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Simply Perfect

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The Southern Isles.

A country as famed and celebrated for its summer beauty as Arendelle was for the winter wonderlust it inspired in tourists around the world. Countless one-of-a-kind beaches outline the perimeters of each island, presenting natural personality to each sandy haven. The country is famous for its “uniformed diversity” as so many have come to describe it. Each town had its own personality, all the homes within the towns following the same structure and design but being easily recognizable from the homes in the next town over; the capital city of Copenham being the crown jewel in the center of it all.

That’s the bull they roped me in with. I still can’t believe I fell for that cheesy travel magazine garb!

Groan.. “Bo-oring!”

“Come on Anna honey, be more open!” mom practically chirped at me. I swear it’s the first time anyone has ever said that to me! “Oooh, a forest path is nearby, what kind of birds do you think they have here honey?”

Is she serious right now?

“Boring ones mom. Just like everything else here.” I couldn’t prevent the groan that came out if I wanted to.

“Oh Anna, at least try to have some fun.” I could say the same to you dad, you look just as bored as I am.

“You were excited about this trip just a week ago. And now we’re only on day two and you’re ready to pack up and go back home.” Mom pleaded with me, it almost made me feel bad for how I was acting, ruining a trip she’s been talking about for well over a year now. But I can’t help it!

“That was before Kristoff found out his Grand Pabbie was sick and had to stay home.” I reminded her, making sure to sport my trademark pout to get my point across. It almost always worked.

You know that weird friend that practically lives in your house and eats all your food? Well add has a pet reindeer at home he can’t stop talking about and crying over when he can’t head home for the holidays and you’ve got my best friend Kristoff! My parents decided that we’d go on this trip to celebrate ‘reaching the last stretch’, transitioning from middle school to highschool and Kristoff and I were stoked! He visited the Southern Isles often because he has family there and he promised to take me to all the coolest local hotspots; night clubs, bowling alleys, the wildest parties (he may have hinted at a strip club or two)! He practically bragged about how beautiful the women there are? Anyway, point is Kristoff promised me a trip to remember and at the last second it all crumbled with one single phone call.

Fuck my life.

Now I’m here. With my parents. Agnarr and Idunn Sommers. Two people whose idea of having a good time is visiting museums (goddamn boring historical ones at that), going on nature walks (but not too far from the main road), and painting the scenery.

Painting! I can do that at home! I wanted to dance the night away in clubs I never knew existed and may never get to see again! Flirt with gorgeous beauties, and maybe even steal a few kisses because why read a foreign romance novel when you have the chance to live it!?

But I’m stuck here. With my parents. Agnarr and Idunn Sommers. And the only woman I’ll be dancing and flirting with tonight is the one on the canvas I painted, and unfortunately thanks to my sucky art skills, she most definitely was not a beauty. This trip is officially ruined.


Or at least that’s what I thought.

But now I’m sitting on the painfully polished hardwood floors of my hotel lobby with everyone staring at me so hard that I could practically melt from embarrassment -- if I wasn’t already melting for other reasons that is.

“I am so sorry! Are you okay?”

God, even her voice is beautiful..

I can feel my face forming that dopey grin I know I do when I get starstruck. God, I hope I don’t look as dumb as I feel right now.

As if I wasn’t already close to completely boiling over, long jean-clad legs work their way towards me. Her clothes were conservative, no doubt; skinny black jeans hugging her legs and hips, and a dark blue-plaid button down only halfway done up over a white tank. That didn’t stop me from drooling though. Just as she reached in front of me, literally just an arm’s length from me -- so close I could practically trace constellations across those stunning freckles if I wasn’t so completely entranced by her icy blue gateways to what I could only imagine to be an equally beautiful soul -- naturally pink lips moved so enticingly slow that I’m pretty sure my mind is just playing everything in slow motion right now. Or it broke. Which would explain why it was on mute and I completely missed what she just said to me.

“Wha-?” Smooth. “Sorry, what did you just say?” Saved it. Totally saved it.

Maybe I really did. Her small half-smile was actually breathtaking, and I literally had to refill my lungs when I heard her absolutely perfect laugh. Okay, maybe it was just a chuckle. And it was probably completely at my expense because let’s face it, I’m completely dorking it up right now. But is it wrong that I feel rewarded anyhow?

A small white ball of puff jumped playfully into her arms, the same little devil that knocked me on my ass as soon as I walked through the doors in the first place. I was tempted to wage war on his adorable little canine butt until I looked up and realized he was actually being the best wingman ever and introducing me to his gorgeous owner. I have go to tell Kristoff he’s been replaced.

