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The Omega Problem

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That moment when everything went a second too fast.

“Damn, Charlie boy –”

“Look at you all hot and bothered – ”

He swallowed. “Guys, that’s not funny –”

“I’m not laughing.” Ororo put a hand on his crotch. “C’mere, baby, I’ll take care of you –”

“Stop!” He pushed her back with a swing of his arm, but then only felt more hands on him, pulling back his arms, yanking at his hair. “I’m not in heat, you wankers, fucking stop!”

“Baby likes it rough.” That was Logan. “C’mon, Chuck, I’ll give you something to suck on…” He pulled his head down to his crotch, and somebody else – Azazel? – was pushing his hands down his pants, kneading his arse and o God was he getting wet?

“Good boy,” Azazel said, “look how hard he gets!”

It was true. Somewhere inside, his lizard brain was already taking over, making him push back his arse into Azazel’s hands, moisten his lips – willing to please his alpha, his alphas, make them gasp and fill him up so he could bask in their protection. But he fought it with all he had because he was not a bloody thing to be used and when Logan took his dick out he turned his head away which made Ororo laugh and say “We’ll find use for that mouth yet” and pull his head against her stomach and God he was so hard and –

“Everybody off!”

Some pushing and shoving and somebody was pulling him up by the collar and whispered, hot in his ear:

“Where’s that protection room?”

And the smell of this alpha was even better so he clasped his hands around his waist to hold himself steady and managed to blurt out: “Not – not safe…”


“Door won’t hold…”


Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ororo smiling and he heard Logan say: “Aw, boss, no one says that we can’t share…”

“Out! Now!” And this was Lehnsherr and he’d never even properly seen him before and he knew whatever happened he was finished. Logan wouldn’t take Lehnsherr on directly and he was known to mess around with Shaw...

Lehnsherr’s grip was even tighter when he barked: “My office!” and dragged him singlehandedly away from four other frenzied alphas. Five steps before he pushed him through the door and straight into the conference table.

“What do you mean, the room won’t hold?”

“It’s not been reinforced, sir," he said, rubbing his back. "Or insulated.”

“Then why the fuck do we have it?”

“Policy,” he managed to bring out, before drinking in the man’s figure. Fierce eyes, strong jaw, slender hands but powerful. And there was something about that chest- he wanted to crawl his hands all over it and this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

Lehnsherr met his gaze.

“Damn it Xavier, how could you have been so stupid!”

That shook him up. “Sir, I’m not supposed to be in heat. I registered all at HR…”

“Fuck lot of good that is doing us now, is it?” He clenched his jaw. “Do I call one of those rescue teams?”

“There’s been cuts –”

“Private then!”

“Sir, please don’t…” He looked away. “I can’t afford the premium hike.”

Lehnsherr put his hands in front of his face. “Damn it!” He made a fist. “Jesus, Xavier!”

Charles looked down. Lehnsherr stepped closer. “What am I supposed to do now?”

Charles swallowed. “We… we could take suppressants. If you call Hank –”

“I’m not taking suppressants.” Within three steps, he was in Charles’ face. “I have a conference call with Seoul in two hours, Xavier, and I’m not going to lose our company millions of dollars because you couldn’t keep it in your pants!”

“I was drugged!” Charles shouted back. “It’s the only explanation – ”

“So you were drinking?”

“A mocktail. I’m not allowed alcohol…”

“And you didn’t check it?”

Charles bit his lip. How could he explain – We’re supposed to work together, Charles, why are omegas always so paranoid? You’re playing with the big boys now – to an alpha, especially one whose problems seemed to flee from him?

Lehnsherr touched his arm. “You knew the risk, Xavier,” he said softly.

“Yes, sir.”

“I am well within my rights.”

“Yes, sir.” Charles took a breath. “How do you want me?”

“Standard position, for now.”

Charles nodded. “Sir.”

