen Wonwoo’s ass? He also has a good one. Not as good as mine


Giantno: I can get behind the first bit of that, it's true. Not so much the second half tho






Hoshi: >_< BUT IT'S TRUE


Nigel: I'll have you know I'm on my way to Jimin's, and guess who lives an apartment down from him??? U so I would stop


Hoshi: T○T I can't… I try my best not to lie


Woozi: if you don't stop I'll come over myself and kick your ass Kwon Soonyoung


Hoshi: ^♡^ really????




Woozi: that's it!


Hoshi: waitt…..


Woozi: death waits for no one


Yoongi lets out a snort, his little brother is so cute



Hoshi: no not that


Hoshi: Why is Yoongi going over to Jimin’s?


Nigel: none of u gd business


[ Rapmonster added Mother to the chat ]


Mother: no I do agree…. What's going on between u two


Mother: COULD IT BE…






Chimchim: wtf no!!! No no!!!


Nigel: ahh just *-*


Yoongi turns his phone off. Blushing like a madman. He slips it into his pocket and gets off at the next stop. Looking up at Jimin's apartment, like a man looking at death.


He sets up the stairs. But is pushed aside when someone comes running down the hallway. “SORRY!” They yell, looking back briefly. Yoongi laughs, of course his brother would beat him here. He’s short, but he’s a fast little fucker.


Yoongi continues up the stairs, letting out a snort as he hears Soonyoung letting out squeals of fear.


Yoongi arrives at Jimin’s door, just as a loud bang sounds from down stairs. He’s worried, but then he hears Jihoon yell, “Kwon Soonyoung you know I’m to short to reach you when you koala hug me!” Yoongi lets out a snort and reaches for Jimin’s doorknob.






Yoongi’s face burned red.


He broke through the door easily.


A floor down Soonyoung and Jihoon both hear the door splinter. They shared a look and laughed, kissing each other lovingly. They snuggled on Soonyoung’s bed, listening as Yoongi actually did force feed Jimin.


1:39pm, Tuesday


GROUP CHAT: unnamed


Woozi: it's a good Tuesday for once

The chat was silent, because no one knew what to say. They didn't know what Jihoon needed to hear, but these worries weren't needed, because Jihoon didn't need to hear anything but his secret mate’s heart beat in his ear as he slowly faded asleep.

Chapter Text


2:11am, Wednesday


GROUP CHAT: unnamed


DK: ok but what if we actually made BOOSEOKSOON a thing???


Mum: Seokmin go to bed you need sleep


V: I mean I can't sleep, I just hit the good shit


V: bandanna be goodoooddd


Nigel: ok




V: Did I leave the toilet seat up?


Mother: ugh it's to early. Jeonghan is right go to sleep


DK: OK….


9:11am, Wednesday


GROUP CHAT: unnamed


verno: 911


Jisooschrist: thx bush


Nigel: to early


Woozi: no sleep


Rapmonster: send help


DivaBoo: I have been awake forever


Mum: go back to sleep!


9:13am, Wednesday




GROUP CHAT: unnamed


[ DK added Hoshi and DivaBoo to the groupchat ]


[ DK has named the groupchat BOOSEOKSOON ]


DK: ok I did it


Hoshi: yazzz


DivaBoo: omggg I am in luv


Hoshi: fr same asf


DK: *af


Hoshi: someone has been spending to much time w/ Min Yoongi


DK: I mean I've not been but I know someone who’s been sleeping w/ his brother…. >;P




DK: lol well I heard that it's been happening since May of last year…


DK: by heard I mean snuck into Jihoon’s room, stole his journal and read it before returning it


DivaBoo: ok 1. OMG AHHHH SOONYOUNG WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!?! 2. He keeps a diary???


Hoshi: 1. I didn't tell you bc I knew once you knew everyone in our pack would know. Then everyone in our allied packs… which means Yoongi


Hoshi: 2, idk but thx now I have to read it


DK: dont! Invasion of privacy and trust! Be a good person


DivaBoo: fuck being a good person, fucking read that shit and share it w/ us


Hoshi: I'm torn… Actually no I'm not


Hoshi: my choice is…


Hoshi: to read it




Hoshi: it's fine. I'll read it and leave


DK: Rip


DivaBoo: wait Seokmin didn't you read it?