“I asked if you’re alright.” the woman repeated with smirk, not a wicked or condescending one, but a very amused and sexily confident brain-melting hair-raising- “I’m sorry, sometimes Olaf here just gets so excited he tugs right off his leash. He’s very friendly though, he didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Here’s my second shot at this flirting thing! I will not fail! Determined, I scooped that little ball of fur in my arms and flashed my best smile. “It’s fine. I’m pretty sure he just likes warm hugs. And so do I!”

“Doesn’t everyone?” her smile grew, a few strands of her otherwise perfect platinum blonde hair pulling away from the loose french braid and falling onto her face.

The excitable little scamp practically flipped for joy in my arms… just before he covered my face in saliva. Don’t flinch, Anna, you got this! I could feel my insides cringing and the occasional twitch in my lip as he continued to molest my cheeks.

There it was again, her beautiful laugh. I seriously feel like I could faint right now! The only thing stopping me from blacking out into sweet heavenly bliss under the chime of her sweet chuckle was the insatiable need not to completely embarrass myself anymore than I already have.

She offered me her perfectly manicured hand and, after a discrete wipe on my pants leg because I was one-hundred percent certain that they were covered in sweat, I was able to will my hand into hers. And her grip was… completely unexpected. She pulled me up like a paperweight, even with Olaf still comfortable in my arm.

“Wow, you are unexpectedly strong. Wait, not that I think you look weak or fragile or anything, just that you don’t-”

One. Two… Three. Exhale.

“Your physique is deceiving.” I smiled, mentally hi-fiving myself over the fact that I actually caught myself from falling into what was about to be the most incoherent babble that has probably ever spewed from my mouth, which is honestly really saying something.

“Well I’m a regular at the gym.” her voice carried a hint of pride. And a pat on the back for me for a compliment well received. “Though I have to admit that I do cheat myself whenever I come here, knowing that there’s an in-house chocolatier!” she played with the braid laying lazily on her shoulder with an adorably guilty expression. I love how easy she is to read!


“Did you say in-house chocolatier!?” I said that with way more excitement than I planned to but could you blame me!? Chocolate! “I looove chocolate!” I couldn’t stop the heat from rushing to my face the moment I realized I practically moaned that. God, please bury me!

“Maybe you should get acquainted with the hotel directory.” I can’t get enough of that laugh, no matter how much it was practically mocking me.

Then it happened. The dreaded awkward silence. The deciding moment as a girl makes up in her mind whether she’s going to give you the time of day or not. It’s all about what I do with this one moment. And it was then that my new official ultimate wingman jumped out of my arm and circled the woman’s foot until she picked him up, spiritually guiding me to my next words.

As soon as she locked eyes with me again I reached out to pet Olaf’s silky white fur. “I’m Anna by the way.” I know what you’re thinking, but wait for it. “Now Olaf here has already become like my best friend for life, but I don’t think he’s going to be able to let me in when I come over to play. So maybe I could get your name so I know who to call for? A room number wouldn’t be bad either, so I don’t end up knocking on every door in the hotel calling out ‘Olaf!’ and listening out for his voice.” Woww, super creepy thing to end with Anna, now she thinks you want to stalk her dog!

She seemed to be thinking it over, if that lower lip biting is the nervous habit I think it is. Yip, she definitely thinks I’m a creep. “My name is Elsa. And in terms of playdates with Olaf, I’m sure you two will run into each other again sometime.”

Okay, on the downside, I didn’t get a room number which was admittedly a lot to ask for. What I

did get though, was a name that suited her so perfectly it was as if it were hand chosen for her by the will of God himself.



Over the next five days, which spelt the end of week one in our three week vacation, I made it my mission to run into those two whenever I got the chance. I spent most of my time whenever we got back to the hotel just lying in wait for them. Of course, I mixed it up when it came to where I was camping. Sometimes the lobby, sometimes by the elevator, sometimes in the chocolatier (okay so maybe it wasn’t totally camping in there!), and in what I could only describe as a spark of pure brilliance, outside the gym! I practically short-circuited when she walked out of the gym, her naturally minty scent entangled in the musk of sweat, water running down the side of her mouth as she downed the cool liquid from her bottle. And God help me, her gym clothes! A black sports bra trimmed with gray and what seemed to be a slightly lower cut than I’m used to, which at the right angle gave the perfect peek at the roundness of her breast. Short pants that revealed every square inch of perfectly toned, what I could only describe as porcelain, legs. Sweet Jesus, she has abs!