He closed his eyes. One of the reasons for working here was that Lehnsherr, by everyone’s estimation, distinctly wasn’t the type. The child of a second omega, he had always been sympathetic to their cause. But to have an omega in heat under his nose for a good ten minutes and not fuck him – that was something even Lehnsherr probably could not live down.

He started to unbutton his shirt, but Lehnsherr stopped him. “No time!”

So Charles loosened his trousers, turned around and put his hands on the table in front of him. “I’ve had my shots,” he said.

No more than a grunt. He heard Lehnsherr unbutton his own clothing. When he pushed Charles’ pants down, he sucked in a breath.  

“Xavier, what’s wrong with you?”

Charles blushed. “Nothing physical, sir.”

Lehnherr cupped the cheeks. “Why haven’t you been picked up by some oil magnate?”

Charles clenched a fist. “Don’t much like oil magnates.”

Lehnsherr laughed. “Crazy then.” He leant forward. “I like that.” He put a hand on Charles thigh. “I like that a lot.”

Fuck he was wet and hard already; even the air on his skin was stimulating. He could feel slick dripping down his leg, and as Lehnsherr’s hand spread it over his hole he felt himself clenching involuntarily. Lehnsherr chuckled. “So eager.” He stroked Charles’ neck. “I’ll take care of you.”

And was that in some Alpha’s Handbook or what, but fuck, it worked, because when Lehnsherr pushed in he’d never been that ready. And still his eyes shot open at the feel of it, warm and tight and yes, natural somehow; every movement at the alpha’s behest, every sensation augmented by him, dictated by him. The moans he dragged out Charles were obscene, animal; but whatever Charles did to accommodate his moves - it was never enough. Lehnsherr pushed himself deeper with every thrust, moving faster with each breath. The table rattled, as did the saucer and spoon of an abandoned coffee cup, and when Lenhsherr pulled him closer he hooked his arms around his neck, whispering ‘please, please, please’ with each thrust until Lenhsherr moved up with a sharp hiss and had Charles sobbing, his body milking the orgasm from Lehnsherr’s cock until he slumped back against his chest.

They stayed like that for only a moment. “You should phone for a car,” Lehnsherr said, pulling out and pulling back a chair. “And clean up the table. Not yourself, OK? You’re still in heat, you should not wash my scent away today.”

Charles wiped his face. “Sir.”

Lehnsherr adjusted his clothes. “And you’re good, Xavier. You are more than amazing. But don’t get any ideas.”

Charles nodded. “You’re married.”

Lehsnherr lifted his chin. “Happily married. This would not have happened if you’d not forced my hand.”

“I was – ”

“Drugged, fine, I’ll get on that. You’ll have to take up some vacation in the following days.”

“Heat days are already docked, sir, I can’t take extra –”

Lehnsherr turned around. “You will take vacation time and that’s final. Go home, sleep it off and count your lucky stars, omega boy, because next time, I’ll let them have you.”

Charles nodded. “Sir.” He cleared his throat. “Yes sir.”

Lehnsherr pointed to the bottle of Windex in a cupboard. “Get to it.”

So Charles pulled up his pants, tucked in his shirt and tried not to wince at the feeling of cum drying between his legs. He wiped the table down quickly. Lehnsherr had taken the edge off for now, but he’d be feeling it again in an hour at most.

He pointed to the phone on Lehnsherr’s desk. “Can I use that one?”

Lehnsherr shrugged. “Use the one in the assistant’s lounge. That’s where you’ll be sitting from now on.”

Charles cleared his throat. “I’m not an assistant – ”

“You’re a college boy, aren't you?”

Charles nodded.

“Then you’ll be fine.” He turned around to open the door to the next room.  Charles glimpsed a shower.

“Sir!” Charles called after him. “Who’ll be doing my job?”

Lehnsherr turned back. “You will, of course.”

Charles lifted his head. “For what pay?”

Lehnsherr froze one second.

“Get out, Xavier!”

So Charles did.