DK: it's not an invasion of privacy from me bc I'm not described in there from secret fantasies. I'm just a footnote, you're the main character


Hoshi: is that supposed to make me not wanna read it?


DivaBoo: so did he like put in secret wet dreams in there?


DivaBoo: Also is it the journal the lit teacher makes us do?


DK: Yee, does she read it? Bc I only write grocery lists in there.


DivaBoo: I describe what I think ppl’s dicks would look like


Hoshi: where does he hide it?




Hoshi: Oh shit


DivaBoo: he's been caught


GROUP CHAT: unnamed

DK:    | _____| here lies my ded bitch Soonyoung


BamBam: what happened? Also hey wassup? I just now decided to check up on you losers.


Young1: we feel the love -_-


Lit King: ok I say no more emojis


Mother: why's Soonyoung dead?


Nigel: ….


Mother: what did you do?


Nigel: me? Nothing, my brother tho, if I had a heart, it would beat with pride


Young1: I honestly like how you go from : I'm so emo. To : I'm emo


Nigel: how could I tell what you were saying even tho it was the same thing?


Young1: I live with Jackson, who goes from WhiteBoyTM to WhiteBoiTM


JACKSON!!!: not true!


Nigel: i see


Mother: you never did answer me


Nigel: Soonyoung read his journal


Mum: KWON SOONYOUNG! I thought we already went over this, don't read other people's journals


Hoshi: Hey in my defense…. I was not expecting there to be print out of memes in there


Woozi: omfg, that is why I didn't allow people to read it. It's really just print outs of memes.


DK: Did you get a new journal?


Woozi: Did you read my last one?


DK: Its not an invasion of privacy from me bc I'm not really mentioned. Plus I never told anyone what I read, I was looking for the meme printouts!


전한의 아기: I need some memes pls send them am v sad


Woozi: [it's a picture saying how you go through life wanting to die but don't want to hurt ur friends and family so you wait for a bus to hit you. With Squidward looking smad]


전한의 아기: I relate to much


[ Yugyeom has changed 전한의 아기’s name to Squidward ]


Squidward: thx ig




Squidward: Hannie calm down, it's just bc no one remembered to bring me ice cream


Mum: Oh baby


SCoups: he just left


SCoups: speaking of our children, SPOONYOUNG!


SCoups: shit *SOONYOUNG


Hoshi: lol Spoonyoung


[ Young1 has changed Hoshi’s name to Spoonyoung ]


SCoups: the fact is that we need to chat… Seokmin, would you make an Alpha's only chat? You're included along with the betas, bc we all need to know how to treat our spouses and loved ones


Rapmonster: I agree


JB: I don't mean to be rude, but later I'll make a leaders chat, for now, don't include my 6 in anything, I have some news


Rapmonster: ok, as long as you're ok

9:25am, Wednesday




GROUP CHAT: unnamed


[ DK added Hoshi, Rapmonster, SCoups, verno, junhi, Dino, Jisooschrist and Giantno  to the groupchat ]


[ DK has named the groupchat Alpha’s Only ]


SCoups: first lesson


Rapmonster: consent




Jisooschrist: preach


Rapmonster: watch this.


verno: ok I'm done


junhi: same


SCoups: everyone done?


Dino: yes


SCoups: I would also like to point out that you also have to give consent. If you don't want to do it, and you say no, in my books that is rape


Rapmonster: it's v good to make sure you have total consent b4 doing anything. Even if it's kissing


verno: makes sense. But what if you wanna be romantic and wanna shut them up so you kiss them?


Rapmonster: sit down with ur loved one and write down a list of do’s and don't’s.


junhi: that's gonna be awkward but ok


Hoshi: wait….


Hoshi: Jihoon and I have been having sex for like ever but neither of us said anything. One minute we're sitting there, the next both of us are making out and boom sex


AgustD: wait….




Hoshi: shit


AgustD: I'm gonna kill you


Rapmonster: WAIT!


Rapmonster: Did he seem to enjoy it?


Hoshi: I mean… yeah:P. He also invited me over when Yoongi wasn't there ALL the time.


Hoshi: like a lot. Yoongi for a shut in, you leave a lot


AgustD: that's it imma do it


Rapmonster: WAIT! Yoongi, if he kept inviting him over, don't you think it's serious? Like he may actually be considering maybe mating him?


