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Toon Warriors - SlimeClan's Story

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Leader: Soakstar (Soakfur): Golden spotted tabby tom with blue eyes and a white chest. Mates with Sandcheek.
Deputy: Sandcheek: Fawn she-cat with a white belly and long fur. Mates with Soakstar.
Medicine Cat: Stumptail: Stout red tom, solid except for marking on forehead. Has a pale underbelly.
Apprentice: Swirlpaw

Wrenbark: Thin, pale cream colored tabby tom with large ears and striking pink eyes.
Apprentice: Beetlepaw
Rockleap: Fawn tabby tom
Apprentice: Clawpaw
Needlefur: Golden tabby tom with spiky fur.
Beaverfang: Brown tom with spiky fur and long fangs.
Squidleg: Blue gray tom.
Pinkbelly: Large cream ticked tabby tom
Bubblepelt: Black tom with cold blue eyes.
Cosmoleaf: Gray tabby tom with green eyes and a white chest. Mate is Roseswirl.
Apprentice: Silverpaw
Phantomfoot: Black and white tom with one blue and one green eye.
Apprentice: Brownpaw
Nightfur: Black she-cat with purple eyes.
Apprentice: Gorsepaw
Jayflower: Gray she-cat with white patches.
Pearlnose: Silver tabby she-cat.

Brownpaw: Brown tom with blue eyes.
Clawpaw: Black tom with amber eyes and a spiky tuft of fur on top of his head.
Gorsepaw: Black tabby she-cat with amber eyes that are usually squinted.
Beetlepaw: Black tom with very long claws.
Silverpaw: Silver tabby tom with bright blue eyes.
Swirlpaw: Brown tom

Roseswirl: Cream tabby she-cat with long fur and rosy pink eyes. Mate is Cosmoleaf.
Puffkit: Cream tabby tom with purple eyes.

Leader: Mousestar (Mousetail): Black and white tom with wide ears and a thin, near furless tail. Mates with Littlenose.
Apprentice: Redpaw
Deputy: Rabbitear: Black and white tom with a bobtail and long thin ears. Mate is Bloomclaw.
Apprentice: Bellapaw
Medicine Cat: Cowhorn: Black and white she-cat.
Apprentice: Quietpaw

Littlenose: Black and white she-cat with large ears. Mate of Mousestar
Apprentice: Star
Duckwing: White tom with blue eyes. Mates with Daisypetal.
Apprentice: Dippaw
Daisypetal: White she-cat with blue eyes.
Apprentice: Maplepaw
Bloomclaw: Black and white she-cat with pink eyes. Mate is Rabbitear.
Apprentice: Markpaw
Heavyfoot: Lanky black tom.
Tallfoot: Longhaired, lanky orange she-cat with blue eyes.

Dippaw: Brown tom with orange eyes.
Maplepaw: Brown she-cat with amber eyes.
Star: Golden she-cat, former loner.
Markpaw: Brown tom.
Redpaw: Red tabby tom with blue eyes.
Quietpaw: Gray tom with green eyes.
Bellapaw: Calico she-cat, former kittypet.

Leader: Robinstar (Robinchest): Red ticked tabby tom with green eyes.
Deputy: Silverleg: Gray tabby tom.
Medicine Cat: Orangeclaw: Small orange tom with blue eyes.

Ravenshadow: Black cat with copper eyes.
Brightblaze: Cinnamon she-cat with green eyes.
Beastfang: Black tom with green eyes.
Apprentice: Nightpaw
Earthsong: Pale golden she-cat with blue eyes.
Courageheart: Cream tabby tom.
Apprentice: Blossompaw
Goldenface: Golden tabby tom.
Violetclaw: Lilac she-cat
Apprentice: Knockpaw
Raidfoot: Gray tom with green eyes.
Pearlclaw: Cream she-cat.
Russetstone: Deep red she-cat with copper eyes.
Apprentice: Rosepaw
Whiptail: Dark gray she-cat.
Leafshine: Light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes.
Puddlelight: Blue gray she-cat.
Apprentice: Bubblepaw
Shortface: Orange tom
Apprentice: Finpaw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bubblerose: Tortoiseshell she-cat
Rainhorn: Calico she-cat

Apprentice: Fernpaw

Finpaw: Golden tom with blue eyes.
Fernpaw: Golden tom with green eyes. Blossompaw: Cream calico she-cat with pink eyes.
Bubblepaw: Golden she-cat with blue eyes.
Nightpaw: Black she-cat with green eyes.
Knockpaw: Brown tom.
Rosepaw: Cream tom.

Black Hat's Misfits

Leader: Black Hat: Black tom with one copper eye and one pale blue, blind eye.
Subordinate: Demencia: Tortoiseshell she-cat with one yellow and one green eye and a white chest.
Flug: Scrawny fawn tabby tom with a scarred, torn face.
Doof: Brown tabby tom.
505: Stray dog that follows Flug everywhere. Gray with a white belly.
Box: Brown tom that is missing one eye.
Venomous: Lilac tom.
Plankton: Small gray tom with copper eyes.
Red: Lanky red tom.
Purple: Lanky lilac tom.
Tak: Gray she-cat with a scarred face and purple eyes.
Skoodge: Stocky gray tom with green eyes.
Pete: Black and white tom.
Bill: Yellow tabby tom with one eye.
Toffee: Gray tom.
Jasper: Orange tabby she-cat.
Lich: Tall and thin white tom with green eyes.

Greg: Brown tabby, Rosepaw’s father.
Connie: Black tabby she-cat.