That day I was admittedly too distracted to form any sensible statements though so our meeting was more like a ‘she waved and greeted me and I spewed word vomit at her’. I probably kind of weirded her out too because she excused herself pretty awkwardly.

Sooo, epic failure.

But that’s why I’m here, trying to recover from that. “Ice-cream?”

Her blonde brows went up curiously and it felt like she was searching me with her eyes for… something. Her eyes were cold, it was the first time I saw them like that. But then again it was the first time I asked her out. Wait, I’m asking her out right now? Holy shit when did I grow these balls?

She’s probably going to say no though. She looks like she wants to say no. “It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

Olaf started barking excitedly and scratching at my legs, an action I learned to mean that he wanted to be lifted. When I picked him up, Elsa’s eyes suddenly softened and she smiled at me. “Ice-cream sounds good actually.” she leaned her shoulder against the pillar next to her. “There’s actually a small parlour in the mall near here. They have some interesting flavors to try out.” she winked.

I might have died for a second there. Seriously. Where do I get my own personal Olaf?

“Sounds interesting!” Yep, I’m pretty sure I’m doing that dopey grin thing again. I can practically feel the stupid on my face. “Maybe we cou-”

She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck

Oh no.

Thighs like what, what, what

I practically threw my bag on the floor, cursing Kristoff one hundred fold as I went searching for my phone.

All night long

Noooooooooooooooooooo! Let. Me. See. That tho-ong

I finally found the offender, screen glowing for attention with Kristoff’s mug smiling on the screen. But just when I was finally about to save myself from even more embarrassment… it slipped.

Fuck. My. Life.

Girl I know you wanna show da na da na
That thong th-thong thong thong

It’s all over now. There’s no saving me.

She was laughing, not that cute little chuckle she tends to do with me, but a full blown rib-tickler. A category four if I had to rank it. Normally I’d be proud to cause a girl to laugh so hard, but this… this was torture at my expense.

I finally swiped the phone to answer stupid-face Kristoff.

Baby make your booty go da na da- “Hey Red!” he laughed as if he knew what he just did. “It’s about time you answer! How’s the tr-”

“I’m going to murder you.” I hissed into the phone as quietly as possible. Not that she could hear me under her own laughter anyway.

“Wait wha-”

I hung up on him before he could say anything more. I never felt my face so heated. Even my ears felt like fire and my goddess was doubling over trying to catch her breath. I can’t believe you just heard that. I could slap myself. For now though, I’ll settle for a facepalm.

“It’s fine! It was just.. Surprising!” she wiped the tears from her eyes as she finally started to calm down.

“Don’t tell me I just said that out loud.” I couldn’t stop the groan as the heat increased a few degrees across my cheeks.

“I’m sorry, but there’s really no need to be embarrassed!” she was practically trying to pacify me. She’s really an angel. It’s too bad I’m beyond saving right now. “If you want I can walk you up to your room, it’s about that time isn’t it?”

Yes, my curfew time. Not that she knows it’s a curfew. This is just usually around that time when I’m breaking off our quick meetings to head back to the hotel room. I guess she realized the pattern but chose never to question it. Bless her heart.

“O-okay.” Goddamn stutter! And I practically squeaked! I don’t know which one is worse.

The elevator ride up to the third floor was slow and quiet. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She was simply… marvelous.

I nearly had a heart attack when my eyes lingered just a little too long. When her head cocked to the side and her beautiful icy blues slid to the corners of her eyes she just barely missed catching my stare. Or… did she?

I didn’t dare to look back. Was she smirking? Was she showing off that sexy confidence of hers? Or was she embarrassed to have me practically molesting her with my eyes? Or maybe, she’d be flattered by that?

I could feel my body getting hotter and hotter the further my mind dug.

Ding. Finally, we’re here.

We’ve talked so many times and spent so much time together (okay maybe just a few hours altogether) but no matter how much time we spend together I just can’t can’t seem to keep my shit together around her. Sigh.

“Huh?” I looked up just in time to notice her lips were moving but I was so out of it I missed everything she said, again. I have seriously got to work on that.

She raised a perfectly trimmed eyebrow (or is that a natural arch -- sigh). “Which room is it?” she said, slightly confused, Olaf running excitedly down the hall as if he knew where my room was. I almost forgot he was here honestly.