SCoups: maybe he's happy


AgustD: … maybe…


Rapmonster: talk to him than kill Soonyoung if you need


SCoups: yeah!


V: murder is fun


Hoshi: and here I was thinking you dudes was on my side.


Giantno: why would you think that?


junhi: I mean like fr you're fucking his little brother


10:13am, Wednesday

GROUP CHAT: Alpha alpha three


Rapmonster: what's been up with you


JB: this isn't against you or am I withdrawing from our pack agreements. But as of late some of my pack has been letting their grades fail, so I'm going to ask to remove us all from any of the gc. The only gc we're gonna be in is me in this one and the omega omega three.


SCoups: I understand I would do the same if anyone in mine was failing. Luckily for us, everyone is to afraid of Jeonghan's dissatisfaction to actually let their grades get below a B


10:17am, Wednesday



[ JB, JR, Markie, JACKSON!!!, young1, and Yugyeom have all been removed from the chat ]


junhi: why did they leave?!


SCoups: their grades have all gotten low. JB took their phones and if you let your grades get low the whole pack is gonna feel Jeonghan's rath


Mum: better watch it. He ain't lying.


Lit King: wait so if Vernon fails ur gonna take away my phone too?!


verno: how dare thy suggest tis I whom would fail


Lit King: wtf


DivaBoo: … Idk what I am getting myself into, but…. Why?


DivaBoo: why does my omega want that


verno: bc I'm weird, kind, loving and am one day going to be hokage.


Jisooschrist: am I the only one who thought he was gonna say 'Be a good father.’ But then he did that bs and I can no longer support him having kids


V: in our pack, Naruto is our fucking jam.


Rapmonster: a good bonding moment we have is watching it tho


SCoups: your kids sit still enough to watch it?! Jeonghan and I tried and then they started to bounce off the walls, eye fuck eachother, singing contests, or having early midlife crises


verno: meanie was totally the second


Lit King: I told you not to call us that! We're not even together


Giantno: yet


Lit King: what


Giantno: *yeet


Lit King: Oh ok


verno: I am a ded bitch.




SCoups: same here


junhi: what about helping a friend through their heat? Bc minghao just went into one and idk what to do im kind of panicking bc I want this but he's under the influence of heat which means it's rape bc its like in that video and you don't pour tea down a sleeping person's throat but he's coming onto me and I swear if no one gets here soon I won't be able to hold back so please please come and help


SCoups: jun, calm down. You panicking is gonna make him. Which is gonna make your alpha take control.


SCoups: Jeonghan, what should we do?


Mum: let me check his paper.


Mum: he said yes


junhi: he said that?!


Woozi: duh! Even I know that he likes you and I'm a shut in and only come out when Soonyoung makes me


Nigel: speaking of which, Jihoon where are you I have a soda for you.


Woozi: I'm somewhere you can't be rn


Nigel: why not


DivaBoo: Yoongi I'll give you a hint. Soonyoung and I share this class hour in dance. He's not here






DivaBoo: bc if I'm not allowed to have sex rn nobody should get to enjoy that past time


Woozi: wait… who said anything about sex?


DivaBoo: you're not having sex?


Woozi: no


Spoonyoung: we're just enjoying the day omg


Spoonyoung: what is wrong with you people?! Just bc we're skipping class doesn't mean we're having sex. We aren't like Seungkwan and Vernon


Giantno: wait since when has verkwan been a thing???


verno: we aren't a thing


DivaBoo: we just sometimes like to relieve stress without the drama of a relationship


Giantno: so you're fuck buddies


verno: non-romantic sex bfs is the non dick way to say it.


V: dudes. You both have no in your names


verno: mine was an accident. When I was trying to type in vernon I dropped my phone and it pressed ok and you can't change your log in name so I'm stuck with verno


Giantno: and I let Wonwoo pick mine.


Lit King: wait… no


Giantno: yup when I asked you out that first time you said giantno dude and I liked it so boom


Chimchim: im sick.


Chimchim: ever since my heat I can't eat anything without throwing up


Mother: maybe you caught something


V: I like the rolling stones


BabiKookie: wait Tae hold that thought. Jimin, are you pregnant


Chimchim: WHAT?! NO!