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Momoko Is Forcibly Fucked By A Demon Dickgirl!

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Momoko, the head diciplinarian of Sumeragi's Academy for Girls had been called in to deal with a string of issues. Issue that involved the oni population of the school. She was prepared to handle anything that would be thrown in her direction.

At least, that's what she thought at first.

"Oh, Momoko," the red-haired leader of the oni gang said with a cruel smirk. "Waltzing into our turf with no back up. You are either really brave or really stupid."

Momoko struggled against her restraints, being forced in a position with her hands behind her head and her legs spread open. "Y-You won't get away with this! I swear, once I get out of these bindings, I'll put you and your gang to justice!"

The oni girl laughed as her colleague sat on a desk while reading a book, not paying much attention to the ongoing dialogue. "Keep telling yourself that, Momoko."

She cupped the peach girl's face with her fingers. "But for now, I need you to quit speaking for a minute. The only thing I want to hear out of you is your screams of pleasure."

"What are you talking ab- AH!"

Momoko let out a yelp as the oni roughly grasped her breast, fondling and squeezing it. "You have some nice boobs, Momoko. I don't see any reason for you to conceal them." She smirked widely. "Allow me to fix that for you."

In one swift motion, she ripped open Momoko's uniform, along with the bandages that binded her chest. Once they were out of the way, Momoko's large tits bounced around.


The oni licked her lips in anticipation. "You're looking quite beautiful, Momoko. I don't think I can contain myself any longer."

Momoko widened her eyes in shock. "E-Eh?!"

She saw the oni put both her hands under skirt, wiggling around as she did. What she saw next, she almost couldn't comprehend. The oni had a foot long cock between her legs, accompanied by two fairly-sized balls beneath it.

"Like what you see?" she teased, slowly stroking every inch of the shaft.

"Y-You pervert!" Momoko shrieked, struggling even more. "You intend to violate me with that thing?! How depraved are you?!"

The oni laughed as she stepped behind Momoko and undid her bindings, but grabbed her arms before she could escape.

"I'm not going to violate you, silly girl," she said. "I'm just going to make you feel good."

She kissed Momoko and swirled her tounge around in her mouth. She went on like this for a few minutes before seperating. The experience left Momoko blushing and breathing heavily. The oni grinned as she groped the peach girl.

"Don't worry, Momoko. I'm gonna make you feel sooo good~"


Momoko bobbed her head up and down the oni's thick cock, massaging her balls with her free hand. The oni moaned with pleasure as her dick was being massaged orally, but she wanted more.

"Come on... take it deeper, Momoko."

She thrusted into Momoko's mouth, her cock hitting the entrance to her throat. She thrusted some more times before pulling out of her mouth.

"Okay, that's enough foreplay," she said, sitting down. Her cock stood at full attention. "Momoko, I want you to get over here and ride me."

Momoko hesitantly hovered above the oni's cock, then dropped herself down, allowing the large member to fill her cunt. Momoko screamed with pleasure as the oni thrusted upwards into her.

"How's that feel, Momoko?" she shouted, thrusting harder. "How do you like my huge, thick, oni cock tearing you up from the inside?"

"I can't take it!" Momoko shrieked. "Take it out! Take it out now!"

The oni's smile gave way to a dark look as she bent Momoko over. "Take it out? We're just getting started, bitch. You ain't leaving until you take every drop of cum I have to offer."

She continued thrusting, only it was more brutal then before. Momoko screamed in anguish and pleasure.

"Time for me to get some milk," the oni growled lustfully, flipping Momoko onto her back and roughly sucking on her tits. Momoko shrieked some more as she tightened around the oni's cock,

"Damn it, you're squeezing me tight," the oni growled. "I'm gonna cum!"

And cum she did. She filled Momoko to the brim, her womb flooded with oni spunk. There was so much that some of it flew all over the room. The blue-haired oni in the back ground also recieved some on her face. She stopped reading and collected the fluid on her hand, looking at it intently.

"Now," the oni said, looking down at Momoko, who was breathing heavily. "How about we get on with it some more?"


The oni turned around to see her normally silent colleague standing behind her with her usual blank look, only this time, her book was closed and her cock was standing at attention.

"I think you've had enough fun. Now... it's my turn."