“Oh umm, it’s o-only a little ways down the hall here.” I managed to say with just one stutter. “Room 3-12.”

“Ah, that should be the one tucked away in the corner to the right at the end of the hall. Is that right?”

“Wow, you really know this place huh? You must practically live here!”

At that moment, Elsa did the most peculiar thing. Her eyes shifted and her confident demeanor suddenly seemed… vulnerable. She pulled her full bottom lip between two rows of perfect teeth and, for what was probably the first time since I met this woman, Elsa seemed to have to stop and think about what she was about to say next.

“I… Y-yes, I suppose you can say that. I c-co-come here very often, yes.” her voice was mousy, and I felt a chill rush past me, though it must have been my imagination.

She’s nervous. I don’t know why she’s nervous, but she is. I want to ask, but I also don’t want to push things. I mean, I’m still a total stranger. “Cool!” I tried to give a supportive smile that said ‘I won’t ask if you don’t want to tell’. Elsa seemed to pick up on that and she gave me the most sincerely grateful smile it has ever been my pleasure to swoon over!

She nodded up from her scrunched up posture, gesturing toward something behind me. “We’re here.” her eyes had a drop of sadness. But then again, they always seem to carry a hint of sadness hiding in the corners of her mysterious icy blues, but this is the first time they were so… obvious. Again, maybe I was just imagining things.

“Yea I guess we are.” I stated the obvious, playing in my braid nervously, unsure of how to end today. I wish I could invite her inside, invite her to my room and we could watch a movie together, and then maybe, we’d forget about the movie when I lean in and…


Screw a beat, my heart skipped a few bars!

Her lips -her big, beautiful, rosy, juicy, luscious lips- are making contact. With. MY. FOREHEAD! They’re moist, and so so sooo soft. I don’t know how to respond… so I don’t.

Yes people, I fucking froze. Could I get any lamer? Please tell me, because I seriously need to know the limits of my uselessness.

The heavenly contact only lasted four seconds (yes, I kept count, it was the only thing I could do honestly!) but it scrambled my brain for what would likely last the rest of the night.

“See you tomorrow, Anna.” My name practically rolled off her lips and I melted.

“I l-look forward to it, E-Elsa.” Again, smooth.

She seemed to easily slip back into her confidence, if her smug smile was an indicator. God, I want her. She stood at her full height, just an inch or so taller than me. “Me too actually.” she said as though she surprised herself with the admission.

Before I could say anything else, not that I could even if I wanted to, she left me at the door as she went back up the hall toward the elevators. I’m not sure if it was just my imagination or if her step really did have an extra bounce to it, her hips swinging more… more than usual. Either way, I’m loving this more and more by the day!

Elsa stepped into the elevator as little Olaf scurried inside and she peaked at me curiously. If I had to guess, I’d bet she was wondering why I wasn’t going inside and just standing there like an idiot. Whatever the reason, it was clear she was waiting on me to head inside. I stumbled around at first. It took me awhile to remember where my keycard was and it didn’t help that I was so conscious of the fact that she was watching me. When I finally inserted my keycard into the door, I gave her a wave which she responded to with a short wave and a wink.

I swear this woman will be the death of me.

When I slid into the hotel room, I stood at the door for a few more moments, trying to digest everything that happened today. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if I wanted to.

“Another good day honey?” My mother peeked from the kitchen, biting her lower lip in anticipation. She looked almost like a teenager waiting to hear about her best friend’s day out with her crush.

It’s honestly hard for me to hide anything from my mother. I admit, my parents are real sticklers for the rules, and they can be ridiculously strict when they’re ready, but my mom was always like my

best friend aside from Kristoff. She’s my ‘gal pal’, per se. When I first came out to my parents about three years ago, it was because she sat me down and said to me “You don't have to hide anything from me. Love is beautiful in every form, but whenever you're ready I'll be waiting with open arms. And I'm sure your father feels the same way.” At that moment, I broke down and told her how I thought a girl in my class was cute and she made me feel butterflies. Of course, back then when mom asked about kissing I gagged because ‘kissing is soo gross’! She laughed.

I sighed in the classic dreamy-eyed girl fashion. “Another great day!” I never told my mother about Elsa, but considering that I've been smiling and haven't complained since the day I laid eyes on my goddess, I'm more than a little sure she knows something. Idunn Sommers is not a woman of subtlety.

I sauntered over to the couch and watched mom following suit from the corner of my eye. I practically threw myself into the chair and let out another dreamy sigh. She laughed as she sat down right next to me, never sacrificing her usual sophisticated grace. One day I hope to master her balance of fun and goofy personality on top of a queen-like demeanor.

