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Lost boys group chat

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Lost boys group chat


3:43pm, Monday


[ V has added- AgustD, Chimchim, Rapmonster, Mother, J-Hope, BabiKookie, J.eonghan, Scoups, Jisooschrist, Woozi, Hoshi, DK, Dino, verno, DivaBoo, junhi, THE8, Giantno, wonemo, JB, JR, Markie, JACKSON!!!, BamBam, young1, Yugyeom ]

[V has named the groupchat; Help ]

V: can someone tell me how to get home??? please???

Jisooschrist: Tae what is this?


Mother: Tae where are you? You can’t just ask where you are w/ no directions.


V: How the hell am I supposed to know?! That’s why im asking u




junhi: Hey is that jimin?


Chimchim: OMG JUN?! We haven’t talked since freshment year of high school!


junhi: Now we’re freshmen in college, sooo long! So dif too! I got a bf


Chimchim: NO WAY WHOOOOO!!!


THE8: me


V: wait jimin you know jun? an jun do you know minghao


wonemo: I can tell the only reason I’ll talk in this chat is to correct you idiot’s grammar.


Giantno: The only reason?


DivaBoo: lol mingyu rejected


verno: SEUNGKWAN?!




DivaBoo: wHat vernon? holy, like shit tae you know a lot of people


V: duh. Like duh


young1: Ok can I leave?


V: NO! I need help


AgustD: some fuck just ran passed my room yelling, “Where the fuck am I?!” and idky but that made my day


Woozi: you heard that too? I thought I was imagining that


AgustD: Nah I heard that


J-Hope: hey




J-Hope: Yoongi, you heard about the rap battle coming up?


AgustD: No what about it?


V: I found the library


V: This will be you’re 5th battle this year right? i wanna join!!!


J-Hope: taetae you have to rap


V: I know!!


AgustD: Hobi stop being nice, Tae no you can’t bc u suck. But Namjoon, JB, Hobi, and Vernon!


Rapmonster: Present


JB: Yup


J-Hope: Yeah?


verno: ai


AgustD: You should come over, we need to get started on it


verno: I mean im free im american, we always free


Jisooschrist: Hey- shut up


DivaBoo: guyyyyssssss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


DK: What do you want Boo




Giantno: Wonwoo, have you eaten today?


wonemo: What is eating when it’s time to study?


DivaBoo: Ok fine ignore me for ur bf i get it..


J.eonghan: HEy! Eat


Mother: not my child, but eat darling


JR: Agreeddd


Giantno: boo on ur way over, pick up the ones who wanna eat.


DivaBoo: How do you know I’m not taking the subway?


J-Hope: Boo, you take my car everywhere, even if you can just walk.


DivaBoo: u speak no lies


J-Hope: When I ever lie tho?


DivaBoo: All the time sweetie….


AgustD: Namjoon send me the fucking file containing all of ur mother fucking songs I need insiration


Chimchim: Yoongi don’t cuss!


Jisooschrist: Or ill make u + to the swear jar


Jisooschrist: i mean omg cookie and channie are in here. i swear to me


Dino: Wait ur allowed to swear?!


Giantno: Tae you can join me Seungcheol, Wonwoo, Markson and Jihoon if you wanna rap with us!




V: Ill do my best!


wonemo: *Seungcheol, Wonwoo, Markson, Jihoon and I


Giantno: sorry


Markie: Bboom Bboom by momoland is the only thing keeping me from loosing my shit


JR: Mark what’s wrong?


JACKSON!!!: Mark dont go rogue


Markie: I hate studying, ive been doing it for FOUR MOTHER FUCKING HOURS I AM AT MY LIMIT!

Woozi: same tho. music has me dying


THE8: tbh tho that’s ur own fault for taking xtra cred hoonie, i told u not to.


RM: black bear be life


Mother: tru


Mother: my children, i have pancakes, do you want some:?


V: si


junhi: That sentence makes me wanna cum, may i have some


Jisooschrist: HEYYYYY PG!!!


Mother: if you want some tell me and start heading over


V: omw


Mother: tae pick up some pb&j sOMEONE ATE IT ALLL


J-Hope: me…


BamBam: any u heard closer by Lemaitre?


V: omg that song is so good and idk what it’s sayin!!


Hoshi: me af tho


J.eonghan: There’s our lovely cute sweet alpha


Hoshi: ….. What do you need?