“So what did you do today?”

I expected this question. I’m surprised she didn’t asked before to be honest. “I just hung out in the lobby today.” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh?” My mother gave a knowing smile.

“I was thinking about going to the mall for ice-cream tomorrow.” Believe it or not, it was incredibly hard not to gush about Elsa to her! I just feel like I’m ready to explode.

“Ice-cream?” the smile on her face grew twice its size, and her excitement is about as obvious as mine. Sometimes I forget that my mother isn’t a teenager. “Just ice-cream?”

“Yes mom.” I rolled my eyes at her playfully. “Just ice-cream.”

“Okay, okay!” she puts her hands up with a giggle. “Soo… what’s her name?”


“Oh come on, just tell me!”

“What makes you think there’s a ‘her’ involved?”

“Is it a guy?” my mother gasped.

“No it’s not a guy.” I’m actually kinda offended as I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “Why would there be a guy?”

“So you admit there’s a girl.” she pointed an accusatory finger at me, a victorious smirk on her face. “So when do we get to meet her?” she clapped excitedly.

“Never.” I deadpanned. The last time I let my mother meet a girl I liked, she embarrassed me so badly that if that girl sees me to date she has to fight to keep herself from laughing out loud! Mom is great, don’t get me wrong, but like I said before, Idunn Sommers is not a woman of subtlety. Never was. By the time she had told that girl all my most embarrassing stories, she couldn’t even look at me straight-faced.

“Oh come on, I’ve learned since the last time. I promise!” she bat her lashes at me. Seriously, who’s the child here again?

Still, the thought of coming back to the hotel room with that platinum blonde on my arm... it was tempting, for sure. “I’ll… If all goes well, then… maybe?” Would she even agree to that? She seems very cautious when it comes to people.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her do much socializing with… well, anyone. Even when it comes to me, if I don’t start the conversation she won’t say anything. I would say she’s shy, but then considering that when we talk she practically exudes confidence, shy doesn’t seem like the right word. Okay, maybe she’s not as easy to read as I first thought. What can I say, girl’s got layers. Not that I thought she was shallow or anything!

I’m going to shut up now.

Meanwhile, my mother had her hands clapped together as she bounced excitedly on the chair beside me, squealing like a high school girl. Seriously, am I really the kid here?

“What’s she like? Is she cute? Is she a local? Is she staying at the hotel?” she shot question after question at me without skipping a beat for air. “Ooh, what’s her favorite food? What does she do for fu-”

“Mom please.” I put my hands over hers and lowered them to her lap until she stopped bouncing.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey, it’s just that I really wanted this to be a special trip for all of us. And after you were so disappointed over the fact that Kristoff couldn’t come, I was trying really hard to find

anything that would cheer you up. But here you are, smiling even more than you do back home!” She smiled and placed a hand on my cheek, giving it a soft pinch. “I just really want to meet and thank the girl that saved this trip for you. That and…” she started to trail off, turning away from me just a bit. “Well, your father has some qualms about letting you ‘do your own thing’ in a foreign land and I’m a little hesitant about it too.”

I scoffed and pulled away from her. I knew this was coming one way or another. I knew it was too good to be true.

“Anna.” she called my name soothingly. “We’re not going to stop you from having your freedom here. I just said that to say, I just… I don’t want that girl getting you into any trouble. I don’t know her, but I trust you to make the right decisions.”

“I appreciate it mom, really I do. But she’s so far from the trouble making type. She’s actually really conservative. Going for ice-cream tomorrow will be the first time we haven’t just talked or ate chocolate.” I may have said that with a bit of an attitude, but I didn’t like the way she assumed Elsa could be any sort of trouble. She hasn’t even met her!

She put her hand on my shoulder and looked me dead in my eyes, as if she was reading me or something. Then she gave my shoulder a squeeze. “I trust you Anna.” And then she allowed the room to fall into silence for a few seconds. I wasn’t sure what to say after that.

Suddenly, she slid up, patting down her soft gray yoga pants and smiling gently at me. “Time for bed, don’t you think?” Then she snickered, “You don’t want to be tired on your da-ate tomorrow!” she practically sung that.

Seriously, my mom sure is something. I wouldn’t trade her for anything though. Besides, she’s pretty much the embodiment of what I’m feeling right now!

I want to scream it to the heavens right now!

I’m going on a date with Elsa!