J.eonghan: who said i wanted anything other then to greet my child?


[ Dino has changed J.eonghan’s name to fakemum ]




[ fakemum has changed Dino’s name to 전한의 아기 ]


전한의 아기: noooooo plz no


fakemum: liars need to get punished


fakemum: cheolie change my name back


SCoups: im so sorry


[ SCoups has changed fakemum’s name to Mum ]


전한의 아기: uuughhhhhh i am sorry mummmmm


Mum: good


Mother: i have 4,000 pancakes


Giantno: why do u have so many?


Mother: my heat is in a week and the kitchen is paying 4 it.


RM: he stress cooks.


RM: jin you’ll be fine, you’ll have the apartment to yourself and I swear I won’t come home until jimin and jk confirm ur heat is over, we’re bffs i’d nev do that to you


Mother: no i’m just sad i won’t get to see my babies


BabiKookie: Don’t worry to much, i need the break


Mother: :’(


RM: you made him cry kookie!


Mother: im crying over 4,000 pancakes what is my life?!?!?!


BabiKookie: i didn’t mean it mean! I just though mayby you would want a break from me too, i know i get to be to much


Mother: Kookie noooooooooo you’re amazing


BabiKookie: plz dont lie


Yugyeom: jk no u r


BabiKookie: jin im on ur stair well


BamBam: smooth af


BamBam: yugyeom ur name is so lame


Yugyeom: I like it….


junhi: guys hurry up and get here, i want to eat those pancakes, i wanna cheat on ming 4 them


THE8: wow


Woozi: yoongi says to save us some, bc the rap battle on friday we need to take every minute getting ready


RM: ill be there l8r tonight


Woozi: kk


Mum: if your grades suffer from this no more staying up late or doing rap battles


AgustD: I am a grown ass man


Mother: :|


AgustD: that is afraid of Kim Seokjin, my grades won’t suffer praise Jesus


Jisooschrist: *jisoos


verno: stfu josh


Jisooschrist: I dedicate my life to my lord and savior Jisoos Christ and this is the thanks I get?!


verno: did i fucking as 4 ur crusty ass memes


DivaBoo: he uses memes as much as minghao and jun fuck


THE8: that’s a lot…..


DivaBoo: wanna know what they have in common?


verno: i smell a roast


DivaBoo: no one wants to hear about either of them


DK: seungkwan ur just jelly u haven’t had a fuck in a year


verno: damn, that long?!


DivaBoo: actually longer im dying someone needs to fuck me rn


verno: ok ill do it


DivaBoo: omg ahhh DivaBoo.exe has shut down


[ DivaBoo Has left the chat ]

[ verno has added DivaBoo to the chat ]


DivaBoo: jisoo is it to late for me to become a nun?


Jisooschrist: for you? Yes


DivaBoo: I’ll have you know I am a virgin.


Jisooschrist: doubtful


DivaBoo: boi fite me


JACKSON!!!: I have the pop corn


Markie: Jackson I’m lonely will you pleaseeee come get me i want pancakes so baaddd


JACKSON!!!: yeah I was going to get you anyway


[ J-Hope has taken a screenshot of the chat. ]


J-Hope: I am a slut for yaoi.


JACKSON!!!: do i wanna know?


AgustD: NO!!

Woozi: NO!

junhi: i fucking love yaoi, speaking of dick sucking, ming wanna come suck mine?


THE8: No you said you would cheat on me for pancakes


junhi: I didn’t mean it mean it


THE8: still hurt


junhi: i would never ever think of giving my families name to a pancake


THE8: eh?


junhi: I asked your parents they’re ok with it… i was gonna take you on a date, but i couldn’t keep it in.


THE8: you’re offering to mate me?!!?!?!?


junhi: have been since i met u

[ J-Hope has taken a screenshot of the chat ]


J-Hope: awwww


BabiKookie: do uou bitches want fucking pancakes or not, bc jin isn’t letting us eat until everyone get here’


J-Hope: so mean to your hyung!


junhi: we’re coming.


junhi: and so is minghao

Jisooschrist: you fucking pervert! also jungkook watch your tongue!


THE8: that's what i told jun a bit ago


Jisooschrist: you know what?!


[ Jisooschrist has removed THE8 and junhi from the groupchat ]


Jisooschrist: doing the work of christ


BabiKookie: Get ur asses over here and stop texting, this omega fucking wants pancakes.